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Professional Profile Ali Dakdouki An experienced Technical Expert & Manager with a proven track record

Professional Profile

Ali Dakdouki

An experienced Technical Expert & Manager with a proven track record of delivering advanced end-to-end mobile network engineering solutions within the telecoms sector, working closely with global corporates such as Ericsson, Samsung, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, EE, O2 & 3. Operationally astute with comprehensive expertise in operator and vendor environments, handles the entire cellular networks process from initial business case, strategy, vendor bidding and econometrics, through to planning, design, rollout, optimisation and operation, to drive forward the successful launch of 4G/4.5G/5G advancements and build capabilities.

Key Skills & Core Competencies

Extensive Telecoms Engineering Knowledge

Mobile Network Deployment & Evolution

4G/3G/2G Radio Planning & Optimisation

5G, IoT, LTE-A Pro Trials & Rollout

Project & Programme Management

Notable Accomplishments

Business/Technology Strategic Development

Technology, Spectrum & Topology Evaluation

Budget & TCO/CAPEX/OPEX Management

Enterprise & Solutions Architecture

Stakeholder & Supplier Management

As a Networks Authority, delivered E2E 4G/3G/2G rollout & deployment globally on national & regional levels which involved design, coverage, capacity, spectrum, hot-spots/not-spots, site solutions, network KPIs, performance improvement, customer experience, technology evolution, features testing & trials.

Participated in the early trials of technologies: 5G NR, Massive-MIMO, eVoLTE, LTE-M, eMBMS, Oil & Gas Offshore LTE, and 1 st rollouts of networks: 3G, 4G, VoLTE, LTE-Advanced Pro, EC-GSM, NB-IoT.

Worked on all networks types: Mobile/Fixed, green-field, technology over-lay, swap, outdoor/indoor macro/small cells, & nominal planning all the way through to optimising of mature network: link budget, dimensioning, coverage/capacity/traffic/quality/cost, antenna, neighbours, parameters, KPI/QoS/QoE.

Provided expertise across network strategic planning & deployment lifecycle, technology & architecture evaluation, assessment & launch, license & spectrum bidding, RFP/tender, business processes, budget CAPEX/OPEX & investment review, technical & operations management for RAN/Core/Fixed/FTTx/IT.

Supported Operators in radio business affairs for regulation, policy, spectrum strategy & radio modelling.

Led CTO Office LTE-A/VoLTE/UMTS/GSM network strategy, planning, optimisation & operation while providing proper scenario planning & $Multi-million CAPEX/OPEX savings for networks rollout.

Headed-up consultancy practice, business development, pre-sale, management consulting & marketing.

Used big data analytics to develop innovative platform focusing on network & customer experience CEM.

Career Summary

Aug 2017 to Date:

As a part of Operator CTO Technology Office, responsible for RAN, 5G, IoT, VoLTE, CEM & spectrum.

Building VoLTE strategy, leading RAN/IMS/EPC/ICT/Tool team, providing design, executing trial towards 1 st Apple/Huawei/Samsung Certification, delivering rollout, VoLTE/RF/IMS pre-/post-launch optimisation.

Analysing LTE/VoLTE logs recommending actions to resolve cell edge issues RSRP, SINR, MOS, KPIs.

Performing dense network planning/optimization incl. Brussels street canyons, deep indoor & in-building.

Contributing to 2G/3G/4G swap, modernisation & acceptance (>3900 sites), ensuring quality delivery.

Accountable for NB-IoT/LTE-M strategy, dimensioning, architecture, design, trial & rollout (~3900 sites).

Managing design/trial: C-RAN, TD-LTE 2.6/3.5GHz spectrum, WTTx LTE TDD/FDD as FTTx expansion.

Advising on regulatory affairs for new spectrum, license, regulation; policy, techno-economic modelling.

Being member of Innovation Centre partnering with ZTE R&D; Delivering 5G RFP, strategy, design, trial.

Principle Consultant/Architect, Liberty Global, Telenet, Belgium

Key Achievements:  Recognized by CTO for strategic insights, leadership & delivery of VoLTE/NB-IoT/HetNets/5G

Key Achievements:

Recognized by CTO for strategic insights, leadership & delivery of VoLTE/NB-IoT/HetNets/5G projects.

Leading HetNet Small cells design, coverage, testing, trial, rollout& tuning. Introducing SON features.

Driving Operator to national leadership No.1 in Throughput indicator via network optimisation & capacity planning; developing LTE radio parameters tuning to improve KPIs (drop, failure) & analysing drive tests.

Providing CEM, CEA & Big Data statistics from platforms to extract insights of subscribers’ behaviour & improve strategic decision, revenue assurance, monetization, operational efficiency & KPI/SLA/NPS.

Analysing traffic models, subscriber’s data usage & mobility for Smartphone, WiFi, MiFi, IoT & MVNO.

Managing gigabit LTE trial achieving 1.3 Gbps using 3CC-CA/4x4MIMO/256-QAM, rollout & tuning.

Taking part in Europe's 1 st pre-5G massive MIMO ZTE trials over 1800MHz spectrum band.

Completing IODT utilizing UE prototype & ZTE 5G NR to guarantee 5GRAN & 4GCORE interoperability.

Oct 2016 to Jul 2017:

Involved in VoLTE & small cells testing & trials; coverage, IMS architecture, KPIs & drive test analysis.

Analysed LTE/VoLTE KQIs: availability, accessibility, mobility, retainability, traffic, integrity & MOS.

Supported smart metering IoT design to define link budget, coverage, capacity, traffic maps & antennas.

Led big data, CEM & CEA activities; build the solutions leveraging data analytics into business insights & use cases: CEM, network investment/planning/optimization, monetization, operational efficiency, NPS.

Managed a delivery of engineering/CxO dashboards to understand customer perception, KPI/QoS/KQI web/video/voice QoE/CEI by correlating events, logs & statistics generated by various network platforms.

Reviewed data access architecture, analytics platforms for radio/core & Internet access, DPI, IT security.

Aligned eTOM business processes & ITIL operations to evaluate new technology & OSS/BSS readiness.

Key Achievements:

Provided guidance of: Big Data, CEM, LTE-A Pro, VoLTE, Small Cell, WiFi, SON, RAN Sharing, IoT, 5G.

Identified network performance & capacity improvement of VoLTE, small cell, indoor DAS, WiFi hotspots.

Led an initiative & a group of data scientists to automate E2E integrated network & customer experience.

Used network/field data, application usage, subscriber profile & geospatial to determine 3-year view of network capacity/coverage dynamics, CAPEX allocation under deployment strategies & ~£xxxM budget.

Contributed to IoT network design & architecture; initiated EC-GSM, LTE-M & NB-IoT strategic planning.

Presented 5G new air interface, propagation models, spectrum, access methods, use cases & standard.

Jan 2016 to Oct 2016: Principle Technical Authority, Samsung, Korea & Europe

Created/updated RAN HLD/LLD, test cases, processes, procedures, products introduction (testing/FOA).

Led the solutions architecture, design, testing, trialling, deployment, optimisation & operations of LTE-A, Small Cell HetNet, 4x4MIMO, Carrier Aggregation, eICIC, eCoMP, VoLTE, SON, eMBMS, Sectorization.

Provided parameters sets for small cells, VoLTE, intra-/inter- RAT/Layer mobility, capacity, SON, load balancing, traffic steering & RRM to improve KPIs (Throughputs, successes) & customer experience.

Identified TDD LTE specifications, supported the trials/pilots of FWA TD-LTE/WiFi in 2.3GHz & 2.4GHz.

Partnered with Korea HQ’s Product/Marketing team to produce RFP solutions: 5G, IoT, MOCN/MORAN, TD-LTE, spectrum refarming, LTE PS, vRAN/vEPC SDN/NFV, network slicing, CEM, OSS/BSS IT cloud. Key Achievements:

Carried out 5G R&D project of 5G NR System & Network Design in Samsung HQ Suwon Korea.

Managed team of 15+ consultants on development & execution of strategy, HLD/LLD & solution delivery.

Led the deployment of 1 st 4G/Wi-Fi small cells (outdoor/in-building) in London & performance tuning KPI.

Launched 1 st VoLTE network & managed pre-/post-launch performance optimisation work streams.

Supported Korea (5G, vRAN, VoLTE benchmarking SK Telecom KT LG U+), UK, Ireland & Italy projects.

Formulated national plan to deliver the best customer experience & prepare for benchmarking campaign.

Proposed the advanced solutions: 256-QAM, 4x4MMO, CA, Dual Connectivity, SDL LTE-U/LAA, LTE-M NB-IoT, densification, coverage/capacity link budget and new 2.1/1.4GHz & 3.5GHz spectrum impact.

Developed the technical content of 5G bid RFP, planned 5G FWA network trial (1 st in Europe) in London.

Radio Evolution & Data Analytics Principle Consultant, Telefonica Spain, O2

May 2015 to Jan 2016: Head of Telecoms & Media TMT, Tier-1 Operators, Altran, UK

May 2015 to Jan 2016: Head of Telecoms & Media TMT, Tier-1 Operators, Altran, UK & Europe

Reporting to the CEO, served as a Consulting Practice & Business Development Director for Operators.

Performed E2E Customer-centric network performance KPI audit/optimisation through combining design review, service drive test, OSS statistics, probes, faults, marketing, CRM & VoLTE/Data S-KPI analysis.

Delivered network strategy audit & business analysis; presented customer experience 4G/3G/2G RAN,

CN, Fixed Broadband FTTx & Roaming audit result to CTO to highlight regulation QoS, CEM QoE KPI.

Provided strategic guideline for E2E network rollout modelling, traffic forecast, deployment & launch plan: LTE-A/VoLTE, HetNets small cell/Wi-Fi/Femtocell, new spectrum, MIMO, SON, ISP, FTTx & IT.

Produced solution moving from thin-to-thick MVNO business model: LTE, Core, HSS, OSS/BSS (FM PM

CM Mediation Charging Billing), NOC & datacentre designs; processes & operation eTOM/ITIL/TOGAF.

Managed projects for MVNO fibre/copper/coax network designs - surveys, HLD/LLD, layout, link budget, BoQ, OPEX/CAPEX, underground duct, overhead, metro, access (xDSL FTTx), backhaul (SDH xWDM).

Key Achievements:

Led Pre-sale, bid & business management amongst many high profile consulting engagements globally.

Won CEM project covering RFP, pre-sale, business/technical process, data mining/analytics/dashboard.

Initiated CEM & Big Data business analytics KBO/KBI/QoE/KQI/KPI for COO/CTO/CMO/CFO use cases.

Provided consultancy for LTE/UMTS networks optimisation best practices to improve QoS/QoE SQI/KPI.

Produced RFP’s: LTE Satellite-Aviation, Railway LTE/GSM-R, eMBMS, IT Security, IoT, 5G, Smart City.

Proposed MVNO IP-MPLS transport evolution & FTTx plan over a total of 85km of fibre optical network.

Opened two accounts, renewed one account and ran a practice of 35+ experts whilst also acting as the management consultant for the clients, realised revenues of £1m in under 10 months from start-up.

Mar 2015 to May 2015: CTO Senior Management Consultant, Asia

Reviewed Operator’s 4G+ network business strategy, technology strategy & operations management. Key Achievements:

Accomplished a mission on strategic review of LTE-A network rollout, spectrum & topology strategies.

Aug 2014 to Mar 2015: Team Lead, Huawei China, Vodafone, Germany

Engaged as Team Leader for operator 4G rollout & 3G/2G swap & optimisation programmes.

Accountable for LTE800/LTE2600 rollout, coverage, site design & optimisation; Responsible for GSM900 UMTS2100 pre/post swap performance, cluster KPIs acceptance, and swap plan generation & tracking. Key Achievements:

Achieved & exceeded SLAs KPI targets within short time-frame (won the award of best delivery project).

Drove optimisation of LTE/UMTS/GSM to deliver Service Quality & Throughput improvements.

Aug 2013 to Jul 2014: CTO Office Chief Technical Expert, True Corporation PLC, Thailand

Acted as CTO Chief Technical/Business Expert for green-field country-wide 1 st 2100MHz 4G/3G network rollout from proposals to commercial launch, E2E dimensioning, planning, optimisation & acceptance.

Delivered RAN dimensioning, link budget, prediction, traffic demand & cost model to identify investment.

Created HLD’s & LLD’s plans to provide launch scenarios for MBB, voice & xx% population coverage.

Devised layer management strategy & interworking design. Performed capacity & cost analysis (GSM migration, regulatory requirements, subscriber uptake). Defined network growth & densification strategy.

Offered LTE/UMTS coverage, capacity, quality & KPIs improvement incl. ANR, Intra-/Inter-Frequency & iRATs. Trialled CSFB/SRVCC & VoLTE methods. Led the optimisation & accepted the whole network. Key Achievements:

Managed E2E LTE/UMTS network build programme (>11000 sites) with CAPEX/OPEX/TCO objectives.

Directed a team of 25+ Employees to ensure Operator is delivered best in class networks.

Provided expertise to deliver technologies: LTE-A, Carrier Aggregation, HetNets Small cells WiFi, SON, VoLTE & 4x4MIMO (the world's largest 4.5G network). Performed 2G Shutdown & spectrum re-farming.

 Designed World’s 1 s t Oil & Gas LTE network. Re-worked the design yielding

Designed World’s 1 st Oil & Gas LTE network. Re-worked the design yielding $Million CAPEX saving, 3G re-deployment. Wrote technical part of regulator-NBTC spectrum auction & Myanmar licence bid RFP.

Earlier Positions:

11/2010 to 08/2013

Lead Consultant, Ericsson Sweden, EE (T-Mobile Orange) & Vodafone UK 1 st LTE Network launch, 3G/2G managed service, SLA, planning, optimisation, KPI Programme Manager, Optimi USA, Ooredoo Indosat ZTE Huawei Vimpelcom CTO advisory, 1 st 3G 12000 sites design, audit, 55 consultants AM, $3M sale revenue Technical Lead, Ericsson Sweden, Ooredoo Indosat, Indonesia UMTS/HSPA+ Network performance improvement, rehoming, optimisation, tuning CTO Directorate Chief Radio Engineer, America Movil Claro Brazil 1 st 3G Green-field design, CAPEX/OPEX, regulation, rollout, planning, acceptance Group CTO Management Consultant, Detecon, America Movil Mexico Brazil Strategy, business planning, techno-economics, vendor selection, trial, dimensioning

11/2009 to 11/2010

06/2009 to 11/2009:

08/2007 to 04/2009:

03/2007 to 08/2007:

Other Personal Details

o Vendors & Tools: Ericsson ZTE Huawei Samsung Nokia Siemens Alcatel-Lucent NEC Motorola Airspan, OSS Moshell TEMS MSDP NeXplorer EDOS xACP xAFP xParameters EEA NetNumen NetMax U2000 PRS Nastar U-Net Genex LSM VOMA GTAC NetAct WNMS Atoll Planet Mentum SignalPro TornadoN iBWave Asset Connect Advantage Optima MyCom PrOptima Arieso Actix Nemo SwissQual Agilent Romes XCAL XCAP QXDM Astellia Polystar Tektronix Inet GeoProbe IBM Cognos Wireshark Omnix Evenflow Amdocs Clarify Cramer MapInfo BO Record ARIS SQL Python R Matlab Tableau SAS SPSS

Qualifications & Professional Development

University of Edinburgh, UK: Research Associate - Wireless & Mobile Network