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Sanquelim Campus, Poriem, Sattari, Goa

Course: Personality Assessment for Self Improvement

Program: PGDBM Term: VI Credits: 2 Academic Year: 2017-19
Course Instructor(s): Dr. Anamika Sinha

1. COURSE DESCRIPTION: A self aware leader is rooted in a strong character which provides

him/her the authenticity, the purpose and the required commitment to excel. Good leaders

need not necessarily be good in everything themselves, but they have the tact to find

complementation from people who complete the deficiencies that they have.

There are several ways through which awareness of self can be developed. Reflection, process

based work with own self and in group settings, and un/structured feedback are some of them.

Through this course we will develop personal insights into self through self administered

personality assessment tools and club other methods of feedback to develop a holistic view of

self. Taking the onion metaphor, you will go as deep into the layers of self as much as you will

invest in your self through reflections, relating to incidences in life, openness to feedbacks and

extra reading on the topics discussed in class.


a. Develop insights into self, based on the feedback from self administered feedback


b. Develop a self development plan based on identified traits

c. Find congruence and complimenting people with self to be able to lead a meaningful life

d. Develop sensitivity to personality level differences in people


a. Develop self awareness

b. Develop empathy for self and others


a. Introduction and usage of self administered personality assessment tools in industry

b. Ethical boundaries of personality assessment

c. DISC and its implication

d. Transactional Style inventory and its practical implication

e. Games people play

f. Personal effectiveness

g. Values in Action

h. Hogan profiling and learning agility

i. Team effectiveness tool

j. Situational leadership

k. Motivation and trust

5. PEDAGOGY: Since the unit of analysis and experimentation is self, the course needs rigorous

work on self. While the instruments will provide the pointers, a lot of improvement can be built

based on the action points that the individual chooses themselves. The learning output of this

course will be directly proportional to the investment made by the individual on themselves. You

will use self as an agency for understanding self and others. The course rests heavily on SAFIs,

movies, management games and movies.


a. Group work: Identify a theoretical concept that you find most anchoring to your own self

and identify movies/ Leadership stories that explain the entire concept. For Ex Clippings

from Professor Marston and the Wonder woman to explain DISC. (20 Marks)

b. Class presentation of group work

c. Quiz (10 Marks)

d. Individual Work: Write a learning log in the prescribed format. (10 Marks)

e. End term examination (40 Marks)


a. Training Instruments in HR and OD, Udai Pareekh, 3 rd Edition, Tata McgrawHIll

b. Emotions of Normal People, W.M. Marston

c. Games people Play Eric Berne

d. Strength Finder,

e. Other URLs and books will be shared with you from time to time.