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Conectores y expresiones útiles para redacciones

Uso Conectores y expresiones Ejemplos

Para indicar una First/firstly: en primer lugar First, my brother and I went
secuencia o Secondly/ thirdly: en segundo, tercer shopping.
enumerar puntos en lugar After that, we went to the
una argumentación Next/ then: acto seguido, después cinema.
At that moment: en ese momento Later, we met Susan and had
Meanwhile: mientras tanto something to eat.
Later/ after that/ afterwards… Eventually, we went home.
In the end/ finally/ eventually:
Para describir una Because of + sustantivo: a causa de All flights were cancelled due
causa o motivo Due to + sustantivo: debido a to bad weather.
Because + proposición: porque As/since /because it was too
Since + proposición: ya que, pues dark to go on, they decided
As + proposición: porque, ya que to camp there.
Para expresar In my opinion/ to my mind: en mi As far as I am concerned,
opiniones opinion money is the cause of all
In my view: desde mi punto de vista suffering.
As far as I am concerned: en lo que a I believe that a good
mí respecta education is essential for our
I think/ believe/ feel that: pienso, students.
creo que All I can say is that, in my
It seems to me that: pienso, creo que view, we are a long way from
Personally: personalmente that goal.
It is clear that: está claro que Undoubtedly, many families
I am against: estoy en contra are victims of bad housing.
I (don’t) agree with: (no) estoy de
acuerdo con
To be honest: para ser sincero
Undoubtely: indudablemente
Para añadir In addition/ furthermore/ moreover: I didn’t want to go shopping.
información además Besides, I had no money left.
Besides/ as well: además It was a lovely day but sad
Also (+ verbo): también too.
Too (al final de la oración): también
Para indicar un For + sustantivo/ gerundio: para It is for this purpose that our
propósito To + infinitivo: para association exists. They came
In order (not) to + infinitivo: para to protect us. She left her
So as (not) to + infinitivo: para gun outside so as not to
So that + proposición: para que frighten us.
Para contrastar But: pero Although it rained a lot, they
información However/ yet/ still/ nevertheless: sin enjoyed their holiday.
embargo She eats meat, while her
Although/ (even) though: aunque husband is vegetarian.
On the contrary/in contrast: por el In spite of feeling tired, they
contrario. decided to go out. He is quite
On the one hand,… on the other athletic in spite of his age.
hand,: por una parte,… por otra parte
Whereas/ while: mientras
In spite of/ despite + sustantivo/
gerundio: a pesar de
Para describir Similarly/ in the same way/ likewise: I don’t know what they
semejanza asimismo, del mismo modo mean. Likewise, I do not
Both… and…: tanto… como… understand where they want
to get to.
Para describir un So/ thus (thus = formal): así pues He failed his exams, so he
resultado Therefore: por lo tanto had to take them again.
As a result/ as a consequence: por The harvest was bad and
consiguiente coffee prices are high as a
For this reason: por esta razón result
Para describir una In fact/ as a matter of fact: de hecho As a matter of fact, I did not
realidad Actually: en realidad sleep at all.
Para generalizar In general/ generally: en general As a general rule, we don’t
As a (general) rule: por regla general allow it.
Para dar ejemplos For example/ for instance: por He likes travelling to
ejemplo countries such as France,
Such as/ like: tal como, como Germany or Italy.
Particularly/ in particular:
Para concluir In conclusion: en conclusion, para In conclusion, we point out
concluir that there is a very varied
Finally: finalmente bibliography on this topic.
In short/ to sum up: resumiendo