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Roller Press Refurbishment

optimize your business

your partner in roller refurbishment

• fast roller refurbishment • flexible, work can be performed inside the machine -
• re-weld two rollers at the same time no dismantling required
• on-site • reliable
• reduce downtime

Keeping your rollers in good condition is critical to longer rol-

ler life as well as for high machine availability and throughput.
For years, KHD has provided Roller Press Refurbishing (RPR)
services at our workshops in Cologne and Delhi. Now, with
the development of our mobile re-welding equipment, we
are able to bring that same quality and performance to your
plant site. With our new mobile RPR service, not only do we
bring the refurbishing process to you but we further minimi-
ze downtime with our ability to refurbish both rollers at the
same time, without removing them from the machine.


KHD’s group vision and mission are based on achieving

the highest quality with the highest levels of qualification
for our employees. With a large installed base of Roller
Presses and over 155 years of experience in the cement
NEW RO industry, KHD is a global leader in Roller Press (RP) equip-
ment and services. Our RP experts are available to help
you plan for your service, follow-up after your service, and
ENT guide you towards increased roller life and longer CHF
COMPLET surface life.

Defining the right moment to reweld is key to reducing

downtime, costs, and increasing the lifetime of the roller.
G In addition to our on-site rewelding service, we can offer
an optional pre-service machine audit to help you plan
efficiently for our service. During this audit we will help plan
exactly when to weld and how best to prepare to reduce
ROLLER the machine downtime. Ask your RP Specialist about our
optional audits.


Two rollers can be

simultaneously re-
profiled, maximizing
the life of the hard-
face layers.

after 1 lifecycle +1 lifecycle

unique workflow

We have optimized the refurbishing process and

established cutting-edge welding practices to
provide you with the highest quality product that
offers the best in performance and availability.
From transport to the final welding, each step
in our workflow has been designed to provide
reliable, high quality refurbishment with minimal
disruption to the site. Using our KHD repair pro-
cedures and cutting-edge technology, your KHD
technician will guide you towards increased rol-
ler life and longer CHF surface life. NEW



Measurement and in-

Vacuum sandblasting spection of the roller
All welding tools and system allows work ensures the best and
equipment fit in two 20ft to continue around the most efficient process
containers. machine. for refurbishing.

unique workflow



Both rollers can be

simultaneously welded To monitor wear and
while inside the machine, help guide you towards
KHD Induction pre- allowing work to continue increased roller life,
heating provides safe around the machine KHD experts provide
Fully automated plasma leveling or grinding with industrial and quick heating of and welding at twice regular follow ups after
belt grinders ensure the fastest possible leveling. the rollers. the speed. the service.

transport to site
KHD welding tools and equipment are transported to
site in two 20ft containers where they can easily COLOGNE
be unloaded using either a large forklift or crane.
The containers should be stored as close to
the welding location as possible and can be
unloaded manually.

It’s very important to start work on a clean roller, this reduces the likelihood
of impurities entering the weld, which may lead to quality issues with the
finished roller. We use a vacuum sandblasting system that ensures the
maximum safety of the user and allows other work to continue around the
machine, therefore causing minimum disruption.

measuring for informed decisions
Before welding it is important to evaluate the current condition of Depending on the measurements, we can decide if it is best to
the roller. This helps to establish the best and most efficient pro- simply grind the roller in the traditional way or to use our plasma
cesses required to prepare the roller for refurbishing. cutting process to remove the old hardface areas. This way we
can ensure that we start welding on a level, cylindrical roller, which
will give us the best possible result.


> 3 mm



1–3 mm

automated plasma leveling
With our plasma cutting process we can level the surface of the
roller without the use of carbon electrodes. This gives us a level
roller surface which can be directly welded on, depending on
the initial condition of the roller and the crack development in
the roller ground material.

Unlike traditional carbon electrodes this process is fully

automated, making it much faster and easier to carry
out. It also helps reduce the consumables used during
the removal of the remaining hardfacing.

If the roller has worn reasonably level and is in good condition, but
the hardface is worn out, then it is not necessary to plasma cut the
roller. The normal method of roller grinding can be applied. For this we
provide industrial belt grinding machines that are capable of removing
large quantities of material in a relatively short amount of time, when
compared to grinding wheels. This, combined with the greater width
provided by the grinding belt, ensures the fastest possible grinding
method for the rollers.

unrivaled preheating
Preheating is completed by our specially built induction units and coils. It is possible to heat
the complete roller at 30˚C/hour to reach the required welding temperature within a single
shift. KHD induction units can simply be plugged in, eliminating the dangers of working with
gas bottles and hoses. The cables and induction coils never become hot, eliminating the dan-
ger of burning and reducing hot air flow to the bearings, thus minimizing the risk of damage to
the bearing during the welding process.

Welding on site can be carried out using different processes, according to your requirements.
The preferred method is to use open arc welding wire as it is more efficient, but gas shielded
wires can also be used. In order to increase the speed of welding, we use two independent
welding heads. This gives us the option to continue welding in the event that one machine
has a breakdown. When both machines are running we can weld at double the speed.
We can also weld with oscillation and do fully automated profile welding.

follow up
With a large installed base of Roller Presses and over 155 years of experience in the cement
industry, KHD is a global leader in Roller Press (RP) equipment and services. To monitor the
wear of your rollers and guide you towards increased roller life and longer CHF surface life,
our RP experts provide regular follow up after rewelding.

For more information on KHD Roller Press Refurbishing and related audits,
please contact your local Customer Service Center (CSC).

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