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Drug Study

Name of Patient: R. I Attending Physician: Dr. V, Dr. C

Age: 51 yo Ward/Bed Number:Room 411 Impression/ Diagnosis: MDRTB

Dosage, Route,
Frequency and
Name of Drug Mechanism of Indication Adverse Reactions Special Precautions Nursing
Action Responsibilities

Generic: Dosage: Inadequate dietary Urticaria, somnolence, History of peptic ulcer, 1. Monitor vital signs.
intake paresthesia, low serum liver impairemnent,
Vitamin B complex+ 1 cap folic acid levels drinking alcohol,
Iron+ Bucziline Works by inhibiting the hyperthyroidism, 2. Monitor laboratory
hydrochloride action of histamine narrow-angle galucoma results.
Route: receptors in the
vomiting centre; acting
Brand: PO as a coenzyme in the 3. Report any
metabolism of protein, undesirable effects of
Appebon with Iron carbohydrate, and fat; the drug.
helping red blood cells
Classification Frequency: Contraindications Side Effects
to deliver oxygen to all
Functional: OD at HS over the body; Constipation, nausea, 4. Inform the possible
increasing the levels of vomiting, diarrhea, side effects of the drug.
Nutritional Hypersensitivity to
pyruvic acid in the abdominal pain
supplements drug, atropihis
blood; normalizing the
Timing: gastrititis, iron
formation of red blood
8 cells and nerve tissues

Student's Name:Shiene ANgeline A. Fajardo

Clinical Instructor:Mary Kristine Q. Amboy, RN, MAN