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Lewis , Benny. “The 10 Best Ways to Learn Spanish.

” Fluent in 3 Months - Language Hacking

and Travel Tips, 10

Jan. 2018, <>

In this article,Lewis states, there is no one effective way to learn spanish there are

as many ways to learns spanish as their people who have learned it ,but there are also

ineffective ways to learn spanish also, then he goes into to the top 10 best methods of

how to learn spanish in the many effective ways, he’s listed. Lewis starts with 1. as

studying and learning spanish is that starting to learn that the best way is to start by

actually trying to speak the language and goes on to step two and say that you try to

learns speaking from immersion and that maybe you try listening to spanish audio books

and podcast and just listen to how they talk and how pronounce how they pronounce their

words. As Lewis continues to explain the steps in the rest of the article, one of the steps

that really stood out to me that I think that could beneficial to what we’re actually doing

that correlates to our capstone is step the having a tutor which is why where doing it that

so that a friend could teach me spanish and that we could both do it in fun way and make

the best of our project.

Peddicord, Kathleen. “The Best Way to Learn Spanish.” The Huffington Post,, 7 Dec. 2017,


In this article,Peddicord starts of with some background about how she stayed in

spanish-speaking for almost 30 years, and how she didn’t start to pick up spanish until

her late 20’s, and she had to by spanish language audio cassettes to start to learn, and that
she also bought Spanish made EZ books, but she still couldn’t speak the language, so she

finally decided to hire multiple tutors, to teach her one named Elizabeth who continued to

help master conversations in spanish, and it’s kinda related to me and leilani’s senior

capstone and kinda goes into the idea of ours on how she basically is my tutor and will

be teaching me on how to hold a consistent conversation and actually know what i’m

actually saying and being able to understand. And it was easy for a tutor like her because

living in spanish countries would be alot easier for her to find tutors then two friends

trying teach each other for a project.

Alan. “12 Best Apps for Learning Spanish Like a Boss.” FluentU Spanish

Educator Blog, 31 July,2018

In this article, Alan goes into an in depth review on the best possible apps to use

to teach yourself spanish, and also how to use them, and with the first app to use is an app

called fluentU which is rated number 1, and with this app it can basically take anything

like music videos,commercials,news,and motivational and inspiring talks and turn them

into the best learning experiences you can possible have and it's kind of an awesome way

to learn,and the second app is duolingo which won best language app of 2013 which is

kinda like an education version which splits up units and with each unit complete it goes

and difficulty to keep you learning more and more getting harder each time, and there’s

lots and lots of units to complete and so it will keep you busy for while ,and the third best

app being rosetta stone,it’s one of the most famous learning apps it kinda starts at the

lowest possible level as if you're a child and kinda builds up, and it shows you everything

possible words,audio,and phrases in spanish as far as being as immersive as it can be, and
it also has a platform were you can schedule live video chat tutoring every other lesson

with native language speakers to enhance learning so that could be another plus to add

our project that could help with progression.

Krogstad, Jens Manuel, and Ana Gonzalez-Barrera. “A Majority of English-

Speaking Hispanics in the U.S. Are Bilingual.” Pew Research Center, Pew Research

Center, 24 Mar. 2015,


In this article,Manuel and Barrera touch on the facts that about 62% of the U.S

hispanics are actually bilingual,according to the the research of Pew research center,so

with that being it’s honestly the best thing to know as far as our capstone goes, because

that’s what our senior project is reaching for as to teaching and learning to become one of

those many people and that could speak both languages,and further on in the article the

speak on more stuff on like how bilingualism could help further more and more

generations,on a population that continues to grow faster as the mexican-american

generation continues to expand in the U.S and being that spanish is one of the most

spoken non-english languages in the U.S it’s something that I would really love to learn

and to really get into, and that what our main focus is.

Alban, Deane. “The Brain Benefits of Learning a Second Language.” Be Brain

Fit, 9 Feb. 2019,

In this article, Deane talks about the cognitive benefits of learning a second

language with the many obvious reason of learning a second one which is basically to

further and advance your career to make traveling more fun, and to expand your cultural
horizon, which is kinda why im into this so much is just to learn and have to which could

teach me so many other things to look out for and learning a second language helps

enhances your brain and helps with learning and being able to go out other countries and

being able to speak their language and the say learning a second language could help you

be more creative which helps with your everyday living and learning a second language

young could help you so much when you start to get older by helping it against aging

which is very good thing to know as the more languages you know keeps you from

memory lost and keeping your cognitive abilities,and this learning experience is probably

the best thing that’s going to happen.