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Lesson Plan & Implementation:

Level 2 Video Reflection and Analysis

College of Education

Reflection is a critical process for supporting your growth and development as a professional. At
the end of each lesson, you should watch the video of your lesson to reflect on the experience
and analyze its effectiveness. You will need to watch your video, complete this analysis and
upload this form to Canvas prior to your post-observation conference.

While watching your video, use the chart to collect times in your video that represent
celebrations, struggles or questions that arise for you. In the final column write a claim that you
can make about teaching and a FEAP that you may have demonstrated in this moment. You may
add additional rows as needed:

Time Celebration/Struggle/Question: Claim about teaching and FEAP

Example - 3:30 I used a quiet signal when students Using a nonverbal intervention to
started talking while I was reading in gain student attention allows the
order to regain their attention teacher to gain attention without
interrupting the learning/FEAP 2a
2:15 I could tell that C started to become This is an example of diffusing a
irritated that J. sat where he was situation before it escalates or
going to sit, so I quickly diffused the becomes a bigger problem.
situation by telling him to sit in the
empty chair on the other side of me
as well as explain that he didn’t mean
to take his seat.
2;45 I set the expectation of who was This connects to FEAP 2c. It is
going to be paired together. Last time important to set high and clear
I did not do this and I noticed it was expectations for all students.
problematic. I also gave them a
specific time to discuss with their
3:10 When I noticed the group on my It is important to recognize when
right wasn’t discussing anything, I students are not engaged or are
called them by name to ask them not participating and to correct
directly what they thought. those behaviors.
4:48 I used what I learned during my last FEAP 2c says to set high
observation, that it is important to set expectations for all students.
high expectations. I made sure that
students knew to raise their hand
before answering.
5:56 Even though J. didn't raise his hand It is important to recognize these
to answer the question, I still called behaviors and to let students
on him to engage him in the lesson. know that you still see them and
expect them to participate.
13:14 I provided support and This connects to FEAP 3i by
encouragement to students to let providing support to to promote
them know they were doing a good student achievement.
13:40 I didn’t really have anything else This shows flexibility in my
planned for the lesson but I noticed lesson plan as well as a
there was a lot of silence and wasted continuation of keeping the group
time while they were coloring so I engaged.
decided to give the group another
idiom to define and discuss.
16:20 While I was still waiting for the This is good because it gets them
group to finish coloring, I asked who thinking about idioms in a new
could think of their own idiom. way. They had to think of their
own, rather than me giving them
one. This shows a deeper
understanding of the concept.
18:30 During my lesson I felt like I was It is good that I paid attention to
calling on each of the students these two students and was aware
equally; however, while watching my that they were going to be the
video, I think I paid more attention to ones which I needed to focus on
C. and J. because I was trying to keeping engaged; however, I
make sure they were on task and should have paid more attention
engaged. and called on the other students
as well.
17:40 I missed the timer going off to signal I need to be more aware of the
the switch in rotation groups. I didn't time during my lesson. Even
even notice it while reflecting on the though the timer was on the
video either. board, I still missed when it went
off. It would be beneficial to have
my own timer next to me at the
back table to see track of the
time. That being said, I think I
did a good job of improving and
being flexible with my lesson
when I made this mistake.