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CHAPTER-II REVIEW OF LITERATURE 1 .Hawkins, Best, Coney and Mokherje: The

writers ofthe book talked about different components influencing shopper
conduct for purchasing, for example, a statistic and social impacts (family and
family unit), aggregate impact, affect ofadvertising and inward impacts (learning,
discernment, demeanor and so on.).

The bookelucidated the points, for example, sorts of customer choices, buy
contribution andproduct inclusion. The book likewise underscored on data scan
process andvarious routes for giving pertinent data to the purchasers are
recommendedin this examination. The book additionally underscored on
individual judgment and recommended that theability of a person to recognize
comparative upgrades is called sensorydiscrimination which could include
numerous factors identified with individual inclinations. 2.

Leslie Lazar and Schiffman :The creators recommended consumerbehaviour as

individual varies as from gathering. The family choice for a buy choice is
completely unique in relation to singular basic leadership. The creators talked
about different factors that influence shopper buy choice.

The book concentrated on family life cycle and different needs of customer amid
various life stages. The family basic leadership process as a cooperative choice
making is explained and it is prescribed to fragment the market as indicated by
family require pecking order. 3. Bitta and Della:The creators suggested that
customer conduct contemplates assume an essential job in choosing promoting
fragments and promoting methodologies.

The creators suggested that shopper is frequently contemplated since specific

talks are fundamentally influenced by their conduct or anticipated. 4.Karunik and
Schiffman: The book features dynamic business condition is violent as at no other
time and the administration business as promising as at no other time. In this
time of serious rivalry organizations comprehend the client is the lord in the
market and achievement depends a ton on the productivity of the supervisors in
conveying the guaranteed item or administrations.

The obligation lies on the associations to build up a culture, morals, duty, esteem
and quality administrations ought to be offered to accomplish larger amount of
consumer loyalty. Dynamic customer conduct is required to examine different
variables influencing purchaser buy choice specifically or in a roundabout way. 5.
Purchaser Behavior by Batra, S, K &Kazmi:The book has portrayed shopper basic
leadership process, purchasers black box and significance of customer conduct
examines for advertisers so as to comprehend what fulfill a definitive buyer.

The book depicted essential attributes of Indian customer and upper hands in
Indian setting for the advertisers. The buyer choice process, purchasing jobs and
shopper black box are talked about in detail. The different advances developing
customer basic leadership are connected with the existence stages.

Youthful purchasers, ladies and kids considered as uprising customers bunches as

a piece of aggressive market circumstances. 6.According to Kotler and Armstrong
(2001) : customer purchasing conduct alludes to the purchasing conduct of the
people and family units who purchase merchandise and enterprises for

Customers around the globe are distinctive in different factors, for example, age,
income,education level and inclinations which may influence the manner in which
they benefit of merchandise and enterprises. This conduct at that point impacts
how items and administrations are exhibited to the distinctive buyer markets.
There are numerous segments which impact customer conduct in particular;
cultural,social, individual, and mental (kotler and Armstrong, 2001).

Purchaser conduct is thestudy of when, why, how and where individuals do or

don't purchase items (Sandhusen, RichardL;2000). Kundi J. et al (2008) expressed
that customer conduct alludes to the psychological and enthusiastic process and
the detectable conduct of buyers amid looking, acquiring and postconsumption
of an item or administrations. Buyer conduct mixes the components from
psychology,sociology, sociopsychology, human sciences and financial matters.

7. McGraw-Hill (2005) :characterizes customer purchasing conduct as the conduct

in the journey to fulfill needs which items and administrations wereacquired to
fulfill these individual utilization needs.

Purchaser conduct includes the mental procedure that buyers experience in

perceiving needs, discoveries approaches to solvethese needs, settling on buy
choices, decipher data, make arrangements and execute these plans (Perner L. ;
2008) 8. Ramakrishna Rao, Rama Raju& Ram Prasad (1987):conducted a review
on "HusbandWife Involvement in Buying Decision Making".

One of the real discoveries of the examination is spouse who are youthful, very
taught and have a place with high salary bunch are generally less overwhelmed
than their more seasoned, less instructed and low pay partners 9. Singh J.D.
(1981) led a study on "An investigation of Brand steadfastness in India". The
investigation presumed that Indian customers have been discovered ending up
more and more brand steadfast.

Contingent on the idea of the item, they have single or numerous brand
faithfulness are „quality of the item, „habit of use? and „regular availability? of the
item. 10. Debiprasd Mukherjee (2012) led an investigation entitled „Impact of big
name underwriting on Brand Image?. This examination demonstrates that
shoppers report higher self-mark association for brands with pictures that are
predictable with the picture of a superstar that they try to resemble, especially for
the situation when the picture of the big name and the brand coordinate. 11.
Schiffman. G.

Leon and kanuklazare Leslie - Study of the client conduct is the investigation of
how people settle on choices to spend their availableresources (Time, Money and
Efforts) on utilization related things. It includesthe ponder what they purchase,
whey they get it, when they get it, where they purchase it,how frequently they get
it and how regularly they use it.

The basic role for thestudy shopper conduct as separated of advertising

educational modules is to comprehend howand how clients settle on their buy
choices. There bits of knowledge enablemarketers to plan increasingly powerful
showcasing procedures. 12. Gupta.C .B and Dr. Nair. N.Rajan-A business depends
on comprehension thecustomer and giving the sort of items that the client needs.
13. Mamoria C.B.

what's more, MamoriaSatish-Consumer conduct is the processwhere by people

choose what, when, where, how and from whom to purchasegoods and
administrations. Purchasing conduct might be seen as a systematic procedure
here by individual associates with his condition to make advertise choice on items
and administrations. 14. Nair Suja. R.-

The accomplishment of the firm will be controlled by how viable ithas been in
meeting the assorted client needs and needs by regarding every client as special
and offering items and administrations to suit his/her needs........ CHAPTER-III
DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION 1) How did you come to know about
ORGANIC FOODS products? No.

of respondents Percentage Electronic media 22 22% Print media 28 28% Road

shows 20 20% Hoardings 30 30% Total 100 100% Knowing about the
product: / Interpretation: 30% of the respondents came to think about ORGANIC
FOODS items from hoardings while 28% of the respondents came to know from
print media and electronic media was accepted by 22% of the respondents.

A little huge 20% of the respondents answered that street demonstrates have
helped them in understanding ORGANIC FOODS items. Since how many months
have you been using this service? No. of respondents Percentage 0-6 months 23
23% 6-12 months 37 37% 1-2 years 36 36% More than 2 years 04 04% Total
100 100% Using of the service (in months): / Interpretation: From the above
table it is seen that 37% of the respondents have been utilizing ORGANIC FOODS
items for recent year.

While 36% have been utilizing it for over 1 year, and a critical 23% of respondents
have been utilizing the administration for under a half year. Just 4% of the
respondents have been utilizing ORGANIC FOODS items for more than 2 – years.
3) Which Kind of service are you using? Please mention? Type of service No.

of respondents Percentage Dairy 27 27% Retail 60 60% Agri 13 13% Total 100
100% Kind of service: Interpretation From the above table it very well may be
seen that 60% of them are utilizing retail benefits, while 27% are utilizing Dairy
administrations, and the staying 13% are utilizing Agri administrations. 4) What is
the reason for choosing this service? No.
of respondents Percentage Less price 20 20% Quality service 56 56% Brand
image 24 24% Total 100 100% Reason for choosing the service: / Interpretation
From the above table it is demonstrated that 56% of the respondents are refering
to nature of administration as the factor. While 24% refered to mark picture as
the purpose behind picking the administration.

To the extent cost is concerned just 20% of the respondents have cited it as the
explanation behind picking this administration. 5) Why do you prefer for this
service? No. of respondents Percentage Convenience 53 53% Economical 30
30% Security 04 04% Features 13 13% Total 100 100% Preferring for this
service: / Interpretation In the present occupied world comfort is by all accounts
the most superseding component while leaning toward a cell benefit.

Obviously 53% of the respondents have favored this administration because of

simple and hands free accessibility, making it advantageous to utilize it. Then
again 30% have said economy of the administration, while 13% of the
respondents have given highlights as their decision. While a pitiful 4% of the said
security as the explanation behind inclining toward the administration.

6) Are you satisfied with the quality of service being provided? No. of
respondents Percentage Yes 85 85% No 5 5% To some extent 0 0% Can’t say
10 10% Total 100 100% Satisfaction l with the quality of service: / Interpretation:
From the above table plainly 85% of the respondents are happy with the nature
of administration while a critical number i.e.,

10% of the respondents couldn't state anything and 5% of the respondents

answered they are not happy with the nature of administration. 7) Have you
faced any problem at the time of Purchase & usage? No. of respondents
percentage Yes 10 10% No 90 90% Total 100 100% Facing of problems:
Interpretation: The above table demonstrates that at the season of actuation just
10% of the respondents have confronted issue with organization, and 90% of the
respondents have not confront any issue.

8) While buying ORGANIC FOODSproduct that has influenced your purchase

decision? No. of respondents Percentage Colleagues 25 25% Friends 60 60%
Family members 15 15% Others 0 0% Total 100 100% Influence on purchase
decision: / Interpretation: From the above table it is demonstrated that 60% of
the respondents were affected by their companions, 25% by their partners and
15% by others.
9) Did you know the customer awareness program for every month ? No. Of
respondents Percentage Yes 40 40% No 60 60% Total 100 100% Including of
activation charges: / Interpretation: The above table is showing that, from the
aggregate respondents of the review 40% respondents know about the client
program , and the staying 60% respondents are totally uninformed of this
announcement, because of absence of correspondence from the organization.
10) Where do you pay your bills? Periods No.

of respondents percentage At showrooms 100 100% On delivery 00 00% Total

100 100% Place of paying Bills: Interpretation: It is obvious from the above
examination that the respondents need to pay their post paid bills at the True-
Paid shops as it were. So 100% of the respondents pay at their merchant outlets
as it were.

11) Do you prefer online-billing counters for your bill payment like counters of
ATM’s? Type of service No. of respondents Percentage Yes 99 99 No 01 01%
Total 100 100% Preferring of online bills: / Interpretation: Of the 100
respondents overviewed 99% of them incline toward online counters for their
bills installments as it spares their time and exertion, and just 1% of the
respondents are not willing to have the online installment office. 12) How do you
feel about the pricing of ORGANIC FOODSservices as compared with other? No.

Of respondents Percentage Expensive 00 00% Competitive 96 96% Can’t say 04

04% Total 100 100% Pricing of HERITAG services: / Interpretation: The
sentiments of clients of ORGANIC FOODSabout the valuing of the
administrations is, 96% of them are fulfilled and feel the costs are practically
identical with others and 4% of them are not happy with the evaluating of the
organization as they feel the costs are not sufficiently aggressive.

13) Are you satisfied with the payment of your bills? No. of respondents
Percentage Yes 10 10% No 00 00% To some extent 90 90% Total 100 100%
Satisfaction with payment: / Interpretation: With the above investigation, from
the 100 respondents, just 10% are happy with the time given to them for
installment of bills, and the staying 90% of respondents are not completely
fulfilled. 14) What is your Opinion on the service availability of Retail? No.

of respondents Percentage Easily available 100 100% Not available 00 00% To

some extent 00 00% Can’t say 00 00% Total 100 100% / Interpretation: The
above table demonstrates that the ORGANIC FOODS administrations of retail
benefits are effectively accessible in urban regions; this is cleared up from 100
respondents studied. 15) Is home delivery facility providing by the services is
sufficient & convenient to you? No.

of respondents Percentage Yes 100 100% No 00 00% Total 100 100% Opinion
about home delivery facility: / Interpretation: From the above examination
unmistakably 100% of the respondents are feeling glad and feel the home
conveyance office is adequate and helpful to them. 16) Do you feel that the
instruments being provided along with the services is ok or you want a change
(as per choice)? No.

of respondents Percentage Yes, we want change 10 10% No, it is OK 90 90%

Total 100 100% Instruments provided with service are ok or not: / Interpretation:
From the above table obviously 90% of the aggregate 100 respondents don't
need any adjustment in the instruments being given by the organization, they
need for what it's worth. However, the staying 10% of the respondents will have
change in that at some decision, as far as specific highlights as contrasted and
the contenders.

Do you recommend these services to your friends, Colleagues & Family? No. of
respondents Percentage Yes 63 63% No 37 37% Can’t say 00 00% Total 100
100% Recommendation of the service: / Interpretation: Plainly 63% of the
respondents would prescribe the administration, while a huge 37% of the
respondents would prefer not to prescribe the support of their companions,
associates and family. 18) Do you want any additional features to be included to
you service in future? No.

of respondents Percentage Yes 67 67% No 23 23% Total 100 100% Any

additional features: / Interpretation: From the above table obviously 67% of the
aggregate respondents are burning of having some new highlights like pausing,
E-Billing, Online shopping and so on., to be incorporated into this administration
in future, and the staying 23% respondents don't need any progressions to the
extent the extra highlights are concerned.


is restricted to just urban territories subsequently exertion ought to be made to
build the inclusion in semi urban and country regions as it expands the quantity
of endorsers 2.

Natural FOODS ought to make mindfulness among its clients with respect to
different administrations that are being offered by it by expanding its business
advancement reach. 1. Special limited time plans to be propelled particularly to
target youth portion who take up the new item by having uncommon bundles 4.
Natural FOODS attempt to concentrate on the after deals client bolster as this is
seen to be a feeble spot, by the devours and ought to have responsive call
focuses to address the necessities of its clients. SUGGESTIONS ORGANIC FOODS
should expand the inclusion of its everything administrations i.e.

dairy and agri and retail likewise, benefits by introducing more at vital focuses.
The nature of the retail benefit should be enhanced as far as clearness and
availability. ORGANIC FOODS ought to overwhelmingly advance its retail benefits
as contrasted and the opposition and should focus on individual clients and non-
business clients. ORGANIC FOODS ought to forcefully advance its contributions
in different media and should focus on hoardings and street appears and
electronic media.

Attractive plans for owning the retail instruments ought to be propelled to draw
in more clients. CONCLUSIONS
? The respondents are of BIG BAZAAR, and they came think about the
administration from hoardings, print media, basically and through electronic
media and street demonstrates optionally. ? The respondents are utilizing
ORGANIC FOODS since 1 year and beneath 1 year in the greater part of the

? The benefit given by ORGANIC FOODS is utilized by lion's share of the

respondents and the explanation behind picking it is the nature of the
administration, trailed by brand picture. ? Customer fulfillment of the
respondents towards ORGANIC FOODS is high; anyway a critical number of the
respondents are disappointed with its administrations.

? In buying ORGANIC FOODS items family have all the earmarks of being the
prime helpers of the respondents in settling on their buy choices, because of the
exceptional offers being focused by the organization at this fragment. ? The
respondents are paying their bills at the organization indicate rooms, and these
are additionally on conveyance time.

? The respondents are envious of having on the web charge installment benefit
for comfort as its spares their time, cash and exertion. ? The instruments being
furnishing with charging administration are by and large generally welcomed by
the respondents. QUESTIONAIRE 1) How do you come to know that About
ORGANIC FOODS products? a) Electronic Media b) Print media b) Road shows c)
Hoardings 2) Since how many months have you been using this? a) 0-6 months
b) 6-12 months c) 1-2 years d) more than 2 years 3) Which kind of service is you
using please mention? a) Dairy b) Retail c) Agri 4) What is the reason for choosing
this service? a) Less price b) Quality service b) Brand image 5) Why do you prefer
this service? a) Convenience b) Economical c) Security e) Features 6) Are you
satisfied with the quality of service being provided? a) Yes b) No c) To some
extent d) can’t say 7) Have you faced any problem at the time of purchase &
usage? a) Yes b) No 8) Who has influenced you, in purchase decision towards
ORGANIC FOODS Product? a) Colleagues b) Friends c) Family members d) others
9) Do you know customer awareness program for every month? a) yes b) No 10)
Where do you pay your bills? a) At showrooms b) on delivery 11) Do you prefer
online billing counters for your bill payment like ATM’s? a) Yes b) No 12) How do
you feel about the pricing of ORGANIC FOODS Services as compared with other?
a) Expensive b) Competitive c) Can’t say 13) Are you satisfied with the payment of
your bills? a) Yes b) No c) To some extent 14) What is your opinion on the
serviced availability of Retail? a) Easily available b) Not available c) To some
extent d) can’t say 15) Is home delivery facility providing by the service is
sufficient & convenient to you? a) Yes b) No 16) Do you feel that the instruments
being provided along with the services is OK or you want any change? (As per
your choice) a) Yes, we want change b) No, it is ok 17) Do you recommend this
service to your friends, colleagues & family? a) Yes b) No 18) Do you want any
additional features to be included to your services in future a) Yes b) No

PRINCIPLE OF MARKETING - Philip Kotler& Gray Armstrong 3. MARKETING

5. 6. 7. Www.Human

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