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St Augustine’s Primary School Bulletin: Monday 1st November 2010

• This week Mrs Brannan, Display Co-ordinator, will be based in the Junior Department. Please fill in a
request in the book Junior Office if you need help preparing displays, putting up displays etc.
• Please note netball has changed from Tuesday to Wednesday, but when the matches start they will be at
Redbridge Sports Centre on a Tuesday
• Overtime Claim Sheets: The next cut off date for completed claim forms is 14th November

Monday 1st
All Saints Day – Teachers to ensure that the children write about this special day
in their RE books

Woodland Trust Observation Day – Mr Hatzar to attend

- Mrs Bush to cover

Catherine Gibb, Educational Psychologist in school

Mr Jan Choeanec (Guitar Teacher) in school

10.30am KS1 Headteacher Assembly

3.00pm KS2 Headteacher Assembly

3.30pm Spanish Classes – Mrs Neale

3.30pm Staff Meeting – Departmental – Analysis of data

Tuesday 2nd

Lea Gorlitz, Speech Therapist in school am only

Mrs Long to cover Miss Heath am (PPA payback), Miss McCusker pm

(PPA payback)

Both Year 6 classes to visit Al Noor Muslim Primary School

First class to arrive at 9.30am, second class to arrive for 11am

9am Mrs Doyle Headteacher Report with Mrs Brogan

9.30 – 11am Mrs Anthony to attend 1:1 Tuition Course

10.30am KS1 Hymn Practice

1.20pm Mr Firman, Guitar teacher in school

1.20pm Mr Tim Eaton (Woodwind Teacher) in school

3pm KS2 Deputy Headteacher Assembly

3.20pm Choir – Junior Hall

3.20pm Hockey Club

4pm My Genius Idea, BBC TV – Caitlin Kerrigan, Year 6 pupil

Wednesday 3rd
Katherine Burdett to attend ‘TAs Supporting Ethnic Minority Pupils’ Course at TC. Mrs Bari to
9.00 – 3.45pm Mrs Sullivan (Violin Teacher) in school.

9.30am Young Leaders

10am Leadership Team Meeting

11am Miss Bergin to attend Gymnastics Course at Cranbrook Primary School –

Mrs Long to cover all day

12.30pm Mrs Doyle Performance Management with Mrs Kirwan

1.00 – 3.30pm Cello Teacher in Youth Hall.

2.45pm KS2 Hymn Practice

3 – 5.30pm Miss McCusker to attend PSHE Subject Leaders Meeting –

Mrs Anthony to cover Miss McCusker from 2.30 onwards

3.30pm Senior Management Team Meeting

3.30pm Netball – Year 5 & 6

3:30 – 4:30 Instrumental Ensemble KS2 Hall

3.30 – 4.30 Film Club (Year 5 & 6 pupils) in Class 6a

5.45pm Governors Teaching & Learning Committee

Mrs Lucey to attend and a presentation from Mr Roca-Mas regarding Rights & Responsibilities

Thursday 4th
Autumn Workforce Census

ICT Subject Leaders Course at TC – Mr Hatzar to attend

Ms Bush supply teacher to cover

Mrs Lucey to attend English Subject Leaders Course at TC (all day)

Supply teacher to cover

8.30 – 12noon Mrs Doyle to attend ‘New Network Clusters’ Meeting at Prince Regent

10.30am KS1 Assistant Headteacher Assembly

pm School council to feedback to classes

1.30pm New Primary School Consultation Meeting at Lynton House

Mrs Doyle to attend

3.30 Pupil progress meetings – Kirsty, Natalie and Kate to arrange to meet with teachers / year
groups to discuss vulnerable groups in classes

3.15 – 4.15pm Dance Club, Years 1 & 2, Junior Hall

3.30pm Spanish Classes – Mrs Neale

Friday 5th
Deanery Headteacher Meeting at Pearse House
9.15am 2a Class Assembly – Mrs Holden to lead
2.45pm 4a Class Assembly – Mrs Anthony to lead
3.30 – 4.30pm Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 Football Training – KS2 Playground