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Chapter I



People with good work habits tend to be more successful in their

careers than poorly organized individuals, and they tend to have more time
to spend on personal life. Good work habits are more important than ever
because of today's emphasis on productivity and quality. “Unless you are
willing to drench yourself in your work beyond the capacity of the average
man, you are just not cut out for positions at the top” (Penny, J.C, 2008).Put
simply, success isn’t something you stumble upon. Instead it’s a reward for
having a ceaseless tenacity and steadily working hard. It may sound simple,
but committing to hard work isn’t something we learn to do overnight.

Many people romanticize success, and even more so, they crave the
feeling that they success will bring to them. While it’s great to aim high and
set your sights on something, this future – focused mentality is actually no
use in the present. Instead, it’s the habits you have in place right now, and
your efficient working habits, your commitment to hitting the mark that count
the most (Cohen, J, 2008).

In the recent years, schools and universities have experienced many

changes that affects the student’s credibility and abilities towards the real
world. The Work Immersion program has equipped the students with the
values, knowledge and skills that the industries need. Strong partnership
with different industries would also enable graduates to strike a balance
between theory and practice (Lopez, I, 2018).

Background of the Study

The Department of Education ensures the subject Work Immersion

in Grade 12 curriculum as a requirement to their graduation process. The
purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of having good
working habits of Grade 12 Work Immersion Trainees in their Work
Immersion Program.

Work immersion is a solid matter in terms of enhancing the learners’

skills and discipline not only for self improvement but also for the betterment
of his/ her future company that is because the student will be able to asses
himself early inside the company during the immersion period and will be
used to it. They will know about the work ethics, will gain knowledge about
the safety in the workplace, the rights, responsibilities, learning the effective
way to resolve conflicts among coworkers and the work will not be that hard
for them if they apply at the same or related company in the future
(Rosenburgh, J, 2012).

Effective work habits are essential for anyone who wants to succeed
in his / her job, whether it is an after school or summer job or one that is a
step on the career ladder (Mckay,D, 2017).

This study will focus on the effectiveness of having good work habits,
its effects and the benefits that the Grade 12 SHS students can acquire in
relation to their respective Work Immersion Program.

Conceptual Framework


Profile • Survey
Work Habits
Working Habits Among Grade
• Statistical 12 SHS
Effects of Work Treatment students
Habits (Percentage)
towards to
Benefits of Work Immersion
Habits Program

This paradigm uses a system approach (Input – Process – Output

system) to describe the conceptual framework of the study. As shown on
the figure above, the input consist of the demographic profile of the
students, the work habits that the students offered during their work
immersion training, it’s effects to the students’ attitude, career and
perspective and the benefits to the students, job description and workplace.
Then, it is being processed through the use of survey questionnaires that
was distributed by the proponents and the use of statistical treatment which
is percentage and frequency, and to get the results on the effectiveness of
having work habits among Grade 12 SHS students towards to their Work
Immersion Program.

Statement of the Problem

This study will determine the effectiveness of the working habits of

the Grade 12 SHS students in their Work Immersion Program and to
evaluate their perception to their actual performance in their Work
Immersion Training.

Specifically, it will answer the following questions:

1. What is the demographic profile of the student in terms of the

1.1 Strand / Course
1.2 Age
1.3 Gender
2. In what way did work habits among Grade 12 SHS students effective
in terms of:
2.1 Attendance / Punctuality
2.2 Self – Presentation
2.3 Productivity
3. What are the effects of these working habits in terms of:
3.1 Attitude / Behavior
3.2 Career
3.3 Perspective
4. In what way these work habits become beneficial in terms of:
4.1 Self
4.2 Job
4.3 Workplace


Effective working habits has a significant effect on the students’

career, behavior and perspective on oneself.

Significance of the Study

The researchers believe that students particularly the Araullo High

School Grade 12 students will be benefited from the findings of this study
since it provides basis for awareness and better understanding of the
effectiveness of working habits for their work immersion training.

Students – will be given information about the effectiveness of working

habits that usually affects their behavior and perception in the work
immersion training. The result of the study will make them aware of the
common working habits among their co-students.

Teachers – will help to better understand the diversity of working

preferences of their students. As such, it is hope that they could develop
more effective methodologies in teaching the Work Immersion subject
before their deployment.

Future Researchers – will be able to use result of the study in further

research similar to what the study is. As such, it gives more knowledge and
idea on how effective doing these such work habits in their working

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

This study attempts to evaluate the effectiveness of having good

working habits of Grade 12 SHS students in their Work Immersion Program.
After considering the effectiveness of having good working habits, this study
also attempts to identify the students’ perspective to be undertaken to
improve the Work Immersion Program. It is to be note that questionnaires
will distribute to the respondents specifically students from selected
students from the different strands. Data gathered from the customers
should also take during this year.

Definition of Terms

For better understanding of this study, several relevant terms are

defined as follows:

Behavior – refers to the way in which employees respond to

specific circumstances or situations in
the workplace.

Career – an occupation undertaken for a significant

period of a person's life and with opportunities
for progress.

Perception - is the organization, identification, and

interpretation of sensory information in order to
represent and understand the presented
information, or the environment

Senior High School – a secondary school typically comprising the

three highest grades.

Working Habits – is any one of the behavioral, ethical, and

practical elements applied by employees in
contributing to job performance standards that
meet company guidelines.

Work Immersion – refers to the part of the Senior High School

(SHS) Curriculum consisting of 80 hours of
hands-on experience or work simulation which
the Grades 11 and 12 students will undergo to
expose them to the actual workplace.

Chapter II


This chapter reviews related literature and studies which serves as

frame of reference for this study. Related literature and studies, foreign and
local are presented such that some of the present study’s variables have
been tackled.

Related Literature

The following are the significant ideas and views by the different
authors from books and on – line resources.


Having the correct frame of mind is the main thing to learn before
leaving on this mission. Growing great propensities requires some
investment as well as requires a gigantic measure of exertion without any
assurances of achievement. This might be in opposition to what numerous
inspirational books state, yet being excessively idealistic is seldom
powerful. The individuals who trifle with this also will surrender too
effortlessly when issues happen. Consider it an adventure of a thousand
miles, yet with persistence, you will in the end achieve your objective. The
cutting edge incline presently has progressed from intuition positive to
speculation sensible (Anlacon, 2012).

Twenty to thirty year olds are changing the workplace. Individuals

are never again bound to one employment, one work area, or one gadget.
No other age comprehends this superior to twenty to thirty year olds. With
the expanding reliance of twenty to thirty year olds on the web and online
networking, the work environment culture has advanced. To remain
refreshed with the new culture in the workforce that the new age achieved,
bosses need to think about the working propensities for recent college
graduates (Cullimore, 2017).

Cullimore(2017), also said that as an employer, you have to

comprehend where they're coming from to have the capacity to decide how
to manage these testing work propensities for twenty to thirty year olds. Be
that as it may, as negative the notoriety of recent college grads in the
workforce are, there's a comparing positive side that businesses can
exploit. We should investigate the working propensities for recent college
grads, both great and terrible.


It's critical to have a record of good work propensities when a

representative is scanning for a vocation or looking for an advancement.
She needs her present director and her own references to disclose to a
forthcoming supervisor how hard she functions, how well she knows her
activity and how solid she is for meeting her work objectives. In some cases,
representatives think they have great work propensities, yet when they look
for legit input from their administrator, they realize there are enhancements
to make. In the event that you set aside opportunity to create work
propensities that make you increasingly productive without yielding your

work quality, you can utilize those propensities in future occupations

(Bianca, 2018)

Bianca (2018), stressed that it's vital to have a record of good work
propensities when a worker is hunting down an occupation or looking for
an advancement. She needs her present director and her own references
to disclose to an imminent manager how hard she functions, how well she
knows her activity and how solid she is for meeting her work objectives. In
some cases, representatives think they have great work propensities, yet
when they look for legit input from their supervisor, they realize there are
enhancements to make. In the event that you set aside opportunity to
create work propensities that make you increasingly proficient without
relinquishing your work quality, you can utilize those propensities in future

There may be numerous reasons why your activity makes you

hopeless. Perhaps your work is exhausting, your director is horrendous, or
your organization simply has dreadful advantages or an awful work culture.
In the event that you aren't encountering any working environment
discomfort, bravo! You've cashed in big. In any case, in the event that you
long for more fulfillment at work, you don't really need to locate another
activity or getaway your supervisor. As per Dr. Emiliana Simon-Thomas, a
bliss scientist at UC Berkeley, where she instructs a prominent edX course
called "The Science of Happiness" and fills in as Director of the college's
Greater Good Science Center, we're all equipped for making ourselves
more joyful at work– we simply need to, well, work at it (Humphrey, 2018)

Related Studies

This section discusses related studies that have significant bearing

to the present study.


There are a few of us Filipinos who got an unpleasant view at

rivalry—that in the event that we can't win, nobody will. Rather than helping
each other to be fruitful, we even influence approaches to pull those down
prefer to dishearten them from accepting incredible open doors, or wrecking
their picture. This is on the grounds that we need to be the just a single at
the best. On the off chance that just we would see the accomplishments of
our neighbors or associates as a motivation to achieve our own objectives
as opposed to thinking about them as dangers. We ought to understand
that the achievement of every Filipino will add to the enhancement of the
nation, and this can help us all to be effective also (Abello, 2014).

You can quicken the way toward turning into an exceptionally gainful
individual by routinely envisioning yourself as engaged and diverted toward
high accomplishment. Consider yourself to be a standout amongst the most
exceedingly effective and dedicated, fruitful individuals you know. Feed
your intuitive personality with this image until the point when it is
acknowledged as an order. Keep in mind, the individual you ''see'' is the
individual you will ''be” (Tracy 2015)


The specific best individuals, in any social status, are the individuals
who are continually testing themselves and are setting themselves new
targets. Also, in the event that you need to be one of those characters who
is continually hoping to push ahead and better themselves then you need
the sort of working propensities set up that will prompt achievement (Martin,

Martin (2014), also said that there is nothing preferred for an

administrator over to see his or her workers effectively taking responsibility
for," Caan clarifies. Continuously assume liability for your assignments,
regardless of the amount you loathe the undertaking. Passing terrible work
on to associates will acquire you a sharp notoriety, while taking
responsibility for obligations demonstrates activity and devotion.


Based on the thorough review of literature and studies which has

been discussed in this chapter, there are evidences to show that having
good working habits is an exceptionally engaged and diverted toward to
high accomplishments. Growing great propensities requires some
investment as well as requires a gigantic measure of exertion without any
assurances of accomplishment or success. Numerous conceptual and
empirical studies that are related to the effects of students’ behavior, career
and perception have been referred.

Chapter III


This chapter presents the method of research, the subjects of the

study, the method of gathering data and statistical treatment.

Method of the Research

Descriptive design is a type of research method that is used when one

wants to get information on the current status of a person or an object. It is
used to describe what is in existence in respect to conditions or variables that
are found in a given situation (Tan, 2012).

Subjects of the Study

In choosing the respondents of the research, the following grouping of

students will be consider, these are the students from Grade 12 students
from the different strands specifically STEM or Science and Technology,
Engineering and Mathematics, GAS or General Academic Strand, HUMSS or
Humanities and Social Science, ABM or Accountancy, Business and
Management, TVL- HE, and TVL- Auto of Araullo High School, thus, 40
respondents will be selected.

Sample and Sampling Technique

The researchers will be selected 7 students in each four academic

strands while 6 students in each 2 TVL strands with the total of 40
respondents. Purposive Sampling is a non – probability sample that is
selected based on characteristics of a population and objective of the study

(Tan, 2012). This study required a certain information to the respondents for
it should be engaged in identifying the effectiveness of the working habits for
the work immersion program.

Research Tools and Instruments

The researchers will be using the survey questionnaires. Survey

Questionnaires will help the researchers to gather information from their
respective respondents. Survey Questionnaires will be the guide of the
researchers and respondents to conclude the main problem. Researchers
used the book and articles as a guide to make questions based on their study.
The questions of the researchers made by their own ideas and based on the
articles they got.

Validation of Survey Questionnaire

In validating the survey questionnaire, the researchers will have a

two set of respondents. The first set of respondents will be the pilot study
wherein the researchers will give the survey questionnaires for them to
answer and to give comments. As soon as the survey questionnaires will
retrieve, the researchers will now read and analyze all of the answers of the
respondents, then when they finish to analyze it, it’s now time for the
researchers to revise or edit the survey questionnaires with the help of the
pilot study’s answers and comments. And finally, the revise or edited survey
questionnaires will be given to the second set of respondents, the final study.
From this final study, the researchers will have an ease time to analyze all of
the respondent’s answers.

Data Gathering Procedure

In gathering the data, the researchers will write a letter of request to

the SHS Assistant Principal for them to proceed to their research study. The
researchers will now conduct and give the survey questionnaires to their
respondents for them to answer. Questionnaires will distribute to the students
at the AHS premises. Before each questionnaire will be distribute, the
researcher will explain to the respondents, the objective and the use of the
information that will be gathered.

Statistical Treatment

The statistical tools that will be used are frequency and


Percentage – is a portion of a whole expressed as a number between 0

and 100 rather than as a fraction.

Frequency – is the number of times a data value occurrence and

analyzes measures of central tendency, dispersion, percentiles and etc.

The formula that will be used is:

P = F/N x 100


P- percentage

F- the frequency of scores

N- the number of students or respondents