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Barnes's Commentary on Isaiah 65 :24

Before they call, I will answer - That is, their desires shall be anticipated, God will see their needs, and he
will impart to them the blessings which they need. He will not wait to be applied to for the blessing. How
many such blessings do all his people receive at the hand of God! How ready is he to anticipate our
needs! How watchful is he of our necessities; and how rich his benevolence in providing for us! Even the
most faithful and prayerful of his people receive numerous favors and comforts at his hand for which
they have not directly asked him. The prayer for the supply of our daily food, 'Give us this day our daily
bread,' God had anticipated, and had prepared the means of answering it, long before, in the abundant
harvest. Had he waited until the prayer was offered, it could not have been answered without a miracle.
Ever watchful, he anticipates our necessities, and in his providence and grace lays the foundation for
granting the favor long before we ask him.

And while they are yet speaking, I will hear - So it was with Daniel (Daniel 9:20-21; compare Psalm 32:5).
So it was with the early disciples when they were assembled in an upper room in Jerusalem, and when
the Spirit of God descended with great power on the day of Pentecost Acts 2:1-2. So when Paul and Silas,
in the prison at Philippi, 'prayed and sang praises to God,' he heard them and came for their rescue Acts
16:25-26. So it has often been - and especially in revivals of religion. When his people have been deeply
impressed with a sense of the languishing state of religion; when they have gone unitedly before God
and implored a blessing; God has heard their prayers, and even while they were speaking has begun a
work of grace. Hundreds of such instances have occurred, alike demonstrating the faithfulness of God to
his promises, and suited to encourage his people, and to excite them to prayer. It is one of the precious
promises pertaining to the blessings of the reign of the Messiah, that the answer of prayer shall be
immediate - and for this his people should look, and this they should expect. God can as easily answer
prayer at once as to delay it; and when the proper state of mind exists, he is as ready to answer it now as
to defer it to a future time. What encouragement have we to pray! How faithful, how fervent should we
be in our supplications! How full of guilt are we if one single blessing is witcheld from our world that
might have been imparted if we had prayed as we ought; if one single soul shall be lost who might have
been saved if we had not been unfaithful in prayer!

Wesley's Commentary on Isaiah 65 :24

65:24 Before they call - God promised, chap.58:9, to answer them, when they called: here he promises
to answer the words, as soon as they should be formed in their hearts before they could get them out of
their lips. While - Yea, while they were speaking.