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Volume 136 Issue 49 Friday, February 15, 2019 90 cents plus tax

Paving Bombers Beat Bisons 9-1
Announced Teams Face Off in Best of Five Series Final

E arlier this week,

the Provincial and
Federal Government’s
T he Minnedosa Senior
Bombers showcased
their skill and talent with a
announced funding home game Tuesday night
for eight highway im- which earned them a 9-1
provement projects to- victory over the Melita Bi-
talling approximately sons. The two teams are
350 kilometres in Man- currently battling it out in
itoba. The Province of a Best of Five Series final in
Manitoba is provid- the Eastern Division of the
ing $147,442,500 while Tiger Hills Hockey League.
the Government of They kicked off their
Canada is contributing Best of Five on Thursday,
$143,967,500 to these February 7th. The Bomb-
projects through the ers travelled to Melita and
New Building Canada opened the series with
Fund. a win of 4-3 over the Bi-
Included in this sons. While Meilta scored
announcement is new the lone goal of the first
paving for portions of period, the Bombers an-
Highways #16 and #10. swered back with three
Riding Mountain MLA, goals in the second. Local
Greg Nesbitt, con- team goals were scored by
firmed that a stretch of Matt Saler assisted by Wy-
Highway #10, north of att Rapsky and Shane Jury,
Minnedosa, is part of Michael Birch assisted by
this week’s announce- Wyatt Rapsky and Russ
ment as well as High- Huyghe assisted by Matt
way #16 from Newdale Saler and Kelly Stinson.
to Shoal Lake. It is not The lone goal of the third
yet known just how far period was shot by Kelly
north of Minnedosa, Stinson assisted Ryan Hei- Photo by Karen Mitchell
the new pavement on no for the Bombers win.
Highway #10 will reach. Two nights later, the 1-1. Each team scored an- the Bombers did get one ing the first game goal, but ers owned the second pe-
A number of safety Bombers hosted the Bi- other goal in the second final goal by Tyler Jury as- the Bombers followed up riod achieving five more
related highway up- sons at the local arena but period to keep them at a sisted by Nick Cameron with two goals of their own goals! Matt Saler scored
grades, including pav- were unsuccessful in a tie. Minnedosa’s goal was and Russ Huyghe. This to close out the first period. two of these goals, one as-
ing of shoulders and hometown win. The game scored by Shane Jury as- wasn’t enough for the win The first goal was scored by sisted by Russ Huyghe and
rumble strips are also opened with a hometown sisted by Cory Hodgson and the Bisons returned Shane Cameron assisted the second assisted by Wes
planned. goal by Brad Lewis, as- and Wes Lewis. Things home with a 5-3 victory by Wyatt Rapsky and Matt Lewis and James McCar-
Further details sisted by Shane Jury and did not go so well for the over the Bombers. Saler with the second goal ville.
and timing of the Ryan Heino, followed by Bombers in the third pe- Tuesday nights game coming from Kelly Stinson
projects will be an- a goal by the Bisons to riod as the Bisons earned at the Minnedosa Arena assisted by Ryan Heino Continued on
nounced at a later date. close out the first period three more goals although opened with Melita scor- and Wes Lewis. The Bomb- Page 3
2 Friday, February 15, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Snow Hawks Promote the Joy of Snowmobiling

By KAREN MITCHELL members has seen its rise mobiling is and how great
and fall in membership the people are that you

F ebruary is National
Snowmobiling Envi-
ronment Month. Here in
numbers. “This year, our
numbers are down com-
pared to other years, but I
meet while snowmobil-
ing,” explained Collen.
“Being the president of the
Minnedosa, we are fortu- think it has to do with the Club is a great experience.
nate to have our own local snow conditions in the last I get to work alongside a
snowmobile club, the Val- couple of years,” explained lot of very amazing people
ley Snow Hawks which has Valley Snow Hawks Presi- that not only share a pas-
been a staple for 29 years. dent, Scott Collen.   Mem- sion for snowmobiling but
Formed in 1990, the bers meet monthly from really care about the future
Valley Snow Hawks Snow- October through March or of snowmobiling and our
mobile Club’s first execu- April, sometimes meeting awesome community. I
tive included Ken Cam- more if there are events find it is more than just a
eron, Bob Graham, Glen coming up or trails to clean snowmobile club, we get
Gordon and Barb Stone. up. “Once we have a date together even during the
Changing multiple times for our derby, we will meet summer to have a BBQ or
throughout the years, the every week for about a celebrate birthdays or just
current board is made up month to make sure every- Photo submitted hang out together.”
of Scott Collen, Mark Birch, thing is going good and we The Valley Snow
Mike Wiebe and Pam Col- have enough volunteers have been sledding for a department to buy a side our wonderful commun- Hawks are grateful to all
len. for running the event,” ex- lot of years in agreement by side. The club also do- ity and the time they take of the property owners
The initial formation plained Collen. to just hold off a bit longer. nates to school bursaries, out of their lives to make in town and surrounding
of the club was for multiple The Valley Snow The last thing we want is the Personal Care Home, everything run smoothly,” area who let them travel on
reasons, including; to pro- Hawks usually hold an an- someone getting hurt or the Beach Enhancement expressed Collen. “Our their land during the snow-
mote snowmobile safety, nual Poker Derby on the damaging their sled. Going committee and to other Club is focusing on more mobiling season. Without
to improve relations be- third weekend of January, on a derby should be fun snowmobile clubs in the of a family-oriented type these landowners, having
tween snowmobilers and however they have had for everyone and a great area. “This year, we are of organization so that no a club like this would be
landowners, to assist the to postpone this year due time to meet other people raising money to build matter what age, everyone next to impossible.
Minnedosa Town Council to trail conditions. “As we who love snowmobiling!” a small shed to store all can enjoy snowmobiling.” For anyone who is
and municipal officials in all know too well from liv- The club also holds a our clubs’ signs, equip- Each year, the club interested in finding out
emergency storm situa- ing in Manitoba, weather draw every year to raise ment, sleigh and snowmo- tries to organize a family more about the Valley
tions and for snowmobile conditions and snow con- money for different groups bile,” said Scott.  fun day where all members Snow Hawks, you are wel-
tourism. To date, the club ditions can make or break and organizations around Being a Snow Hawks and even non-members come to attend any of the
still continues to deliver on an event very easily,” states the community. “We have club member isn’t all just can all go for a ride togeth- upcoming meetings, or
all of these goals. Collen. “It comes down to bought a rescue sled for the fun and games however, er, have a wiener roast and stop in at Four Seasons
Over the years, the how safe the trail is and we fire department along with there is a lot of time and bring toboggans for the Repair and speak to Ken
club of approximately 40 have many members that raising money for the fire effort put in as a group kids. “We have to remem- LaBelle. The club is always
to making sure trails are ber that our kids and a lot looking for more people
safe and maintained and of the younger people are to share their passion of

getting events organized. the future of the club and snowmobiling and to share
“I want to acknowledge we need to show them the breath-taking views of

Rotary Club Book Sale

our club members for the all how much fun snow- the valley’s scenery.    
amount they give back to

March 12th - 16th

50+ Drop-in Centre
Tuesday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Book drop off at Heritage Co-op Grocery myCommunity
Neighbours Indeed
and Minnedosa Library Be a Neighbour...
And announce
Proceeds to Minnedosa Child Care Co-operative these special events
to your community
●Birth of Child
Bus Tours Destinations Plus 2019 Bus Trips ●Wedding Anniversaries
25th, 40th, 50th, 60th
●New home residency
You may qualify for a
After 10 of the WHEN GOING OUT OF PROVINCE WE RECOMMEND personalized keepsake
gift offer compliments
same price PURCHASING TRAVEL INSURANCE of local business and
trips excluding February 20th - Skydancer Casino Two nights stay during the week, professional sponsors
22nd & March 31st New Rooms $175.00 transportation and shopping,
tickets you will be - April 2nd
Old Rooms $155.00 $125 free slot play total, exch. Minnedosa Pharmacy
$100 at par a day. Glenndosa Glass 1990 Ltd.
entitled to a FREE Royal Manitoba
Minnedosa insurance Services
March 6th Day Trip to see “ A Dolls House” Kim’sQuality Foods
trip with us! Theatre Centre
Part 2. Integra Tire
Heritage Co-op
Kinky Boots Award Winning Broadway Show
1-800-431-4442 April 17th Minnedosa Tribune
$169.00 in Winnipeg. Limited Seats.
204-867-5777 Gateway Motel Evening Show in WInnipeg.
May 8th Stars on Ice
Limited Seats. Be part of your Community! $99.00
Box 1500 Contact Tillie Johnson
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, February 15, 2019 3

Bombers vs. Bisons


Photo by Karen Mitchell

Continued from Page 1 were unable to get an- Bisons with one, the Best
other game goal and the of Five was scheduled to
The period’s other Bombers closed out the continue with a game in
goals were scored by Russ games with two final goals Melita last night (Thurs-
Huyghe assisted by Wy- in the third period for the day, February 14th). The
att Rapsky and Matt Saler, 9-1 win. These hometown outcome of this game was
Shane Cameron assisted goals were scored by Wy- unknown at press time
by Kelly Stinson and Ryan att Rapsky assisted by Matt Wednesday, but if the Bi-
Heino and Wyatt Rapsky Saler and Russ Huyghe as- sons won to tie the wins at
getting the teams last sec- sisted by Matt Saler and 2-2, a final game between
ond period goal with the Wyatt Rapsky. the Bombers and Bisons
assistance of Russ Huyghe, With the Bombers sit- was scheduled for tonight
Matt Saler. The Bisons ting with two wins and the at the Minnedosa Arena.

Town Introduces Outstanding

Tipping Fee Policy
By DARRYL HOLYK the outstanding invoice allowed when all appli-
has not been paid within cable expenses have been

T he Town of Minnedo-
sa has introduced a
policy to better deal with
three months, a demand
letter will be sent to the
contractor. With this letter
paid and a deposit of 50
per cent of the average of
the prior two years tip-
outstanding tipping fees of demand, another 14 day ping fees has been paid in
for contractors using Ev- period will be provided for full or a minimum of $100,
ergreen Environmental the contractor to pay the whichever is the larger. If
Technologies. outstanding balance and contractor or individual
The policy comes as if no payment is received, is a property owner in the
a result of numerous out- the Town will refuse to al- Town of Minnedosa, all
standing invoices regard- low delivery of waste ma- outstanding amounts will
ing unpaid tipping fees terials to Evergreen Envi- be added to their property
which have become time ronmental Technologies. taxes. If the contractor or
consuming for Town ad- Delivery privileges will individual does not own
ministration. The policy only be reinstated after all property in the Town of
has been developed to pro- outstanding invoices are Minnedosa, all outstand-
vide a standardized and paid in full. ing amounts will be turned
documented procedure to Also included in the over to a debt collection
better deal with this issue. policy are consequences agency, including all legal
The policy states that for repeat offenders. If fees and dumping privileg-
the Town will send month- there is a second offense es will be suspended until
ly statements to the con- within a two-year period, such time as the Town is
tractor which will be due in delivery of waste to Ev- paid in full.
14 days with added interest ergreen Environmental
to outstanding amounts. If Technologies will only be

Business Cards
We print business cards
in all styles and quantities. Colour Cards
Stop in today prices starting at
or call us 250 500 1000
for details. $45.00 $70.00 $110.00
The Minnedosa Tribune
Minnedosa, MB ● 204-867-3816
4 Friday, February 15, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Darryl a.Holyk - PublisHer anD eDitor

Around My English Teachers Would Cringe

By DARRYL HOLYK The days of learning cursive handwriting seem to have
become a thing of the past. I cannot see how this can

By Darryl Holyk
I n the newspaper industry, we are always held to task
about our writing abilities, spelling, grammar, etc.
and for good reason. From time to time we do make
be a good thing or an improvement for society.
We are living in a world where quick, instant mes-
saging through our phones is replacing the written
a slip-up and the dreaded spelling mistake or missing word. For those who are not familiar with social media
word in a sentence slip by our proofreading measures or texting, they may think that people are using some
Grand Opening… and ends up in print. I can tell you from my personal
experience – NO ONE is more horrified and embar-
strange foreign language if they happen to glance over
at such a conversation. Here are just a few common
As you will see from the ad elsewhere in today’s
edition, Minnedosa’s newest business, Boho Soul rassed about those errors than the newspaper owner. abbreviations that I am sure some of my former Eng-
Market, is opening its doors tomorrow, Saturday, Feb- When those mistakes happen, I remind myself that we lish teachers must absolutely cringe at… brb, ttyl, lol
ruary 16th. Watch for a feature story on this unique are only human, we are not perfect, we are not Eng- and wyd. Do you know what those mean? For those
business in a future edition of The Tribune. Congratu- lish scholars, we try our best and mistakes do happen. who don’t, brb is “be right back”, ttyl is “talk to you lat-
lations Magen on your new venture and welcome to While it may be a big deal at first, down the road, in the er”, lol is “laugh out loud” and wyd is “what you doing”
the downtown Minnedosa business district! long run, it’s really not going to be a life-changing in- which really should be wayd for the proper “what are
cident which is going to leave any permanent damage. you doing”. Yes, this has become our modern way of
Some of our eagle-eyed readers like to point out communicating, sad isn’t it?
Long weekend at the lake… our mistakes to us, and that is fine. I personally take Here, at the newspaper, we regularly see the non-
The first long weekend of the new year is here! it as a bit of a compliment as it shows that they are Canadian spelling of some words in submissions and
Known as Family Day in most Canadian locations reading our product very carefully. Afterall, that is the try to correct them if and when we catch them. Some
and Louis Riel Day here in Manitoba, Monday, Feb- whole point of a printed product – to be read! I do, common examples are favourite vs. favorite, colour
ruary 18th will be a holiday with schools and numer- however wonder, why such mistakes seem to be ac- vs. color or rumour vs. rumor. Both spellings are cor-
ous businesses, including The Tribune office, being ceptable online and on social media. I very seldom rect depending where you live. A few years ago, I was
closed. Of course, here in Minnedosa, the Louis Riel see anyone correcting spelling mistakes, lack of use of at an elementary school in a nearby community and
long weekend means athletic action on the lake as capital letters or punctuation, misuse of grammar and was viewing the work of young students, probably at
Skate the Lake and Rock the Lake return for two full the reporting of false information on social media. the Grade One level, posted on the wall. I was shocked
days of outdoor hockey and curling! Although we have Here are just a few examples of the poor quality of and concerned with what I saw. Each student had
suffered through some extreme cold recently, weather writing I have noticed on social media: “I will go there been given a pre-printed page that read, “My Favor-
forecasters are calling for a decent weekend for Skate too-morrow”, “I seen you at the store yesterday”, “i just ite Color is…” Here we are in a Canadian elementary
the Lake with predicted temperatures in the -16, -17 had to say good buy to my dog”, “We are starting rener- school using a printout that has the non-Canadian
range. Be sure to head out to the lake and take in a little vations on our house” and “I’m not sure which desine spelling for “favourite” and “colour” to teach our stu-
bit of the action this weekend – it only happens once I like best”. I am assuming the mistakes are obvious to dents. Our English language can be confusing enough
a year so show your support for the players and hard- our readers so I am not going to point them out. to learn without adding the insult of non-Canadian
working volunteers who do such a great job of hosting February is I Love to Read Month and this is the spelling as part of our Canadian classrooms!
this valuable fundraising weekend which has given so perfect time to promote not only reading, but writing, There are a lot of things about the future and fu-
much back to our community over the years! spelling and grammar. Did you know that there are ture generations that worry me and reading and writ-
young people right here in our own community who ing are just the tip of the iceberg! Hopefully these
are unable to read handwriting? Isn’t that frightening? taught skills, along with many others, will take a turn
Salute to hockey… I was shocked to learn from some local parents that for the better but sadly, I have my doubts. Happy I
While on the topic of hockey, The Tribune is cur- their junior high or high school aged children could Love to Read Month!
rently working on compiling our annual Salute to Local not read or write cursive handwriting – only printing.
Hockey featuring local hockey team photos. Any busi-
nesses who wish to show their support for local hockey
with a congratulations ad in this special section can con-

We Welcome Letters to the Editor

tact Heather at 204-867-3816 or adsales@minnedosatri As we are waiting for a few team pictures,
we do not have a firm date for our special hockey sec-
tion yet, but the earliest it could be out may be Friday, Letters to the Editor can be sent to or Box 930, Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
March 1st.
Views expressed in Letters to the Editor are those of the writer and
are not necesarily the views of The Tribune, its owner or staff.

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oldest weekly newspaper in the Canadian West and has
The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. does
guarantee the publication of all submitted articles and

published continuously from the same premises since photographs. These submissions, are at the discretion of the
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March of 1883.
Published Friday of each week from the premises of publisher and will appear as space permits. The Minnedosa
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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, February 15, 2019 5

Conservation Award for Popp Family


Ye O l d
A t the Manitoba Con-

servation Districts
Association Conference
held in December, the
Little Saskatchewan River
Conservation District rec-
ognized Popp Farms Ltd.
with the LSRCD Conserva-
tion Award.
John and Adele Popp
established Popp Farms 1889 – Mr. John Cameron has one cow that is yielding
Ltd. in 1998. Together with 13 pounds of butter per week. His wife is confident that
their children, Viktor and the cow will yield 21 pounds in a week, which would be
Hanna, the family has con- extraordinary at this season of the year.
tinued the farm operation
started by John’s parents in 1899 – Telephones have been put in Dr. Roche’s of-
1983. This beef operation is fice and F.A. MacDonald’s drug store. W.A. Smith’s liv-
located in the Municipality ery stable has been connected, by telephone, with the
of Clanwilliam-Erickson Minnedosa Hotel and the railway station.
within the Little Saskatch-
ewan River Watershed. The 1909 – Key and Armitage advertises Men’s coon coats
rolling landscape is used regularly priced $68 now on for $45. Ladies fur coats reg-
to grow forages and the Photo submitted ularly $65 now on for $44. Also ruffs, muffs and stoles at
bush, which is characteris- the same reductions.
tic of the boreal transition Popp Farms Ltd. – John, Adele, Viktor, Hanna
ecoregion, provides natu- 1919 – Manitoba Government Telephones is taking ru-
ral shelter for the cattle ral telephone applications.
herd. in an economical way. have been part of the farm- have shared their knowl-
The operation of the Both John and Adele ing team. They have spent edge about being land and
1959 – A stamp vending machine has been installed on
farm is the management of bring an interest in science time in the pasture doing water stewards.
the east wall of the post office. This will enable people to
the grass, feed, water, soil, to the management of the burdock control, fencing, The scenic landscape
purchase stamps after hours by inserting a quarter. Each
and the cattle. John and farm. Adele has broadened and setting-up the off-site provides the family with
stamp booklet includes five four-cent stamps and five
Adele recognize the value her knowledge of soil biol- watering system. Viktor recreational opportunities
one-cent stamps.
in knowing the land and ogy. Through the course, and Hanna have both been such as cross-country ski-
using an adaptive man- she learned how to build members of the Erickson ing and fishing.
agement philosophy. The and use compost to reju- 4-H Beef Club. The Little Saskatch- 1969 – Hoffman Construction Company of Minnedosa
results experienced on the venate the soil by adding The Popp’s have ewan River Conservation has been awarded contracts in excess of three quarter of
farm are not by accident back to the soil what it is opened up their farm and District is honoured to a million dollars. The recent contracts include an Elderly
but are a product of how missing. She has applied hosted tours for both ur- recognize Popp Farms Ltd. Persons Hotel in Deloraine and a school addition in Ha-
each resource is managed. the information learned ban and rural residents. as our 2018 Conservation miota.
John and Adele use the and set-up different com- Through these tours, they Award recipient.
mantra of think different, post mixes to make the 1979 – Voyageur Restaurant specials: stuffed roast tur-
think fresh. compost required to real- key $4.20, ham steak with pineapple ring $4.00, pork cut-
Rotational grazing is ize the desired improve- lets with brown gravy $3.95. All come with salad, soup
used in the management of ments to the soil. John’s and drink.

Drucilla’s Diner
the grass. An off-site water- expertise in economics is
ing system pumps water to employed in feed manage- 1999 - Over 100 racers were registered in the first ever
the animals. Water sources ment having determined Can-Am Sno-X snowmobile races held in Minnedosa at
are wetlands, small lakes, the cost of bale grazing as the fairgrounds. Two local racers, Jason Wark and Bryce
and a man-made pond.
The man-made pond was
compared to other meth- Starting on Buchanan competed in the event.
ods of winter feeding.
created when a small dam
was built in a waterway.
Viktor, a post-second-
ary student at the Univer-
Wednesday, February 20th
Bale grazing in the winter
distributes nutrients from
sity of Manitoba, and Han-
na, a high school student
Seniors Supper
feces and urine on the land at Erickson Collegiate,
from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
For more inquiries call
204-867-2777 ext. 101

All dogs and cats within the Town of Minnedosa
*** TOmust BE beOUTlicensed
8:00 A.M. ***
Dr. Derek Papegnies A certificate of vaccination for rabies must be
18 aNO license is issued
2014 Dog & Cat licenses are available at the
19 Office
Owners of unlicensed Dogs & Cats, Dogs & Cats
running at
WEDNESDAY, large, as well
FEBRUARY as nuisance
20 SOUTH EASTand vicious
animals are subject to GARBAGE
various penalties and
charges. A copy of animal control by-law 2478 is
129-2nd Avenue S.W., Minnedosa, MB available
FRIDAY, at the22
FEBRUARY Town Office
any person during
regular hours.
The Town of Minnedosa
6 Friday, February 15, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

National Flag Day – February 15th

By KAREN MITCHELL regarding our National position nearest the top of tered and is no longer in a
Flag include; Canada is the the flagpole), suspended suitable condition for use,

N ational Flag Day was

officially proclaimed
on February 15, 1996 by
only country with a maple
leaf on its flag and the styl-
ized maple leaf has eleven
vertically in the middle of a
street (the upper part of the
leaf should face north in an
it should be destroyed in
a dignified way. A flag is
considered to be tattered
then Prime Minister, Jean points. The flag is twice as east-west street), projected or worn when the color
Chretien. Chretien pro- long as it is wide. Red and from a building (displayed fades, it has developed
claimed, “Let us be proud white were proclaimed horizontally or at an angle a hole or the outermost
of our flag! Let us recog- Canada’s official colours from a window or balcony, seam has become frayed.
nize how privileged we in the proclamation of the the canton must point out- You can dispose of tattered
are to live in Canada, this Royal Arms of Canada in wards), affixed on a motor flags by returning it to par-
magnificent country that 1921 by King George V. vehicle(affixed firmly on a ticipating retail stores who
encompasses our history, The Canadian flag reached the flag be cloth, paper or eral government buildings, pole to the frame of the car will dispose of them, burn
our hopes and our future.” new heights in 1984 when made of some other fabric airports, as well as mili- on the front right side) and them in a dignified man-
Coming up on its 23rd it was launched into space or material should never; tary bases. The flag may on ships and boats. ner –privately without
anniversary, it is still not on the flight along with the be used as a table cloth be displayed flat against a Half-masting for ceremony or public atten-
a well-known holiday to first Canadian astronaut or seat cover, used for any surface (if hung horizon- mourning; the flag is tion being drawn to the
most. on the NASA space shuttle decoration, be used to tally the upper part of the brought to the half-mast destruction, tear into strips
At the stroke of 12 Challenger. cover a statue/monument leaf should be up and the position by first raising it with each element of the
noon on February 15th, Dignity of the Flag; the or plaque for an unveiling stern down, if hung verti- to the top of the mast then flag reduced to a single co-
1965 Canada’s now fa- flag should be displayed ceremony, have anything cally the upper part of the immediately lowering it lour so the remaining piec-
mous red and white flag only in a manner appro- pinned to or sewn onto it, leaf points to the left and slowly to the half-mast po- es do not resemble a flag,
was raised for the very first priate for this important be signed or marked in any the stem to the right from sition as a sign of mourn- place in a bag for disposal.
time. It is a flag represent- national symbol, it should way, be used as wearing the point of view of the ing. All flags that are flown
ing common values of not be subjected to dis- apparel, touch the ground observer facing the flag), together should also be
freedom, peace, respect, honor or displayed in a po- or be stepped on. on a flagpole or mast (the flown at half-mast.
justice and tolerance. sition inferior to any other Displaying the Flag; top left quarter or canton Disposal of the Flag;
Some interesting facts flag or ensign. Whether the flag is flown at all fed- should be placed in the when a flag becomes tat-

Waves of Hope Fashion Show to Return in April

SUBMITTED activity to gain strength. day, April 24th. Once team member.)  For more cial year because Waves plus help in many ways. 
Waves of Hope provides again, there will be an af- information visit our web- of Hope is celebrating it’s Together members dem-

W aves of Hope is one

of many breast can-
cer teams from around the
outreach, information,
hope and support to wom-
en and men in Western
ternoon and an evening
show. Waves of Hope team
members and volunteers
or visit us on Facebook. 
Watch for newspaper com-
20th Anniversary.
Proceeds from the
Fashion Show help Waves
onstrate the health and
fitness benefits plus sup-
port for one another. The
world, whose collective Manitoba, after diagnosis. will be modeling fashions ing events, advertisements of Hope members provide season begins in April
mission is to raise aware- The group will hold its from various stores.  Ad- and posters for more de- outreach plus take care of with dryland training in
ness for early detection of 17th Annual Fashion Show vance tickets are available tails regarding the fashion our dragon boat expenses- Brandon.  Once the ice is
breast cancer and promote in Brandon on Wednes- from any Waves of Hope show.  transport, maintenance/ off Minnedosa Lake, the
Waves of Hope team storage and equipment.  team can launch their be-
members travel from Bal- Dragon boating is a loved boat “Kindred Spirit”
dur, Brandon, Dauphin, great form of exercise for for the season. Come N
Erickson, Ethelbert, For- the upper body.  Waves of Try sessions are offered to
Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District rest, Minnedosa, Neepa- Hope team consists of 20 anyone interested.  Watch
wa, Nesbitt, Onanole, San- plus paddlers, steers per- for Come N Try contact


dy Lake, and Shoal Lake to son, drummer and sup- number, once the season
paddle.  port members on shore begins.
2019 is a very spe- who paddle when needed
We are currently accepting orders for trees:
• To develop a new shelterbelt for acreages and farm yards; OR
• To replace trees in an existing shelterbelt
• Small quantities for hand planting (no specialty trees) Subscribe to The Minnedosa Tribune
Trees will be ordered from nurseries offering trees hardy to our climate, at
a COST. Call us today for pricing and tree species available. Most trees are
bare root stock no bigger than 24”. Tree order applications for 2019 are MINNEDOSA, MB R0J 1E0 PHONE 204-867-3816
available at our office/website and must be filled out and submitted by
February 22nd, 2019. Local Trading Area: $43.11 NAME:
(Minnedosa, Bethany, Clanwilliam,
The LSRCD makes planting shelterbelts eaSy! The District will: Erickson, Onanole, Sandy Lake, Lake
• Assist with design. Audy, Olha, Vista, Elphinstone,
Newdale, Rapid City, Franklin,
• Order trees through a nursery.
Mountain Road and Neepawa)
• Provide and maneuver tree planter.
Other Manitoba
• Apply plastic mulch. (Mulch reduces tree maintenance)
locations: $50.31
Planting Fee:
Other Canadian
locations: $56.01
Flat rate - Minimum charge of $250.00 per mile
Biodegradable and Compostable Mulch- $315.00 per 610m roll PROVINCE:
Online subscriptions $35.00
To Contact: Toll Free-1-866-820-1512 or 204-566-2270 POSTAL CODE:
or email: 48-2
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, February 15, 2019 7

Canola Excellence Newdale News

Award for By Raven’s Glen WI in April. They were Shirley
Pederson and Eileen Brad-
We send our con-
dolences to Elva (Revill)
David Sleep of Minnedo-
sa who has spent time in

O ur community would ley and Linda Baker and Kopnitsky and her family Brandon and Minnedosa

Cindy Grant like to welcome Lori

Hall of Strathclair as our
new Postmistress, tak-
ing over from Kerrie Dyck
Ida Bradley. Well done la-
dies and everyone enjoyed
the food!
The Harrison Park
of Brandon on the pass-
ing of her husband Alan
on January 30th. He leaves
to mourn his wife, their
Hospitals recently. We
all hope you’re able to be
home soon David enjoy-
ing some warm spring like
who has filled the position “Age Friendly Initiative” children son Richard and weather!
since the untimely passing Committee met February daughters Julie, Avett and Many from our area
of our Postmistress, Doro- 11th at the Newdale Drop- Traci and their families. braved the cold tempera-
thy Levich. Make sure you In, for their first meeting Elva and her family lived tures to attend the Provin-
drop in and let Lori put a of 2019. Discussions fol- in Newdale where she took cial Men’s Curling Playoffs
face to those “box num- lowed on the different her schooling. Her father in Virden all last week. Did
bers”! events they will be hosting Herb worked for Dayton’s your team win? We can all
Ten members from the over the coming months, Garage in the early 50s. cheer for Reid Carruthers
Early Bird club travelled to so look for upcoming post- Their daughter, Julie, is with Mike McEwen skip-
Hamiota last week to com- ers. If you have any new married to Larry Tokaryk ping when we see that
pete in the Regional Whist ideas they are always glad whose family resided in buffalo on their backs in
Playoffs. Two couples to hear from interested Strathclair for several Brandon! Make sure you
made it to the top ten and members of the munici- years. take in a game or two at the
they’ll attend the North/ pality on how our commu- We would like to send Keystone.
South Playoffs in Hamiota nities can be improved. our very best wishes to

Local Talent on ACC Cougars Hockey Team

College Cougars Womens leads by example on the rolled in Business Admin-
team. The team is part of ice, at both games and istration at ACC.
the American Collegiate practices, always asking The team is currently
Hockey Associaiton. how to improve her game. in second place overall
“Playing for the Gou- Rachel is an all-around and Rachel has five goals
gars has been such a great great person and team and nine assists under her
opportunity for me to con- mate.” Bertone adds jok- belt.
Photo submitted tinue playing hockey after ingly, “The coaching staff The teams next game
high school,” said Rachel. and Rachel share a love of is Saturday, February 23rd
SUBMITTED “The girls are like a second the Toronto Maple Leafs, when they travel to North
family to me and I can’t which is one reason we get Dakota to take on Minot

M anitoba Canola Growers Association has recog-

nized Dr. Cynthia (Cindy) Grant with the 2019
Canola Award of Excellence at the CropConnect Banquet
wait to play for a national
championship in Dallas
next month with them.
along so well.”
Rachel is currently en-
State University.

in Winnipeg for her research in soil fertility and crop nu- We’ve had a great season
trition. Photo submitted so far and I couldn’t imag-
“It is a real honour to receive the Canola Award of ine playing with anyone The Minnedosa Performing Arts
Excellence,” says Dr. Grant. “Canola is one of the major By KAREN MITCHELL else.” Expressions Concert Series Presents
crops for Manitoba and for the prairies, and it’s always Head coach, Tony
been close to my heart because it was developed at the
University of Manitoba and with Agriculture Canada and
Agri-Food Canada. Most of the work that I did through
R achel Taylor Charles,
the daughter of Myr-
na Alexander and Gary
Bertone, sums up Rachel’s
success as, “Rachel is very
competitive and driven
the years has had a canola component because it is such Charles is in her third year and competes hard every
an important crop in the rotation.” playing hockey with the shift. Rachel, plays power
Before retiring in 2015, Dr. Grant was Senior Research Assiniboine Community play and penalty kill. She The Minnedosa Performing Arts Expressions Concert Series
Scientist in Soil Fertility Management at Agriculture and
Agri-Food Canada Brandon Research and Development
Centre. Dr. Grant and her research teams over the years
focused on nutrient management for sustainable crop
Quinton Blair
Friday, October 7th, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.
production. Their research looked at topics such as how Minnedosa Community Conference Centre
to manage sulphur for canola production in no-till com- Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
pared to conventional till; how side-banded nitrogen Advance tickets available at the Library.
affects canola stand density, yield, maturity, number of Adults $20 (Students accompanied by an adult free)
green kernels and chlorophyll content; and how nutrient Students (13-18) $10
management influences the fatty acid profile of canola. Web site:
“Dr. Grant is a world-renowned soil fertility and crop
nutrition researcher who is highly respected by industry,
Wine and beer available
farmers, and public agencies, alike,” says Don Flaten, for purchase
Professor, Dept. of Soil Science, University of Manitoba. (must be 18 years or older).
“She’s made huge contributions to the development of PleaseMonday,
drink February 18th, 2019
All proceeds to go to
nutrient management for canola growers in Canada, so I at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 7:00
Minnedosa p.m.
Arts Committee
am delighted to see her being recognized with the Canola Minnedosa Community
Award of Excellence.”
Conference Centre
The Canola Award of Excellence is presented annu-
ally and recognizes the accomplishments of individu- Tickets available at the Door.
als and organizations for contributions to the sustained Adults $20
growth and prosperity of Manitoba’s canola industry. The Students under 18 Free if accompanied
award was first presented in 2008 to Dr. Baldur Stefans-
son for his work in creating a new edible oil seed which February 18th by an adult or $10
With much appreciation to our sponsors:

2:30 p.m.
we know today as canola.
8 Friday, February 15, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Nicholls Continues Disaster Relief Work

By KAREN MITCHELL do,” explained Nicholls.  In Female volunteers had and prepared to meet at
April of 2018, he also spent sleeping quarters in the our team’s vehicles by 7:45. 

M innedosa resident,
Brian Nicholls, re-
cently returned home from
a week in Pearland, Texas
to clean-up after Hurri-
cane Harvey.
Sunday School rooms in-
side the local Church and
the male volunteers slept
Our team leaders had U-
hauls full of all the tools
we would need for the day,
his second trip in a year to Flying out of Winni- outside in Alaskan tents and each team packed
assist with hurricane relief. peg and landing in Pana- that held a dozen people into a van for transporta-
On January 13th, ma City, Florida,  Nicholls per tent. Meals and gath- tion to the work site.  After
Nicholls went on a Samari- spent a total of 12 days in erings were held in a large working all day, we were
tan’s Purse Disaster Re- and around Wewahitchka, hall inside the church. brought back to shower
lief mission to the Florida Florida. “A member of the Air mattresses were pro- and get ready for supper at
Panhandle area that was Canadian team of Samari- vided, however volunteers 6:30 p.m.  Supper was fol-
devastated by Hurricane tan’s Purse picked me up needed to bring their own lowed by sharing the day’s
Michael. “It was an op- at the airport and we drove sleeping bags.  experiences and often a
portunity for me to help approximately 40 miles to “It was very well orga- quick retirement to bed
people who where in need the base camp at the First nized and a tight schedule by 9:00 with lights out by
where I felt that I could Baptist Church in Wewa- was followed each day,” 10:00. I was usually asleep
contribute.  We see hor- hitchka, which is located explained Nicholls. “We shortly after my head hit
rific images of natural di- about 30 miles inland from got up between 5:00 and the pillow!  That routine
sasters on television, but the Gulf of Mexico,”  said 6:00 a.m., had breakfast at was repeated daily, but the
often there is little we can Brian. 6:30, packed a bag lunch jobs were not necessarily
To qualify for assis-
tance from Samaritan’s
19023CC1 Purse, families were re-
quired to phone in to ex-
plain their situation.  A
team would then visit their
Photo submitted
property to assess the dam-
age and determine what sessions were under tarps “Missions like this
could be done.  Arrange- in the yard.  Our crew went teach you many things,”
ments were made with the into the house and tore out said Nicholls. “You soon
homeowners before teams the flooring and the ceil- learn the amazing power
were sent out to work. ings and stripped the walls of nature; the damage is
While being based in down to the studs.  This extensive and almost un-
Wewahitchka, volunteers exposed everything and believable if you couldn’t
travelled to different lo- before leaving, everything see it with your own eyes. 
cations each day to help was sprayed to kill the You also learn of the re-
families that needed assis- mold.  We also tarped her silience of people.  Many
tance.  “We spent two-and- garage, and transferred her people lost almost every-
a-half days in Port St. Joe belongings that were out- thing that they owned, and
on the shores of the Gulf side into the garage.” yet they persevered.  You
of Mexico helping a hom- The majority of Brian’s develop a faith in people
eowner who needed her trip was spent within a who literally left their lives
home sprayed for mold be- 15-mile radius of Wewa- solely to help others who
fore she could take the next hitchka helping people by are worse off than them. 
step of rebuilding.  This removing trees, branches, We met one man and his
was called a mud-out or a and debris from proper- son who had lost both their
tear-out,” said Nicholls.  “ ties.  Also cutting down house and their business,
The mud-out had been trees and using pole-saws but they spent all of their
done by a different crew to cut off branches too high time helping others; it was
probably shortly after the for chainsaws to reach and quite amazing!”
hurricane had hit as most then hauling all debris to
of the homeowner’s pos- curbs for pick up. 

Photo submitted
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, February 15, 2019 9

Paint Night in Support of Local Bowlers


F our Minnedosa youth bowlers are in the midst of

fundraising to attend the Nationals Tournament in
Ottawa on March 27th. The five-day tournament will
have the participants bowling against teams from all
across Canada. The local bowlers include Justine Hay-
wood, Curtis Madden, Kody Calen and Kadence Mad-
den. Debbie Tarn of Minnedosa Bowling Alley, will travel
with the team as their coach and two other bowlers will
accompany them from Killarney and Carberry.
Each bowler is responsible for raising their own ex-
penses of approximately $800, which is why the four lo-
cal youth are busy fundraising. Last Friday, February 8th,
48 people gathered in the Masonic Hall to take part in a
paint class hosted by Shane Robbins of Onanole. The fi-
nal fundraiser for the team, a pancake breakfast, will take
place on March 17th at the Minnedosa Curling Complex.
While travelling and attending the tournament, the
teams are expected to wear team apparel at all times.
Minnedosa Bowling Alley has sponsored team shirts and
United Steel Workers has sponsored the team jackets,
therefore the youth will be decked out in their black and
yellow threads looking very sharp. Photo by Karen Mitchell
The prizes at the National Tournament are for school
scholarships. The Minnedosa Youth are hopeful and ex- Close to 50 people took part in a paint night fundrasier in support of local
cited for their journey and hope to come home with some youth bowlers who are fundraising to attend Nationals in Ottawa next month.
monetary prizes to assist with their future education.

Minnedosa Legion Ladies Auxiliary Notes

SUBMITTED Taylor to be installed as Air Training Plan Museum donations were reviewed Soup Kitchen Inc. in Sel- A further discussion
treasurer for the auxiliary. and Lung Association. A from Rolling River Festival kirk in memory of Lorrie was held on the possible

T he Royal Canadian
Legion Auxiliary #138
met for its regular meeting
and thanks for recent
donations have been re-
thank you from St. James
Anglican Church in Sol-
sgirth was also received
of the Arts and KidSport
Manitoba and it was de-
cided to donate to both.
Laming’s sister, Sally.
In committee reports,
it was indicated that ten
event to be held to cel-
ebrate the auxiliary’s 80th
anniversary this year.
on February 4th. ceived from the Alzheim- for the donation made in It was also decided to members attended and
President Lorrie Lam- er’s Society, Foundation memory of Don Hamilton. make a memorial dona- served as Honour Guard at
ing called forward Carol for the Commonwealth Letters requesting tion to Our Daily Bread Karen Warks funeral.


With Child Without Alcohol

10 Friday, February 15, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Mustangs Soccer Cadurcis News Bridge Club

By Doreen TroTT
February 7th

A number from Cadurcis and former residents attend-

ed the funeral on Saturday for the late Stanley Firby.
Our sincere sympathy to Zelda on the loss of a husband
1st - Lois Phillips/
Bob Manns
and to Marlin, Mark, Marla and Melanie and their fami- 2nd - Albert Parsons/
lies on the loss of a father and grandfather. John Cullen
A baby shower was held on February 3rd in Minnedo- 3rd – (tie) Boyd Grant/
sa for wee Elizabeth Rose. It is a matter of note that three Doug Thiesen
of the baby’s great grandmothers were present. They were and Evelyn Neufeld/
Shirley Rose, Connie Sandstrom and Brenda Madill. Wilf Taylor
A number attended the pie social in honour of the
library in Rapid City.

Running on
Seniors Bowling League Empty?
Print jobs may take up to
SUBMITTeD 2-3 weeks to complete.
Fill up before you’re out!

Photo submitted
B owlers of the week for February 12th were Hazel
Stonehouse +61 and Wray Douglas +84.
Other good games were Gladys Murray 194, Lynette
Minnedosa Tribune
Johnson 153, Garry MacDowall 171, Dan Motuz 204,
By KAREN MITCHELL Debbie Tarn 209, Hazel Stonehouse 154, 162, Wray Doug-
las 250, 204, Alan Tarn 225, 195, Betty Ann Bertran 220,

O n the weekend of January 25th to 27th Minnedosa Mustangs girls junior and senior
soccer teams travelled to Regina, SK to attend the Regina Winter Fest.
The junior girls, pictured above, tied Regina 1-1 in their third game of the tourna-
Doug Pettigrew 310, Ray Criddle 230, Vivian Penner 172,
Reinhardt Penner 170.

ment, securing third place overall. The senior girls defeated Yorkton 1-0 in their fourth
game of the tournament also bringing home third place.
The teams next tournament is in Winnipeg this weekend, February 15th to 18th.
Good luck this weekend ladies!
Happy Louis Riel Day!


Post-it Surge The Minnedosa

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Adhesive 3 outlets and
Since 1883
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12 Friday, February 15, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune


Walking? Land For Sale by Tender THE TOWN OF MINNEDOSA &
Restrictions in daily Section NE 32-15-17 - 150 Acres
activities? Section SE 34-15-17 - 150 Acres Applications are invited for the position of a Community Emergency Measures Coordinator to serve the
Section SE 3-16-17 - 150 Acres Town of Minnedosa and the R.M. of Minto-Odanah.
Tax Credit
This part time appointed position requires the following general requirements:
refund cheque/ Terms and conditions of tender 1. A valid Manitoba Driver’s License (Class 5) and a vehicle
• Interested parties must rely on own inspetion of the 2. Ability to work flexible and extended hours as work dictates during a time of emergency
Disability Tax
Credit. property 3. Ability to deal with difficult situations under pressure
204-453-5372 • All tenders must be delivered to Box 1651 Minnedosa, 4. Ability to coordinate resources
Manitoba R0J 1E0 by March 15th, 2019 5. Ability to exercise effective leadership and sound judgment during crises situations
• Payment and possession date April 1st, 2019 6. Leadership, organizational and inter-personal skills
LOANS/FINANCIAL 7. Emergency preparedness training and/or be able to pursue additional and ongoing training
• Highest tender not necessarily excepted. (15-4) as directed
8. Microsoft Office Computer skills
The Emergency Coordinator will be responsible for the maintenance of the Emergency Plan which
Cash? includes updating the plan, response plans, resource acquisitions, education, training and exercising
• We Loan
• Easy application the plan. The incumbent will be responsible for assisting the Municipal Elected Officials in the
• Approval with implementation of their emergency plan in response to emergencies with the advice and assistance of
collateral municipal, provincial and federal resources.
• Title Loans Town of Minnedosa
• No Credit Check Interested applicants are asked to submit their resumes, with 3 references; clearly marked “EMERGENCY
• Keep driving The Town of Minnedosa is accepting tenders for:
COORDINATOR” by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 to:
your vehicle
RFQ 2019-01
Call Dan Devloo Cindy Marzoff, CAO Aaren Robertson, CAO
Pavilion Deck Town of Minnedosa RM of Minto-Odanah
(204) 526-7093
CAI Financial General information: Box 426 Box 1197
Unit K - 2151 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg MB • Removal of existing 4ft x 50ft x 6in thick concrete deck 103 Main St. South 49 Main St. South • Concrete rubble to be placed in pavilion parking lot for Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
removal by the Town of Minnedosa. Email: Email:
EMPLOYMENT • Removal and salvage of existing metal railing (48-2)
• Construction of wood deck as per engineered plans Opportunities at Elkhorn Resort
Dream Job! Live in care- • Removal of two existing stairs
Located near Riding Mountain National Park, Elkhorn Resort Spa & Conference Centre is a great place to nurture your career! We’ve got
giver/housekeeper. Summers • Modify and install salvage railing to new deck, to include a fantastic team environment, competitive wages, offer great benefits, staff discount and room to grow. Come and reach your potential
in Winnipeg and winters in painting with us! We currently have openings in the positions of:
the tropics. Call 204-997-4629.
• Construct and install metal railing to fill openings left by HOUSEKEEPER LINE COOK
stair removal
HELP WANTED • Removal of bleachers attached to wood structure
Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
• Dust furniture and vacuum carpeting
Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
• Station set up where s/he will be responsible for preparing
• Make beds, change linen, and distribute clean towels and their station before the start of each service
• Supply, stain and Install wood railings onto opening left toiletries • Make sure that all supplies needed are available and ready
As of busy schedule,
we are looking for full time
by bleacher removal. • Pick up debris and empty trash containers for use
• Replenish room amenities supplies • During meal service s/he will be responsible for preparing
reception at our dental of- All measurements are approximate to be verified by the • Report and store lost and found items items requested from his/her station in a timely fashion
fice in Erickson. Full training • Clean public areas as required (such as hallways) • Work in cooperation with the other cooks in the kitchen
will be provided. Very good
contractor • Ensure furniture in the rooms is properly placed • After service, will be in charge of cleaning their station,
• Stock linen closet and supplies area cooking surfaces, etc.
wages. Kindly send resume Completion date May 17, 2019 • Other duties as assigned by Supervisor
to, Qualifications:
Copy of the deck drawing and tender packages available Qualifications: • Possess good health and physical condition or call
204-963-8865. (49-4) x for pick up at the Town Office or by emailing kmoyer@ • Possess good health and physical condition • Neat and clean in appearance and work habits
• Neat and clean in appearance and work habits • Ability to communicate with co-workers • Ability to communicate with guests • Ability to accept direction
Any enquiry concerning the content of this Request for • Ability to accept direction • Ability to work with minimal supervision
• Ability to work with minimal supervision • Ability to work in a high pressure, fast paced environment
Quotation should be directed to Kevin Marcino at 204-867- • Ability to work within a team environment • Ability to work within a team environment
0037. • Is organized and can manage time well
Sealed Tenders marked “PAVILION DECK” will be accepted at Minimum 3 years experience working in a 4 or 5 star hotel or Experience:
cruise ship. Must have kitchen experience in a busy hotel, fine dining or busy
the Town of Minnedosa’s Civic Centre, 103 Main Street South, chain restaurants. A Food Safety Certificate is required.
Box 426 Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 until 4:30 p.m. on Friday,
March 1, 2019. Starting wage for these positions is $14/hour. Affordable staff housing is available, if needed. Interested
Fax: (204) 867-2686 Email: applicants can send their resume to Please indicate the position you are
applying for.
Any or all of the quotations may not be necessarily #3 Mooswa Drive East, Onanole, Manitoba |
accepted. (49-2)
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, February 15, 2019 13


From White Leather
March 21st, 1934 –
Minnedosa Chamber of Commerce is looking to hire a February 4th, 2019
Chamber Coordinator. This person should have strong
computer and social media skills as well as strong Stanley Donald Firby, Dear Reena, ing powder and water. Make
passed away peacefully at the A friend has given me a paste and gently scrub.
communication and organizational skills. The successful age of 84, at the Minnedosa Per- a bottle of vanilla which she Wipe with water, or if the
candidate should be self-motivated and self directed and sonal Care Home with family by bought in Mexico; it’s much spill is new, sprinkle the wet
shall have passion for Minnedosa and surrounding area. his side. stronger than the product we area with salt or a little white
Stan was born in Minne- normally buy in our grocery wine to absorb the color. Do
The Chamber Coordinator shall be responsible for the dosa to Norman and Mary store. Is there a secret to di- not use hydrogen peroxide as
following: Firby. He attended Crocus Hill luting or toning down the es- some sources advise, this may
and Cameron schools. Following sence beyond merely using permanently discolour the
• Attending regularly scheduled Chamber meetings school in 1953, Stan completed a less of it? Noreen leather. Sunlight bar soap is
• Acting as a Membership liason diesel and auto mechanics course another great option although
• Assisting to plan and execute various Chamber events in Edmonton. He returned to Minnedosa Hi Noreen, it is becoming increasing dif-
and drove the fuel truck for the Minnedosa Consumers Co-op This is a great question! I ficult to find.
throughout the year until he began farming full time with his father. In 1956, Stan really enjoy using real vanilla
The hours will be flexible, averaging 4 hours per week. rented the Evans Farm in the Fairmount District, a property he as opposed to vanilla extract. Dear Reena,
later purchased. Let’s begin with proper stor- I read your tips about
Resumes can be submitted or a full job description Stan married Zelda Sillen on March 14th, 1964 and togeth- age, vanilla doesn’t typically removing watermarks on
er they raised four children, Marlin, Mark, Marla and Melanie, “go bad” but if stored in a wood furniture, and they
requested by emailing
along with cattle and grain at their home at NW-11-16-19. The warm place it will deteriorate really work. Here is another
Applications shall close on Thursday, February 21st. farm was named “Fairmount Farms” and Stan took great pride and lose flavour. Refrigera- suggestion: Heat the water-
in farming with his sons until he changed his title to “Gopher” tion is not recommended, but mark using a hairdryer on the
Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. in 1998. if it’s a choice between a hot HIGH setting. Hold the hair-
Stan served his community as a member of the Basswood storage area and refrigerator, dryer in place, and watch the
Pool Elevator board and drove the community snowplow. Stan opt for the fridge! Pure vanilla mark disappear!
CARD OF THANKS IN MEMORIAM was also a member of the Minnedosa Covenant Church. He al-
ways enjoyed curling, first as a player and later as an avid fol-
extract is made by “percolat-
ing” chopped vanilla beans Tips That Really Stink
lower on tv. One of his favourite curling moments was partici- with ethyl alcohol and water. Chopped or sliced on-
A HUGE THANK YOU to pating in a men’s bonspiel in Calgary in 1963 with Jack Burgess. In order to lessen the vanilla ions can be stored in a sealed
all the Musicians/Singers, Although not a world traveller, Stan always liked to drive. He flavour, your best bet is to re- container in your refrigerator
Choirs, Clergy members, and Zelda enjoyed trips to visit with friends and family in West- duce the amount of vanilla for up to seven days.
Handi-Van people, Pet Ther- ern Canada and the United States. just as you suggested. An-
apy folks, BINGO helpers, Stan and Zelda lived on the farm until April 2015, at which other option is to add water to Regarding tearing up
Social Club aka “Care Home time they moved into Minnedosa. After a recent illness and the bottle as this will lower the while slicing onions, I peel
Groupies”, 50+ Centre gang, struggle with Alzheimers, the family rests secure in the know- concentration by lessening onions before I slice them,
the Legion and members and ledge that their husband Dad, and Poppa is in Heaven. the flavour strength. and then place the onion in
ALL other volunteers for all Stan will be forever remembered and loved by his wife the freezer for 30 minutes. The
your help and assistance as Zelda of almost 55 years; son Marlin; son Mark and wife Sylvia Dear Reena, cold slows the conversion of
we enjoy your company, tal- and their children Danika (Matt), Ryan and Jordyn; daughter You’re the only one I can the sulfoxides which is what
ents and hospitality both here In Loving Memory of Marla and husband Mike Pearce and their children Kirsten and think of who might be able to makes your eyes sting. Sub-
at the Care Home and around EVAN MICHAEL Colton; and daughter Melanie and husband Reg Simms and answer this query. Is it pos- mitted by Lucille
town.  Everywhere we go, we WARWARUK their children Joey and Abi. He is also survived by his sister sible to remove name labels
feel like celebrities and every- February 21st – 25th, 2014 Jean, her husband Paul Curtis and their children Jennifer and that institutions like personal The best way to store
one is so kind and helpful.  Sarah and their families; sister-in-law Margaret and her hus- care homes, iron on or glue on garlic is in an open basket for
The time that you give to us It broke our hearts band Ron Sweet and their children Tim and Carol and their the back of residents’ cloth- air circulation at room tem-
all year round is so very much to lose you, families; and brother-in-law Marvin Sillen and his wife Grace. ing?  Glen perature. Don’t remove the
appreciated by the Residents But you did not go alone, He will also be missed by many cousins and friends. He was papery outsides until just be-
and the Activity Gals. Best A part of us went with you, predeceased by his parents Norman and Mary and his parents- Dear Glen, fore use, as it protects the gar-
wishes for 2019 and we will The day God in-law Fred and Helen Sillen. Have you tried lifting a lic. Submitted by Lucille
be seeing you around.  Lori called you home. The funeral service was held Saturday, February 9th at corner and heating it with a
Birch – PCH Activity Super- A million times we’ve the Minnedosa Covenant Church. Internment was at the Fair- hairdryer? Often this is all that Don’t store potatoes
visor. thought of you, mount Cemetery. In lieu of flowers donations may be made is required to soften the glue, and onions near each other,
A million times we’ve cried, to the Minnedosa Covenant Church Piano Fund, the Manitoba allowing the label to peel off. as gases from the onions can
Thank you to Dr. Gup- If loving could Alzheimers Society or a charity of your choice. White’s Funeral Other options are: Goo Gone, hasten sprouting in potatoes.
ta, nurses and all staff at have saved you, Home was in care of the arrangements. WD-40 or rubbing alcohol. Submitted by Roy
Minnedosa District Hospital You would never have died.
for the wonderful care I re- Dear Reena, I find that roasting gar-
ceived while a patient there. Love Mommy, Daddy I spilt some red wine lic turns it into a spreadable
Also thank you to family and and sister Emily on my white leather kitchen paste; this tastes great on
friends for flowers, acts of xoxoxox chair I wiped it immediately, toasted bread. Submitted by
kindness, cards, phone calls but it is stained in the grain Lucille
and visits. It was all very much of the leather, and the seams.
appreciated and meant a lot. Please help me. Trista Remove the smell of gar-
Sincerely, Wendy Spraggs. x PROPERTIES FOR SALE lic and onion from fingers,
Dear Trista, take the knife you were cut-
The faster you work the ting with and hold it under
ADVERTISING: Ph: 204-867-4657 better. Blot the area using a running water. Submitted by
THE BUILDING Prairie Mountain
Independently Owned Gwen Usick Fax: 204-867-2150 white cloth, dish soap, bak- Jana
BLOCKS TO and Operated Broker Realtor
It’s not a thing
of the past!
This immaculate open concept Immaculate 2 bedroom 1 1/2
MINNEDOSA MINNEDOSA 3 bedroom 2 bath home has bath home located on 15 1/2 If you are reading this ad
Well maintained 2 + 1 Well maintained 2+1 bedroom been extensively renovated town lots features solid oak
bedroom, 1 bath bungalow 1 bath bungalow features from head to toe & features kitchen cabinets, vinyl & wood
with newer attached garage central air, updated windows updated kitchen, furnace, 1/2” floors, air exchanger, wall A/C/ we have just proven that
and features wall AC, solid on main floor, vinyl siding, laminate flooring, soft close heat unit, 2 decks, sunroom
Let them know you are wood kitchen cabinets, pantry, mirror closet doors & closet addition, shingles 2017, Most newspaper advertising
shingles 2013, front step 2017, windows 2009, siding 2013, 2
out there with an ad in updated windows, deep cold storage, HWT 2013 and organizers, sky light in main
tub, closet organizers, tons bath, mostly LED lighting, sheds, garden, 1 single garage,
of storage, shingles 2016.
walk in shower. 2 decks and
attached single car garage,
1 double insulated garage with still works!

The Minnedosa
Deck, garden shed, patio & storage shed on the open lot. in floor heat & 1 attached
deck, shingles, windows & carport.
vegetable garden.
MLS #1830776 $154,900 more…
The Minnedosa Tribune
Since 1883

MLS #1830389 $159,000 MLS #1830171 $215,900 MLS #1803853 $282,700

Take a tour on or our website www.remax-prairie
14 Friday, February 15, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune


“Living in your
Proud Supporter Rick Taylor 867-7551 CONSTRUCTION

BIRCH Parish Backhoe
GENERAL ●Septic Systems ●Weeping tiles
CONTRACTORS ●Water Systems ●Basements
• Specializing in water & sewer
Commercial ●All types of excavation●
NEW LISTING installation & repair Residential Certified in waste
• All types of excavation
230 - 6TH AVE. S.W.
307 - 2ND ST. S.E.
• Basements, Demolition
• Snow removal
867-0400 water management
• Gravel, Topsoil 0r Call: Ian
- 1,400 sq. ft. 4 level split - 680 sq. ft. 2 bd bungalow - 1,040 sq. ft. bungalow with • Sales of septic tanks

- 4 bedrooms, 3 baths - Some newer windows and

3 bedrooms
Kirk 867-0180 867-7506 874-2134 or 867-0383
shingles - Updated windows and
- Single detached garage
Bryon Gaiser HWM
$259,900 MLS #1902831 - Just needs a litlle TLC
- Low taxes, quiet street,
$79,900 MLS #1830100
Truck & Skid
nice yard
$99,900 MLS#1902216
Steer Service
Competitive Rates
296 - 4TH ST. N.E.
- 1,300 sq. ft. 4 level split - 1,100 sq. ft. bungalow with - 1/4 section south of Erickson
- 4 bedrooms, 3 baths
fully finished basement
-3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms - 1,500 sq. ft. home built in C. BURTON ELECTRICAL EAVESTROUGH
Enterprises Ltd.
- Double detached garage -Double attached garage and
$289,900 MLS #1902825 1.65 acres - Numerous, quality buildings
$669,900 MLS #1901111 Air Conditioning,
$224,500 MLS # 1814652 Heating & Electrical BILL HOPKINS
Considering listing your Property? 30 Years 204-867-0260 5” AND 6” continuous
Call me today for great service at great rates!
Ex perience!!
Siding Roofing
Bus : 867-3950 Soffit Fascia


Glen Burgess
Closed cell Polyurethane Spray foam
Blow in Attic & Wall Fibre Insulation
Fire Retardent Coating

PRAIRIE REDI-MIX Electrician 204-867-3738

Minnedosa - 867-3853
R eady Mix Conc rete 204-868-5211 Email:
Concrete forms, Rebar, Wire Mesh,
George Allard, FCGA* Weeping Tile, Concrete Sealer, Snap Ties
Gateway Street All at Competitive
Jon Kowal
Onanole, MB Open prices
8:00 - 4:00
Howard Wirch, C.G.A*
9-515 4th Ave.
Suite A 867-0145 Custom
Shoal Lake, MB 110 Main Street South Fertilizer Minnedosa
204-759-2680 Minnedosa
Floating Credit Union
Dauphin Office - 204 867-5550 Call today to book your
15 1st Ave. S.W. ● Roofing ● Decks
Phone: 204-638-3005
● Fencing ● Exterior ● Finishing spring floating needs!
● Renovations ● Repairs
Fax: 204-638-5817
Darvin - 204-868-5869 Main line
*Denotes Professional Corporation AUTO
Robert - 204-867-7113 204-867-6350
204-868-5980 or 204-867-5544 Fairmount Solar and Electrics Brad Ross
For All Your Electrical Needs 204-867-6366
MÊ GijsbersÊ
204-874-2360 Terry McLenehan
Susan Glasgow
Chartered Professional BACKHOE & TRUCKING
Accountant Inc.
● AC
MinnedosaÊ Debbie Strelczik
Ê 213ÊÊ 2ndÊ StÊ NEÊ Ê -Ê Ê BoxÊ 385Ê Ê 204-867-6360
T:Ê 867-3884Ê Ê Ê C:Ê 867-0190Ê Electrical Inc. (48-4)
Dan Quesnel
Email:Ê Ê Catharine@mts.netÊ
M&M ●Electrical
GRAIN 204-867-6359
Donna Dowsett
AUTO BODY Contracting HAULING 204-867-6361
BDO Canada LLP All Auto Body Repairs Ph: 867-3238
Candice Brown
Chartered 204-867-6362
Professional Accountants Ph: 867-2083 Cell: 868-5741
Brian Horner Alayna McTavish
Farm, Business & Individual 5 Main St. North 204-867-6354
Grain & Fertilizer Kim Butler
Professinal Services: Hauling 204-867-6352
- Tax
- Accounting Book this spot Book this spot Joanne Clarke

- Farm Programs $5.52/week $5.52/week Gaylene Johnson

Don Simpson, CPA, CA Call 204-867 3816
Call 204-867 3816 Fax
39 Main Street South, Minnedosa
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, February 15, 2019 15


WAHOSKI G ORD K E L LY Lakeside St. Alphonsus
Septic Service
Drivers Licenses, Autopac MECHANICAL LTD. Plumbing & Heating Catholic Church
General Insurance Gas Fitting 142
142 4th
4th St, NW.
St, NW. • Lawn Mowing & Trimming
PLUMBING Potable water Minnedosa,MB
MB 867-3831
Cheri McTavish – Broker ph: 867-2084 Minnedosa, 867-3831 • Dandelion Spraying -
867-3946 HEATING cell: 867-0346 delivery. Licensed Pesticide Applicator
Mass Sunday 9:00 a.m.
Book your portable • Fertilizer Application
GAS FITTING toilets. • Licensed Arborist Service
LEGAL AIR CONDITIONING SELF-HELP Erle Jury & Family • Hedge Trimming
• Yard Clean Up
204-867-3121 867-2416
Alexander or A.D.A.M. Cory Johnston ▪ Minnedosa
204-476-5185 Cell: 867-7558
Jackson Anxiety Disorders People Helping People (204)Ê 476-4705Ê
Law Office - Committed to Caring -
B-116 MainSt.St
of Manitoba RAINKE'S
RAINKIES Phone (204) 857-6100
Minnedosa, MB Support Group Sewage Service Fax (204) 857-8389 Prairie Mountain HVAC/R
867-3981 Plumbing & Heating JIM BEAUMONT
Meetings are held at Ventilation/Air quality Neepawa Library 3rd Tuesday of 476-2483
Ty Burton the month 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Owner/Operator
Air Conditioning
Burgess Law 204-868-5358 For more info call:
Debbie Fisch
Cell: 476-6591 REAL ESTATE Kitchen Equipment
Office Commercial Gas Fitter
(204) 725-8550 Dennis: 476-2766 Commercial & Residential
51 Main Street S service specialist
Minnedosa ALCOHOLICS 23 Hour Service CALL ME... FOR ALL YOUR
Plumbing & Heating
ANONYMOUS 1-204-867-7346
minnedosa@ If you like to drink and can
Summit Septic
• Construction •
That's your business
If you want to stop and can't ServiceS LEONA’S
204-867-5458 That's our business. Minnedosa and surrounding areas Studio Of Image
P.O. Box 36 Frank r. Ford and Family Hair Care
L a w O ffi c e PLUMBING & HEATING
Russ Huyghe
or 867-3966 penny Ford PETER HARRISON
•Eminence Facials
Alanon - 210-0433 & Product
Norman H. Sims, Q.C. 204-868-6376
Alateen - 867-5121 Owner/Operator Phone/Text 867-5444 • Pedicures & LCN Nails
7 6 Ma i n S t r e e t S o u t h 867-3401 Minnedosa 204-210-0158 • Spray Tanning
MINNEDOSA • 867-2717 Cody Huyghe Mtg. Times: 8:00 pm Tuesdays
204-210-0502 Cells • Piercing
OFFICE MANAGER Drug Problem? 204-868-0851 or 204-868-0863
• Eyelash Extensions
204-868-6886 Narcotics
email: 204-867-2287
67 Main St.
Anonymous can help
BURTON PAINTING TRADING Meetings every Waterpals Rob’s TAC
Potable Water Delivery Yard Maintenance ServiceS Ventures Inc.
Tuesday & MinnedoSa & area
Myrna Alexander
Myrna Charles Minnedosa and area
Saturday at 7 p.m. Waste
Cell: 868-5503
Cell: 868-5503 • Snow Blowing
Health Inspected
at Calvary Temple, • Unwanted Item Removal Management &
TRADING STORE 221 Hamilton Street, No Job is too small!!! • Small Engine Repairs
• Mechanical Welding
Neepawa, MB 204-868-5674 (204)476-0002
Book 867-5551 • Handyman Services
Garbage Removal
• Reasonable Rates
This Spot Gently Used Furniture Bin Rentals
204-720-5934 Construction Demolition
for Clothing & Misc. Items SERVICES
Household clean up
only Donations ÊÊÊ Estate clean ups
Estate Sales
$8.29 We now offer Small Engine Repair Transformative
Pick-up & Deliveries Minnedosa & Area
per CARPET CLEANING Call for Quotes Electrolysis
week! Call us today for your carpet Tune ups on
Snowblowers etc. Permanant Hair Removal
& upholstery cleaning needs. 204-596-5111

Kim’s Book
Ê Book
MOBILE HEAT WASH Cleaning Services
This Spot This Spot
for for
- Residential
only only
204.759.3313 - Commercial
$8.29 $8.29
● 204-848-0097

Toll Free 844.877.7767 204-848-0400 Home: 867-3272

per per
● 204-848-0400 Cell: 210-0818 week! week!
#7 � 515 4th Avenue
Burlington Place, Shoal Lake, MB
16 Friday, February 15, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

I Love to Read Month

By KAREN MITCHELL off on an epic adventure of of learning how to com- and don’t criticize their ideas to turn television discuss bullying and the
a faraway land. Whatever municate in meaningful choices, help them find a and internet into a literacy different ways it can oc-

I f you enjoy curling up

under a blanket with
a good book during this
your passion or interest,
there is sure to be a book
for you.
ways.” From the time we
are infants, literacy begins
and carries on with you
book they might be inter-
ested in, model reading for
them – the more they see
experience include; talk
about event and charac-
ters in shows and videos- is
cur (cyberbullying, etc.),
spend time teaching and
discussing the proper use
colder weather, then Feb- What is Literacy? Ac- throughout your lives. your passion for reading there a book about this sto- of emails and texting and
ruary is the month for you! cording to the Manitoba Some ideas to get your the more likely they will ry, how are they the same compare information from
An entire 28 days dedi- Reading Association, “Lit- toddlers to love literacy model that, read or write and different, which me- the internet with informa-
cated to reading, writing eracy is the ability to com- include; singing songs, together, find a compelling dium is better; have input tion in a book – how do
and sharing in the joy of municate thoughts, ideas, reading aloud every day, series, give books as gifts, into what your children these compare.
literacy. needs and feelings. We play and act out nursery have meaningful discus- are watching or playing Whether your child
With Christmas and do this by reading, writ- rhymes, ask questions they sions about their books – online, discuss how me- reads occasionally, often
New Years behind us and ing, speaking, listening, can answer, practice print- what do they like, not like, dia shapes the way we see or ends up penning their
Spring still a little ways viewing, representing and ing, write simple short what makes it interesting, the world, monitor screen own novels, the journey
away, what a better time to thinking. Literacy also stories together and visit favourite characters and time, talk about the differ- can be just as rewarding.
continue, regain or spark helps us to solve problems. the community library to- why, etc. ences between fantasy and So, grab some books, cud-
the passion of reading Literacy is part of what we gether, making it a fun and Concerns shared by reality, talk openly about dle up and let your imagi-
within yourself. Between do every day in our lives. anticipated adventure. parents alike in today’s advertisements and how nation take you away!
the cover of each book is We use literacy at home, in For school age chil- environment are the over- they try and sway choices
an opportunity to teach stores and restaurants, in dren; let your child choose powering presence of one way or the other; work
yourself a new skill, re- our work and in all school their books and interests, television and internet in together on the internet re-
search past history or sail subjects. It is a process talk about what they like our children’s lives. Some searching interesting facts,

*We accept Visa, Master Card & debit card purchases

Sale Dates: *We sell lottery tickets
*We deliver within town limits Monday - Friday at 4:00 p.m
($2 charge - $10 minimum order)
FEBRUARY 15TH - FEBRUARY 21ST * Try one of our delicious BBQ chickens!
* We sell fruit, veggie & meat trays and fruit baskets
*Senior’s Discount every Friday (65 & up) (STARTS FRIDAY 9:00 A.M. - ENDS THURSDAY 9:00 P.M.) (24 hours notice is appreciated)
*We sell R.O. water

CL Leaf tuna chunk/flake water ............170g ...... $1.50
PC™ cream first ice cream assorted .....................................1.5LT ............. $4.99
PC™ baby brussel sprouts/broccoli florets/peppers ...........500g ............. $2.99
Kraft Dressing assorted ........................................................ 475ml ...............$2.99 FM pie apple/pumpkin ................... 960g-1Kg ...... $5.99
Sunlight 2X HE 32W .............................................................. 1.47lt ...............$4.49

Purex Liquid detergent assorted .......................................... 2.03lt ...............$4.49
Folgers classic roast ................................920g ...... $9.49
Nature Valley bars assorted ............................................ 175-230g ...............$2.49
PC™ Jam pure strawberry/raspberry . 500ml ...... $2.99
PC™ Maple brown oatmeal ...................................................325g ...............$2.49
PC™ Pancake mix buttermilk complete ...............................905g ...............$2.49 Outside round beef roast ......................................................................... $4.39/lb
PC™ Decadent cookies assorted .................300g ...... $2.49 Top sirloin beef steak................................................................................ $5.85/lb
PC™ crackers crisp thin vegetable ........................................225g ...............$1.79 Pork side spare rip ............................................ $2.79/lb
PC™ dipped granola bars chocolate chip/caramel ..... 156-172g ...............$1.99 Chicken legs fresh..................................................................................... $1.99/lb
PC™ appletreet assorted ................................................. 6x100ml ...............$1.99 Black forest zigg’s honey ham..............................................................$1.49/100g
PC™ salad dressing assorted .............................................. 475ml ...............$2.49 NN™ beef burger .................................................................1.36kg ............. $9.49
PC™ croutons assorted ..........................................................140g ...............$1.99 NN™ crispy southern chicken ................................................1kg ........... $13.99
PC™ sweet basil pasta sauce ............................................... 650ml ...............$2.99 ML Top dogs wieners ..............................................................450g ............. $3.79
PC™ salsa white cranberry black bean mild ..................... 650ml ...............$2.99 Catch of the day sole fillets .....................................................800g ............. $9.99

PC™ Bread and Butter pickles ................................................. 1lt ...............$3.79
PC™ splendido olive oil extra virgin ........................................ 1lt .............$10.49
PC™ Decadent cake mix assorted ................................. 270-300g ...............$3.29
PC™ dog food xtra meaty assorted ........................................624g ...............$1.49
PC™ cat food xtra meaty assorted .........................................156g ...............$0.69
PC™ 100% ornage juice ........................................................ 1.75lt ...............$3.49 GH Beefsteak tomatoes ............................................................................ $1.99/lb
PC™ baby chocolate cookie dough .......................................468g ...............$1.99
Blackberries,Raspberries,Blueberries .................. $3.49
PC™ BM celeb margarine non hydro .....454g ...... $1.99 Lettuce iceberg .............................................................................................. $1.99
PC™ pop canned assorted ............................................ 12x355ml ...............$2.99 Bartlett pears ............................................................................................. $1.79/lb
PC™ Tassimo Great Canadian ..............................................14ea ...............$7.99
PC™ milk sweetend condensed ......................................... 300ml ...............$2.69 PC™ Cara cara oranges ............................ 3lb ...... $4.99
PC™ Great Canadian single pod............................................12ea ...............$7.99 Broccoli .......................................................................................................... $2.49
PC™ Tea assorted ............................................................. 20-36ae ...............$2.49 Sweet potatoes .......................................................................................... $1.29/lb
PC™ kettle chips .....................................................................220g ...............$1.99
PC™ 100% apple juice boxes......................................... 10x200ml ...............$2.79


PC™ cocktail cranberry/grapefruit/tomato assorted ........ 1.89lt ...............$2.79

Kraft singles processed cheese assorted .....450g ...... $3.99

Wonder bagel original .............................................................390g .............. $2.79 OPEN 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, 7 DAYS A WEEK • 70 Main Street South, Minnedosa 867-2821
Little Debbie treats assorted................269-459g ...... $1.99 *PRICES AVAILABLE AT THE LUCKY DOLLAR IN MINNEDOSA ONLY

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