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My name is Joana María and I came from Brasil. I am twenty five year old.

My birth day is 8 June,

just day when the man reached the moon. At the moment I am student in the university, in law
school. Moreover, I’m learning Spanish with a tutor and I’m happy with my progress. In the future
I would wish work for the people without law protection.

I came from a big family. I’ve got three sister and two brothers. My grandparents are all alive.
They are my life example, I always remember them. My father is engineer and mother´s works in
the bank. They never stay in the home. I only can see them in de breakfast.

My grandmother is adorable. In her house all people is happy. Her heart is big and always she has
something good to eat haha… Unlike my grandfather, who is rogue and smart. He reads much of
the day, in the gallery with your garden.