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School Grade Level GRADE ‐VI

Teacher Learning Area EPP – Industrial Arts
Detailed Lesson Plan
Teaching Date & Time June 5‐9, 2017 (Week 1) Quarter

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

A. Content Standards Demonstrates an understanding of knowledge and skills in enhancing/decorating products as an alternative source of income
B. Performance Standards Performs necessary skill in enhancing/ decorating finished products
C. Learning Competencies Discusses the importance and methods of enhancing/decorating bamboo, wood, and metal Demonstrates creativity and innovativeness in
products (TLE6IA‐0a‐1) enhancing/decorating bamboo, wood, and metal
products (TLE6IA‐0a‐2)
II. Content Enhancing/ decorating finished products
III. Learning Resources
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide Pages
2. Learner’s Materials Pages
3. Textbook Pages
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resources (LR)
B. Other Learning
IV. Procedures
A. Review Previous Ask : What are the most Ask : What are the most Review with each group
Lessons widely used techniques in widely used techniques in their plans from Activity
enhancing bamboo and enhancing metal craft Sheet No. 4
wood products ? products ?
B. Establishing purpose Intro: Ask: For the Intro: Refer to each group
for the Lesson There are many different 1. Are there metal craft output from Activity Sheet
industrial ways or methods shops present in your The Facilitator will situate No. 4 (matrix 1 and matrix
to enhance and decorate communities? and encourage learners to 2)
bamboo, wood, and metal 2. What techniques do think of ways on how they
products. These methods you mostly see while will be able to use the  Let each group discuss if
help improve not only the they work on their concepts learned from the they will apply all
quality of our products but products? previous three (3) day enhancements that they
also the life of the families sessions (wood and metal have planned or they
engaged in various livelihood enhancing techniques).
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
activities. Enhancing is will include other items.
carried out basically to Say (Loud) : Are your (15‐20 minutes)
improve the aesthetics and groups ready ?
the functional properties of
a material.

1. Are there wooden
furniture shops present
in your communities?
2. What techniques do you
mostly see while they
work on their products?
C. Presenting examples Discuss with the learners Discuss with the learners The Facilitator will use two
/instances of the new the usual techniques being their observations on the identical wood/metal
lessons used in furniture shops usual techniques being used products found in his
based on their observations in shops in their community home or shops. Show the
from their community that produces metalcrafts. class the transformation of
a product from its original
appearance (1st piece) ‐‐‐‐
to its enhanced version
(2nd piece).

Discuss with the class

evident changes that they
can see on the two
product samples created
through/by enhancements
D. Discussing new Refer to Activity Sheet No. 1 Refer to Activity Sheet No. 2 Refer to Activity Sheet No. Refer to Activity Sheet No.
concepts and practicing – (attached) ‐ Puzzle 3 – Learning Stations 4 – Enhancing
new skills #1. Pair and Share (attached) (attached) Wood/Metal Products
E. Discussing new
concepts & practicing
new skills #2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
F. Developing Mastery After the activity, instruct
(Leads to Formative all the groups to rate the
Assessment 3) output of other group
using the matrix 2 (rubric).
One group will rate the
work of another group.
G. Finding Practical Ask: What are some of the Ask: What are some of the Ask: What do you think
Applications of sample products in bamboo sample products in metal now are the essence of
concepts and skills in and woodcraft? craft? knowing the various ways
daily living (Expected answers : (Expected answers: of enhancing wood and
Bamboo lamp, bamboo Accessories, pen holder, metal crafts ?
bottle holders, bamboo wind chimes, etc.
plant box, desktop
organizer, candle holder,
furniture, etc.
H. Making Generalizations Ask : How important is the Ask : How important is the Ask: Ask:
& Abstractions about knowledge on the different knowledge on the different 1. If you are interested in
the lessons techniques on enhancing techniques on enhancing craft designing and What benefits does a
the beauty of bamboo and the beauty of metal crafts ? production, which will craftsman get from the
woodcrafts ? you choose, wood crafts know‐how of enhancing
or metal craft? wood and metal products?
2. In the Philippines, which (Expected response)
do you think should be Products made of
given focus, wood or bamboo, wood and metal
metal crafts ? can be enhanced through
different techniques in
order to increase their
marketability and
I. Evaluating Learning Ask the learners to Ask the learners to Ask: After knowing the
enumerate the wood craft enumerate the metal craft different techniques on
enhancing techniques enhancing techniques how to improve or
enhance wood and metal
products, what effects do
you think it will do to a
products’ marketability?

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
J. Additional activities for Before the session ends: Tell the learners to conduct Reminder:
application or ‐ Break the class into sub‐ a survey (group of three (3)
remediation groups with 5 members on: What sort of wood /metal
per group.  What types of finishing products did you found in
‐ Let them choose a processes does wood and your homes, and your
leader and a metal craft artisans in group is planning to work
secretary/documenter their communities used to on as an application of the
enhance their products . three
Say: Think/look for any
wood or metal products in
your home. Think of ways
on how to enhance or
improve its appearance.

‐ Bring the following for our

two (2) day activity
(Thursday & Friday):
‐ Old wooden or metal
product in your homes
‐ Any material that can
be used to
enhance/improve the
chosen product
o gift wrapper, glitters,
spray paint, etc.
o Small wood/metal
V. Remarks
VI. Reflection
A. No.of learners who earned 80%
in the evaluation
B. No.of learners who requires
additional acts.for remediation
who scored below 80%
C. Did the remedial lessons work?
No.of learners who caught up
with the lessons
D. No.of learners who continue to
require remediation
E. Which of my teaching strategies
worked well? Why did this work?
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
F. What difficulties did I encounter
which my principal/supervisor
can help me solve?
G. What innovations or
localized materials did I
used/discover which I wish to
share with other teachers?