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aoe Distlaton Calum Piping: Absorption Stripping, Fractionation Distillation Column Piping: Absorption Stripping, Fractionation 1.0 Introduction to Column Piping Study fr the column piping should start afer complete understanding ofthe flowing document: 8) Technical specication ofthe column ») PaiD ©) Unt Plot Plan 4) Basic Engineering document highlighting the specie process requirement, plavorm requirement and guidelines forthe general arrangement of piping around the column, ©) Details of intemal arrangements «.9. for packed type the packing height, packing support and manhole /hand hole Ioatons, and for tray type - the nos. of tray, type of tray, downcomer location, manhole location et. 1) nstrument data sheet 8) Line ist wth operating! design conditions othe fui ‘Some understanding of the process function wil fcitate the column pping study 19 meet the requirements of operation, maintenance, safely and the aesthetics. Various types of column with their aryng functions are in use fr ranery and Petrochemical industry. Generally they are distinguished based on the specie operation for mass transfer vie. Dsilation, Absorption -stipping or Fractionation ete. 2.0 Distillation Column Piping “The distillation is separation ofthe constituents of aliquid mixture va paral vaporization ofthe mixture and separate recovery of vapour and residue ‘Various kinds of devices calle plates or trays are used to beng the two phases int intimate contact. The trays are stacked one above the cther and enclosed in a cylindrical shel to form a Distillation Column. “The fad material, which to be separated into fractions, introduced at one or mare pois along the column shel Due to diforence in grauty between liquid and vapour phases, the lgud uns down the column, eascasing tom tay to tray, while wepour goes up the column Contacting the qu at each ray. The liquid aching the boom of the column is partial vaporized ina heated reboler fo provide rebol vapour, which is Sent back up the column, The remainder ofthe bottom ligui is withdrawn as the bottom product. “The vapeur reaching the tp of column is cooled ané condensed toa quid inthe overhead condenser. Par of this liquid is retumed fo the column as refx to provide quid ovortow and to control the tompealure of th Mud in tho upper potion of the towar. The remainder of tho evrhad stream is wilhawn as tho cwrhead or ditilate product “The typical esilation process tower is ilustrated in Fig.t and crude dstilation of products across temperature range is lstated in Fig.2 hpihuwapleing-enginosrng.comastlaion-coluen-sipng-abeorgton-stppng-tractlonatlon het a3 aoe Distilaion Column Poing: Absorption tipping, Fractionation Fa 1= Schone ~ Process of Osten Tower pahwiping-enginowrng.comstilton-column-pipng-absorton-spping-tractlonation Net ans aoe Distilaion Column Poing: Absorption tipping, Fractionation (RUDE DISTILLATION OF PRODUGTS AGROSS TEMPERATURE RANGE wisi eree RSE a2 Crude Deaton of Padus Acots Tempesti Range 24 Absorption And Stripping Many operations in putochemical plants raqite the absorption of components rom gas streams int lean ols or sohents. “The resultant ch oll is then stripped or denuded ofthe absorbed materials. The greatest use of tis operation utilizes hydrocarbon materials, bul the Principles are appcable to other systems provides adequate equilibrium data is avaiable ‘A typical flow dagram of absorption stripping syslom for hydrocarbon recovery fom gaseous mixture is ustratd in Fig. 3 pahwiping-enginowrng.comstilton-column-pipng-absorton-spping-tractlonation Net aia