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Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

B. Sc. Honours

Civil Engineering

Mid-Semester Examination
Year 2, Semester II (20 17)

CE2051 -Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Duration: 1 Hour

August 2017

Instructions to Candidates:
• Write your SUIT Student Enrolment Number clearly on answer scripts.
• This examination paper has two printed pages including this cover page and it
contains two questions. Each question carries 15 marks for a total of 30 for the mid
semester examination.
• Answer all the parts in question/s.
• At the end of the examination hand over the answer scripts to an invigilator.
• All the scratch work will be collected separately at the end ofthe examination.
1. The built-up beam shown in Figure 1 is fabricated using three thin plates
having a thickness t. A vertically downward shear force V is acting on this
section. Determine
i) Horizontal shear stress distribution in flanges
ii) Maximum horizontal shear stress and its locations
iii) The location of the shear center 0 (distance e).

Figure 1

2. A beam of uniform rectangular cross section 50 mm x 120 mm shown in Figure

2 is subjected to a bending moment M=36.8 kNm. The member is made of a
linear elastic and perfectly plastic material with a yield strength of 240 MPa
and a Young's modulus of 200 GPa. Determine
i) the thickness of the elastic core (2dv),
ii) the radius of curvature of the neutral surface (Rep) for this

- .---- ,------,
•· ............. Plastic zone


uuoo Idy
······· .......
············::::. Elastic core
.. -··········
...,. ... ····· dv
························ -'-

•·· ··········· Plastic zone

_,____ L..__......J

Figure 2