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Opening Message of MC:

EMCEE: (Muslim Greetings) , Good Morning everyone I’m Yanida Radia I’ll be your host for

EMCEE: It was an Honor to be part of this FIRST GRADUATION RITES (Basic Qur’an
Course) of Darul Qur’an el-Karim

EMCEE: Before we begin this ceremony, let me remind you to turn your cell phones to silent
mode and be courteous to those around you by refraining from talking aloud.

Graduation March

EMCEE: Ladies and gentlemen let us welcome the graduates of the class 2018 of Darul Qur’an
el-karim in their graduation March


National Anthem

EMCEE: Now, let’s all stand for the National Anthem.


Opening Reading Qur’an

EMCEE: My I call on Mr. Al-Qari Yahya Sangki for our opening readinq qur’an

Welcome Address

EMCEE: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my distinct privilege to introduce to you our honorable
Administator of Blue mosque and cultural center, Hon. Jadjurie H. Arasa for the welcome

EMCEE: (After the speech) Thank you Sir for the welcome address. (PLAQUE of Appreciation)

Presentation of Graduates

EMCEE: At this point, may I call on Mrs. Fatma Solaiman to present the candidates for graduate.

Conferment of Graduates

EMCEE: it is an honor for me to invite the Counselor, Cultural Section of Embassy Of Islamic
Republic of Iran in Philippines, Honorable Mohammad Jafarimalak for the conferment of the
graduates. sir!
Opening Remarks

EMCEE: May I call on Sheikh Naguib Taher, Grand Mufti , NCR for the Opening remarks.

(After the speech) Thank you Sheikh taher.

Qur’an Recitation of Valedictorian

EMCEE: Ladies and gentlemen may I call on the The Valedictorian of Class 2018 for the Qur’an
recitation. Miss ____________________.

Introduction of Guest Speaker

EMCEE: And now, May I call on the secretary of Brgy. Maharlika and the Current Gov. of
Maharlika Condominium Unit Awardees owners Islamic association, Mister Alvin Bantuas for
the Introduction of our guest Speaker.

Speech of Guest Speaker

(SPEECH OF Hon. Harry Pautin)….

Keynote Message

EMCEE: Ladies and gentlemen, May I call on Hon. Tata N. Rasuman, Key Officer, National
Commission of Muslim Filipino-NCR to render us a Keynote Message.

(After the Speech) Thank you for the wonderful message, maam!

Inspirational Message

EMCEE: Lets now move on the Inspirational message will be given by Hon. Alan M. Balangi ,
the president of 1Bangsa.

(After the Speech) Thank you for the inspiring message you share to us sir!
Distribution of Certificates and awards

EMCEE: Ladies and Gentlemen let us move onto the highlights of this event the Distribution of
Certificates and awards

EMCEE: I now invite back on stage, Our Guest speaker Hon. Chairman Harry P. Pautin for the
awarding of certificates and diplomas for the Graduates, and Assisted by the Director of Darul
Qur’an El-Karim Sheikh Mun-im Sulaiman.

(I will Read the Diplomas )

EMCEE: And now for the Awards. This simplify how they excel in Madrasah.

( Read the AWARD)

EMCEE: CONGRATULATIONS!! Graduates on your AWARD and Diplomas

EMCEE: Graduates, I Just hope that this is not the end of your journey on learning on qur’an
however it the beginning of the chapter of your Journey, Alhamdullilah.

Closing Remarks

EMCEE: And now the last part of our program Closing remarks led by Ustadh Bayan S. Radia
Teacher in Darul Qur’an El-Karim.

Closing dua