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GARCIA, Krizzi Eve D.


The Value of Knowledge

A Reflection Paper in Contemporary World

For the past few months of having my Contemporary World subject as a course for my
program which is Chemistry, I got introduced to the complexity of our society and how our
current one suffers from various problems. The youth of today must be well-informed with the
current happenings of the modern world in order to give them leverage over traditional issues.
The knowledge acquired by students like me will be used for real-life situations. Because
contemporary world tackles concepts that are timely, relevant and well-suited for the Filipinos, it
is vital to learn the concepts needed in involving in societal issues and creating solutions for
Global trends throughout the decades have changed dynamically. Globalization enabled
countries to exchange goods, ideas, culture and even make migration possible. The Philippines
has taken a participative role in different events and organizations across the globe. With the
increasing interdependence among countries, we have become a nation that is open for everyone
whether for trade, tourism, or partnerships. However, some issues within and outside the country
that are still beyond the scope of the advantages of globalization and regionalism. This is where
we must accentuate our roles as citizens of the nation. I think being well-educated is the first
thing each one must do in order t take part in certain issues of the country. Everyone must be
aware of the current stand of the nation towards international and domestic issues. One cannot
take part in any discussion without knowledge therefore we must acknowledge the power of just
being an informed citizen. At this point I realized the true essence of the subject, it isn’t just there
to become an additional load required to take by college students rather it is some sort of
opportunity to be a contributing citizen that is able to share ideas and comments on the unlawful
system present on the society. In our today’s era, we just don’t need someone that is educated, we
need people that are well-rounded individuals and has the urge to face the reality of our current
The past few years that have passed have been both chaotic and uncertain. The reign of
the current president, President Rodrigo Duterte brought a lot of unexpected changes in the
society. I realize that the society had a lot more flaws than what I was actually thinking. It takes a
lot more than just changes in policies to fix the system. I realized things we do that poison our
society like being an ignorant citizen isn’t going to do well for anyone. The subject made me
realize that I had to dwell into societal issues more rather than just being ignorant of the current
situation of my country. The subject makes the students be interested in the modern world issues
especially the youth plays a vital role in being at the forefront of change for the next generation.
As Filipino Thomasian students, we need to have the capacity to recognize and understand the
nature of our society and be critical and objective when it comes to resolving issues. In actuality,
I didn’t care much about what’s going on with today but I come to realize that new policies set
internationally and domestically have affected me both in big and small ways. I was pretty okay
with everything that happens as long as I am able to study and live my life. However, it isn’t
supposed to be like that. The subject tackled topics that I already know at the surface but it gave
me more in-depth knowledge about their causes and how they are connected with occurrence of
various activities and events. I am really thankful that I got to have the chance to become
someone that is able to make somewhat of a change for my community and country.