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General Comments:

- Please follow all comments

made on Gas skid drawings
applicable for this document.

Details of platforms are missing

which includes following:
1- Dimensions
Beam not present 2- Grating details & Extent
in Staad 3- Connections
4- Handrail details
5- Step Details

Support at
incorrect position
with respect to

In Staad it is U
shape support, In
drawings detail is
not clear.

Support not
modelled in staad
Support not
modelled in staad
Pipe supports not
consistent with
staad model Not consistent
with calculation

Support conditions
do not match with
design conditions,
please update.

Move section A
Section A location
above and section
is incorrect, either
B down.
move the section
or correct this
Not consistent
with staad

Add connection

Plate details?

show the dotted

portion below.