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1. How to use the cards and book

2. The teachings of Jin Shin Jyutsu
3. Cosmic energy
4. Practicing the art
5. Breath – pulse wave of life
6. Holding fingers changes thoughts
7. Eight mudras – the birth of Jin Shin Jyutsu
8. Trinity Energy
9. The order of Organ Flows
10. The 26 Safety Energy Locks at a glance (Flash Cards)
Symptoms/ conditions A– Z
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Learning the connections
Daily self-help
Harmonizing symptoms
Connection to the Depths
Your daily companion
Jin Shin Jyutsu comes to the West
Harmonizing the body
An art of living
The energy of our hands
Regular practice
Individualized self-help routine
All is in the breath and fingers
The five attitudes
Healing through the power of the fingers
Mudras as self-help
Safety Energy Locks
Individualized Body Function Energy
The birth of Organ Flows
Lung Function Energy circulation pattern
Large Intestine Function Energy circulation pattern
Stomach Function Energy circulation pattern
Spleen Function Energy circulation pattern
Heart Function Energy circulation pattern
Small Intestine Function Energy circulation pattern
Bladder Function Energy circulation pattern
Kidney Function Energy circulation pattern
Diaphragm Function Energy circulation pattern
Umbilicus Function Energy circulation pattern
Gallbladder Function Energy circulation pattern
Liver Function Energy circulation pattern
Safety Energy Lock 1
Safety Energy Lock 2
Safety Energy Lock 3
Safety Energy Lock 4
Safety Energy Lock 5
Safety Energy Lock 6
Safety Energy Lock 7
Safety Energy Lock 8
Safety Energy Lock 9
Safety Energy Lock 10
Safety Energy Lock 11
Safety Energy Lock 12
Safety Energy Lock 13
Safety Energy Lock 14
Safety Energy Lock 15
Safety Energy Lock 16
Safety Energy Lock 17
Safety Energy Lock 18
Safety Energy Lock 19
Safety Energy Lock 20
Safety Energy Lock 21
Safety Energy Lock 22
Safety Energy Lock 23
Safety Energy Lock 24
Safety Energy Lock 25
Safety Energy Lock 26
First Depth
Second Depth
Third Depth
Fourth Depth
Fifth Depth
Sixth Depth
Lung Function Energy
Large Intestine Function Energy
Stomach Function Energy
Spleen Function Energy
Heart Function Energy
Small Intestine Function Energy
Bladder Function Energy
Kidney Function Energy
Diaphragm Function Energy
Umbilicus Function Energy
Gallbladder Function Energy
Liver Function Energy
“The regular practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu affects body, mind and spirit.”
Mary Burmeister

The card set and book you are holding in your hands allow you to easily practice the
art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and offer a glimpse into its philosophy.
There is one card for each of the 26 Safety Energy Locks (SEL), the 12 Organ
Flows, the 6 Depths and three further simple self-help sequences. On the front of
each card you will find the meaning and location of the respective Safety Energy Lock
or Organ Flow. On the back, you will find some simple applications.
The accompanying book provides an introduction to the foundations of Jin Shin
Jyutsu as well as further ways of practicing this art. It also describes the circulation
patterns of the Organ Flows in detail.


In order to learn and understand the connections inherent in Jin Shin Jyutsu, select
one or more cards to read daily. The cards depict the Safety Energy Locks, the Depths
with their respective applications, as well as the Individualized Body Function Energy
Flows (Organ Flows). By repeatedly studying the cards, you will familiarize yourself
with the various aspects and symptoms that go along with the respective Safety
Energy Locks and Organ Flows.

The Safety Energy Locks (SEL)

Find the location of any given Safety Energy Lock on your body and hold it for about
3-5 minutes. If you are already somewhat experienced, you may also hold it until you
feel a pulsation under your fingers. Repeat holding the same Safety Energy Lock for a
number of days so that you can better memorize its place and meaning. Each Safety
Energy Lock has physical and spiritual correlates that are harmonized by holding it
(‘jumper-cabling’). In order to support the effect of the selected Safety Energy Lock,
you can also hold the combinations of Safety Energy Locks, or the corresponding
fingers, indicated on the back of the cards.

Flows and Body Function Energy

Select a card with a Flow and follow its circulation pattern with a finger along your
body. You will find exact descriptions of the various circulation patterns below.
Repeat the exercise for a few days so that you can better memorize any given Flow.
In order to harmonize your bodily energy, you should also practice the various self-
help sequences and hold the appropriate fingers as described on the cards.


Holding the Safety Energy Locks and jumper-cabling the Organ Flow sequences are
also suitable for daily self-help. You can thereby dissolve energy blockages at large,
harmonize and strengthen your bodily energy, and prevent discomfort and illness. If
you have no particular symptoms, you can go through the Energy Locks and Flows one
by one, or you can simply select one card for the day.


If you have a specific physical or mental/emotional discomfort, look for the symptoms
in the Symptoms/Conditions A-Z section below, and select the specified cards. There
you will find the applications that serve to harmonize the symptoms. Should the
symptoms not go away after holding the appropriate Safety Energy Locks, or should
they persist over time, it is recommended that you seek professional medical help.


In Jin Shin Jyutsu, the various forms of expression of energy and degrees of energy
density are called ‘Depths’. These Depths are correlated with the Safety Energy
Locks, Flows, elements, and colors. If you would like to explore the connections
between these various aspects more deeply, follow the color codes at the top of each
card. All cards with the same color indicate a link to a specific Depth.
• yellow = First Depth; element: earth
• white = Second Depth; element: air
• green = Third Depth; element: ‘key’, ether, wood
• blue = Fourth Depth; element: water
• red = Fifth Depth; element: fire
• red = Sixth Depth; element: FIRE (primordial fire)
An example: All cards with a yellow top pertain to the First Depth. For Safety Energy
Lock cards, this means that these locks are born in the First Depth. For Individualized
Body Function Energy Flow cards, it means that the flows belong to the First Depth
and thus to the element of earth.


You can also use the book and cards as your daily companion. Simply pick a card for
each day. Each card contains philosophical words of inspiration. These can be used as
the basis for meditation or as daily mottos.
“The energy that is motivating us does not come from the body. It is part of the universal abundance,
which comes through us from the universal source.”
Mary Burmeister

The teachings of Jin Shin Jyutsu, which were rediscovered by Jiro Murai in Japan at
the beginning of the last century, consist of a philosophical and a practical level. On
the one hand, they delineate an art of living that helps us to “know ourselves” and to
bring our lifestyles into harmony with the laws of the universe; on the other hand,
they present a system of Energy Flow patterns and Energy Points for practical use on
ourselves and others to alleviate discomfort and pain.
Jin Shin Jyutsu is based in Eastern philosophy, which sees humankind as rooted in
the laws of nature. According to its teachings, life is formed out of a life energy that
manifests itself in various depths and degrees of differentiation, from invisible cosmic
forces to the visible body. The human body is pervaded by a multi-stranded system of
Energy Flow patterns that purvey life energy to every cell. A stressful way of life and
certain mental attitudes can cause this life energy to stagnate, leading to emotional
imbalance and physical disorders. The art of harmonizing and healing ourselves has
been passed on orally for generations. Jin Shin Jyutsu® Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona,
wishes to stay true to this tradition and offers courses worldwide that teach this art
of self-help.


Jin Shin Jyutsu was brought to the West by Mary Burmeister. The daughter of
Japanese parents, Mary was born in Seattle in 1918 and died on January 27, 2008.
Dissatisfied with her life and curious about her parents’ country of origin, she
traveled to Japan in the 1940s. Searching for the meaning of life, she met her future
teacher Jiro Murai. In his lectures, Jiro Murai spoke, among other things, of the
primordial forces of man and their connection to the cosmic laws. Here, Mary felt at
home. She sensed that the greatest healing power consisted in living in harmony with
the laws of the universe and oneself.
Jiro Murai taught an art of living that he called Jin Shin Jyutsu. The name Jin Shin
Jyutsu (pronounced: jin shin jitsu) comes from the Japanese.
• ‘Jin’ means ‘(compassionate, knowing) man’.
• ‘Shin’ means ‘creator’, or ‘spirit of God’.
• ‘Jyutsu’ means ‘art’.
Mary Burmeister, Jiro Murai’s devoted student, would subsequently also refer to the
art of Jin Shin Jyutsu as “Now Know Myself” and “Physio Philosophy” (“philosophy of
Jin Shin Jyutsu incorporates all the wisdom, philosophy and experiences of life. Of
course, we can delve that much deeper into an understanding of this art the more we
get to know ourselves. But we can also begin practicing it any time – even now, in this
exact moment, and with our current understanding of this art of living.
After studying with Jiro Murai for seven years in Japan, Mary returned to the
United States and began practicing what she had learned and passing it on in classes.
She opened an office in Scottsdale, Arizona, supported in her work by her loyal friend
and colleague Pat Meador.


Practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu means working with our hands, using them to touch and
hold our fingers as well as specific places on the body – so-called Safety Energy Locks
(SEL) – in order to dissolve energy blockages and balance the flow of life energy
within us.
Safety Energy Locks are not simply points but, rather, larger, hand-size centers.
They acquired their name because they shut down for our own safety whenever we
overload body or soul. We experience their shutting down as pain or discomfort,
which ought to alert us that something is wrong and make us stop and change our
Touching and holding Safety Energy Locks is also called ‘jumper-cabling’. Unlike other
treatments that stimulate or sedate, Jin Shin Jyutsu harmonizes life energy through
gentle holding without pressure or rubbing. Thus, internal bodily adjustment happens
entirely on its own. Jumper-cabling fine-tunes energy vibration, calms the mind,
balances the emotions, dissolves blockages and promotes self-healing. This subtle and
holistic method also strengthens the vegetative nervous system.


Jiro Murai called Jin Shin Jyutsu an art of living. This means that all people have the
ability to creatively shape their lives. Practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu regularly helps us to
get to know ourselves. It enables us to look beyond our personal problems and to
recognize the wider contexts of our lives. It makes the inconveniences of the
everyday appear less dramatic and lets us discover lightness and joy in ourselves.
Instead of directing our attention to what is currently not going so well in our lives,
we begin to see the many little good things.
Jin Shin Jyutsu is the ‘art of knowing myself’. An art is not a technique. It
requires creativity, is practiced individually, and is thus natural and simple.

Getting to know body and soul, learning to help oneself

Often, we are not particularly aware of our mental-spiritual and emotional needs. We
often repress them and pay less attention to them than to physical discomforts. Thus
we often develop a physical illness in order to carry out spiritual healing. We often
sense precisely when a bad feeling arises within us initiating disharmony. Yet we tend
to disregard the problem at first, repressing it.
Sometimes we get a second or third hint; we must do something about it then, at
the very latest, but nonetheless we don’t. Until, finally, the body very clearly tells us
that we must change something. However, by that time it is often too late because
the body has already responded with an illness. Only when the latter has set in, when
spiritual worry has expressed itself as physical illness, do we understand.

Jumper-cabling promotes physical health

• it provides for the better care of cells and tissue layers by allowing life energy to
flow unobstructedly through the body
• it more effectively detoxifies the body
• it stimulates our metabolism
• it puts the body in a state of deep relaxation, thereby balancing vegetative and
functional disturbances
• it harmonizes circulation and digestion
• it strengthens the immune system
Jumper-cabling promotes mental/emotional health
• it brightens one’s mood
• it strengthens self-confidence
• it dissolves old behavioral patterns
• it harmonizes attitudes – worry, fear, anger, sadness, and pretense/trying-to
• it dissolves depressive moods
• it improves our charisma
Jumper-cabling promotes spiritual and mental harmony
• it dissolves negative thought patterns
• it fosters serenity and cheerfulness
• it brings about eye-opening experiences
• it facilitates mental-spiritual clarity
• it increases spiritual insight
• it expands consciousness
“There is an invisible world that permeates the visible world.”
Gustav Meyrinck

In nearly all cultures, we find notions of a universal force that permeates all things
and sets them in motion. This universal energy comes from the source of creation.
Whether we call it ‘prana’ (Sanskrit), ‘qi’ (Chinese) or ‘ki’ (Japanese) – they all signify
the same pulsating force inherent in all life. Modern science, too, has meanwhile
discovered that energy is at the core of all matter. Max Planck formulated this insight
as follows: “There is no matter in itself, there is only the animating, invisible,
immortal spirit as the primordial source of matter ... which I do not hesitate to call

The flow of life force

Vital life energy flows through the whole body in fixed energy flow patterns. When it
flows unobstructedly, we are mentally, spiritually and physically healthy. However,
life energy can be disturbed by our thinking and emotional attitudes, as well as by
stress, poor eating and work habits, injuries and genetic predispositions. When the
psyche can no longer digest the impressions of life, they are stored away in the body,
giving rise to stagnations and tensions. Life energy is blocked, detained, diverted, and
loses strength. Similar things happen as a result of traumas and accidents, or
prolonged, ongoing, one-sided physical activities. The blocked energy can then cause
disharmony in ourselves and our lives. Knowledge about life energy as the basis of all
creation helps us to go through life more consciously, that is, in accord with the laws
of nature and the seasons, with the give-and-take between stress and relaxation as
well as the undulations of breathing in and out. This knowledge enables us to deal
more mindfully with ourselves and nature. It makes us realize that the duality of the
world springs from one single great source of life. It leads us to health and wellbeing.


“The hand is the outer brain of man.”

Immanuel Kant

The flow of life energy is especially noticeable in our hands. We unconsciously put our
hands on various parts of the body throughout the day because we experience this as
pleasant. For example, we hold a place on the body that hurts, or put our hand to the
forehead while thinking. We intuitively use this knowledge with others as well, for
instance, when we calm children by placing our hands on their backs.
This pleasant feeling from being touched arises because the Creator’s universal
energy flows through our hands. When we consciously place our hands on specific
parts of the body, this universal energy is conveyed even more strongly.

When practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu, we place our fingers or entire palm on the
appropriate part of the body over the clothes. As a rule, two Safety Energy Locks are
held at the same time so that energy can flow between these two points.
Mary likens our hands to automobile jumper cables, which give the body’s empty
battery an impulse to recharge itself through the universal force. The energy can then
flow unobstructedly through the body again, and we can relax. That’s why we speak
of ‘jumper-cabling’ when performing Jin Shin Jyutsu on ourselves or others. In
general, a part of the body is jumper-cabled until a powerful pulsation is felt in the
fingers or the palm. The pulsation is a sign that energy is flowing. If we don’t yet feel
a pulsation, we can linger on the area for anywhere between 3-5 minutes, or even up
to 20 minutes.

Placing hands next to each other

• the method of placing our hands next to each other can be applied for pains of all
kinds and especially for burns; for weeping blisters, the hands should not be laid
directly on the body, but rather held hovering over it.
If we take the time to place our hands on the injured part of the body for 30-60
minutes immediately after a burn, this can even prevent the formation of unpleasant
blisters and ugly scars. In addition, it is important afterwards to hold the affected
area 2-3 times daily for at least half an hour.

Left hand over right

• for bleeding wounds or hernias, that is, when something would like to flow or push
out from inside the body, first place the right hand on, or over, the affected area,
and then put the left hand over the right; this positioning helps to direct energy into
the body.

Thus, when the right hand is placed on the body with the left hand on top, energy is
pushed into the body; conversely, if the right hand is on top of the left, energy is
pulled out of the body.
Right hand over left
• to pull something out of the body – a splinter, tick or a mosquito’s poison – first
place the left hand on the affected area and then the right hand on top of it; this
placement of hands also helps to ripen a pimple or pull puss out of a wound; jumper-
cabling with the right hand over the left pulls the energy out of the body.

The hands as jumper cables

Mary likens the hands to jumper cables. Placing our hands on ourselves or others helps
to recharge the personal life battery by tapping into the cosmic pulse, whereby we
are but the vessels receiving energy from the great cosmic source and radiating it out
again. The less this vessel is clouded by its own thoughts or emotions, the more
clearly the light energy from the divine source can shine through.

Being jumper-cabled by others

All flows designated for self-help can also be given to others. I myself learned a lot
about holding Energy Locks when I was jumper-cabled by Mary. There were parts of
my body that were in quite a lot of pain. In my shoulders, most notably, I often had
the feeling that Mary was drilling holes into me. After she applied her hands for a
short time, I noticed how my inner tension positively melted away. At the same time,
the pain disappeared. Gurgling sounds emanated from the depths of my body. My
breathing deepened and became more steady. Mary’s fingers now felt quite warm.
And she surmised: “It’s not the pressure of my fingers but a blockage of life energy
and your own inner tension that are causing the pain. Being touched, you perceive
and become conscious of it. That’s the secret.” On other parts of my body, again,
Mary’s hands felt as light as feathers.
“Whoever you are and whatever qualities you have: remember, God is the source and the power that flows
through all your channels”
Mary quoting Yogananda

To practice Jin Shin Jyutsu, you need nothing but your hands and a comfortable place
where you feel at ease – perhaps a sofa with a cozy blanket and a couple of pillows to
support your arms while jumper-cabling.
If you don’t have enough time to withdraw for half an hour, you can simply
incorporate the flows into your daily life. For example, you can practice holding
fingers almost unnoticeably during meetings, on the train, as a passenger in a car, or
while reading or watching TV.

What you need

To keep the body healthy, we have to understand what it needs. A harmonious
lifestyle is important, in which work and relaxation, family and friends, healthy eating
habits and balanced emotional attitudes are as crucial as intuiting the meaning of
life. The soul needs nourishment, the longing for fulfillment and bliss wants to be
satisfied. Understanding these needs also means knowing that we cannot solve our
problems (disharmonies) by relying on the same mental/emotional attitudes that
brought them about in the first place. The more we practice Jin Shin Jyutsu, the more
clearly we recognize what we need to live in harmony, that we may have to change
our habits, that we can take our lives into our own hands, that we aren’t helpless
victims of circumstance.
Jumper-cabling – whether performed on ourselves or at the hands of an experienced
practitioner – affects all levels of our being equally: body, mind and spirit.

Through the body to mind and soul

By touching the body we gain access to the other dimensions of our being. As we
jumper-cable, we begin listening inward, thereby re-igniting a potentially buried
dialogue between body and mind.
For in the course of the daily grind, our mind tends to outwit our bodily needs.
Spurred by a sense of duty, it compels the body to work overtime, eat foods it can’t
digest, stay awake even when tired – not to mention sluggishness and bad habits.

Responses to being jumper-cabled

Typically, we already feel better and more relaxed right after the first self-help
exercises – or rather, we really perceive our physical tension for the first time. We
become conscious of our current overall state. It can also happen, for example, that
as soon as the powers of self-healing are stimulated a dormant cold may come to the
surface and become acute on the path to recovery.
Jin Shin Jyutsu heightens overall self-awareness. Thus, jumper-cabling may make
us feel refreshed and alert, or tired, depending on our overall state on any given day.
When tensions and stagnations are revived, trapped feelings and emotions can be
released, passing through our consciousness once more on their way out. We are given
the opportunity to re-examine these feelings, to sense potential resistances and bid
them farewell.


Regular practice is important for success. Repeatedly holding the same sequences
over extended periods primes the brain to switch into relaxation mode at first touch.
It is well known that relaxation techniques and autogenic training tune our brain
waves to the curative alpha frequency, which fosters profound renewal and alleviates
stress. The same deep relaxation can be attained through jumper-cabling – by
ourselves or others – which reduces the release of stress hormones and stimulates the
parasympathetic nervous system responsible for relaxation. Jumper-cabling also
soothes the enteric nervous system, the so-called abdominal brain, which has gained
attention in recent years. It enables us to act from the gut and is crucial for relaying
emotional impressions to the brain.
Being jumper-cabled by others has the advantage of allowing us for once to tune
out and let go. In our everyday lives, we have enough to worry about, now we can
hand ourselves over to another’s tender touch. Sometimes, having the greater
distance, another will recognize the causes of our disharmony better than ourselves.


Create your very own, individualized self-help routine. To this end, choose flows for
overall daily health maintenance and relaxation as well as flows for your particular
day-to-day needs.
If you have no specific health problems, wishing to jumper-cable on a daily basis
to maintain overall health, follow your own intuition in selecting a card. The fingers
and the Main Central Flow are especially well-suited for daily self-help.
Practice the chosen exercises for a while. Add new exercises as you go along and
leave out ones you’ve already practiced, according to your personal needs. Gathering
your own experiences is the most important aspect on the road to self-knowledge.

Special needs
• if you have specific health problems, you can combine your basic routine with one
or two additional exercises given your particular needs
• all exercises can be combined with one another at random; just follow your
• depending on your level of strain and stress, 20-30 minutes of jumper-cabling 1-2
times a day will be adequate for daily harmonization and illness prevention
• if you are under a lot of stress on a daily basis, jumper-cable more frequently
• if you have an immediate, acute project, jumper cable as often as possible
• for chronic illness, jumper-cable 2-3 times daily for at least half an hour over a
longer period of time
• for recurring projects like migraines or chronic bronchitis treat yourself not only
during acute bouts (as then the vessel is already overflowing) but even when you show
no symptoms
• practice all self-help exercises regularly and extensively, making jumper-cabling
part of your daily routine on a par with brushing your teeth.
• there is no time limit on self-help; you know best when to stop jumper-cabling;
your fingers automatically slip away when energy flows harmoniously
• when jumper-cabling others, don’t exceed 1 hour
• children, elderly and sick persons should not be treated for more than 20 minutes
• if a child doesn’t want to be jumper-cabled, the parents can jumper-cable
themselves instead
• learn how different symptoms relate to each other; health endures only if you
recognize and remove the causes of illness; jumper-cabling treats the entire person,
not merely discrete symptoms

“Every breath well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow ecstasy.”
Mary Burmeister

The body absorbs life energy in different ways: through Energy Flow patterns with
their Energy Locks, as well as through every breath we take. Breath is the pulse wave
of life. Inhaling and exhaling are as much part of the laws of nature as the ebb and
flow of the tides and the cycle of ever-recurring seasons. The undulation of breathing
in and out, its wavelike rise and fall, has no beginning or end. It enfolds everything
that lives, that we see, feel, hear and imagine. We are bound up with nature and
absorb life energy through breath. Thus, life’s universal breath turns into individual


Jiro Murai once said to Mary: “One day, you will understand that everything we need
for harmony and balance is connected to the breath and fingers.” Breathing, we
receive life energy, which constantly purifies and regenerates. Each conscious breath
fills the body with new life.
When we exhale, life energy flows down the front of the body, from the head
(heaven) to the feet (earth). When we inhale, it flows up the back of the body, from
the feet to the head. Exhaling is the most important: It allows us to empty ourselves
and let go of everything that doesn’t belong to us now. When we inhale, cosmic
energy flows into us and rebuilds the body.
For breath to flow through the body unobstructedly, Mary recommends daily
practice of the following breathing exercise.

Exercise: 36 conscious breaths

• sit upright on a chair as relaxed as possible with your back straight
• give yourself a big hug by placing your hands under your armpits with both thumbs
in front on the ribcage and the fingers sideways on the body
• let your shoulders drop and let go of all bodily tension as best you can
• close your eyes and direct your attention inward
• exhale without straining and observe how the air flows out of your body
• as you exhale, let go of everything that’s not important to you right now
• inhale and try to observe how the purified breath of life in all its fullness flows into
you; this, too, happens without straining, in the posture of an observer
• if disturbing thoughts distract you from breathing consciously, simply pay them no
heed and return to your breathing, for our power is wherever we direct our attention;
when we attend to our thoughts, we give them power; when we attend to our
breathing, our power is in the now
• the goal of the exercise is to consciously exhale and inhale 36 times without
interruption; if that’s not possible at first, you can also break up the 36 breaths into 4
stints of 9 breaths each

Breathing harmonizes
In time, you will notice how your breathing slows down and becomes more steady. It
may also become deeper, and you will feel yourself calming down as you practice
conscious breathing.
Breathing harmonizes thoughts, feelings and the body. It regulates digestion and
creates inner balance. It connects body, mind and spirit. If you regularly practice the
breathing exercise and count the breaths, your brain will establish a mnemonic link
between the exercise and relaxing, and respond immediately as soon as you sit down
and begin to count. Counting will work like a mantra.

Breath releases emotional tension

It is through breathing, first and foremost, that we harmonize our feelings. Emotions
can have an enormous influence on our breathing: Our breath halts when we are given
a scare; when we are sad, our breathing is always flat. If something hits us in the
stomach, we feel a lump in our abdomen, and our breathing can no longer correctly
flow to the pelvis. Thus, we can sense in our bodies how strongly our emotions impact
our breathing.
Conversely, we can dissolve emotional blockages through conscious breathing. All
unpleasant feelings, even those that we would rather not have, must leave our system
again. If we repress them, they will fester inside.
We often distract ourselves in order not to have to sense and examine them. We
cover them up with something else. This often marks the beginning of what will turn
into a real affliction, or even the onset of depression. Covering-up and repression are
so far advanced at this point that we no longer recognize the cause. In our fast-paced
world, where many impressions rain down on us one after the other, it is especially
important to carve out regular quiet times for ourselves, or to treat ourselves daily to
a breathing exercise, flow or meditation. Then, whatever we may have ‘pressed into’
ourselves – in the literal sense of ‘impression’ – can be released and flow back out,
leaving us more free than before.

Exercise: resolving emotional pain

• sit upright on a chair
• relax as best you can and focus your attention inward
• inhale, direct your breath through the body, sense whether there are places in your
body that feel constricted or painful, dwell on that place, and observe the pain or
unpleasant sensation
• listen inward, paying close attention to determining which of your feelings might be
trapped in the constricted place
• exhale and let go of everything on the outbreath
• inhale again, direct your breath to the place in your body where you sense
emotional pain; lovingly accept the feeling, hug it, feel it, try to sense what it wants
to tell you and how it suddenly moves – the place might become hot or tingly, the
tension dissolves
• exhale again, and once again let go of all your feelings
• continue to breathe in and out until you can properly breathe freely again
“If thoughts are lifted up, the whole organism changes.”
Mary Burmeister

“Change the focus of your thoughts, and your life changes,” said Mary. We all know
how much our mindset affects our state of health. When we constantly think negative
thoughts, our life energy sinks along with our mood. We literally drag ourselves down.
Brooding and worrying, as is well known, affect the stomach and cause ulcers. When
we think of our loved ones, our mood suddenly brightens, and we feel a warm
sensation in our heart, although the person might not even be present. The thought
alone brings forth the feeling or physical state within us.

The most subtle level

Of the three levels of being within us – the levels of thought, feeling and the body –
the level of thought is the most subtle. From physics we know that the greatest force
comes from the most subtle particles. Matter is the lowest degree of mind. Mind is
the highest degree of matter. The power that took effect at the origin of creation is
still operative – albeit in muted fashion – as human will power. Through will power we
produce new thoughts or change old ones.
We create our own world through our thoughts. If we want a better world, our
thinking must be governed by purity, which originates in the heart, because what we
call conscience is the voice of the divine in the heart. We can access it – similarly to a
computer – when we know the password. And the password is: silence. The more we
calm the mind, keeping it free from the volatility of emotion, expectation and fear,
the more successful we will be in gaining access to this inner voice.
Mary says: “When my chatter – my ‘ifs’, ‘ands’ and ‘buts’, and my ‘if I had only
done it differently’ – fall silent, I can potentially perceive what is. When my will
doesn’t constantly create new thoughts, I can receive a higher will, the will of the


Attitudes are patterns of thought and feeling that we have shaped through continuous
repetition. Jin Shin Jyutsu distinguishes between five major attitudes: worry, fear,
anger, sadness, and pretense/ trying-to. When we are trapped in one of these five
attitudes, it is often very hard to free ourselves from it since a certain automatism
has set in. For example, if we happen to have often had the experience that we can’t
do something very well, we tend to meet every new situation and challenge with fear
and uncertainty. By contrast, if we were often supported and encouraged in our
activities as children, we tend to be open-minded and curious about the new. Just as
we have rehearsed this mentality, we can let go of it again through repeated

“The greatest obstacle is man himself – the pattern of his thought. If that doesn’t change, we fall back into
the old pattern. This is why daily self-help is so important.”
Mary Burmeister

The five attitudes in Jin Shin Jyutsu

• worry
• fear – the cause of all other attitudes
• anger or rage
• grief, sadness
• pretense, trying-to, lack of joy

Mary emphasized time and again that everything we need for harmony and balance
lies within ourselves. Thus, alongside conscious breathing, holding our fingers is
another way of attaining balance and relaxing. Jiro Murai discovered that several
Energy Flows, which connect with the entire body, begin or end in each of our
fingers. He had himself practiced finger holding in distress, and this saved him from a
life-threatening situation.
In situations where we are nervous or afraid, we tend to intuitively hold our hands
or fingers to calm ourselves. Holding as practiced in Jin Shin Jyutsu stems from the
wisdom hidden deep within humanity. The fact that holding fingers impacts thinking
and consciousness is palpably expressed in the word ‘grasp’. Small children must first
touch everything in order to understand it.

We can release our attitudes and petrified thought patterns simply by holding our
fingers, thus simultaneously harmonizing everyday stress as well as mental/emotional
and physical fatigue.
Studies have shown that a genuine change in thinking is a crucial part of the
healing process. We can only effect this change in ourselves through a targeted
decision. Regularly holding our fingers can deepen this determination. That’s why
daily self- help is so important for achieving success. You can practice finger holding
while sitting, lying down or standing. Simply accustom yourself to holding a finger
whenever your hands are free. You need only hold any given finger with the other
See for yourself whether you would rather hold the fingers of the right or the left
hand. Should you notice that it’s unpleasant to hold a particular finger, then it is
entirely possible that it needs special attention and treatment. Or you can simply hold
the finger you are most drawn to.
Like the mudras, holding fingers is meant to be an open-ended daily practice. You
can hold a finger for anywhere from 2-20 minutes. Or simply try out what feels best to

Holding thumbs harmonizes worry

Holding the thumb harmonizes worry and nugatory overthinking. Worry pulls us away
from the present and dissipates our energy. And yet, yesterday is already long gone,
we can no longer change it, and tomorrow is not yet here. All there is is ‘now’.
Holding the thumb also helps when we feel depressed, hateful, obsessive and anxious.
It simultaneously harmonizes Stomach and Spleen Function Energy.

It is well known that worrying affects the stomach. Holding the thumb helps us to
digest nutrients as well as external impressions and stimuli, and, thus, to strengthen
our core. Babies like to suck their thumbs – this not only supports the absorption of
nutrients, but it also harmonizes parents’ worrying. Holding the thumb also
strengthens self-confidence and fosters love and compassion for others.

Holding the index finger harmonizes fear

The index finger allows us to stay in the flow. Holding it helps us to let go of fears,
uncertainties, perfectionism and shyness. Mary states that fear is the cause of all the
other attitudes – the primordial fear of becoming uncoupled from divine unity.
Fear blocks physical healing. New research in immunology has shown that the immune
system is more strongly activated in people who are cheerful, happy and free of fear.
Mary’s introductory book “Fun with Fingers and Toes,” therefore, begins with holding
the index finger.
Holding the index finger supports Kidney and Bladder Function Energy, thereby
strengthening the will to live. Folk wisdom knows about the connection between fear
and a weakened bladder function. Thus, we still say that “we pee our pants” when we
are scared. If you are afraid of the dentist, simply hold your index finger, and you will
feel your fear and pain subside!

Holding the middle finger harmonizes anger

Anger is actually bottled-up creative energy that is often suddenly discharged at the
wrong person. It is often associated with situations where things don’t go our way. If
you know this state and are irritable all day long, if you are easily overcome by
violent fits of temper, or if frustration and aggression are part of your attitude toward
life, holding the middle finger will help you. It will calm you down while
simultaneously protecting Liver and Gallbladder Energy. This connection is also
reflected in our everyday speech: When we are angry or frustrated at being ignored,
we ask, “What am I, chopped liver?,” or if someone is bitter and rancorous we say
that he “has a lot of gall.” Holding the middle finger helps to translate our creative
powers into action.

Holding the ring finger harmonizes sadness

Holding the ring finger can help us to let go – be it of old clothes or a friendship that’s
no longer right for us. Letting go means saying goodbye and grieving, and that’s very
important. Holding the ring finger helps people who cannot grieve or cry. When we
don’t experience these feelings, we become emotionally stunted. After a certain
time, however, grief ought to come to an end, and we ought to let go.
Disappointment, feelings of guilt and negative thoughts can be harmonized by holding
the ring finger as well, which boosts the common-sense optimism that things are going
to get better again. Holding the ring finger harmonizes Lung and Large Intestine
Function Energy.

Holding the little finger harmonizes pretense/trying-to

Holding the little finger brings joy into our lives. If a person doesn’t love his work, it
takes a lot of effort and strain to carry it out. Too much trying-to and stress, in turn,
will disharmonize Heart Function Energy, which also happens when we pretend – for
example, when we laugh on the outside even though we are crying inside. Holding the
little finger allows us to live from the heart and be faithful to our own truth. Thus
arise lightness and serenity, and life becomes simple. It can even improve our
relationship with our partner. Jumper-cabling the little finger harmonizes Heart and
Small Intestine Function Energy.

Holding the palm harmonizes our whole being

Holding the palm of our hand – the fingers of one hand resting in the palm of the
other, and vice versa – connects us with the eternal energy source that is available to
all. This energy source serves every cell in our body. It produces a beneficial
equilibrium and brings order into chaos. A variation of this exercise consists in folding
the hands as in prayer, which harmonizes our whole being and allows us to surrender
to the universal life source. Folding our hands as in prayer, we simultaneously hold
the palms of both hands as well as all our fingers. This hand position harmonizes us at
all levels of our being.

The Opposite-Finger-and-Toe Flow

In the Opposite-Finger-and-Toe flow, one hand is holding the fingers, the other hand
is holding the opposite toes, one after the other. This is especially well-suited for
treating others. Connecting the fingers and toes purifies and regenerates the whole
body. The flows from fingers to toes traverse the entire body, all vertebrae, discs,
and joints. The Opposite-Finger-and-Toe Flow is also called the Hospital Flow because
it is easy to give and fosters healing throughout the body. For example, if you have a
friend or loved one who has been hospitalized after an accident, you can ask all of the
patient’s visitors to perform the Opposite-Finger-and-Toe Flow, which is especially
conducive for broken bones and vertebrae. This flow also supports the correct setting
of the bone at the point of fracture and hastens recovery. If it is given immediately
after an injury or stroke, it can even alleviate paralysis.
You should allow 20-30 minutes for each side when giving this flow. If you only
have time for one side, jumper-cable the other side later.

Exercise: the Opposite-Finger-and-Toe Flow

• hold the left thumb with one hand and the right little toe with the other until it
begins to pulsate
• hold the left index finger and the right fourth toe
• hold the left middle finger and the right middle toe
• hold the left ring finger and the right second toe
• hold the left little finger and the right big toe
• reverse the sequence for the other side
“The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of one’s arm.”
Mary Burmeister

Alongside fasting and meditation, Jiro Murai owes his newly-won life to the practice
of mudras. Mudras are the various hand positions we find pictured in the different
representations of the Buddha. By bending, stretching and touching our fingers, as
well as by joining our right and left hands, we move energy through various parts of
our body and create unity between body and mind.
This influences both our thinking and our consciousness. The ancient sages of the
East created the mudras, first and foremost, in order to reach a higher level of
consciousness. Each of our ten fingers connects to 14,400 body functions; we can thus
imagine how powerful our hands are.


The following eight positions represent merely a small fraction of mudras practiced by
Jiro Murai. They can especially help us to relieve daily stress and tension, which lead
to fatigue and exhaustion. Practice them whenever you have a free hand. The
exercises below pertain to one hand only – for the other hand, simply invert the

Exercise: finger position 1

Hold your left middle finger so that the thumb of your right hand touches the palm
side of the finger while the other fingers lie on its back.
This exercise facilitates exhaling and letting go of all old images and impressions.
When we exhale, universal energy can flow in.

Possible applications
• chronic fatigue
• failing eyesight, farsightedness
• mood swings and feelings of frustration
• difficulty making decisions

Exercise: finger position 2

Hold the left middle finger so that the right thumb touches its back while the other
fingers lie on its palm side.
This exercise supports inhaling and receiving the purified breath of life.
Possible applications
• hearing difficulty or hearing loss
• foot pain
• regenerates and relaxes the body
• eye pain and hay fever

Exercise: finger position 3

Hold your left ring and left little fingers with your right hand; the right thumb touches
their palm side while the other fingers touch their back.
This exercise helps exhaling and letting go of the old. It calms the body and
strengthens all Organ Flows.

Possible applications
• nervousness
• earache
• shortness of breath
• depressive moods
Exercise: finger position 4
Hold your left middle and index fingers as well as your thumb with your right hand.
Put your right thumb on their back and the remaining fingers on their palm side.
This exercise purifies and regenerates, resolving stress, worry, fear and anger.

Possible applications
• fatigue
• exhaustion
• anger and worry
• fear and uncertainty

Exercise: finger position 5

Make a circle with your fingers by placing the palm side of your right thumb on the
nail of your right middle finger. Slip your left thumb between the circle of the right
thumb and middle finger.
This exercise purifies and energizes all our body functions.

Possible applications
• fatigue
• exhaustion
• mood swings
• cravings for sweets
• skin regeneration
Exercise: finger position 6
Make a ring by placing the palm side of your thumb on the nail of your ring finger.
This exercise primarily strengthens the respiratory function and opens the chest.
Beyond that, it helps the ears and facilitates altitude adaptation.

Possible applications
• strengthening during hikes or running
• emotional hypersensitivity
• skin disorders

Exercise: finger position 7

Fold your hands with all fingers interlocking. Stretch both middle fingers and let them
touch each other.
This exercise keeps body, mind and spirit in harmony. It supports exhaling and the
descending energy.

Possible applications
• mental strain
• digestive problems
• discomfort in the legs
Exercise: finger position 8
Bring your right and left middle fingernails together.
This exercise supports inhaling and the ascending energy in the back. It aids in
receiving the purified breath of life.
Possible applications
• back pain
• increases wellbeing
“Someone who only trusts his own studies will achieve little. But he who believes that the power of the
creator is at work in and through him, and who intelligently employs this power, will achieve a great deal.”

From the Sixth Depth – our personal, primordial energy source, which is connected to
the great essence of cosmic breath – Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing
Energy (Main Central Flow) is born. It flows from the head to the pubic bone down the
center of the front of the body, and up the center of the back again from the coccyx
to the head.
From this central primordial fire for our individual life, at the navel (umbilicus),
the left and right Major Vertical (Supervisor) Universal Harmonizing Energy (Supervisor
Flows) are born. This threefold Universal Harmonizing Energy presents the three most
subtle Energy Flow patterns in the body. They are called Trinity Flows because they
connect us to the cosmic spiritual light. The Major Vertical Supervisor Flows travel
down the front right and left sides of the body and up again in the back, thus
supervising both sides.
Flowing like an eternal current down the front and up the back, they traverse,
one by one, each Depth and bodily layer: from the First Depth (surface skin layer),
through the Second Depth (deep skin layer), through the Third Depth (blood essence
layer), and on to the Fourth Depth (muscular layer) and the Fifth Depth (skeletal
layer), all the way to our core, where they re-enter the Sixth Depth.


Along the Supervisor Flows, which balance the body’s two sides, a specific number of
Energy Locks arise in each Depth. Jumper-cabling these Energy Locks in a particular
order jogs the body into regenerating and harmonizing life energy. We often feel rigid
and tense precisely where Energy Locks are located. Thus our inherent wisdom signals
to us that something is out of order. We then say: “Thank you for the cue, Energy
Lock. I will look for the cause of the discomfort.”
Each Energy Lock possesses a unique energetic quality that is expressed in a
corresponding number. Owing to their numerological significance Energy Locks impact
spirit, mind and body. Additionally, each Energy Lock has its unique frequency, which
also expresses itself by way of color and sound. Jumper-cabling the Locks not only
harmonizes their corresponding Depths, but also addresses any given life issue or


While the two Supervisor Flows move through the body in a spiral from skin surface to
deep skin, the left and right Diagonal (Mediator) Universal Harmonizing Energy
(Diagonal Mediator Flow) originate simultaneously above the shoulder blades at Safety
Energy Lock 3.
This connects the Energy Flows of the left side of the body with those on the
right, and vice versa. Through the weaving of Diagonal Mediator Energy, the denser,
bodily-oriented, ‘Individualized’ Body Function Energy (Organ Flows) is formed from
within the more subtle Trinity Flows. The Mediator Flow thus constitutes a bridge that
allows a new order of Depths to arise.


Our mental-spiritual powers are connected to the physical powers through the energy
of the Mediator Flow. Here, in the element of the Third Depth – ether or ‘ki’, also
called ‘key’ in Jin Shin Jyutsu – begins the order of Organ Flows.
According to this order, the power of the Second Depth is manifested first through
the element of air, where the heavenly powers are absorbed through respiration.
Lung and Large Intestine Function Energy, which accomplish this work, emerge from
the Second Depth. Next, the element of earth (First Depth) manifests itself. With the
help of Stomach and Spleen Function Energy, we absorb the essence of food, power
from the earth.
Next, the Fifth Depth arises, adding the element of fire, which transports all
essences in the blood throughout the entire body along the cardio-vascular system.
Together with the primordial fire of the Sixth Depth, it is also responsible for the
body’s temperature regulation. The spiritual spark of our being glows in the heart,
which all religions conceive of as the site of illumination. Along with Heart Function
Energy, Small Intestine Function Energy is also born from the Fifth Depth.
After the Fifth Depth, the Fourth Depth comes into being. Owing to the element
of water, it allows everything to circulate throughout the body and promotes the
absorption of essences into cells. All dissolved substances as well as all fine-matter
information and vibration are conducted by water and enter each cell through
osmosis. Conversely, the same process takes all waste and toxins out of the cells and
into the bodily fluids to be excreted by dint of Kidney and Bladder Function Energy.
Aside from the absorption of essences into cells, these energies are also linked to the
abilities to excrete and reproduce.
Next arises the power of the Sixth Depth, which corresponds to the element of
fire. The so-called ‘primordial fire’ of the Sixth Depth reflects the spiritual light of
the Seventh Depth, as the moon reflects the light of the sun. It is from the great fire
of life that all other Energy Flows are vitalized and nourished through Diaphragm and
Umbilicus Function Energy.
Thus the circle joined, and energy connects back to the Third Depth, the ‘key’
element. From here arise Gallbladder and Liver Function Energy. In the liver, blood is
purified and blood essence, the light in the blood, received. It thus provides us with
new life every day.
After all Energy Flows have manifested, they simultaneously traverse the entire
body. In the process, each Organ Flow takes over the lead every two hours, thereby
accomplishing all the necessary tasks over the course of the 24-hour day.

Organ Flows and the seasons

The Depths are not only correlated with the five elements but with the five seasons
as well, which means that we can sense and use in each season the powers of any
given Depth and its corresponding Organ Flows. In each season, different powers
predominate, which the book of nature is best equipped to reveal to us. In any given
season, mutually correlated Depths and Organ Flows help us to adapt to its respective
impact and harmonize seasonal disturbances such as hay fever in the spring and colds
in the winter.
“Whatever our imperfections, at the heart of every being there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm.”
Mary Burmeister

The 12 Organ Flows, which are also called Body Function Energy in Jin Shin Jyutsu,
are constituted in a specific order. From each Depth spring two corresponding Body
Function Energy Flows. The universe’s mysterious forces are reflected in man. At the
same time, the elements, the seasons and the vibrations of the 12 signs of the Zodiac
all have an impact on the 12 Organ Flows.

Journey through the Second Depth

The Second Depth is the first step toward the condensation of energy into Organ
Flows. There, light is reflected through the electromagnetic fields corresponding to
the signs of Aries and Taurus. With its power, each astrological sign affects our
consciousness and personality in a different way. Our journey through the Organ Flows
begins with the Lung Flow at 4 a.m., the symbolic time of sunrise. The big breath of
life becomes our own personal breath, which we absorb through the lungs thanks to
the activating principle of the Mediator Flow and the Third Depth. The Second Depth,
with its power of letting go and receiving, teaches us that we must first breathe out
and release the old before we can receive the new.

Fall – power of the Second Depth

Observing the fall we understand the quality of energy in the Second Depth. It’s the
time of year when nature bids farewell, after it has yet again proudly displayed its
creations in all their colorful glory. The harvest is gathered. All is consummated. Now
we can let go.
Energy now pushes more inward, toward the center of the earth, which inhales.
All fluids in plants descend to their roots. The leaves dry up, turn and fall off, and
with them the remaining fruits and seeds. The tree knows precisely that that’s not
the end, having the deep trust and knowledge that after the darkness of winter light
will return.

Grieving and letting go

The same knowledge is also deeply rooted in our own nature. Healthy common sense
tells us that bad times will be followed by good times. This requires confidence, faith
in the goodness of life. The Second Depth gives us the ability to express our feelings,
to grieve, cry, say goodbye and – when the time is ripe – to let go. Only if we admit
pain do we remain tender and open. If we don’t grieve, our feelings harden, we
become embittered and close ourselves off. Whatever we don’t process hardens
within us. The flow properties of deep skin and intercellular tissue – both correlated
with the Second Depth – are slowed down and accumulations build up. The flows of
the Second Depth also support the ability to forgive oneself and others. Buddha said:
“Attachment to people, situations and things is the main cause of all suffering.”

Air – element of the Second Depth

In the Second Depth, the element of air stands for clarity and purity of thought and
feeling as well as for communication and telepathic connection with others. A
harmonious Second Depth sows the seed for new ideas. If an idea survives the winter
and matures in the cold and darkness, it is ready to sprout in the spring. Lung and
Large Intestine Function Energy keep all this in balance. (You can find graphic
representations of all Organ Flows on the cards.)


Lung Function Energy springs from the energy of the Third Depth in the stomach. It
sends a branch of energy down to its partner organ, the large intestine. The main part
of the energy runs through the lungs and on through the trachea, where it divides into
a left and right flow.
Suffice it to describe the left flow in detail (the right flow runs in the same way
on the other side of the body). From the trachea, energy flows underneath and along
the collarbone, through the shoulder joint and then up toward the hand on the thumb
side of the left arm. According to Jin Shin Jyutsu, energy flows up the arms because it
assumes an initial body posture with arms extended upward above the head. Just
below the wrist, the Energy Flow pattern divides into two branches. One runs to the
thumb and completely surrounds it; the other runs into the index finger, where it
becomes the Large Intestine Flow.


Lung Function Energy becomes Large Intestine Function Energy at the left index
fingernail. It flows down the back of the index, over the wrist and then down the back
of the arm, and further on through the shoulder joint. From the left shoulder joint, it
crosses the first thoracic vertebra to the right, runs around the neck and divides at
the front of the chest. One branch runs down through the lungs to the large intestine
and disperses at its surface.
The other branch runs up the front of the neck into the face and on through the
gums. From the top right row of teeth, it runs past the nose to the left cheek, where
it becomes the Stomach Flow at Safety Energy Lock 21. On the other side of the body,
the energy flows in a mirror image of the same pattern. (See card)

Journey through the First Depth

Next, the energy of the element of earth manifests within the First Depth. It produces
Stomach and Spleen Body Function Energy. Stomach Function Energy is reflected in
the astrological sign of Gemini, and Spleen Function Energy in Cancer.
The First Depth corresponds to the nourishing function of the earth, which gives
us the sense of being accepted. We repose within ourselves, radiating self-
confidence. This Depth, as well as Stomach and Spleen Function Energy, are
correlated with everything that has to do with nourishment and nurturing, even on
the emotional level: Are we capable of nurturing ourselves and others? Is it easy for us
to accept something from others, or do we only ever give until we finally just
collapse, exhausted, because we have never done anything for ourselves? Giving and
taking must be in equilibrium. Children, especially, profit from a harmonious First
Depth; they can best thrive and grow in an affectionate atmosphere characterized by
love and compassion.

Late summer – power of the First Depth

The season correlated with the first depth is late summer. It is the hot, humid phase
at the end of the summer, when the fruits and crops mature and grow sweet. Late
summer is the time of ripening. After all of nature has completely unfolded, and fruits
and vegetables have grown big, starch is transformed into sugar. Everything becomes
ripe and sweet.
All transformation belongs to the first depth. Like alchemists, Stomach and Spleen
Function Energy transforms nutrients into vital energy, or into flesh and muscle.
However, this power of transformation is not only at work in late summer but
rather always and whenever one season passes into another, or when a change occurs
in our lives. Then, the power of the First Depth helps us to accept change and,
thereby, remain centered. All cycles and rhythms belong to the First Depth: regular
eating and sleeping patterns as well as the menstrual cycle. It’s especially important
for children to have regularity in their lives, which helps them to feel secure and
confident. Not for nothing do we say: “When children are small give them roots, and
when they are big give them wings.”

Worry and rumination

Late summer, the time before the harvest, when sweetness finds its way into fruit, is
like contemplation. Nature halts for a moment and reflects once more before the
arrival of fall, which enjoins all to let go. Similarly, we also reflect on our lives and
begin to brace ourselves for a new phase. We digest life. The First Depth is also
connected to the ability to be silent and meditate. If the First Depth is in disharmony,
our reflections spin in a circle. We think and ruminate, yet we don’t find solutions.
We rehash the same stories from the dead past over and over, and worry about a
future that hasn’t yet even been born. When Stomach and Spleen Function Energy are
strong and in harmony, we develop a lovable, stable personality that can feel love
and compassion for others.
Next to the nose, at Safety Energy Lock 21, Large Intestine Function Energy becomes
Stomach Function Energy. It climbs from the cheekbone up between the eyebrows,
where it turns around and runs down the cheek on the other side of the face to the
chin. It follows the chin line back to its original side and runs up along the jaw bone
to the outer edge of the eyebrow, turns toward the eye and runs down to the
shoulder (acromion). There, it divides into two branches. One runs to the opposite
groin, while the other runs to the stomach and the umbilicus, where it divides yet
again. Here, one branch runs toward the back of the body through the abdomen and
disperses at the twelfth thoracic vertebra. The other runs further on down to the
groin and joins up with the first that comes from the shoulder. Reunited, the energy
flows down the inside of the thigh and crosses under the kneecap over to the outside
of the shin. There it splits and runs down two pathways on the outside of the lower
leg until it reaches the arch of the foot. One branch goes to the third toe, the other
divides at the arch of the foot, one part running to the second toe and the other to
the big toe. There, Stomach Energy becomes Spleen Energy. On the other side of the
body, the energy flows in a mirror image of the same pattern. (See card)


The Spleen Flow runs from the big toe along the inside of the foot, around the ankle,
and then up the inside of the leg to the groin. There the flow crosses over to the
other side of the body and moves up to the ninth rib, where it divides into two
One branch runs up to the third rib, turns toward the armpit, and then back down
toward about the seventh rib, then turns back again toward the side and runs back
upward. It comes toward the front of the body to the pharynx and flows to the root of
the tongue, where it disperses. The other branch runs from the ninth rib to the
stomach and the spleen, and further on through the chest and up to the heart, where
the Spleen Flow becomes the Heart Flow. On the other side of the body, the energy
flows in a mirror image of the same pattern. (See card)

Journey through the Fifth Depth

Next, the energy of the Fifth Depth comes into being along with Heart and Small
Intestine Func- tion Energy. The Fifth Depth is correlated with the element of fire.
Both the Heart Flow, reflected in the astrological sign of Leo, and the Small Intestine
Flow, reflected in the sign of Virgo, are born in the Fifth Depth. The function of the
Fifth Depth is to receive the spiritual spark through the heart and to lead us to

Summer – power of the Fifth Depth

Looking at summer, we understand the power of the Fifth Depth. In summer, earth
has fully exhaled. Nature has given its all. Heat fosters growth, and plants grow
luscious and big.
In summer, we like to engage in outdoor activities. It stands for the power of the
human heart, which enables us to be open-hearted and let others share in our ideas
through our capacity for enthusiasm. It brings joyful serenity and cheerfulness into
our lives and allows us to handle the everyday without effort and strain.
The Fifth Depth helps us to grow through love by teaching us to live from the
heart and be true to ourselves.

Effort and strain

When we don’t put our hearts into our actions, everything becomes effort and strain.
If you don’t love your job, performing it will require a great deal of effort. Indeed,
similarly to lack of joy, effort and stress at work strain Heart Function Energy. Our
self-healing powers, too, are linked to healthy Heart Function Energy. The Fifth Depth
loves enthusiasm and passion.


Heart Function Energy divides into five different branches. The first runs to the third
thoracic vertebra and distributes its energy into the chest. The second goes through
the armpit to the back and crosses over to the other side of the body at the seventh
thoracic vertebra. The right flow runs leftward to the spleen and left kidney, while
the left flow moves to the right into the liver and the right kidney. The third branch
runs down and out of the heart and on through the umbilicus to the small intestine.
The fourth branch runs from the third rib up through pharynx and eyes to the brain.
The fifth and final branch runs from the heart through the lungs, and from there
through the armpit into the front mid-section of the arm, and on to the wrist and
along the inside of the little finger. There, it becomes Small Intestine Function
Energy. On the other side of the body, the energy flows in a mirror image of the same
pattern. (See card)


Small Intestine Function Energy flows from the nail of the little finger up its back,
then up the little-finger side of the arm through the elbow to the shoulder. It
continues along the back of the shoulder to the first thoracic vertebra, where it
merges with the one coming from the other side. It then runs around the neck to the
other side of the body, on to the front, and then down into the ribcage. There, it
divides into two branches. One runs further down through heart and stomach,
unloading its energy into the intestine. The other runs upward from the ribcage
through neck and cheek until it reaches the forehead, where it becomes the Bladder
Flow. One branch forks at the cheek and runs into the ear. On the other side of the
body, the energy flows in a mirror image of the same pattern. (See card)

Journey through the Fourth Depth

Immediately following the fire element, we need the water element in order to
establish equilibrium and to bring everything back into motion. Both Bladder Function
Energy, with its corresponding sign of Libra, and Kidney Function Energy, with its
corresponding sign of Scorpio, arise in this Depth.
Water cools the scorching heat of fire. From the power of water comes the energy
for regeneration. Regeneration can only occur when we pause and take a break,
distancing ourselves for a little while from the daily grind to gain perspective and
reflect on our roots. Only in this way can we get at the essence, the core of our
being. The Fourth Depth is related to our prenatal life essence, which is stored in our
Kidney and Bladder Function Energy. It guides our journey through life from birth to
death. The Fourth Depth is about realizing our potential and passing along this
treasure to the next generation. It is connected with reproductive energy and

Winter – power of the Fourth Depth

The Fourth Depth, with the element of water, corresponds to the season of winter. At
this time of year, nature has let go of everything superfluous and draws all the powers
of life back into itself. Many animals follow the same natural rhythm when they
hibernate. Only the essential functions necessary for survival are maintained. Deep in
our innermost being, deep inside the earth, reposes the primordial will to be. Like
nature, humans also need times of stillness and reflection. Especially when we have a
hectic lifestyle, practices such as meditation, yoga, or jumper-cabling help to bring us
peace. Just as nature takes its winter break, so humans regenerate and become
fertile in quietude.

Fear blocks the flow of life

Fear can block the free flow of energy, fear paralyzes. It decreases the vibration of
atoms in the physical and mental body. Love and trust, conversely, can conquer fear.
When Bladder and Kidney Function Energy are in harmony, we can overcome our fears
and become one with the flow of our vital forces.


Bladder Function Energy flows from the forehead into the head. The left and right
flows meet at the center top of the head, and continue on their respective sides
through the brain to the back of the head. One branch runs from the center top of the
middle of the head to the opposite earlobe. The flow at the back of the head divides
into two branches. One runs very closely along the spine down to the coccyx, where it
turns into the body and flows to the bladder, one of the kidneys, and along the inside
of the pelvic bone. Then it comes back out at the rectum and runs down the back of
the leg to the hollow of the knee. The second branch runs parallel to the first down
the neck, divides once more into a third branch at the top edge of the shoulder blade,
and likewise runs down the back a bit further, on the outside of the body. The second
and third branches reunite again at the ischium, and then run on together down to
the hollow of the knee, where they reunite with the first branch. The energy flows
down along the calf and then around the outside of the ankle. It becomes Kidney
Function Energy in the little toe. On the other side of the body, the energy flows in a
mirror image of the same pattern. (See card)


From the nail of the little toe, Kidney Function Energy runs diagonally over the sole of
the foot, around the inside of the ankle and then up the inside of the leg. It continues
through the groin to the rectum and then to the opposite side of the coccyx. From
there, it flows through the genitals and then along the pubic bone to abdomen,
umbilicus and kidney, and on down to the bladder, and, finally, up again.
Left Kidney Function Energy runs rightward to the reproductive organs and into the
right kidney, bladder, liver, pylorus and lungs. Right Kidney Function Energy runs
leftward to the reproductive organs, into the left kidney, bladder, spleen, pylorus and
lungs, where it divides into two branches.
One runs through the throat and disperses part of its energy at the root of the
tongue; the main part goes further up behind the face, through the forehead and over
past the head, and then down again, close to the spine, to the coccyx, where it
disperses forward into the groin. The second branch runs from the lungs to the third
frontal rib, further into the opposite side of the ribcage, through the heart, and from
the bottom end of the heart to the diaphragm, where it becomes the Diaphragm
Flow. On the other side of the body, the energy flows in a mirror image of the same
pattern. (See card)

Journey through the Sixth Depth

The Fourth Depth provides the transition of energy to the Sixth Depth, our all-
embracing energy source. When we confidently entrust ourselves to superior
guidance, a door opens and our spiritual, mental and physical energies are renewed.
The Sixth Depth corresponds to pure consciousness. Through the Seventh Depth, the
universal spark, the Sixth Depth – that is, personal light, or the personal life breath of
our being – is called into life. The moon doesn’t itself emit light, but rather reflects
the light of the sun. In a similar manner, we reflect the creative light of the Seventh
Depth through our personal life light.
The will to be
The Sixth Depth is, in a way, the blueprint or matrix that encapsulates, in a state of
subtle vibration, all the information concerning our personality. Like the Fifth Depth,
it too corresponds to the element of fire; however, in this case it is primordial fire,
the will to be. In its all-encompassing grandeur, the Sixth Depth unifies within itself
the powers of all the seasons as well as the five elements, which give birth to form.
From the Sixth Depth arise Diaphragm and Umbilicus Function Energy, both of which
vitalize and nourish the other ten Organ Flows. They bring harmony and warmth to all
relationships. Diaphragm Function Energy reflects the sign of Sagittarius, and
Umbilicus Function Energy that of Capricorn. When the energy of the Sixth Depth is
blocked, we lose the joy of life, we feel cut off from the light and fall into despair.


Diaphragm Energy flows from the diaphragm to the heart and then back out at the
third rib. There, it divides into two branches. One runs downward through the
stomach to the umbilicus, and from there into the small intestine, where it disperses.
The other branch runs through the armpit, up the middle of the front side of the
arm, through the elbow and on to the palm, where it divides into two. One runs into
the middle finger; the other to the nail of the ring finger, where it becomes Umbilicus
Function Energy. On the other side of the body, the energy flows in a mirror image of
the same pattern. (See card)


Umbilicus Function Energy runs from the back side of the ring finger along the back
side of the wrist and elbow to the shoulder. From there, it flows down and toward the
front to the third frontal rib between the breasts. There, it divides into two. One
branch crosses over to the other side of the body and disperses its energy into the
ribcage, collects it again at the fifth rib, and flows into the heart. From there, part of
the energy flows leftward through the pancreas and stomach; the other part of the
energy flows to the right through the gallbladder and into the stomach.
The second branch runs from the third frontal rib up toward the shoulder, then
toward the back around the neck, and crosses to the other side of the body at the
first thoracic vertebra. From there, it runs up along the back of the head and divides –
about two inches away from the ear – into two branches. One runs diagonally through
the head, and emerges at the inner edge of the eyebrow; it then flows to the outer
edge of the eyebrow and back into the head to the occipital bone.
The other branch runs from the back of the head into the ear and then forward to
the center of the lower eyelid. There, Umbilicus Function Energy becomes
Gallbladder Function Energy. On the other side of the body, the energy flows in a
mirror image of the same pattern. (See card)

Journey through the Third Depth

Gallbladder and Liver Function Energy are born in the third depth. In Jin Shin Jyutsu,
it is also called the ‘little energy source’, which renews our ‘blood of life’. It is the
key to the harmony of the four elements. It is in the Third Depth that the soul is
bound and life begins. Gallbladder Function Energy reflects the sign of Aquarius, while
Liver Function Energy reflects that of Pisces.
Tender as a breath of fresh air – similar to ether, the element that corresponds to
the Third Depth – the vision of a new day arises. Here, creative powers flow into us
from the Sixth Depth, our big energy source. They lend us the ability to have visions
and dreams. It is the power that holds everything in motion. Every kind of stagnation
within us – be it deadlocked emotions, blocked energy, or accumulated bodily fluids –
bring the Third Depth into disharmony.

Spring – power of the Third Depth

After the dormancy of winter, during which nature has been able to gather sufficient
strength, and the roots of plants have come into contact with the light of the Sixth
Depth, springtime is ripe for a new beginning. Sprouts push through the soil, buds
break open with all the power of renewal. Life energy strives for growth and
unlimited development. Like a plant that seeks the light and in the process bypasses
every obstacle, the energy of the Third Depth engenders within us the ability to begin
projects and to direct ourselves toward a goal. This enormous power is the creative
power within us, desiring to express itself.
Thus, just as the young sprout flexibly winds its way around obstacles, the Flows
of the Third Depth give us the ability to remain supple and nimble, both mentally and
physically, and to sense what the soul needs. They bestow on us the gift of ever
adjusting our will and adapting to the present.

Anger and rage

If this creative power is blocked within us – by ourselves, our partners, our jobs, or
our environment, which we have chosen ourselves – it produces frustration and
depression, or anger and rage. A fit of rage can dissolve blocked energy. Liver and
Gallbladder Energy, the Flows of the Third Depth, react particularly strongly to pent-
up emotion and become damaged from too much, or repressed, anger.


From the lower eyelid, one branch of Gallbladder Function Energy flows around the
ear, like the bow of a pair of glasses, toward the back of the head and on to the base
of the skull. From there, it flows up along the back of the head toward the front to
just above the eye, where it reverts course. It flows down again along the back of the
head and divides into two branches.
One runs directly into the shoulder joint; the other goes through the first thoracic
vertebra and then through the shoulder toward the front and into the ribcage before
running downward and dispersing into the stomach and umbilicus.
From the bottom eyelid, there is a second energy branch that comes forward
through the cheek bone to the shoulder and then further down, where it crosses the
first energy branch and unites with it at the seventh rib. The left branch runs
rightward to the liver and gallbladder as well as to the fourth lumbar vertebra. It
traverses the abdomen and pelvis, emerging at the rectum, where it crosses over to
the opposite buttock and runs down the outside of the leg around the ankle. It divides
into two branches before the ankle. One of these goes into the fourth toe, and the
other flows into the big toe. There, it becomes Liver Function Energy.
The right branch runs leftward to the spleen and pancreas, and on to the fourth
lumbar vertebra. From there, mirroring its counterpart, it runs through the pelvis and
down the leg. (See card)


Gallbladder Function Energy becomes Liver Function Energy at the big toe. From
there, it flows along the inside of the foot, around the inner ankle, up the inside of
the leg, through the groin, and into the symphysis pubis. There, it crosses to the other
side of the body, where the left branch runs through the right abdomen, the right side
of the stomach, and into the liver and gallbladder, while the right branch runs
through the left abdomen, the left side of the stomach, and into the pancreas.
The branches go on through the diaphragm and divide into three further branches:
The first runs upward, tracing an arc over to the opposite ribcage, where it disperses
into the pleura; the second runs upward, crosses to the other side of the head at the
throat, goes through the eye into the brain, and down from the back of the head
through the esophagus, dispersing into the outer side of the stomach. The third goes
to the lungs. On the other side of the body, the energy flows in a mirror image of the
same pattern.
Liver Function Energy joins the circle, becoming Lung Function Energy in the lungs
and stomach again. We are thus dealing with Body Function Energy that has twelve
different aspects and twelve different functions. (See card)
10. The 26 Safety Energy Locks at a glance (Flash Cards)
Safety Energy Lock 1
Safety Energy Lock 2
Safety Energy Lock 3
Safety Energy Lock 4
Safety Energy Lock 5
Safety Energy Lock 6
Safety Energy Lock 7
Safety Energy Lock 8
Safety Energy Lock 9
Safety Energy Lock 10
Safety Energy Lock 11
Safety Energy Lock 12
Safety Energy Lock 13
Safety Energy Lock 14
Safety Energy Lock 15
Safety Energy Lock 16
Safety Energy Lock 17
Safety Energy Lock 18
Safety Energy Lock 19
Safety Energy Lock 20
Safety Energy Lock 21
Safety Energy Lock 22
Safety Energy Lock 23
Safety Energy Lock 24
Safety Energy Lock 25
Safety Energy Lock 26
First Depth
Second Depth
Third Depth
Fourth Depth
Fifth Depth
Sixth Depth
Main Central Flow
Supervisor Flows
Mediator Flows
Lung Function Energy
Large Intestine Function Energy
Stomach Function Energy
Spleen Function Energy
Heart Function Energy
Small Intestine Function Energy
Bladder Function Energy
Kidney Function Energy
Diaphragm Function Energy
Umbilicus Function Energy
Gallbladder Function Energy
Liver Function Energy

You will find the flows for the following symptoms/conditions on the cards with the
corresponding Safety Energy Locks (SEL), Depths, and Organ Flows. For the
appropriate finger positions confer the section Holding fingers changes thoughts.

• abdominal pain SEL 1, SEL 14, spleen flow, thumb

• allergies SEL 19, SEL 1, liver flow
• Alzheimer’s SEL 10, heart flow, kidney flow
• anger/rage SEL 9, SEL 14, liver flow, gallbladder flow, middle finger
• anorexia SEL 1, SEL 13, spleen flow, stomach flow, all fingers
• asthma attacks SEL 1, SEL 7, kidney flow
• autoimmune disorders SEL 3, SEL 13, SEL 23, liver flow, all fingers
• back pain SEL 2, SEL 11, SEL 15, bladder flow, index finger
• bed wetting SEL 13, SEL 19, bladder flow
• bladder infections SEL 5, SEL 25, bladder flow, index finger
• bones SEL 5, SEL 16, kidney flow, bladder flow, little finger
• breathing difficulties SEL 1, SEL 13, SEL 19, lung flow, ring finger
• baby in breech SEL 15, bladder flow, little toe
• bruises/sprains SEL 15, SEL 16, place hands on
• choking SEL 1, SEL 14, stomach flow
• colds SEL 3, SEL 11, lung flow, small intestine flow
• constipation SEL 8, SEL 11, large intestine flow
• cough SEL 18, SEL 19, SEL 22, lung flow, kidney flow
• depressive moods SEL 10, SEL 13, main central flow, big hug
• diaper rash SEL 8, spleen flow, second depth
• diarrhea SEL 8, large intestine flow, gallbladder flow, index finger
• dizziness/vertigo SEL 4, SEL 6, SEL 14, liver flow
• eating disorders SEL 1, SEL 13, SEL 14, spleen flow, stomach flow, big hug
• earache SEL 5, SEL 16, umbilicus flow, kidney flow, ring finger
• emotional trauma SEL 10, SEL 13, lung flow, heart flow, spleen flow
• eyes SEL 4, SEL 20, liver flow
• fear SEL 5, kidney flow, index finger
• fever SEL 3, small intestine flow, all fingers
• flatulence SEL 1, SEL 14, spleen flow, gallbladder flow, middle finger
• focus (lack of) SEL 4, SEL 17, SEL 20, spleen flow, all fingers
• grief SEL 11, SEL 13, SEL 22, lung flow, large intestine flow
• growing pains SEL 8, spleen flow, kidney flow, second depth, all fingers
• headaches/migraines SEL 7, SEL 16, SEL 18, bladder flow, middle finger, index
• heartburn SEL 1, SEL 14, stomach flow
• heart problems SEL 10, SEL 11, diaphragm flow, kidney flow, little finger
• hiccups SEL 1, SEL 12, SEL 14, spleen flow
• high blood pressure SEL 9, SEL 10, SEL 11, kidney flow, index finger
• hyperactivity SEL 4, SEL 13, SEL 22, spleen flow
• indigestion SEL 1, SEL 14, spleen flow, liver flow, thumb
• insomnia SEL 4, SEL 18, spleen flow, heart flow
• irritability liver flow, middle finger
• itching insect bites SEL 19, spleen flow
• learning difficulty SEL 4, SEL 22, spleen flow, all fingers
• menopause SEL 4, SEL 11, SEL 12, SEL 13, kidney flow, liver flow
• menstrual cramps SEL 5, SEL 13, SEL 15, spleen flow, index finger
• morning lethargy spleen flow, stomach flow, main central flow, thumb
• morning sickness SEL 1, SEL 14, spleen flow, thumb
• motion sickness SEL 1, SEL 14, spleen flow, wrists
• nasal congestion SEL 5, SEL 9, SEL 21, large intestine flow, stomach flow
• nausea SEL 1, SEL 14, spleen flow, thumb
• neurodermatitis SEL 1, SEL 8, spleen flow, large intestine flow, thumb, second
• nose bleeds SEL 4, kidney flow
• Parkinson’s disease SEL 10, heart flow, kidney flow
• psoriasis SEL 1, SEL 8, spleen flow, large intestine flow, thumb, second depth
• skin rashes SEL 8 , spleen flow, large intestine flow, second depth
• sinus infections SEL 21, large intestine flow, stomach flow, index finger
• shoulder/neck pain SEL 11, SEL 15, large intestine flow, gallbladder flow, index
• sleeping disorders (trouble falling asleep) SEL 4, SEL 18, spleen flow, main central
flow, thumb
• sore throat SEL 11, SEL 13, small intestine flow
• spine SEL 11, SEL 15, SEL 25, supervisor flows, main central flow, umbilicus flow,
bladder flow
• sprains SEL 5, SEL 16, SEL 17, bladder flow
• teething SEL 8, stomach flow, spleen flow
• tennis elbow SEL 11, SEL 19, large intestine flow
• tinnitus SEL 5, SEL 16, kidney flow, umbilicus flow, ring finger
• toothache SEL 21, SEL 8, stomach flow, large intestine flow, index finger
• thrush/canker sores SEL 21, SEL 14, spleen flow, stomach flow, thumb
• thyroid SEL 11, SEL 22, liver flow
• worry SEL 14, spleen flow, stomach flow, thumb, index finger
• vomiting SEL 1, SEL 14, stomach flow, spleen flow, thumb
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1985-1989. She is the author of several acclaimed works on Jin Shin Jyutsu in German,
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your own risk, and which is solely intended as a complement to, and not a substitute
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information provided herein.
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