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Ayurveda offering Herbal Healing

Agastya English
Vernacular names
: West Indian pea, white dragon
Sesbania grandiflora, tree, August flower, Flamingo
Fabaceae Bill,

Hindi : Agastha, Agasti, chogache,

gaach-munga, agathiya,

Kannada : Agase, agache, kempagase,

chogache, agasi, chogachi,

Tamil : Agati

Malayalam : akatti, aagatti, atti, argatti,

akatti, athi, agatti

Telugu : Avisa, Avishi

Oriya : agastee

Gujarati : Agathiyo,ayathio,agath-thi-nar

Bengali : Bak, Bagphal, Bak, basnapul,

vak, agashi, basna, vasna,

Medicinal Uses
1. Worm infestation: Intake of of 3gms of agastya flowers paste
agastya leaves juice 10-20ml in processed in ghee recommended
empty stomach, early morning for for night blindness.
2weeks can expel the intestinal
5. Colic: 5 grams of agastya bark
powder is boiled in 100ml of
2. Headache: 2 -3 drops of agastya water till it reduced to 25ml. Oral
leaves juice is used as nasal drops administration of this decoction
in the morning to cure sinusitis added with salt and hing relieve
and headache. abdominal colic.

3. Fever: The paste of agastya leaves 6. Arthritis: Root and bark paste of
can be externally applied over the agastya is applied externally to
body to subside the fever. relieve pain and inflammation
associated with arthritis and gout.
4. Night Blindness: Administration

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Ayurveda offering Herbal Healing

Vernacular names
Assamese : Amlaku, Amlakhi, Amlakhu
Bengali : Amla, Dhatri
Emblica officinalis, Euphorbiaceae
English : Emblic Myrobalan
Gujrati : Ambala, Amala
Hindi : Amla, Aonla
Kannada : Nellikayi
Kashmiri : Embali, Amli
Malayalam : Nellikka
Marathi : Anvala, Avalkathi
Oriya : Anala, Ainla
Punjabi : Aula, Amla
Tamil : Nellikkai, Nelli
Telugu : Usirika
Medicinal Uses Urdu : Amla, Amlaj

1. Prameha (Diabetes) : Intake of

25ml Amalaki juice added with 3
hot water after food at night.
gms of turmeric powder twice
a day before food is useful in 5. Grey hair: External application
prameha, (urinary disorders of the paste of 50gms henna
including Diabetes). leaves, 50gms amalaki, 10
Hibiscus flowers over the scalp
2. Rejuvenation: Regular intake of
and hairs, keep it for 1hour before
amalaki fruits is recommended
taking head bath once or twice a
for rejuvenation. In retains vitality,
week is beneficial in premature
increases life span, youthfulness
greying hair.
and resistance power.
6. Amlapitta (Acid peptic
3. Eye diseases: 3 gms of Triphala
disorders): Equal auantity of
churna (amalaki, haritaki and
Amalaki fruits, shatavari root,
vibhitaki, along with honey and
sugar made into fine powder.
ghee is used internally in early
Taking 5gms of this mixture along
morning on empty stomach,
with ghee and honey in early
beneficial for Eye diseases.
morning on empty stomach for
4. Laxative: 10-15 gms of Triphala 40 days is beneficial.
Powder (amalaki, haritaki and
vibhethaki) is used internally with
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Ayurveda offering Herbal Healing

Amruta-phalam Vernacular names

Psidium guajava, Bengali : Goaachhi, peyara

Myrtaceae Gujarati : Jamrud, Jamrukh, Peru
English : Trade name: Common Guava
Hindi : Amrood
Kannada : Gova, Jamaphala, Perala, Sibi,
Malayalam : Pera, Koyya
Marathi : Jamba, Tupkel
Oriya : Bodojamo, Jamo, Julabojamo,
Tamil : Koyya, Segappugoyya,
Sengoyya, Vellaikoyya
Telugu : Jama

powder of guava 5gm with honey

should be given in case of cholera
Medicinal Uses
and vomiting etc.
1. Diarrhoea: The leaves decoction 4. Mouth Ulcers: Guava leaves
of guava (one fistful of leaves decoction can be used externally
boiled in 100 ml of water till it for rectal prolapse in children,
reduced to 25 ml) can be given and used as gargling for chronic
twice daily in Diarrhoea. ulcers and mouth ulcers.
2. Toothache: The leaves guava 5. Constipation: Guava fruit is
can be chewed and this paste can nutritious as well as a good
be kept in contact with the teeth Laxative. This fruit is good for
for some time. The antiplaque Diabetes also.
properties of guava leaves are
effective in preventing and 6. Leucorrhoea: Decoction of
treating oral problems. guava leaves is used as a vaginal
and uterine wash, especially in
3. Vomiting: The bark or roots leucorrhoea.
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Apamarga Bengali
Vernacular names
: Apamg
Achyranthes aspera, Amaranthaceae English : Prickly Chaff Flower
Gujrati : Aghedo
Hindi : Chirchita, Latjira
Kannada : Uttarani
Malayalam : Katalati
Marathi : Aghada
Punjabi : Puthakanda
Tamil : Nayuruvi
Telugu : Uttarenu

Medicinal Uses
Urdu : Chirchita

1. Petechial hemorrhage: The

expected date of menstruation
paste red colored apamarga
till it stops. This relieves pain and
leaves paste is applied over the
irregularity of the menses.
oedematous lesions, inflamed
area and over the petechial parts 4. Urirary Calculi: 6-8 twigs of
of the body. This helps to cure is Apamarga soaked in sour
discase within 2-3 days. buttermilk (100-200 ml) over
night. Next day morning it is
2. Prameha( Diabetes): 3 gram each
macerated well, filtered and
of Apamarga seeds and Methi
consumed. This helps to relieve
seeds powder is taken early in the
chronic dysuria, recurrent UTI,
morning in empty stomach along
urinary calculi and gall stones.
with one cup of warm water. This
is very effective against diabetes 5. Bleeding disorders: 5-10 ml of
and obesity. This decreases the leaf juice is mixed with turmeric
excessive hunger and thirst. powder to made fine paste . This
paste applied over the bleeding
3. Dysmenorrhea: 10gms of whole
wound to arrest the bleeding
plant coarse powder is boiled in
200ml of water and till it reduced
to 50ml. This filtered decoction
consumed 1-2 days prior to
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Aparajita Assamese :
Vernacular names
Clitoria ternatea, Bengali : Aparajita
English : Clitoria
Gujrati : Gokarni
Hindi : Aparajita
Kannada : Girikarnika Balli, Girikarnika
Malayalam : Shankhapushapam
Marathi : Gokarna, Aparajita
Oriya : Aparajita
Punjabi : Koyal
Tamil : Kakkanam
Telugu : Dintena

Medicinal Uses
thrice daily with honey for
1. Leucoderma: The leaves paste bleeding disorders of uterus.
of aparajita applied thickly on
the vitiligo patches and expose 5. Conjunctivitis: The flowers of
to sunlight. It has to continue for aparajita are pounded with
minimum 1 month to stimulate cow milk and applied over the
melanocytes. closed eyes. It alleviates the
2. Filarial swelling: 5gms of
aparajita root paste should be 6. Toothache: Aparajita root with
given internally twice daily in black pepper should be kept in
filariasis to relieve the swelling. mouth to pecify the toothache.

3. Memory Enhancer: The fresh root 7. Wound: Fine leaves paste of

paste of aparajita should be given aparajita should be applied over
in a dose of 1-3 grams with ghee the wound is beneficial as it has
twice daily for increasing memory antifungal and anti bacterial
and intelligence. properties greatly reduce the
infection and heals the wound
4. Menorrhagia: 1 gram of aparajita very fast.
flowers powder should be given

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Aragavadha Assamese :
Vernacular names
Bengali : Sondala
Cassia fistula, Caesalpiniaceae
English : Indian Laburnum,
Purging cassia
Gujrati : Garamala, Garamalo
Hindi : Amaltas
Kannada : Aragvadha, Kakke, Kakke-gida,
Kakkernara, Kakkedai, Rajataru
Kashmiri : Kriyangal Phali
Malayalam : Konna, Kritamalam
Marathi : Bahava, Garamala, Amaltas
Oriya : Sunari
Punjabi : Amaltas

Medicinal Uses Tamil : Sarakonrai, Sarak konnai, Sarak

kondi, Sharakkonrai
1. Eczema: Leaves of aragavadha Telugu : Rela
fine paste applied over the skin Urdu : Khiyar Shambar
lesions once in a day is effective
in curing ring worm infection and soaked in water overnight . In
eczema. the morning ,this water is taken
2. Worm infestation: 10ml of with little jaggery. This relieves
aragavadha leaves juice is given gaseous distention by 2-3 safe
in empty stomach for 5-6 days purging.
helps to relieve intestinal worms 5. Jaundice: A fist full of tender leaf
effectively. buds yellow coloured flowers of
3. Constipation: 15-20gms of aragavadha are taken and soup
aragavadha bark powder cooked is made by adding salt, jaggery
in 100ml of water till it reduced and pepper. This soup is not only
to 1/4th. This decoction is orally whole some diet and also cures
consumed daily once to relieve jaundice.
constipation, distention of 6. Aguesia: Aragavadha pulp is
abdomen and chronic diseases useful in loss of taste due to
due to vitiation of blood. excessive use of cocaine. 25gms
4. Purgative: 3-4 inches of the of fruit pulp is mixed with 250ml
mature fruit pulp de-seeded and of hot milk and used as a mouth
wash regularly is beneficial.
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Ardraka Vernacular names

Hindi name : Adarakh (fresh)
Zingiber officinale,
Zingiberaceae English : Fresh Ginger

Kannada : Hasi Shunti, Alla

Telugu : Allamu

Bengali : Ada

Marathi : Aale

Gujarati : Adu

Tamil : Inji

Punjabi : Adi, Adrak

Malayalam : Inchi
Medicinal Uses
Urdu : Adrak
1. Loss of appetite: Eating slices of
ginger sprinkling with salt before
meals. It Stimulates digestion, 4. Vomiting: Mix 1 teaspoonful each
add relish and purifies tongue of ginger juice and lemon juice
and throat. and consume it several times a
day as per the condition.
2. Diarrhea: A basin is formed
around the umbilicus by the 5. Cholera: Mix 2 teaspoonful
paste of black gram and amalaki of grated fresh ginger with
( Indian gooseberry) . The naval is 1teaspoonful of honey and
filled with fresh ginger juice and consume this mixture 4 times
retained for 15 to 20min once a day to improve digestion in
daily till the diarrhea subsides. cholera.

3. Earache: Prepare the oil with 6. Urticaria: Take 10ml fresh ginger
equal quantity of rocksalt, ginger juice with old jaggery twice daily
juice, honey and mustard oil. Put before food till the reduction of
2 drops in the ear is very effective swelling and itching.
to cure earache.

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Arishtaka Assamese :
Vernacular names

Sapindus mukorossi, English : Indian soapnut

Sapindaceae Hindi : Risht,Rishtak
Marathi : Phenil,Rinthi,Ritha
Tamil : Punalai, Punthi, Puvanti
Malayalam : Cavakkaay,Pasakkottamaram,
Telugu : Kunkuduchettu,Phenilam
Kannada : Amtalakaayi, Norekaayi,
togate mara
Bengali : Ritha
Urdu : Phenil

Medicinal Uses
1. Menstrual pain (Dysmenorrhea): 4. Wound: 20gms of fresh bark of
The seed of arishtaka (soap nut) arishtaka is boiled with 200ml of
has a small white or greenish water till it reduced to 1/4th. This
yellow marrow. 5 seeds marrow decoction is used to wash the
paste is administered along with 2 wounds. The same decoction is
teaspoonful of sesame oil in case used for washing gangrene and
of abdominal pain and menstrual get rid of slough, which quickens
pain. healing process.

2. Food poisoning: 5 seeds are 5. Eczema: 50 grams of soapnut

crushed and soaked in 1 litre fresh leaf paste cooked well
of water. This water is given to with 100 ml of sesame oil till
drink in the individuals who the evaporation of moisture.
are poisoned (internally). This This oil is used to apply over the
induces vomiting and hence the eczematous lesions.
poisonous effects are reduced.
6. Herpes: 100ml of Fresh Soapnut
3. Distention of abdomen: The juice in 200ml of ghee is cooked
paste of soapnut seed marrow well till complete evaporation
500-600 mg of is mixed with of water content. This ghee is
jaggery and administered applied over the lesions of herpes
internally twice a day. and chronic itch.

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Arjuna Assamese :
Vernacular names
Terminalia arjuna, Combretaceae Bengali : Arjuna
English : Arjun tree, Arjunolis myrobalan.
Gujrati : Sadad, Arjuna, Sajada
Hindi : Arjuna
Kannada : Matti, Bilimatti, Neermatti,
Mathichakke, Kudare Kivimase
Malayalam : Nirmasuthu, Vellamaruthi,
Kellemasuthu, Mattimora,
Marathi : Arjuna, Sadada
Oriya : Arjuna
Punjabi : Arjon
Medicinal Uses
Tamil : Marudam
1. Heart tonic: 5gms of arjuna bark Telugu : Maddi
powder boiled in 100ml of milk till Urdu : Arjun
it reduce to 50ml . Taking orally
this Arjuna milk daily at bed time
is very useful in heart discases.
washed after 30 minutes. This
2. Osteoporosis: 10 grams of improves shining and quality of
arjuna bark powder is boiled in hair.
200ml of water till it reduced to
4. Wound: Dusting the arjuna bark
¼ th and filtered. This decoction
powder over the wounds/ulcers,is
is consumed along with half
beneficial in fast healing.
a teaspoonful of jaggery and
a teaspoonful of honey. This 5. Peripheral neuritis: Equal
is useful for the treatment of quantity of Arjuna, Asana
osteoporosis and fatigue caused (Pterocarpus marsupium) and
during old age. Bilva (bael tree) barks fine
powders mixed well. 3 gms of
3. Hair fall: Mature green leaves of
this mixture is given in empty
Arjuna are soaked in water for 2-3
stomach along with a cup of water
hours and macerated well with
for the treatment of peripheral
hands. It yields a mucilagenous
neuritis or numbness.
mix. It is used for washing the
hairs. It is applied over scalp and

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Ashoka Assamese
Vernacular names
: Ashoka
Saraca indica, Fabaceae Bengali : Ashoka
English : Asok Tree
Gujrati : Ashoka
Hindi : Ashoka
Kannada : Ashokadamara, Ashokamara,
Kashmiri : Ashok
Malayalam : Asokam
Marathi : Ashok
Oriya : Ashoka
Punjabi : Asok
Tamil : Asogam, Asogu, Asokam
Telugu : Ashokapatta
Medicinal Uses

1. Menorrhagia: 10 grams of
the wounds and non healing
Ashoka bark is boiled in 200ml of
water till it reduced nto ¼ th . This
filtered decoction is administered 4. Mouth ulcers: One fistfull of
orally twice daily before food. If Ashoka flowers and half fist of
required, a teaspoon of honey coconut pulp are taken and
or jaggery can be added to this. churned well in mixer grinder.
It subsides excessive bleeding To this, as per taste, salt, black
during menses. pepper, curry leaves and coriander
can be added. This recipe is very
2. Irregular periods: Equal quantity
useful in treating gastritis, mouth
of Ashoka, Yashtimadhu, Lajjalu
ulcers, GERD.
powders are taken. 10gms of
this mixure boiled in 200ml of 5. Leucorrhoea: Equal quantity of
water till it reduced to ¼ th . This Ashoka bark, Amalaki fruit and
filtered decoction consumed 3-5 Nagakesar powders are mixed
days prior to the date of periods well. 1-2 gram of this powder is
and continued till 10 days after mixed with a cup of rice washed
periods twice daily. with water or sweet buttermilk
and administered twice daily.
3. Wound: Ashoka bark decoction is
This pacifies leucorrhea very
prepared and used for washing
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Asthisamharaka Assamese :
Vernacular names
Cissus quadrangularis, Bengali : Hadajora
English : Eldt grape, devil s backbone,
adamant creeper
Gujarati : Hadasankala
Hindi : Hadjod
Kannada : Mangaraballi
Malayalam : Changalam Parande
Marati : Kandvel
Oriya : Hadbhanga
Punjabi : Haddjor
Tamil : Perandai
Telugu : Nalleru
Medicinal Uses
Urdu : Hathjod
1. Fracture: The stem of
asthisamharaka is used to 4. Bone fractures: The dried root
bandage the part of fracture.The powder of asthisamharaka can
oil prepared from juice of this be given in dose of 1-3 gm twice
plant and gingerly oil (1:4 Plant daily and this can also be applied
Juice : Gingerly Oil)is externally externally after mixing with hot
applied over fractured part. The water for bone fracture.
dried root powder can be given
in dose of 1-3 gm twice daily and 5. Indigestion: Equal quantity
this can also be applied externally of asthisamharaka leaves, dry
after mixing with hot water for ginger, black pepper are made
bone fracture. into fine powder and mixed
together. 5gms of this powder
2. Irregular menstruation: 15-20ml should be given along with warm
of asthisamharaka stem and leaves water twice daily before food to
juice along with honey twice treat indigestion.
daily for 3 months is beneficial for
irregular menstruation. 6. Joint pains: Asthisamharaka stem
is fried in ghee and administered
3. Earache: Heating the stem in little in dose of 10-15 gms with milk
flame, extracting the juice and for the treatment of fractures and
using it as ear drops. Instillation of also osteo arthritis.
2-3 drops can be cured earache.
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Asvagandha Assamese :
Vernacular names
Withania somnifera, Solanaceae Bengali : Ashvagandha
English : Indian ginseng, Winter Cherry
Gujrati : Asgandha
Hindi : Asgandh
Kannada : Angarberu, Hiremaddina-gida
Kashmiri : Asagandh
Malayalam : Amukkuram
Marathi : Asagandha, Askagandha
Oriya : Aswagandha
Punjabi : Asgandh
Medicinal Uses Tamil : Amukkaramkizangu

1. Rejuvenation: 5gms Ashwagandha Telugu : Pennerugadda

powder is cooked with 200 ml of Urdu : Asgand
milk till it reduced to 100ml. This
is filtered and consumed when
it is lukewarm. This promotes powder is consumed twice daily
the vigor and is an established with milk before food to relieve
rejuvenator. allergic rhinitis.
2. Geriatric tiredness : Equal 4. Oligospermia: Regular intake of
quantity of fine powders 5 grams of Ashwagandha root
of Ashwagandha, Kapikacchu and powder mixed with honey and
black sesame seeds are mixed ghee twice daily is helpful to
thoroughly. It is administered relieve the senile debility and
in a dose of 5 grams, with a cup seminal disorders especially
of warm milk is useful to relieve oligospermia.
tiredness, fatigue and geriatric
5. Insomnia: 5gms of Ashwagandha
problems such as arthritis.
root powder mixed in a cup of
3. Allergic rhinitis: Equal quantity milk with sugar bed time regularly
of Turmeric, Ginger and is beneficial in case of insomnia.
Ashwagandha powders are
mixed well. 5 grams of this
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Asvattha Assamese :
Vernacular names
Bengali : Asvattha, Ashud, Ashvattha
Ficus religiosa,
Moraceae English : Pipal tree
Gujrati : Piplo, Jari, Piparo, Pipalo
Hindi : Pipala, Pipal
Kannada : Arlo, Ranji, Basri, Ashvatthanara,
Ashwatha, Aralimara, Aralegida,
Ashvathamara, Basari, Ashvattha
Kashmiri : Bad
Malayalam : Arayal
Marathi : Pipal, Pimpal, Pippal
Oriya : Aswatha
Punjabi : Pipal, Pippal
Tamil : Ashwarthan, Arasamaram,
Arasan, Arasu, Arara
Medicinal Uses
Telugu : Ravichettu
1. Wound: 50 gram of peepal stem
bark is boiled in 400 ml water till it
This relieves hyper pigmentation
reduces to 100 ml. This lukewarm
as well as discoloration of the
decoction is used to wash the
wounds .This is helpful in infected
as well as non infected wounds 4. Leucorrhoea: 2 ml of fresh latex
and it facilitates quick healing. is added to 100ml of milk and
The root bark fine powder of taken early in the morning in
Asvattha is used for dusting over empty stomach. This pacifies
the oozing skin lesions to stop long persisting non specific
secretion. leucorrhoea by 20-30 days
2. Mouth ulcer: 5-6 tender shoots
paste of Asvattha is retained 5. Colic: Internal administration of
in the mouth and chewing for 50ml decoction of root bark of
5-10 minutes is helps to relieve Asvatta (10gms of bark powder
stomatitis. is boiled in 200ml of water till it
reduced to 50ml) added with salt
3. Hyper Pigmentation: Early morning
and jaggery twice daily, alleviates
fresh latex of Asvattha is collected
severe colic.
and is applied over the skin lesions.
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Atasi Assamese :
Vernacular names
Tisi, Tusi
Linum usitatissimum, Linaceae Bengali : Masina, Atasi
English : Linseed
Gujrati : Alshi, Arasi
Hindi : Alsi
Kannada : Agasebeeja, Semeagare, Agasi
Kashmiri : Alsi
Malayalam : Agastha, Agasi, Cheru charm
Marathi : Atshi
Oriya : Atushi
Punjabi : Ali
Tamil : Ali, Virai

Medicinal Uses Telugu : Avisa

Urdu : Alsi, Katan
1. Dysuria: 5gms of Atasi seeds are
soaked in a 100ml of hot water for
overnight. Next day morning, it is 4. Wasp sting: Fresh, mature flax
macerated well and filtered. This leaves are crushed to obtain fresh
is consumed before food for the juice. In case of emergency, as a
treatment of burning urination. first aid this juice is applied over
the wasp sting area. This quickly
2. Dyslipidaemia: Early in the
relieves burning sensation and
morning 2-3 ml linseed oil is
added to a cup of warm water
and taken in empty stomach. 5. Throat pain: Fine paste of 2‒3
This helps to reduce the total fresh flowers of atasi is applied
cholesterol, and also beneficial in around the throat. This pacifies
obesity. throat pain.
3. Lactation: Equal quantity of 6. Arthritis: One fist full of seeds are
Linseed, cumin seeds and soaked in sour buttermilk through
fenugreek seeds are made into out the night. Next day morning,
fine powder . This mixer is taken made into fine paste and applied
twice a day in the dose of 5 gram over the joints. This relieves joint
along with milk. This improves pain by one or two weeks.

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Atmagupta Vernacular names

Assam : Banar Kakua
English : Cowhage
Gujarati : Kavach, Kaucha
Mucuna prurita, Fabaceae
Hindi : Kewanch, Kaunch
Kannada : Nasugunne, Nasugunnee
Malayalam : Naikuruna
Marati : Khajkuhilee, Kavach
Oriya : Baikhujnee
Punjabi : Tatgajuli, Kawach
Tamil : Poonaikkali
Telugu : Doolagondi, Duradagondi
Urdu : Kanwach, Konch

Medicinal Uses water and reduced to 50 ml. Oral

1. Venereal Diseases: Internal intake of this decoction twice
administration of 3gms of daily beneficial in dysuria.
atmagupta seed powder boiled 4. K a m p a v a t a ( P a r k i n s o n s
in 100 ml of cow s milk with disease): 5gms of Kapikacchu
sufficient sugar twice daily to churnam cooked in milk for
cure venereal diseases. 5-10 min in low flame. Take this
2. Sciatica: 5gms of atmagupta root milk by adding sugar and one
powder boiled in 200 ml of water teaspoon Ghee twice a day to
and reduced it into 50ml. Drinking cure Parkinsonism and Male
this filtered decoction twice daily Infertility.
for a month in Sciatica . 6. Filarial swelling (Sleepada):
3. Dysuria: Atmagupta (Kapikacchu), Regular application of atmagupta
Shatavari and Gokshura powders root paste externally over the
are taken equal quantity. 10 gms affected region will reduce the
of this mixture boiled in 200ml of swelling.

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Avartani English
Vernacular names
: Indian screw tree
Helicteres isora,
Sterculiaceae Hindi : Marod phali

Tamil : Valipiri

Telugu : Nunidala guba tasa,


Gujarati : Maradasing

Urdu : Murmuriya

Malayalam : Isvaramuri

Bangali : Antmora

Kannada : Peda muri

Medicinal Uses 4. Eczema: External application of

the Leaves Paste is effective for
1. Earache: The crushed pods of
various skin ailments like scabies,
avartani added with gingerly oil
eczema etc.
and boiled . The prepared oil is
used as ear drops(2 ‒ 3 drops) for 5. Colic: 3-6grams of fruit powder
pricking pain in ears and other ear of avartani with warm water
ailments. twice daily is useful in colic. The
fruits give an imagination about
2. Hiccup: 4 ‒ 6 grams of avartani
intestines. The fruits are twisted,
pod powder with honey 2 times
hence they are useful in twitching
a day is useful in cases of hiccup,
pain of abdomen.
fever etc.
6. Scabies: The root paste is applied
3. Diarrhea: 5 gms of crushed bark
topically for Scabies.
& pod of avartani is boiled in
100ml of water and reduced to
25ml . This decoction is given for
diarrhea twice or thrice daily.
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Bhringaraja Vernacular names

Assamese : Bhrngaraja
Eclipta alba, Bengali : Bheemraja, Kesuriya, Kesari
Asteraceae English : Trailing Eclipta, Thistles,
False Daisy
Gujrati : Bhangaro, Bhangro
Hindi : Bhangara, Bhangaraiya
Kannada : Garujalu, Gurugada, Soppu,
Keshavardhana, Kodigaraju
Malayalam : Kayyonni, Knnunni
Marathi : Bhangra, Bhringiraja, Maka
Punjabi : Bhangra
Tamil : Karisalankanni, Karisalanganni,
Telugu : Guntakalagara, Guntagalagara
Urdu : Bhangra
Medicinal Uses
1. Throat irritation: 5 grams of dried 4. Chronic skin diseases: Daily
bhringaraja powder is mixed with intake of 5gms of bringaraj in
honey and licked. This is effective one cup of water and made this
in the treatment of cold, cough, decoction is consumed twice
throat irritation, anaemia, asthma daily. This has good benefit over
etc. the steroid resistant skin diseases
2. Liver disorders: Fresh juice and in psoriasis.
bringaraja 10‒15 ml is taken 5. Hair care: 25 gram of Bhringaraja
early in the morning preferably paste, 100 ml of sesame or
in the empty stomach for 7-12 coconut oil and 400 ml Bhringaraja
days helps significantly in the decoction or 200 ml of fresh juice
treatment of liver disorders and are taken and oil is cooked. This is
obstructive jaundice. effective in dandruff, hair fall and
3. Male infertility: 3 grams seeds or premature greying of hair.
seed powder is soaked in sugar 6. Rejuvenation: Intake of powder
water for half an hour and taken of bringaraja leaves, black
daily in the morning and evening. sesamum, amalaki and sugar in
This helps to improve the sexual equal quantity acts as a Rasayana.
vigour and promotes the sperm (Immuno modulator).
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Bhumyamlaki Assamese :
Vernacular names
Bhuin Amla
Phyllanthus niruri, Bengali : Bhumamla, Bhumi amalaki
Euphorbiaceae English : Country gooseberry
Gujrati : Bhoi Amali, Bhony amari,
Hindi : Jangliamli, Hazardana, Jaramala,
Bhui amla
Kannada : Nelanelli
Kashmiri : Kath
Malayalam : Kizanelli, Keezhanelli, Ajjhada
Marathi : Bhuiawali
Oriya : Bhuin Amla
Punjabi : Lodhar
Tamil : Kizhukai nelli, Kizanelli
Telugu : Nela usirika

Medicinal Uses
to 25ml. Administration of this
1. Jaundice: The juice of whole
decoction orally twice a day is
plant of bhumyamlaki is given in
very effective in diabetes.
the dose of 10-20ml three times
daily. It cures inflammation of 4. Mouth Ulcers: The decoction
the liver. The extract of the whole prepared from leaves and roots of
plant is used to cure Hepatitis A, bhumyamlaki is used for gargling
Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. for aphthous ulcers.

2. Leucorrhoea: The juice of 5. Renal calculi: Regular intake of

whole plant of bhumyamlaki 20ml of bhumyamlaki whole
in the dose of 20-30ml in early plant juice daily once is very
morning should be administered effective in breaking the stones.
once daily in case of leucorrhoa, 6. Wound: The whole plant paste
menorrhagia, and other urinary of bhumyamlaki prepared along
disorders. with rice gruel should be applied
3. Diabetes: 10gms of whole plant locally for healing of ulcers and
of bhumyamlaki paste boiled wounds.
in 100 ml of water till it reduced
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Bibhitaka Assamese :
Vernacular names
Bhomora, Bhomra, Bhaira
Terminalia belerica, Bengali : Bayada, Baheda
English : Beleric Myrobalan
Gujrati : Bahedan
Hindi : Bahera
Kannada : Tare kai, Shanti Kayi
Kashmiri : Babelo, Balali
Malayalam : Tannikka
Marathi : Baheda
Oriya : Baheda
Punjabi : Bahera
Tamil : Thanrikkai
Telugu : Thanikkaya
Urdu : Bahera

Medicinal Uses

1. Mouth ulcers: 10 gms coarse filtered and stored in glass bottle.

powder of Bibhitaka stem bark This oil is applied to the base of
in one cup of water made a the scalp in case of premature
decoction is used for gargling in graying of hairs .
case of mouth ulcers.
4. Cough: 10gms vibithaki powder
2. Bleeding wound: The fruit rind is with honey taken after meals
made into fine paste and applied alleviates cough and dyspnoea.
over the bleeding spots. This
helps to arrest bleeding in wound 5. Urinary calculus: 5gms of seed
instantly. powder of bibhitaki taken with
cup of radish juice removes
3. Grey hair: The seed marrow into defects of urine and eliminates
fine paste 50 gram, 200 ml sesame calculus.
oil is added and exposure to
sunshine for 10-12 days. Later it is

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Bilva Assamese :
Vernacular names
Bael, Vael

Aegle marmelos, Rutaceae Bengali : Bela, Bilva

English : Bengal Quince, Bael fruit
Gujrati : Bill, Bilum, Bilvaphal
Hindi : Bela, Sriphal, Bel
Kannada : Bilva
Kashmiri : Bel
Malayalam : Koovalam
Marathi : Bel, Baela
Oriya : Bela
Punjabi : Bil
Tamil : Vilvam
Medicinal Uses Telugu : Maredu
Urdu : Bel
1. Prameha(Diabetes): Take 15ml
of leaf juice once in a day before
food to manage diabetes and and indigestion.
reduce excess urination.
5. Chronic diarrhea: Dry the slices
2. Intestinal worms: 5 grams of of an unripe bilva fruit in sun and
dried and powdered pulp of the grind them into powder. intake
bilva fruit with butter milk should of 5gms of this powder along
be administered twice a day with warm water 2 times a day is
for one week for elimination of useful.
intestinal worms
6. Jaundice: Administration of
3. Piles: Crush an unripe bilva fruit, 3gms of black pepper in a 15ml
3gms of dried ginger and 3gms of of bilva leaves juice followed by
fennel soak this mixture in 200ml butter milk twice or thrice a day
of Hot water over night. Consume in beneficial in Jaundice.
this water in dose of 50ml 3 to 4
7. Mouth ulcers: Consume the
times a day to heal piles.
mixture of a 20ml of bilva fruit
4. Constipation: Intake of 5gms of pulp and a teaspoon of sugar
bilva fruit pulp mixed in a glass of in the morning on an empty
butter milk or warm water twice stomach for 3 days. It heals
a day to get relief from irritable stomach and mouth ulcers.
bowel syndrome, constipation
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Bimbi Assam
Vernacular names
: Kawabhaturi
Coccinia indica, Cucurbitaceae Bengli : Bimbu, Telakucha
English : Ivy-Gourd
Gujarati : Kadavighilodi, Ghilodi
Hindi : Kundaruki-Bel
Kannad : Tonde-Balli
Malayalam : Kova, Nallakova
Marati : Tondale
Oriya : Pitakundii, Kainchikakudi
Punjabi : Kanduri
Tamil : Kovai
Telugu : Donda Tiga
Urdu : Kunduru

Medicinal Uses
1. Fever: The leaf paste of bimbi is
bimbi root juice twice a day
applied externally over the body
before food is useful to control
in order to induce perspiration in
sugar lavels in diabetes. It can also
be administered as a adjuvant for
2. Scabies: Fistful of leaves are medicines of diabetes.
soaked in 100 ml of coconut oil
5. Worm Infestation: Intake of 10
and placed in the sun for three
ml of Bimbi Juice early morning
days. This oil is applied over
on empty stomach for one week
fungal infections in order to get
relieves intestinal worms.
the relief in itching and scabies.
6. Bed Wetting: Internal
3. Mouth Ulcers: Raw tender fruits
administration of 3-5 gms of
chewing regularly is beneficial to
bimbi root paste daily is useful
heal mouth ulcers.
to control bed wetting in young
4. Prameha(Diabetes): 15 ml of children.

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Brahmi Vernacular names

Bacopa monnieri, Assamese : Brahmi
Scrophulariaceae English : Thyme Leaved Gratiola

Gujrati : Neerbrahmi, Bamanevari

Hindi : Manduka Parni

Kannada : Nirubrahmi, Valabrahmi,

Ondelaga, Mandukaparni

Malayalam : Bhahmi

Marathi : Jalnam, Brahmi, Birami

Oriya : Brahmi

Punjabi : Brahmibuti

Tamil : Nirabrahmi, Brahmi vazhukkai

Telugu : Sambarenu, Sambrani

Medicinal Uses Urdu : Brahmi

1. Insomnia: Take 3 gm of Brahmi

powder with 100ml of cow s milk
at bed time. It cures sleeplessness. 4. Anxiety: Grind 3 gm Brahmi along
with few black pepper in water.
2. Memory Boster: Take 1 part of dry Strain the solution and provide
Brahmi, 1 part almonds as well as this to the patient 3-4 times a day.
1/4th part of black pepper. Grind It cures long-term headache and
all of them in water and prepare also decreases anxiety.
tablets of 3 gm each. Give 1 tablet
twice daily with milk. It increases 5. Hair fall: Brahmi oil massaged on
the memory power and intellect. the scalp promotes hair growth
and also good for the brain, the
3. Acne: Mash few leaves of Brahmi nervous system, and also the
along with lemon juice and mind.
turmeric powder. Make the paste
and apply on face, once per week.
It erases all of the scars and acne.

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Changeri Assamese :
Vernacular names
Oxalis corniculata, Bengali : Amrul
English : Indian Sorrel
Gujarati : Ambolee, Changeri, Teen
Panaki, Rukhadi
Hindi : Tinpatiya, Changeri, Ambilosa
Kannada : Pullamouradi, Sivargee,
Purachi Soppu
Malayalam : Pulliparel
Marati : Ambutee, Ambatee, Ambti,
Bhui Sarpati
Punjabi : Khatkal, Khattibootee,
Tamil : Puliyarai
Telugu : Pulichinta
Medicinal Uses Urdu : Changeri, Teen Patiya
1. Diarrhoea: 15-25ml of leaves
juice of changeri is administered
4. Warts: Equal quantity of changeri
twice daily bloody diarrhoea,
leaves juice and onion juice
prolapse of rectum etc. It can
is mixed and applied in the
also be administered along with
areas of wart and molluscum
butter milk for better results.
contagiosum. The daily use of this
2. Painful swelling: Luke warm will show good results.
leaves paste of changeri used
5. Headache: Fine leaves paste of
as an external application in
changeri is applied externally over
the painful swelling or any
forehead is useful in headache.
inflammation. This will provide a
cooling effect to these areas and 6. Hyperemesis gravidarum:
reduce the symptoms. External application of chutney
prepared from the changeri
3. Fever: 10gms of changeri whole
leaves, ground coconut, salt and
plant paste boiled in 100ml of
lemon juice can give relief this
water till it reduced to 25ml.
The decoction is taken internally
twice daily in case of fever.
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Chitraka Assamese :
Vernacular names
Agiyachit, Agnachit
Plumbago zeylanica, Bengali : Chita
English : Lead war

Gujrati : Chitrakmula

Hindi : Chira, Chitra

Kannada : Chitramula, Vahni,


Kashmiri : Chitra, Shatranja

Malayalam : Vellakeduveli, Thumpokkoduveli

Marathi : Chitraka

Oriya : Chitamula, Chitoparu

Punjabi : Chitra

Tamil : Chitramoolam, Kodiveli

Telugu : Chitramulam

Urdu : Sheetraj Hindi, Cheetah

Medicinal Uses

1. Piles: Chitraka root powder is 4. Indigestion: 2gms of Chitramoola

taken in dose of 2 gms with with 2 gms of dry ginger should
be taken twice daily with butter
butter milk thrice a day.
milk in case of indigestion.
2. Lymphadenitis: A paste of
5. Obesity: Administration of
Chitraka roots and gingelly oil is
3gms of Chitraka root powder
used as an external application for
with honey and keeping on
pile mass, cervical lymphadinitis, wholesome diet for 3 months is
and inguinal lymphadinitis. useful in reducing Obesity.
3. Scabies: Chitraka mula tailam is 6. Diarrhoea: Intake of 2 gms of
helpful external remedy in skin Chitraka powder and 2gms of
infections like scabies, carbuncles, pippali powder with Buttermilk
and ulcers. beneficial in Diarrhoea.

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Dadima Bengali
Vernacular names
: Ddima
Punica granatum,
Lythraceae English : Pomegranate
Gujrati : Dadama
Hindi : Anar
Kannada : Dalimba
Malayalam : Matalam
Marathi : Dadimba
Punjabi : Anar
Tamil : Madalai, Maadalai. Madalam
Telugu : Danimma
Urdu : Anar, Rumman

Medicinal Uses

1. Intrinsic Hemorrhage: Two for eliminating white heads and

teaspoonful of dadima flowers black heads.
mixed with goat s milk and sugar
twice daily is beneficial. 4. Increase sperm count: Drink 1
glass of pomegranate juice daily
2. Piles: Dry the peel of a sweet to increase the sperm count and
pomegranate and make a fine motility .
powder. Take five grams of this
powder twice a day regularly 5. Diarrhea: 3 grms of fruit peel
with butter milk inorder to get powder along with butter milk
the relief from piles. with one teaspoonful cumin
seeds powder twice a day is
3. Acne: Water boiled with beneficial in diarrhea especially
pomegranate fruit peels should Irritable bowel syndrome.
be used to wash the face for Acne.
Powdered pomegranate skin 6. Intestinal worms: Eat 150 gms of
should be combined with rose pomegranate seeds on an empty
water or lemon juice and applied stomach every morning.
like a face pack for calming
pimples, boils, acne as well as

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Dhanyaka Assamese :
Vernacular names
Coriandrum sativum, Bengali : Dhane, Dhania
English : Coriander fruit
Gujrati : Dhana
Hindi : Dhaniya
Kannada : Havija, Kothambari bija
Kashmiri : Dhaniwal, Dhanawal
Malayalam : Malli, Kothampatayari
Marathi : Dhane, Kothimbir
Oriya : Dhania
Punjabi : Dhania
Tamil : Kottamatli virai, Dhaniya
Telugu : Dhaniyalu
Medicinal Uses
Urdu : Kishneez
1. Baldness: Regular application of
fresh pulp of Coriander(Dhaniya)
on bald areas regularly can cure 4. Menstrual cramps: 20gms of
the problem of baldness. Coriander seeds boiled in 100ml
of water and reduced to 1/4th
2. Indigestion: Equal quantity of and administered twice daily is
Coriander seeds, Black pepper, beneficial in menustral cramps.
Cumin powder and rock Salt (as
5. Thirst: Mix 10gms of Coriander
per taste) powders are mixed well.
powder in hot water. Cool and
This can consume along with rice
have this drink to satisfy excessive
helps in stimulating appetite and
easy digestion.
6. Fever: Mix 20gms of coriander
3. Mouth ulcers: Paste of Coriander seeds powder in 100ml of Hot
leaves apply on to mouth ulcer water. Consume this water along
for 2 to 3 times a day, will get with sugar twice daily. It is useful
relief from mouth ulcers. to pecify the fever.
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Dronapushpi Assamese :
Vernacular names
Leucas cephalotes,
Lamiaceae Bengali : Bholghasiya

English : Spider wort

Gujrati : Kubo

Hindi : Guma

Kannada : Tumbe

Malayalam : Tumba

Marathi : Tumba

Oriya : Gaisha

Punjabi : Gomobati, Gumma, Mal-bheda

Tamil : Tumbai

Telugu : Tummi

Medicinal Uses 4. Headache: The oil prepared from

dronapushpi flowers should be
1. Nasal congestion: The whole applied externally in headache,
plant of dronapushpi is crushed sinusitis etc.
and boiled in water. The steam
is used for inhalation in nasal 5. Intestinal worms: In children,
congestion, cough, cold, fever 5-10 ml juice extracted from the
and headache etc. flowers of dronapushpi and the
paste of dronapushpi leaves are
2. Sinusitis: 3-5 drops of given internally 1-2gms once a
dronapushpi flowers juice is used day for 10-15 days.
as nasal drops in order to get the
relief from sinusitis. 6. Scorpion bite: The constant
rubbing of dronapushpi leaves
3. Eye fatigue: The flowers of paste over bitten skin region
dronapushpi are soaked in breast can provide relief from pain and
milk and then applied over closed burning wasp bite, scorpion bite
eyes is beneficial in eye fatigue. other insect bites.
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Dugdhika Vernacular names

Euphorbia hirta , Bengali : Barakherui

Euphorbiaceae English : Asthma weed

Gujarati : Dudhelo, Dudeli, Dudhi

Hindi : Dudhi, Badi dudhdi

Malayalam : Nelapalai

Marati : Mothi dudhi, Naayato, Dudhi,

Dudali, Mothi naayati

Oriya : Dudili, Dudoli

Punjabi : Dudhi

Tamil : Ammanpatchaiarisi

Telugu : Reddivarinanubalu, Nanubalu

along with food. This acts as a

Laxative and Coolant.
Medicinal Uses
5. Dengue fever: 10gms of leaves
1. Wound: Paste of Dugdhika leaves paste of dugdhika boiled in 100
and tulasi should be applied ml of water till it reduced to
externally to cure swellings and 25 ml. This Decoction is taken
ulcers. twice daily is very effective herb
2. Warts: The milky extract of to increase platelets and cure
dugdhika is applied regularly to dengue fever.
cure warts. 6. Lactation: Administration of
3. Leucorrhoea: The paste of the 10gms of leaves paste of dugdhika
leaves 5- 10 gms is given orally early in the morning regularly
along with butter milk twice daily promots the milk production in
is useful in leucorrhoea. lactating mothers.
4. Laxative: The leaves can be
prepared as chutney and taken
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Durva Bengli
Vernacular names
: Durva
Cynodon dactylon, Poaceae English : Creeping Cynodon, Conch Grass
Gujarati : Khadodhro, Lilidhro, Dhro
Hindi : Doob
Kannada : Garike Hullu
Malayalam : Koruka Pullu
Marati : Doorva, Hariyalee, Harlee
Punjabi : Dubada
Tamil : Aruvam Pullu
Telugu : Garika, Pacchgaddi
Urdu : Doob Ghas, Doob

Medicinal Uses
fresh Juice of Durva with one
1. Obesity: A fistful of whole plant
cup of milk is administered
of Durva washed thoroughly
once or twice a day before
and is crushed and fresh juice
food is beneficial in gastritis,
is obtained. This is administered
hyperacidity, gastric ulcer and
internally in the dose of 5-10 ml
heart burn.
two to three times a day.
5. Nasal bleeding: Administration
2. Headache: 10 gms of Durva grass
of 2-5 drops fresh juice of durva
powder boiled in 200ml of water
grass and ghee to each nostril is
till it reduced to ¼ th . Drinking
useful to stop nasal bleeding.
this filtered decoction along
with half a teaspoon of sugar 6. Piles: 10 gms of Durva grass paste
or jaggery twice a day relieves is boiled in 100ml of water till it
headache, debility and lethargy. reduced to 50ml and consumed
twice daily to cure piles.
3. Dandruff: 25 gram of durva grass
paste in 100 ml sesame oil cooked 7. As Blood Purifier: The decoction
till the moisture evaporated. This prepared from one fistful of durva
is filtered and stored. This oil is grass, 3 betel leaves and 3gms
very much useful in itching skin of black pepper is an excellent
lesions, dandruff, eczema etc blood purifier.
4. Acid peptic disorders: 10 ml of

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Edagaja English
Vernacular names
: Candle bush, Ringworm shrub,
Cassia alata, Hindi : Dadmurdan , Prapunnad
Tamil : Seemaiagathi

Malayalam : Simayakatti , Malamtakara,


Kannada : Sime Agase

Marathi : Shimai Agase

Telugu : Avicicettu, Metta-tamara, Siima


Urdu : Ergaj

wash the hair with mild herbal

shampoo to cure dendruff.
Medicinal Uses
4. Wound: The paste of edagaja
1. Fungal infection: External
leaves and bark external
application of the paste of
application heals the wounds
edagaja leaves over the affected
very effectively.
areas is very effective in reducing
Ringworm infections. 5. Constipation: 3- 5gms of edagaja
flowers powder taken with
2. Foot crack: Edagaja leaves paste
honey in early morning. It works
prepared by adding coconut oil
as a good laxative.
or sesame oil applied externally
over affected area is very good 6. Aphthous Ulcer: Gargling with
remedy to heel foot cracks. leaves decoction of edagaja (A
fist full of leave boiled in 100ml
3. Dandruff: The leaves of edagaja
of water till it reduced to 25 ml)
ground with lemon juice and
relieves pain due to aphthous
applied externally as a paste
over scalp for 30 min . After that

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Eranda Assamese :
Vernacular names
Eda, Era
Ricinus communis, Bengali : Bherenda
Euphorbiaceae English : Castor oil plant
Gujrati : Erandio, Erando
Hindi : Arand, Erand, Andi, Rend
Kannada : Haralu, Oudala gida
Kashmiri : Aran, Banangir
Malayalam : Avanakku
Marathi : Erand
Oriya : Jada, Gaba
Punjabi : Arind
Tamil : Amanakku
Telugu : Amudapu veru
Urdu : Bedanjir, Arand
Medicinal Uses

1. Jaundice: Fine paste of 5gms orally twice daily to relieve the

Tender leaves of eranda is pain in sciatica. It also cures
administered orally early in the constipation.
morning in empty stomach , helps
5. Colic: Whole leaf of castor is
to cure jaundice.
smeared with sesame oil and
2. Joint Pains: Mature leaves paste warmed slightly. This is applied
mixed with little crystal salt and over the abdomen (Umbilicus) to
warmed. This luke warm paste is pacify abdomen colic.
applied over the muscular swelling
6. Worm infestation: 2 gms of Palasha
and joint pains. This pacifies the
seeds powder is taken along with
swelling and reduces the pain.
10 ml of castor oil as bed tome. The
3. Scrotal Enlargement: 10ml of castor pin worms are relieved within 3-4
oil mixed with one cup of milk days by this medication.
should be taken daily once during
7. Lactation: The leaves are heated
night time after food for a month.
and applied over the breast as a
4. Sciatica: 10 grams of eranda root bandage to induce milk secretion
powder boiled in 100ml of milk in lactating mothers. It is also
and reduced to half is administered beneficial in breast abscess.

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Erandakarkati Bengali
Vernacular names
: Papeyaa, Pappiyaa
Carica papaya,
Caricaceae English : Papaya, Melon tree, Pawpaw
Gujarati : Erandakaakadi, Papaiyu, Papita
Hindi : Papitaa
Kannada : Pirangi, Pappaay
Malayalam : Karmaasu, Pappaay, Karumatti
Marati : Papaayaa, Papai
Punjabi : Erandakharbujaa
Tamil : Pappali
Telugu : Boppayi, Bobbaasi, Paringi

fruit pulp with fresh milk is an

Medicinal Uses
excellent face pack. It moisturizes
the skin and removes the hyper
1. Worm infestation: Administration pigmentation of the face.
of 30ml of raw fruit juice of 4. Dengue fever: Papaya leaves
Erandakarkati (papaya) with juice administered in the dose
honey once a day for 1 week of 10 to 20 ml, 3 to 4 times a day,
is beneficial to expel intestinal helps in restoring the normal
worms. Regular intake of boiled platelet count and decreases
fruit expels the worms especially fever in Dengue.
Pin worm.
5. Eye disease: Papaya fruit rich
2. Menstrual irregularities: Regular in Vitamin A and Carotene so
intake of raw papaya also acts as regular intake of fruit prevents
a uterine tonic and cures ailments eye disease, age related macular
pertaining to reproductive degenerative diseases and
organs. However consumption promotes vision.
of the fruit should be avoided
during pregnancy as some times 6. Dysentry: 3gms of papaya seed
it may lead to abortion. powder with warm water twice
daily before food is beneficial as it
3. Face pigmentation: The paste has antibacterial properties.
prepared from ripened papaya

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Gokshura Vernacular names

Tribulus terrestris, Assamese : Gokshura, Gukhurkata
Zygophyllaceae Bengali : Gokshura, Gokhri
English : Caltrops root
Gujrati : Be tha gokharu, Nana gokharu,
Hindi : Gokhru
Kannada : Sannanaggilu, Neggilamullu,
Kashmiri : Michirkand, Pakhda
Malayalam : Nerinjil
Marathi : Sarate, Gokharu
Oriya : Gukhura, Gokhyura
Punjabi : Bhakhra, Gokhru
Tamil : Nerinjil, Nerunjil
Medicinal Uses
Telugu : Palleruveru
1. Male infertility: The mixer of Urdu : Khar-e-Khasak Khurd
5gms of Gokshura powder and
5gms of Ashwagandha powder
is boiled in 100 ml of milk till it gokshura fruit powder and 3gms
reduced to 50ml. Administration of coriander seeds are boiled
of this decoction twice a day for in 100ml of water till it reduced
ten days stimulates secretion to 25ml. Administration of this
of Testosterone and promotes decoction twice a day for few days
spermatogenesis. is beneficial in painful micturition.
2. Urinary calculi: (i) 10gms of 4. Jaundice: 5gms of whole
gokshura fruit coarse powder gokshura plant powder, 2gms
boiled in 100 ml of water till of cinnamom, 6 cardamom and
it reduced to 25ml and drink 2tsp of misri powders are taken
twice a day. (ii) Equal quantity internally along with luke warm
of gokshura, sonth (dry ginger), water three times a day is useful
methi (fenugreek seeds) and in jaundice.
ashwagandha powders are mixed 5. Alopecia: Equal quantity of
well. 5gms of this powder taken gokshura and sesame flowers are
twice daily with coconut water made into paste by adding honey.
decreases Uric acid and gives Apply this paste on the bald areas
relief in swelling. to stimulate re growth of hair and
3. Painful urination: 5gms of nourish the scalp.

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Guduchi Vernacular names

Assamese : Siddhilata, Amarlata
Tinospora cordifolia, Menispermaceae Bengali : Gulancha
English : Indian Tinospora, Heartleaved
Gujrati : Galac, Garo
Hindi : Giloe, Gurcha
Kannada : Amrutaballi
Kashmiri : Amrita, Gilo
Malayalam : Chittamrutu
Marathi : Gulvel
Oriya : Guluchi
Punjabi : Gilo
Tamil : Seendal, Seendil kodi

Medicinal Uses
Telugu : Thippateega
Urdu : Gilo
1. Diabetes: The whole plant is
crushed and juice is extracted.
10 ml juice is given 3 times daily 4. Gastritis: 5gms of guduchi stem,
before food is a very effective fistful of nimba leaves, fistful of
remedy to control the glucose patola leaves cooked in 100ml
level. of water and reduced it into
1/4th. Internal administration of
2. Jaundice: Adminstration of this decoction along with honey
10 gms of paste of guduchi leaves twice daily is useful in gastritis.
with butter milk twice daily for
one week, relieve the jaundice 5. As Rasayana: 20ml of Guduchi
juice is recommended daily in
3. Fever: 5gms of Guduchi stems the case of AIDS. Research work
boiled in 100ml of water till on this plant has proved that
it reduced to 1/4th. Intake of it increases the immunity and
this decoction twice a day is an defense mechanism against the
effective remedy for fever. For retro virus and increases the
better results parpataka (Fumaria lifespan of the patient.
officinalis), chandana, dry ginger,
mustha (Cyperus rotundus )can 6. Arthritis: 20 ml of Guduchi
be used for preparation of this juice is advised twice daily in
decoction. Rheumatoid arthritis.

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Vernacular names
Assamese : Rati

Abrus precatorius, Bengali : Kunch, Shonkainch

Fabaceae English : Jequirity
Gujrati : Rati, Chanothee
Hindi : Ratti, Ghungchi
Kannada : Galuganji, Gulagunjee
Kashmiri : Kath
Malayalam : Kunni, Cuvanna Kunni
Marathi : Gunja
Oriya : Kainch
Punjabi : Ratti
Tamil : Kuntri, Kunrimani, Kundamani
Telugu : Guriginja, Gurivinda
Urdu : Ghongcha, Ratti

Medicinal Uses
Nirgundi leaves, Eranda leaves,
1. Dandruff: External application of Gunja seeds luke warm paste
the paste of the root, seed and poultice applied externally to
leaves of Gunja over the scalp . relieve joint pains, swelling,
Wash the hair with mild shampoo sciatica pain and cervical
after ½ hour. Regular application spondylosis etc
once in a week is beneficial in
5. Leucoderma (Switra): The
destroy the dandruff.
mixture of equal quantity of
2. Leucorrhoea: Intake of 5 gm Gunja seeds, paste Chitrak
gunja root powder with rice water (plumbago) root paste is
after food twice daily is beneficial applied over the white patches
in leucorrhoea. and exposure to the sunlight
10-15min during early morning is
3. Hair growth: Oil cooked with beneficial.
coarse powder of gunja seeds
along with bhringaraja(Eclipta 6. Erysipelas (Visarpa): Regular
alba), external application over application of Fine paste of the
scalp in good for hair growth. gunja leaves over the affected part
relieves the burning sensation.
4. Joint pains: Equal quantity of
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Haridra Assamese :
Vernacular names
Haldhi, Haladhi
Curcuma longa, Bengali : Halud, Haldi
English : Turmeric
Gujrati : Haldar
Hindi : Haldi, Hardi
Kannada : Arishina
Kashmiri : Ledar, Ladhir
Malayalam : Manjal
Marathi : Halad
Oriya : Haladi
Punjabi : Haldi, Haldar
Tamil : Manjal
Telugu : Pasupu
Urdu : Haldi
Medicinal Uses
1. Cancer prevention: Every day 5. Sore throat: Take 1 cup milk, 3gms
morning, take 10 gms of turmeric of turmeric powder and 3gms
powder mix in a cup of warm of black pepper powder,heat on
water for 40 days. This prevents medium flame for 4 to 5 minutes.
cancer as turmeric has strong Drink this Golden milk daily at
cytotoxic effects against certain bed time.
forms of cancer. 6. Jaundice: Mix 1 teaspoonful of
2. Halitosis: Burn turmeric rhyzome turmeric powder with 1 glass of
and make it into fine powder and warm water 3 times a day for 2
use this powder with salt as a weeks or until you see the positive
tooth powder. This will maintain results.
the gums and teeth in a healthy 7. Filariasis: Take 3gms turmeric
condition and prevent halitosis. powder and 3gms jaggery with
3. Burns : Mix 1 tsp of turmeric with half cup of Cow s urine twice
1 tsp of aloevera gel and apply daily internally . It destroys Filarial
this paste over burnt area. worms.
4. Dental problems : Mix 1 8. Conjunctivitis: Eyes are washed
teaspoonful of turmeric, ½ with turmeric water(5 gms boiled
teaspoonful of salt and sufficient in 100ml water) and bandaging
mustard oil to make a paste. Rub the eyes with white cloth soaked
the teeth and gums with this in turmeric water during night
paste twice daily. times while sleeping.

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Haritaki Assamese
Vernacular names
: Shilikha
Terminalia chebula, Bengali : Haritaki
Combretaceae English : Myrobalan
Gujrati : Hirdo, Himaja, Pulo-harda
Hindi : Harre, Harad, Harar
Kannada : Alalekai
Kashmiri : Halela
Malayalam : Katukka
Marathi : Hirda, Haritaki, Harda, Hireda
Oriya : Harida
Punjabi : Halela, Harar
Tamil : Kadukkai
Telugu : Karaka, Karakkaya
Urdu : Halela

Medicinal Uses
the stomach forming a protective
1. Piles: A sitz bath with 10gms of barrier, preventing heartburn and
Haritaki or Triphala powder, in ulcer.
half a bucket of hot water, for 10
minutes, before bath, is useful in 6. Dandruff: Take a cup of coconut
reducing the swelling and pain in oil in a pan and add 3 haritaki
piles. pods and heat it. Once it turns
brown, with outer shell cracks
3. Acne: Local application of haritaki turn off the flame, let it be cool
paste on acne will not only cure and store in a glass bottle. Apply
acne but also prevents scarring. this oil regularly to prevent from
dandruff and lice.
4. Cough: Administration of haritaki
powder 2 gms with honey two 7. Obesity: Intake of 5gms of
to three times a day internally haritaki powder with warm water
alleavates cough. in the early morning on empty
stomach can regulate hunger
5. Gastritis: Internal administration when combined with proper
of 5gms of haritaki powder diet and exercise help to reduce
mixed in hot water and regularly, weight naturally.
increases mucus production in

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Harita manjari Assamese :

Vernacular names
Patrasaki, Mukuta manjari
Acalypha indica, Euphorbiaceae
Bengali : Muktajhuri
English : Indian Acalypha
Gujarati : Vanchi Kanto
Hinndi : Kuppi, Aamaabhaaji
Kannada : Kuppigida
Malayalam : Kuppameni
Marati : Khokli, Khajoti
Oriya : Indramaris, Nakachana
Punjabi : Kuppi
Tamil : Kupaaimeni
Telugu : Kuppichettu, Kuppinta,
Medicinal Uses Muripindi

1. Worm infestation: Internal

administration of the harita relief from painful arthritis.
manjari leaves juice 10 ml for
children and 15-30ml in case of 5. Bedsores: The dried leaf powder
adults early in the morning for of harita manjari dusted and
15days is useful to expel the bandaged over the bed-sore
intestinal worms. areas for healing.

2. Scabies: The paste of harita 6. Food poisoning: Equal quantity

manjari leaves with salt and of harita manjari leaves juice
applied externally is beneficial to and neem oil is applied over
cure scabies. uvula of children. This will induce
emesis and eliminate mucus from
3. Wound: The paste of harita intestine.
manjari leaves and turmeric is
applied externally useful in case 7. Stomach infection: Intake of
of ulcers and insects bites. the paste prepared from harita
manjari leaves and garlic in a dose
4. Arthritis: Harita manjari leaves of 3gms along with the first bolus
are mildly fried in gingerly oil and of food alleiavates stomach
is applied externally to get the infection.

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Hingu Assamese :
Vernacular names

Ferula foetida, Apiaceae. Bengali : Hing

English : Asfoetida
Gujrati : Hing, Vagharni
Hindi : Hing, Hingda
Kannada : Hing, Ingu
Kashmiri : Eng
Malayalam : Kayam
Marathi : Hing, Hira, Hing
Oriya : Hengu, Hingu
Punjabi : Hing
Tamil : Perungayam
Telugu : Inguva
Medicinal Uses
Urdu : Hitleet, Hing
1. Dysmennohea: Intake of 100ml
of buttermilk with a pinch of
Asafoetida(Hing), 1/2 teaspoon 4. Flatulence: Mix 1gm of dry
of Fenugreek(Methi) powder and ginger powder, a pinch of Hing,
little salt twice daily for 3 days is little black salt added in 100ml
beneficial. of warm water or butter mik and
2. Toothache: Mix ½ teaspoon of consume twice daily.
Asafoetida(Heeng) powder in 2 5. Indigestion: Take 5gms of
teaspoons of lime juice and heat powder prepared from equal
the solution slightly. Dip a small quantity of dried ginger, long
cotton ball in the solution and pepper, curry leaves, ajwain,
place it on the aching place for black pepper, Cumin and
20-30 minutes to get relief. Asafoetida(Heeng) with a little
3 Headache: Prepare the paste of ghee and salt and taken with
1 part of hingu, 1 part of dry the first bolus of food is useful in
ginger, 1 part of camphor, 2 parts indigestion and flatulance etc.
of tailed pepper by adding some 6. Piles: Regular intake of 100 ml of
milk. External application of this buttermilk with a pinch of hing
fine paste on the forehead to twice or thrice a day is highly
cure tension headaches as well as beneficial in piles.
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Indravalli Bengali
Vernacular names
: Jyotishmati
Cardiospermum halicacabum, English : Ballon Vine, Heart s Pea
Gujrati : Bodha, Kapaalphodi, Shivajaala,

Hindi : Kaanphuti, Lataaphataki

Kannada : Kanakayya

Malayalam : Ulinna

Marathi : Fatphati

Tamil : Modikkottan,

Telugu : Vekkudutiga
Medicinal Uses

1. Arthritis: The tila oil cooked week after delivery. This helps in
with the leaves of indravalli acts expulsion of waste products out
as a very effective on external of the uterus.
application for arthritis .
5. Dandruff: The leaves are soaked
2. Ear ache: 2 to 3 drops of juice in hot water for 3-4 hours and
of the indravalli leaves can be then crushed well. This water is
used as a ear drops for ear ache, used in cleaning the hairs. The
purulent discharge from ears. oil prepared from the paste of
the leaves and gingerly oil can be
3. Piles: The decoction prepared
used as a hair tonic and cure for
from the roots or Whole plant
of indravalli (20gms of paste is
boiled in 200ml of water and till it 6. Cold & Cough: Soup prepared
reduced to 50ml) twice daily can with fistful of indravalli (ballon
be given for piles. vine) leaves, pepper, cumin
seeds, salt (as per taste) cooked
4. Postpartum care: Indravalli
in 100ml of water for 5-10 min.
leaves paste applied and tied
This soup is perfect for cold and
over the lower abdomen of
cough in children.
the delivered woman for one
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Indravaruni Bengali
Vernacular names
: Rakhal Sasa Mul
Citrullus colocynthis, English : Colocynth, Bitter apple
Cucurbitaceae Gujrati : Indravaran, Indrayan,
Indramanoa, Indarvaranova
Hindi : Indrayan
Kannada : Havumekke, Havumakke,
Indravaruni, Tuntikai,
Malayalam : Valiyakattuvell, Valiya
Pekkumatti, Cheeiyakattuvellari
Marathi : Endrayana, Indravarana
Oriya : Gothakakucti, Indrayanalata,
Punjabi : Kaudatumma, Tumbi
Medicinal Uses Tamil : Paikamatti, Paythumatti,
Varithummati, Aruthununatti
1. 1 Premature graying of hair: Telugu : Chedu Puchcha
50 gram of dried seeds paste of Urdu : Hanzal, Indrayan
Indravaruni cooked in 400 ml
of sesame oil until it becomes
moisture free. Regular application danger is checked. Fishermen use
of this oil over the scalp is found this kind of practice abundantly
to be effective in preventing as they are repeatedly poisoned
premature greying of hair. by poisonous fish intake.

2. Constipation: 1-3gms of 4. Foot ulcers: One fist full of dried

Indravaruni root powder taken seeds of Indravaruni boiled in
orally with warm water daily 500ml of water and till it reduced
night before going to bed to 1/4th. This decoction is used to
relieves constipation, abdominal soak the foot for 15-30minutes,
distension, menstrual pain etc. in case of foot ulcers and cracks
caused during rainy seasons.
3. Food poisoning: In case of
food poisoning 2-3 gram of 5. Scrotal Enlargement: 3grams of
Indravaruni seeds powder is Indravaruni root powder mixed
administered twice or thrice with castor oil and is taken along
in a day. This helps to induce with Cow s milk twice daily is
vomiting and hence the probable beneficial in scrotal enlargement.

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Isvari Assamese :
Vernacular names
Aristolochia indica,
Aristolochiaceae Bengali : Isheri

English : Indian Birthwort, Serpent Root

Gujarati : Ruhimool, Iswarimool

Hindi : Ishwari

Kannada : Ishwari Beru, Toppalu

Malayalam : Karaleyan

Marati : Sapsan

Oriya : Gopikaron

Tamil : Perumarundu, Ichchuramule

Telugu : Iswari, Nallaiswari

Urdu : Zarawand Hindi

Medicinal Uses paste of Isvari, mildly heated with

castor oil and applied locally is
1. Insects bite: Isvari leaves paste beneficial in joint pains.
applied or rubbed well over the
bitten area. Also 10-20 ml of leaf 4. Bronchial asthma: The root
juice is given with pepper powder powder of Isvari is given in dose
internally for 6-7 times daily for of 3 grams with honey in cases
insects bite and also in poisonous of toxicities, bronchial asthma,
bites of snakes. The leaf juice is cough and fever.
the best medicine for all sort of 5. Anaemia: Administration of 5gms
toxic bites. of Isvari leaves powder along with
2. Fever: The juice of the whole water twice daily is beneficial in
plant of Isvari in the dose of 5-10 anaemia.
ml given thrice a day is useful in 6. Headache: The paste of Isvari
fever and diarrhoea etc. leaves and turmeric is applied on
3. Joint pains: The whole plant forehead twice daily is beneficial.

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Jalapippali Bengali
Vernacular names
: Bukkana, Kaanchadaa
Phyla nodiflora, English : Purple Lippia
Gujrati : Rataveliyo

Hindi : Jalpipali, Panisigaa, Bhuiokaraa

Kannada : Nelahippali

Malayalam : Nirtippali, Podutalai (Siddha)

Marathi : Jalpippali, Ratavel

Tamil : Potuttali

Telugu : Bokkena

useful in healing the wounds.

Since it has anti bacterial
properties, it treats the infections
Medicinal Uses well.
1. Leucorrhoea: The leaves of
4. Dandruff: The leaves of
jalapippali powder along with
jalapippali paste applied on the
cumin seeds in equal quantity, is
scalp is useful in case of dandruff.
mixed well and given in the dose
A Siddha preparation called
of 5 to 10 grams twice daily is
Poduthalai tailam is very effective
beneficial in Leucorrhoea.
in dandruff.
2. Piles: Administration of the
5. Urinary calculi: Infusion of leaves
chutney prepared with leaves of
and tender stalk (Soak 10 gm of
jalapippali is effective in curing
Jalapippali in 50ml of hot water
for 3-4 hours) used in cold with
3. Wound: External application fever; also as diuretic and for
of leaves paste is helpful in the Lithiasis.
ripening of pustules and also
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Jambu Bengali
Vernacular names
: Badjam, Kalajam
Syzygium cuminii, Myrtaceae English : Jambul tree
Gujrati : Gambu, Jamun
Hindi : Jamuna
Kannada : Nerale Beeja, Jambu Nerale
Malayalam : Njaval
Marathi : Jambul
Oriya : Jam Kol, Jamu Kol
Punjabi : Jaamun
Tamil : Naval
Telugu : Alla Nereduchettu, Neredu
Urdu : Jamun

Medicinal Uses
seeds and gargle with that water
1. Diabetes: 10 gm of Jambu seeds frequently.
powder boiled in 100 ml of water
5. Acne: Mix Jamun seed powder
till it reduced to 1/4th. Take this
with some cow s milk and apply
decoction on empty stomach
on the pimples while going to
early morning reduces blood
bed at night. Wash in the morning
sugar levels.
and continue this for few days for
2. Boils: Apply the paste of Jamun good results.
seeds powder mixed with a little
6. Joint pains: External application
sesame oil on the Boils.
warm paste prepared from jamun
3. Bedwetting: Consume 5gms of bark powder mixed with sufficient
Jamun seeds powder with water water by rubbing followed by
2 times a day for 15 days to 1 heating is useful to relieve the
month in children. joint pains.

4. Hoarseness of voice: To maintain 7. Piles: Regular intake of Jamun

good voice and relieve from fruits for 2 to 3 months will help
hoarseness, boil the Jamun healing bleeding piles.

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Japa English
Vernacular names
: Chinese hibiscus, Chinese rose,
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Rose of China, Shoe Flower
Malvaceae Hindi : Jasut, Jasun, Gudhal, Gurhal
Bengali : Joba, Javaphul, Jaba
Gujarati : Jasuva, Jasus
Kannada : Daasavala, Kempu daasavala,
Kempu pundrike
Malayalam : Ayamparathi, Chembarathi
Telugu : Mandaram
Tamil : Sembarattai, Semparuthi
Oriya : Mondaro
Assam : Joba
Punjabi : Jasun
Unani : Gul-e-Gurhal

Medicinal Uses
1. Leucorrhoea: 3-5 flowers of japa oil on head gives coolness to the
paste boiled in 100ml of milk till it entire body and a very effective
reduced to 50ml added with little remedy for hair fall.
jaggery and 3 grams of yavani
4. Dandruff: The leaves are crushed
(Trachyspermum ammi) should
well and squeezed to extract
be given in leucorrhoea daily
the mucilaginous content. This
should be applied on head before
2. Insomnia: The petals of the 2 hours of head bath. It relieves
flowers of japa one part and six dandruff and promotes hair
parts of water is mixed and heated growth.
on little flame and reduced to
5. Boils: The leaves and young
1/4th part. Then jaggery is added
flower buds paste of japa is used
to it and prepared into syrup. This
as a poultice on boils.
is given in the dose of 10 ml for
urinary diseases, Insomnia and 6. Cough: Drinking twice daily
psychiatric ailments. Hibiscus tea (1-2 Flowers boiled
in 50ml of water 5 to 10 min) is
3. Hair fall: The juice of japa petals
rich in antioxidants, can protect
boiled in coconut oil till the
liver, relieves cough and reduce
water content of the mixture
fever too.
disappears. Application of this

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Jatiphala Assamese :
Vernacular names
Jaiphal, Kanivish
Myristica fragrans,
Myristicaceae Bengali : Jaiphala, Jaitri
English : Nutmeg
Gujrati : Jaiphala, Jayfar
Hindi : Jaiphal
Kannada : Jadikai, Jaykai, Jaidikai
Kashmiri : Jafal
Malayalam : Jatika
Marathi : Jaiphal
Oriya : Jaiphal
Punjabi : Jaiphal
Tamil : Sathikkai, Jathikkai, Jatikkai,
Jadhikai, Jadhikkai
Medicinal Uses Telugu : Jajikaya
Urdu : Jauzbuwa, Jaiphal
1. Flatulence: 2 grams of Jatiphala
(Nutmeg) powder should be
given with honey twice or thrice a 6. Indigestion: The powder
day before food to treat flatulence
prepared from equal quantity
etc abdominal disorders.
of Jatiphala shunthi and jirika,
2. Diarrhoea: Administration of 2 administered in a dos of 5
gram of Jatiphala powder with gms before food twice daily is
butter milk twice daily helps to highly beneficial in indigestion,
treat Diarrhoea. flatulence and abdominal
3. Insomnia: 2 gram of Jatiphala discomfort.
powder can be given with milk at
7. Acne: Equal quantity of Nutmeg
bed time in case of insomnia.
and cinnamon powder mixed
4. Headache: The paste of nutmeg with honey and applied over the
(Jatiphala) can be applied thickly face daily in the morning and
over forehead during head ache.
keep it for approximately 10-15
5. Rhinitis: For Chronic cold and minutes. Then rinse with cold
rhinitis in children , powder of water. It will help in relieving acne
nutmeg mixed with mustard oil as well as reducing scars.
can be applied at the middle of
the head regularly.
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Jiraka Vernacular names

Assamese : Jira
Cuminum cyminum, Apiaceae Bengali : Jira, Sadajira
English : Cumin seed. Cumin
Gujrati : Jirautmi, Jirn, Jiraugi, Jeeru, Jirun
Hindi : Jira, Safed jira
Kannada : Jirage, Bilejirege
Kashmiri : Safed Zoor
Malayalam : Jeerakam
Marathi : Pandhare jire
Oriya : Dhalajeera, Dalajira, Jira
Punjabi : Safed Jira, Chitta Jira
Tamil : Sheeragam, Chirakam, Jeerakam
Telugu : Jilakarra
Medicinal Uses Urdu : Zirah, Zirasafed
1. Memory enhancement: This spice
is known to be the brain food and
it enhances memory. Take 3 grams (Sunthi), cinnamon powder and
of powdered black cumin seeds black pepper. Mix in 1 cup of
mixed with a little honey and lick butter milk. Drink twice or thrice a
it every morning for a few weeks. day.
This will improve memory.
5. Flatulence: Administration of the
2. Diabetes: Take one teaspoonful decoction of crushed cumin seeds,
powdered cumin seeds with black pepper and dry ginger twice
one glass of water twice a day to a day for several days is beneficid.
control sugar levels in diabetes
6. Lactation: To increase lactation,
mix 1 teaspoonful of cumin and
3. Piles: Add one teaspoonful of sugar. Drink with warm milk daily
roasted cumin (jeera) powder to in evening.
a glass of buttermilk and have it
7. Intermittent fever: Intake of 3gms
twice daily for a few weeks
of Krishna jeera, 1gm of Marica(
4. Diarrhoea: Roast one tsp of cumin Black pepper) with equal jaggery
seeds and powder them. Add a twice daily is useful in Vishama
pinch each of dry ginger powder jwara.

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Kadali Assam
Vernacular names
: Kal, Talha
Musa paradisiaca, Bengali : Kela, Kala, Kanch Kala, Kodali
English : Banana tree, Plantain tree

Gujarati : Kela

Hindi : Kela

Kannada : Bale gadde

Malayam : Vazha

Marati : Kela

Oriaya : Kadali, Kadila

Punjabi : Kela

Tamil : Vazhai

Telugu : Arati gadda

Urdu : Kela

Medicinal Uses

1. Peripheral Neuropathy: The of Plantain tree is crushed well

crushed flowers of kadali (banana) and the paste used for bandaging
tree fried with castor oil slightly over traumatic swellings.
and be used for fomentation or
as a bandage on the extremities 5. Urinary Calculi: Regular intake of
for burning sensation. 20ml of Plantain stem juice twice
daily for 3 months is beneficial to
2. Constipation: Ripened banana as eliminate Urinary calculi.
a fruit is a good Laxative, Nutritive
and Diuretic. 6. Fungal infection (Sidhma): Paste
of 2 gms of Banana leaf alkali
3. Indigestion: It is good to eat food (Burned leave ash) mixed with
in Plantain leaf as it helps to treat 2 gms of turmeric powder applied
Indigestion and body heat. over the affected skin is beneficial
in Fungal infection.
4. Traumatic swellings: The roots

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Vernacular names
English : The creat, king of bitters
Andrographis paniculata, Hindi : Kalamegha, Kalpanath
Bengali : Kalamegh
Gujarathi : Kariyathu, Litu Kariyat
Kannada : Nelabevu
Marathi : Kiriath
Malayalam : Nelavepu, Nelavemu, Nilavaepu
Tamil : Nelavemu, Nilavembu
Telugu : Nelavemu
Urdu : Bhooinimo

Medicinal Uses found to be effective in recurrent

1. Eczema: 50 gram total plant paste spasmodic pains and menstrual
mixed in 200 ml of sesame oil. This pain.
mixture is cooked until, it is free of 4. Skin diseases: Equal amount of
moisture. This oil apply over the neem and triphala powders are
skin lesions especially in eczema. mixed well. Administration of the
it is also effective in dandruff and decoction (5gms of this mixture
seborrhic dermatitis. boiled in 100ml of water till it
2. Vishama jwara: Equal quantity reduced to 1/4th), is used both
of Kalamegha plant powder, for internal and external purpose.
Shunthi, black pepper powders Externally it is used to wash the
are mixed well. Taking this wounds in case of chronic skin
mixture 3-5gms will hot water diseases and in ulcers. Internal
three to four times a day, pacifies administration twice daily is
recurrent fevers. effective in diabetes, itching skin
diseases and even in several eye
3. Intestinal worms: 3gms of disorders.
the leaves paste of kalamegha
consumed early morning on 6. Liver disorders: Intake of 10 ml
empty stomach for a week, is very fresh juice of kalamegha with
beneficial in intestinal worms honey twice or thrice daily is very
especially in pin worms. it is also good for liver as Andrographis
protects the liver against toxins.
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Kamala Assamese :
Vernacular names
Nelumbo nucifera,
Nelumbonaceae Bengali : Padma Phool, Salaphool
English : Lotus
Gujrati : Kamal,
Hindi : Kamal, Kanwal
Kannada : Kamal, Tavare, Naidile,
Malayalam : Tamara, Venthamara,
Chenthamara, Senthamara
Marathi : Komala
Oriya : Padma
Punjabi : Kanwal, Pamposh
Tamil : Tamarai, Thamaraipoo,
Aravindan, Paduman, Kamalam,

Medicinal Uses Telugu : Kaluva, Tamarapuvow

Urdu : Kamal
1. Burning micturation: 3gms Lotus
flower paste or rhizome paste
along with milk can be given twice daily for bleeding piles,
internally twice daily for burning bloody diarrhoea and cough etc.
5. Hypertention: Venthamarai poo
2. Snake bites: For toxic snake bites, choornam a Siddha Medicine is
one Lotus flower can be ground very effective for Management
well and given along with water of Hypertension and given in
internally at regular intervals. the dose of 2‒ 3 grams with milk
3. Diarrhoea: 5ml of lotus flower before food twice a day.
juice can be administered twice 6. Hyper pigmentation: Fine
daily for diarrhoea. It is also good paste of lotus flower should be
for Heart . applied on the face once daily.
4. Bleeding piles: 3gms of lotus This enhances the complexion
flower/rhizome powder mixed and luster of the face, relieves the
in one cup of milk can be given black spots and freckles.

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Kanchanara Assamese :
Vernacular names
Kancan, Kanchan
Bauhinia variegata, Bengali : Kanchana, Rakta Kanchana
Caesalpiniaceae English : Mountain Ebony
Gujrati : Champakati, Kanchnar, Kachnar
Hindi : Kachanar, Kanchanar, Kachnar
Kannada : Keyumandar, Kanchavala
Kashmiri : Kalad
Malayalam : Chuvanna Mandharam
Marathi : Kanchana, Raktakancana
Oriya : Kachana, Kaniara
Punjabi : Kanchnar
Tamil : Sigappu mandarai, Sihappu
Medicinal Uses Telugu : Deva Kanchanam

1. Mouth Ulcers: 20 gms of

Kanchanara bark powder boiled
until it reduces to 25 ml. Strain
in 200 ml of water till it reduced
and drink twice daily
to 50 ml . Use this decoction for
gargle 2-3 times a day is extremely 5. Cysts & Fibroids in Uterus: 20
effective cure for mouth ulcers grams of fresh bark of kanchanara
is boiled in 200 ml of water until
2. Diarrhea: Internal administration
the water is decreased to 50 ml.
of 3 gms of kanchanara bark
Strain and drink. This is useful in
powder along with warm water
curing cysts and fibroid uterus.
twice daily is useful to control
diarrhea. 6. Burning Sensation In Urine:
10 gms of bark ,3gms of cumin
3. Hepatomegaly: consumption of
seed,1 3gms of coriander seeds
10-20ml of leaves juice 2 times
are boiled in 100 ml of water till it
a day will increases the liver
reduced to 50 ml. Administration
function as well as decreases
of this decoction by adding some
enlargement of the liver.
jaggary twice daily is beneficial in
4. Tonsilites: 10 grams of kachanara burning micturition.
bark boiled in 100 ml of water
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Vernacular names
Assamese : Korach
Pongamia pinnata, Bengali : Nata Karanja, Dahara Karanja
English : Smooth leaved pongamia
Gujrati : Kanajo, Karanji
Hindi : Dithouri, Karuaini
Kannada : Honge, Hulagilu
Kashmiri : Kath
Malayalam : Avittal, Ungu, Unu, Pungu
Marathi : Karanja
Oriya : Karnja
Punjabi : Karanj
Tamil : Pungan, Pongana
Telugu : Lamiga, Kanuga

Medicinal Uses Urdu : Karanj

1. Wounds: 20-30 gram of karanja

bark is boiled with 200ml of macerate the leaves and filter it, to
water and reduced it in to ¼. This obtain cold infusion. This is used to
decoction is used to wash the wash the eyes. This relieves pain,
chronic ulcers and wounds. For sitz discoloration and gritty feeling
bath also it is useful, especially after caused during the conjunctivitis.
the anorectal surgeries and kshara 5. Piles: Karanja bark 3 gms and
therapies. Triphala powder 3gms are boiled
2. Insect and wasp bite : The fresh leaf in 200ml of water and reduced it
juice is applied over the lesions of into 1/4th ,to made decoction. It
wasp bite or insect bite frequently is administered internally (in the
.This reduces the swelling and pain dose of 25 ml twice a day) and
instantly. externally (for sitz bath ) in case of
post operative care of ano-rectal
3. Eczema: Equal quantity of fresh
alkaline therapies (Kshara therapy).
rhizomes of turmeric and pongamia
seeds paste is applied externally to 6. Boils: Equal quantity of Karanja
tred the eczema and scabies etc. seeds, sesamum seeds, mustard
seeds, dugdhika plant, castor
4. Conjunctivitis: 20 young leaves of
seeds are made into fine paste and
karanja should be soaked in hot
applied over the boils is beneficial.
water over night. Next day morning
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Karavellaka Assamese :
Vernacular names
Kakiral, Kakral
Momordica charantia, Bengali : Karolla
English : Bitter gourd
Gujrati : Karela
Hindi : Karela
Kannada : Hagalakai
Malayalam : Kaippa, Pavackkai
Marathi : Karla
Oriya : Kalara, Salara
Punjabi : Karela
Tamil : Paharkai
Telugu : Kaakara Kaaya
Urdu : Karela

Medicinal Uses

1. Lactation : Prepare the paste of applied over the wounds,

bitter gourd (karela) leaves and promotes in fast healing.
apply it over the breasts overnight,
4. Intestinal worms: The fresh juice
or, if possible, throughout the
of the fruit is given in a dose of
day. Use fresh leaves every day. It
20ml early morning on empty
Promotes the location.
stomach for 3-5 days to treat
2. Diabetes: Research has proved intestinal worms.
that karela contains insulin like
5. Blood purifier: The juice of the
properties and thus is called
fruit is consumed daily in a dose of
plant-insulin, which is highly
20-25ml to detox the blood and
beneficial in lowering the sugar
acts as blood purifier.
levels. Drink one cup of fresh
karela juice (3 ‒ 4 karelas) daily in 6. Prolapse of Uterus: The uterus
the morning. prolapsed is restored to its
normal position by application of
3. Wound: Externed application
Karavellaka root paste followed
of the paste prepared from the
by press up prolapse to its
leaves of karela and dhattura
position and give T bandage.
(Datura metel) paste external

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Karpura Assamese :
Vernacular names
Cinnamomum camphora, Bengali : Karpur
English : Camphor
Gujarati : Kapur
Hindi : Kapur
Kannada : Karpur
Malayalam : Karpuram, Chutakkapuram
Marati : Kaapur
Oriya : Karpur
Punjabi : Kapura
Tamil : Karpuram
Telugu : Karpram, Karpuraamu
Medicinal Uses Urdu : Riyaahi Kapphur, Kaaphoraa

1. Mosquito repellent: Soaking a

bit of cloth within camphor oil as
well as leaving it in the corners 5. Burn scars: Water mixed with a
of the house. It helps drive away bit of camphor should be applied
mosquitoes as well as flies. regularly on burn scars till it
2. Skin Itching: Camphor oil
application is good for skin and 6. Head lice: 10grams of camphor
also removes skin itching, rashes is dissolved in 100 ml of warm
and also inflammation. coconut oil and allowed to cool.
This is applied on the scalp at
3. Joint Pains: Warm sesame oil night. Next day morning wash
with camphor and massaging the the hair. It is helpful in destroying
body with this oil just before a Hot the head lice.
water bath will give relief to the
aching body. Camphor is actually 7. Chest congestion: 5grams of
a rubefacient as well as energizes camphor added in 100 ml of warm
the dilation of capillaries. sesame oil and dissolved. This is
applied over the chest followed
4. Fungal nail: Camphorated oil by hot water fomentation over the
may be used locally to cure chest to relieve the congestion in
fungus-infected toe nails. chest.

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Vernacular names
Assamese : Katki, Kutki
Picrorhiza kurroa, Bengali : Katki, Kutki, Kuru
English : Hellebore
Gujrati : Kadu, Katu
Hindi : Kutki
Kannada : Katuka rohini, katuka rohini
Malayalam : Kaduk rohini, Katuka rohini
Marathi : Kutki, Kalikutki
Oriya : Katuki
Punjabi : Karru, kaur
Tamil : Katuka rohini, Katuku rohini,
Telugu : Karukarohini
Medicinal Uses Urdu : Kutki
1. Fatty liver : 2- 3gms of Katuki root
powder with warm water taken
orally twice a day for 3 months to
are mixed well and taking orally
reversal of fatty changes in the liver.
3gms with warm water twice daily
2. Upper respiratory tract infections: is found to be effective in treating
1gm of katuki root powder is hyperlipidemia.
mixed with honey and licked 4-5
5. Gastritis: 2gms of katuki powder
times a day. This pacifies URTI very
mixed with sugar taken internally
effectively in children including
after food twice daily is beneficial in
productive cough.
acid peptic disorders as it decreases
3. Fever: 2 gms of katuki powder inflammation and potentially heal
boiled in 100ml of water till it the ulcer.
reduced to 1/4th. This decoction is
6. Hepatites: The paste prepared
beneficial in fever, eosinophilia and
from katuki and bhumya malaki
cold. Honey or jaggery can be used
should be administed 3 gsm twice
as adjuvants.
daily with butter milk is beneficial
4. High Cholesterol: Equal quantity to cure hepatites.
of Katuki and Haridra powders
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Kharjura Assamese :
Vernacular names
Phoenix dactylifera, Bengali : Sohara
English : Dried Dates
Gujrati : Kharek, Kharika
Hindi : Chuhara, Chohara
Kannada : Karinchula, Khajura
Malayalam : Intappazham, Inthappana
Marathi : Kharika, Kharik Phala,
Khajur, Kharik
Oriya : Kharjjuri, Khajur
Punjabi : Khajur
Tamil : Pericham, Karchuram,
Telugu : Kharjura, Kharjuramu
Urdu : Khurma (Khajoor)

Medicinal Uses
3. As Rejuvenation: A drink in
1. Constipation: Intake of 5-6 fresh which milk is processed with
dates mixed with 1 teaspoonful Dates(Dates milk shake) acts as a
of ghee and a pinch of pepper rejuvinator.
powder on empty stomach in the
morning followed by one glass of 4. Acidity: Soak a few dates
warm water. relieves constipation overnight in water and eat them
and strengthen the digestive in the morning regularly along
system. with the water in which they were
2. Erectile dysfunction: Chop 7
fresh dates mix with 3 teaspoons 5. Weight gain: Intake of 10-15
of ghee add a pinch of dry ginger dates per day followed by glass
powder, cardamom powder and of milk daily is useful to increase
few stands of saffron , consume body bulk.
it in early morning. This is an 6. Irritable bowel syndrome: 50ml
effective remedy in Erectile fermented Juice of Grapes,
dysfunction. Sugarcane and Dates twice daily
is beneficial.

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Khaskhasa Bengali
Vernacular names
: Aaphim, Postadaanaa,
Papaver somniferum, English : Opium, Poppy Seeds
Gujrati : Khaskhas
Hindi : Apheem, Postadaanaa,
Khaskhas, Khasabija
Kannada : Gasgase, Aapheen, Aphini
Malayalam : Avin, Karappu, Kashkash, Aalan
Marathi : Khaskhas
Oriya : Aapu
Tamil : Kasakash, Posttakkaai, Avinee
Telugu : Gasgashaalu, Nallamandu
Urdu : Apheem

Medicinal Uses

1. Quicker chemotherapy recovery: 100ml of milk. This is macerated

5 gms of Poppy seeds and 5 or churned well. According to the
badam soaked in 100ml of milk. need sugar or jaggery can also be
Deskinned badam and blended added. This gives instant energy
together in a mixer. Drink this and pacifies tiredness.
milk once a day is an excellent
4. Insomnia: Khas khas kheer
remedy for all cancer patients
prepared by cooking with
undergoing chemotherapy and
coconut milk, sugar/jaggery
suffering from burning sensation
and little amount of Rava/wheat
from tongue to intestines.
pieces is very effective in cases
2. Mouth ulcers : 5-10 grams of khas like insomnia, head ache etc.
khas seeds are soaked in 100ml
5. Acne: 1 spoon of poppy seeds
of water. This is made into fine
are soaked in curd and made
paste and applied to the lesions
into paste and applied over the
of mouth ulcers.
scars, acne marks or over the dark
3. General weakness: 10-15 gram circles. This helps to vanish all
of khas khas seeds added to these lesions.

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Krishna musali Vernacular names

Assamese : Talmuli, Tailmuli
Bengali : Talmalu, Tallur
English : Golden Eye-Grass
Curculigo orchioides, Amaryllidaceae
Gujrati : Kalirnusali
Hindi : Syahmusali, Kalimusli
Kannada : Neltal, Neltathigodde, Nelatale,
Malayalam : Nilappenea
Marathi : Kali musali, Bhuimaddi
Oriya : Talamuli
Punjabi : Syah musali, Musali safed,
Tamil : Nilappanai
Telugu : Nel tadigadda
Urdu : Musali Siyah, Kali Musali

Medicinal Uses
1. Dysuria: Administration of 5 4. Cough: Inhalation of the smoke
grams of root powder of krishna from burnt krishna musli root is
musali with honey or jaggery beneficial in chronic cough, cold
twice a day is useful to treat and asthma.
leucorrhoea, burning micturition
of urine and loss of libido. 5. Hyper pigmentaion: External
application of the paste of krishna
2. Loss of libido: Equal quantity of musli root with Goat s milk is
Musali root, Aswagandha root, useful to cure hyper pigmentaion.
Gokshura fruit, Kapikacchu seed,
Amalaki fruit are taken together. 6. Jaundice: 5gms of krishna musli
Take 5gms of this mixture in root powder is given with water
100ml of milk and little jaggery twice daily for a week
added to cure sterility and loss of 7. General tonic: The dried rhizome
libido. is a tonic, and provides immunity
3. Skin Allergy: External application and protection against diseases.
of leaves paste of krishna musali krishna musli powder 5 gms with
over the effected area of skin is milk daily is recommended to
useful. promote immunity.
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Kulanjana Vernacular names

(Rasna variety)
English : Greater galangal
Hindi : Kulanjan
Kannada : Dhumarasmi
Alpinia galanga,
Zingiberaceae Bengali : Kulingjan, Barakulanjan
Gujarati : Kulinjan
Malayalam : Arattha, Kolinji, Pararatta
Tamil : Pera-rattai
Kannada : Dhoomraasmi
Telugu : Pedda-dhumpa, Dumpa
Marathi : Kulinjan

4. Fever: Powder prepared from

equal quantity of kulanjana
Medicinal Uses Licorice, and pippali should be
1. Cough: A small piece of rhizome( administered 3gms with honey
1-2 gram) of Kulanjana kept in twice daily is highly beneficial
the mouth and chewed slowly in cough, headache, fever and
will certainly give a relieves from indigestion.
cough. It also releives nausea and 5. Joint pains: Paste of kulanjana
vomiting sensation. leaves slightly heated in castor
2. Indigestion: For all sorts of oil and applied externally over
digestive and respiratory ailments the inflamed joints, relieves the
in infants and children, this muscle spasm and pains.
rhizome of kulanjan is baked or 6. Hypothermia: Kulanjana powder
heated and given 1 gm dose with is rubbed all over the body to
honey and breast milk twice daily. increase the peripheral circulation
3. Arthritis: 3 gram of kulanjana in order to increase the body
(rhizome) powder is administered temperature.
thrice daily for rheumatic
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Kuluttha Vernacular names

Dolichos biflorus, Fabaceae English : Horsegram, Cowpea
Hindi : Kulathi
Telugu : Ulavalu
Kannada : Huruli
Bengali : Kurtikalai,
Malayalam : Muthiva,
Muthera : Marathi: Kulith
Gujarati : Kalathi, Kulit;
Medicinal Uses Tamil : Kollu

1. Renal calculi: Take 20gms of Unani : Kulthi

kuluttha (horse gram) in 500ml
of water and boil in pressure
cooker about 5 to 7 whistles. 4. Obesity: Regular in take of horse
Collect soup, add 2 teaspoon gram soup daily once is beneficial
crushed pomegranate seeds and in reducing obesity.
take once a day. This is especially
useful in kidney and bladder 5. Joint Pains: The paste of Kulattha
stones. seeds is used for fomentation to
relieve localized swelling. The
2. Amenorrhea: The horse gram seeds stimulate and increase
seeds, induces menstrual periods. sweating, thus opening the sweat
Hence people with prolonged pores of the body to push out the
menstrual cycle, scanty bleeding toxins from the body.
(oligomenorrhoea), are advised
to use horse gram in their diet 6. Intestinal worms: Decoction
regularly. Decoction of seeds is of horse gram seeds advised
also useful in the management internally to relieve intestinal
of postpartum syndrome or to worms and also treat the piles by
promote the discharge of lochia. relieving the constipation.

3. Jaundice: Kanji (gruel) of horse

gram seeds with jaggery is a
remedy for jaundice.
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Kumari Assamese :
Vernacular names
Musabhar, Machambar
Aloe barbadensis, Bengali : Ghritakalmi
Liliaceae English : Indian Aloe
Gujrati : Eliyo, Eariyo
Hindi : Musabhar, Elva
Kannada : Karibola, Lolesara satva,
Lovalsara, Lolesara
Kashmiri : Musabbar, Siber
Malayalam : Chenninayakam
Marathi : Korphad
Oriya : Musabara
Punjabi : Kalasohaga, Mussabar, Alua
Tamil : Kattazhi, Satthukkathazhai
Telugu : Musambaram
Urdu : Musabbar, Ailiva, Siber
Medicinal Uses

1. Gastritis: Consume 20gms of 5. Hair fall: Mix aloevera gel

Aloevera gel at night before going and lemon juice, apply this
to bed for 30 days. It decreases mixture to the hair, leave this for
the inflammation and ulcers in 30-40 minutes and then rinse
the stomach and intestine with water.
2. Burns: External application of 6. Jaundice: 20gm fresh aloevera
aloevera gel along with turmeric gel with lukewarm water on
several times a day is useful in empty stomach early morning is
healing of wound due to burns. very effective for Jaundice.

3. Fatty liver: Regular intake of 7. Irregular periods: Consume 20

10gm of fresh aloevera gel twice gm of fresh aloevera gel with
3gms of pepper powder twice
a day purifies the blood and
daily for 3 months corrects the
promotes liver function.
anaemia and irregular periods.
4. Skin Care: External application
8. Obesity: Daily intake of aloevera
the aloevera gel with honey juice (20ml) on empty stomach
followed by massage and leave it early morning helps to reduce
for 2 hours regularly. its promotes body weight, treats menstrual
the softness of skin and dark spots irregularities and pain during
become light. menstrual periods.
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Kumkuma Assamese :
Vernacular names
Crocus sativus, Iridaceae Bengali : Jafran

English : Saffron

Gujrati : Keshar, Kesar

Hindi : Keshar, Keshara

Kannada : Kunkuma, Kesari

Malayalam : Kunkuma Puvu

Marathi : Keshar

Punjabi : Kesar, Keshar

Tamil : Kungumapuvu

Telugu : Kunkuma Puvvu

Medicinal Uses Urdu : Zafran

1. Pregnant diet: Saffron advised to

pregnant women starting about
7th month onwards. 5-6 stigmas 4. Alzheimer s disease: Intake of
of saffron have to be given with a 15 mg of saffron twice daily is
cup warm milk at night. effective in mild to moderate
Alzheimer s disease
2. Acne: Prepare a paste of saffron
(10 stigmas), 10 gms of sandal 5. Debility: Consuming saffron
wood and rose water. Apply it as a badam milk (6 badam fried in
face pack helps to reduce pimple, Ghee, 7 saffron stigma are made
dark circle, acne, and increase paste and boiled in 100ml of milk
fairness . in low flame for 5-10min) at night
benefits to restore the functions
3. Promotion of vision: Internal
of female and male reproductive
administration of 20mg of Saffron
system. It is indicated in low
for 3 months proved significant
sperm motility premature
improvement in vision acuity and
ejaculation, erectile dysfunction
retinal function. Also beneficial in
and low sperm count.
macular degeneration.

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Vernacular names
Assamese : Dudhkuri

Holarrhena antidysenterica, Bengali : Kurchi

Apocynaceae English : Ester tree, Conessi bark
Gujrati : Kuda, Kadachhal, Kudo
Hindi : Kurchi, Kuraiya
Kannada : Kodasige, Halagattigida,
Halagatti Mara
Kashmiri : Kogad
Malayalam : Kutakappala
Marathi : Pandhra Kuda
Oriya : Kurei, Keruan
Punjabi : Kurasukk, Kura
Tamil : Kudasapalai
Telugu : Kodisapala, Palakodisa
Urdu : Kurch

Medicinal Uses
1. Diarrhea: Consuming Kutaja salt, ghee, pinch of pepper boiled
decoction( 3gms of bark boiled in low flame & made a soup) is
in 100 ml of water reduced into a good appetizer in post fever,
1/4th ) three or four times a day is diarrhea and dyspepsia.
effective in diarrhoea, dyscentery,
4. Fever: Equal auautity of Kutaja
IBS etc.
seed, cumin seeds and fennel
2. Intestinal worms: Take 3gms seeds made in to Powder. Internal
kutaja bark and 3 gms beal leave administration of 5gms of this
boiled in 100 ml of water reduced powder along with warm water
into 1/4th made a decoction. twice or thrice a day relieves
Taking this decoction twice evening rise of temperature.
daily pacifies intestinal worms,
5. Wound: Kutaja bark powder used
ulcerative colitis and simple
to dust over the oozing ulcers.
abdomen colic too.
This relieves the secretion and
3. Indigestion: Kutaj flower soup helps in fast healing.
(500mg kutaja flower powder
in one cup of water & add little
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Lajjalu Assamese :
Vernacular names
Lajubilata, Adamalati

Mimosa pudica, Bengali : Lajaka, Lajjavanti

Mimosaceae English : Touch-me-not
Gujrati : Risamani, Lajavanti, Lajamani
Hindi : Chhuimui, Lajauni
Kannada : Muttidasenui, Machikegida,
Malayalam : Thotta Vati
Marathi : Lajalu
Oriya : Lajakuri
Punjabi : Lajan
Tamil : Thottavadi, Tottalchurungi
Telugu : Mudugudamara
Urdu : Chhuimui

Medicinal Uses
4. Wound: 20gms of whole plant
1. Diabetes: Intake of 15-20ml of of Lajjalu paste boiled in 200
whole plant juice of Lajjalu in ml of water till it reduced to
early morning on empty stomach 50ml decoction. This is used to
is beneficial in diabetes. wash ulcers, diabetic ulcers, skin
infections etc as it has significant
2. Leucorrhea: The whole plant of
wound healing activity.
Lajjalu powder given in the dose
of 5 grams with rice water twice 5. Piles: Lajjalu leaves fine paste
daily cures leucorrhea. should be applied as a poultice
regularly on piles. it will greatly
3. Fungal infection: One part of
ease the burning and bleeding.
the juice of Lajjalu plant is boiled
with 4 parts of tila oil. This oil
is externally applied over the
affected area is useful to treat
fungal infections.

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Lashuna Assam.
Vernacular names
: Maharu
Allium sativum,
Bengali. : Lasuna
English : Garlic
Gujarati : Lasan, Lassun
Hindi : Lahasun
Kannada : Bulluci
Malayalam : Vellulli, Nelluthulli
Marati : Lasun
Punjabi : Lasan
Tamil : Vellaipoondu
Telug : Vellulli, Tellapya, Tellagadda
Urdu : Lahsan, Seer

Medicinal Uses
cholesterol level thus preventing
1. Cancer prevention: Garlic is the heart diseases.
most powerful known enemy of 3. Earache: Crush 5 cloves of garlic
carcinogens. Garlic also interferes and heat them in some sesame
with the growth or progress of oil till they turn brown. Put 2 ‒ 3
cancer. Taking 7 cloves of fresh, drops of this oil in the painful ear.
raw garlic in the morning is
one of the best steps towards 4. Head lice: Apply a mixture of
prevention and recovery. garlic paste and lemon juice to
the hair roots and then wash the
2. High Cholesterol: Garlic is a hair after two hours.
powerful anti-coagulant food.
It prevents blood clotting. 5. Digestive disorders: Crush 5-6
It also prevents and treats cloves of garlic and take with
atherosclerosis. Garlic will help in warm water or milk.
thin the blood, thereby reducing 6. Lactation: To increase lactation,
formation of blood clots within mix 1 tsp of cumin, 7 cloves of
the arteries. Take 7 raw cloves of fresh garlic, 1 tsp sugar in warm
garlic every morning on empty milk . Drink this garlic milk thrice a
stomach. This reduces the high day
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Lavanga Assamese :
Vernacular names
Lavang, Lan, Long
Syzygium Aromaticum, Myrtaceae Bengali : Lavang
English : Clove
Gujrati : Lavang, Laving
Hindi : Lavanga, Laung
Kannada : Lavanga
Kashmiri : Rung
Malayalam : Karampu, Karayarnpoovu,
Marathi : Lavang
Oriya : Labanga
Punjabi : Laung, Long
Medicinal Uses Tamil : Kirambu, Lavangam

1. Asthma: Coarse powder of 3 Telugu : Lavangalu

Urdu : Qarnful, Laung
cloves, 12-15 basil (Ocimum
sanctum) leaves, 10 black pepper
is boiled in 200 ml of water till it
reduced to 50ml. Administration tooth pain or massage the teeth
of this decoction mixed with and gums gently with the clove
honey two times a day is powder twice daily followed by
beneficial in asthma. rinse the mouth with luke warm
water is beneficial in dental caries.
2. Headache: Local application of
the fine paste of clove relives 6. Joint pains: Application of a few
head ache. drops of clove oil combined with
mustard oil is beneficial in joint
3. Nausea: In cases of nausea pain as well as muscular cramps.
and vomiting, make a paste by
combining clove powder with 7. Acne: Use a paste of clove
honey. Licking of this paste would powder with honey over the acne
relieve the nausea. Nausea can is beneficial.
also be relieve by chewing 1 or 2 8. Diarrhoea: Take equal quantity
cloves. of cloves and pomegranate skin
4. Bad Breath: Simply chew a few fine powder and mixed together.
pieces of cloves . Take 5gms of the mixture along
with 1/2 teaspoonful of honey
5. Dental caries: Clove oil is soaked 3 times a day.
in cotton applied on area of
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Madayanti Vernacular names

Bengali : Mehadi
Lawsonia inermis,
Lythraceae English : Henna

Gujrati : Mendi

Hindi : Mehandi

Kannada : Goranta, Korate, Madarangi

Malayalam : Mailanelu

Marathi : Mendi

Tamil : Marudum

Telugu : Gorinta

Urdu : Mehendi, Hin

Medicinal Uses 4. Fungal infection: Nail caused by

Tinea unguium and conditions
1. Burning feet: The paste of fresh
like Athlete s foot can be treated
leaves of Henna and lemon juice
by applying fresh leaf paste over
is bandaged onto the soles during
the affected area and bandaged.
night times relieves burning in
burning feet syndrome. 5. Dandruff: The oil prepared from
the seeds and leaves of henna is
2. Hairfall: The paste of henna
used as an external application
flowers 3-5 gms twice daily can
over the body to cure burning
be administered internally with
sensation, itching and dandruff.
water to prevent hairfall, itching
It also acts as a coolant.
of scalp and insomnia.

3. Jaundice: 5 grams of henna plant

boiled in 100ml of water and
reduced to 1/4th . This decoction
taken daily to treat jaundice.

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Manjishta Assam
Vernacular names
: Phuvva
Rubia cordifolia, Bengali : Manjistha, Manjith
English : Indian Maddar
Gujarati : Manjitha
Hindi : Manjitha, Manjit
Kannada : Manjustha
Malayalam : Manjatti
Marati : Manjihtha
Punjabi : Manjistha, Manjit
Tamil : Manjitte
Telugu : Manjishtha
Urdu : Majeeth

Medicinal Uses
effective in burning of the
1. Pimples and dark spots: Take 1 body (summer season and in
teaspoonful of Raktachandana, 1 menopausal period), blisters and
teaspoonful of Manjishta powder, boils.
5-7 drops of lemon juice and
4. Skin diseases: 3gms Manjishta
rose water. Mix all ingredients to
and 3gms Sariva (Hemidesmus
form fine paste. Apply this paste
indicus) in one cup of water ,
over the face and let it dry for
prepare a decoction in herbs are
20 minutes, wash off with cold
well known blood purifiers. Their
water. This face pack used 2 times
combination cures several skin
a week is beneficial.
diseases very effectively.
2. Chronic ulcers: 10gms Manistha
5. Burns: Manjistha, Teak wood
in 200ml of water and decoction
tender leaves and red sandal
is made and used to wash the
wood are taken in equal quantity
wounds in case of chronic
and processed in ghee or oil is
wounds, non healing ulcers etc.
used to apply over the burns and
3. Summer boils: 20-30 gram of scalds. It pacifies burning, pain
coarse powder is soaked in 200- and reduces skin discoloration.
300 ml of water and kept over
6. Piles: Intake of 3gms of Manjishta
night. Internal administration
root powder along with ghee
of this water in early morning
twice a day is beneficial in
on empty stomach. This is very
Bleeding piles.
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Maricha Bengali
Vernacular names
: Golmorich, Kalamorich, Morich

Piper nigrum, Piperaceae, English : Black Pepper

Gujarati : Kalimori
Hindi : Kalimirch
Kannada : Karimonaru, Menaru
Malayalam : Kurumulaku
Marati : Kalamiri
Punjabi : Galmirich, Kalimirch
Tamil : Milagu
Telugu : Miriyalu, Marichamu
Urdu : Filfil Siyah, Kalimirich

Medicinal Uses
the teeth. Its frequent massage
1. Increase appetite: Intake of enables you to stay clean of the
1 tablespoonful of Jaggery mixed dental problems.
with 3gms of black pepper
everyday before food is useful to 5. Cholera: Take equal quantity of
increase the appetite. Black pepper Hing, Long pepper,
dry ginger, rock salt and Camphor
2. Indigestion: Mix equal quantities are grind well and create small
of black pepper, dry ginger, rock pills (1/2 gm-1pill).Use one pill
salt powders. Add 3gms of this every half hour to avoid and
mixture to a glass of buttermilk manage Cholera.
and consume it regularly to cure
indigestion. 6. Nasal Block: Equal quantity of
black pepper, Cardamom, Cumin
3. Cold: 3 grams of Black Pepper, seeds, Cinnamon are mix and
3grams of dry Ginger, crushed grind into fine powder. Pinch of
4 Cloves and a few Basil leaves this fine powder, Sniff 3 to 4 times
in 100ml of water and boil the a day help in opening the nasal
solution in low flame for 5-10min. block.
While drinking mix 5ml of
Lemon juice and Honey into the 7. Seasonal allergy: Tea prepared
decoction and drink twice a day with equal quantity of black
relieves the cold. pepper, liquorice root, cardamom
seeds, basil and dry ginger must
4. Swollen Gums: The Pepper be taken warm a couple of times
powder added in mustard oil and each day to alliavate seasonal
made a paste use to massage allergy.

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Masha Bengali
Vernacular names
: Mashance, Bankalaai, Mashani
Teramnus labialis, Fabaceae English : Vogel-Tephrosis
Gujarati : Banudad, Janglee, Adad
Hindi : Mashvan, Banvdad, Mashoni
Kannada : Kadu Uddu
Malayalam : Katu Ulandu
Marati : Ran Udid
Punjabi : Jangali Urad
Tamil : Kattu-Ulandu
Telugu : Karuminum, Mashperniraphanu

Medicinal Uses
reduce the swelling as well as
1. Sexual libido: Equal quantity
to relieve the pain. This remedy
of fried black gram and sesame
is useful in both rheumatoid
powders are mixed well . 5 gms
arthritis and osteoarthritis.
of this powder is mixed with a
teaspoon of jaggery and taken 4. Generalized weakness: 20 gram
daily along with milk, after food. of black gram is cooked with 100
This acts as a very good energizer. ml of milk and later add sugar and
It is traditionally used as a tonic it should be consumed during the
to improve sexual libido. This evening hours. This serves as an
remedy can be continued for a energy drink and it improves the
period of 4 ‒ 6 weeks time and is reproductive health in men and
not suitable for diabetic patients. women.
2. Head lice: 30 gram of black gram 5. Constipation: Fried seeds of black
seeds are cooked in 100 ml gram (20grams) are made into
sesame oil for 10-15 min in low fine powder. This is consumed
flame. Regularly applying this oil along with 100ml of sour butter
over the scalp to cure head lice. milk. This improves the bulk of the
stool. It is specifically beneficial
3. Joint pains: Black gram powder
in those having improper bowel
paste is made by adding little
habit and irregular passage of the
sesame oil. This paste is applied
luke warm, over the joints to

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Meshashringi Bengali
Vernacular names
: Medhasingi
Gymnema sylvestre,
Apocynaceae English : Periploca of the wood

Gujrati : Kaavalee, Medhasinge

Hindi : Gudmaar, Medhaa Singee

Kannada : Kadhasige

Malayalam : Cakkarakkolli, Madhunaashini

Marathi : Kaavalee, Medhaashingi

Tamil : Shirukurum Kaay,


Telugu : Podapatro

Medicinal Uses
decoction administered twice a
1. Diabetes: Intake of 5 grams of day for 3 to 4 weeks is beneficial in
meshashringi leaves powder obesity and hypercholestrolemia
daily 2 to 3 times a day before etc.
food regularly is useful to control
diabetes mellitus. High doses 4. Wound: Root powder of
of this medicine may help to meshashringi can be dusted or
regenerate Beta cells of Pancreas applied as a paste on the wounds
study and research says. for healing.

2. Polyurea: 5 gms of meshashringi 5. Constipation: 5gms of

leaves powder should be meshashringi leaves powder with
administered with warm milk in warm water should be taken at
case of polyurea. bed time to cure gastrointestinal
disorders like constipation and
3. Obesity: 10gms of meshashringi gas trouble.
leaves paste boiled in 100ml of
water till it reduced to 25ml. This

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Methi English
Vernacular names
: Fenugreek
Trigonella foenum-graecum, Fabaceae Gujrati : Methi
Hindi : Methi
Kannada : Menthe, Mente
Malayalam : Uluva
Marathi : Methi
Punjabi : Methi
Tamil : Mendium, Ventaiyam
Telugu : Mentulu
Urdu : Methi

Medicinal Uses 5. Lactation: 10gms of methi seeds

are cooked well with 200 ml of
1. Dyslipidaemia: 10 gram Methi milk and add jaggery till it reduced
powder is administered along to 100ml. Internal administration
with warm water or buttermilk of this milk twice daily helps to
twice daily reduces cholesterol increase breast milk production.
significantly. 6. Piles: 10gram methi seeds powder
2. Prameha (Diabetes): The powder consumed with lukewarm water
prepared from equal quantity of along with half spoon of ghee.
methi seeds and turmeric should This relieves constipation as well
be administered in the dose of as piles.
5 -10 grams daily along with 7. Hair fall: 50 gram of fenugreek
water, preferably on empty seeds, 150 ml coconut or sesame
stomach. oil is added and kept in sunshine
3. Gastritis: 10 gram of seeds are for 6 days. Then it is filtered and
soaked in water overnight. Next stored. Regular application of this
day morning this is macerated oil acts as a good hair tonic.
well and is consumed this paste, 8. Hair conditioner: 10 gram of
30 minutes before food. It relieves methi seeds are soaked in water
the reflux esophagitis and and kept overnight. Next day
gastritis. morning made into fine paste
4. Indigestion: 5-10gms Fenugreek and is applied to the scalp as hair
seeds are fried a little and cooked mask. This is retained for 30-45
well with milk (by adding little minutes and rinsed with water.
sugar, if necessary). This gives This acts as a natural conditioner
good strength to the intestines for hair.
and improves the digestion.
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Mishreya Assamese :
Vernacular names
Foeniculum vulgare, Apiaceae Bengali : Marui, Panmauri
English : Fennel seeds
Gujrati : Variyali
Hindi : Saunf
Kannada : Badisompu, Doddasompu
Kashmiri : Sanuf, Badnai
Malayalam : Kattusatakuppa, Parinjaeragum
Marathi : Badishop
Oriya : Panamadhuri
Punjabi : Saunf
Tamil : Shombu
Telugu : Sompu
Urdu : Saunf

Medicinal Uses

1. Indigestion: Equal quantity of (Fennel) seeds in 100ml of water

Mishreya (Fennel) seeds and and add 100gms of sugar. Boil
cardamom are made into fine this mixture until it become thick
powder. Take 3gms of this mixture like syrup consistency. Feed 5ml
along with luke warm water after of this syrup to the baby 2-3 times
meals. a day.
2. Bad breath: Gargle with warm 5. Obesity: 5gms of haritaki powder,
Mishreya (Fennel) water (10gms 5gms of Mishreya (Fennel) seed
of fennel seeds boiled in 100ml of powder are boiled in 100ml of
water in low flame for 5-10 min) water till in reduced to 1/4th.
daily once for 7days. Strain and mix a teaspoon of
honey and drink this solution
3. Heat stroke: Keep handful of
in the morning on an empty
Mishreya (Fennel) seeds soaked
in 200ml of Hot water overnight.
Next morning, strain the solution. 6. Lactation: Take 5gms of Mishreya
Mix a pinch of Black salt and little (Fennel) powder in a cup of barley
sugar in it and drink this solution. soup 2 to 3 times a day to increase
breast milk.
4. Colic: Take 10 gms of Mishreya

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Mulaka Assam
Vernacular names
: Mulo

Raphanus sativus, Brassicaceae

Bengali : Mula
English : Radish
Gujarati : Mulo
Hindi : Muli
Kannada : Moolangi, Moolaogi, Mullangi,
Malayalam : Mullanki
Marati : Mula
Oriya : Mula, Rakhyasmula
Punjabi : Moolak, Moolee, Moola
Tamil : Mullangi, Mulakam, Mullangu,
Telugu : Mullangi

Medicinal Uses
Urdu : Turb, Mooli

1. Obesity: 1-2 big radish roots are

chopped and is added into 500ml 4. Leucoderma: 50 ml of radish juice
of hot water and kept for 1-2 hours. is cooked with 100 ml of sesame oil
Later it is filtered and this water is till all the moisture is last from the
used for drinking throughout the oil. Then it is filtered and stored.
day. This helps to reduce the body Regular application of this oil over
weight. the lesions of leucoderma has
good benefits followed by suitable
2. Dyslipidaemia: 20-30ml of radish
internal medication.
juice is mixed with equal quantity
of water and one tsp of lemon 5. Skin Allergy: Paste of1-2 Raddish
juice and little honey. This is taken roots is applied over the skin/face.
on empty stomach daily for 30- This is retained for 15-20 minutes
40 days. This reduces the bad and washed thoroughly (avoid
cholesterol significantly. those highly sensitive to radish).
This rehydrates and detoxifies the
3. Eyecare: Fresh juice of radish
green leaves in the dose of 20-
30ml consumed twice daily, before 6. Urinary Calculi: Regular intake of
food is considered good for eyes, 20-30 ml of Radish juice daily once
relieves burning, itching and excess after food for 3months is beneficial
lacrimation and useful in night in Urinary calculi.

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Mundi Assamese :
Vernacular names
Sphaeranthus indicus, Bengali : Surmuriya, Mudmudiya
English : East India Globe Thistle.

Gujrati : Gorakhmundi

Hindi : Mundi, Gorakhmundi

Kannada : Mudukattanagida, Karande

Malayalam : Manni

Marathi : Mundi, Gorakhmundi

Oriya : Bhuikadam

Punjabi : Gorakhmunda

Tamil : Karandai

Telugu : Bodasarumu Badataramu

Urdu : Mundi
Medicinal Uses

1. Skin disease: The leaves of mundi 4. M e n o r r h a g i a : I n t e r n a l

are dried in shade, powdered Administration of 5gms of plant
and given in the dose of 3 grams paste of mundi with butter milk
twice daily internally useful for twice daily beneficial in treating
skin ailments as blood purifier. bleeding piles and menorrhagia.

2. Body Heat: The powdered 5. Joint pains: Internal administration

of 3gms of Mundi powder with
flowers of mundi given in the
3gms of Dried ginger powder
dose 1 gram with water twice
with warm water twice daily
daily provides coolness to the
relieves arthritis (joint pains).
body and also acts as a tonic.
6. Headache: Internal administration
3. Worm Infestation: Consume of 10ml of mundi juice with a
5gms of root powder of mundi pinch of black pepper twice daily
with jaggery twice daily for a alleviates hemicrania (a type of
week is useful in expulsion of headache) with in a week.
intestinal worms.
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Musta Assam
Vernacular names
: Mutha, Somad Koophee
Cyperus rotundus, Bengali : Mutha, Musta
Cyperaceae English : Nut Grass
Gujarati : Moth, Nagarmoth
Hindi : Motha, Nagarmotha
Kannada : Konnari Gadde
Malayalam : Muthanga, Kari Mustan
Marati : Moth, Nagarmoth, Motha,
Punjabi : Mutha, Motha
Tamil : Korai, Korai-Kizhangu
Telugu : Tungamustalu
Urdu : Sad Kufi

is useful in diarrhoea, indigestion,

Medicinal Uses etc.
1. Fever: The powder prepared 4. Common cold: 5 gms of coarse
from equal quantity of Mustha, powder of musta boiled in 100ml
Parpata, Dry ginger, Long pepper of milk till it reduced to 50ml. This
administered in a dose of 5gms milk is given daily once to both
with hot water thrice daily cures children and adults in case of
fever. asthma, common cold and chest
2. Breast abcess: Administration congestion etc.
of decoction (5gms of mustha 5. Gastritis: The decoction of musta
tuber boiled in 100 ml water till (5gms of mustha cooked in 100ml
it reduced to 25ml) twice daily of water and reduced it into 25
for 15 days is useful to treat pus ml) is very effective in peptic ulcer
discharge from breast or any and inflammatory conditions.
swellings in breast.
6. Bad odour: External application
3. Diarrhoea: Musta tuber powder of the musta paste all over the
can be administered in a dose of body daily before bath for bad
3 gms thrice daily with butter milk odour due to sweat .

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Nagakesara Vernacular names

Assamese : Negeshvar, Nahar
Mesua ferrea,
Bengali : Nageshvara, Nagesar
English : Cobras Saffron
Gujrati : Nagkesara, Sachunagkeshara,
Nagchampa, Pilunagkesar,
Hindi : Nagkesara, Pila Nagkesara
Kannada : Nagsampige, Nagakesari
Malayalam : Nangaa, Nauga, Peri, Veluthapala,
Nagppu, Nagappovu
Marathi : Nagkesara
Punjabi : Nageswar

Medicinal Uses Tamil : Naugu, Naugaliral,

Nagachampakam, Sirunagappu
1. Diarrhea with blood: 3grams of Telugu : Nagachampakamu
Nagakesar stamen powder with Urdu : Narmushk, Nagkesar
warm water twice daily is an
excellent remedy.
the uterus in the conditions like
2. Piles: 2-3 grams of Nagakesar
abortion and after delivery
powder is taken and rubbed
well with ghee and made a fine 4. Skin glow: 1-2 pinches of
paste. This is applied to the anal naganeear rubbed well with
region in cases of piles. It is given water and add red sandalwood
internally also in the dose of 3 (Raktachandan). This paste
grams once or twice a day to stop is applied over the face after
heavy bleeding caused due to thorough wash of face. Regular
piles. application helps to get lustrous
skin and to remove the dark
3. Postpartum Care : Equal (Each
marks over the face.
3 gms) of Nagakesar and seeds
of sounf(fennel seeds) are taken Leucorrhoea: 3gms of Nagakesar
and fine powder is made or else powder taken with one cup of
its decoction is made. This is buttermilk for twice a day and
consumed twice daily for 3-4 days keeping on diet of buttermilk is
regularly. This helps to cleanse beneficial.

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Nagavalli Vernacular names

Piper betle, Assamese : Pan
Piperaceae Bengali : Pan
English : Betel Leaf
Gujarati : Pan
Hindi : Pan
Kannada : Veelyadele Ele
Malayalam : Vettila
Marati : Pan, Nagvel, Vidyachepan
Punjabi : Pan
Tamil : Vettilai
Telugu : Tamalapaku, Tamulapaku
Urdu : Pan

Medicinal Uses

1. Colic: Apply castor oil on smooth 4. Burns: Mix betel leaves paste with
surface of 2-3 broad betel leaves. honey and apply over the burns.
Warm them little and place them
5. Sore throat: Take 5 ml of betel
on stomach. By doing this 3-4
leaves juice and 5gms of
times the colic pain will subside.
licorice powder mix in a glass
2. Bad breath: Chewing betel leaves of warm water. This water can
after meals helps to reduce foul take internally as well as gargle.
breath as well as eases digestion. Singers can frequently utilize
It will increase secretion of this cure to maintain their vocal
digestive juices, decreases chords healthy.
bloating of stomach, cleanses the
6. Cough: Betel leaves drenched in
oral cavity, reduces constipation.
mustard oil, slightly warmed and
3. Wound: Grind the leaves, extract applied on the chest, reduces
the juice, apply on the wounds, cough as well as breathing
wrap a betel leaf as well as problems in children.
bandage the wound.

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Narikela Assamese :
Vernacular names
Cocos nucifera, Bengali : Narikel, Narikel
Arecaceae English : Coconut Palm
Gujarati : Naliar, Nariyel, Shriphal, Koprun
Hindi : Nariyal, Gola
Kannada : Khobbari, Tengnamara, Temgu,
Thengu, Thenginamara
Malayalam : Nalikeram, Ten, Thengu, Keram
Marati : Naral
Oriya : Nariyal
Punjabi : Narela, Khopra, Garigola
Tamil : Tenkai, Kopparai
Telugu : Narikelamu, Tenkay, Kobbari
Urdu : Narjil, Narial

Medicinal Uses
water acts as a diuretic, prevents
1. Renal calculi: Intake of coconut U.T.I (Urinary Tract Infection)
flower paste 2gms with curd once and helps in flushing out kidney
a day is effective against kidney stones.
stones. 5. Hair fall: Coconut oil massage for
2. Postpartum Care: Administration scalp is good and improves hair
of linctus prepared from flowers growth.
of narikela helps to improve 6. Diarrhoea: Intake of tender
health of uterus, regulate coconut water helps to maintain
bleeding after delivery and acts fluid balance and prevent
as galactogogue dehydration especially during
3. Diaper Rash: coconut oil regular scotching summer or in diseases
massage of the body of infants like diarrhea, malaria, typhoid and
prevent skin ailments and Chicken-pox etc.
diaper rash. It prevents flaking 7. Bleeding Gums: The burnt
and dryness of skin, dry coconut shell fine powder
eczema, wrinkling, sagging, mixed with edible camphor has
skin inflammation, itching and to be massaged on gums to
ringworm infection etc. treat bleeding gums and also
4. Burning Micturation: Regular strengthen the gums.
consumption of tender coconut
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Nimba Assamese :
Vernacular names
Azadirachta indica, Bengali : Nim, Nimgach
English : Margosa Tree
Gujrati : Limba, Limbado, Limado,
Hindi : Nim, Nimba
Kannada : Nimba, Bevu, Oilevevu,
Kahibevu, Bevinama
Malayalam : Veppu, Aryaveppu,
Nimbam, Veppa
Marathi : Balantanimba, Limba, Bakayan,
Nim, Kadunimb
Oriya : Nimba
Punjabi : Nimba, Bakan, Nim
Tamil : Vemmu, Veppu, Arulundi,
Telugu : Vemu, Vepa
Medicinal Uses Urdu : Neem

1. Blood purifier: Neem leaves help

in purify the blood. The patient neem should be applied on acne.
should chew 10‒12 neem leaves
or have half cup of fresh juice of 5. Urticaria: 3gms of neem leaves
neem leaves daily in the morning. paste and 3gms of amalaki
powder mixed with ghee taken
2. Diabetes: One cup of juice of internally two times a day useful
neem leaves mixed with a pinch in Urticaria.
of black pepper powder must
be taken in the morning on an 6. Head lice: Regular Massaging
empty stomach for three months. the scalp with Neem oil, removes
This helps to reduce the blood head lice and prevent dandruff .
sugar the diabetes. 7. Mosquitoes Repellent:
3. Wound: The paste of Neem leaf Fumigating the house with dried
powder and honey should be neem leaves or all parts of the
applied over the wound. plant mixed with ghee, acts as
mosquitoes repelleut.
4. Acne: The paste of fresh leaves of
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Vernacular names
Assam : Aslak
Bengali : Nirgundi, Nishinda
Vitex negundo, Vrbinaceae
English : Five Leaved Chaste tree
Gujarati : Nagod
Hindi : Nirgundi, Sinduar, Sambhalu
Kannada : Lakkigida, Nekkigida
Malayalam : Indranee, Nirgundi
Marati : Nirgundi
Punjabi : Sambhalu, Banna
Tamil : Karunochchi, Nocchi
Telugu : Nallavavilli, Vavili
Urdu : Sambhalu, Panjangusht

and nasal polyps.

Medicinal Uses 5. Low back ache: 50 gram of Nirgundi
1. Joint pains: Take 20 nirgundi leaves leaves , 200 ml of sesame oil and
and cut into small pieces. Put into a 800 ml of water or leaf decoction/
pan,slightly warm leaves by adding fresh juice are taken together and
sesame oil and applied over the oil is cooked until free of moisture.
joint with cotton cloth bandage. This oil is used to apply over the
This kind of poutlies are helpful to joints and painful area of low back
relieve the joint pain and swelling. acts as very good analgesic and
2. Cough: Consume the Nirgundi anti inflammatory .
leaf decoction (10 gms of leaves 6. Splenomegaly: 20-30 ml of leaf juice
paste boiled in 100m of water along with the same quantity of
and reduced into 1/4th) twice or cows urine is mixed and given early
thrice daily is pacifies cough, throat morning for spleenomegally for 2-3
irritation, fever, URTI etc. month. Also external application of
3. Wounds: The freshly prepared the leaf paste over the inflammed
nirgundi leaf decoction (20 gms spleen area also beneficial.
leaf paste boiled in 200 ml of water 7. Puerperal disorders: 3gms of
and reduced into 1/4th) is used to nirgundi leaf paste, 3gms of garlic
wash the wounds and helps in early clove paste, 3gms of dry ginger
healing . powder and 2 gms of pippali
4. Nasal polyps: Internal administration powder boiled in 100 ml of water
of 3gms of fruit powder with warm and reduced to 25ml. Intake of
water daily once is cures disorders this decoction daily once for 15
of nasal passages, especially rhinitis days after delivery, will destroys all
disorders caused in puerperal stage.
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Palandu English
Vernacular names
: Onion
Allium cepa,
Liliaceae Hindi : Piaz, Piyaj, Piyaz,

Kannada : Eerulli, Irulli, Kunbali, Neerulli,

Nirulli, Ullagaddi

Malayalam : Bawang, Ceriyaulli,

Cuvannulli, Eerulli,

Marathi : Kamdo, Kanda, Kandaa, Piyav

Telugu : Ulligadda, Erragaddalu

Medicinal Uses
4. Cough: The slices of onion is fried
1. Bleeding piles: 20ml of raw white
in ghee and taken internally is
onion juice should be taken on
beneficial to treat cough.
an empty stomach daily in the
morning. 5. Nasal bleeding: White onion juice
2-3 drops is installed into nostrils.
2. High Cholesterol: Take half a cup
of raw onion juice mixed with 6. Dental caries: The paste of onion
one teaspoonful of honey and is kept over the area affected with
ginger juice; this reduces the bad dental caries and inflammation of
cholesterol levels in the blood. the gum.

3. Vision: Internal administration of

the juice of onion in a dose of 10-
15ml daily is beneficial to improve
the vision.

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Palasha Bengali
Vernacular names
: Palash Gachha, Palash, Palas
Butea monosperma,
Fabaceae English : Bastard peak
Gujrati : Kesudo, Khakharo, Khakhapado
Hindi : Dhak, Tesu
Kannada : Muttug, Muttuga, Muttala
Malayalam : Plasu, Camata, Plas, Chama Tha
Marathi : Palas
Punjabi : Palash, Dhak, Tesu
Tamil : Purasu, Paras
Telugu : Moduga
Urdu : Dhak, Palaspapda

Medicinal Uses intestinal worms.

1. Menstrual irregularities: 10-15 3. Piles: The Palash resin (oozed

gram of Palasha bark is taken and out from the stem of the tree) is
decoction is made. This is taken taken 2-3 gram and mixed with
twice daily for 12-14 days prior to warm water and administered,
expected date of menstruation. especially to the children. This
This should be carried till the date pacifies haemorrhoids quite
of menstruation. The medication effectively.
is continued for three consecutive 4. Skin discoloration: Fresh
cycles. Flowers of palasa 160gms flowers paste is applied over
mixed with double sugar should the discolored area of the skin
be taken with milk twice daily regularly, twice or thrice a day.
also beneficial in Menstrual This helps to restore the original
irregularities. skin color.
2. Intestinal worms: 1-2 gram for 5. Nasal congestion: 10-20ml of
children and 4-5 grams for adults bark decoction is administered
of Palash Seed powder along along with a pinch of salt. This
with warm water. This helps to relieves the nasal congestion
check the repeated episodes of significantly.

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Parisha Vernacular names

Bengali : Gajashundi,

Thespesia populnea, English : Portia tree,

Malvaceae Umbrella tree

Gujrati : Paaraspipalo

Hindi : Paaraspipal

Kannada : Huvarasi

Malayalam : Punavasu,

Marathi : Parasa pimpala

Tamil : Chilanti, Punarasu

Telugu : Gangaraavi,

over the inflamed joints to get the

Medicinal Uses
relief from joint pains.
1. Wound: The leaves paste of
parisha externally applied as a 4. Leucoderma: Paste prepared
bandage over the wound is good from bark powder of parisha and
for healing. Bark decoction is also cow s urine, is applied externally
used to clean the wounds. over leucoderma to get the
normal colour of the skin.
2. Scabies: Paste of flowers of
parisha is applied over skin 5. Jaundice: The bark decoction
diseases like pruritis and scabies. of parisha (5 gms of bark cooked
in 100ml of water and reduced it
3. Joint pains: Leaves paste of
into 25ml) is given internally twice
parisha and little castor oil are
a day for ascites and Jaundice.
fried in pan. Applied this poultices

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Parnabija Vernacular names

Bryophyllum Pinnatum, English : Good luck leaf, Life plant,
Crassulaceae American Life Plant, Miracle Leaf

Hindi : Patharchattam, Patharchur,

Pather Chat,

Bengali : Koppat, Patharkuchi, Gatrapuri,

Kaphpata, Koppata, Pathorkuchi

Kannada : Kaadubasale, Dadabadike,


Malayalam : Elachedi, Elamulachi,

Ilamarunnu, Ilamulachi

Telugu : Ranapala

Medicinal Uses
Tamil : Runa kalli, Ranakkalli

Unani : Zakhm-hayaat, Zakhm-e-

1. Urinary calculi: 10 gms of Hayaat, Pattharchoor,
parnabija leaves in 100ml of Pattharchat.
water, take twice a day. You can
also give the decoction with 500
mg shilajit and 2tsf of honey 4. Bleeding diarrhea: Administration
mixed in it for more effective. of 3-6 gms juice of parnabija
leaves with cumin seeds and
2. Boils: Slightly warm parnabija double quantity of ghee, thrice
leaves and crush them. Tie it a day controls the blood flow in
as poultice and applied on diarrhea.
the affected area to cure boils,
redness and swelling too. 5. Cold: Administration of 5 ml juice
of parnabija three times a day is
3. Wounds: Slightly warm the beneficial in cold.
parnabija leaves and then crush
them and tie on the wound. It 6. Joint pains: Grind 7 fresh leaves
helps the wound heal faster and into a poultice. Apply the poultice
also eliminates the scar. It also evenly to the affected area twice
bring relief from insect bites, a day, morning and night, as
bruises, boils, and also skin ulcers. often as needed to get the relief
from joint pains.

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Parnayavani Vernacular names

English : Cuban Oregano, Indian borage,
Indian mint, Mexican mint,
Hindi : Patta ajwain
Coleus Amboinicus, Lamiaceae
Marathi : Pathurchur
Tamil : Karpuravalli
Malayalam : Panikkurkka, Kannikkurkka
Telugu : Karpoora valli, vamu aaku
Kannada : karpurahalli, dodda pathre,
dodda pathre soppu,

paste of ajwain seeds and leaves

with mustard oil and place this
Medicinal Uses paste in room corners will prevent
1. Cough: Paste prepared from the entry of mosquitoes in room.
5 leaves of karpooravalli and 4. Asthma: Boil hand full of
10 leaves of tulasi is boiled in Karpooravalli seeds and leaves in
100 ml of water for 5-10min. water and inhale the vapour to
Cool the water and add one control asthma effectively.
teaspoonful of honey. Intake of
this mixture will give a relief from 5. Acne: External application of
dry cough. Intake of fresh leaves leaves paste mixed with curd
(3 or 4) along with pepper, will is highly beneficial in removing
also give a relief from cough and acne effectively.
cold. 6. Chest congestion: Take equal
2. Abdominal colic: 4 leaves of quantity of karpooravalli juice
parnayavani crushed and put in and honey, add a pinch of dry
to 20ml of hot water. Intake of ginger powder, a pinch of fresh
this water frequently will cure the pepper powder. Mix well and take
stomach ache. internally twice a day to relieve
chest congestion.
3. Mosquito repellent: Leaves of
parnayavani crushed and placed 7. Insect bites: Karpooravalli can
in a room will act as a natural be used for bee stings and insect
mosquito repellent. Or Make a bites. Crush the leaves and apply
on the affected area of the skin.
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Pippali Assamese :
Vernacular names
Piper longum, Bengali : Pipul
English : Long Pepper
Gujrati : Lindi Peeper, Pipali
Hindi : Pipar
Kannada : Hippali
Malayalam : Pippali
Marathi : Pimpali, Lendi Pimpali
Oriya : Pipali, Pippali
Punjabi : Magh, Magh Pipali
Tamil : Arisi Tippali, Thippili
Telugu : Pippalu
Urdu : Filfil Daraz

Medicinal Uses 4. Chronic fever & splenomegaly:

Internal administration of Pippali
1. Cough: Pippali powder 2-3 grams
powder 3 gms mixed with
is mixed with honey and licked.
honey twice daily after food. It
This helps to pacify cough, cold,
has significant benefits on low
sore throat etc.
digestion, diarrhea, fever, lack of
2. Hoarseness of the voice: strength, splenomegaly and loss
10-20 ml of Pippali decoction
of appetite.
is administered twice or thrice
daily in case of indigestion, poor 5. Piles: The use of butter milk kept
appetite, cold, hoarseness of the in a vessel anointed internally with
voice, rhinitis etc. the paste of pippali, pippalimula,
cavya (piper chaba), vidanga
3. Intestinal worms: Pippali,
cumin, black pepper and (Embelia ribes), sunthi (zingiber
Vidanga(Embelia ribes) are officinale) and haritaki (terminalia
taken in equal quantity and chebula) is wholesome.
fine powder is made. This is 6. Toothache: Pippali powder
administered in the dose of 3-5 mixed with honey should be kept
gram twice or thrice a day. This in mouth. It is excellent remedy
is very effective against intestinal for toothache.
worms and colic pain.

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Punarnava Assamese
Vernacular names
: Ranga Punarnabha
Boerhaavia diffusa, Nyctaginaceae.
Bengali : Rakta punarnava
English : Horse Purslene, Hog Weed
Gujrati : Dholisaturdi, Motosatodo
Hindi : Gadapurna, Lalpunarnava
Kannada : Sanadika, Kommeberu, Komma
Kashmiri : Vanjula Punarnava
Malayalam : Chuvanna Tazhutawa
Marathi : Ghetuli, Vasuchimuli,
Satodimula, Punarnava,
Oriya : Lalapuiruni, Nalipuruni
Punjabi : ltcit (Ial), Khattan
Tamil : Mukurattai (Shihappu)
Medicinal Uses Telugu : Atukamamidi, Erra galijeru

1. Dysuria and urinary obstruction:

The roots of Punarnava(15-20 Tribulus (go kshura) and
gram) is taken and decoction is coriander (dhaniya) are taken
made and consumed in the dose in equal quantities. Decoction
of 30-40 ml twice or thrice a day. or hot infusion is prepared. This
This is effective in the conditions is administered twice or thrice
like dysuria and urinary daily. It is very effective against
obstruction. the burning, micturition dysuria
and in urinary tract infections.
2. Indigestion: 20-30 ml of fresh
juice is obtained from the whole 5. Pedal oedema: Whole plant is
plant of Punarnava with pinch of made into fine paste and warmed
black salt is taken internally. This is a little. This is applied to the
effective in abdominal distention, extremities where the swelling
acid belching and burping. is found. Regular application
reduces the swelling.
3. Urinary calculi: Fine powder (1-2
gram) of Punarnava seeds or its 6. Anaemia: The Leafy vegetable of
decoction (30-40 ml) is taken Punarnava is particularly effective
regularly for a period of 10-12 in Anaemia and Oedema.
days. This helps to flush out the 7. Eye disease: Freshly obtained
urinary calculi of 5-8 mm size. leaves are made into fine paste
4. Recurrent UTI: Punarnava, and applied over closed eyes. This
brings cooling effect to the eyes.
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Rajaudumbara English
Vernacular names
: common fig
Ficus carica, Moraceae
Hindi : Anjeer

Marathi : Anjeer

Malayalam : Atti Pazham

Tamil : Semaiyatti

Telugu : Athi Pallu , Bodda

Kannada : Anjura

Urdu : Anjeer

Medicinal Uses

1. Mouth ulcer: 30gms of bark 4. Hiccup: 5 Mature fruits pulp of

coarse powder boiled in 200ml of anjeer is added in 100ml of milk
water till the mixture is reduced and blend in a mixer grinder to
to 1/4th. The filtered decoction prepare milk shake (by adding
of this mixture is used for mouth little sugar or jaggery). This thick
gargling (rinsing), 3-4 times in milk juice orally taken once in a
a day. This helps to cure mouth day is beneficial relieve hiccup.
ulcers and stomatitis.
5. Urinary Calculi: Boil 6 anjeer fruits
2. Pharyngitis: 1- 2 Tender leaves in a cup of water for 5-10minutes.
chewed of anjeer and retained in Consuming this water early
the mouth for 10 minutes then morning daily for a month is
spit it out. This helps to pacify the useful to remove Kidney stones.
sore throat and pharyngitis
6. Acne: Apply mashed fresh figs
3. Acid peptic disorders: 20gms of all over the face and let it dry for
bark powder boiled in 100ml of 15-20min and wash with normal
cow s milk and till the mixture water. Regular application of this
reduced to 50ml . Consuming paste is useful to cure acne.
this milk early in the morning will
pacify Gastritis and acid peptic
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Sadapushpa English
Vernacular names
: Periwinkle, Madagascar
Catharanthus roseus, Apocynaceae periwinkle, Vinca
Hindi : Sadabahar
Malayalam : Shavam Naari
Marathi : Sadaphuli
Bengali : Nayantara
Tamil : Nithyakalyani, Sudukattu
Telugu : Billaganneru

of juice of Sadabahar flower and

Medicinal Uses
pomegranate tender buds are
1. Wounds: The leaves of instilled to the nostrils (3drops
Sadapushpa with turmeric paste in each nostril) in case of nasal
is applied on the wounds 2 to 3 bleeding.
times a day. This serves as a good 5. Insect and wasp bites: Fine paste
wound healer. of the leaves applied over the bite
2. Urinary disorders: 250-500 mg of area of the insects and wasps to
root powder is taken along with reduce the irritation and swelling.
honey. This has potent effect in 6. Acne: Equal quantity of fresh
Urinary disorders . leaves of vinca and neem and
3. Irregular menstruation: 6 to 8 turmeric fresh rhizome are made
fresh leaves of the plant are boiled into a fine paste and is applied
in 200ml of water till it reduced over the acne lesions and skin
to ¼ th . This is taken regularly scars. Regular application gives
for three consecutive menstrual excellent results in this condition.
cycles twice daily. This controls
the heavy menstrual flow and
regularizes scanty flow too.
4. Nasal bleeding: Equal quantity

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Sariva Assamese :
Vernacular names
Vaga Sariva
Hemidesmus indicus, Bengali : Anantamul, Shvetashariva
Apocynaceae English : Indian Sarsaparilla
Gujrati : Upalsari, Kabri
Hindi : Anantamul
Kannada : Namada veru, Bili Namadaberu,
Anantamool, Sogadeberu,
Kashmiri : Anant mool
Malayalam : Nannari, Nannar, Naruneendi
Marathi : Upalsari, Anantamula
Oriya : Dralashvan Lai Anantamool
Punjabi : Anantmool, Ushbah
Tamil : Ven Nannar
Telugu : Sugandhi Pala, Tella Sugandhi
Medicinal Uses Urdu : Ushba Hindi

1. Dysuria: 5 gms of sariva root

powder is given along with till it reduced to 25ml. Intake
milk. for urinary problems like of this decoction twice daily is
dysuria oliguria, and BPH(Benign beneficial for fever and urinary
prostatic hyperplasia), infections. It is also helpful to
2. Acne: Regular intake of 5gms of decrease the body heat during
sariva root powder with water summer.
twice daily is useful in acne and 5. Piles: 5 gms of sariva root powder
acts as very good blood purifier. is administered twice daily for
Regular washing the face with the dysentery, leucoderma and piles
decoction of sariva is also helpful etc.
to cure acne.
6. Lactation: Administratino of
3. Eye disease: External application 3 grams of sariva root powder
of the sariva root thick paste over twice daily is useful to increase
the closed eye is effective for breast milk.
burning sensation of the eyes.
7. Wound: Sariva root paste external
4. Fever: 5gms of sariva root coarse application on wounds will
powder boiled in 100ml of water promotes fast healing.

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Sarshapa Bengali
Vernacular names
: Sarisa

Brassica campestris, English. : Mustard

Brassicaceae Gujarati : Sarasad, Rai
Hindi : Saraso
Kannada. : Sasuve, Sasuvae, Sasive
Malayalam : Katuka
Marati : Mohari
Punjabi : Sarayo, Sarson
Tamil : Kaduga
Telugu : Avalu
Urdu : Sarson

Medicinal Uses
oil is instilled luke warmly into
1. Headache: Fine paste of red or
each nostrils for the treatment
black mustard seeds is applied
of nasal polyps. It is also applied
over the fore head helps to
externally over pile mass to shrink
reduce the vascular headache
the mass and to relieve pain.
quite effectively.
5. Skin rashes: 50 gms of turmeric
2. Toothache: Black mustard seeds
paste is cooked with 100 ml of
fine paste mixed with little salt
Mustard oil till the evaporation
and applied near the painful
of moisture content. This oil is
area of gum for a few minutes is
applied all over the body to pacify
itchy rashes.
3. Wounds: 20 grams of mustard
6. Recurrent cold in children: Equal
seeds are heated in an earthen
quantity of Mustard and pepper
pan and burnt the seeds. This is
powder are taken in small piece
pounded well and made a fine
of cloth (or cotton gauge can be
powder (black colored) mixed
used). This is kept in the middle
with sesame oil. This paste is
of the scalp and tied properly for
applied over the ulcers and non
30-45 minutes every day
healing wounds.
preferably in early morning or late
4. Nasal polyp: In 25 ml of mustard evening. This is used as a remedy
oil add with 2 pinch of salt and for recurrent cold, rhinitis, cough,
heated and cooled. 3 drops of this pharyngitis, tonsillitis, in children.

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Satavari Assamese :
Vernacular names
Asparagus recemosus, Asparagaceae Bengali : Satamuli, Satmuli, Shatamuli
English : Asparagus
Gujrati : Satavari
Hindi : Satavar, Satamul
Kannada : Ashadi poeru, Halavu Bau,
Narayani, Makkala
Malayalam : Satavari Kizhangu
Marathi : Shatavari
Punjabi : Satavar
Tamil : Shimai-Shadvari, Nilichedi

Medicinal Uses Telugu : Sima-Shatawari (Dry Root),

Pippipichara, Pilliteegalu
(Fresh Root)
1. Lactation: 10 gms fresh or dry
roots of satavari is boiled in 100ml Urdu : Satawari
of milk, till it reduced to 50ml. This
milk is filtered and added with
sugar. It is given to the lactating individuals, suffering from burning
mothers, early in the morning to urination and bleeding from
improve breast milk production. urethra.
2. Rejuvenation: 5-10 gram of root 5. Oligospermia: Fine powder
powder of Shatavari is administered of equal quantity of Shatavari,
along with powdered sugar candy, Ashwagandha and Kapikacchu
twice a day. This relieves work are mixed together. 3-5 grams of
exhaustion, numbness, neuritis, this mixture is cooked with a cup
fatigue, lethargy, loss of libido etc. of milk for 5 minutes, filtered and
3. Urinary tract infections: Regular consumed. This promotes sexual
consuming the 5 gram of the libido and increases the sperm
Shatavari root powder, during night count too.
times in recurrent UTI, spermaturia, 6. Weight loss: 5gms Shatavari and
haematuria and backache are 3gms Pippali powder is taken
cured successfully. during night or early in the morning
4. Haematuria: 5 gram powder of along with Banana milkshake.
shatavari with sugar is taken twice Good weight gain is observed
a day after food .This is given to the within 30-40 days.

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Satyanashi Vernacular names

Argemone Mexicana, Hindi : Pila-dhatura, Shialkanta,
Papaveraceae Bharbhand, Satyanashi

English : Prickly poppy, Mexican poppy

Bengali : Shialkanta

Malayalam : Brahmdanti

Gujarati : Darudi

Marathi : Daruri

Rajasthani : Dhaturi

Oriya : Kantakusham

Tamil : Karukkansedi

Telugu : Brahmdandidandu
Medicinal Uses
1. Eczema: If any part of the plant
4. Ringworm: 20 gms of fresh
breaks then yellow latex flows.
leaves paste boiled in 200 ml of
The yellow latex possesses anti-
water till it reduced to 50 ml. This
bacterial properties. The yellow
decoction is used to wash the
latex along with turmeric applied
ringworm affected area.
locally to the affected area to
treat the skin infections such as
5. Headache: 5gms of satyanashi
eczema, itching, boils and skin
plant root is boiled in 100ml of
water till it reduced to 25ml.
This decoction is used along
2. Wounds: The leaves could be
with jaggery in migraine type of
applied as a paste or poultice.
This is helps to heal a wound.
6. Joint pains: Sesame oil processed
3. Mosquito repellant: The leaf and
in Mexican poppy seeds external
seed extract of Mexican poppy
application is beneficial in Joint
possess larvicidal properties
which acts as a mosquito

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Saurabhanimba Assmi
Vernacular names
: Narasingha
Murraya koenigii, Rutaceae Bengali : Bansang, Kariaphulli
English : Curry leaf
Gujarati : Gornimb, Kadhilimdo
Hindi : Mitha neem, Kadhi Patta,
Kadi Patta
Kannada : Karibaevu
Malayalam : Kariveppu
Marati : Kadhinim, Poospala, Godnimb
Oriya : Bhursunga
Punjabi : Kadhi Patta
Medicinal Uses Tamil : Karivempu, Karuveppilei
1. Prameha (Diabetes): 5-10 Telugu : Karivepaku, Karivemu
gram of dried powder of curry
leaves is consumed twice daily
chances of food poisoning and
for significant decrease in blood
keeps healthy during travel.
sugar levels. Hence, this can
be administered safely as an 4. Mouth ulcer: Curry leaves powder
adjuvant along with any of the is mixed with honey and applied
anti diabetic drug. over the mouth ulcer for 2-3 days
relieves stomatitis.
2. Premature greying of hair: 20
gram of fresh curry leaves paste 5. Obesity: 10 grams of curry leaves
cooked in 100 ml of coconut oil powder boiled in 100 ml of hot
(or sesame oil) till the moisture water till it reduced to 1/4th . It
evaporates. Regular application is consumed, preferably during
of this oil to the scalp helps to empty stomach in the early
reduce greyhair, promotes hair morning (before going to walk).
growth and useful in dandruff as regularly for 2-3 weeks helps to
well. reduce the body fat.
3. Motion sickness: 10gms of curry 7. Acne: A fistful of fresh curry leaves
leaf fine powder is mixed with and one small turmeric (fresh
1 teaspoon of cardamom fine rhizome) are made into fine paste
powder and mixed thoroughly. and applied over the lesions of
During journey, this mixture acne. This helps to relieve the oily
is taken (1-2 pinch) with a cup skin acne, dark circles and black
of hot water. This reduces the heads.
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Shigru Bengali
Vernacular names
: Sajina, Sajna, Sajne

Moringa oleifera, English : Horse Radish Tree, Drum

Moringaceae stick tree
Gujrati : Sargavo, Sekato, Saragavo Parna
Hindi : Shajoma, Mungna
Kannada : Neegge, Nugge ele
Malayalam : Murinna, Tishnagandha,
Muringa, Muringa Elai
Marathi : Sevaga, Segata, Segata pana,
Shewgachi pane
Oriya : Sajana, Munga, Munika
Punjabi : Sohanjana
Tamil : Murungai, Murungai Ilai
Medicinal Uses Telugu : Munaga Aku
Urdu : Sehjan
1. Obesity: Daily 1 drumstick is
cut into pieces and cooked in
100ml of water till it reduced to 4. Abdominal distention: A fistful of
1/4th .This is taken once daily, moringa flowers are cooked well
preferably during evening, before with little salt and black pepper (or
food. This has good benefit garlic and ginger paste can also
hyper cholesterol, improper fat added). This is very good effect in
metabolism, and lethargy. subsiding gaseous distension of
abdomen and anorexia.
2. Conjunctivitis: Fine Leaf paste is
applied around the closed eyes 5. Acne: Leaf paste with lemon juice
daily once. can be mixed and applied over
face. This is useful to overcome
3. Dysmenorrhoea: Leaves decoction black heads and acne.
of drum stick (prepared from
a fistful of leaves in 100ml of 6. Strengthens the bone : The soup
water cooked till it reduced to prepared from drumstick pods is
1/4th administered twice daily very much useful in treating the
is helpful to overcome the back diseases of liver, spleen, pancreas
ache and dysmenorrhoea. Being etc. This is an aphrodisiac also. It
a blood purifier it also pacifies the strengthens the bones and joints
pimples and black heads too. too.

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Sukshmaila Assamese
Vernacular names
: Sarooplaachi
Elettaria cardamomum, Zingiberaceae Bengali : Chota elaich
English : Cardamom
Gujrati : Elchi, Elachi, Elayachi
Hindi : Choti Ilayachi
Kannada : Elakki, Sanna Yalakki
Kashmiri : Kath
Malayalam : Elam, Chittelam
Marathi : Velloda, Lahanveldoda, Velchi
Oriya : Gujurati, Chotaa leicha, Alaicha
Punjabi : Illachi, Chhoti Lachi
Tamil : Siruelam
Medicinal Uses Telugu : Chinne Elakulu, Sanna Elakulu
Urdu : Heel Khurd
1. Bad breath: 2-3 gram of
cardamom powder is added to
150-200 ml of hot water and a day along with warm water. This
is used for mouth gargling. is useful in indigestion, abdominal
This helps to relieve nausea, bloating and food poisoning.
tastelessness, sore throat and bad 5. Hiccup: 20 Dried cardamom pod
breath. and one matured banana leaf are
2. Dysuria: 3gms of cardamom taken together and burnt into
powder mixed in 20ml of Amalaki ashes. This is taken in the dose
juice taken orally twice a day to of 2-3 gram along with honey
alleviate suppression of urine and and licked frequently. This helps
dysuria. to reduce the hiccup and gastric
3. Cough: Cardamom and sugar irritation.
candy are taken in 1:2 ratio and 6. Travelling sickness and nausea:
powdered well. This is chewed 3 gms of Cardamom fine powder
in the dose of 2 gram 3-4 times with jaggery made into tablet and
a day. This is very effective in the keep it in mouth during travelling
conditions like cold, cough, throat is very effective in travelling
congestion, asthma, dryness of sickness and nausea.
the mouth etc. 7. Head ache: If cardamom powder
4. Indigestion: Cardamom, rock salt is added to traditional tea or green
and dry ginger(Shunti) are taken tea it helps to relieve head ache
in equal amount and made into and stress due to its good aroma.
fine powder. This is consumed in This acts as a mood elevator also.
the dose of 3 grams twice or thrice
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Svetachandana Assam
Vernacular names
: Sandale Avyaj
Santalum album, Santalaceae Bengali : Chandan
English : Sandal Wood
Gujarati : Sukhad
Hindi : Chandan, Safed Chandan
Kannada : Shrigandhamara, Shrigandha,
Malayalam : Chandanam
Marati : Chandan
Punjabi : Chandan
Tamil : Chandana maram,
Sandanam, Ingam
Telugu : Gandhapu Chekka, Manchi
Gandham, Tella Chandanam,
Medicinal Uses Sriga
Urdu : Sandal Safed
1. Allergic rashes : Paste prepared
from equal quantity of chandana
(Sandal wood) powder and complexion.
Guduchi juice should be applied 5. Prameha(Diabetes): Take 5gms
externally over the skin. of Amalaki powder and 5gms of
2. Conjunctivitis: The cool decoction sandal powder along with warm
of Sandal Wood (5gms of sandal water twice daily effective in
wood cooked in 100ml of water urinary related problem including
and reduced it to 1/4th.) is used Diabetes.
for washing of the eyes. 6. Headache: 5gms of sandal wood
3. Burning sensations of body: powder made a paste by adding
Take 5gms Sandal wood powder few tulasi leave juice. Apply on
in 100ml of rice water and add forehead and temples to relieve
little amount of sugar or honey from headache and reduce the
and take it internally twice daily body temperature.
for curing burning sensations of 7. Sun tan: 10gms of Sandal wood
body. powder, 4 almond seed powder
4. Acne: Equal quantity of Sandal are made paste by adding little
wood powder and almond Rose water. Apply on face for 15
powder are made a paste by min and wash with warm water.
adding milk. Apply this paste The calming and healing property
on the face and neck to get of sandalwood softens the skin
relief from acne and to get fair helping in treating sun tan.

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Takkolam English
Vernacular names
: Star anise
Illicium anisatum,
Schisandraceae Hindi : Chakra Phool, Anasphal

Malayalam : Takkolam

Marathi : Badian

Oriya : Anasphul

Tamil : Anashuppu

Telugu : Anaspuvu

Urdu : Badyani

like flatulence, bloating, colicky

stomach pain.

3. Lactation: The seed decoction of

takkolam (5 seeds boiled 100ml of
water and reduced it into 25ml) is
recommended to breastfeeding
mothers to enhance breast-milk
Medicinal Uses 4. Bad breath: The seeds usually
1. Indigestion: 3gms of of crushed are chewed just after a meal to
anise seeds in the cup of boiling invigorate the breath.
water boil it for Ten minutes. 5. Nasal congestion: Steam
Drink the tea after having a huge inhalation (10gms seeds powder
meal. It helps the digestion of the put in hot water to get steam) of
food and relieves flatulence. star anise acts as a decongestant
2. Cough: Anise powder 5gms with 6. Joint pain: Star anise essential oil
honey is a fantastic treatment applied topically is an excellent
for asthma, bronchitis cough in remedy for rheumatism and back
addition to digestive disorders pain.
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Tila Assamese :
Vernacular names
Sesamum indicum, Bengali : Tilagachh
English : Sesame, Gingelly-oil Seeds
Gujrati : Tall
Hindi : Tila, Teel, Tili
Kannada : Accheellu, Ellu
Malayalam : Ellu
Marathi : Tila
Oriya : Til
Punjabi : Til
Tamil : Ellu
Telugu : Nuvvulu
Urdu : Kunjad

Medicinal Uses

1. Anemia: Make chikkis or any taken with hot water twice daily,
other homemade sweets using acts as an excellent remedy in
black sesame seeds and jaggery reducing the spasmodic cramps
and have them regularly. Black during menstruation.
sesame seeds are richer source
4. Hair growth : Scalp is massaged
of iron than white sesame seeds,
regularly with the sesame
are highly beneficial in treating
oil increases the hair growth,
prevents dandruff and splitting of
2. Earache: Warm 10 ml of sesame the hair.
oil along with a couple of garlic
5. Toothache: Chewing sesame
cloves and put 2 ‒ 3 drops luke
seeds early morning regularly
warm of prepared oil,in the ears.
reduce the toothache.
This will soften the wax in the
ears, which can then be easily 6. Piles: 5gm Sesame seeds powder
cleaned. This is also beneficial in is administered with butter
treating earache. reduces the pain and bleeding in
3. Dysmerrhoea: one teaspoonful
of the powder of sesame seeds,

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Vernacular names
Assamese : Tulasi

Ocimum sanctum, Bengali : Tulasi

Lamiaceae English : Holy Basil
Gujrati : Tulasi, Tulsi
Hindi : Tulasi
Kannada : Tulasi, Shree Tulasi,
Vishnu Tulasi
Malayalam : Tulasi, Tulasa
Marathi : Tulas
Punjabi : Tulasi
Tamil : Tulasi, Thulasi, Thiru Theezai
Telugu : Tulasi
Urdu : Raihan, Tulsi

Medicinal Uses daily helps to relieve sinusitis

related headache.
1. Intermittent fever (Vishama
jwara): Admnistration of 10 ml 5. Wound: Regular External
Krishna tulasi leaf juice mixed application of tulasi leaves and
with 2 gm Maricha (Pepper) garlic fine paste over the wound
powder thrice a day is beneficial. will destroy the maggots in
2. Cough: Consuming 10ml of
Krishna tulasi leaves juice with 6. Bad breath: chewing one or two
honey, twice or thrice a day is holy basil (tulasi) leaves daily
useful in cough and cold. helps to relieve bad breath issue.
It also improves digestion.
3. Itching rashes (Skin Allergy):
External application of Tulasi leaf 7. Fungal infection: Take equal
paste over the affected skin is quantity of Basil tulasi leaves and
useful. neem leaves paste added with
pinch of turmeric. Application
4. Headache: Installation of the 2
of this paste is useful to cure the
drops of tulasi fresh leaves juice in
fungal infection.
both nostrils on empty stomach

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TVAK Assamese :
Vernacular names
Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Bengali : Daruchini, Darchini
English : Cinnamon bark
Gujrati : Dalchini
Hindi : Dalchini
Kannada : Dalchini Chakke
Kashmiri : Dalchini, Dalchin
Malayalam : Karuvapatta, Ilavarngathely
Marathi : Dalchini
Oriya : Dalechini, Guda twak
Punjabi : Dalchini, Darchini
Tamil : Lavangapattai, Karuvapattai
Telugu : Lavangapatta, Dalchini chekka
Urdu : Darchini

Medicinal Uses 4. Diabetes: This is a popular

spice and is a strong stimulator
1. Anaemia: Mix ½ teaspoonful
of insulin activity and thus
of cinnamon powder and two
extremely useful in treating
teaspoonfuls of honey in one
diabetes. In take of ½ teaspoonful
cup of pomegranate juice and
of powdered cinnamon with
have it for a few months. It will
water daily.
help the anaemic patients to
improve the hemoglobin. 5. Fever: Add 3 crushed cloves,
2 cardamoms, 6‒7 basil leaves
2. Memory enhancement: Every
and 1 tsp of cinnamon to 2 cups
night, take half a teaspoonful
of water. Boil and drink this
of honey mixed with 3gms
decoction, once or twice a day.
of powdered cinnamon. This
improves memory. 6. Insomnia: Add ½ teaspoonful
of cinnamon powder and 1
3. Palpitation: In cases of
teaspoonful of honey to 1 cup
palpitation one should, chewed
of warm milk. Drink before going
a piece of cinnamon.
to bed.

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Tvakpatra Assamese :
Vernacular names
Tejpat, Mahpat

Cinnamomum tamala, Lauraceae Bengali : Tejpatra, Tejpata

English : Indian Cinnamon
Gujrati : Tamala patra, Develee
Hindi : Tejpatra
Kannada : Tamalapatra, Dalchini Ele
Kashmiri : Dalchini pan, Tajpatra
Malayalam : Karuvapatta patram
Marathi : Tamalpatra
Oriya : Tejapatra
Punjabi : Tajpater
Tamil : Lavangapatri
Medicinal Uses Telugu : Akupatri
Urdu : Tezpat
1. Dandruff: Make an infusion of Tej
patta( soak 10 leaves in 50ml of
hot water for 1-2 hours), add it to stimulant and beneficial in
the shampoo and use it. It helps indigestion.
to treat dandruff.
5. Clean Teeth: To get sparkling
2. Dyslipidaemia: Consume 5gms of white teeth, brush teeth with
Bay leaves (tej patta) powder with powdered bay leaves once in 3
honey daily on empty stomach in days.
morning for 30 days. It reduce the
6. Insect Repellent: Bay leaves
blood glucose and cholesterol .
are a great insect repellent as
3. Constipation: Intake of tej patta they contain lauric acid. Topical
tea (Boil 3 bay leaves in 50ml of application of the paste made
water for 5-10min) can alleviate from leaves powder and little
common digestive disorders coconut oil relieves stings and
like constipation, acid reflux and bites when applied topically
irregular bowel movements
7. Urinary calculi: Boil 3 grams of
4. Indigestion: 3 grams of bay bay leaves, 3 cardamom in 200
leaves powder, a piece of ginger ml of water till 50 ml of water
are boiled in 200 ml of water till remains. Strain and drink this
¼ water remains. Consume this twice daily. This will stop the
decoction with honey twice a formation of kidney stones.
day. It also acts as an appetite
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Vernacular names
English : The Sweet Flag
Acorus calamus, Gujrati : Ghoduvaj, Ghodvach
Hindi : Bach, Gora-bach
Kannada : Baje, Narru Berua
Malayalam : Vayambu
Marathi : Vaca, Vekhandas
Punjabi : Varch, Ghodavaca
Tamil : Vasambu, Pillai maruntho
Telugu : Vasa
Urdu : Waja-e-Turki

4. Epilepsy: Vacha powder 500mg

with honey administered
internally twice a day is beneficial
Medicinal Uses
in epilepsy. During this treatment
1. Headache: A pinch of powder
only milk diet advised for more
prepared from equal quantities of
pippali and vacha is blown (Snuff)
in each nostrils which induces 5. Cough: Administration of 250mg
sneezing and nasal discharge vacha powder and 1gm of
thereby reduce the tension licorice powder along with honey
headache. twice a day is useful in common
paediatric problems like cough,
2. Memory and speech
fever, pain in the abdomen etc.
improvement: Regular intake of
vacha (500mg) mixed with honey 6. Stammering: Vacha rhizome
and ghee, early morning in empty powder, if consumed daily in the
stomach for 1 month is highly dose of 100 to 500 mg with honey
beneficial. is very beneficial for stammering
speech and also in strengthening
3. Anxiety: Vacha oil has
the nervous system. It should be
tranquilizing effect, hence regular
noted that a dose above 1 gram
use over the scalp will reduce the
may lead to vomiting.

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Vasa Assamese :
Vernacular names
Titabahak, Bahak, Vachaka
Adhatoda vasica, Bengali : Baksa, Vasaka
English : Vasaka
Gujrati : Aduso, Ardusi, Adulso
Hindi : Aduss, Arusa
Kannada : Adsale, Adusoge, Atarusha,
Adsole, Adasale
Kashmiri : Vasa
Malayalam : Attalataka m, Atalotakam
Marathi : Vasa, Adulsa
Oriya : Basanga
Punjabi : Bhekar, Vansa, Arusa
Tamil : Vasambu, Adathodai

Medicinal Uses Telugu : Addasaramu

Urdu : Adusa, Basa
1. Jaundice: 5ml of vasa leaves
juice and 5 ml honey should be
given three times daily in cases 4. Joint pains: A poultice of vasa
of cough, fever, bronchial asthma leaves applied over the swelling
and jaundice. of joints in order to get the relief
from pain.
2. Bleeding piles: 20 gms of vasa
5. Menorrhagia: Internal
leaves paste boiled in 100 ml
administration of 15 ml of vasa
of water till it reduced to 25ml.
leaves juice with jaggery twice a
Internal administration of this
day is beneficial.
decoction twice daily is useful to
cure bloody diarrhoea, bleeding 6. Bronchial Asthma: 10ml of vasa
piles etc. leaves juice added with 3gms of
dry ginger, 2gms of long pepper
3. Tuberculosis: Gulkand prepared and honey is given twice daily
from Vasa flowers is beneficial in is useful in cases of bronchial
tuberculosis. asthma, and cough.

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Vatama Vernacular names

Prunus amygdalus, English : Almond
Rosaceae Hindi : Badam
Kannada : Baadaami, Badaami, Badamu
Malayalam : Badam, Badamkotta
Marathi : Baadaam
Tamil : Vaadumai, Vatamkottai
Telugu : Baadaamu

4. As Rejuvenation : 5 no Almonds,
3gms Ashwagandha root, pinch
of pippali root powder with Ghee
followed by Sugar mixed milk ,
Medicinal Uses before going to bed. It also induces
1. Memory enhancement: Soak a good sleep. This boosts the energy
few almonds in water overnight and provides stamina. This acts as a
and next morning peel off the thin immune-modulator too.
red skin and ground it into a paste. 5. Anxiety: Inhalation of almond oil
Have one teaspoonful of this paste soothes nerves (goes to sinus and a
daily with milk before breakfast part gets absorbed by nerve tissue)
regularly for a period of three to and reduce the anxiety.
four months will prove to be to
improve the memory in children. 6. Dark circles and black heads:
Regular application of almond
2. Lactation: Eating four almonds oil over the lesions of black head
in the morning that have been and dark circles around the eyes
soaked overnight helps to improve will relieve the complaints very
the flow of milk. effectively. 14-21 days application
3. High Cholesterol: Almonds are brings considerable change.
highly nutritious nuts and contain 7. Toothache: In the case of tooth
monounsaturated fat, which is ache as well as gum diseases, burn
known to reduce cholesterol the shells of almonds, powder, and
markedly reverse the altered lipid make use of as tooth powder.
levels to normal range.
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Yashtimadhu Assamese :
Vernacular names
Jesthimadhu, Yeshtmadhu
Glycyrrhiza glabra, Fabaceae Bengali : Yashtimadhu
English : Liquorice root
Gujrati : Jethimadha, Jethimard,
Hindi : Mulethi, Mulathi, Muleti,
Jethimadhu, Jethimadh
Kannada : Jestamadu, Madhuka,
Jyeshtamadhu, Atimadhura
Kashmiri : Multhi
Malayalam : Irattimadhuram
Marathi : Jesthamadh
Oriya : Jatimadhu, Jastimadhu
Punjabi : Jethimadh, Mulathi
Tamil : Athimadhuram
Medicinal Uses
Telugu : Atimadhuramu
1. Insomnia: Consume 5gms of Urdu : Mulethi, Asl-us-sus
Yashtimadhu (licorice) root
powder in 100 ml of warm milk
daily night before going to bed with normal water will help to
for 30 days is good for insomnia. keep the skin moisturized for dry
skin persons.
2. Asthma drink: Take 3gms of
licorice root powder in 100ml 4. Gastritis: 5 gms of Yashtimadhu
of water and boiled like tea. (Licorice) boiled in 100ml of milk
Drinking this tea two to three and reduced it into 50ml . Internal
times a day good for asthma. administration of this milk twice
Yashtimadhu (Licorice) tea can daily relieves peptic ulcer disease,
also treat depression. heartburn, as well as gastritis

3. Face pigmentation: Make a paste 5. Menstrual cramps: Consuming

with Yashtimadhu (Licorice) Yashtimadhu (licorice) root tea
powder mixed with few drops of every day starting three days
coconut oil, Almond oil and milk. before suspected Menstrual cycle
Use this pack on the face and periods of the month can help
allow it to dry. Rinse the face pack to reduce PMS symptoms and
muscle cramps.
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Yavani Assamese :
Vernacular names
Trachyspermum ammi, Bengali : Yamani, Yauvan, Yavan, Javan,
Apiaceae Yavani, Yoyana
English : Bishop s weed
Gujrati : Ajma, Ajmo, Yavan, Javain
Hindi : Ajwain, Jevain
Kannada : Oma, Yom, Omu
Kashmiri : Kath
Malayalam : Omam, Ayanodakan
Marathi : Onva
Oriya : Juani
Punjabi : Lodhar
Tamil : Omam
Medicinal Uses
Telugu : Vamu

1. Earache: 3 grams of Ajwain seeds

with 5 Garlic cloves are boiled in
50 ml of sesame oil until it turns 4. Chronic bronchitis: Mix Ajwain
red. Filter the oil and instill 2-3 powder with Jagger in equal
drops in the ear for earache. quantity, heat the mixture to make
a paste and take 2 teaspoonful
2. Cold: 5 grams of Ajwain seeds twice a day.
crush them and tie in a cloth and
inhale it. Or add 10 gms of Ajwain 5. Sprains: Make paste of 10 gms
to a bowl of boiling water and of Ajwain seed powder, little salt
inhale the steam to relieve Nasal and turmeric in gingerly oil and
block apply thick luke warm paste on
the sprained area.
3. Flatulence & Colic: 3 gms of
Ajwain seed powder and 3 gms of 6. Sore throat: 5gms of Ajwain seed
dried Ginger powder with a little powder boiled in 100ml of water.
amount of Black salt are mixed Use this water for Gargling for
and consume with warm water Sore throat.
twice or thrice a day internally.

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