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— . Soc YMG Words ané Music by FREDDIE MERCURY Moderately slow Love Of My Lif, Love Of My Life ‘don't leave me. mow gt SSMS} ave OF My Life, aan't you se, E ea a8 Capra © 17 8. FLOMAW AND COLD. ago THOENT MUSIC a0 Ging Crom ee Lon WE2N OM Ee Dang scsi he USA ad Cont ty THE BG 3 MUS CORPORATION , mamatonalConyah Samed ‘asin SA you've hurt me, You've bro-ken my hear You've tak en my love, Bring 2 oe oe i + bring it back, & =F ee ole ae Wt __t oe it what it means to Instrumental Solo a8 ha Dm iz I You'll remem - ber when this ie blown © © y-thing’s all by the way, When 1 grow old += et, lr AtFidim’ re eat tis re - mind you still tove__ you, aaa OAR ae alt Bo By Bre Hy > Foal tom go == — [——— mrad Sot