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Scene 5:


Krishna Surina

Dance Sunaina,Eesha, Kausiki,Akshu,Priyanka

Nanda: Sanvi

Gopa 2 Tarun

GOpa 3 Aarav

Gopa 1

Gargar Anjali

Yashodha Ananya

Boothana Gagaana

Sakatasura Sai yashvin

Trinavarta Risha







Samvarthaka Anjanai

Indra Abhishek
Krishna: Follow me to the base of Mount Govardhan and bring your family, children and
(Everyone to follow Krishna)

Narrator: People had implicit faith in Krishna’s powers and so they obeyed instantly. No
one questioned his decision not to offer the prayers to Indra. They were not scared of
Krishna but they truly believed that Krishna only meant well whatever he did.

Krishna lifted the great Govardhan mountain and held it aloft by his little finger of his left

Krishna: Come on, every one, Come under the shelter of Govardhan.
(Everyone to stand around Krishna)

Narrator: All men, women, children and cattle came under the mountain.

Nanda: Krishna! Oh my child!!

Gopa 2: Look at Krishna. Look!
Quick! Everybody! Quick.
Gopa 3: Hold up the hill with your sticks! He can't possibly do it all by himself.
Thank you, Madhu. This is impossible!

Yashoda: Nanda Maharaj, do something... our little darling Krishna is too tired hold this big
mountain with his little finger.
Gopa 1: this Krishna is indeed wonderful, like an elephant plucking a lotus flower, this 7
year old lifted the Govardhana and held it up.

Nanda Maharaj: Did you forget what sage Garga said when he names Krishna?

Gargar: The boy has numourous names and forms. This boy will bring Good Fortune, to you
and your people. In beauty, fame and glory, your son is equal to Lord Vishnu. So don’t be
amazed at his extra-ordinary deeds.

Nanda: did you forget how he slayed great Asuras from the day he was born.

Poothana: I am Poothana, as per Kamsa orders I had poison in me and I came to feed milk
to Krishna when was an infant, Krishna not only poisonous milk, but he drank my life.

Sakatasura: I am Sakatasura, I came as a bullock cart wheel. When Krishna was a 3 month
old baby, mother yashodha kept him under the bullock cart and I tried kill him. Instead
Krishna kicked me with his little legs granted me liberation. Thanks to Krishna

Trinavarta: I am Trinavarta, the Tornado Demon. When Krishna was 1 year old I came as a
tornado and carried Krishna high up in the air. Krishna was very light weight when I carried
him, but suddenly he started becoming very heavy for me to carry. He gave me a punch and
I fell down dead. Thanks Krishna for the divine touch.





Nanda: Not only asuras, he also blessed and tested Devas. We know about that. I think
Krishna is testing Indra too

Nalakubera, manigreva

Nanda: Did you did forget how he drank FIRE and saved us?

Gopa1 (frd 1): Krishna we can keep sticks, you please come down and play with us

Krishna: that is impossible… I will play the flute...

Narrotor: All the people shared Krishna Katha for seven days and nights under the safe
protection of the govardhan hill even as the the rains poured through. But the people of
Vrindavan were not worried at all. For one week, Krishna held the mountain and protected
his people.

Scene 6: In indra loka


Samvarthaka: This is impossible! Lord Indra will show us no mercy

...If we cannot destroy one little village as he has ordered.
Come on, all the 7 warriors!
This storm must not cease until Vrindavan is completely submerged!
Samvarthaka: My lord.
Indra : Ah, Samvartaka. You seem exhausted! Sit down! Sit down!
I want to hear all about it! Tell me.
Is there any trace of Vrindavan left after your storm.
Samvarthaka: My lord, your warriors have been......making a raging storm for six days and
nights, with fiery lightning and torrential rainfall, the likes of which no human has ever
Indra: Good, good, good. They must have leveled Vrindavan by now!
Sam: I wish I could say that, Lord Indra,but I must confess, our storms have been no
match for...Krishna.
Indra: My storm warriors are no match for...A BOY!?
Samvarthaka: He holds Govardhana Hill above his head and protects the inhabitants of
Vrindavan and their animals.
Indra: Surely your eyes deceive you, Samvartaka. Six days of lightning must have blinded
Indra: Bring me Airavata, my elephant! I shall ride to Vrindavan to see this "miracle"
Samvarthaka: It is as I told you, my Lord.

Flute sound:

Indra: Oh No.. What have I done? How did I forget Krishna’s powers? I am ashamed of

All GOpas & Gopis:

Krishna! Krishna, Bravo Krishna!

Krishna! Krishna, Bravo Krishna!
Gopa 1: He's done it! - Krishna has stopped the storm! Vrindavan is saved!
Krishna! Krishna! Krishna's a hero!!
The storm is gone.
Nanda: Why aren't you going to celebrate with the others?
Thank you, Krishna! You have saved us all. Thank you!
Krishna: Don't thank me.
Thank Govardhan Hill.

(Krishna and others (including girls))
(Indra, Airawat & Kamadhenu to arrive a bit later)
(Gopas 1 & 2 – tie their cow and elephant masks and give them kamandal to pour
water/milk. Keep Govardhan Mount on floor)

Indra Varshini

Krishna Hamsini

Kamadenu Ananya Ramakrishna


This achievement of Krishna amazed Indra and he felt sorry for his behaviour.

Narrator: Indra came down on his white elephant, Airawat along with Kamadhenu, the
celestial cow.

Indra: Bowing down to Krishna,

Says Indra Stuti

Krishna: My dear Indra, it was out of mercy that I stopped the sacrifice meant for you.
You were greatly intoxicated by your opulence as King of heaven, and I wanted you to
always remember Me.Execute My order and remain in your appointed position as King of
heaven. But be without false pride.

The white elephant Airawat poured the holy waters of heavenly Ganga on Krishna

Kamadhenu, the celestial cow, showered Krishna with her milk.

Kamadhenu: O Krishna, O Krishna greatest of mystics! O Soul and origin of the universe!
You are the master of the world, and by Your grace, O infallible Lord, we have You as our
master. you are our worshipable Deity. Therefore, O Lord of the universe, for the benefit
of the cows, the brāhmaṇ as, the demigods and all other saintly persons, please become
our Indra. As ordered by Lord Brahmā, we shall perform Your bathing ceremony to
coronate You as Indra. O Soul of the universe, You descend to this world to relieve the
burden of the earth.

Indra: Yes, he should. From today, Krishna, you will be known by the name ‘Govinda”.
Everyone, chant Govinda Govinda Govinda.....

(Boys to move slightly away from centre and continue to stand with Krishna in the

(Girls to walk out and come to centre and to dance for the music)

Switch on the Music and Dance by girls