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AC/Servo Motor Control Applications

Motors are one of the largest energy consumers on the factory These can each be measured independently or in the case of the
floor, and accurate motor control is the easiest way to minimize diagram below, if two phases are measured simultaneously, their
energy consumption. phase relationship is known and the current in the third phase can
High-performance AC motors and Servo motors use discrete be calculated.
analog components as part of the control loop to reduce energy Applications include process / industrial control, robotics,
consumption and maximize performance. Measuring the current conveying, pumping, CNC machines, and LCD manufacturing.
of a three-phase AC motor provides input to control the motor.

AC/Servo Motor Interface

Hall Effect Sensors

Rectifier AC

HV Isolation Barrier
Resolver Servo Motor
Current Sense
Isolation Barrier
Amp Amp

Speed Amp
Input ADC Controller ADC



Temp Sensor Ref


Motor Control
Product ID Description Features Benefits
Very high performance
Supports high-performance apps over
ADC122S706 Dual, 12-bit, up to 1 MSPS, simultaneous sampling ADC High sample rate
wide temperatures
Low power, small package
ADC122S625/55 Dual, 12-bit, up to 500 kSPS, simultaneous sampling ADCs
ADC121S625 Single-channel, 12-bit, 50 kSPS to 200 kSPS, differential ADC Supports high-performance apps over
Very high performance wide temperatures
ADC141S626/ Low power, small package
Single-channel, 14-/16-bit, 50 kSPS to 250 kSPS ADCs
ADC161S626 Pin compatible across sample rate Pin compatibility and package size simplify
ADC121SXXX/ board layout
1-/4-channel, 12-bit, up to 1 MSPS ADCs
Op Amps
Low noise with 1/f corner of 3 Hz Accurate signal conditioning in high
LMP7731/32 2.9 nV/√Hz precision, RRIO amplifiers
High gain bandwidth closed-loop gain applications
Very low input voltage noise Ideal for low-frequency apps
LMP2021/22 Zero-drift, low-noise, EMI-hardened amplifiers Very high open-loop gain Minimal gain error in high-gain apps
Low input bias current 23 pA Ideal for impedance circuits
Single board layout – one device -
-40°C to 125°C temperature range
programming for multiple inputs
LMP7312 Programmable level shifter Selectable diff. / single-ended inputs/outputs
Ideal for very high-performance, wide
Supports 4 mA to 20 mA and up to ±15V inputs
temp range apps
A/C Servo Motor Control, Low-Side Sensing, and DC Motors

Motor Control
Product ID Description Feature Benefit
Power Management
Series reference Lower power dissipation compared to shunt reference
LM4128 Voltage reference
Limits guaranteed over entire temp range (-40ºC to 125ºC) Consistent system performance regardless of temperature
Initial accuracy of .05%, 0.1%, 0.2%, 0.4% and 0.5% available
Ultra-high precision initial accuracy for use with high-precision ADCs
LM4132 Voltage reference Tempco of 10 (A-grade), 20 (B/C/D-grade), or 30 ppm/°C
Stable VREF over industrial temp range
Tempco of 3, 6, or 10 ppm/ºC Minimal change in VREF over entire temp range
LM4140 Voltage reference Supports sub-band gap voltages and ceramic, tantalum, Provides 1.024V, 1.25V, 2.048V or higher VREF to systems
or aluminum electrolytic capacitors System flexibility in choosing BOM
Temp Sensors

11- to 14-bit, local 2-wire with shutdown mode

LM73 Ideal for portable applications, wide temp range operation
digital temp sensor ± 1.0°C (-10°C to 80°C) accuracy, −40°C to +150°C operation

1.5V, multi-gain, Class Low voltage, low power, small package Wide temp range operation
AB output temp sensor −50°C to +150°C operation High performance

Low-Side Sensing Overview

The current flowing into the motor below is measured using a The DSP builds the completed wave form from the low-side
low-side shunt. This avoids the cost of Hall Effect sensors and measurement. This can introduce very high-speed harmonics in the
simultaneous sampling ADCs. However, this approach is less measured signal so a fast amplifier such as the LMP7711 is desired.
accurate since the three phase currents are estimated from the
low-side measurements.
Low-Side Sensing Interface

Rectifier Inverter AC



Voltage and Current

Temp Sensor



Low-Side Sensing and DC Motors

Product ID Description Features Benefits
Precision, CMOS-input, RRIO, wide supply Ideal for applications where CMOS parts cannot
LMP7707 Low VOS, low IBIAS, low noise
range amplifier operate under the desired voltage conditions
Single/dual, precision, 17 MHz, low-noise,
LMP7711 Wide bandwidth, low IBIAS, low noise Ideal for instrumentation applications
CMOS-input amplifier
LMV797 17 MHz, low-noise, CMOS-input, 1.8V amplifier Wide bandwidth, low IBIAS, low noise Ideal for low power sensing applications

1-/4-channel, 12-bit ADCs supporting sample Very high performance

ADC121Sxxx/ADC124Sxxx Supports high-performance apps over wide temperatures
rates up to 1 MSPS Low power, small package
Pin compatibility and package size simplify board layout
Pin-compatible families
DAC121S101 12-bit, single-channel DAC
Low voltage, low power
1.5V, multi-gain, Class AB output Wide temp range operation
LM94022 Small package
temp sensor High performance
−50°C to +150°C operation
DC Motors

Current sensors are an effective way of providing control in Current sensors are also used with brushless DC motors, stepper
DC motor applications. A common configuration in DC motor motors, and solenoids. Current sensing can be done either on the
applications is an H Bridge, which enables DC motors to run forward high side of the motor (path from the supply) or the low side (return).
and backward. An H Bridge is generally used to reverse the polarity Low-side measurements are easy to implement and inexpensive
of the motor. However, it can be used to “brake” or allow the motor but add resistance (disturbance) in the ground path. High-side
to run free. National supplies both current sense amplifiers and current sensing avoids this issue and also can provide diagnostic
complete H Bridge solutions. information such as detecting shorts to ground.

H Bridge Motor/Solenoid


Micro- Sensor
Controller Motor
PWM Solenoid Solenoid
External Control or Motor
- ADC Amp
Current Sense Amp


DC Motors
Products Description Features Benefits
-2V to 42V common-mode range (LMP8645),
-2V to 76V common-mode range (LMP8645HV) Supports high-accuracy, high-side sensing and wide-voltage-range
LMP8645/ Precision, high-voltage applications over a very wide temp range
Adjustable gain, buffered ouput
LMP8645HV current sense amplifier
2.7V to 12V supply Gain configurable with a single resistor
-40°C to 125°C temp range
-22V to 60V common-mode range
60V, common-mode, Fixed gain: 20X (LMP8601), 50X (LMP8602), 100X (LMP8603) Supports high-accuracy, high-side and low-side sensing and wide-
LMP8601/2/3 bidirectional, precision voltage-range applications over a very wide temp range
Bidirectional measurement (with single supply)
current sense amplifiers Single supply, bidirectional current measurement
-40°C to 125°C temp range
3A, 55V H bridge with Complete H bridge solution
current sense amplifier 3A continuous output System operation protection (thermal alarm, shutdown, shorted load)
3A, 55V H bridge (ac- Operates at supplies voltage up to 55V Choice of internal current sense amplifier or ability to use external
LMD18201 cepts small external Thermal alarm and high temperature shutdown current sense resistor
current sense resistor) Shorted load protection
Supports brushed DC motors and one phase of bipolar
3A, 55V full bridge motor Complete motor driver current-control solution
LMD18245 stepper motors
driver System operation protection (thermal alarm, shutdown, shorted load)
4-bit internal DAC controls motor current
Precision motion Programmable digital PID filter, 32-bit velocity, position, Highly integrated design provides ease of use in creating high-
controller and acceleration registers performance motor controls
Synchronous Motor Control

Manufacturing systems in applications like paper manufacturing The IEEE1588 compatible DP83640 provides real-time control with
food/beverage packaging, and semiconductor processing often individual nodes synchronized to <10 ns accuracy.
require high-speed motion/motor synchronization to maintain The DP83849 provides dual-channel capability for critical
product quality at high throughput rates. applications requiring redundancy.

Synchronous Motor Control

Product ID Description Feature Benefit
IEEE 1588 PTP hardware Synchronize Ethernet packets to sub-10 ns granularity
10/100 Ethernet PHY with
DP83640 12 IEEE 1588 GPIOs Used to trigger external events
integrated IEEE 1588
Dynamic link monitoring Enables fault protection
Always triggers on same receive clock edge Deterministic latency with sub-3 ns jitter
DP83848I/YB 10/100 Ethernet PHY < 23 mW power consumption in energy detect mode Minimize power consumption during periods of low activity
Up to 125ºC temperature range Use Ethernet in rugged environments
Same power supply design and footprint for different
Input voltage range from 6V to 42V
output currents
Pin-to-pin compatible for 1A, 2A, and 3A output current
SIMPLE SWITCHER® Low radiated EMI with low BOM count
LMZ14203/02/01EXT Integrated shielded inductor
power module 3A of output current at 80ºC ambient without airflow or heat sink
Excellent thermal performance
EXT parts support extended temperature ranges and are
EXT ruggedization
subject to vibration and shock testing
Input voltage from 6V to 75V Ultra-wide input range for maximum flexibility
LM5574/75/76 Buck regulator Emulated Current Mode control loop Fast transient performance
1.5% feedback accuracy High-precision power supply
Can withstand transients from even the most rugged industrial
Integrated 100V N-channel buck switch
LM5008/9A High-voltage buck regulator Highly efficient operation
Less power wasted in the form of heat
COT architecture
Fewer external components, fast transient response

Multiple Motor Control Synchronization

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