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Spiritual Freedom.

( taken from the Ascended Masters teachings found at :-- )

There are two aspects of freedom .

There is political and economic freedom which gives people freedom to
pursue the spiritual path because they are not oppressed through physical
There is spiritual freedom which is freedom of the mind, so people can
know truth and reality, through Christ Discernment.

To attain spiritual freedom you need to :---

--expand your understanding of the spiritual side of life.

--understand the need to be free of the ego and iis games.

--change your consciousness, by changing your beliefs, thoughts and


--understand that you have a Higher Self---your I Am Presence---which is

the part of you that gives you the ability to say “ I Am “.
Your I Am Presence resides permanently in the spiritual realm and is as
pure and perfect as the day it was created.

--understand that you can view your I Am Presence as an electronic flame.

--understand that you are connected to your I Am Presence and all power
and energy comes into your lower being here on Earth , through this
Spiritual Self.

--understand the need to bring your outer mind into alignment with your
Higher being, your I Am Presence.

--understand the true purpose of life.

--understand the specific purpose of your present life.

--understand that God has used certain laws to design this universe, so that
you can align yourself with these laws and use them to bring God’s
Kingdom into manifestation.

--understand the need to gain control of your emotions and emotional body.

--understand the need to use your higher will and the power of thought to
take dominion over your reactions to life.

--understand the power of gratitude.

--understand that the physical body is a vehicle for your soul.

--understand the importance of taking care of your physical body so you can
express your purpose, your reason for being.

--understand your true identity . You are an immortal spiritual being,

currently living in a physical body , here on Earth.

--understand the need to centre in your heart before taking action in heated

--understand that you were created in the image and likeness of God---
meaning that you have self-awareness, the imagination that allows you to
envision something that is not yet visible and the free will to decide what
you want to bring into manifestation.

--understand that you are one with the Greater Being out of which you are
an individualization.

--understand that you are one with everything and you need to move away
from separation and move into Oneness.

--understand that planet Earth is a schoolroom in which human beings , as

individuals and as a whole , can progress toward higher levels of

--understand that your ego interferes with your relationship with God.
The ego uses words to block your growth , while your Higher Self seeks to
help you see beyond the words to the hidden meaning.

--understand the need to heal the wounds in the 4 levels of your mind and
also from your past lives.

--understand the need to study spiritual teachings and practice spiritual


Teachings can be found at :--

Spiritual techniques, such as decrees and rosaries can be found at :--

--understand that the mind of Christ empowers you to discern what is of

God and what is of the duality consciousness.

--understand the purpose for planet Earth is to help your soul achieve its
permanent freedom as a spiritual being.

--understand the need to learn certain lessons which cannot be learned by

the intellect alone. These lessons must be fully internalised.

--understand that life is an opportunity for you to learn your lessons and to
fully integrate them into your being.

--understand that you are not a separate being who exists independently.

--understand that true freedom can only be found in the Kingdom of God
within you.
--understand that you are free to BE---to BE in the reality of God---free to
BE who you are in God.

--understand the need to follow your inner direction.

--understand the need to give up aal human expectations.

--understand the need to be non-attached to people, to the reactions of

others, and to the things of this world.

--understand the need to totally and unconditionally forgive all life.

--understand that it is only the truth the will set you free.

--understand that you can have freedom of choice only when you are aware
of why you make certain decisions and what the consequences of those
decisions will be.

--understand that the universe is designed to act like a giant, cosmic mirror
that will reflect to you whatever you send out through your thoughts,
feelings, words and actions. Begin to project into this mirror the images and
ideas that will raise up others and not just your separate self.

--understand the need to spiritualise every aspect of your life so that

everything you do is an expression of your spirituality and then you will
attain freedom in all aspects of your daily life.

--understand that to be free ---you need to be a whole being , with a whole

mind , heart and emotions and a whole energy field.