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SBS Instalment Plans at 0% Markup*

Terms and Conditions Music TV Models
‘Bank Alfalah’s Step by Step (SBS)’ means the purchase of goods and services by the Cardmember
A+ Grade Panel
U-MAX Sound Technology
with No Processing Fee
for the Cardmember to utilise the available credit limit and repay the transaction amount in equal
monthly instalments according to the credit card Terms and Conditions and SBS Terms and
(2*10W) Alfalah Credit Cards
Changhong & Denmark
Joint LAB
‘Total SBS prices’ includes the purchase price (inclusive of all eligible taxes) and applicable SBS Triple Protector (Lightning,
charges as per the Schedule of Bank Charges (SoBC). Surge, Humidity)
SBS processing fee of 2.5% or Rs. 500/- (whichever is higher) shall be applicable per transaction. USB to USB Media Data Copy
The Bank reserves the right to change all the SBS related fees and charges at its own discretion. Metal Back Cover
Urdu Language Menu
The Cardmember shall pay the total SBS price inclusive of all applicable SBS charges in equal Full Power Operation (70V-290V)
instalments (SBS monthly instalment) based on SBS terms chosen by the Cardmember. 2 Years Warranty
Products offered on 0% markup are as per tenures defined in the brochures under the respective
product codes/product model.

Instalment billed to card holders on cycle date shall be included in minimum payment of said
Product Details 0% Markup Months
S/N Products Price 3 6 12 18 24 30 36
Cardmember. Months Months
1 LED32F3807M 26,499 8,833 4,417 2,672 1,936 1,568 1,347 1,200
If the Cardmember pays less than the monthly minimum amount on the payment due date specified
in the statement of account, the Cardmember becomes liable to pay service fee/charges according
to the Terms and Conditions.
Digital UHD TV Models
In case the Cardmember decides to cancel his/her SBS then the Cardmember shall be liable to pay
the pre-closure penalty i.e. 5% of remaining loan amount or Rs. 1,000/- (whichever is higher). 4K-UHD(4K*2K)
A+ Grade Panel
The Bank reserves the absolute right to accept/reject the request for conversion of the transaction Dual Tuner (Digital & Analog)
or balance to SBS. MHL (Mobile High- Definition
Link )
Delivery of the product would be subject to the availability of stock. U-MAX Sound Technology
The Bank shall not be liable if merchant is unable to arrange the product within the time period due Triple Protector (Lightning,
to any stock issue. Surge, Humidity)
All SBS products are subject to the availability and market price, any increase in price will be
Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby AAC
updated on website and Cardmember shall be communicated at the time of booking through
Phone Banking.
2 Years Warranty

All SBS promotions shall be valid for a limited time.

Bank Alfalah shall not, in any way, be held responsible for the quality and fitness of or the purpose,
Product Details 0% Markup Months
S/N Products Price 3 6 12 18 24 30 36
merchantability of the SBS product delivered by the merchant. Months Months
1 UD49F6300L -(Digital Duner & MHL) 55,999 18,666 9,333 5,647 4,091 3,313 2,847 2,536
Bank Alfalah shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by the Cardmember by
reason of a business partner refusing to allow a transaction or accepting credit card.
By signing the ‘SBS Application Form’, it is assumed that you have read, understood and agreed with
Curved, OLED & Laser Series
the Terms and Conditions mentioned on the SBS flyer and the Bank’s website
Curved Panel
4K-UHD (4K*2K)
Android Smart TV (Android 6.0)
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Full Power Operation (70V-290V)
Quad Core CPU + Dual Core GPU
A+ Grade Panel
Double Remotes
TV Store
Full Web Browser
Multi Screen Interaction
Built-in WiFi
Memory 4GB

Product Details 0% Markup Months

Alfalah Credit Cards
S/N Products Price 3 6 12 18 24 30 36
111 225 111 1 UD55F7300i-Curved
Months Months
94,999 31,666 15,833 9,579 6,940 5,621 4,829 4,301 2 UD65F7300i -Curved 131,999 44,000 22,000 13,310 9,643 7,810 6,710 5,977
The Way Forward
Bank Alfalah and Changhong Ruba brings you Description
Digital Smart TV Series
exciting new instalment packages for a variety of Smart TV (Android 4.4+)
A+ Grade Panel
products at affordable rates. Digital Tuner TV (DVB-C/T)
Quad Core plus
U-MAX Sound Technology Application Form
Triple Protector (Lightning,
3 Simple Steps to Avail Instalment Plans Surge, Humidity)
Full Power Operation (70V-290V)
Please complete this form, attach a copy of your CNIC and drop it at
Eshare & Wireless Display any Bank Alfalah drop box. Allow 21-28 working Days for delivery.
With Bank Alfalah Instalment Plans you can get the Changhong C-Store
Full Web Browser
products you have always wanted in easy equal monthly Built-in WiFi Cardmember’s Name
instalments with flexible tenures that suit your lifestyle – Memory 4GB Address
2 Years Warranty
in 3 simple steps. Phone No. (Off)
Product Details 0% Markup Months
S/N Products Price 3 6 12 18 24 30 36 Phone No. (Res) Mobile No.
1. Call Bank Alfalah on 111 225 111 to place your order or 1 LED32F5808i(IPS Panel) 31,999
5,333 3,227 2,338 1,893 1,627 1,449
fill in the attached form and drop it at any Bank 2 LED40F5808i 43,999 14,666 7,333 4,437 3,214 2,603 2,237 1,992 Alfalah Credit Card No.
3 LED43F5808i (IPS Panel) 49,499 16,500 8,250 4,991 3,616 2,929 2,516 2,241
Alfalah Credit Card drop box, located at Bank Alfalah 4 LED49F5808i (IPS Panel) 60,499 20,166 10,083 6,100 4,420 3,580 3,075 2,739
branches. Expiry Date /
Description Month Year
UHD Smart Series
2. Opt for 3 or 6 months instalment plan and enjoy 0% 4K-UHD(4K*2K) CNIC
Android Smart TV (Android 6.0)
markup or choose from a range of flexible tenures of HDR (High Dynamic Range) Authorised Person’s Name
Full Power Operation (70V-290V)
up to 36 months. A+ Grade Panel
(Who may receive product on your behalf)

Double Remotes Authorised Person’s CNIC No.

Quad Core CPU+ Dual Core GPU
3. Receive your selected LED or Plasma product at your TV Store
Full Web Browser Please tick one of your purchase options:
doorstep free of charge. Multi Screen Interaction
YouTube I would like to make this purchase without availing Step by Step (SBS) Plan.
Built-in WiFi I want to take advantage of the Alfalah Step by Step (SBS) Plan.
Memory 4GB
Digital TV (DVB-T+T2) I understand that Step by Step (SBS) Plan is subject to Terms and Conditions
outlined overleaf and Bank Alfalah’s website.
Description Product Details 0% Markup Months
Music TV 2.0 & 3.0 S/N Products Price 3
Months 12 18 24 30 36
I acknowledge and agree to the clauses.
A+ Grade Panel UD75F6308i 291,999 97,333 48,667 29,443 21,332 17,277 14,843 13,221 Please choose your payment plan option:
U-MAX Sound Technology
(2*10W) 3* 6* 12* 18 24 30 36
Changhong & Denmark UHD Smart Series Please fill in the details for the packages selected.
Joint Lab Generation 2 Genuine
4K-UHD (4K*2K) Product Name Quantity Price Total
Triple Protector (Lightning, 2K to 4K Upscaling
Surge, Humidity) HDR (High-Dynamic Range
HEVC/H.265 Smart TV (Android 6.0)
Dolby Audio Quard Core Processor
Metal Back Cover (64 Bits CPU)
Urdu Language Menu Changhong C-Store (YouTube

*3 or 6 months at 0% markup (August-2018)

Full Power Operation (70V-290V) + Golive+ YuPP TV)
Full HD -1920*1080 Bluetooth Grand Total
iSmart Control (2 ways screen
2 Years Warranty mirroring) Note
A+ Grade Panel 1. A pre-closure penalty of 5% of the outstanding amount or Rs. 1,000/-.
Opera Web-Browser (whichever is higher) will be levied in case of SBS cancellation.
Product Details 0% Markup Months Built-in WiFi
S/N Products Price 3 6 12 18 24 30 36 Dual Tuner (Digital & Analog)
Months Months
1 LED40F3808M 37,999 12,666 6,333 3,832 2,776 2,248 1,932 1,721
2 LED43F3808M (IPS Panel) 42,499 14,166 7,083 4,285 3,105 2,515 2,160 1,924
Product Details 0% Markup Months
3 LED49F3808M (IPS Panel) 52,999 17,666 8,833 5,344 3,872 3,136 2,694 2,400 S/N Products Price 3 6 12 18 24 30 36
Months Months
4 LED55F3808M 63,999 21,333 10,667 6,453 4,676 3,787 3,253 2,898 1 UD55F6800i (IPS Panel) 92,999 31,000 15,500 9,377 6,794 5,502 4,727 4,211
Cardmember’s Signature Date P.T.O