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What is the difference between

a proposal and a report?

A report and a proposal are very similar
in organization. Their differences,
however subtle, are worth noting:

A report is
A factual description OR
account of events OR
Investigation of an issue

A proposal is
a plan or suggestion put forward for
consideration by others.

A report:
Report is something that you report/conclude
after executing a business matter.

A proposal:
Proposal is something that you
propose/suggest before stating a business

A report:

Written to someone with authority (e.g. manager, boss,

director, public official, etc.) or peer (e.g. colleauge,
associate, etc.)

A proposal:
Written to someone who needs to make a decision usually
which involves spending or investing money (e.g. someone
responsible for finances within company or organization,

A report:

Formal in register : impersonal, objective, avoids

personal opinion and emotion. Uses the passive

A proposal:

Usually formal in register, but could also be semi-

formal when addressed to a committee of peers.

A report:

Writer uses language related with expressing opinion,

listing reasons, making recommendations

A proposal:
Writer uses language in such a way that he is persuasive,
besides listing reasons and making suggestions

A report:

The general purpose of a report is to identify a

specific problem, explain it objectively and
recommend action that will lead to a solution.

A proposal:
The general purpose of a proposal is to identify a
particular need, explain it and recommend how this
need can best be met.

Report on…… (eg. Report Proposal for…… (eg.

on survey conducted in Proposal for launching
market/ Report on new phone in market)
effectiveness of new
advertisement etc.)
• Introduction/purpose • Introduction/purpose
• sub heading • sub heading
• sub heading • sub heading
• sub heading • sub heading
• Conclusion/recommend • Conclusion/recommen
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