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Chriuoph .... A. Hill

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ABBREVIATIONS •• • ••• xxxvii

INTRODUCTION TO GENESIS 1-11 • •• • •• xxxix

COMMENTARY ••• ••• 1



CHRONOLOGY •••••• 183


BIBL I OGRAPHY ' • • ••• 193


SUB1EC T INDEX ' ••• •• 201

SCRIPT U RE INDEX' ••• •• 20..;:


n.. Ancimr O>Mian Cornnwllrary on Striprurt (herufrer Aces) is a lWCllry..ight O'OIumt

patriJ.ticcommalW')'on Scripturt.. The patriltic ~riod, the time of the fathen of'mechurch.lpani
the e.... from Oemelll of Rome (fl.c. 95) 10)ohll ofDam.lICUI (c.645...:. 749). TMcommentary thus
CO¥'<n I(V1'n «lltum afbib/iQ] inurponatlon. from the cnd oftbe NcwTaume." 10 the mid

eighth century'. induding me Vcnenhle Btd..

Sin« the method of inquiry for \h( ACes h.:l$ b«n developo:d;1I close coordination with corn·
pour tcehnology.1! Kt'Va at. a pountial modelof' an evolving. promiling. teehnologiallr pragmatic.
meolopcally inugno,ed method for doing ruarch ill \h( huro"}' of' cngesis. Thr purp<>K of' thi.

This IS a Jong..:ldaya! uoigrumn. in biblical and hismricaJ scholarship' rrintrodudng in a COlI",,·

nient form key tcxts of early Chrilliall commentary On the whole ofScripturt.. To that elld. hisrori-
ans. lnnJlarors.cligiul,echnician$, andbiblialandpalrisnc od>o!.arshawcoUabor::nedilltheruk
of praenting IOrthc fint time in manycenturia theM: tau from mearly history ofChristl&ll Ue·
gesis. He~ the inte,p~ti"" gloSlU. ~netratillg reflections. debateS. contemplatioru and dclibcra·
lions of urly ChristiaN. are orderal venc by ven.c: from Gellesis 10 Ikvd.ation. Also included arc
patri$tic comments on the d.etnemcanonical wrirings ( ... metimes r:alled the ApocTyph.a) that ~re
considc~d Scriptu~ 11)' the Fathers. Thi, il a fuU·.scaJe duoic commentary On Scripture consilting
of Kkctions ill modem transbtion from the ancient ChristWl writers..
Tnt Ancient ChrutW. Commentary on Scripture has th ..... goals: the rencwal of ChrlS'l&II
prr<><ning baacd on d..auicaJ Chri$lian •. lhe inren. Hied stud), of'Scripru~ 11)- ~ ~rsonl who
wish to think with me urly church about me anonial ten. and the lCimuJ..tion of his-
toricalbibLcaI.thcoIogiaJ andputoral~""'"lrdfurthe, IJM!Wry"·
pretation.of mean""n,Chrisdanwri.en.
Onearop.agetheScripture.cxri. ucompaniedbythcmos.lKMe........m)· rcm.orksoflu)'COfIKft
$.w cngnltS of the early O>risrian Ct:II"","- This fomuJ arrangemen' follows app.....,im.ow)' the
lraditional partcmof'lhepublilhedluuo£theTalmudanetme invention of printing and o( the
:U>- orJ'......... thalprectdedprilllillg.'
'S"'O'-J .. T........ w i l - i r _ ..... __ J..,........-.n..T_ ... _ _ _ ~_

....t_"" .... M.oIo............ ,........"""oilo ... .t...ra..BoloIot......t .... Gemo, .... <Iaboro_oi .... M........ n..onooi)·
T......... .... ...I......d._
_~ J ,........
_ T........
_ ......,.....,...~ .. 1OroI,
_ J _ _ ScropNrt. .. _ ....~oi_
- . ... ...,......._a.__
... ....
Ren;nal ofNe,lected Ch .inian Tun
Tbett is an emerging &:I, nood among dlverse Christian commu""ua m~, these tUU be accurately
..,coverN and studied. Recent biblical Kholarship has so foc:wcd anention on post-Enli,t"enmen,
Aftn yea ... of quiet gestation and ..,fleaion on the bare idell of I plt.i,tit commen,a...,·, a feasibil ·
,ty consultation ,,'u drawn togemu 11 the invitation of 0..,,,, University in Novem be. 1993 in
Washington, ne. This ",ri,.. emerged from du., conswution and 'lI ensuing .fuaw;ion.o. Enen ·
&;..., funhcr (OnSwcJ.[ions we.., underuken during 1994 and rlw:rcafter lI\ Rome, Tiibingcn, Oxford,
Cambndge. AthtJU. Alaandna and btanl».d, _king me advice of me m05! rompetcnt intema·
tional KhoIan in rlw: his,oty of ucga~ Among disdnguished Khol~rs whoconmbll,ed wd'IC urty
layen of the consull~dve procc.. wc •• leading wdun on urly chllret. hi, mry, hCTnten"",i,,, homi·
led" , hiAlo'}' of cxtg""is. 'p. emo.k theology and pastoral theology. Among kading internat;onal
authorities consulted early on in the proj«t design ""'.., Si. Henry Chad",ick of Oxford: Sish0p5
Kalhnos Wan of Oxford, Rov.·an WoIll" .... of Monmouth and S,ephm S)'1cu of El)' (all form"
patrisna prckuon at 0d0rd or Cambridge); Profeswn Angelo Oi Bcnrdino and Bui! Sruder of
the Pal"",,, lrurirute ofRame; and I'Toftsoon Karlfri«l Froc:hl,cn "nd Brucc M. Mct::gnofPnn« •
•on. They _re uccptionally helpful ;n map'"' our I..t of voIllme cdi"..... Wc an: cspccWIj'
indebted to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholon'lC... and Ed ... ~rd IdnACardinal
Cauid)' of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Ch,;",i"n Unity, the Va~ian. for Ihcir blessing,
stead), Auppon , and wi.., ooun..,1 in de'""'ioping and adv~ncing IM Orcw Univcni'}' Pam$lic Corn·

Tl'IC OUtcOfm of ~ fe:wbilil}' COrllwtaOOrll "·U genem agrccm~nt thal iM project ,,-as pm.
foundlr needed, accomfWUCd by an ugcrncss m set OUt upon tht f""':itct. ,·aIid.o ,ed b)' a

to commit •..Juablt Timt m accomplish ,t. At iM J>lce of three or

willingness on the J>lrt of many
four voium" per year. the commentaty 11 ta'1"'ted fu,- completion ""thin the first d ecade of the m il·
Thi. se.. i" stands ull.lpologerkall)· as a practical homiletic and devotioll.lJ guide to the earliest
layers of dusk Chnstian rt:aci,nll' of biblical tuu. It intends ro be. brief compendium of reil .....
0"'" on parricular Stpruagin•• Old Larin and Ne..' Tcstament teXU bj'iMirariicst Ch riJtian ;n,(1"
prcrcn. Hen« " is not a COtnJIItfttar')' b)' modem .undarch. but " is • commenW}' 1»' the
nandardsof thoae who anteceded and formed the wis of the modern commentary.

nnnpor_OI........!Srnp<u... n..T__ ""J-..Iu..p.- ,;".. .. ___ prnod .... _ - - - - ...... """" _ _

_ oi_~ ;n

oi_ ..........ol_-.. ..
_I'. .""'_. . .
.... Tw...I .........•. . M..n",;, .... ~..,.dn<t_-kcr--...l_
"' .... 01 .. 100<-""""" ...,."""" n.._'oI ...........'rubloohooI .... """oI .. TaIonuoI_IoI"'-'Itht.uIy ............... ~
..,.............,..js...,.-.,..... fl.<_ .....CCS"...tully""'~
.... ond~-.....toi ............. .,{,_...,.... .....
Manl' useful contemporary idloWiy drom art und~rway and art conmbu.ring 'ignificand)' ro
the r«OV.ry of ,tau;.: Christian ten.. Notable in English among thut. a~ th~ Fau.. .. of the Church
..,ries (utholi, Un i~nicy of Am.n.:a Pr..,), Ancient Christian Write .. (Paullst), Cilttn:Un Stud-
its (Cilterrian Publications), TheChurch'. Biblt (Etrdmaru)_ M_goof ch. Fame .. of me Oturch
(Mic:hacl Glazic.., liturgical Prest.) andTau and Srudits (Cambridge). In odlttlanguaga.imilar
tA'Oru an: conopicuouoll' found UI SouKca Oorm.nllC$, Corp.u Ooristianonun (Seriu Graeca and
Latiruo), Corpw Scriptorum Chrisrian01\lm Ori~nulium. Corpw Scriptorum Ecd..wticorum
t.orinorum, Text. und Unr.rsuchungtn :ur Gachichtt d.r a1",hri.dimtn UU'ran1f. Die gricch;'.
chcn christlim.n SchrilUt.U.r,Patrologia OritnwiJ. Pauologia Syriaca.. Bibliom::a p.a, ....rica..L4
P.ra da ... b for, CoIuruo di Tcsti Patnatici, I..trru~ crUlIllfI. lkU. origini, L.mure crisrian. del
pnmomillcnruo.CuItura crisua... anria, Thcs.aunu Lingua. Larinae, ~ LinguuGnecac:
and the Ctttdoc ..,rics, whim offi:rJ in digiw IOnn the voIu ..... of Corpw Chrisnanorum. The
Ancitnt Christian Comm.ntary on Scripture builds On ch. JPl.ndid work of all thut. ltudi.., but
foc:u.ou prim.orily and modestly on the recov.ry ofpaui.oric biblical wisdom fOr con.cmporary
pruching and by apiritml I"ormation.

Digital Resea rch Tool ••"d Result.

The volume editon ha~ been IUpportc<i br a digiut! rnearm tarn at Drew Univenll), which hu
identified th .... classic ccimn,.nts b)' pcrformingglobal .... rch .. oftb. Grc.k and Latinpatristi,
corpus. The,. ha~ ..,arched for.msc taU in th. Thcs.aurus Lingux Graccac (Tt.G ) digiuliud
Greckdatabasc.tbeCtudoceditionofm.Larinu:n:sofCorpusChrurianorumfrom m.un .... de
tn.itement ekctroniquc des documents (Un,vcnit" cath.oliquoe de Lou,-ain), Chadwyck·HeaI~ m.
llatrologia Latiruo Oaabasc (Mignc) and the Pacbrd Humanitia Institu.. !.ann dal3bascs. W.
h,Vfc also utiliud rh. CD· ROM surchabl. v.nion of m. Early Church Fath.n.of whidt the Dw..·
University project ...... an early cmponsor along with the Ekctronic Bible Sod«}·.
Thi. ha. resul,ed in a plethon of raW G~ck and Lann ,anul materials from which the voIum.
editonIuVfcmaded.ucrim.inating chota$.l lnthis.-aytheprojtctofficcha.alreadrsuppliedlOeach
voIumctditor'a5ubounrial ...... t of Greek and La,ingioNco, up/anationJ.obo<: ....·a,ionsand
comm.n.. on each ,'cne or pcrio>pc ofScriprurc <cr..' Onl,., 5nul1 pcrccnug<: of th .. ra ..· m.o<er:ial

_ ...... oi_-....."""'W-.....
&a.l-....,. ..
Tooll _ _ adoiooI .... - . . I _ _
~_..a-. ................... "" ___ ~
.,...;wo. _ _ _ -J-a..--------
'Hon-.:_l-...IConoI< ............. _ooIOcIOOd __ c..-.Sr-" ..... _ooIooorioIupmo"'""- _

'TI..G ..... C-.Io.: ... . - - . . _ ..... MIp< .. _~~ .. I.o<oo_ ... - - {1 _ ..... . .
_~ _<nt><aI __ ())... _
..... '"""',,. ......... ""'*'- (2) .... ...,. . ....... rtI.ob.< ..... .. .
....,io .... Nru.. _..."..,""""~O'f" ...... ......,. __ both~· _ ..... ~ ( ~ ) _~,..... ...,),o
.............., ..... ' S) .... _ oi u<l.,... "" ..... _.,.tcdo,a.. .......... .....,
ha.< in fact made the gnde of 01,1' selection muria. But such is the poignant work of the "'Ienin. Or
of any compiler of a compendium for general uu. The inunt of tM exerc~ is to achieve brevity and
eoonomyof upl"U$ian by exclusion of ex<ranwus material. nOt tOgo intoctilicaJ explanatory <kt:lil.
Through the u<e afBoolean uy word and phrase search es. in these datobues.. the ~se.arch " am
identified the Grttk and Latin tcXU from early Christian write" that refer <t, .pecific biblical p...
.... ge •. \VIletc <ur;u.aI valianT.< occur among the O ld Latin teXU Or disputed G"ek textS, ther ""e·
cmed key word surches with appropria" or expeaed variables. including aIlusian. and analogies
At this time af writing. the D",,' Universit)' ACes r=tch staff has already completed most of
these intricate and prodigio .... computer searches. which would have been unthinkable befare corn ·
The employmenl af these digital ""'urces h.. yielded unupeaed advan<ages' a huge residual
dacabue, a means of idenrifying commenu on texts not previousl), considered for caren.> ...... ~, an
efficient and co,,·eA"«otive deploymen, ofhunun Tt...,u" ... and an abundance of potential material
for future studies in the hi,<oty of uegtsis. Mo.. of rhis w.. accomplished b)' a highly talented
group ofgtaduatc students under the dirw:ion ofJoel Scandrert , Michacl Glerupan djocIElowsk)'
PriottotheuchnolagrofdigitaJscarchand.tora~t«ohniques.thisseri .. couldhardlrhavebttn
produced. short ofa ,'..,.,my ofr..u"hers workingbylaboriou<hand.ndpapersear ch .. in scat
Fututc reade" of Scriptu.. will inc....ingly be working with emerging forms af camputer I«oh ·
nolog}' and inreractive hypertcxt forlrults that will enable rude" to uarch om quicldy i nmo"
detail ideas. lexts. themes and <.. rns found in the ancien! Christian wri"rs. The ACeS provides an
embryonic paradigm far how that can be done. Drc:w Universit)· offers the ACCS to SCrve both .. a
po,enrial research model and .. an OutcOme of tcsurch. Wc hope that this prin<ed series in <radio
tion.oJ book form will in rime be supplemented with. larger surchablc. digiti:::ed ,.. rsion in &Om'

.. orcd·memor), hypertut IQrmar. We con<inue [0 work with an .. rute conlOrtium of computer and
rc:sear,hotgani::.illion, ro Serve th e future nceds ofbolh historical schalarshi pandthcalogicalsrudy.

The S ur feil of Materi "l. 6r" ug h. t o Ligh ,

Wc nm.:irnaw thallhere is virruallr nO portion of Sctiprure about which the ancien,Chri.. ian
wtirers had little Or nothing uufuJ Or meaningful <0 .... y. Many of them studied the Bible thoroughl),
with dcepcon<cmplat;ve dis.cemmenl,OOInp.;lring text wim UXI.onen mcmori::inglarge portians of
11;. At: chap.ers of all sixt)··.ix book> of the traditional ProtCSCOnl canom~al corp"" "al'e reu lved
dolii>erate oroc.:..ional p.;I"is,ic uegctical or homil.,i, t .... <men,. This ocri .. also ind ucie. pa";", ,
commencorr On 'Uts not found in the Jewish canon (otten designated the Apocrrpn" ar ci eutoroca·
non;caJ writings) but that were included in ancien: Gr..,k Bibles (th. Sepruagint l. Tne~. I~ts.
almough no:pre"seir m e sam e tcxuin each tr:>di,ion. temain parr of th e rec,,!:,ni:ec ,,,non ,o: Iil.
Roman Catholic and Onhodoz rradiriom..
While SOme booIu of Ihe Bibk a..., rich in wne·br·vene p;nrin;c commenta.ries (nolabl)· Gene·
5;'. PJajnu, Song of$olomon.lsaiah. Matthew.john arw:! Rontan$). the..., are many othen du, art
lacking in ;n"","" (ommena"", from this earlypcriod. Henu W1: have not limited our [0
these IOrmal commm=iao. but sought a1lusiolli. analogies. crosJ<OnneCtioru and rd'eret'ICU [0
biblical tens in all IOrtI of patrisric literar}' sources.. lhen: an: many pcruprive in5ighu th.n have
rome ro us from homiliao. letten. poet!')'. hymns. essays and trtan-. tha, nud 001 be arbitrarily
excluded from a (ateou. We have .s«rcned for lucOnn. discerning and moving pucagu both from
hnc·by·line commcnta.riao (from authon IUch aI Origen. Cyril of Alaand.u. Theodoret of Crr.
John ChryaD$IOIn,jerome. Augustinc and Bede) and from ochei' literary genru. Oue of a lunm of
rnulnng raw ""'Ierull. the O'OIume edJtofS ha ... been in""ed looclec:t the bcs:.. wilat and mO$t rq>-
lUCllta.ti... refl,ctions of ancient Chriatian wnren on a gi... n biblical paauge

For \\'hom b T hi, Co mpe ndium Duigncdl

~ who srud)' the Bible reguIarIj' and who urnest!y wiah ro have dusic Chtiman obscr....
IIOIU on the tUt tead~)' a'-.ilabk ro them. In vud)' difFcnng culrural ...rnnS'. comcmporary la)'
readen are uking h"",.. Ihq· mighl grasp the meaning of oacrcd "",.. un<kt the instruction of the
great minw of the ancient church
nttda of :IoCIdanoc ruden who up 10 now hll"t had l tark/r hnuccd fClDUtceS and compendia in the
huwrrof uegesis. lhe .. ri.., which is being cn.rulatcd intO om bngwp ofhalf the WOrid'l popu'
lation. i. designed ro ~ public Lbraries. uniwnmes. cl"OA<:Ulrurallrudics and hi"oricaI infCusa
worldwide. It unapologctically daiml and ""ctU its due and rightful place aJ a .ta.ple source book
Our varied audiences (la)'. puronJ and academic) are much broadt-t than the highly lechnical
and spccialiud schobrl)' 6dd of patnl1>C ""diu. TheJ' are f'>Ol limiced to uniw ..... q- scholars con·
CCIIlralingon the arud)'ofthe hinorl' oflne IJ'Jnlmission ofthccuc or co m..... with h>gh~'~
mCert.Jts in taNal mo.phology- or hi.roncai-crillcal issues arw:! ipccularions. Though thac ",main
crucialconccmlfor ipccialilts.the),arcno!!heparamounlintel'Cllofehet<\itorsof the Ancicnt
ChnlCian Commentary On Scriptnr~. Our work is largd), tatg('tcd ttraighta,,·a)· for a puronJ alldi ·
church abou: the plaIn 5c1Ue. theolopcal ,,'IJOoIh. and mor::aI and Iplnrua! murung of particuia:

There art .-arious legiumatt competmg vISIOn' 0: how ollch a patriaeic commentary should be
dewlopcd, each of which were carefull)' in our ieuibilit}" 5flId)' and its follow.u~. \-Vim
high rupeet <0 alternative conceptions, there are compelling reasons why the Drew UnivcrJity
project has ~cn conceived as a practically ~lc commenury addrcMCd firsl of all to infonned lay
rcadc:n and mOre broadly to pastors of Prolestant. Catholic and Onhodo" rnLditions. Onl)· in an
ancillary way do wc ""vc in mind as our p; audience the guild of p;ttrUtic academics.
although we wekome their crirical U&eSlment of Our m.thods. If WC succeed in serving lay and pas
toral reade .. practically and well. wc apect thcs.c: lens will be advanug<'ously UoN by collcgt
and IW'minarycouncs in Bible. hermcnculics, church history.hislorical theology.ndhomilerics,
siru;. th.y arc not easily acccssibl. oth.rwise.
The series seeks to offer to Chrisrian laity what the Talmud and Midrashim have long offered 10
Jewish r,aden, Thcs.c: found.arional $Ourc•• are finding their way into many public school ~braries
andintothcob!igatorybookcolltetionsofm=ychurchcs.pasrors.le.a<h .... andbypersons.lri,
our intent and the publishers' commitment to keep the whole series in print for m""y yt"at'S to come
and to make il aVllilable on "" economically viable .,1hscriplion Noi •.
Th..e is an emerging awaren ... among Camolic. Protestant and Orthodox bity that vital bibli-
Renewing religiow communities of p"'yer and service: (crisis ministries. urb= ""d wnpw min_ ""\
istries. counKling ministries. rerreat ministries. monasteries. grief minulrie •• mininri •• of compas-
sion. etc.) are being drawn steadily and emphatically toward these biblical ~nd ~tristi, $Ources for
mediution and spirimal formation. Thcs.c: communities.rc uking for primary $Ourc. le" .. of spiri-
mal fO"",,"I;on prcs.c:med in accessible form. well-grounded in reliable schobrthip and de<lic:ated 10

The Prema,ure Diseredilio g of the Caten. Tradition

We gratefully acknowledge our afFini<y and indebttdncss to the spirit and literary form of the any

placed for SO'veral anruncs. It ha.< bttn • long rim~ sine<: any ==1" has bttn made 10produ« this
$Or< of comment<lry. Under fire from mod.m critia, 0.( ClItena approach dwindled to :umO$t nom
ingbymtnincteenlhcenruryandhasnoruntilnowbeenrevitalizcdinthispo$tCTi1lcal situalion.
Ironically. it U wimin our own $O-cilled progressive and broad-minded ce nrury that mese len.. havr
bttn more sy,,~nu.ically hidden aw.y and ignored than in ""y prtviow century ofChtistian schol-
arship. With all Our historical and publishing compercru;ics, .hue tex .. havt bun rcgrc""blr
d(nied to hare .. of Christian preaching in our rime. thw revealing thed~ticbiascs of mode,.-
My (modem chauvinism. narunlism and a,nonortKlUl individu.alam).
N;netetT\th.and~nri(th-cmruryu~lwfnqU(ntlrdUplayNaphilosophiaJ blasroo<m
narundistic reductionilm. MO&t of the J>&rticipmts in the ACCS pro;ea haw: livtd through douns
of iterations of these crel .. of [jurary and hisrorical criliciJm. ",dong earnestly to upound and
puron ha..., ~ the (ro1.IbI«I ...·'un of asscnw;\ ~~n and trc..w within acadmtk criticism.
Prud>cnha..., atttmpWII<> Wgutand utiliuthcacapproacha.yethavtofunfound the ouf£OmeS
daappointing. l"be..., is an increa:I:ing awat'tRCSI of the ap«Ulariw: ucusu and the and
homiletic Iimit300ns of much f'06'·Enligh.enmen( cri.iciam.
Meanwhile the: motifs. mtrhods and apprna<::hts of ancien. uegeIes haw: ...,main.d ahockingl)"
unfllttiliar no. onlrrnordaintdckrgy but I<> oth ....... ;"'highlylit.tat.biblical$Cho~"'.ttain«l
uhaUlIi...,ly in the m.thods of lCitntific criticism. Amid the VUt t""gcrical Labori of rh. Wt two
ctn[\l~ the :oru::ient Qu;"ian utgt'tU have ,ddom b«n revisited, and then onl)' margin.>llj' and
cit.n t.nd.:ntiowJ,.. W. haw: clear and indisputabkcvidcnoc of the: prevailing modem contempt fur
dauic uegais. namely m..t the ut.",.;w: and once lWthoritatlw: da.uic commtnUrle$ on Scnprurt
W1l ",oWn unrran$lawl into modem languages.. Even in Chma this Iw not happened ", dauic
Buddhm and Confucian rommcntarieo..
This "Y"Ctn.lrX mndem ICholarlj' neglect is S«tl nOI only among Protuun .... bUI all<> is wide·
Ip...,ad among Cathnlics and cy.n OrthndOl:, wh • ..., ironi<:aUr the Fath.", art 5Om.,im., piousl)'
... n.raudwhiknolbeingen.rg.riallr ..... d.
So twO powerful conumpnrary f"orra are al work rn dr:aw OUr lar auditnct once
"I!aU. coward these rcru and 10 &et th.m from p"""""" llmiled premisu: Firsl. this stnU IS a
rc$ponK .., the dttp hungu for dauicaI Christian ucgcsis and for the his.o!}· of UtgcII1. parUl'
UKful utgttical OulCOm" of f'06'.Enhgh •• nment historiCllt and n.atur:ali.!ric·...,ductionisl cririciJm.
Both of these animating .n.rgi.. ue found among la)" r.adtn of Roman. Ea.1.rn and Pro'

Through the ~ of the chronologicalli... and biographICal ~"th( back of ucb volume,
ttadencan Iocau in timc and pIaa: the voica dUplayal in the eugws of a panirular pericopt. The
chairu (caltnac) ofinlcrpreurionofaparricularbiblicalpalPgemUlprovideglimr-iNoththio.
101")' of the imtrprctation of a glw:n ...rr. This f'lrttrn Ius w:nnabk ant«edenu in parristic and
meditval.",tgcsis of both and Wesum rntdilions. u """U u impon::anl upressions in lhe

Th. Ecumtniclll Rang ( and lnt. nt

Rtcogninon of need fer. the Fathers' wisdom ran~ ""er man)' d,WTR Ii:mm of Chruriarut)·. Th;,
has necusi ...,ed ,he (oop,,,.';on of .. hoLan of widdy diven<: Christian communilics 10 accomplish
cm task fainy and in a NLmc:ed "'a}'. It hasb«n a rNjorm.unenic:al un.ckruking.
Under rnis d.u.s1C.extuai umbrelL.. this ... ncs brings lovrner in common apint O uurians who
have long di .... nctd ,htm..dves from urn o.her through "'JW"te and onen competing church
m('Tnohts. LIn<kr this _Icoming umbrella an gathering _~Ii..., l'roIu ... nu with Eulem
o.thodo>t. Bapnsu Wlrn Roman Cornolics. Rdonned wich Armin,:ms and charlsmaria. AngLcans
wilh Pcnteco.sw... high with low ch urch adhere nu. and prcm<><krn ...adi,ionali.u with f'OI',m<><krn

H<nII' IS" that such ''aned Chmnans an: abletofind nupiration ;mdcommon faith in theK lens;
\Vhr arctheU lcxtS andstud,u$(I intrm slCa!1yecumeni,a1.$(I calholirin ,heir cultural range!
All of me... .radlU«lS can. without a sacrifice of in.dlec:t. come togc:lhCT 10 study lens common.o
Ihcmall. Th,"",dassk.ex.. ha,""dec:isivd)'shapedtheenrin:l~uenl hi .. ory ofexcgCl". Pro... ·
lants haw: a right 10 .he Fathers. Athan;l.i'''' is nOl OWll(d b)' Copu. nor is Augwrine owned b)'
North Afncaru. T'hue nunds a", tht common possosion of the whok mun:h. The OrthodM do
no: have exclusive rights O,'er Buil. nOt do Ihe RomaJU over G"'go.,· Ihe Greal . Christims eve!')"
whtrc have equal c:latm mmcse rochCland arc discovering them a:u! glimpsin(; their unit)· Inthl
From man)'varied Chri$ t,",ch.ions th .. projec:t has enli.ud u v~ume edium a tUm oflea<!.
Ing inferna.ional ",hola.. in ancient Christian writings and the hisl0t')· of exegesis. Among Easlern
Orthodoxcontribu.on an: Profcsa.onAndrc ... Louth olDurham University in England and ~
Dragas ofHol)' Croa (Greek 0nh0<Iru: ) School of Theology in Brooklinc. Mauarnl1RrlS. Amonf
Roman Catholic ",hola" arc Bened;(linc " holar Mark Sheridan of the San Anulmo Uni .. e"i~· of
Rome.pun}os.cph Lienhard of Fordham Univc:niry in Ne... York. Ciltercian Fath ... Fnnru Mar·
IIn of the Catholoc: UniversitJ' of America. Album Ftrre,... ofSeame Pacific Uniftnity. and SM .."
Voicu of Ihe EaStern European (Romanian) Unine Catholic t,",dition, wno ttache.! It m eAuSW"n·
ian P'"tUuc: lns.inne ofRorm. The N.: ... Te..amtrn ... rico is inaugu .... ted with cm volume on Ma. ·
ch",· offered b). <he rcnownd Cod>olic authonn' in the histot'). of e.upis. Manllo Sirnonm:, of me
Univenllr of Rome. Among Anglican communion con.ributorl ore Mark Edwords (O~ford).
Bishop Kcnncm Ste\VUOO (Fareham. Hampshire. in England), J. Roben Wrigh. (Ne..' YOrk).
Anckrs Bc:rgquist (SI. AIbans). ~ter Goniar (Atlanta) and Gcn.Id Bray (Cambtidgt. England. anc
Slrmlngham. Alabama ). Among Lutheran (Ontnbul0n a", Quen!;n Wes.selsch m;d: (5:. LO\ns ;.
Phiilp K"'r anc Eric Hecn (Philil<klpbia}. and Arth ur J"': .......iliwn Weinrich and Dean O. Went;'.
(all of Ft. Warne.lndtana). AmongdutingutShed Protutan: Reformed. Bapw: and othc e''anp:iJ ·
ca! arc John Sailhamer and Ste,""n McKmion (Wake Forest. North Ca m;'n a). Cral~
Blaisin~ and Cumen Hardin (LouilviUe. KlnrucltyJ. Chrismpbt:' Hall (5:. D.,·,d.. . PennS\.j,·anta
J. Ligon Duncan m ( ~, Mississippi ), Thomas McCuIlough (D,""ville. Kt:ntud<y), John R.
Frank. (H~tfield, Pcn ... yl~ania) and Mark Elliott (HO)'(' Uni~n.iry livupool).
The intem.>,iorW .eam of MOOn. ...... ..,Itacd in part 00 «flea mil ecumenical rangt. They wtrt
choIen on me prcm.iK n.o"< only duI d>cy wc« <ornpt..... t.o ..,Ita fairly mo..., ~p mat be$:
ronvcy the corumJual tndition 01 urIy a.riJrian c:ugcW. bu. abotha. mey woo.dd no< omitsignif".
icam voices within it. 1My ru.~ lUrched insofar u possible for mo..., comments mat ..,]f~ndr
would ~ mn", widely received gentnUy by the whole church of all generations. eut and W...
Thi l i, no. TO ,uggU\ o. imply ma. all panuric writers agr«. Onc will immediately on upon
...,ading .hae sekaion.c mat within the boundaries of orthodo%).. ma. is. adudingOUlrigh. dl:nIllls
of ccwncnically ruciwd uaching. thcrfc arc man)' views poa.ible aboot a pvc:n rat 01" idu;tnr;l mat
theac dilfcrml views ma), ~ lnongly affected br wide ,-m.rics of soaal cnvironmcnu ;tnr;I COIlIau.
The Dr<:w Univcrsi<)' project ha.s b«n meticulous abou. conunwioning volume cdjton.. Wc
haw IOUghl ou. world<lau Kho~n., preeminen. in in.ernational biblical and pa.nsti<: IICholarship.
and wW: in me, hiJ.oryof acgcsis. Wc have no. been < We have cnli".d adivelV

n.. pro:jcct cdiron ru...., IlrTvcn fora level oIconsisrcncy ;tnr;Illter:aryqual.ry . - . mc coulV
of,his Krics..A5wimrnollJ'f"":i«uolm"son, thecdirorialVliJOflandprncedurua""progy-cw,·dr

HonoringThco logiulRcalOning
since;1 ,,,,ndsin the..,mceof the won.hip,ngrommulU!}·, the Aces un.aOuhcdly em~u auciaI
ecwncn>ealp«miocsuthefoun.d.ationfo.iumcthodofcdirorial..,Iccrions:...,vcl.ation in his""}"
trlni"''''''n roh • ...,ncc,div'n. provid.ncein hi"o!}·,rhtChn'u;I.{1~ . "X"l.ofiJri n (Qnwu ("the
rule o(f:o.ith and Ion"), .he mnvertillg work of the Hol)' Spirtt. The.., arc rommOll auumptions of
the living communiriu of v.ror5hip that "'" ..,rved br the commentary.
I, i. common in this commUlli<y of faith TO auume du. me e~rly COf\Jt1Uual
ecIIlMnical WKhers wc", led 1»' me Spirit in their inu:rprctivt. dioru and in Ihelr 'rllUmitring of
a.'Llnan truth amid me ha::ardi of hIllO<")·. "Tilcse taU auume lOme ],e,"! of IIn;ry and CODlinuiq'
of eeumenical COIlSCnl lll in th. m;lld of me believing church , a CO""'n"" mO..., dea"r grasped in
the pal.ill;c period ,han ~Icr. W. would be 1_ ,han lrue 10 the nc:n:d lexl if wc allow..! mode."
auumpl;oru [0 Ovt.rrun theu prcmiseJ.
An exu:ndcd proJ«"I furl> as this requires a wcU .... dlncd ob:r«ti~ !ha,..,rvcI (on.sta.ntly u the
O<pn,:ing principle ;tnr;I dcrcrmina ..-hich approacha talt. pnon!)' lI"I ...n.a: .art of babncc. Th"
object,ve infumu; the ...ay ,n which ,eRlOORl illh~n"" ill complui<)' a... rn.lIUged. T lli l object, ...
hu al!Udr been JIImmariuQ in the Inree goah mentiolled at the begmning of .nll int.ooucnon. To
al,er '""}' onc of theK goah would. .ignifi: antir alt.,. th. cru.raacr of me whok taSk. W. vie,,' Oil:
work nor only as an a<:adcmic exercise ... ith lcginmalC peer review in the academic community. but
al..oasa vocation. a tuk primarily undertaken <OIIIm Dto (" befon God") and nor onl),,,,n,,,, iooInini
j",.("before humaniry "). Wchavebecnasronished thar wc havcbccnlcd farbcyondouro ... gin.1
intendon inm a Chinese translation and other rranslatiolll inlO major world languages.
canno.bereducedtoh"toncal.philosophial.sacntificoroociologicalinsighuormcthod&.. lluke.
Menot1$l)· the ven.rablc .raditKm of ecumenical rdIccrion conocming the premises of rewlation.

:::.O::i:~:;.~~:c~;:~:~:.~~ :~~n:r=:n::::::! ~::i'n;:::~ :~:);:=;

Chri"ian .hough•. Th" approach does no< pit theology against critical meo.}": in ..ea.d. i, incorpo·
nlles (tltieal rnethocb and brings rhem in.o mordinau: xcountabilllY ... ithin iu ow ... tdI'ng hon,,'
IctOf··pastoral J"'rpo>$CS- Such .n enduV'Or does nor CI .....O an)· cad..., of mod.... id.·

\Vhy Evangelical. Arc Inueuingly Dn ... n To ... ard PUd l l; C Eugui.

SurpruU\g to SOInt.. the 1I'\0I0' exl~l1lIi"" n.... emergen. audirna: forpa.rUric ex~i.u. found .mon!;
th. upanding ...-orldwt& aud.enu of "'ang'local rCaMn who 1ft now burgeoning from I h"->' of
...,vn'alum that has often been thought III be hillorica!ly una"'aft. Thi' is a t ... wIion dut has often
been cariu",...,d as crincall)" Nck" 'ard and hermeneuticaUy chaUcngt:d. Nov.· B..pni! and Pemec... ·
tal lai'rare redJsrov.ring the hiswry oflhe Holr Spirit. Thi, iu.clfil ~ra work oflhe Hoh·
Sp.rit. A. rl>oM in .hut tradi.ioru conlinuc 10 m....ure. they r«Ogniu tMir need for biblical
Borh piensm and d>c Enhghtenment wcrc largclr.grecdin uprcu,ngdisd.ain for patrisri<: and
cia"ie forms of (Xcgeail. Vi,aI preach ing and .ugesi. mw, no.... "" ntu..., beyond ,he conltrictions of
h15wnaJ-cririaJ work of the cen turr following Sch.....,itur and beyoM the pcnona1exillCnri:aJ Kory '
DUring the nme I ha,~ IICrVCd as KNot ~.'" and uccutiv • ...n.M of Cbrut"",,?, T..u,-. ] havc
beenpnvi]e~mlurf",mea.,voIan1candu"ting'...'".ea.]th.ubeenform~ {asarhtologianof:
Jibe ... J mainli n. communIon) like an ongoin!; $Cminar in learning to .mpathiu .... ith the tcruioru
n.ceuitiea andh ungcrl ofthevuthetcrogcneowc,·angelicalaudieru::t..
S\I: wh)· jus, no.... il this ... cd for pa,riltic wisdom fell panu:ularly b)· O\'an1'I,(aI leaden and
Iamo; Wh)" = ,,-orld...,Qf ..."angclica4inc....uingly<i...,.,.., """'aM ilI>C1en: u~is;V.'h.a: accoun,.
for rh" rapid and balic rcvfl"lai of mood among the inherilon of che lrad,tioru of Prmcaan, rcvn-al ·
"m!!tI.pamrbccaUlt,h.C\·angclicaln'ad"ionh.... beenlongdcpnvcdo:anr '·,talcontactwm:
theMe patn.tic &ourcu lIn« ,h. dars oflu.hcr. c..lvin and WtlIler. ... ho kII . ,,· them wet.
Thil commmtary iI dediated to allowing ancient Chriltian extgeles to sPc»: for d>tmsclvcs. h
will not becorn~ fixo..d unilaterally on wm provid<, new ttKru.a1 ffJOur«S
for me lay reader, tucbet lnd pastor mat bave lai n inaccessible during the last two <enturi"". With·
out avoiding bistorical-airical iuua thathavc a1rady n:ceivcd a:.enJivc cxpIOf"lIticn in our rime. it
will_k to make aV3i1able 10 our pratnH:Uy audience the: mulriculrural. <ransgtncnoonal. multi·
and tobUSt audienct.
Such an ende.avor is tapec:iaIly poignanl and timely """. bcause increasing nwnM" of e\"angelica!
Protcw.nts an: newly diJ.:overing rich dimeNiona of dialogue and widening :uuI of ""'""MW ..~m
Ortho<Im-andCatholiaondMsiveusucalongtbougblirTcpanble. Tbe ..... dyoftht Fathers on Scrip-
turepromises to ~ Ioignifian. infetaenOfUl berwun Prott$Uflts andurl>oba. on Wues maliuve
plagued them for ttnturics:justific:atioa. authoriTY. Chrisrology. uncrific.atioa and eochazolog)" \Vb)"
Because they can find in J>ft-Reform..o.cion tUts a common faith to which Chrisu..ns can appeal. And
thil is an arena in which ProteStants distinctively I"ttl at home: biblical authority and inlctprttation. A
profound yumingbroods within the heart of evangdicals for the recovery oftht hlsmry of enguis as
l~forthe~-alofprcadlin£.ThisSCOCl'oKr:nl"C$(lUJQ"S_that~-al. To ... ardS tltcrion.

In moving from u .... da .. fO making ""'nions. the volume editors bave been encouraged to move
Step I: ~"t <WInl Gm*.....! LItl" t""'>ria.. The volume editors have bttn rcaponsibk
for auniningme lLM-by-linecommenuncsand homilies on tht reno m.eir voIumccovcn..Mud. of
mil material mnains untranslated into Englim and JOme of it mto an)' modem language.
Step 2: RMewtnl d'g<I4l,td"ht.<. The volume editors ha,·. Mcn respon.ible for examining mc
reoultsofdigitalloUrcJ.csimothcGreck and Latin d.JI:I.Iwc&. To get megi5t of ,he contU' of the
puoa~ ordinarily about .en linos above the ra .... digital rtftrtn« and ",n lines after the n:fcn:ncr
in cases when: the reoulu of me digital 1oUn:nes have bttn th,n. Thm the \'OIume edlrOf$ baw
mined from mcoc potential digital hits and from puhlilhed teXU thOle tlut mould be regarded u
more scrious pou.ibilifics for indusion.
Step 3. MoW""f ..Ittllo,U. Having assembled vcrv-br-vcrv commenn from the Grftk. and Latin
digital d.aW>ascs. from cnan. commen<arics.and from a1rud)' tra!«\ Englah lIOUn:es. either on
d.ul; or ,n pape pnmouu. the \'OIume ccIltoti ha,'. mm "Iccud me 00: commen.. and n:fltctiotu
of anom, ....... teti on a pven biblICal rcr.. follOWIng a~rccd upon critena.. The in.en. iolO
ftllp"rtmof'{c... " nrences orparagraphiofpltriSliccommentfhatbe.ln:flectthemindof th.
The Mc,ho d of M aking Selectio ns
It i. wcful to provide an erplicit account of procisdy how wc made th...,selectioru. We invite others
ro anemp' similot procedures and compare outcomes on particular p:lA$.O.ges.' We wekome the
counsel of oth .... who might roviewour choices and sugges, how they migh' ha...., been boner made
We hav• ...,ugh. [0 avoid unconsciomlrbiuingour ..lecri ...... and wc ha""soIicited Counse lrohelp

In order that ,he whole projea might umain cohesive. the protocol. for making commenu,.,:
sclectionshavebeen joind)·agreeduponandstateddcarlrinad,·anccbrtheeditors. publishers.
translators and research , ... nu of the ACCS. \Vha, fonows is <>ur checklist in assembling ,hcs<

Thfol«>",;ngprinciplt.<.! •• ltcti." have been mutu.tllragrecd upon roguide the editots in mak inf
spMc. wise. m... ningful ca«n. selections from the ,...., patristic rorp"':
I. From OUt huge d.ltab .... with iu profuse arr~r of po... iblc comments, we ha ... preferred those
p:lA$.O.gestha,h2veenduringrele.. ance.penctratingsign;fic.aru::e.cTOSSOtlro<alapplic.abilitrandpra<·
2. The volume .dimrs have sought to identify patrist;' .. Ieai ..... that display ,und",.nt ,h«ott·
calst .. ng'h~nds.:lf.evidentpersuasivepow".S<lUnot((>uquir<u,ensivestcQndarye:rplananon
The editorial challenge has been ((> identify the mos, vivid commen" and bring them to ~crur~ ..
Wc hope tha, in moS! c.ases selection.< will be pungcnt, memorable, quotable. aphoristic and
short (often a ftw sentences or a single paragraph ) rather than e""en.<iv. technical homilies 0,
detailed upositions, and [hat manr wiU have some n.arnlti"" interest and mUmi""ti"e powcr. ThIS
crilcrion follows in the train of much Talmudic, Midrashic and rabbinic exegesis. In some e.ases
howevet. detailed comments and longer sections ofhomili.. have been con.<i<iered worth), of indu

3. We scek the m",. representarive COmmen[$ thal be.. roflect the mind of Ih~ belie,'!nf
church (of all times and cultures). Selections focw more on the ~It.mpt to id.nt;f), con&ensual
s[rains of eX'< ,han sh«:r s~culuive brilliance or erruic inno,·ation. The 'hought or inter·
pre[ation can emcrge Out cr<ativi<}'.bul i,mwt no, be inco n$iSten , with ... the nat
apo$folicttaditiontuch .. andwhatchechurchbelie ..... \Vhatth.consensualtraditiontrusls
leaSt is individualistic inno"a!ion that ha.; not yet subdy leam«l wha: the ...orshiping communi,,'

Hence"..,~ .. le ... in,ero"edin idio<rncraticin.erpn:c:nionsof a j:'iv<:n.e;c,han ""~roir.tnos'

'A .....baoiPh.D.daM""""" ... <u....dyb<"'!:"'"".. ""m.h...",.oi ..<p~oi.I""><IIb,_oiSrnpmu.n..."'",,

dnriop"" . . . """l"'l''''''''''''''n>«hodoIocr .... ,J>n>m''C'<o<honr<ho<hbiMKal .... ,......''' ............... oia'''fuI .. ,''''
.... ""'.... t...!on> _ _· .... n...,..,.oi~"",l.rune,,.,.., ...""""' .... """,aJ..o, .... ucnona ...
taU dill fairly rcpruent the ccnmJ flow of ~ial conJmIual eugWs. jwt what is untnl is
left for me fair pro&wonal judgment of our ecumenically disringuishccl Orthodo.:. Pr,""manl and
Catholic "Olumccditors to disum. Wc ba"" indudccl.. for example. many sdections from among me
but COmmcnU of Origen :and Ttrrullian, Dut n01 moat authors' peculiar eccentric:itiu mat ho""
b«n widely di5tTwted by thcancitnt ccumcnkaltradi tion.
4. We have espcc:ially IOUght out for inclusion rho..c: coru.cnsus-baring authors who ha"" been
rdatiwlydisrcgarde<l. oftcnductod>cirooc:iallocuionorbnguageornarionalit)·. iruofaru thei'
work is IUOlWlt with the mainm-eam of an~nt COOKflIual exegesis. This is wh)' _ ha"" sought
OUI spccial c:onsulunu in Synac.Coptic: and Anncnian.
S. We ha"" sought to cull out annoying. coane, gracdcs.. ablurdl)· allcgonar or r..:i:olly offen ·
sive infCrprctations. But whercour selections mal' haye some of lhox cdgts. _ ha"" supplied foot .
notes loaui51reaclcrsbcncttoundemandmeCOl1tutandintcntofthc ten
6. Wc haye constantly $OUght an appropriate balance of Ea.fCrn. Western and African tradi.
t ions. Wc ha"" inlCnrionall)' al1empocd to include Alexandrian. Antiochenc. Rom..n, Syriac. Cop-
tiC and Annenian traditions of interprcution. Above all. wc "'lint to p"",idc 5OU/Id.llimubting.
rdiabk UtgeslS and inumi", c:oposition of the ten hJ' the whole IJ'KfI'Um of cbwc Chril'

7. We haye nude a special effort where possible to indude the voices of women' .uch as
MaCTina.' Eudo~ia, Egcria. 'Fallonia Bctit;" Proba. the Sayinga of me o.:SCrt Moth ers and othe n;
who report the biblical interpretations of women of me ancient Chril tian tradition
S. ln order to anchor the: commentary solidi)" in prinury IOUtCcs 10 as 10 allow the: ancient Chri,·
.tan wntCrl 10 address us on their own terms. the focuo is on the tera of the ancienl ChriJltan Wrif _
ers dIcmsc]yes. "'" on mookm commen .........· views or opinions of the ancienl wriltfS. We how
looked for chow rommmU on Scriprurc ma, will assist the confcm~rr reader to enCOUnter ,he
decpcstle"c) ofpcnetrarionofme tutmathasbcenrcachcdb,·is hestinttrprcters lh·;ng amid
Our pUrpo$" is not to engage in crirical specula';"", on IC.t1ual ,·,riants or Itemma of ,he: text . or

·AIIopno:aI_._ .. _......... _. .
........... . ___
r....,.OAd~ _ _ ......... ~ ..... OAd~

n... .. . a..- __ ... _ __ ..... .... _._.-... ...... ........

- - .. . -------. .. - - ... - ..,..... .... -..-.,.........0:
J ___
~.~,...,..._ ~ _Iooo
._ .........
. ..

...... __ so""'*..,..,..~ .. ...,.,..w.""""' ............... _o......... .......... .,.....,._

J .. ~ ....... .... ..".,..,._ "T....... OIoI T _ ....... ~ .... _ ......... ""' ..... .. _~"_" ... """

.... Iomn.a.-....~ .... boort...,.._"'T......u..... O"""-.Nr- G"I"'l''''r-;.........,.Jo-.
JoIonc;._~Aur--~~~.NoIo ..... """I' _ _ ""*" ("' .... u..."'Motro(
..",__ .. _--rIoor,...,.. ....... ~"'Nr--
u'~lUiv~ do:Hbt<atiolU on its cultural con'ut or soci.allocation. howev~r uufuJ mose exer<:Uc may
bt. but to present m~ mosr di$<:erning COmments of me ancient Christian write .. with a minimum
of di.otracrion. This p'OjKt would bt entirely mi.oconai""d if mought of as a moru:m commentary
9. We have intentionally !-Ought out and gamered comments th.u will aid effi:criv. preaching.
comments that give US a firmer grasp of m~ pl:ain:s.c1lS<': of me tut. itS aumorioJ intent. and its 'piri· meaning for the worshiping communi~" We want to help Bible readers and teachers gain read)"
access to the do:epe!lt reflKtion of the ancient Christian community offaim on any particuI...r tut of
It would have inordinatdy increased the word count and cost if our intenrio n had been to
exhawti""l)' all th.:!.t h:od eVer bten s.aid about a Scriprure tUt b)" every ancient Otr istian wtiter.
Rather we have ddibtratcl)" :s.cIK.ed Out of mis imm. nu d.:ota stream the StrOngest patri.ric imer·
pretive rcflKtiolU on the.ut and sougllT to do:liver them inaccurate Eng!ish translari on.
To refine and develop mue guidelines. we have sought to ..,Ie't as volume editor. eimer
patristic. scholars who undeutand the nature of preaching and the history 0 fuegesis.orbibliClI
",holar, who are at ease working with dassical Greek and Latin SOurCes. We have preferred edi·
to .. who are sympathetic to the nuds of lay person. and pastors alike. who ate generally familiar
with the parri,ticcorpus in itS fuJl range. and who inruitive!y undersrand the dilemma of preach.
ingtod:ly. The intcrnarionaland ecdesiasticallydivcr:s.cchara.::,crs.fthisreamofeditorscorte.
sponds with the global range of our ,ask and audience. which bridge aJl major communion. of

Is the ACeS a Commentaryl

w. have chosen to call our work a commentary, and with good reason. A commen....!)·. in itS plain
:s.cnse definition. is "a ~tia of illus.rar;ve or uplalUtory OOt •• on any important work. :u On the
Scriptures." C"",mmr." i. an Anglici:ed form of the Latin ,,,,,,mmr.rn.s (an "annotation" or"mem·
o~" ona.ubj«:tortextoruriesof.venrs).lnjtStheologi,almeaningi'islworkthatexplains.
analr...sorexpoundsaportionofScriprur •. lnantiquityitw:u~bookofno.esexplai ning some ear·
lier work such :u Julius Hyginw'$ comment.ari(s on Virgil in the fint «ntu!)·. )erome menrions
many commentators on se<:ular tars btfo", his rime
The commentary i, qtpically preceded by a proem in which the qU""tiolU are ~d: who WtOt(
it; why! when! 10 whomi etc. Commenrs may deal with grammltiw or lexiw problems in the text
An anemp' is made fO provide me gi" of me au.hor". thought or moti'"arion. and perhaps to do:aI
with sociocultural influences at work ,n the .ex. or philological nuances. A commentary wuall)"
GlNZ ...... I><TIOODUCT10Ol

tUa aKCtion of achsaial tat and...du to make iu muningckar to readers roda)", or pro.a:im.otdy
1lM: W... tmlitmlry gmn: ofamunmwyisddinilively WpN bydlechisroryof url)'Chrislian
conunmtaria on Saipruf(, &om Origen and Hilary throughjohn Chrysostom and Cynl of AlH-
andria 10 1lIonw ..... quinas and NicoLu of lyra.. I. Leav.. toO much unsaid o.impIy IOU<""'" tha • .m
Christian biblical cornnwtwy took a pll:";owJy 1tXQf1. lirerary genn: and rubap<:d i. for Chrillian
IHU- Rather il is mon:accurllte lO .... ymat dIec Western lilerarygenrt of mtcommontary (and espt·
cia1Iyme biblital commen .... ry) has rarrisricromm ....u.riu as iu demi"" pattern and ptotorypt_and
cl>osc rommtmariu ha"" .. rongl)' influ"",td me whok W... ern conception of me g.oonn: of com -
menta.r}", Only in !he Ias. rwo cenmri... sinu me dewlopmtn. of modtm his.oricisl me.hods of
ctitic:ism, ha"" some .molars sought 10 delimit me definition of a commentary mOll: .. rictJr 10 as to
include only hisroriciJt inltt'tll:i-philological andgnmm.otial inlighu. inquiria inroaumor. .b.e
and Ktting. or imo sociopoIitic.aI Or ecotIomic: cil'CUllUtanCtI, or Ii.erary anaIysesolgcnn:, m\lctUIl:
and funcrion of the: IU!, or queaoom of tutuaI cnticism and n:liabilit)·. TIK ..... ces cd.ton do not

Manr UNte readen of modem commenan.. an lCU.dl' 1"'I-ff of om of mrir mOlt ptnlJtem
habits of mind, control of the <=< by me inleT""e •• wherebl' me and ..... tat romes under .he
pow... (valUtl. asiumptiom. predispositioni. ideological biuu.) of me mootm interpretet. This
habit iJ bucd upon a ilrger pattern of modern chauvini.m that view, laur critical sourc ... as mon:
worthy than ... rlier_ Thil pn:judice unds 10 view the biblical ttn primarily Or sometimes Hdu.ivel),
mroughhurorkai-crilicalkrucsxcommodarive tomodernit),.
Although...., respta!hut viewsandour volume edi.on arc moroughl)' t"amifulr with contempo·
rary biblial criticism,!he .....ces cdiron fTedy take me ",umption mal the Chrisaan carMX1 is.o be
respuud as the: church'. "",red <=<" 1lM: 'H':" auwnpriono about iudf cannot be made I.... impor-
,21U than modem asswnptions 3bout k. The reading ~nd pracbing of Scriprun: art V1u] ro the
church's lite_ 1lM: ce:nlral ho~ of me ..... ces is du, it might rnnmbu~ in some ,mall war
10 the rtVit.tlt:ation ofmal lifcthrougfl a rencweddiliCOWt'}' oflhe carlicsl readings ofthcchurrh'l

..... Ge lltl e C .... u. ror ThO le \¥ho E:rptCI ..... nci.nt W ri te .. . o Conrorm to Mod .. rll

If one begin. b)' asauming U lIormariw for a commentary me typical modem Hpreuion of what a
col1'U1\tnu'1' is and me precmplive l",thfu1nuo of modern critical methods. m. daY" Christian
Hegt'''' an: by definition al"",.. going 10 appear as .bud, q"",int. pn:modcm, hence inadaJua.e,
and in IOfT\C mstanc:u ronuc or even mcan-opinud, P"'Jud,ud, unjust and <>pp<eut""- So .n the
in.......: ofhermmeutl: faim ..... " is recommended m..: the modem rude: n<r. Imp"'" on ancocn:
Christi:ln atg(.u lotdj' ad>ie~nI mO<krn iWUmptions the valid reading of Saipruu. "In.
ancIen. ChrUtian wriceri consQndr chaJlen~ w~t were 10 become thac u~n, hidden
and on~n indttd camounagcd mod~rn iWumptiom.
This s.tt1U d~ noc _k.o ...,soI~c the dd.ue bcrwecn the m.riu of ancinu and modern arge'
sis in urn.ut uamind. Romer;. OttJu m• ...,Iy.o pra.:n• .m accrpred commenu of me an""n.
"\lcrprtUrswidlalkwdi..,xrio"'alP""'ble..W.willlu""h ... oo:htts ... ~thtmcriaof
100CO' ~,",U$ modcm me,hods of aegaU. But "",n mi, conno'! .... donc adcq ..... rc1r wtmom attn·
.,...,1)' uamining dlfc .au of ancien. ucgcsi,. And until no'" bibJjc.ol scholari ha..., 001 had eu)
access ... manr0f<heu .exu. This is what this urin; is for.
The purpose of ucgcsis in me pa"illic ptTiod "'as humbly.o _k tht ,O'UIed truth the Srnp·
lUteS con",,}', Ohen 11 was nnt ",en offcrul to meo« who wcre as yt:! unready 10 put it Into practIce.
In ,hCK rcspcc:u much modem acgau III ennrely different It dou notUSumc tht trum of Srnp.
ru",u...,vclarion.nordocsit5Ubnutpcrsonallrtomcca.tgonc.almoralrequirement oftht revealed
.al: Iha, i. M ukcn " riowlr u divine addrc... Yn wc 1ft hc", dulinll with patriotic wrire .. who
usumd .ha. readc .. would nOl cvcn approach an demen.ary· dioccrnmcn, of m~ mcaning of me
'e'" jf mq' were 1\01 ~ <0 li .... in ICrmI of iu ,,"...,Lotion, i ..~ 10 practice it in order to hear ;,. as
,,'u recommended IKI often in the dasaJc tradinon.
Thc palristir modd. of ncgaisoftcn do not ronfonn ... modem _~ttry iW umplions mat
tend .n ruin or ....1. ou. chains of ocripruraJ reference. Thuc are oncn deme.oncd u deplorable
proof.texting. BUI among .he ancien, Ch..urlan writH' such chains 'o f bib!ical...,krc:nct were very
Imporunt in thinkIng about .he ",Xt in relation .0 me whole teStimony of ucrtd Scriprurc b)' me
analogy offaith, rompanng tut wim ,en, on m. prcmiu c~. Jtr'P' ....... a KI"'P'''''' clCJ'lil~""""' ....
("Scnpruccubco,,,,,pIamcdfrom Scripru,..").
\I/c beg ...,..]us 00' ... fora: me iWumptoo", of ~riem""nrury fundamentalllm on me:
ancien. Christian wrilCri, who thcmselVelO knc:,,' nomingof what wc: now CllI fundtRlc:ntalism.1t ,$ IOcondudc .~. th.)" w ... I;mpl. fundamentalists;n the modcrnsen ... r..,rio.ic ""rge.1S
"·u 00. fundamentali ... b.ccauoe .hc Fame" WCN: not ",acring agains, modcrn narurahstic reduc'
llOIIlIm. TherwerctonSlantl)" protesnnga mcrclylitcr.ol or p!am.sensc..;....,of th.tnt , alv..."
lonkingfOr iu opt"'\laI and moral and typological n..... ncu. Modem fundamenallsm GppO.itel)" 11.
dcferwve response branching 0\1. and awa)" from mod •• n hi5toriciJm, which looks fa. morc like
modem hi«orici.m than ancient typological reasoning. Ironically, m;, makes both liberal and fun ·
damcntalis, ucgai. much more Iikt each oth •• than cime. arc like me ancien, Chri.,WI ercga ...
b.ccauoe mn' Doch .end to appoc:.aI to .anonallltic and historicis: auumprioru rwcd 10 me forefron:
br m. Enhgi"
Si nce m. pnnciplc pt"'''L1s in ancien! Christian urgesu ma: e.och un " iIlununcd b)' omcr
'U" and b)" me whol. of the history of revelation, we find III paln";c cOmmenU on a go;""" le,,:
many othtr $ublertS i'lU:rwoven in order to mumine thal text. '#hen ancitn. atgesis wuves many
ScriptUra together. it does not limil iu fOcus ro a single la. U mum modem exegesis prefer.. bUI
consuntly rdares it ro other rexu by analogy. imensivdy using typological reasoning as did rhe.-ab-
The ato:empr 10 read the New Testamenl while ruling oUI all theological and mor.>l. 10 say noth·
ing of w:lesiutical, ",cramenlal and dogmatic assumptions thar haY<': pm·ailed generally in the
community of faith that wro.e i•• seetru to many who participate in that communil), .ocby • VU}·

Ihin enrerpri5f: indm. '#hen we Iry 10 make 5f:nse of Ihe New Testament while rulingOUllhe plou·
sibiliry of the incarna.ion and resurnrnon, the effort appears arrogant and di.torted. One who len·
delllious!y re..uone page ofpatri.tic extgesi •• gups and TOSSes iT away b<caus.e il does nOt confonn
.deq""Iely 10 the CanOn. of modem extgesis and hisroricist commenla')' i, surely no model of crili-

On Mi.ogyny and Anti-Semiti&m

Th. questions of .nti-Semirism and misogyny require circunupecr commenr. The patri«ic ,,"';ttU
.re pem:ived by SOme to b< incurably anli-Semitic or misogynous or both. I would like to briefly
ato:empt. cautious apologia for the ancient Chri5lian wrilero.leaving details to others more deliber_
.Ie dfurtS. I know how ha:amous this is, especially when done briefl)·. But it hu become .uch a
srumbling block 10 SOme of oUr readers that iT prevenu them even /Tom ~5tening to the ancient ecu-
menical teachers_ The issue deserves some reframing and careful argumentarion
Although these are challengeable assumptions. and highly oonrroY<':rted. i, i. my view Ihat mod·
orn racial anti _Semitism ,,-as nO' in the minds of the .ncient Chri.tian writers. Their argumenu
were nOt framed in regard tothe h.tred of .....ce.bu. rather the place of the elect people of God. the
jews. in the hi.tory of the divine-human covetan. tha, is fulfilled in.Jesus Chri". Parri,ric a..-gu.
menU may have had the uninrended efi"«r of b<ing unfair to women according 10 modem 'Ian·
d..ards. bu, their inlenrion was 10 understand Ihe roIeof women according IGapo$101ic teaching
This does nGt solve all of the tangled moral question. regarding the roles ofChri,,;aru; in ,he hi •.
tories of anli·Semiti.m and misogynr. which require continuing fair-minded "udr and clarification.
Whether John Chrywilom or Jusrin Martyr were anti ·Semitic depends on wht,htr the unn Qn';·
&m'lo. has a racial or religious-rypological definition. In my vie,,'. the p.rr"ric re:ns ,h., appear 10
modem readers TO b< anri-Semilic in mGSI cases have a typological rmUll" and are based on a 'p<".
cificapproachrothei nterpreUltionofScripru...,-theanalogyoffai,h_whichassesseseachp.rtic-
ular toxl In ,daliGn to the whole trend of th. hi$lory of revdalion and which ,·iew, the difl"t...,nce
betweenJe,,·andGentileunder chti.. ological .... umption.andnotmerely ... marr.. ofgenericsot

:OY<':n in thei,. harsh .., .mccuu, agains' Judai:ing threaa to th. go.pel. tht)· did not con,id.,.
~ws as racially or gcnttocallr ,nfenor pcopIe.:as modem ann'Stmires are prone ro do, E~cn in meir
comm",.. on PaW ', srnCtUrc$ agalns. won",n ruming, ther lho~ little or no aNmUl against dw:
kmale gender auum, but rather aalttd..-omen u"thcglory of mm:
Compa..., me ",riring. of Rosemary Radfo<d Ruethe. and David C. Ford" on .h"", P."l,,",zinS
i.lues, Ruether <lcadil)' '!'Pliu modem criteria of ju.ltke to judge the inadc'luadu o( the ancien.
ChrUria" wri.en, Ford II«kI .o undemand the ancient ChrU,ian writen empathic.:allr from within
their Own hisrorical :assUmptlOlU, limitations. ocriprural in[(rprt ....rions and deeper in[CnriOl\$.
\VhUeboth trellrncnu= iIIu"unadng. Ford',rrca.mcn.romcsdo.crma fair-nundtd~en:

A No.con P d.giu.
The JOkerion ~rireri. do not rule ou, POU$.OS" from PdagiUl', commentari.. at thOK poin" .t
which .hey provide good, Thi. requires spcci.aJ aplanation, i( we • ..., to hold fast.o our crI '
n.c htera!'}' corpus of Priapus remaIns highly COf\'roYffttd. Though Pdagous "'15 by general
""""n. dw: arch-here ... of the early fifth ttnN!'}', PdaglUl'1 edited commentaries.;u wc now !u,~
them high~' worlr.!:d <wer b)' Ia,er orrhodor ",ri.el'$, wcre ",ide~' rad and preserved for fuN .. gen'
.... tlOIU under omer namCi-So Prlag;us prurnu US with a tarual dilemma.
U,,{iI1934 III wc had "·u I corrupted tom of hi I Paulon. commen.arr and fragmenn '1unted b~
Augustine, Since then hi. works ba"" been much ,rudied and d.baied, and we now !rn,",: tbl! ,he
Vd'gWl corpus has been SO .... rped b)' a hiJrory ofla«r rcdactol"l mat we might be «mp,ed not to
quote it at all, BUI i. doeJ ...,main a SIgnificant sou",e of fifth-cenrury comment on Paul, So...., can·
not wnpl)' ignore it. Mr "'ggallOll" .!ut me reader is ,,'ell advistd not to ~qua..., the fiIm-cenrun'
PrlaglllS too e:asilr with later Standard nel'eOt)'peIi of me arch·heres)' of I'elagianism. "
It has.o b< ...,membcrcd .hat The ta. ofPclagiw on Paul alwc nOOl' ha"" it " '15 plUervcd In m.
COrpUI of~rome a nd probabl)' reworked in me sixm crnturr by eith.r Primaliu! or Cusiod.orw Or
bo.h. The•• commentaries wer. repea,edly recycled .nd rcdacte&, SO what we have today m'r b.
regude&alCCllliOnan,wim much S[lndard parrosllc thought andacgesis,aduding.ofcou rse.
,har whim is ectunenicall), cc",urcd aI "Pclagianism:
1'w:lagiw" original.a.w.. in ~w2ysprcsurnahl.)'apl>cidyhcrctical.but whalwc!u~e""",'
ll large~' unuceptional, "en if "" still~ •• n .k,K't PO"''' of disagrttment WIth Augustine.

~ 1WI'onIiWtd>u .~o!,,", _ _ ..J~lo-.o,Oo"'- -'I _r. "'-'-rIl..lOord ~,

"_Mpo_s..-'""'r<'o( ~_"""""" _ C-- r--. (Nn·\"""s.-onoIsa-.... 191')'I)..;dC '-!

· Mm...!\\I...... " mu..\r Ch.n<fljllwMollV ...... .. St-Jont>a.rr-... ·ISo. Canun.P-n.' s.. ToiUoon·, OnboOo:<Tr,••.",
<.oIs...w...r, I ~: · C£ ..w..J _br~ _· SotpIwnB. Ouk ....,jI\oulh.;'-"
"O',~ H.--_~ ... Pll'IMt, __ l lgl"S7tl.
We may ha~ been ill-advised 10 qUOlC mis matcrW ,.."Pda&1\1.1".and perh.ap$ m;gtn ha~ quoted it
,.."PKudo-Pclagiw" or"Anonymow;:bul here we follow colllempo .... ry ref(r~ncc p .... ctl(t.

Wh u .0E..ptct fro m Ih e inlroclllctionl , Ovc a n cl lh e D uign of .he Co mm t nu '1'

In writing me irnroduction for .. p.artia>br voIurm. me ooIume td.i.o< r;ypic:aUy ducwaa me opin.
"'" of me Famen rtgarding ' "<honhip of !be ten,!be importanee of!be biblical book for ~tmtic
in.erprelen, che avaihbilil)' Or pallritr of " ..ri5';c commen".an), 5.IIien, poinu of debate bawtcn
che Fam en. and an)' partiaW.r dwlengcs involved in editing mal ~rtirolar volume. The ,ntrodu,·
.ion afford< me opponuniry m frune the en.ire commentary ,n a manner chat ",ill help the general
ruder undenund the 11.1"'' ' and Iigni6anot of "misric comment on ch. biblical IcxU under con·
,idcraoon, and m IM:Ip ruden find their bunngs .and IlK cm commenwy in an tnformcd .."" .
The purp<>K ofche_~ is rogive rudena brief glimp" Inmm. cumulatiw argument of the
pericope, identifying iu major ~ttinic con.tibu,o.... This i. a .:!.5lof W. here...d.: m
render a ",... icc m rcadc:rs by It.ating thcgill ofpatristi,argumtnt on a M:ries of ... rKS. ldca lly thc
ovcrviewahould.!'1ld; a reasonably cobc:,..i ... thread of argument among palriSlic commenU on the
pericopt. even though tM)' are derived from divtnt $OUrca.and "m", n.. dtSign of m. .,.....,,;e..·
ma), ,'at)' 1OInt'IIo'Iu., from voIumt m volume of this oeM. depending on the: requlrementi of cm
.pccific book of Scripture.
The purpo.. of the sdernon "'".!i"Kio to introduce rudtcs quickly in.o the subject mallet of that
"Iu.;on.ln this .....)' readers an quickly gnip what is coming bt· gUncing over the head,ng. and
.,..trvie..,Usuallrit isevidcn'upon_·~ronthalsomc:phruc:inthe",lccUonnalUrallr dcfines
the:.ub)cct of the heading. ~v.raI ... rsc:s ma), be Jinktd wg«IM:r forcommcnt.
Smcc biographical mformation on each ancient Christian .... rit~r is 111 abundant Alpply In "Inous
gencralreftn:ru:e WO"". dictionaries and encyclopedias. the ACCS has no ruson.o duplicate mese
.A'oru. Bu, we have provided;n each volume ple chronologicalli" of thost quoted in chat vol·
um., alphabetical .. t ofbiognphic:al sketches with minimal (cdesi.o.stical,juril(!,,,,iona/ and
Each puuge ofScnprure presenu iu own distinctlC1 of proble .... concerning Ioorh .. kerion and
eranw,uon. The sheet quanei')' of .urua.I nurerial.s tha. h,.. been searched our, :aJ$.C. . .d and
revi.....edvlrieswidclrfrombookrobook.Thtrearealsowidtvaria,;oruin th.d.pthofparri"i'
iru.ighr into I ... U, the rompkxiry of rolturally wIped a1huioRl and ,he modern rcl.,,,,n<t of the
ma'triW examined.. I. h,.. been .. challenge 10 each volume edtlOf to draw togcchcr and dcveiop.
rusonabI)' rohesi~ leC!uena of u:xnW 'n.erpr ...... tioru from all of mis dJvcrsi<),
The foomOtCS In.end '0 1.$iU, "",dc:" w"h obocuri,... .and p"'enual ronfusiolU. In me anno ...·
tiON ~ ha... identified 1II1n)' of me Scrip",re all\l.l;oru and h"toricalref.rences embedded wirn;n
Th~ aim of our ~"ng i. to hdp rude .. move easily from tut to ter! through a deliberate cdito·
rial linking procus mat is Sttn in the overvif:ws. and anno .... tions. We ha...., limited the
footnotCl to roughly Icu than a orw: tn Im ratio to the parrisrictcxta themselves. Abbrevi.mons an
uW in the foomoteS. and aliJI ofabbrcvi.arionsis includcdin uch volume. Wc found thu thelalk
of editor;a1linbgc nud not be rorc.,d ;nloa single pattern fur all biblical booIuo but mwt N molded
10)' mal particular book.

The COmplcmul .....;'y of In ...d ;,dplin a ry R uca . ch M c.ho.u in Th i. Invu tigation

The ACes i, intrinsically an interdi.dplinary .e"arch cndcavor. I. conjo;nd)' employ. "vera!
d,,,~ but ,n.erui.:ucd memods of ruurch. of which is a dts.tnC't field of inquiry in iu 0WtI
nght. among mHC mctbot;b arc the follOWing:
T<SII"tl ",1101",. No literarure 15 CVCl' transmItted by handwritten ~UKtipU without the risk
of sontC '_ri:ttions ;n the teXt creeping in. Because we are working with andent tau. frequcndr
recoptcd. we are obUgcd 10 employ all met:hods of;· ofancicnt . uu..
To that cnd . we ha"" depended havilr on me most ..,Iiablc 'UHtiticaI scholarship employed In

both bibliul Ind patri.. k lrudiu. Thc work of '''''Iual cririQ in thcae fields has been invaluable in
pl'OViding US with dw: mO$l aumori ....tiw and ",liable ~iON of tens currcnd)· a,.ilable
Wc have gralcfuli)' emplo~d the ateNi"" cntieal arWyscs used In CTcating the Thesaurus Ltnguat

w;m me challenge of COIUldering whil:h ,.rUne. w;min the i,"1f an usumcd in a pat.
~mploycd 10). me anclenl commenlalOr. Wc have . upplied explana.ory· footnol ... in somc ClOCS
wh~re thc" .... iow ,""tual challenga ma)' ra.i5C potential coru:crru for rwers.

ccotWXIIICandpoliticalromauofthesdcctiorutakcnfromthescancicnttcxts. Th"undersundingio
,,",ell vil2l to the pro<UI of discerrung wha, a given comment mun. or in,ends and which comments
are m061 appropri.:ttt 10 the biblical pu.sage ar hand. Howtver. OUr I'I'IWion is not primarilr lodisnw
socW Iocaoon of <he ttXt or the philolog!c:al hisroryof pamcularwordlorin theJOciculconscqumcu
of me leX •. i>n~"er interesting or C\'OCIli~ rhesc mal' be. Some of these queslions. however. Cln be
trea.od bricfi,' In the: IOotnottJ whcrcvcr the: volume ahtors deem 1\CCaIar}'
Tnougn ........ mo<iu: co.uernu.ltz.a.ion of pa.n.,,, .errs is a, nma ~ and required.OUt pur.
post .. not . 0 prm~dc a oetailcd soelal·his.orlcal placem~n' of each patn.,ic [Ut. That would
ai::.;otlOl'L. omcrs ma, f'«!",rc a r"a, <ita! mon:o Mean....j,i1e. omCl"atS stand on mei......n usil)'
and briUland)·.1n some casu apboriltiQ1l)·. withOUt th~ n«<i of U'I~IWVt rontanJ.ali;.1clon.. l'heu
a"" the tau .... ha"" most oougnt to i<knrify and ;ndud~ We an: )eut interutcd in thoN: tau th.:It
oo.,;otu!y ffilui~ a lot of convoluted crpbnation for a modern audience. W~ a~ pmcu!ari)'
inclined to rule Out thou blatantly off.... (app.a~dy anti·Semiric. morally ~pugnant.gLor.
inglr chauvininicj and tho,", that are intrinsically ambiguow or .hO# that would SImpl)'!)( sel(.

ACCS.rbt cmpIwir. on tboughtNJ ~aegrsisolrbt bibIic:aI tcrI is primuy.l'hc inunnon of

ourwolwnccdoron"tolafd1for~th.udr:fine.di$CU$Janduplainthememingsdu.~ .... •'bli<:alren.OurpurpoteisfllXtopl'OYi<kanmofl'rnli""or
~ ... Iy dcrnythologizcd. ucpric modem interpretation of the ancient commcntalOn. On act.
Scripturco [Ut but ro allow their commentS ro speak for m~ln5"l""" from within thtir own won.w;'w.
In thi. scricl the term cu:au is w.ed ITIOf'1' often in;ts dwic than in in modemsCI.... ln ludu·
JJC sense, atpis includes cfforu to aplain, intcrpm and comment on a .a,. its meming. IU
1OUrtU. iu conn«tions with other ta;rs.i, implies a cIoM: ruding of the 'U'I, wing wha.e""" I",·
gulW" hiJmrical.litcnty or thcologicalruouKcS a~ a,... ilable 10 explain the .e:n. lE """muted
wim tIStfI'.Iu. whldl impliu th.:It the in~rpre<er has impo-! his or Mt own pel$ OP"'H)Il$ Ot
The I"-rris';' wri ..... ac.i':c1y praniccd iMlr.. tcxtuaJ exegesis. which seek. to dd'n c and idcmifr
the exact wording of th~ .a•. its grammatical stT\lcturo and the IntcroonnC<'tc<lnus o( 1<1 pam..
They Wo ptactic«I =textualacgesis. oeeking to disc~m the geogt2phicaJ. historocal or C'Ulrural
con.c:rt in wtoich the text "'as wnnen. Mos' intpon2llt • .my ~ aJso vny .... U'PrKnccd In """,.
tcxtlLl! CXtgeslS, seeking to discern the maning of a ten by comparing" with other tau.
H.............. o<.s. We an: ~r ancnti"" to the ""')'I in witich m.
ancien, Ch ..."an ",",en
ducrib«l cMir own interproting pl'OCU$otS. ThiJ hermcneuric self·analys" .. csped"Ur neh In .h~
,~nectionJ of Origen. Tcrtulli.n.Jeromt. Augusrine and Vinctnt of Urin&." Although most of (lUe
1'olumt edi,ors arc thoroughlJ' f.miliar with contemporary critical d.isc ....iotu of h~rm~n.u,ic.J and
lirerary methods. i. is not m. purpose of ACes ro . ngag<' thuc issues diucri,·.IIl$t~ad. W<:.~ con·
tcmed to displar and th~ ..... riow hermcn.uric auumprions t:ha: ,nfonn th~ patrUlK ~ad.lng
of Scripture. chiefly 1»' !cuing the ","un opeok in their own tnmL

H",,,i)ttiu. One of the pracrical soW of the Aces is tM mle,,-al of contempora.,· f'l'UChln~ on
m. ligh. of th~ wis.dom. of anc;"nt Christian prudting. With thIS go.aI in mind. many o( th. mOS:
t" .nd ilIuminaring commcnu included arc selected not from forma! romme,,:ane> bu'

"o.<_"'choo __ "''''''....,..... ... '''''''*'I''' .... ~'''. _ _ .. '''''ACCSwtm''' ..· .... ACCS
=,.~.p.o£~HaI"'E- ... c..a.r.ItooOOot~ ....... G-Io ...... (o--nc;-.III.o ......\....,
Gl>IU" I'"

from the homilies of the ancic:nt Christian writerl. It comes ill no IUrpriSC that the mOIt mIOWned
among these early prad>en ww: a40 thot£ moo. act:iwly mvgal in me task of preaching. ~
prototypical Fa!htrs who aff mon utule al deicnbinll !htiT own homiletic usumptiolU and meth ·
00... art. GTegory the Great, Leo the Great. Augustine. Cyril of )erusaJem.John ChryJG&tom, Pcter
"'",,,...&1 "'"'. Another intmady pn.mal goal of the ACes is to.-mew OUr ruden' '''"lrm"" of
the ancient t",dition of J>U.oral care and ministry to perso .... Among the leading Fath.rt who excel
John Chrysos.orn. Augustin •. and Grtgor}' the Great.. Our editors hue presen.ed this monummal
pas.oraI wisdom In I guildcu war thar i, no. inunda.ed by the pr.m;"" of tont.m porarr psrch<>.
"'crap)·. lOcioIog)·'licrod .. ctioniam.
T"","",,,,,, tlotory. Each \ is compoiod of dir«t quotlOOOU in dynamic oqui,.um. English
t",ouI'Oon of anCIent write ... I",ndated. from the originallangulge in iu belt received
.crI.The adcq..acy of a given a[tempt al translation is al"",l" chaIImgubI~ The task of I",oulation
;..ntnlUic.allydcb.atabk..W.ha"" .....ghtdynamic.quivalcncy" withoutlaps.ingin ... panphrue.
and. b.crary .ranslatiOll without lapsing in.o wooden li.eralism. W. have rri.d ron,ist.nd), 10
makc:ac,cuihl.,o,onrcmporaryrcadcnthcvitalnwonc.. andcnergiesofthc languagesof anliq.
wt)". Whm....". pouible .... have opted for metaphors and •• l11li that:on: normalJr wed b)' commu ,
n,ca.Ortt todar·

\\llu, Have W. Achin.d!

We h,,'c desIgned the first full·sale earl)' Chrilt1an commentary on Scripturt. in the last five hun·
dred yean. An)' future a"cmpu a. ,Chr,,,ian Talmud or p,tr"ric commentary on Scrip.u,.., will
W. h,,,,, sucuu/Ull)' brought together a distinguished international nClWOr-K of Protestant,
Catholic and Orthodox scholars. dirors and.ranslarors ofthc h.ighes< q..witj' and reputltlon.o
accomplishthia da'~.

'.",. .......,.".,........~ ... _ _ "'"-'chIr-u.l .... ..,.Ear-".NiGa.

~.s...... </ T.....r....,(I.t.ol.m,

_O"'I-r...- .. _-....r~ .. .w.T-'-'J(NaohriIio.

1IriIl1_)· .... Eooro .. A.Sid&...,jJooo"' W.....
.....,.......,,....,.. _kol'"'t-
_ EopMo .. ••
...__ ·k_"' ... _ .... _ ·,·_-' _
" _ _.... _ " .......... __ " ' _ ...... "'- ........ .....,. _._.
oIord.~ ......... _"~·D_.· .. ""'.....,.. _ _ ~"

-£ ... _"""" .. _~tb&t ........oL""'......... ...,j~~tIon. .... _ ... """"'f" ...
.... .-n'''tNoripIoJ''''''.:

~ .. Enfbdo .. ,....."~_ ...... Nn._wdct...,j~_"tN ........ ~~

............ __ .fudthoI_"........... .-I ............... " ..
__ .... ____·I""'-.'"-'_ .... n..NI< .. _.~~~-.....-.-Noioo5aonT.1".)~ no.
.....,...L_-r_._. __
..,.,..,..;...-._,.......... .... _ , . - _ ......". ........... - . . . " .............. Noo .....""' ....... .a.....
:::......~ONloc_wkpnclOOly"' .......... -r. ........ hopo" .... _ ... _.,......u,-rioW..,. .... tI-r"
ThUbriUiantnerworkofl(holars.ediron,publishcn.ttchn~lUandtranslaton ....'hichconsti ·

tut .. an amumg _'" and a distinct new ecummiaJ realny in iuelf. ku jointly brought inro for·
mulanon the buic pattern and direction of the pro:jtct, gndtWi)' amending and correcting it as
needed. We havc provided an inlOrdis.riplinaryexpc:r;mc:ntal re..,arch model for the integt;lt ion or
digitalKaTChttchniqu .... withthesrudrofthehi.toryofexcpis..
At thIS nmc:of writing. W't-are appl'O%ima.e1y half....ay through !he a.rnu.l producuon of me K.....
and about hiliwa), through the time frame of the pn:;tct, having dewLoped the design .a a po.nt
where It is nOt likel), .achang. , ignificancl)·. We have made time·dated rontracU wim all valumeedi·
ton for m. remainder of the yolum<:$. We are thw well on our "")' """"rd bnnglnj; the English
ACes to compienan. We ha •.., entnded and enhanad our inrenunonal ncrwon.. m a pomt wt.ore
we are 00'" poiled to proceed into modem non·English Language vcn.OIU of ACCS. W. alreod)'
havc ill2Ugurat,d edi.iolU in Span;';'. Arabic. RIlIS;an and Italtan, and are prep"ring for
tdiuon'ln Arabic and German, with scvcral more languages under roowd'r1tion.
We hay. recciyec! thefu!l cooper1rionandlupportofDrev.·Uruven,c,' u academIC spo....... of
m. projcct-a dminguished universic,' that h.:ts a umar\cabl. runrd of supporting major in"rN '
tiorul publication projccu that ha""remaincd in print for long pc:riods of time, in many Casei O>'t r
one·hundred )'Un. The mWt widdr used Bibl, concordance and biblical word·rehrcntt .Y'...... In
D), PrnfessorS.rong.wh.rcclicconcoro...ncercK.arch "'asdonc in the IS80.. mat for manr yca n
" my affi<:e ar Ort,,· and coincide ntally the placcwnere misoerics ....uconccwed. Today.'i.r.....,.
&haul".. Umc",""",crf doe 8iWt rest$oo the shel.... of 0\0$' paoror1llibr.!rits in the EngIUh-opuk·
mg world oy.r a hundred ycanlf"ter iu fint publication. Simibrlr the Nt-v,' )i>rl: r,,,,ts'. Amo ~
has hpr in prin' the major multivolume Du,,' University work of John M'ClinlOck and jamea
Scrong. TIocoicf..:.!fI1td~.!~... Thenujortdi ..onofO'risri.anclassiainO'inesc
done al Ore ...' Uni,..,rsic,' fin,· years ago and is .till in prin ... Drew Univcniry' has wppUcd mud> of
the leadership. 'pac., libr1!"}" won.·study auistancc and "rvie.. that ha.... enabled th..., dUr1bl •
Our .dflCN bcnefacwn tu..., prcfCrr«l m remain ilIlOI>ym<Ml$- Thq ha .... been weIl·informed .
• rove parmen.n ,u conccptuali:ation and dc:...,lopment, and unflagg1Rg advoc.o.res and cou1UCl~
.n the support of thi.length)' and eo;sdr effort. The K ria h... h«n bleucd br &lead)' and generow
.uppor.. andaccomp"nied bJ'1R numerablegifuofprovid.ncc.

Henry An""" Ihot!: PmfelSOr ofTh.olog)·. Dr.... Uni .... rsiry,
General Ecinor, ACes

$eYe"! fu[Uru havc bttn incorpor.ot«! jnh) me design of mis commentary. The following corn·

Pericopu ofScri p.".c

Thel<:np[Ur.>l.""'h ... bttndividrointo~ricopt$.orpu.agcs,,,"erouinlen~.
Each of
pmcopa is pen a heading. ..mid! appcan at me btginning of me ptrirope. For
cumple. the first pcrioopc in me commentary on Genesi. io'I:1 The Beginning of Crcarion: Tn ...
he>ding u fOllowed by me Scripru,.., passage quoted in me Revised S"",dard Version (RSV ) ""mu
the NIl width of the ","gc.. The Scriptun: puoage is prorided for the COIl",nima: of TUdcn. but ,t U
also in hepmg wim medic,,,", p.. ri.ric commentaries, in which the citalio", of the Fathers wc,..,
arranged around the ten of Scripture..

FoUOWlng each ~rico~ of text i.J In overv,ew of the patn"i, commentS on that ~rkopc.. The for.
mat ofd"s ovcrview varies W1min m.: WliumeoofmisKoo,depcn.dingon me~ircmcntSofthe
sp«ilk book of Scriprurc.. The funcrion of me ovcrview is to provide a brief summar}' of all me
commentS 10 roUo.... It rrad<S a rclSOrulbl)' oohcli", thread of argument among patriotic commentS.
evcn though they a,..,duivcd fromdiw:nclOUn:aand generaI10"'. Th", thc.umm.oorieldo nO! p<"O'
<red chronoJogicallr or by verse SC</"cnce. Rather mey seck to ",hearse t~ ""cralJ courK of ,he
plttistic CornmCU on mat ~ricopc.
Wc do not ;tUume that the commentaton thcmsc:l"" anticipated or upruscd I fonnalj,
r«erYcd cohes,ve argument but rather mat rhe "ano", argumen .. tend to flow in I plausible. rec,,£ '
n,:abk »lltrem. Modem rudcn an rh", giimpse: aspuu of continuity in the flow of dwcnc: u~ ·
Icaltnditi...... rcpresc:nting.-anowgcnerationsandgeograpllicallocarions..

Topica l Hudings
An abundanccof ..anod »lltrunc comment is "'ailable foruch ~ncop<" of meu l=e,," For ,illS rea·
son ....~ ha'~ brol<en tilo pcricopci Into two leveu.. Firlt i, me vC1"SC wim itS topical hea'hn~. Tn.
pa,"...' comm(nU lre m(1l i'ocusc:d on upccu of each VCf1.C. wim t"PICaI headings ,"mm.ari:ln~
thr c...,nce of me patruti: comment br evoI<in, a ktj' pnruc. metaphor or idu. TIt" f"'nm: pm.
vides a bridgco by which m...urn rud~rs can ~nter into me heart of me patrinic comm ent.

Identifying t he Patri n i. Tun

Following the lopical heading of each section of comment, the name of the patristic COmmentator is
given. An English <tarulation of ,he pa,ri.. ic commem i. then provided. This is immediately fol·
lowcdbythe titleofthepatrisri<workandthe,utualrefercnce-eitherbybook.5cction and sub·

Readers who wish.o pursue a dee""r invesligation of Ihe J»tri.ti. work.. ciled in mi. commentary'
will find the: footnotes esJ>""i.:lIly valuable. A footllote number dirccu me reader 10 Ih. notes al the
bottom of the righl.hand column. where in addirion ID other notations (darificotion. or biblical
CIDSS refcrcnces) one will find information on Englishtr:mslaliom (wherea,.,.;]able) and standard
originaJ·]anguagco editions of the work cited. An abbreviatedcita,ion (normaJlydrin gthebook.vol·
ume and page number) of ,he won: i. pIDvided except in ascs where a line·by·line commemary is which case thc biblical rererences will lead. directly ID Ihe..,lcction.A ke)'to the
abbrcviation.i.providedonJ»ges"".""i _Wh erctherci$anrseriousambiguitrortc~tualproblem
in mc..,leaion, we have tried to reOect thebes,a"ailable lenua.l ttadition.
For the convcnience of computer users the digital database rcfertnceo a ... pl"tWided t 0
either the Thesaurus Lingua Gtaeae (Greek lexu ) 01" 10 me Cel.dO(" (Latin texts) in the appendix

Anocnt Q,.,.1lMI Writ • .., n... Work. of rh< Fotl>on.., T....w.,,"". Mahwlh. N.J., Paul",
J.1\..~u-. ondJ.R..Harmo<. ,rano. n.~FcIo<n.Ed"odbyM. W.HoImu.2ndtd.

0 ..... MiU~. od. n. AK....aI H....a....,s-. r.- .... S:rr- B<.<..... Muo.: HoIr Tmufigu·
". ondJ. OonaIcIoon....... "nt.·Nicenc: Fathon. 10 ....... s..fialo. N.Y" Chruuan u..
~ I88S·1896. R.epnn,. Grand R>fl1do. Mich.: Eet-dm ..... 19S1·1956. R'mn,.I'.,.bo.:I)"
M ..... : H.nd<KUon. 1994.
St."rhanuow.. n..~Ltnm.Puapnn..dond,n,<Oduadbrjadr: N.Spub.~.
CCl Corpus Ch_~m.Sn.a La,,,,,,. T.. ,,,,,,,,, .. Belgrwn: Brtpoh. 19S3·.
CSCO CorpusS<np'''''-'m Or .." ... """,m On.nUlLum. Loul">rn.lklgium. 1903·.
J. A. " ... ma", •• d. Sa"", P."" Noun f ........... SJr' o,.m. Om.". Rome, 1717.
Fath<.. of th< Chum.: " Ne ..·TranslatlOfl. Wul"""","," o.e: Catholic Un,vus''Y of "meT'
oaPra:..1947 ..
F.W.Nonu.iio.... c.....F.!l"..... Rt.u.t"fn..fM~O""'-'oJCnzor:"No:_::tOL

Hadw.g. HOm.,. ...!.G..,.,n,Ny! ...."o,.m.~~ .... Lewkn:E.J.BriII. 1972.

Bed< the VeneroI:>k.;;.,.,;u.. ... riltGospth. Trarula,tdt,'L T. Ma"mand D.Hu ..... 2...,u.
KaL.mawo.Mich.:O ... rcianPublICa,,,,,, •. l990.
Ephran th< Spun. Hyww .. "-oiu<.. TnnsIa<od 1»' S. Bmdr.. c.u...."<>O<!. N.\"" SI.
HQ(; }<rom•• J;./orno Qw>t-.. .. c........ T ransla..d ....,th "".....ducoon and cocnm.nW)· 1»' c. T. R.
)CC John (:auW,. c-}n<to<... T=uIa •...! by Cclm I.I"Ibhe;d. a.......a of W.... m Sp,rnua/.t)..
JMO JuI"nM.rryr.Op< .... Edi .. dbj·J.C. TO"cr.3 ........ ./ena:M.u41842·1s.tS.
{9~~~ al. ....... r ... Ubn.ry oECh.,.".n a......a. 2ti...u. Ph~i!'h'>: W"'''''ru'".
l.oHo CluoacaILibn:r Cami:>ndgr. Ma....: Ha .... rd~· \'m.o.; Londot:, He~n.
191 ~·
LQAH W. W. Harvq. ed. s-n m-; quu,; Loop ...... u.... .Qo<~ ............ 2 voIs.
I'.S<halI"""al .• ~A Sdca Libnryofth.Nl«nundPOft· Nl«nt Fa .... t"$ of .... Ch ....,w.
Church. 2 .. nos (14 vola. eKb). Buffalo. N.Y.: Christi.on L".ro ........ ]887· ]894: Rc-pnn••
Grand Rapids.MidI.: E.erdmano. ]952· ]956; Repn'". Pubocly.Mau..: Hmdnduon. ]~.
Origen. o. FirsI~TrarulutdbrG. W. ~London:SPCK.]!B6: Repnnt.
GIouceau: •• Muo..:Pet.rSmith.l97l .
OSW Ori~.Sc/ot'" Wrih"t'- Translawl by Rowan A. Gtur. o-.a olWcstC'" Spin,"...hry: A
Libnzy ol d.. Gt-a. Spin<u&l Muu:rs. MMwrah. N.J~ 1'aWut. 1979.
I'L j..P.Migne.ed.p.uclos" Lo.nna.lllvoi<.I'an.:Mign.,I844· 1!16<1.
PLSupp. ~:I~7'" ed. P:o.roIogia L.o.. ..... Suppkmt.......... S ....u..!'uu: E.d. ....... Ga ....... m ra.
Pooudc..Maam.... n.. Fif'1 Spinlur H"",,1 ... ..,.j tht G... , WUT. Tr~t...! and e<!,te<! br
G«><g< A. Molonoy. S.j.CluoiaolWatem Spirlnuliry. N<.. \'0<1<: P:oulut. 1992.- J ...... PatU.:Firm"'·Dido<etJOCii,]894-1926.
PSD Pscudo .o;..,)'OIus.n..c-pi«,~Transla,e<!byCclmLuibfteidftal . a......c. ol W.. , .
• mSplritualJq·, Mah.... ah. N.J.: P....L ... 1987.
QO "Theo<Ioret ol Cyrw.~ .. ~EdtudbrN. Femande:.Madrid: M&tcooA.
H.tkI.uNt<.J.Danl<lou .. al .. ~SOUrc .. ChrOrienn... l'an.l:E.ditlOruduC.rf.19ol1 ·.
SymeQll .... New n.....&opn. n.. o..-r.a. Translawl by Cj. DeC..t.a ..... ro. aa....c. of
Watem Spmtualltr: A Lixur of d.. Gra: SpinnuI t.taoun..l>Wnnh. N:J..: Paul ..... 1980.
n.~ "The tomplete tm eompiledby SI. Nikodimoo ofrk, Ho/)' MountaIn""" St.
MV:.arioo of Corinth. Tranil ... d and ,diwl by G. E. H. Palm.r.l'lliUp Sh.errard and Ka/.lisros
Watt.4vo1.a.London: Fobe.&: Fabe •• 1979·]99S.

The urly chap.en of Gmcsu had arguabI)' agnate. ;nfll,l(llu on the devdopmell' of ChrU.iu> me·
ology dun did :lfI)' oIher fW"' of the OIdTt$<=Ient.ln m_ early ch:opccn the Fathcn MVfc 5C'I <>Ill
the fulldamenw ranernsofChrisnan lheologr. Here mere w» affirmed m.. dOCTrinc of CTc<Ilion, III
a<rordance .... i.h .... hich me eruled orOer had bcen brought into bcing from nothingbyGod '. Wo.d
aI oomedung "a.:ttdmgly good. (Gen 1:31 ). Onc of me most popular genres of KripruraJ commen ·
Plry among the Fame" ""'" commentary on me I'" days of elUtion. Ifw: Hcucmeron. 1boK 1»'
Buil the Great and AmbroK arc ""map' the mo" famous. Although Augusl ine gave mi . tide 10
none o(h(, booIu., he mu.ned a.1QlI five rimes In up<»irion of me fir,.. chapter of Genesi. and
mre<: rimes carried his commcn~ beyond dw: fim chapcc. (T.... BooIo:l ... Gmnu Al"'~" tM MQn-
"'-' .... O"IMUltl''''Jn~ of~'' :lfIdCily ofGod II-16).
The Famen also found in Genes'J the doctrine of humankind [lUted "according 10 rn. image and
lhncs.<ofGod."lnadd.tion,thcy foundth=dw:doctrineoflfw:&lIandthc\)(gin ningof&llen
human 1OClU)', aI wdIas hints and gueua about me eventual O¥'CT"COming of the &lien h~ conch-
.hc"p.araWKof dcligl..:me constant Itrugglc fOl" . urvi,...t in a naru.ral ~vironmcm now unfricn.dlJ' or
Cain's munkr of his bro<hcr Abd. but also thcdiKovcry of musk (Gcn 4:21 ) and metal toOl. (Gcn
4:22). That fint attanpt to find a " .. y of lift outside parad.ise IIOOn foundcred in me proIif...... ion of
....ickcdncu by humankind, which ......wept a"",y by the flood, Noah and his family >.lone survivins.
wgcdw:. with reprtsmUII ..... of the whok anirnal Iungdom. Sudl ...t.oIc:$>.Ic pwUshrnem of hunun
wickedna. ...·as not,how.:¥u, to be thc rult.and thc rainbov.. bcamethe sign and pLedge ofGod',_··
enan[ with humankind. made with Noah (me Noachkcoyonan,. Gen ~8-1 7).
After lhe flood, Noah and his dtsCe,.,\an[l btgan on« again 10 csub\i$h a wa)' of He in lhe fall.n
world. No..h bccam.c" farmer and planlW a ";ncr~,":1 (Gcn ~20). His first upmments WIth .... n.
m.olung, howeVI'T,we", unl"orrunatc: h. succumbed\Cl,Sandendcd up " . etched OUI ,n
his tent with hi' clothes in diumI)·.ln thi' phase ofhuman development. citic, began to be estab·
lished.: Sabylon and Nm ... eh an mentioned (Gm 10:10-11), Bul il became :opparcn: tha, human
lIII>damr manif..s: in ti>o building up of otd.rtd human communirios, IUch as ci';"". could ;,...
d>r«ted 11\ pride agaJl\st God and hi, purposc.s for humankind. and al the [owe. ofBabcl (or ·con·
fusion: as the Scptu.aglm has it) human soIidaritr was broken by lhe confusion of longues. the c... ·
ation ofdiffCf'C'"languages.
Ir wa$ in rhil divided work! thar Ab",m wuoom among the ChaJdcaru.. (N~im~rrheGtftk Sep-
ruagint nor the Latin Vulpre rccogniud Ur ua place name:: u.. Grttk rnns.Lara" as"place: Je.-
ome We. it to mean "fin" and. in a lcamtd note. connccu it with the fi~ won.lllp of the: ancient
~.ria",.) GeneJU 11 ends with Abnham leaving the Chaldean. and ",rding in Ha .... n in
Mcsopoto.mU. wh....., he rtaiYCd God', eaU (0 joumcy "ill further and become the father of a ra.
I'IlI.tion (~I2:I .}).Withthatcall~com"",natheM"«>Unuofu..p...riuch " ofthcKYeW>OIl
of the God of Abnham and iAac and Jacob. of the caJ]ing of the people of ls",d and the whole IIOry
of rhe Old TeJ.ament. in which rhe~ emetge5. so Chri •• ian. with the Fn""rs believe. me hO!'" for
.he coming Mcui2h. a hop<: fuUilltd in the incam.a,ion of u.. Son of God uJc:$u$ olN=cth.

C r itical Proble m. of ,h, Tut

Wc shall look in mort deuil at the theology the nthers d~w DU. of,heKch.ap'..-, ls.eron. bur fin.
vanom criucal problems ntc<l to Compiling a panunc commenury on any part of the
Old TtslaInOn. raisa <JUt.l.oons no. raatd by ouch • commcn",'1' on the N ....· TtsumenL These
qUeJ.ion.arela'P'lytndowiththcacntalbiblical.ex.and. .naleuc:rex,en.WJthrhenighercrio·
ciom of that lext (that U. qUeJti0n5 of comp06;!ion and authonhip). With the New Testament. the
English .ex. dur wt ru.d. ......-adays IS.
,nnslarion of the NewTesument mort or Ita as the Grttlo;
farhcn rhem"'lva m...,,, (there an: somerimts minor dilkrcnces whe~ rcxtual ",n';om detecu
can)' acer«io", 10 the text : for instance at Mk 9:29. but theK arc few). Bur with rhe Old T .. tament.
rhe~ is . major diffe~n<1t. For the OlnJnan Old Ttsram.." ..... the Grttlo; Scpruagtn. (~l)'
abbttvia•• d .as LXX. u.. Larm n~nJ for IC'YCIIry). whe ...... what .. rnnslattd;n OUr Bibles " the

Hebrew ~Xl. of ""'i," the Scpn.L.tgint wu an earl)' tnnllaoon.

Dijfrnnw Iotr ........ rlx HtIrr.,.. Bibk~".j rht""f.IIl. The ten of the Hebrew Bible and th •• of !h~
Scpnugin. du.pIa)' oom. InllJO' ~es. The Scpruagrnr .ndudes book.s sum as EccIe$.a.sucus
(or Sirach. an abb~vi.a.ion of the fuU "de Thc Wisdom ofJcsus th~ Son ofSirach ) and th. Wisdom
of Solomon that arc nOl induded in tht Hcbn", Bible. Some boolu ;n the Sep'Wlgim ro be
lar..- expanded vcnionsofthe Heb~ ... original: for ~xampk, Esther and Daniel. which in the Scpru·
agin' includes..".... abo\Jr Susann.a and Bel and the Dragon.and an upandtd:lo/XOW\' of the Thrtt
\'Oung Men in the 6~ry furnace (iodwLng the """S'sung 1». them In prai'" of God and cr(aOon). ln
other CUf". ,he S.pnugint pracnu the rcxr in a rcarrangcd ordcr (•. g.,rhebookofjcremiah .which
nas addi.ions u weU). The.., an a40 marI}' minor ~gr«mCf1u between the GTttk and Hcbnw

It i. general!.. hcld that the Sc~ruaE'nt'l ' !;r •.,., embeU .. hed ~c ..ion of the original Hd,,,, .... ex'.
But this is onl)' partlr rruc. Sometimes. as the Qumran disc<werla hay: r.vcaled. the S.PruaF,n.
preserves......n:.. tha, rrughr have been 'Muded by rhe rabOis 10 the H ..........· Bible had me Hcbu..·
ongmal no. bttn 10"' b)' the early ""nruna of th.Chrutun .,... (or the common e~ thougn.t IS no:

dur to whom il is common, from Chrilmru and poa·ChriSliaM}; &lIch is me caw with Sir· Furthe~ me ta. of the Hd>rcw Bibk duo WC' ha~. the ao-callt<! M:uouric 'e><t. is .he
ruult of criric.aJ enduvors on the part of nbbiJ in tht KCOn.d IWf of tht first is, then,
a good dullaler than the HebKYo" lal thal would have been available .o the Gretk mruJalors of
the xpruaglnt. Vananta in it mll' "",11 \)t wirnasa tooklCT and \)tnt' read.ngs than IIM»t found In

,he Muoretic le,;!. (This, lOO. has been supported by the biblical lens msawered at Qumran.)'
Tb< Srpt~IIl' Tb< Cbru",," OIJ Tcs""",,,,u. Theurly Christia", WC're well awarec( mue discrep·
anciu berwccn th. Gre.k O ld Tuum.n. arw:I m. Hebrew Bible. bUI a1moR univcnally .m,.
",,!!"a,dtd the ScplWlginl and traruJ.al1on. from il. nOllbl,. th. Old Lann version. as Ihe aUlhor;...",',
rext of m. Old TUfIm<1It of their Chrurian Scriprures. Th. mlln I'UM>n for mis "'U dur m. Scp.
rua£ln, was the version of the Old T."am.n. ma. m.,. "'.re acc ....lIom.d 10 wing. It wu in Gre.k
that Chriltiani<y had spread m ..... gt.ou. m. Mtdirctr.>nean world. and 11 Wli tht SoplWIg,n•• o
which Chrislian preach.", and mi$lionariu appealed as m. Scripture. The s..ptuaginl IS me ......
l ion quoted and ~ 10. for m. mO$t part, in Ih. N.wTut<lmtnl . ",him li , of COurU, in Ih.
Gre.k of the first Christian miuionariHand Quutian communiriu. The Old Latin venion (or ver·
. ,on.j "'as a lraruJ.arion of the s..ptuaginl and remain.d theprinciJ>a!texlofth.5cnpru rufor,h"".
,,-hoapokeLarinmroughourthep.auu.ic pcriod.
When Chri'lianity ulabli,hed itself among the Armenians. lhe Copta and Ih. Georgians. the
xpIWI£1m formed the basis for dM:ir ~macuJar Old Tuumtnt. I;ven among In.: Sy"an~ , who
spoke a s..miti, langw~. Syria.:. thti, trllnWtion , the: !>eshina, though NturaUl' a tranWlIOR of
lh.dO$c!r relarcd Hebre,,·. is nOl ",ithOllt thc influencc of inlcrprelalions ins piredb)· lh.s..p ......
Tht e"liest dissenting ,-oi,. from the primac), of the s..pruagint &eenU.o have been Ih. Latin
ocholarjerom • •whosclranslation , """"' caUedthtVulgat.. " .... i"'p'redh,.h is id ... lofHebrewtrum
(HtI...."," v.. itllJj, thougheven here.dcspi,.hi. shriUdefi:rucofth.p',orityoftheHebre.... h.. vef •
'1On /Tcqutndr follows the ,"x, of rn, s.pruagint.' At the Rcfonnation, .h, RenailQ.n,e idul or ""
fim'" ("to Iht sources") led 10 ProICSUnt lra",larions of the Old Testament \)ting Iw.c.l
on .h. Hebre\\·. and Ihence.o Ihe idea tha, .h. Heb..,,· Bibl. is Ihe Christian Old Testament.
Al, the: Roman Cao:holIC Chun:h m;mn,· ...... ed thu and '''''Hed on rlH: author,,)" of Ih.
Lad n Vulga ... Roman Calholi< Kholanhip in rlH: latter half of the ~ntieth untu.), hu .enlkd to

foIlo,,' the Reform ..... Christians of the Orthodox , ... dirion (whether Gre.k. Ruuian. Romanian or
olher SITl1nds) stici: lomctradifiona.lnocionofln.s..pruaginllWlranslatloou ofil u theCh ... llan

._ - . . . ... _ .. .,.".......... ...... " .... s.p....,... .. . ..-"' ... onpnoI Hoe.c-, I. .... «o<JGtnow 1·11._
1t.:w>oIdS.H<..wln. ..... fj~J.1J T-..Is...Ioo_c..-I£,I;ooo (N-.......,o.ioooIu-..-r-'l"'!ll!
"s...,_fo.Go-.C.T. R . - . ; -I _ l l - - .. c . - (o.;..,La....--.I19S

OldTesr.amtn,,;md they m: mo",d up in this position by thttnormow imporr:ana: ofth. lirurgical
textS that a",!naked in allusions 10 ~nd quOtatioru; from tht GTUk IUt of the Stpruagint.ln tht
West, Onhodox Christians an: a minorit}', but i! is worth noting mat "'''''ndy a re", scholars hav~
called for a "'turn to the original Christian tradition, according to which th. Chrisri"" Old Tes".·
Th< kgcrniO!II><S<pl!<Ofinl. For th. Fathers, this tradition was unqu<stioned. Further·
mo",. it was r:nhanced by the widely accepted tradition of m e way in which the Scpru.agin! had been
transLot«l. According to a legend. first witnessed in the UUM'o! AriJU~'. pmbably writun in the ..,c·
ond cenrury (I.e, the Scptuagint was a Grttk [~Lo[ion of tht Heb",w Scriprures, oommiuioned
by m. Egyptian pharaoh Plolemy II Philadelphw (287·247 S.C.) for hi.l library in Alexandri<l. The
Jewish high pri..! Eluur was approached and ..,l.ctcd seventy·two scholars, six from each of the
rtibesofls=l, who[",veledtOAlexandriaandthe",finw,tdtheirtnnslarioninsevenryo'rwodoys.'
Later versions of the legend exist, for instancc that recorded by th. Christian bishop of Lyons in the
Lour second c,""ru,,),, lren.oeus. According to his version the [nrulatOn numbered sovenry and we",
"'qui«<l each [0 produce translations of the whole of the Hebrew ScriptuI'CS, which were
miraculowl), found to be identical.' Such stories of in minculow r",rularion naruralJy enhanced
the authoriry of the Stptuagint (the ridederivtd from the number of the tnnWton) amongGrrek·
n..s.pruoginr ktwtm Cl",;,",", ~"dJ< ..... By the second ""nrut'}' A.Do, however. the ust of tht Sop.
magin[ among Christians was producing a reaction against ir in.Jewish circles, espccioll)' . hOlle rit
des influenced by the growing rmbinic movemen,. which emphasiud the sup",me authority of the
H. br ....• venion. This division betwren Christian Greek and Jewish Hobre'" w'" deepened by
Christian in[up.. r.atioru of verses from the Greek Stptuagin. ma. had no 5UPPOl'! from the
Htbre",ren, rho most famous of these being the use of Isaiah 7:14 (1sai2h's prnphecyrha'"avirgin
shall conceive and bear a son and his n.ame shall be called EmmanuelO) ",a prnphec), of lhe virgin.ol
con""prion ofJesw Christ (a1read')' found in Ihe N. ... Testament a: Mt 1:23). Whil e the ,Xptuagin,
p~rthen.,. unambiguousl), means-virgin: the Hobre,,' word so [nnsla.. d ('al"u;h) means a 'young
woman: Such di.!crq>ancies betwun tht So:pmagin' and the Htb..", Bible, especiall)' where th e
G .... k vo .. ion rould be read asa prophecy ofChris., beame ont of ,ho principal issu<s of early Jew-
im·Chrisrian polomic (.re especially Jusrin Marryr's Diak>pt ",ill, TrypI>o tbtJ<w.• WQrl< belonging to
rnt m;d·serond cenrury).
NMl' 1.... mJ..lioru, 11>< Hu4pk In the rouUe of the .econc cen",ry·. "anous tr""sla,ocs - Aq ui!a,
and Loter Symmachus and TneOOo[ion-proviGtd G",d: versions closer [0 the origi nal Htbre"·.

>s..M . M~.n._lIoloW<{"~AI'iooj.."Sry<_JSOT SuppMmm.206 (_5hdl\dO~_'9%)

"....,..,""' ..... ""'301.1)
,..................-Ho.....,).2'.!.~iwo_th< ...... ....,.. c.. <{ GN1B.<'"
1N'TIWDUCT10"TO G ........ ... , uanaiarlons, which W\'n presumably incenckd for Grttk-tpWtingJtws., ruayt noc survivtd,
protW>ll' btauot of cM lupKme ,...JIK atta<:htd by the rabbU .0 the Hob",w CUI and cM const-
quem tnCOUragcmen. co Lurn Hcbrt,,· within nhbinicJudaism. Uvt in the fragmeno dw survive
of a nwsivt .ooIlOrbiblical Huapla, compiltd by cMgrelt thitd<cnmry Chrutiln
scho~r and Ihcolog;':'n Origcn. Th. Heup~. 10-(:a1ltd Muwe of in six coIunuu . wu a nwsivc of the vtn.iOR$ of the Old Tawnent with coIumlU containing lilk by sick the Hebr. ,,·
cext, mat un mmlln.rated in.o G",.k. and me = of Aqui~. Symrnxh w. the Stpruagint and
Thcodotion (though cM", isoome dispuleabout meeua shapeofthc Haapla°).
"is """ dear what iu purpaoc W K. though it would alert Chriatian:apologists co places whc ...
th . Hebre", tendidnotluppon the Stpruagint. 'Whal happcnedwas tha, the Haapla l uppl.·
this mal' havtbem Origen" purpose. for it i. horn. OUt by his excgerical practi", in h'H ommenlaT
ita and homili ...... Buc i. aUo enabled Origm and other scholars co conuc the Stptu.IgulI against the
Hob...,w (whm: it wu obacure, for iTIWII'ICC). 10 lupplement the Stpruaginc by the Hcbrev.· where
.he ~ttcr was fuller and.o a1cn the Chri.ti.,. a.c:holar 10 places in the Scpruagim when: the Heb",,,'
...·u lacIuns. ~n apfW'endl' wed the marks of ancien. ac:hoLarship. the obelus (+) and the·
islo: (0). co mdia •• pau.agcs unique co the Stptuagin. and those passages tha, had been adckd." ,h.

Th.. IUC-the Stpruagim augmented bl' pau.agcs fTom the IrarulatiolU of cM Hob",,,·. oome·
.imes with che obeli and asterisks wtitten in, ",,"erima wilh. ~ om'tted-came 10 circula.e
among ChrulWlS. upeciaIIl' fTom the fourth "'nrury onW1!'ds, when me c:xpatWOn of the now roI·
cra,ed Chit .....,. church led.o ,he ckttand for copies of ,he Scriptures (c.g.. m. filly copia of ch.
Scnpturn ordered from Ewcbiw of Caesarea by the emperor Con.acantinc for .... in churcha; lICe

Ufo .,c...uc'' ' . .

4.)6.17). Such '"<ptance of both the Hcbn:,,' and Stpnugtnt ""nioN of me Old
TeJ,am.n,-w;m the Hcbrt"' l upplementingbur nor corr«ting ch. Greek Scpruaginr. h)' now ,ra'
d" iO<U./ among a\l'isri~-bttamc the norm among ChrutWu-. Augusnn. V"" eloquent uprn-
lion lothuu<KlerstandingofKripturalauthorit,.:

Forthc .. meSprn,.n..: .."Umthcprvpheowlwn.n.ydcb... reda-~"'&Ipruen'rnpason

,n,Ix"" ... ntynw:naloo;andhe"" elyhadi,inhi'f'O""'r<ou),lOIIIed"ngeiK,j ..., .. ifm.propi>c:
haduidbolh.bec ..... i'w.. th.e ....... Spiritw'uidborh ... IO .. "''''-·!ha,thcwwl: ...... 1IOI
th.ern'eU'genuofth.,ransl ..or.... If.rMn.w...... .. "bchoo.... w"' .... 'nth... Scnptu'.. no
VI'1>I'<lJdu,th. Spm,ofGoddidnotopcakth_ghmcn,i.foIlov..o.n.. ..h •• <YCT .. "'thc~· ,.r:
bor. no( III tiu<ofm.Kftn.rtr.,..u' ..... u-m",~tha, the SI''": of God dMi not choose 'oaa-'

'Ot.cht~ _ _ ... ....;,.A..SaIo-.,od..o..,..~-..~mr--,..,...,...,.,.,. ... ws.- .... H...pi..

~c.-."'_..I"....._T .... _ _ _ _ _ .IooI--lIll'~):'iI(T..,...,_Sooftd.I,..
througbth.bner.bu,onlythroughth.proph<t1.Onth.othtrhand.wh .... anythingth,,'i.inm.
S<ptuagin.;.n<><intheHebtew!eX••• he""".Spiritm .... 'h"".p ... f.rruI.o ..yi'mroughm.forme,
rather dun mrough the prophet>. m... showing ma, m... all _n .. m _ _ re prophrts.llk..wi.. h.
spol<e... h.pleued.oom.mingsmroughu.a;'r1mroughJeremW,."ilIom... througho~<)!'
.noth.. propnet. or m. umeming. bu'm difl'tren,form through the bncrprophe< "" ....II .. m.
form ... Moreover.anythingma, is found in bo<h pl.ruu""".thingtha. on •• nd ,h. .. m. Spiri,,,h_
,o .. ymroughbothkindso(ins,""m.n .... . uchwi .. th,um."". kindl.dth ..... yinpropheoying
. ndtheothc-rc.ame.fter ... im ' propnericrnru.btiono(th.irwords.Forjus, .. a ";ngleSpiri,ofpeaa
inspired me former when th.y opok. ,ru. and concordan,WOI'ds, oo the """. Spiri. manifeltcd him.<elf
in me laner when with"'" munul <o",ulu.ion they neverth.te.s ...... w«d th. whol< ... if with one
mouth. (Ciry of God 1M3}
}trom. ~nd I'" VuIE'"'' Among the Greeks, mi$ view held 5way wimoU[ an)' ..,riow opposition.
Th. onl)' real dissent cam. in th. West from Jcrome. who .. Latin tr.nsllltion . which Came to b<:
called th. Vulgate (the common Bible) , was made in the cas<: of the Old Tesumen •• in principl •.
from the Hebrew. ~v.rthel ..... even h. included the book. of the s.ptwlgint that aTt no. found in
the Heb",,,·. and frequentl)' hi, rnn,l.tioru, which w.'" generall), ",lIi.ioru of the Old Latin rather
th.n fresh ....."'La.ioru. ",flect the interpretation of me Sc?"",gin •. Jeromi. prm",na for H.b",w
,rum"osalonelY'tana:and.n:r.cted,riticism from,arnong others. Augustine.' ltwuonl),gradu -
all)' ma, m. Vulgate establimed it&elf againn th. Old La,in. and in m. c... of th. Psal.e•. Jcrome's
version from the Hebrew ne~er c5tablimed iTSelf in liturgical UK. Th. Venerable Bod •• wri,ing in
EngLandinthe .. r1)' eighthcenrur:r.i,oneofthefir5ttomaker.guLarus.<oftheVulga~inhi$com.

Tb. lal in I'" AnCl'n! ChruI;'m Q.m ...... 'Q'1 on 5<ripIW", Howdoe. mis bearon the Anci.nt Chri,-
ti.n Commen •• "}' on Scripture. and in p.articuLar on thi$. me first volume, that deals with Genesis
I-Ill From wha, we have secn. it is al'P"rent that the "'twlllen the Father$ used is not something
that we can pick up in a curten, English rnnslation, for English Bibles we the Hebrew tat for me
O ldT..cament.Even if the" we", <r.rula<ion of the Sepruagint a\'ailable inEnglish.tha,
wouldno,be.uctly th. ,at of the famers either, ror printed lIersion, of the Septwlgint 'en are
based on Alfr<d Rahlfi. odi,ion . first published in 1935, which is.n attempt ro work back from the
texuthat have survived '0 me original fCxt of the A1exandrian traruJators..But,uw e h,"e
text mOS, of the F. ,h... WOIlld have used would have been some form of me w-called Henpl.ri,
tf'Xf 0. at me "er), ieast hallecontained teadings d.tived from the Hexapla.
In misvolume we have printed the trans.!.,ion of the Revised Standard V...ion andnotedrlte
,·ari.tion$ of this ,a, from th e Septuagin: (in Rahlf"5 criticaleditlon ).ln the •• r1)'ch.ptel'$ of Gen .

~ CoroIum< """n"~r .. ~ (!9<-< " ) _J<o-<""Aoop.-. <J H"'"'Studoa,,,lW>IoandE.lrCh""'"""Y~J

( ~: ~ ~ E.!wu.MtIkn_, J'I!IO).",!,l'."- Wh ... """""" .., EofI''''''''''''''''oi''''~
esu!he Scptuagint follows tht Hebnw closely, thue Ottm [0 be no Heupbrk readings.. the '·arill·
tion. from the Htb",w being m.o.inJy "",nerl of inte'V"'tation 0( Ihe Hcb",w lexl Or """,etimes
wimessing 10 allighdy dilfeunl form of !he lat than !he Maso",tic text. Bu •. ,.. the ",a<\er will KC.
almostall!he ''3rianlreaWngsoithtSq>ruaginraTCp=ofthtrutmatthtFad>enhadbei'ou
them and on whid. they WCTC rommenting.
s.p'''''f'''' ,,,"","1>Jrvm I.... HoMo",;" G......'l .ll. Aput from individual varillllt readings. thcu au
twO uriking group' 0( varianu in the firs. deven chap.ers of GeneroU. born of which m.o.nifcst them-<'nealoglesma.formAlchapronunemlUtuTCofthesechapcen (though
0 .... mat m.... modem readcn fend .0 slop). llwo fin. con«nu nam<':$. the second the period. of
The "anatiOtlJ in the nam<':$ aTC of TWO kinds. Most commonl)·. these "ariantl au due to djfficul ·
ties of rnauli.enrion befWCen languages wim diA'eTCIlt alplW>eu (e.g.. N,mrod bccomero Nebrod
[Gen 10-.8]). But l! U SOInetLIn<':$1 miner of Interpretation, the Scptuagin. nu)' m,etpr<:' the nam<

r."her than ,nnslnenting it (t.g., at iu first mennon. the name E... iI tnn.slat"! ZO"."Iik," ....the.
than Innslileuled;"BabeI" in Gen 1I i. trasula.ed "confusion"). Or it mal' do the ",vu..,. taking a
word 10 be a name where modem ... ruJ.aron see a noun (e.g .• in Gen 2>3. wheu i. I.. nwttd
1>]' modern traJUlafions ,.."the m.o.o," ..-hile the Scptuagim seca lhe name Ad..m). Or.t ..... y idmtify
a Hebw.' pbce name (thc mOl'l mwng aampk being the idmrifiC1DOn of rhe "B:abe[" of Ge-n
10:10 with &bylon ) Or fail to idmtify a place name identified by modem scholars (e.g.. in Gcn 10:6.
13. wher<: the Scptuagim fail. to identif)' Me. raim ... Egypt). AU lillnifican. vanadoru in namu a""
.ndica.ed 1>]' additional notu.o the RSV .at.,
l'ht: discrepancy berwcm the periods 01 rurl ruord"! in the genealogiu bctwun the Scprua·
gmt and the Hcbuw lal (preJ.umlblydue to m •• reading Hcbrc ..· numerals) w,.. notICed in anCIen:
children in Life. while the acnW length 01 their livu rem.ohu the WTle (e'G-. accordillj; to Ihe
Hcbre,,·. Acta", became Scth', (~thcr ..... en he "'IS 130 and then livd for an<>th"r 800 years. where ...
the Scprwtll"'t ha. him bca...>Jng Seth·. father II o:hcagt of230and j,ving for another 700 run: see
Gen 5:3·;). The.., discrepancie" however. cawed a problem. In the case of Mtthwelah (or Ma ·
thousala ).the Hcbr<:w calcularion has him dying. al the agc of969. in ,he rea,olth.nood (hulOn
Lamcch. born in hil 187th rear [Gen 5:25 J. becamc Noah ', father "'h"", he wa. 182 {Gm 5:28];
Noahwa.600inthtycaroflheAood: 18i .. 182 .. 600 .. 969), ..t.creas !he Scptuagml cakuia._
has him dying 14 yean af'tcr Ihe flood (Lamech, born in Methwelah·. 167th rear. becomu Noah·.
fathecinhil188th ycar: Noah"'1I 600 in the ycarofthe nood: 167- 188 _ 600 . 95S.14yu"
lhon ofhil death at age 969). s.." Methus..!ah"'lI not in the an.:. 00 howdi.d he .urv,w:;
)cromc. In hIS H........ Qw.".... OIl G........ soIvd the pmbltm b.,• ...ferm« to d.c Hebt-M" . a aoIu ·
..on acc"l"..! 1>], Augustine. who h""· ..·er nottO ma: $udl concct>On of the Scpruagin: br Ih~
Hcbnwwu warnulltd only if rMre war. rc»on COlUppoK that mett had bttna simpk rnisuh. for
me oevcnry wen: co be regarded, as we have seen. not simply 1.1 t .... nslato ... but as enjoying the free-

C r iticI1Proble".. ofC<> mpo"itionandA uthonh ip

MOAt modem rudcn of me Ptntauudl. the 6rst 6w booIu of me Bible m:.1 constituted the
Hd>re,,·\aw. or Torah. are aware of something of me raulu of modem sdtolarship 1.1 ro compooi·
tioo andaumorship. For nurlYfWOccnruri"' ;1 has generally though nOt un;"ersall Y bc:en heLd ma,
the l'enattueh war. compile.:! in dw: posttzilic period (that ~ ••M the aik or Babrlonian captivity,
which luted from about 597 to 539 B.C. ). making wc of earlier materials-hiRoriu.legonds and
law codci-and giving them a narrative .tl'UCtun beginning wim the CTUtion of the world or per·
hapf; woriUng them into an alrudyuisring narntive mucwn.
The~iI forthis mtor)' (for It ilno mou: man that) iI the aisrenceof paral!d pa$$ageS in which

the same event IttfIUI to be: .....ted twice and m e way in which God is ttl1:rw:! to in diffettnt pas.
sages.So. in dw:chapterll we = conct:rne<I with. rMre ...... 1O be: two accounuof creation. Gen",is
1,1·2:41 and one bc-ginning wim Gen",i, 2:4b tha, .tartl with human creation and continues with
an ICOOUnt of dw:f.ill. Aho. in the accouru of the flood. mere an: discrepanc:iea in the n umber of ani·
nuls alen into the arlc one account ....... to pai.... whik the «her ... visages rwo grotlf"
of anima!o. mo .. rirually clean a nd mox ritually undun, the former being p<atTVed in group" of
Lartt •• re pl"l:SCl"YU! in pai... (cf. Gen 6:18-22 with Gen 7,1·5).
..,rn . ..-hile the
The difference in the ,,·a)· God i. referf"td. to :appears in our chapters in mat in Genesi, 1,1 ·2,41.
;,1·32.6:9·22.7:6·10.8:1·19 and 9:1·17 God is rel1:rn:d to as God (H dlttw 't/<iJli"': Gttd, IM<>.rJ.
ElKwht:tt God is rekrred to by l1Iing theucred YHWH (tn.lUlated into Gttd:
u kyriM. "Lord: a praaice p .....rvd in English u·.nal.atioru until recently and written in capnals.
LOaD, u in the RS V [Ut). the divine name-on!)' pronounced by the priest in mt ttmpk litu'iJ· ( 1.1
I result _do not kncnohow" is pronounad and can only gueu). Following uptheat;duel.KhoI·
anhavediningu ishedse"eraldiffertntlou rcesforthePentale uch. often refe ...d tobJ' initials·
J (the Yahwist. or Jahwi$t. source. whe'" God is called from mc beginning hr the divine name
YHWH). E (the Elohist SOW« call5 God ~lOlu",) . D (the Deu,e_~
· source. connected
with the ",form jl1l1 prior to me ""ile) and P {me PriudJ' sour«. much concerned wim liturgical
and kgaI matten). For Genesis 1·11 theptincipalJOUrCUa!kgtd=J and P (,,-him adopts the Elo-
The Fathen knew naming of ail m is. mnugh thO!· wett awan: of the diff.,.elKCJ that have L.d to
Ih. pootulanonofthueooun::..... Suchdifi'en.n.ce:o they tendtd to 1n'erpret in cemu.ofthe ped.agogi.

caJ purpoK of the ~ml[or who i. I(llinga 1I0ry on diffi:um ievels (in this th(y mighllK claimed m
haw anoopaled some of the rn<>K nomt Wbions in Ole! Tc:stamlt1lt .mobrship). For them th( ~r
ramr "'as Mott:$. This conviction me "'IrIr Ch.urianJ ~aud wim me j!:ws, bUI rn( thrological
importan« ofGrnuis, 10 which W( . haIlshortly tum. and esp«ially iu acCOunt of creation, led 10 a
~ih in cM Chrislun p««ption of the lignilicanu of the figurtof MO$($.as comp'-~ wilh duI of
For the Jews, was the greal legislalor, the onc wOO had received the law On Mt. Sinai; the
~nt:lleuch W&J /Or them the Torah. CiuUmn inrCfCSr in the law had been deflected by the unrra)
"gnifianc<: cM)' atud.ed m Chns< and 10 faim in him. MO$($ U lIiIl cM laws"'., •• the 0.... who
rt«ivtd the law on Sinai. bUI u aut!mr of thc book of Ge nuil,he i. the onc whovvean acoo unrof
the tatonlion of the 00$",0$ in him, according 10 the Fathel$. Conn(jucnd), Moac:s wu as much a
of cM la ...·.

T heolog ical'-... u
Jis.. 1be panem du, il of creation and fall i. not """.ming thal the JcWl detCC1ed in it, fur
rhem Ihe ran "'as not and Ui nor a ca,ady,mic event in the hinory oI'humanlcind; it Ui bur onc of
nun)' uampLcs ofhurnan failure: m live within the COV(nanL. Wh)' do the un)' ch:rp,tn of<XncsUi
USumc I Uch lignifi.can« fur palmnc and mOSl laler Christian theologr.
AJ., ... Gnd ChriJt O ne reason i, Paul', understanding of)csus ... Ih. Second Adom. "As in Adam
all die, 10 also in Chrisl shall all be made alivc"O Cor 15:22); "i' is wrim:n.'The firs, man Adam
beamt a HYing being'; the!.ul Adom became, Iat1;iving spirit. ... The fim man was tTom the
earth,a man of dwt; the second man is from heaven." .JUS! U we have borne the imagt of Ih. man
of dust, we ~aU also beat theinagt of the man ofhc.avcn" (1 Cor 1$:45,41,49). If thesigniliancc
of Chrw is Iwnmcd up through ,..cb connul between him and Adom, then the lCCount of Adom
himself USumes auhetypal 5ignilia nce for understanding the fallen human conditIon.
TJPGIoo. 1be tragic parallelilm of Adom and. Chrill bcc;lm( a key 10 undastanding Chri,t', Jig.
nifican«: Adam·. disobcdicnc. is ma.chcd by Christ'. obcdicncc. the tree of the knowkd~ of good
and.,.;! is matdled b)' ,ht [,« /wood oftht cm.. (up«iaU)' when the same word, "y/om '" Greek.
lig>'u", in Lann. mUnS both ""ttc" and "wood"), E.... is matdl.d ~. Mary (woo lruly becomes
"mother of the living" [cf. Gm 3:20), .....nile Eve had become rather thc mother of tb.I;"',ng dead).
We Cln KC in thi. a principle of ocriprural interpretation, para.lldmS m( fo""alion of th e Ci",~,ur.
Bible ... consisting of Old Te~tamen' and Ne,,' Tuumcn: , Lt IS commonl)' called typology, Ihough
this modem term uifiu something that was for the Fathers more a habit of thought than a method
or doctrine, The Fathen called it, in the East most commonl)', 'Mor;", contemplacion. looking mort
d«ply into the mcaningofScriprure. while the Lacin fawn came m we the term for the metoria)
This practice of making the ten of Scripturt shine like a beam of light. as it Wert, through the
prism offaith in Chri.t. in whom Adam 'S lin and ours u. anccled and in whom the hopes of Isrul
and the whole ofhumankind havc Men fuJfilled. is perhaps. m begin with, the stl11ng"'t thing about
the Fathers' appro;!ch m Scripture. Another way of putting it. drawing on some remark. by the
French Catholic poet and diplomat Paul ClaudeL i. m 11« the SCriptu .... not as an arsenal of argu'
ments with which to attaCk Orw: another (as Catholics and Prot.. tants have been doing for years)
but as a treasury of the manifold rich.. of God', grace. a trusu~' of symbols (for no human words
can capture the richt.S ofGod'sgracc) thufind their proper orientarion in the magneti c field of the
rule of bith (an ancient exprCMion for what is nowadays . ummed up in the ~. or symbol of
faith). n.. me of such ima~ry m express what is involved in scriptural interprttation points uS in
the righ,dirtction to begin to grasp the appro.:lm of the Fathers, which i. less scientifi.c than poetic
and often finds its fullt.St expression in the liturgical hymns ofw church. woven OUl of the imagery

C"'41i,,". The Fathers' SCnSC of the fundamental place of crution in Chri5[ian doctrine was a con·
sciowly maintained theological premise. Athana5im. at the beginning ofhis tua,ise On d,e In''''''''_
" ""' asserts: "Bm as _ proceed in our exposition of this [me incamarion of w Woed]. _ mu.t
firs, speak aboUl the crtalion of me univcne and its creator, God, SO that in this war wc mar con-
sider as fitring that its renewal was effected by the Woed who c..... ted it in the beginning ....
It,sonlyagainstthebackgroundofaproperundentandingofmedoctfineofcrcatiorl thatwe are
abl e to grasp .he significance of the iru::amation of m~ Word. \Vhar creation mun s. as Atllan..iw
goes on to make clur. is mat me universe has been created Out of nothing br the \\ioed of God. h
follows from this thar the universe is good, that the reason for its present lamentable sra,c is not tt>
be sought in the Creator but in th~ fact mat me high~sr crea,ed sta,. is thar of a ~e ... tional Ming
"" that Create a universe capabl~ of containing the highestfonn of goodness ".", to create a uni-
versethat depcndedonmefrttobcdienctofrationalMings. rh efolIMing thefail~reofralional
Mings to remain faimful to the good.
That failure le<! 10 a univene characterized by corruption and duth, The fall was not. howe .. et,
th~.nd of the SIO~·. for God the Word. who had "u,ed the universe. came m live as. human Ming,
among fallen humar. i>eings. and merebr to encounter ,he powen of corruption and death .
unleashed in the cosmo. b)' the human fail u~ '0 cleave to me good, to conquer them in his dum
and thereby to reveal the power oflife in theresurna;on andd",w humankind inro hi, dn,;nc li k,
whue they will be S«\Ire in the good. lM whok picture is of an an: of the: d",ine putpOK fWSing
from craoon rolKifiation ( 10 use the: tndirional.erm in Greckpatriltiarnrthe:finalgl<>rific,"ion
of cram"" induding humankind), traruccnding rh. lcucr arc n «cuil.:lled by human frail.,. pUlling
&om foil to redemption. Seen in this con.exl, the incarruotion is of more than merely bu~ &ignifi-
cana: but involYcs the whole toImic
Hu,""niry in If.>. i""'g< ofGooi. The co.o mic dimension of cre"ion·incarnalion.deifica.ion does not
supplant the: human lignifiance of thc: d"""" of oution;tnd redemption. In (Kt, nther the oppo.
si ..... for the human .u.:ifhao a toInUc role acoon:Iing 10 the Grttk I1othcn. Thos is cxpruscd. partly m
the docrrin.of the human u a microcosm.a"linlccosmo.o;;n w hich the grcucr cosm <>.l i, .. el1ected,
a doctrine thar the Famers found in u... daukal philosophtn. notabl)· Pla.o. There is a tcrKkncy in
!he Fathers m tad !heOUOOfl r>arr.ltM:ofGencWIn terlNofmetolmoiogKal mythofPlaw·.
T, ........' and vi« VerA. As m'CT0C05m , me hu~ bemg i. scen u in tegral 10 me co.mac, U me
-bond (IyIIdcJ1PlOs) of the cOlm",." For mil 1Uo"'n. the f:ill ofhumankind hu cosmic co....,quencu:
it is noeJIUt humankind mat Iw bccnsubjcaed toconuptionand btu the wholccosouc ord ....
(d". Rom 8:20-23 ).
BUI .he u1rimale iU!cificarion rnr the high doctrine of me ~mic role of humankind hu in m e
doctnM.llSeT«d in Genesis 1:26,th..t human beings wct"Coutcd-m the 'mage ancIlikcncuof
God.-lM doctrine of human bemgs u bearing the dJvtnc image 11 nol a donnn. thal recurs much
in Ihe Old Tutamenl; outside Genesis th.n: an: occu, echoes, no morc (e.g.. P. 8:6. W;' 2:23 ).
Nor .. it very promment in the Nc...·T...tam<n'. Bu. 10 the Fathen" .. cenrral: u Pere ThCamcloc
on« remalked. "Th.. theme of the image ... in the theology of the Fmers, above all the Greek
fatheri,cemral:inthltdoctrine.hcreconvergea,oncetheirchrulolograndtheologyof thc Trin;." ,
theiranthropologr and psycholog)'. their thcoIog)' ofClUotion and th..t ofgnrc. the probIcmof
n.>o;ure andofthc.u!"'rruoo;ural. !he mys.Cf)' of deificaonn. me meoiogr of the 'l'lritu.1l likanclthe:
1a....,ofiu de'·e!0?1nemandofiuprogreS$.""
It .. ccntn!. onc might argue. because the donrin. of <he image ctubIed thc: Farhcn.o m.erpm
the ruching they rnund in the Bible in c.a.cgnrit$ of though, thll thc).. u GrttIu.. own} m large pan
to their educ.orion . rooted u il wH in class,,,! philolOph)·. eSf'<'C,.o.Ilr , ha< of Plato. This Can be illu. ·
trated in.wo waY" Finr. ;fbeing-in the un.age- i<kntified whot it ""as 10 h< human. then thu would
suggest th.u .0 be in the image ,,'U 10 h< r.l.tionai. the Grttk for which IS /ogitm. God
through his word ("He,pokc •.. and il"'u so"),thal Li,throUgh h ll LogIII,the Logo, lhat ,as John
telll us. wu ·in the beginning." wu ·with God· and • ..·u God" (}n 1:1). This sUy<$u • d":!",r
mearungofh<ing .... " /orii:os: roh< /oriJ:DJ isropartlC1pat.m!hel...o£os.that ....opa.r..ctpa.telr.
the One who was inalmate as Christ (cf.Jn 1:14 ).
The language of Genesis 1:l6 fits in weU with this, for it 5tates that human beings wen cre....:d
accnrding 10 Ihe image of God, I:a!' tiJ:Qnn ,ou tlu"".ln other W<>t"d$, there is an image of God. in
accordance with which human being.< are fashiolled, and that image is the Logm (cf. 2 Cor 4:4,
which speaks of'Christ, who is the image of God: cf.l Cor 11:7; Col 1:15). And thal i. ilio
Ihat imo which wc arc transformed. or transfigured. bl' our resporuc to the grace of God (cf. 2 Cor
3:18, where we 2U uid '0 be ' changed inlO the wrtc image from glory to glory: and Rom 8:29.
where wc are desrined to be'conformed to the of hi. Son').
The no,ion then of being fashioned in the image dcepeM the norion of wha. i[ is [0 be human. I.
mnesrarionalil}' apan:icip.1.rion in the creatiyc Logos of God and linb the origin.o.l human State of
being in the image of God with our fin.:tI s","e.[ransfigurcd by the glory of God imo[he irrulgc ofhi,
Son. Bcingka,' cikona (which in loter Chrisrian Guck becomes. noun phrase, 10 !:at' cikona, 'the
state of being in me image') is then fundamental to undct'standing wha. it i, to be human and what
" .. to be rutoud to communion with God.
Thi. dynamic OCfISC of. movement in which the fundamental cruted potentiali'}' of human
be,ngs i,reycaled is linked oftheGrcek famers to the other word u&cd in Gen .. is 1:l6,
which5OY' that humans were nude in God's i""'f" ~nd liltm ..., kat" cii:Dna ... kai ... homo"",;". For
the Gred: word homoi;,sis ,uggestsa process ramCT than •• tate {the .ute of likeness wouIdbc
homo;QmiJ Or /wmoit)lts): i. was the word used by Plato to denote"likening to God" O'":a.<.<imil.alion
10 God " (homoio"" hco), which was for him the goal of philosoph)·... be remark.< in a phrase much
qUOled by the Fathers (ThtoWtt«< 176h). Hwnan being.< are Cruled in the im<lge of God and, finally
transfiguredby thegloryofGod.wiUdisplayGod'.liken ....
The whole process of responding to the p c of God bl' prayer and :l demanding life of love
bring.<:aOOut an .... imilation lO God in which humans find their crea.ed fulfiUment': this :a.<.<imila-
lion lOGodisilioeall.dthdnis {deific.o.ion. becoming God). But thi. dcification iSpo5$i bleonl)'in
and through Ch';$! the incarnate Word, for humans poucss only the p<>Ien.ialil}· for deification.
bee..... th.y are created in accordance with Christ. who is the inuge of God.
E~.n in thi.<brief ske«h, onc <.011 <et h......· the notion of the imag<' of God i, an architcctonicterm
In me theology of the Fathers.onc in which all the dimensions of their theology converge:. This real·
,u,.ion perhaps found nowherc.uch dur ."Pu.ssion as inJohn of Damascus. the PaI..rinian monk
who oppo$CCI the destruction of images (iconoclasm ) by the Br..antinr emperor Leo at Ihe begin-
ningof theei!!hthcenrurrlnh i.<dcferu.cofth.divinei .......g<:$, h.bc:ginshisa..gumentbyshowing
;'0\\' thr nOlion of the imago: i. a central analogical term in Christian theology, so that disruf>C<T fOl
I;,raTliSlic image, such as the icol'>OCias..emperordisplayed,thrcatened to tearapal"t th .whol.fab·
ric ofOrthodox theology {Stt 0. IhrD;., ",I""'gtI 1.9-13;3.16·23).
The foil ~"d ong;""II'''. Genesis 3 beam. for Chri"ian theologians an .rplalUrion of why Ihe erc·
ated order. fashioned by Godu"uettdingly good,",' fuJI of evil and wickedness. AI wc havc alrady
rnn.ukrd. the fundamental ';gni6eana Ken in the aaowt. of hwnnUty', 61'S'! dUobtdienct iI I\Ol
",meth,ng Ouurians inheri.ed fromjewU.h inuq>~.ion ofGroeai' but ~bIy has much .0 do
wirh the way in which .he IIOr)' of Adam is SUn to mi rror in revcn.c: .he story ofCh r i!! the Second
Adam. By his disobcdiet>«. Adam destroyed thc rmrioruhip that God had establishe<l with him.
no. just fOr himscJfbut fOr hu dcKltIl<Untl: they a", born into a "",,"d alienated from God,
Ex:actlr ho,,' Adam cam. 10 diJObey God is ",m.thing which the Fathers ponde",d. and they
ca"", Ilf' with difi"crent ooJ.urionl. u will be discover"'! in thc p"-.rl$tic comrmn<aT)' thal follows.
Pride in m.. sensc oi...mngone·. odfllf'agairu. God and igr-inghil will. giv1ng ,n m m.. allun:
men. of the lCnKII.ndooJ.idarity on Adam·. pan with hi. misguided wife an: all ;nrerpn:urioru lug_
gesrcd b)' the Fath ..... Ther alJO makr much of the <!ea" of the ...rpcnt. whom they f!C'neraliy
identif}· with SaClfl • had been ettated 11 the STUteS' of the a... f!C'u but fell, eIther because of
pride that would not pcnnit God 10 detcrmi ...e his moral world or mon: commonly beca"", of en")'
(cf. Wu 2:23·24). envy of the human being whom God had m.a<le. microcosm and bond of the cos·

Thi. coam ic role that the human ""ing WII =r«l1O fuJ6J] i, invoked by the G r.d; fathers to
explain the fan that Adam· aJl«tcd not just himM:lf but also hi. daccnd..anu. A. Athal'lasius

pl" it. and foUowing him mou of m.. Greek fathers. u. resuI. of Adam·,lin. conuplion and death
haye been unleashe<l into the world, The rcIIon why rtpcntana on Adam·. pan could not unclothe
rn:IJ\'fcstincorruprionandde.aththatSttmto"alkthroughthecoan>Ollikeayengingangt:u (Stto"

Thi. c... m;' und.rltanding of the effects of the fall. char:ac.erist;' of the Gredo: fathers. is in wme
Cont.U! ro Augwlinc'. idn of m. fall and originaI';n (an idea alrudy developed by me unktt.own
Luin fathe.c.illed hotausc hu works an: prucrvcd;unong the writiogs of Ambrooc ).
that evennuJJr came to be dominant in the WeI., Augwtine saw Adam', pcr",nal sin and guil' ...
inherited 1»' his cia«ndan... 1O dUI they an: guilt)' of original';n and jusdy suffi:t IU consequences,
hotausc mC}' all .inned in (..... ich he found affirmed on Rom S:12,accordml: to hu ,n.e<prCU·
,ion of the rradirional Latin ve"ion ). The term <>rigi"Q] lin i. not found in the Greek fathe .., who in
con,,·u••pcU of the rathcr different concept (prop..,criU Ioamarfi,,).
Tht .... ~ <1,0"1.1 t/Gnwu Jar w 1iItM.. After the fim thrtt m:ap<ers ofG ......;•. tht of
p;lmsticcom"",nt becomu much rhinoe •. Th. account or me Aood i. paid ",me ... and seen
as a prcfigunti01l of Christian baptism (cf. 1 Per3:20·21 ).ButtherCi:ofthtKCoumoftneo.",,]or-
mm, ofhuman OO(I(ty, the leCming p;lralld growth ofhuman Ikills and cnfu and human wICked·
ness. aftr:lCt$ httlf COmmm:. Nonetheless these chapters proyidfd preronccptiOnl rhat affect
pa,ri"ic though. in , ubliminal \OIaVS. The ambi.&lence of might in the battl.of.he gian .. in Gm"",.
6:I-4orinmefiguncofNimrod (orNrotod) who,mme~t,isdacriNd ua nug!ttyhuntcr
ag:unlt me Lord. is an example. Mon: obvious and Itrilcing iI me way in whlch rh< KmUnt of me
origin ofm( dififft:n, human languagu in m. srory ofdK rowcrafBabd (or a.bylon. or"conN-
lian· ) prU(nu the varietyofhumanlangua~asaru""tep.a""ring hum<lnbei ng, anefrom
another, in cantrast to Our modem inclination, me product ofRom.o.nticism, to tee me multitude of
diffi:~nt langua~ as wimeu to the untold ~ari«r ofhullW\ uperience.
Th. Fath... read me fin. cftap<trI of the Bible as unfolding a thcoIogic.aI und(nt.anding of the
human condinon.. TIw: ~nwlu ;U,ow a~ inunded 10 help tht rt.adI:r 10 pro'" from wet. an
~ '" what much modn-n Kholanhip rtprds"" aDOI'n. Itgencb oflimit:ed thcoIog>aI ,<IIuc.
In mllKO~nng tht thcologial perspa:ri~ ma, tht Fatht.. brought '0 tht ScriptulU. men and
WOmen tod:lr will find accus la Ihe depms af a meological traditian that stiD has much ,a say to
,h.m-IhiJ iI .h. foundation On which .h. Ancient Christian Commentary on S<:tipntU h", been
The IJ' for mil anthology of passa~ from the Famen was done bJ' Dr. Marm Coon.
though me final ~rsion is the lUulr of our coIlabonriv<: dfon. The Introduction is minc.ln the pas.
",""l.mee,. nuntber of alreadyu,"en. tnmJations ha~ boten UKd. oftcn modified In the mtcr·
iWI of accuI"Vr or clantr- No ancmpt has been ~ .. howev.r. to intrnduc<: mdW:;Ye ~nder
language: ,hi, would h."" been an ..1.00"',( ruk, .ince 10 mum of Gcncs;s 1-\\ concCmJ the
human condirion. and in steking a "anct)' of ""'tegie.! '0 avoid wing the term ""'" wt would have
run the nsk afobs.curingthc Fathcn'thought.Thc ...dtrlhould bear in mind that inthc original
languages used by the Fathen the noun translated "man" (in Grttk (J/UMDpoS. in Lantlllonoo)

Durham, U.K.

''Gttw.oI _,-'n..._oltIM...a:::s .... ~and.a-l_.a.-~t..r... .... _olG<oooo.'''.

_..Jf.oo1J_n.O"O'O"Gnoo_ .... ." .... I&t.F..Sorap!uon"-""" ................. ."PIoiU"'£..loh_ (1'IanMa.
CoW".S..H.nmonolAloooioo--.lOOOl .... . . - .... .-M ............ _--'''''..-ooIoc.-and.-.,...-
olC-- ....,. ... ,........ ... tIM ........ Iobon. 01 F.. " - ..... _ .... tIba .......... odIyt.....6 ..... "'..... " " ' _ ' -
oI.o<t.d .... ocIo<.... .. " " ' " - - _ .... ~ .. _ _ IooPo_~"P""' .... ,,~ ..... _F..
Ro.-""",.-.poIir_~l __


Ov..,v •• w, God e.... ul heav"n and UTlh u r,h " ..... h.e,·.ng<[,njohn.loo .. y. inth.
•h..,,,ghtl.. Word.,inc~"in.h.bc:ginning"·u bcg'nni ngofh ll GOIpcl: lnlhcbegllln'ng .......
.h. WOTd' (AOOUST' ....). God mad. h .. ven Ih.Word . andth.Word ..... wilh GocI.• nd
.ndurthinlh.beginn,ng.notinlhcbc:gin· .he Word ....s God. The um. " ' U ,n Ih.
ningof time bUIin Chrill {O ..lGaN.CHaYsoJI . bcginn ,ng ..."h GocI. All.h,ng,w..e m.d. by
yo,.. AoousT'Na}. Godcrcl",dheavenond h,m. and ..."hou,h,m no,hlllgw,,, m"';c:'
unh.lh •• i •.• h.monerof.hehuvcn •• nd HO"'L'.'O .. G~N.'IS'.I.·
th.m.nerof.h.urth . whichcame.obc IIOIhing ( Su,.. N~"ssll1S OF EMuA). TH S S .G'H HI/.ohTH,WO .... 0 8lG'H"
Th. bi •• h oflhc wo,ld ,,·a' p..,.d.d by 0 con · ScriplU'. i.nol . pcak>nghcreofany temporal
dilionof,hing,.uitabl.forth.cxerci •• of beginning. bu,,,uYI .har.he and,h •
• upcma,u"']po ...e n. Thcm.. ningof cr... ion canh.nd .ll.h>ngs ,ha....cremad. ...... mad.
" ... n from d""ne r.vcl ..;on {BAS'L). To "'n.h. b'g,nn,ng: ,hal,""n,hcS.",ot.
Mo .... God·. r<v.l ..ionof,h.begin ning' ,,'.' HO"'L'UONGINUIS,., .'
made . de'lu ...I)· k.nown • • ndhi' a«oun'il lo
bcfuUy "ul tcd(CHaTsosTOM). H iI"'I~' .. ND E.. IlT H A .. . THE FO ...OLISS
MATTK .. OF T" H UN ,v ... n. Aum'S T'N"
1:1 In d,. B.,i .. ",,,, Go.! Cru led th e SCT1p"". call td heaven an d earth .h.. form .
Henell. G"d E•• tb I••• m ..... of Ihe un;v. rs<:, whIch .....
chonged,n.oformed.ndbuu.ifu l n.. u,u bl'
H uv .., AN" E ....TH w .... CI...T." God ', 'neffoblecommand .... Tb .. h,ov~n
THIOtlGH TH S \\"OID. O "'G~N ' \\''h" " .n( and u"b .... b,eh "'... rn nfuu'; and m,~(d up.
h,s ,nn,ng or all .hing' uc~p. Our Lord and ... ere au",d.o ' '''t,v. form . from God rh ..,.
·Sav,orof all ."' Je.usChri,,·, rs.botnor
ev. t}'(.ururc ~": In.hi, bcgmning,.h ••• fOT~ .
• h.. ' • . ,n b .. Word. "God made huv.n and ',T...,nl. 'Coil'"' 1"",), ·FC ~"'7. 'Fe?",,.
maker. 0 .. THB L'TlR.U I"TUP~BTAT'O" OF Finally,h.w.ld.dallth.div.... parucfth.
G"NES 'S;.,O.' univnse by li nk. ofindi •• oluble attachm.n.
GO t> C ~.AT E D T H B MATT E ~ A.. t> T H E F O ~M f.llow.hip and harmcny.har ,he mo.. dis·
oF Huv""'SA .. n EARTH.Bu' "THB t.n'.in . pi .. of,heirdi.. ance .• pp....d
GnAT: [The Maniduun. a .. ut .ha. ) th. unitcd in one u nive .. al Iympathy. Lct.ho..
formoftheworldi.du.tothewi.domofthe menth..dc .. renou nc. ,h.irf.b ulousimag_
. uprem. Art ificer; man.r the Cre· inuion ...... . pitcofthew.akn ••• of
atorfrom without; and thu. , h. world ... ul .. ... ndtom ••• u ... power
f.oma double origin. It h ....c.ived from •• incompreh.n.ibl.toman·s ..aoon .. i,i.
ouuid. in m • .,u and ill .... ncc and from· m.n·. voic •. Godc .....dth.
God in fcrm and figu.e. Th.)· thus ,cm. to heav.n. and theearrh. bu. no. onl)' half- h.
d. ny that th mighty God ha. p.u ided otthe cre",edall.he h..vens and all the •• .,h.c re .
fcrmationofth. univ ..... ndprct.nd that ncewithth.form.HIl;u.,
h.h .. cniyb.ough,.crowningconltibution M" ..ON ~'~'J .'
'0 a CCmmon work . rha, he h •• o nly con"ib·
u..dsom •• m.11 po"ion to the g.neli. of GOO C".ATln T H,,...GS OuT Of NOT H,,...G. •. Th.)· ... incapabl.from'hed.b... - NBMHStUSOFEM ESA:Ev.nifirisgr.n .. d
mentof,h.irreucningc(ui , ing , htir . ha. the God ofall.hi ngl follo wed an order
glance. to th. h.ight of truth. belo'" [inth." •• tion J. hei •• howntob.God.nd
aru ....ub"'1u.nttom .. rer-introduced Creatorandtoh. v.brough,allthing,in.o
,· ,heindisp.n •• bl.ncedof,h.m. bcingou, of nothing. ON THiI NATUU Of
Wcol .. i ...d before weaving mad. itlupply MA .. ~6.·
cneofnatu ••• impe,fe"ion •. Wood ..i...d c•• p.nt .. ingtco~pouu.ionofi,and T H. CO" D' T ' O ~' B~FO" . THil I.h u H 0.
tr.nsform.dit.achd.yto.upplyn.wwanu TKE WORLO.BAS'LTHiGRIlAt:lr ' ppears,
and mad. u.... all th •• dvanrag .. d.riv.d indced,that.v.n bcfore.hi,world.norderof
from it. giving th. oar to th. uilot. the win· thing.exi ...d ofwhich our mind c.n form an
nowingfan to ,h. laborer.the lanc. '0 th. id •• bu.of whichw.canu)"no,hing.btcausr
$oldi ... But God. befo.. all ,he .. ,hing.that i. i,tcolofr)" a'llbject for men who are but
now.""ct our nc,ice ui.ted •• fte, caSting beginne.. and ... "illbab•• inknowl.dge
.bon,inhi.mind.ndde .. rminingtobring The birth of the world wuprcced.d by. con-
in'o being ,ime which had no imas· di,ionofthing," u;ubl.forthee~erci .. or
in.d the wc.ld . uch .. i,cught to b•• nd cr.· . upern.tu..1pow.... outltripping th. hmiu
... d matter in harmony with th. form that oftim ••• tern.l.ndinfinit •. Th.C ....or.nd
h.wi.h.dtogivei'.H.... ign.dtoth. h.a v. D.miutg.ofth. uni v.... pcrf.c..d hi. work.
• n.thtn.tu .. adaptedforth.heav.n,.nd in it.spiri.u.aJligiuforme "appin... ofall
pv."'th•• arth.n ....,dance ... ho 10.... ,h. Lord. in.. U.ctual. nd ",vi.ibl<
" ·irhi"form.H .form.d .•sh, ,,· ...
a .. . nd ...·... r .• ndg.v.toeachth..... nce
,i""h.o;'jec,ofiuui ... nce re'luir.d
naru •••• aUth.o.d.rlyar.ang.m.ntofpur. C"",T' O" K"ow" ~II{)" R."'IILAT,ON.•• whoanbeyondth.r.achofou. RAJ'LT H.G ....T:W.... propo.oing'ou.m.
mind and of ...nom we canno. n.n diacover in~,h~I ..\lCI\I . . of.h" ... o.ld. nd 'Ocontcm·
the name •. They fill th. _"". of .hi. invi,i. plate rh .... hol. "nivcr••• no. from Ih. w".tom
ble world.uP.ul.u(huu,.-Forbyhimwer. of.h ....orldbutfromwha'God .. ughlhi •
• ,.dtha' .r.;nh ....n.nd .ha' .. rvantwh.nhc.poh.oh.minpc.oonond
... innrth.~ilibl.and;n~ilibl •. witho".ri<ldl... HEXAlO••.oN 6.,. "
Ih.y .... thronuordomin'on.o.p.indpaliti ••
orpow..... or ... To Mo, .. Wu R. ""'Llt. OTHII B.Gn''''NG.
digni ....,lu. i. C H"vsoSToOl:No,ia.hi• •,hor.
w •• ntce""<)' .o .dd.n.... d ...lyMlov.d .• ndrh'p ••" .."I"rgifthch.d.
Khool.nd ...iningpbce ",h••• m. soul. of lmCln.whil•• I1,heother uupir.dau,hon
m.n.houldMuugh •• ..... ing. .old.ith ..... ha' ..... uldhoppen .. ft.r a long
d..,in.d'0 and , .. dle.Tltu. """"· lim. Or what Wlf going 10 ,.1.. plac. 'mm.di· ,otharofthi. atcl)·.rhilbl_d ...lhor ..... ingbo.nm.ny
",orldandth."nim.blndplanuwh,chliv• g.n.rallon.aftcrth. u.nt . wu gui.t.d by ,h.
on".th • • ucc .... ionoftim •• fo ..v.rpr d'ltyOnhigh.ndJudg.dworthy.onarr ...
onandpu.inglwayandn.v •• ltoppinginifl what had bccn cr •• ,.d by the Lord of.ll from
cou.... I. no"hi.lh.n.. ur.ofrim •. wh ... .hcve.ybcg,nning.Accordlnglyh.bc-g.n
.h. pu.;. no mo...,. the fu.u,. dou no. uil<. ..."h m ••• word,,"ln ,h. Mg,n",ng God Cr< '
andth.p' ... .... fo •• M'ng ..cog. at.dh..v.n.nd"Ht ... dln'Sh .... Uo ....
",%.d!<ureof.h.,ru. at u•• lland •• r. •. ·Js11 by human !.m
,"liv..,,' (lugh,inu"ering,hU'lhing,flt .. ,h.on.
or,ope.,.hwitho ... rulandwilhoutc.".in whobroughlMingfrom nothing who Itlrr.d
JI.bil"r. \1 il th ...forc fil that Ih. bod,u of n.rratinglhcm."Su"'.... ,h... ·
animal. and pbnu.oblig.d '0 follow a 10rt of fo...,lilt.n,olh ... wo,d,no....heword. of
<urrcn, andcorri.dlwayby.hemo.ion tha, Mo ••• hutu.h.wo.d.ofth.God or.u
I..dllh.m.obirthorlod",th .• ho .. ldli •• in Ihing.<omingto ... through.h •• ongucof
m.m'dllof, .. rro .. n.itnv ... hoKnat ....., M"' •••• oIMgyou.l.IU. h..d wh., ....,d ..
.ccord ... ith .... ing.lubj<• . Tltw .tiltinguilhcdfromouro... nreasonlng. HoOl
,h.wti'.rwhowi'dy,.ll. ..."hof 'L'''ONG'NUI$~.S. ''
.h.un'vernoi<K. nO',op ... m.uwo • .u
at ,h. hud ofth. nar.ali.c."ln mc Mglnnlng T.uSTGoo·, a.. ........T' ON TO Mosu. CH"Y·
Godcru •• d";rh.,i"o" th.beg,nning ,OITOOI: L.c. u. accept what .. . ... d ", •• h much
of t im •. Tltu~fore. if h. maku the world grnitud •. no'ov ..... pping,hcprope.lomil
appear in Ih. beginning. it i. nOt ~ proof .h.: no. bu.ying ouuclv..... "h m." ... beyond ....
."binhh"pre..d • .tthatofaJloth.. thing' TIt .. iJ the beu"'ng weakn ... of .ncm ... of
th"wcr.m.d •. H.only ...·llh.. ,o«" •
• ftcrth.invi.ibl • • . •h.wo.ldofth ••• n.... l>egan
<t'.""'. EUGITlC HOOltLlU'.S.- .=
'C..t ",6, "NPN Fa ,s.o..Ss. " FC _ l. "Fc7401H:',PG
chccru,h,wilhinguthcydo,oal.lignncry ccmplc".roofmadchcfo",itspavcmcnc?God chclTown",uoningandlackingchc i. not.ubjKc '0 narurc·.dcmands nor '0 ch.
. uh:a';onchacni.hcyondlhccapadlyof n>1 •• of •• chnique. God i. thcc,ea.o •• nd
hu mannacurc.oplumbGod '.crc..ion, H oM- mUlerICchnkianofnaturc.and.rl.and
'uu 01< GINU'S a.s." .v.rylhingmad.ori magin.d.SB .... ONI.)."

HUV .I< .. NOE .... TH _C NU50STO .. :\\!hr

I d.... "p.()(c.d,fi..,huv.nth<nucch!Th.


' TIot t"'IIo "'''$ "';lboWf/~nft nd ~1I;d,' "nd darlcnru ..... , Wpll ~ [11'.141'. OJl' l'" dftp;'
"ndrbrSpiril' ojGlld ..... , "'o~ingllvCT [lbf/"'tofl ' rbr ..... rtr$. '
~ Or _ -I..a _ _ ... - - " .1..a_ .. -.o...I ..... 'ux..,.. 'I..a_ (...,-)

Ovn.v,g,,·: Th •• arth .ha, God mad. "'u T .. . E ....T .. W .. S Fo ...... ns M .. TT ....

,nvl. ibltand ... "hou,fo,mhcfor.God AUGUSn"'l:Th.carch,,·uinyi.ibleand ofallchinglbyordcring unorg.niud,and darknc .. "·uov.. ,h.
andd,,"ng .. ,.hingth. m (AOGlIST'I<.).Th. aby... Formle.. ne.....ugg.".dbyche ••
darkn.... ndth.d ••».nc.of word.,IOTha,,,,emigh,gn.$p,hemeaningb)·
,h. bodily hgh. rha, had '0 hc cr.atcd by d'g •• " •. forWfcare"nabk.othinkcognlll yc1j"
God (AlIClIST,,,,I)."W... r"i. anothcrd.fin i· abo".anablol"lCp.wa,ionofformthatllill
,ion ofth. formic •• ma".r.o bca ..ang.d by do •• nOI go u far ao norhing. From thll,
God (AuGUSTI",.).TncSpiri,movingovcr anothcrYL.iblcandorg.nhcdhuvenand
thcfactofrh.,,·a .... foruhado .... b.p,i.m carch ... uCtOMmade.Col<puS ' O"'·"·IS· '
(JUON'). Th,,,,·hich 11 compared loa
mOlher b,.d (&"UM), ~ ,""Id 10 hov •• ovc. \Vu C " UT' Ol< CO .. PLBT. 01< Tt< . F'.'T
rh ....a' .. to ",.ompli.h.h. "'u'" p"'polfof D"T~ B.. s,~ TH. G~UT: SIl.d,. ch. pen.n
.h. Fath••• nd th. Son (EMlllM.A...""n). condi'ion of ,h. ca"h con,i". in '"lIal< of
On, ..,daythccru,;on,,·.. lIillincom· abundan.c:th.buddingofall.oruofplanu,
pl.t. ( B"51~) , F"J< i.,.·u cr .... d,.nd only rh.p"ningforlhofTh. lonyrre •• borhfrul1·
.h.n ..... "ord.rcd(A"B~OSB). f"l.ndb .... n.lhefr •• hn ....nd fr.gra nceof

1,2.110. Earl" W,," Wilholll Fo rm nJ

\ '"id
noweu, and wha ,ucr,hingl,pJ>Uud on the fluh.A nd therefore they wonluplh, ,"un
.arth . li roebterby , hccomm.ndofGod ,o ,ha'£vcry~rea,urclcu.Butl£tul llndc ... and
.dorn lhe;r mother.S ,nceao yet th . r. wu th at th orci•• dirrercn, lightinwhichGo.d
nothingofthii,lhes.:riptu re realonably dweU•. Two Bool(5 ON GaNlS l S AC;,,'NU
.pokcof;,ao in~ompl .. e.Wemigh,uythe TliEM"N'CH""'''Sl.j.6.'
umc al ... about the hu ... n.; . ha, the y were
noryc,broughtloperfnoonthemuJ.... nor TH ' D" , IN.n .... 0 TH' D••• A•• TH '
had they rec.ivd lhelr proper adornment , M I • • AIUNC I OF L,G" T. AUOUJT, ... a: Onc
IIncc , h.y wcrenolyetl;ghledaro" ndbr lhe who diligently co nliden whal darknu. 11
moon nor Ih •• lln. nOfcrown.d by th. choifl rcally find. on]y Ihe ab.enc~of light. Thus 11
of.hellan.Forthuelh,ngoh.dnolyelb•• n •• id,·darkn • ., w • • over thc .by.,; .. iflour.
made. Therefore you ... ilI nOt err from Ihe · Ther. WaI no hgh' ov.r Ihe . b)'lO.· Hence,
tru.hifyou ... ythatthe huveni al ... wn. this maller d'lll and d,mngullhed
,ncomplete. H lll ...... I O", :.,.' bythenutwofkof God llcaned lhe'n~isibl e
and .. nf",m.dcarlh.nd.hcdecp ,ha,il lack·
C . ...TI NG P .. I C. OB' O.oa. ,NG, A .. ..on in gligh •. whafw ...bovecollcdhc... cn
The good archi,ecr IaYI the fo " nda,ion fi ... . ndcarth . lik •• h.,eedof he.ven.nd .... h.
and.f.crwan:l , when.hefounda.ionh" bun ON THR L'TR.,u INTE . .. UTATmN Of Gm... .
la,d.plou.hevaflOU'p • .,. of . hebu;ld,ng, "54.11.'
one aftef the oth.r. and ,hen add. to 11 th.
o'n.ment..ion ..•• s.:"plurepo ... '" ourthar 1:2c TIo_ Spirit W~ . Mo.';"! ~v_r 110. F~c.
,h,ng l werefi ..,crca,ed . nd.ftcf,,'udpul,n "j th.Wat.r.
a"u.II), crc and Ihar th. y had no begin· C.... T.O . T THIi S . ..IT. A .....OSR: The
n'ng,Ju.... if .he n.. u'eof ,hingsbadbcen. Spiri,fimngly movcdovc. th... nh.dcsrincd
uil wtrC.!lnn,ngand .obcar f..",bccaul cb)" hc.,dofth.Spi... "
d,dnolappearlobc ... mcthmgadd.dafte. · hdd Ihe ICed. of nc,,· b,.,h which wue'O ge f'
.... rd.HBX .. R.. eao ... '.;.' min ....ccordi ng.oth.wordl oflh.prophet:
· Sendforthlhy Spiril. ndthey . h.llbccr.·
u.d.nd.holl l h.1trcn ..... h. facr of .h.
u.,h." H u ,.. . .. nON ,.5:
GOD D"'IILT n .. SUP •• N"l L' Gon S .,o,u
C ....TI ... G" D,. '•• IINT P .. TIIC .. lL ,OHT. W.. T•• b BUlLT M""". L. Foa" Lu~
IIUOU JTINt: ·A ndd ••knUI ... uovcrlhe M .. TTI • . A .. (;UST' ... ~: The mUter "fiut
abr ...· Th. M. n;chaunl fi nd fa ,,11 ... ilh Ih" called by th. nam.of th .un;vc .... th., i•• of
• nd •• )·. ·W.. Godth.n ... darkn . ... bcforch. hca .. en.nd .. "h.rO'lh ...koof ,..hi'hit ..·..
mad. the ligh" ·Thcy th.moel .. cs are "uly In made from .bs.ol", c1 r no,b,n,.Sccond .iu
. h. darknc .. of 'gno.. ncc. and for.h .. rea .....
•i"=J'do norundcrlundthehgh"n ... hlCh
Go.d ..·.. bcfor.h.m.dc lh,,/igh,.Fo. lher
formlcuncu i, eonveycdby the mention of m.. n.. h.l.ino,d.,.om ......"il •.
•hcunformedcanhandrhelby ... becau.. Th.actionof.h.n;.,imilar.\t lilloniu
Imong III ,he demenlt earth i, more formic .. ·W·makingthcmfe"ilelhroughlhc ... armlh
and Icub righ.thal1 the re. •. Third. by the ofincub •• ion. H ... Ih.n.rh. Holr 5piru
namc_ .... ,heTt I.$"gni6.dml.""th.t.,i. fo,ah.d...... the ..cram. n, ofholy b.p,,"m.
• ubJCct to.h ....orlr.of,h. M.... e•• fo pr.figuring "" I .... iwal. 10 th •• th. ",••• n mad •
can be movcd "'''Tt euil)' Ih.n urth. And f...i1.brrh.J.ov.ringofth.. ... m.dw,n.
,hu. "naccounroftheulincubywhichite.n 5piritmigh.giv.birth.othcchildrcn of
bcwo,kedandmoyed.,hema"erlubject.o God.CO .. "' ... TAUO .. GIi .. iSlS,. '"
the Maker.houldbecllled rl<her than
U .. h. O .. THBLJT ...... LI .. TI.~.. TAT'ONO' T .. , 5.' ''' T H Ov .... I>. E....... THI Su·
GI"""4,' j.' , .....:!t w...pprop,;at.'o.evu.lhc.. lh.,the
Spi,ilh....... d lnl>rdc,fo'Ultol...nth.,th.
ASU'.OLo. S .... ns ... Juo .. s:!nth. workofcrca.ionwuh.ldineommonoy th(
bcg,nningofG.nCli •. h i. writt.n:·Andth. Spirit w itbth.Fath(rlndlhe50n. Th(
Spi,i,wa' .hewa.e .. :You lu. Fath(r 5poke . The Son crcatcd. And 51> i,w..
rhen . wha,i, ... y. ifllhc bcg,nningofGen •• il. abo, " . work.clc •• lr
Now for It, "'Y'lic.1 mun,ng- ·Thc 5pint shown ,htougio iu hovcring, in ordcr lod(m.
..·ul."ringaboverhe"·.' . ..· -.lrud)' 1t onnrlt(iuunltywi,bth.othcrpcuonJ..
Ihlrtuncb.aptismwubcingfo,•• hadowcd.h Tltu,wclurnrh.,aUw.. orough"opc,f.c.
couldnolbctrucblp.i' III,,,,~e .ur •• withou. ,ion.ndlccl>mpli.h.dby.heT.ini,)'.COM'
,he 5pirit . HO."LIlS 10.' ..... T ..... O .. G... I5I~ I. "

C.UT ' ON I ."n"'T.I1TH.OUG"T M ~

5.' . ' T. E.M .... TMB Sn.'A>I: (The Holr
Sp.... ] wlrm.d.hc "·I.e.. w"h. k.ind of wital 'FC ....1IJ.'FC ...14.Tlot_fi..-. . . . . . . .
,,·arm.h •• v.nb,inging.h.m.olboil.h,ough ...... fibofoa-. ·UOO),) ll. "UOO),U).


lAnd God .~id, "Le! tbne b. ligbt"; and thtrt ",as light. ' And God ,~'" tb •• tb . light
,,'41 good; ~nd God Jrp~r~!cd !he ligh! Jrolll Iht darlr.nm. 'God caUed Iht [igh! Da,. and Ibt
.:i,ritMuh.,al!cdNigb!. And !liert1&las tveninga ndlbere 1&I, . ... orning. onld" .

Ov •• v,Bw,·L."hcr.belogh, " wu'poken bodilylighr.·AndGodsa,,·lha:lh.ligh,"'..

Indfahl)·. T1te light.h., God crea..d i. ,he good"ligni6corh.,God.pprov,..;nil work. .. ndbeforehimagood.hath. AUGUST ...., AI Ih ...ordllh.mselyu ...... k.
had no. known (AUGUST''''). God i. ,h. l uffici.ntly clut, w.a.. 'old ,h.t th"light
aUlhoroflighl (A .. non). Ligh,iniup.i. was m.d •.", from God i, on •
mordtalfotmdidnorcom.ftomch•• un, •hing;chcligh •• hat God made .. ano.h ••. Th.
which had no, y•• (EPHU"). ligh' born f,om God i. th e ~cr)' Wlldom of
·GodcaUcd,hcligh,day,and ,h cd.arkncu h. God.bu •• h.ligh.madcbyGodiloomethmg
called n'gh,-mcanl ,ha, God mad. a dis';nc· mu.abl •. whcthc •• orpnrulorinco.porcal
,ion bet.... n Iigh. and dackn ... (S ON THI L rTI R" ~ I NT~R~~.T"T'ON Of G~N I'
EPHIUIII.AUGulT,,...).The fi ... da)'and nigh, "Is·ao.'
..... no. rul.d ye,byaobrmotron (B,u'L).
Theconccp,of l-day "il no.,ob.allegoria.d T HE L' OHT D IU NOT CO",. PlO", TU,SUN.
(EPHIUIII ). Th.'nvi.ihl.lpiri.ual .....,ldilcr.· EPHU... TH.Sn ... ":n..hght ...... rcl ....d
a..dbefor •• h'phy"icaJ ... orld (A... ROSa. lo.har11 migh'"preadov.,.verylh,ng"'IIh _
E~HR .., ). C ... ';onout o(no'hin gi.di .. in . ou, beingfutcn.d down. It di'pe rHd th.
g.. ish.dfcomth..... hichilc' u ••dou.of d.arknUllhll"·u(W.'.~crythingalthough,,
wha,ulI •• d b.fore (EPHIUIII ). did nOt mOv'. It wa.only wh.n (th. )ight ]
wen • • ".~y ~nd wh.n it ca m. that it moved .
l:3 Ltt T1:mrBr Lifbt forwh.n (.h.light] went ...·.yth.rul.,,·u
giv.ntothcnigh,.and.,[th.ligh,'. ) commg
T HI AUT HOJ; 0' L' GHT.A". lI.oSl:God i. th ... wouldbean.nd,o !,h"nigh t',]rol •.
•h•• ulhor o(ligh., and th. andcauoe of M.ct,h.cbrigh.n... [of th.ligh. ] rcnde ..dll •
darkn ... i• • h.wo,ld.SII,th'goodAu.h or u,"hruday •... ,hc l unw.. inth.
utlcred ,h. word lip, loo th •• h. might .. ~cal firmam.n, in o,d.,.o ripen whucvcr had
thcwo.ld by infuliog hngh.ncu ,h..cin and .ptou•• d "nd., ,h •• 6'11 liGh,.Co..... Nnu
.htU m.kci.... p•• ' buu.ifuI.S ... dd.n1r,h.n, 0"GIl .. IlS ,s, .8.);g.;.'
th. air bccam. bright and d.arknulmrank in
fC,rorftomthcbril\ianccofth.noYclbrigh,· 1 ,4 TIt. Ligl!! Wa . Good
n.II.Hn .. u,uoN,.g.'
S ..........T' o" o .L, .. HT P.O .. O... O:I'I.U.
IN ...... LIlCo ...... Nn.AuGUST'I'I~:W. S .. S'LTHEG.uT:Ev.ninj;,thcn.i.acom·
ought tound ..... nd th.t Goddid not oay"Lct monboundary lin . of d.)" Ind nigh " and ,im,·
th ..cb.ligh."byaloundbcoughtforlhfrom larlymorninj;i •• h.partofnigh,bord<r"'gon
th. lungl or bj·,hc .onguc and I . . th. Such day. In ordcr. ,hereforc .• o g"'" ,h< p,cr"g"
thoughta ... ,hooeofp.rton.phy,icallyprc· ,iv.ofp,iorg.n ... ,ion,olh.dl)".Mou.
occup,.d.Tobcwiocin.ccord w ithth.f1 ..... mentioncdfi.."hclimi,of,h.da)· .nd ,h.n
IId. llh .-Lclth ... bchght- wa"pokcn,nef- thar of ,h. nigh •. a. nigh, followed ,h.dar.
fabl)·. O ... TH IL rn ...... LINT~RPRITA.TIO .. OF Thc.onditr"nin,h<,on
G~ .. U1S;.>g.' ofligh:w.. notn,gntbutdarkneu.Tha:

GU .. HIO ~J;OM THH Ll CHT .... OE BY Goo. 'FC '~. 'FCM"~~1. 'FCM,UI. 'FCtlar
which wa) 0pPO"~d.o (h~ day was nam~d Iight . y., Godm.deadiv;.ionbefwe.nligh.
nigh,. Hu.......o .. ".8.' Inddlrlr.n.u..SO.oo....,molr.~ .... undhycry.
,ng Wt, and w~ m.h,. w~nu. by nO, making
GOD A p p~oy .. HIS Wo..,. AUGUS'-.M.: I lOund,b<Clu,,"ilencciJ th. ccuation of
W~ . hould "nd ..,.ana .h., .hisl~ n(~nc~ docs lOund.S';LLinlom • • cn.. w~distingui,h
nOt "gnifr joy;u ifovcr.n "n... pec.~dgood betw..n ....,
b".an appro""lofth~ wo.k.For ... ha.".a,d .... undlnddt.othu liJ"nc...... · H~calJ.d<he
mon fittingly ofGod-,nsofa." It Can b< Jigh,d·r·lndh( " nigh. ·
humanlruid_thanwhcnScrip,,,,,pu,"it ,,·ullidin.h•• cnlO,h •• h.mldc.h.m.ob.
.hilw·t·:·h',pokc: and ·"wu mad.:·it caUcd,becaUlch."para<cdlndord•• cdaU
plu..,d h,m: ThuI...., und.round in'he ,h,ngs ... dtatdt.y.ouldb<di.unguioh.dand
lpolt.·h ...........'gn.y.'n·"wumad.·hll •• ce,v. nam ...• Two Soou 0 .. GINUIS
pow«andin·,tpluudh im·h"goodnu •. AG .. 'MSTTHHM .. NtC HAH .... ~'.p. I S· ..
Thcl"incff"able thingl had to be uid in thi.
wayh)'am.n.orn.n ..... h •••hcymigh.p .... fi. 1:5b n.. Fi~Jt Da,
alL.O .. ,-HEL,T.U~I .. T.....IT..TtoNO.
GINlS'SS.,~.· NOT RULID I Y SOU t Mo n o N. 6.. s'~ THI
G~"'T: Now, h.n.~fo"h, af... ,he .re..ion of
AUGUST'NI:·God",,·,h.,.h.ligh.w.. rhe.un,i.i,d.ywhcndtc." .. iLlumin...d
good: and thclc worda do nO. rnun dtu God by,h",,, ••
foundb<for.lltmagood.ha.h.hldnot th" .. "h,andn'gh,u,h.darknclI l>f,h.
knownbu, •• h •• ur,hwh.n,hclun,. hiddcn,Y,,;,wlSno.a:
..... fini,h.d. Two Soou 0 .. G'MU,. rhattim.acco.dlftg.o .... Larmotlon, w..
AG .. 'NSTTH I M.. NICH ...... N.'.8.').' wh.nthl.firo •• reatcdligh.w.. diffu,,,dand
aglin drawn in Icco.ding.o the m... UT<
T " .OIlI G..... LGOO......... THI F..... L,hltdarcl m(lnd n igh,
GLO aT o. GOOD ...... A....ou: God, at l ucu.. d.d. Ex.GITtC Ho."u 8l~.a."
Judgcofth .... hol.wo.k,fo.u.ccing wha.1I
go'ng.oh.ppcnu ....,ngcompL ••• d, O'.n ..ou .... , .. G C~ ••n oM OUT o. NOT .. •
cornrn.nd • •h.p."ofhi. workwhichi • .,m , .. G ' .O M ALL Eu. C ...... '-" U O UT o.
,ni.. ini, W ....T E:n I TID 8 .. ot~, E.HUM '-HO SU.
ttl ••• m,natton . HU"'''UOM ".S" ' .. N: Heav.n, earth, fire, ... ,nd and ...aICe wne

ctea.ed frorn no'h,ns 11 Scnrture beau w,' ,

1:5a D", ... J Ni,hr n.... wh ..u . th.ltght.wh,ehc.m.tobeon .h •• u,ofthcthingl
D,n' '' CT lo" 81,.",u .. L,G .. T .... 0 O.. ~,,· ,h.t c. m••ob<aft...... rd,cam.,o b<from
N.... AuGUITI .. ~'·AndGoddi"idedth.
light.nd the darknu•. and God call.d.h.
... ~op.. _ 'FC"~l.
'FC*"".'FC"'lS..". _ .... _ _ d.ubao_
'FC.!06S. '"!h.tGK
ligh,day.nd hCIIl.d th.d •• kn • • s night : h
d,dno,sarhc •• " ................ op.. ___ ........ Iop< .... <Iook .. 1o<
b<c,uICdlrkneu.tlm•• cLr rhcabunccof ............... "K~ ... l."fC*1J
.0mething.... Thecefo,..,tho.efivecrea<ed which our mind Can attain by con .. mpla,ion
.hings were created from nothing. and every b",whicbhubeenld.uninvestiga..d
.hingelsrwu madefrom.hose (fiveJ thing. bc,au.riti$no •• d.ptedtotho • • whoare
.ha. camctobefcomnothing.CO "MB"TAU beginnersand .. y.,infant.inunders.anding
ONGS"'BSISJ.l4.J;lp." Thil wu a cond ition older than the
birthoftheworldandpro per . o th •• up .. _
Ta . Sl% D AYS All. R"U A.. LY Due" IP' mundanepow .... on .t.eyond,im •.• verlast ·
TU' • . EPHUM THB SYBlAN: So let nO one ing. withou,t.eginningor.nd. ln ;,thr
think that thccr i•• nythingallegorical in.he C r...orandProducerof.llthins· pu{.,cted
wo. ksofth c.ix day• . No onc can righdy oay tbework.ofhi.arl .• •pir; ruall ighrb.fittins
tha, the.hing. peTuining.o the .e day. wc,.., th. bleSledne.. of tho .. who lov . tht LOTd.
'r mbolic. nOcCOn On c uy that they w. ,.., .. tional.nd invi.ibl. na<ur ... . n d ,h. whol.
meaningl. n nam •• or.hatothecthing.were orderl)·arra ngem en,of.piriru.lcr.atuf«
oymbol iz.dfor th.irnameo .Ratber.ler which s urp ... our under .. andingand of
u . know inJuOf what manner heaven and which i,i. impoSl ibie.ven .odiscovec ,h.
earth wece cr....d in the Mginning.Th.y nameO. Thu. fill completely 'he cUe",c of
were truly hea.en and .. rth. There WH no 'he invisible worl d. HUAU' BaON •. s."
and".acth."TheT<$tof.hewock •• ndthin g. T " " I NV IS''' UW''I< LOC''''ATII D.
mad.thatfoHow.dwerenotm.. ningl ....iS· A .. BRou: The ang'J.. dominions and powen .
ni6cation •• ither.focthe.ubnan ce.of ,heir ahhough ,hey began '0 exist a"Ome "me.
na.urescorreopond,owha,theirname •• ig wtteaireadrinexisten.. whrn ,b' !" ;sible ]
nifj·. CO .... BNTA ..YON GSNES1S .. '. " world "'as Cfe.. ~. Hex"."UON '.S."

T .. IIC ...... TIONOFSp' .. ' TU .. L B .. ' N(l$ .

BA SIL TH R G "~AT: ln fact . ther. did cxiot
.romcthing.u it.ecm •• even before thi. world DFCiUI. ''FC 9L,74. '"FC4ld-i. "FC42.1&.


' And God s~id. "Le, ,bue be a f irmllm em in ,b. mids, of ,bt wa'us.' and It, i" ' parat .
,be wllterS from tb . "'Il'ers. "· ' ' A"d God mad. the fir mament a"d separAted rh. waters
,,,hi'h WtT, wnd er the fir ",a", ,", from the ",aters wbi'h "'ere abov, Ihe firma mtnt . {And it
",as so.}' ' And God <"lied ,hefir ... "m,", Heaven. ' A"d there was t vening ana ,ber, ",liS
morni"g.a,",o ndd"y.
OvnVI.w, God formed the.tablelubltance belicv.thatth.firmam.nrofhuv.nlCp"
of the firnum.n, by ,,"nJformins ,he naru- ra'edth.eorporc.lma.... ofvjsible.h,ng,
rally nuid WaI'" (C....ILOf' JlRUUIDI). Tbe from.h.inc0'J'O<ta.lnuncrof,nvilibl.
firmam. nt oeparatedthecorporealmltterof tbing'. Two Boou 0" G .... E.,S AC .. ,NST
,,;'ibl.thing.f.-omthc,nCorp<>rcal mattcrof THI M..... 'CH ....... I ',".' 7.'
,nv;l;bl. Ih,ngJ (AUIH/srn;. ). Tb. wot." Ihal
u. abov. and und.r Ih. firnum.nt do not AUGUST ' ''.' Tb. ma" ....... npar ...d by .he
Iymbohu lp""ual,;ncorporwpo"." ;n,erpolition ofth. fi ....... men' oo.ha, dr..
(B"s'L). Tb.firmamen,i.,h.corporul lower matter il ,hltofbodiu and th.highcr
hUYen. whICh God mad. af"r era"'ng ,h. m,"e.tha.ofoouU.O"'T HI L'T.... l l ... TI.·
h.a".nl(O .. ,.., .... ).H.eall.d,h.firm.m.n' '''. TAT'ON OF G, .. u,s 8.". '
h.a".nbecl,,,.,,divid .. ,,,enJy nullcr
from Ih. p.. "hlbl. nu".. (Aoousn .... ). TH I WATIU NOT RIDU C'D TO S ~""O U
O"'Ly.B.. s' LT ... G .....T:Bu, .. f.r"con .
1:6 A Fi,I,,,u,,. lI li,,d,. W"fc'S lam
obiisedtocont.lI,b.opin'onofccrla;nwrit ·
N .. T" .. I Of T II . FrU......... T.CU'L or ... in ,hcchllrch ",ho.llnder th.lhado .. o(
JnU IALi.. : Forwhll faul,h.v.theytofind and IlIbiimecoocep"onl, t..,vtlaunch.d
w"h ,he v.., e...atlon ofGod,whoou\o(,h. oll'in'Omtl.phor.ndh."•• ccn;n.h . ....,...
fluidnaru ... oflhe,,·It.nform~th.ltabl. only a figurc.odenolC Ip""ual.nd incotpo.
• ubstanc. of the hu".nll ForGod ...,d,"Le-!
,h.... beafirmam.n';nlh.m,dllofth.,.,a.... ..
...1 powc... In the h'ghe. rcgion •. accord •
ingly,abo" •• h.firmamen,.dweU.hebene,:
God lpokeonccforall,and 11 ltands f.. t, .....u in.h.low.. reSion .. .... rth.ndm.,ttr ... ,h.
fail,nG' Cn.cHnlc.. L L~CTUazS 9.S. ' dw.ilingpl.ccof,htmaJigna n,.So'''yth.,·,
God i. p•• iudhy.he ..." ... thll arc abo"c
BUILTHEG •• n:Andl"rely",en«dno, the hu".nl, lhll "'O",·.by the good pow·
beli.v.,becauu[th.firmam.n, ).ocml to cr.,th.pllrityofwholCooul malt •• th.m ... o.·
ha". had itfo"gin,.cco.d'ng 10 th. s.ncraJ ... ofGod.Andth....... ..
und.rlland,ng, from "·, that it i.lil:. thatar.undcr .hehuvonl •• p.utn,rh •
• "hcrfrounw..croroom •• uchmatcrialthll w;ck.d'pirl<., .. hof.-om,h.irnal"ralh.'gh,
ul: .. ".ons,nf.-omrhepercollnono(moil' h.... fallcnin,o,h •• byuof.v,I.Tllrbul.n"
tu .. ,.uchal ill cry.'ailin •• ock.Hu ... · ..,di,iou•.• gitat.d by.h.tllmultllow ,,·av •• o(
.. ,ao,,;.I.' piUl,on",
beu"," of ,h. inltabili.,· and th. inconJuncy
of .hei. mO".m.nU. Let u. reject: thu. theo·
n .... d .. aml andold .. om.o·.,.I••. H"x ....
T .. EF, ............ rD,v' onVu" .Li ..... " ....o",.g.·
l",'",.u TH,,"CI. Auc"n, ... ~ Tb......."
.... rcd,vid.doo,h.toom.w •• e .bo".,hefi.·
mam.n' and oth." belo... Ihe
'NPNFH£.'FC_,. 'C£c:-._G-I':' 'FC_
S,ncc ....... ,d,h.rmattcr,,-alcaU.d,,·at«.' 1 'R:",'6)' . '"NPNFH,7t).11

T Ma FLO'" OP W,l Ta. DOWNW •• O. B.u'~ H ..... v. ,.,. O.IG.,.,: Allhough God had alrcadr
T HI Gn.T: Som"'ru! mar_a!< .hi,: Why does previolUly made hcaven. now he make. the
,he Scripoure ,educe to a commlnd oftheC...,· firmamen •. For h. made henen fi .. , .• bou,
Ofortha,.cndencrtoflowdownwudwhich which he l ay":H uvcn i. my. hrone."' Bu t
bdongJ nOfu,.. lIy ,ow.. terl ... If water ha. .fur that he maku .he firmament . •h .. i •.• h.
,h il tendency by nuu<c . the command ordcr· corpo rcalheaven.Forcve.yco rporcalobjee ,
inglhewaterlloiKgalhcredlog.. herin,o il .... ithollt doub<.firmandoolid:lndi.ilthi.
o nepbce wouldiK lllperflllou ••.•• Tothi. rna,"di"ideslhewa.efwh;chi • • bov(huvcn
;nqll;ry we oay Ihi •• tha'yo".ecogniud very from the w.,.t which .. belo ... huyen." Ho .. ·
well d..: movemen .. oflhewltuafre. ,he 'Lln 0 ... G'''U 'I'.~.·
command of the Lord,bolh Ihun il IInltud)'
. nd IInotable .. nd that il i. borne nUllra.lly T ... M.TTa.Sno ..·TU. F, ... ...... T 15
down .lope. and in,o hollow.; bill how;, hid Co.Po . . ..... AUGII5TIN.:S 'nccScrlptu ...
an ypowerprcv;oll . ,othu, bcfore.hemo.ion called he... n the fi,mamen,. wc un wirhou'
wHcngenderedini.f.omthi.commlnd,you Iblurdnyholdtha,anrthingbdowrh.erh•.
younclfncithcrl<now no.haveYOllhurdi. rcalhuven.,nwhieh.nrytl"ng"pel'cful
fromone ... hoknew.Refl«,(h.,thc~oic<:of .nd ... bl.... more mu ... bkandpc",h. bl.
God mll<.. nl oure , and the commlnd given al andil, l<Jndofcorporulmallcrpr,o.tolh e
th"\Lm~,ocr"ationp.ov.ded .hefutu re recepllonofbcautrandlhed,sdncnonof
cOllrle of action for the CreUul'CO. HIX"~' forms. O"TU. L'T" .... L l"n."UTATION 0.
....0,., 4.~.' G .... BS ' S'.~9 ...


' And God l aid, "Ltllb. walrrl " wndrr IbtbtJl~.n l " "rgalhrrrdtogrt".r ,nloonrpl"ct,
and It! lb. dry land "ppur." And il ..·"l 50.' JOGod ull.d Ibr dry lAnd E"rlh. "nd ID'
"·"IHllb"l wrrrg"lhtrrdrogrlhrrh.,,,llrdSru. And Godl",,' rh41 il "'''I good.
·L n _ I ....... ·La ........... _ _ . . _ _ ....... _ _ ..... ...,.,. .... _ _

OV'.V 'fi"·: Tne ,,·ate.. wen legregated from g'lhe"ng logelher of Ih. ,,·.tets and .h.
IheClnh ( joHNoFD... .uc:UI). Th.ollghth. appear.nceof,h.d'l'l.nd ,h. ronfu.edand
forml'S$ mat'<rwa60rd<r~dby re<ei"ingiu But now.hi.watcr.nd .. "hareformed from
propcr,diff~r.ntform.(A"G"5TIN a,CHAYSOS ,harmar,,:r,ha,wascan.dbyth.irnam ..
TO .. ). Th. wa,e.. may Iymboliu the .in. and beforeithadtec.ived,,ms,ha,"·
vi,e.of,hcbody,whkh mu .. bc •• par...d Two Boo". ON GENUIS AGAINST THB
l e<:.

from ,he dry land"ha, i., fl"Om the deed. M .. N'C .... UN51.t:.IS.'
done in , (ORlGHN).h il impo.. ibl. for
,h. human mind to fathom how pr.cisely God TH~ Eu .. mNTG RmCE' VE TH ml .. F.... ,LI .. ..
creatc. (Guoo1l.yoFNyss .. j. FOIl .. . . AUGUST.wa:H.nce.atth.wOTd. ·le,
,h. w.,.rs b.gathered together, and let drr
1:9-10 C,ution ojEarlb ""dS.". land appcar.".he •• rwo thing. ( • .,thand
w... r J r ...ived rheir proper form. familiar.o
How THE Sus WHIO.HFOIl"BD. JO"NOF uS andp.rceiv.d b)"our •• n... , warer being

D".: Now. the fac, ,hat Scrip' "'' mad. fluid and earth IOlid. Ofwarer. ther. -
.pulu of on. gathering doc. no. mean tha. fore. i,i. nid:L • • i. be gathered": ofcarth,
they werega'hered ,ogethr inlO on. pla,. , -Le,itappear."Forw.tertcnd5toebband,hi,i,uy,, ·Andth'gath· flow, bu, urth rtmain. im mobil •. 0 .. TH"
.. ing,og.the,ofth.water. he<all~d •• as " L,YBAAL l wTBapUT .. Tlo,",OFG"WUIS
A"uall)·"h •• ccoun'm ••" ....... ,.11.>4. '
",e'.$Cgrega.edby.hem.eI"• • • partfromthe
""rth.AndlOth.w.te .. wercbrough. T HH LO"D N.... n n"l EU'UWTS. CHaY.
,ogcth.r in,o, and the sosToM:H,v·rou ... n.d •• rbrother,ho\\"
drj' l.ndappcared.ORT .. OI>OX F.. tTtI::·9· ' God. in a •• n..... ripp.d,h •• arth, wh ich "'...
invi.ibl.andforml.... and,,·.. coveredbr·h.
TIl .... SPOR.... TIO .. OFT HE Foll .. LUs M .. T. w..... asifth.yw ..eveil •.•
THR. AUGUST ' ''E: Now when Scripture uy •. face, after he had impo.ed anappropriatt
"l., ,he " 'atc' which i,be!ow the hu"cn, be n.meonita.well'·Andthegathering.ofth.
ga.heredinroon.g.thering:the•• word. wa .. ",
meantha"hi.corporealma.teri • •obe ,heir nam •. In fact .... an excell.n. ,
formed into tht bnu,y ,ha, the •• "i.ible whos.uou"omaktwi,h hi. art a cerr.;n
,,' ..e.. ho.e, i. ,·a. e,d.,."nO. gi"e it a namt lln,il ht has com·
.h. formation of.he. e W'''r$ that we .. t and plet.d it, so tn . good lord do-e. nO. impo ••
louch. For e"err form i. reduced.o a rule of on ,he elements until ne ha. put them
uni'),.\Vharel ••• houldw.u nde.$tandi. in their pl"Oper pl ace according to hi. com ·
mcan,byth.word.-Iet.hedryla ndappcar · mand.Thereforeafterth ...rthhadreceiv.d
.hanthi. m.nerrec.i"e. thevi,ibl. formtha. itlnam.andhadreach.di"propcrform.the
thi.nrth ,ho, w~.<:eand touch no'" ha., ga'hered watt" we .. callcd with ,heit own
H.n.. ..·ioll'Up.... ion·,h ...rth,,· ... name. HO"'LIU ON GEN~S" $.'0.'
in,·i.ible and wi.hou. form" "gnir..d rh. con ·
fu.ionandob.curit)·ofman.r.and.h •
• xpreuion·rht ,,·a •• roverwhich rh • •piritof
God"·a.born '- lisnifiedtha.umema,,~c.
G ... Ul5"U·',

Su• • ous ,. O. THI S ....... NO THI DU b.ani .... italtogcth.rfromourdiscUJIion.E~cn

L .... O.O .. 'GIN:l.cfUllabof,rhcreforc, to in m. cue of m,ngs which are quite ""mm
guher·rh.waterrha,isunderhel ... n·and the grupofollrunderll .. ndingand ofwhich
,asti,fromulrha,'thedryland:whi,hilou, wchavc..,nliblcpcrccpt;on.i,wouldbc:
de.d. done in ,h. nub. migh, appear. When impouiblcforlhc&pcculuivcrcuon,ogr;lIp
,h ,.hubc:endone ,·m.n ..cingourgood th.·how · of.hcp.od"Clionofth cphcnome·
worlu may glorify OUr Father who il in non.1tI mIlChIO,ha,ucn inlpi,cd and o.indy
h....,en."' For if wc ha ... no''''pua,cd fromUJ mcnhavcdccmcdlllchqllu"on.,nltllllbl• .
,hOleW.lCn ,hll.rcundc,heav.n.,hllil, Fo,in,"ncc.thc .. pootlcuyl,·Throughf.nh
,he.iru and""Clofourbody.ou.drylan.d wcundCf$landlh .. ,th.wo,ld.wCfefram.d
will no. bc:abl.,oappcarnor h.". ,he eourag< by,h....ordofGo<I •• nthatdungowh,dI ...
,,o.h.logh, ••.. Th • .dryl.nd.aft.' ..,.narcno,m.. dcof,h,ngl whlchdoappear:'
,he ",al.r WII rcmo ....d from i •. did no,con · ... Lctus.followlng,hcu.mpleofrh.apol·
•.... h·byGo<I.ln.hil ...... nn.raJltlou.!>od· a..d,hmgw;,houlmcddhngwi.h"a,allbu,
i ••• if,hils'pa.. ,ionftom,hcmtakupl.c., merclyob.crving,ncid.null)·.hatlhemov.·
will no longerrcmain"dry lan.d:The), ",ill. on mcnl of Go<I'l ",ill beeom.. 11 any moment
meconrrary·. N,aJI.d"..rth"bccall..,th.y,an mll hep[usco. r.... and ,hc,n,cnllon
no ..' NarfrllnforGod.Ho"'LlHso .. GE" ~' bc:comu.,onc.rcali=cd,nnatu['fc.Q"T"fi
5,5 ,.~.' SOU~""DTHI RI5V~UCTIO""

Ho .. ' 0 10 GOD C~~"Tlt GUGo~r OF

.n)·"nglclh,ng,.. mClnloulslcncc,w.mulI 'M,s"6.'FClI.-50-SI.'l-W>II," ""1'NFlS,,S'-s&..


" Ana Goa uia. 'La Iht tarth put forth Vtgtl<ltio~. pl<l~1l Ji~la i~g uta,' ana fr uir rrttl
btaring fruu;n ",bi,b tJ tbti, ••• a. •a,b <I"oraing 10 ill kina, wpo~ rbt unh. " Ana;1 u:.u
'0. "n ••",tb hougbtforth vtgtration. 1"4"1$ Jitlai~g lua ."oraing I~ tbt ;r Own kindJ.·
<lna trrn be<lringjr uir in ",bi,h i, rbeir Hea, urb ",coraing to ill kina.' Ana God Jall'rb"r
ilw"sgooa.IJAnatbcrtWaltVtnilll "narhtuW4,morni ng,A,hiraa4J.

0" ..", ....: S,nce plan ts .... diffe .. n, In 'P'" nparlld)' f,om ,hol<: clom<:nu (AuGu!<T1",),
, ,., from • .,Ih and "·lIcr. th.r"c ercOfcd God '. ,omm.. nd ·L., ,lit carth bnng for,h
vegetuion"beume a law of nuu .. and THS G.UT: Afte •• h.carth.tidofth._ight
.. main.d in th.urth {B ... SIL).Th.carth did of the w... t, had rc ..ed,th. command had.
nolofit.clfp<oduc.planudllt w.rehidden cometoi",thenth.
primordially in its womb; n,h ••• plant< were Ire«.An<1thi. we .." .. iU happcningeven a,
creaudthroughth.Wo.d(B ...... ,L).Ahhough the p.... n, tim •. Fo. ,h. voi.. th., w""then
thegraos .. andthetre.. w.r.onlyamom.nt h.ardan<1, .... ,commandb<:cam•. asi'_re.
old at th eir cr.. ,ion , .he)· app.. rcd as ifth. y • lawofnaturc an<1.emained in th.carth.giv·
w.r.month. and y.... old. Th.y wc .. cre ingitth.po_rtoproduceandbea.fruitforall
atedufoodfot.h.animalsandforAdam .ucceed.ingtime.HHx,o,".. BRONS.'.'
and his (EPHRHM ). Poisonous
and.hornyplantsw.r.cre.t.daft.rth e P L "NTSC RBAT~DTHRO UGH THUWORU.
origin.lsin (AuGusTl .. ~). ln th.b.ginning BAs'LTHRGRuT:VJh.nthecarthhe.fd.
the frui •• ,•• w.r.tip.n.d " Ler it bring fOrlh v.geution and thefrui,
b)' the Cre.tor, nOt by the lun,whichofiudf ,rce.; it did not p.oduc. plants.ha, it had
is no. ,obe worohip.d (B"S'L.AMBROSE. hidden.nit;no,didi •• endup ,othe.urface
C"RYSQSTO., ). The grain came ftom the eaf, the palmor.h. oakot ,he cypress that had
not th •• ar from th. grain (G UGORYOf been hidde n somewhere down r..,low in irs
NySSA ). womb. On the contrary, it i~ th e divine Wor<1
.h.tis theofiginof,hingsmad •. H ux ... E '
.,noN S.I.'

PUNTSC....·... I> S .........;.BLTF. OM TH ~I\.t,R"'CLIIOFVHG6T"," H) ". B" 5 ' ~ TH i

E ... RTH ...."'W...TH R. AuGUSTINE:H ... w. GIlS ... T: "LCl'he eafthbringforrh horb.:
mu .. nOl. th. plan of the Rul er of the wo.ld. Andin.h.bri.f... momen,of,im.the •• fth ,
Sincethec.opsandtrees"eat.darediffu. beginningwithgerminationinorder.ha,i,
en' in spuiesffom ea"h and ,,·... r.nd 10 mightkcepth.lawl oftheCteatot.p.ssing
canno' be cou nted.mong 'he e!emenu. the through.very form ofinc.ease. immediately
decruby ",·hich th. )· ... '0 proceed from the brought th • • hoo," ", perfect ion. The mead ·
•• "h is given.eparatel)·. and ,hecuSlomary ow. we •• deepwithth eabu nd . ntgrau "he
phrasesd.scribingthei."u,ion ... pu, r."il. plain •. tippling wlth.unding crop',
down.epar.tcl)·.ThusScriptures.y.,"And prc.entcdthepictureofa.welling sea with
..,i,wasdone." andrh.ntherci • • r.petition iu moving heads of grain. Andevety herb
of .... •• don •. Ther.i ••• p.ra'. m.nt;on an<1 everr kind of vegetable and wh.,.ver
also of the fact ,hat God ..,,· tha. itwu .hrub.andl.gum •• ther. wereros. from ,h.
goo<1.Bu,.incethe.ecreatur.. clingf... to eatth at that time in all profu.ion. Hnu·
the.a"han<1arejoined,oirby,hi,<oo.. M ~ "O" S.S"6.'
God wi.h ed them also to r..,long to ,h... me
d.)" [of crc ation ).O N TH~LITB""'L \!<TEIt. · 1:12 Bri" gi ngFor/J, V'gehltion
PUT"TlONO . GBNES'S~.".1S .'

T ."GU... ''' ...T10!<OFT HBE"RT H.B.... 0l

F. " .. T H . E ... 1l C ...... T Ha G ..... , ... GIlIlGOU wat ,huI read,·. And Ihe n ew ( Om .h ••
Of Nus ... , In ,h~ beginning. we .u. it was nOI wouldbt food fo. Adam and hi. de",.ndan ...
.n ur <lSlnS ftom a g... inbll,agrain coming who would hc,h,..., ... n ou' ofpa •• di, < four
f,om an u,. and af,erd,.,.,heu, g,owl diy' I.,er. will UtlU p.(p •• cd. CO.... UIT U.~
,..,und <he gra'''' 0" .,.H. Sou.. ~MD .,. .. . Rn· O... G I"ISls , .n.l·~,·
u.. neT'"''' '
T ... PO ...... OU' .... DT., ..... T PL .... TI.
Do NOT Wo .., .. ,,, THKSUN. B"'ILT .. [ AUGU ST' .. !: The M.n;chaun • • r•• ccu.·
G .....T: The adOtTlmen, of me carlh is old"r ,omcd.o ",', - If God comm.nded rh •• the
,h.n thc.un . •h., ,hose who hove bun mislcd "dibl. plant • • nd.hf,ui,,,eu (omefonb
may ccuc wor.hip,ngmeoun ...heo.iginof tTo",.hcu. .. h, ... hocommanded.h .. there
life. H.X..... B."" s.,.· come fon" '0 m.ny.hQ.ny orp","onollJ
plan .. . ha,a"u,eICNforfood and.., many
TH I Fllu , nWIl IlIl R ' '''''Il".r TH IlC •• , • ...,c. , ...,bearnofru'tl" ..• We.hould . ay
..TOIl. CHIlYSOSTo .. : .hen that ,"e ea .. h wu ( uned br re...,n of
youe""..y.h,ngcomplc.edhcfo.<:.hccr..."on t ... .'n of m.n .o th.t it bt.n thorn •. no.
of,hi.bodr [·hesunjl""yolla.. ribUlc .he .h•• i"hould luffe'puni.h m. n,.",ce i, ..
prodllctionof tbccrop • •olt,n"udof.oth( ... i.houtl-CnOluonblltlha'"lhouldalway'
CrU l0< "f.H. hing<. HO ... ltHS "N G'NU1S 'c. bef".e.h. eya ofman.h.judgmcn, upon
6.'~. · hum.n II n. Thu. me n migh, be admoni,hcd
byit.o.urnawlrf,o",sin, and."tt"n.o
T H. SUN D ID NOT CIlUTti V.Gn .. T, ,, .. . God'. comm.ndm.n ... Po,.ono". pl.n" Wcr.
A"uoSB:Le,e~eryone be informedth •• ,h< cre .. a puni,bmen. o,a,. «,.1 for mo,
.un .. no.rhc.urho,ofvegc:ta.lOn ..•. Howtan ,.1.. All ,hi, i, .he ,e,ult of "n. T wo BOO1<5
,he.ungwc rhe facul<yoflife ,ogrowingplan" o .. G . Hu ' sAG .. ' ..STTH iM .. NtCH .......S
w"'nmlOMh.~.alnadrbecnbrough,forthby ,.,).151·"
,heJ,fo.-gw,ng n"a"vepowc<ofGodbtfo""lhc
sunen.<...,d 'nlo,"m~Th.sun ;1 TH ~ E".T H PUT FOIlT" V.C.T.. T' ..... BU ' l
youngc:' than theg<e<:rI u,oot.youngc:rth.n the THIG~"'T:A, th".aying all ,
g,un plant. H ax"'MEIlON J.6.' wOO<happc...d;all .hc «UI, hotup ...
Likewile all the , h,ub. w.n imm.d ..,c!y
H " ... T H .PUNTSA" ..... . . o .E"H U .. THI ,hickwi.hleaf.ndbwhy; .ndth.c..,·callcd
Su., .... : AI.hough .he gru.u wc •• onlr . garl.ndpl.n.... ..lI,ou " •• nce ,n .
mQmcn.old ••• heitn ... ,;on •• b"y.pp..... d momcntof,im•• al.hough.hcy werenotprc-
U if .her wue mon.b, old. Likewi,,,, the vioud)·on'''. unh . .
••cu .• hhoughonlra d.y old ... hcn.hcy • Lc"h..... h bringforth '- Th i. b,ief com ·
' p,ou,ed forth. wne n""crlhelc" like treu ",and " '0$ imm.d~tclr a m'gbty
ycanolduthcy wc,e fullyg,ownandfru".
"·ero.I,ead,·budd,ngo,,.hcorbnnchu. The
g,u, .h.....ollldb.'equ'.eda, foodf",'h. 'NPN FB"'~. 'K_~. 'l=C7_PGSIM.. 'FC
arum.I"".''''''T< '0'I ':ba7. 'K"!II(l."'Fc~

an daborat~ .y.t~m which brought to p<:rf~c· whocon.ideuhim.elfwi •• r,hantherevcla_
,ion mo.~ .wifd)· than OUT ,hough, ,h Count· tions of ,he Spiri'and introdueu hi. own
1." prop~r'i",ofplanu.HiXA6"'6RONS.6, iden in preten .. of an ~xp!anation. Th.rdor~.
le," leti,beund... tooda.ith ... b.enwril1en.
HSX .. SM"RO.,g.I. "
G ....T:Whenlhu,·grau,·I,hi nkofgraS$, GOO,NOTT ... SU",C "
andin,h~$am.manner!und.rJ(and.v.ry_ CHRYSOSTOM: H. er~at~d th~ 5un on the
lhingu i,i. said: a plan,. a r..h. a wild animal fourth day I... you ,hink it i. the causr of the
andanox.lnd~ed.·lamnOluhamedof,h. da)·.HoMluESoNGsNBS1S6.' .... "
go>pet:" ... ( Som~ ) havea"~mp<edbyfalo.
argumen .. and attegorical in<erpr~,a,;ons,o
b~s<owon ,he Scripture. digni,yof,h.irown "FC46074.U ......... l,l6.uFC460l);·~ ..'FC74<A;,PG
imaginmg.Butth.i.. isth •• ttitudeofone SH&.


"Alld God Inid, "Ltt rba. b. Iigb(, in rh. firm~m.n' of lb . beavt nl" to Uparal. rb.
dn),frDm 110. nighl; ~nd It! Ibem b. for lignl nnd for . UIDn l nnd for daylllnd yrnn, " and
l.r Ih.m brlighr.' in of rb. heauen l 10 giu.lighl wpen 110 • • ar l b: And;( Wn $
10. " And God mad. th . rwogrtalligbll, Ibr gr.altr I;gbt (0 rwl . rb. dn)" and rh,ltller
ligb( (0 rwl. 110. n;gbt; b. madr (h. 51~rJ nlIO. 17 A nd God Itl rh.m in th. firma m.nt of lb.
b.ou.n," 10 giuelight wpon 110, eartb , " 10 rwle ouer lb. day and ou.r tb . nigb:. ~nd ro
rare rh e lighr from rh. dnrk" e". And God In", t~nl ir w~ 1 toed. " And I~crr ",al rvening
and Iher. ",al morning. ~fowrlh day.
·U:O: _ _ (.......J ·u:x .... Ioo .... _ " .... _·J.Xl Ioo _ _

OV ....VIllW'The heav.nly bodi ......he Star., the .un and th ~ moon "'e .. er~a,~d. ,he
..ctp.aduof.he primordial light, which God dal' and th~ nigh, w~r~ divided among ,h.
cru •• d On ,he fi.ft dal' ( jOHNOfDAMA:;COS) heavenl,. bodi~,. Th~ h~av.nly bodi .. muS< be
Their function i. 10 rule the day •. th~ .~a..,n ' oDservedHnaruralphenomen.bu' nO' in
.nd'hey~a n { BAsIL.CnJLoFj.RUSAL.M ). ord.. ,ofor~ca",h.futurc (AUGUSTI"E ) .Th.
Th." .is n,fixdi5finctin .. ",.I.of"m~ s"n.ymboli~ .. ,h.d;vin·soodn.&. (Pnul>Q·
(AUGUST,,<fi). The ord.. ofcr~ationi.p .. · D10 ...... SIVS) . Th •• un and ,h.
mOOn .ymboli:e
c;.cll' d~fin~d (CHRnosToM ) with primordial Chri .. and.hechurcb.rneltarsarcsymbol.
!ig,n precedins,he.un (A ... "",SE). After th< ofth.uin"andthcproph~ts(OR1G1!"').
1: 14-15 Liglm ill Ib,Fir"""lIf ll! U .. oIUllon. HUAI ....ON 6.'"

N... TUI. 0' THa H .... v ... u Boo •••. JOH" Wu~·O IDn.aD MovaM ... T5. CU'll o~
OF D........scul: Fir. i. on. of th. four eJ.· J...uuuM:Menough, loh •...,b.,.nal'on·<obuoran,.hanrh. i.h.d and amaud DOl onlr at the arTang.ment
o.h.... and"borhburnl.ndg; ... llighr.l! of .hc.un.nd mOOn but aboat ,h.wdl.,h.firotd.j·.for o.dendmo ... men •• of.h...... "ndrhci•
..crcdScriplur•• ay•• -A ndGod ... id:B.1ight unfuluedc""f
mad •. And light was m.d. : According '0 ..cb "frh.m;ho..·.om.".. lign.of . umm.r.
wha,"om •• lr·fir. i" rh ••• m.lhinguligh, . (I.h ... "f ...intcr:h"w l omeindical.lh."m t
.. And in,o Ih. lumin ..iu of the firm.m.nt fo •• o... ing, olhe ...h•• imn"f navig""on .
th. Crea,or PUt th.pnmo.di"lligh,.not Ihat C"TlcH.Tlc ~ Ll!cTU"U9 ·8.'
h...·a. 'nw.ntof.nyo'h.rlightbutlhatthat
pUllcularloghtm,ghtnot r.mainidkForlh. W""TV .. aca" B" THBSuo;. A"'''OII:look
lum,na"Y"n ... fh.hght "..,lfbut " . ru.pu · fl ..ton,h.firmam.n,ofh ..... n.wh"h .....
clc. OnHoDOzF"'TH~.7.' madcbcf.... thelun.lookfin' .
wh,chbcg.n,obcY;I;bl •• nd,,·al .lr.adr
T HE'. FUNI;T.Oo;. BU'LTH~ G ....T: "l., formed bcf... c,h•• un PUt in 'u appc ...nce.
,h.m l ....c; h"'Y'."fur ,h"fi",ingofd. y.; I..ookat .hcplan uoflh.urth.wh.chpr ••
no,form.k>ngd" Ylbutforord ... ngth .d.y". uded In \lm. rh. Ioghl Oflh.l un. Th. bum .
Fo,d.)· .ndn'ghl ••• earli.rlh.nlh.g.n ... · blcpt.ced.dth • • un.Thcbladcofguu ..
,ionoflh.luminari • •.' Thi.,hcp.. lm old.r,hanthcm.o<>n.Th.rcfore.donol
dcd •• uto ul wh.n"o.yo: "H.pla..dth •• un believc tha, obJecl '0 bc a god 1o which.h.
'0 rul . ,h. d'r. Ih. moon and ..... ' 0 rul. ,h. gifllofGod ... ..,.n'obcp..r.... d.Thr..
night:' Ho ...·. ,h.n.d"". ,h•• unrul.,h.d·r! dayl hav.p . ...d.No"n •. mcanwhilc. h ..
Bec.u... ... h.n"".' ,h•• un.nrrying,h. I'gh, looItedfo,thc,un.yc, .h.brilliance ofl'ght
aroundw,lhil . riIClab.w.ourhOTl:on.;,,dcnuntrywhuc.Fo.rh.da)"
pu...n.ndlothcdarknu. andbrongoulrh. 100h&$,ul'ght.wh"hiollSclf 'hcprccurJOr
d.)·. Th.ufouon....ouldno'.nifh...... uld of rhc Sun. Hn .. IMuoo;"" ,·
d.fincrh.d.)· u .... logh,.db),th •• un.oru
,h. m ... ul"fc of Um. in ... hich ,h. oun .. "iu T HE 0 . " .. OF C." ..T I O ... C HUIOSTOM:
,nth.h.m"phc.. abov.lh.urth.Butlh. For.h., rca'(In ,h. ble".d M"ns. ,nsp".d b)'
. un.ndth.moonw.... I.o.ppoinl.d,ob. .h.d,v,n.Sp"".,uche.usw"hgrurprcc,.
for Ih. yea ... The mOOn. whcn it h.. corn· sion.I .. , .... fa!1vlC,iml(1,h" .. me,hi ng' "
pl«.diucou ..c,wcl ... ,im ••• m... urel a ,hey.;nltud "fbcingablc .o knowdear!r
year.urcp"harirfr.'1 u.ndrnccd •• ninl.r· b( andh",,·
cala'l·monthforth •• ccurlt.d.,crm,n.,ion cachlh,ngwucr."cd. You.., •• if God,nh"
of,h • • cuon,.u,h.H.brc .... . nd,h.moit

can for 0 ... J,llvl.ion had nOl diruud m. noth.ldbackbrth.wot.u·andev.n,"gQm~

longue of ,he hibl ical autho. in thia way. i. andmorningnm.,.. fa.w .... th .. thi.c.n .
would hlvcbccn auffic;cn, ,oaay ,ha, God no, naw ,ak. placo ,.,i,haut th~ mo... mcn. of
m.d.hea... n.ndur.h " h •• uandli .'ng th ••"n. Hcn cc wc • •• lcnwiththci n,e,p •• t. ·
,hing,.andno •• dd,h.ord.rof.hdlya nor .ionth.t in,b"p"riadof ,ime chcdivi.iona
wha. wu cr. u .d fin • • nd what latu. HOMI- hetw..nth .... orluw... call.dc .. ~ning
lIUO",G . NUI57. IO.' heca .... of thccompletionofthcworkth.t
"''aldan•• ndmomingbccau.. oftheheg,n·
E... CT M ... .. 'NGO. "S' G...."Auo ...n",.: ningoflh • .,orlo:.ocom•. Scripturcuy•• h ..
W •• aftct.helihne.. ofhumanworka. I1nce,h.y
.h,ngo.h.,.h.n"mu.ForS"ip....,ci,now gen...llyheg,n,n,hemorn;ngand.ndlt
.puldngof.he.. "me.thuby.hc,rd""nc< ucning .... {Then Scrop.u •• "rs. "And God
inltrvlbconv.y .o .. , .h•• u.rni'yrcml'ru; , ctthem ; rm. mcntof.hch.,.vcna tO
,mmutabl•• bo .. e ,hem 10 .hl. rim. migh, giv.ligh,uponth ••• "h .•arul.o •• rthcday
appcaru • • ign,.hat i.,aa I vu.igfc of •••• • I ndov.rlhcnigh •. and.odividc.helight
nn)·. Likewi.., wh.n; • • d.u,".nd ford.ya.nd from the da,kn . ..:j Ag',n ther aak,"Ho... did
foryu ..;n.hoWJ ofwh .. t'mesi.i"pc.k· Godp.. yio",ly d,v;
,ng.Thucdar.comeabo",hy ,h. rcvol .. t'on darknclI " ifh. mad. ,b. h.... nlr hod,es on
of,h.find .....,.ndfTomthi.;tbccom.a ,bi. ,herourtbda)·!'Thc ••• hesewo.d"
o!>Violl. wh.nth •• un compl., • • ,ultlrry ",odi. ; ; m,"n
'0",.. ,n ap." i, .. I.ry.... ONT HI L'TI ..... L ",odivid •• mong.h.m.clvc •• be logh. and ,b.
INTHPUT..T'ONoFGBNU,",).)a.' .... lOthlt ,h. d.)' •• n ,o.h •• un
l: 16·18 C,ca.c, ""d Lcuct Lifbt, ltau."Th.d,)· r he• n
di."ngulJh.d " but nOt yct in relanon to.h.
T .. . On. BlPo ....... D A~T •• T... C .. I· h....nly bod,es. Two BooKS 0 .. G .....I S
..T' O.. OF T.. . S" ...... DT ... Moo ... Auc ...- AGA INJTTHIM .... ,C.. AUNS'.14.10-~J."
TlNI:Th.Mlnich.earuukha... "cauldhe
.hatth.h ..· hodi ••.• hati •• th .... nlnd T HISTA • • Do NOT FO R.C .... T THM
th.moonand.he,,,,.,,,m.dc on.h. F"TUR', AUGUST' NE: Evcryo nc un dcratandl
fall"hday.Howcouldth.thr •• prcvio",day. tb.,tb.r.;•• grutdiff.renccbctw•• n.nro- ...dwithautth •• un! log,c.lp..d,'"on.ndoo...... ingth ••,... u
•hatadayp..... .... ith th. ".ing.nd .. ttingaf nalu ..lph.nom ......, in,h ...... y th.: farm ...
.h.... n.... hil.nigh,cames.alU'nth.... n·. anduilo .. do , eithcr.ov.,ifyg.",raph".!
"h.. nc.... h.n"r .... rns.o.u.from.h.oth.r . ..... ar'o .... r,hircourse ... m.wh.r.,u
",.,er,h.m , ha,rh. piloll of.h,p' do. and Itavel... , mlking.bClt
p.... iou. th ... d.y.caulduchh .... h.. nca!. ....)'.h,ougb,h... ndrwa .... of,n..lOu.h
cul"'~dbl· .. g'..··p·riadoftim.u.h.,
.hroughwhicb.b ••
runin.h ..... un.ili. r..,h~
........ Th, . would he Our "ru;WU if...., _t. 'Fc,._, PGSl'os.'fC..,Ln-_ ......
c.-I ....S. ''etc.-L.... S. "Fe_...
L~t .... I'LI. "'C1

wnh nolu",;or touplaon OOmt poi1lf of bccn r«ciycd . 10 uapc.hc· .......,h to come:"
doctrin.bymcn.ioni ngoomcoflh.luraua lut·th. td.yovnl.akchimlik•• th, .r:"bu,
uscfulmu"ruion.AII ... id . • herc lIlg",a, th.trath .. .. "''''h· th.acecp .. bl.yurof
diff.rcncc be,ween,h"'pra<tkllcuSlom. .h.Lord:"Chri l t.lh.",for ••"tru.ligh,
andthc.uperl.ifionsof menwh oSlud)·thc which.nlighlCnJ C"" ' j' man coming inlo thil
" ar. nottoforccaJfthc ... calh.rortoflnd world:" From hi. !ight th.chu,ch ill. lfallo
!hcir","yorfo,,inan h."ingbc.n.nligh.. n.di. m.d."th.lightof
dforl '0 peer in.o thc p•• destin.d oU.CGmcof !h. world · enligl... ningtho.. ·w ho ... in
."cnU. LITTIU ss." darkn.u:"u aiJoCh,i .. h.moclf .. nifies.o
hisd,lCipl..... ying.·l"ou ... th.logh,o( th.
T".Su" ,u EC"OOFT HII D,,, , ... Gooo· world:- H OluulS 0 .. G Il NUIS 1.6."
...... I'n uoo ·D,ONYS1US, Th'·
,ng.cnr.ligh'ing sunis ,hcapparent imagco f T HBST"UUSYM_OLS.O .. ,GIIN ,JUllut h.
thcd,v,ne goodn•• s.a distant.choof ,h. .un.ndth.moon,ob. th .g..11
good. It illumina... whatcvo , 11 c.pableof ligh lli nthcfl rm.m.n.ofhuv.n.ooabo ...,,,, ng ,,. I'gh'.lndy,,, i,ncYCtlo... ,h. Chri.. and Ih . ch urch in us. Bu t sinccGod
u".rfullnu. of,..ligh,.It •• nd."•• h,ning atlopl.ecd ..... in.h. firmam.n'.lc,usoc.
bcam • • llaround,h."i.ibl....orld.lndiflny. ...hlt a.~ at ........ In UI. th ..... in!he heaven
,h,ngf.ilo,orcec,,,.themthcfaul,I,.. .. Of,n ofourhUrI.MoIClila.tar ,nu, .... hich
th.... cakn.u o.d.f.ctoflhclprcadonglight ohin ••• ndenbghICnl ul brh
bu"n,h. un . u,tabili'yof ... h....... i. ...Abraham .haac.Jacob.lsaiah.Jer.miah.
:~6hS;;;.~ .har. in light. D'''''' B N"MBS Ezckicl. Da"id. Da nicl. and all to whom Ih .
HoJ yS"ipl ur...... ifythal,h·rpl.u.dGod.
Forju.... ·l1ar diff... from ..arinSl0'Y· .. oo
S,," .... o MOOh'AIIlS" ".'O. TH . T.UH al$ouchof,h .... in ... acco.d,ng.ohtsown
L":HT.O. ,GI,.'AI thooclighllofhca"en grcalneu •• hcd.o his lighr upon UI. HOM'M HJ
,h ..... c ... h.".bc..... t·for"gns.nd..,.· ON G.NI5J5J.'."
... nll ndday".ndy •• n:lh .. th'j'm'ghtg'''.
light from ,, ofhu"en to thos.
whoar.ontheurth . ..,alloC h"ll.illumi·
natinghllchu, ...... ign.brh"p.... pn.
,h., on. m'ght know ho ...·. wh.n thclignhu

:Ill A"d God loid. "Ltl lb. ",oftrs &"i"gforlb ,,,,Orml of livi"g (rtOlwrel ... "d [It! Ioirdl fl,)"
<lbov. I~t url" <lcrOIl Ih. firm<lm."r of tht "(<!Vtlll."' "So God ( rt<lr.d rh. grtar (It<l mono
Ittrlj'"nd(tvtryiivingere<lr .. rtrhOlrmOvtJj.' ",irh",biebrbt "'"ttTIS"'OIrm.<I"o,d;ng l" rh.;r
kinds ... nd t""1 wingtd bird IICt01'ding I" ill .'nd. And GOld ,,,... Ih"l il II'U fOOd. ::':A nd God
bltJItd tbtm. I<lying. "B. frllilf.. 1""d mwlliply "ndft" Iht "'''frrs in Ih. ,,<IS. "nd 1,1 bi,dl mwl.
liply"nlhturlh." 2SAndrhrrrIl'0IItvtning"ndlh..t ll'<ls morning. OIf</I"d ..y.
·u:x-.ol_ .... 'UI ~"""._ ... ·u:x_'l..a.. . -.... lWJ. _ _
OVu.v , ....,Godg...( ......... ,h.."p.op<.
o.namcnrbr,,,,allngl.... mm,ngcr ... I<m'I,nd
bmu (BUlL), The bird. did nol ongina •• AOOItt<'t<GTH.W4TBII••• BASlLTHm
from "'a'<r but from ,h.
cloud)' air ..... uru.d GUAT,Ancr ,h. crca<ionof,helighu.,h.n
.. i.h ..,.tT.ou.of ..llicll,h'y"camrfonh- me'u ......e'.fiJIedwi'hli.. 'ngcr.... Nru • ..,
(AUGUST"'.)' Th. fi.1I and birw rup<crivdr rha, ,hi. portion oflhc world allo " ...
.y mboliu rhe evil and Ihegood Ihoughll in • dorn.d.The urthhad rccci •• ditoornamcn-
.he human mind (O.,c.t<). God abo cru..d Inion from it> own plan ... Th. huven. had
rh .... mon ...... 'nord.. ,orai.. r •.:c;y.dth.flo",... oflL1 ...ndhadbccn
cons<ernalloninhumaru (BAlIIL), Af•• rcrca,· adorned with ,wogrcat ligh .... ifwnh ,h.
ing.h.'nimabof.h....... r.nd, .adianccof,wineycs.It •• rnaincdfo •• h.
God g.v. ,h.m rh. po .... r of p.oou .... ion br wa,.ra" oo.tobcgiycnrhtITf"Opcroma·
uy;ng",nuu... and m"I"pl)·- (AoollSY't<. ). men •. The command ,amc. l mmed,a,c1r .......
Man)'trur"rc.wcrc'''aledon,hcumc w••• producri ..e, and marlhyl.k •• wcrc fruit·
da), (AMnosaj, cach of ill own kind (BAS'L) rulof'p<cie.prop<r.ndnarurlltoeach. Thc
w,tbdifl'u.nces.u... in.dtb ..... ghm.. g.n .... · ... wuu,i.",,,h.lllLindsof .... imm,ngcr...
'tOn,.,h •• uccellionofucb'pcclC.ptt.erv.d .u ..... ndno.ey.n.h ...·.,u.hatr.mlln.d,n
(Bu' L) wi,h.h.p.op.rti""",pcci.t.II)· .he .l im.ondpond, w.. idl cor wi,hou,,,,
recei ... d from God. .he wo.k of contribu.;on in Cfeation. For dcarl)' frogl a""
hu"wu. no, of God (A....on). The ..,ul .. m0"lui .....,a nd gnl" w'''gen ••.,.df..,.".
nO. pre'U"'Mti), .,un.1 u ,hough . h ... mg in ,hem. HUA .M. ItOI< 7.'.'
God·•• utnco.andrhcl(I"ld.,.,I no.imml'
~ra,c from bod)' to bod)' (GUGOaY Of Nrss.. ).,nstolifcofalccdanerbc,ngi>u".d
m.hcground .... prcfigura"onof,h .... u.·
rec"on (A.. BIIOS&.Gucou· Oof NY&SA).
8"SlCTH I ."l..o lbirdl the.UlO fhali,canluppo.lfh.fligh,o(
fir above Ih~ unh "non Ih~ firmamenl of birds. ThUI on calm nigh .. i'pftlQueu
Iheheavenl" Whrdidh~g,v .... '· dew. andd, op" of,h,.dc,,· ••e fo und On Ih.
ru.el lllolhciro.iginf.omlhewarefl! g••1J in . h. morning. Two f!.oou 0'"
Beclule lhe flyinganimabhaveace,, "in G . ... .,s ... " .. ' ..ST TH 8 MA .. 'C .. AIIA"' S
.clltion. hip. u i, were. wilh Ihole Ih., Iwim.
FO' Julf II Ih. fi.h "",h. wa'e •• gOing for·
wlrdwilh,hemo,ionof,helrfin l .ndguid · S .....OLl . .. O. TH BSW ..... ' .. " ..... oF LTl N..
Ing,he"'urnl andforw ..dmo~menllbr C,. ...TI1 tlS.OIIlGI":Acco.diogto Ih.,
.he ,h.ngeof ,hei,nib .... . J... 'n Ihe caJ~of le" . ... lw'mmingcr.atur~I" .nd" bi .do ·are
b"d •• lh~rcanbelunculUng.ndmo"lng bftlugh. fo"h by .ht,,·a,en at 'he comma nd
Ihrough ... onw,ng.i n .h.,.mc manncr. of God . • ndw. rccogni2tbr whomlh ...
H UA . ....o!<8.:.' Ihi ngl that w•• '" h.n hen made. lIuIle, u•
..., how a!,o· lhu . ... m. thingleom • •ob. in
S I.. I1LT .... BOl1iCIl~ ATIO .. OF M .... y L.' v . ou, firm .. m.n, ofhu... n. rhar i •• in ,h. fi,m.
, .. c: S .".Oi . ... .. BII.OsE'Theflven nelJ of Our mind or h."r,. I ,hi nk . hat ifou.
labo,.ThcI.kclp ro<iucedlhelr'!uo.a of life. mindhllbc.oenlightenedbyCh.ill, ou. l un .
The IU "..,Ifbcgan.obcar all mann.rofrcp. i.,.ord.redafte ...... forthfrom
I,I.I ..•• W.,~unable""ecord.h.muh,· ,hue "'".n chat are in i'·lw;mminl e rU '
pl,c,'yof .h.nlm~. ofall.ho ... pt"Clwhich" . nd"b"do ch.,fl,·:,hat,•. • ob" ngou ,
byd, .. 'n. command"'~r.brough"olife'na in.o . h.optn go-odornil . h"ugb u ,h."herc
mom.n'of,im ....... hellm. · m;gh,bc l di"inctionof.hego-od ,hough ..
tI.lform l ndth.principl.oflif.... creb rough, from rhe uil. wh icb <uta ,"l)" borh proc.ed
,nlOuillence.... Th .... hlle, '" well .... the from our hUCf 11 from.h. wllerl. 8uI bylh.
f,og.n meinl oulI«nccallheoa m.tlm.b)· wordandp ... eptofGodle,uloff., upbOlh
Ihe um. eru'; ... pow ••. H .:u.. ....o .. s.~·J. ' 0 God·.vi ••· .nd judgmenr ... th., . w"hh"
,.' enligh.enmen, . ...,m'ybe.bI••od,. tlngullh
wha,,, eyjJ (.om .h. good. HO"'L' U 0"
8 , ,.oiG'''''''AT,o . llo .. A,,.SATI1IU1TI,, GEN U ' S •. a!
w, T.. W.. TI,.. "'"Gusn ... , [The Man"hac ·
an l ) u.uall)·fl ndf.ult.qu."ioningl ndoft. n
mi"cpru.ntlngSnip.urtfor ur;ng,h ..
no. ,ho.... nimll. ,hlt] iv. In ,h. WH Y THE 5 ... MO .. JTI U W.,.. C,.... y.".
,nICtbu, .. I.... hou,h",fly,n.h.'".nd B.. S' LY HI G ... AT'·Godc .....d .h. g r..'"ca
all w,ngcd cru.ure. wert born from ,h. mon"e n ..... nd ..... bec.ul.,h.y .r.larger
,.·...... l., .h.mltno"· ,h., lurned men Ihanlhelh.imp and h.rring ltt,h cyutled
whoc... fully "",u ttg ... ,h . .. matt. fl uJu, grca,.bu,bccaUICwith.heirimmenoehod'.1
allri nd ude with Ihe .... ,e r lhi.doudr .nd
moi" .i. In whi ch ,he bird . fl y. Fo,itcome.
,,,suh •• and b.,omu d.n .. "'"h Ih~ U· 'FC 'MlI).l).'K4"'1~'FC"',71.'l1wWrol .. pI-
hola"on'"nd wha, I m'si>, caU vaPOfl of ...... ... thc-. 'I.......... ....... 'Fe?","

rheyaro1ikchllgemollnrainJ. !nde.d,lhey S •• ( ' U P.CU LI .... P .. O....T' u RICI' VID
r"''1". ndylooJclikeiolan.u wh.nthcy.w,m ."0" GO D.A....o ..: lnth.p'n. con.
Ilponth.llI.faceofrh.wa •••...• SII~ha .. th. naN .. ..,.mt to upr ... an ,mag. of iuelI. h",uedfo,oll,fu, prc •• rvCJiupcculiarp.opcrtictwh"hil
.ndconote'nltion .... Andthu • •h.Cru.o. ..ce;v.df.... mthatdivin~.ndcel.nioJcorn· mand . and't «pcauinth•• u" ... ,onand
.hlt.rhroughhopconGod,youmighrU(apc order ofth. yean ".g. nention,hc.nd
.h. harm .ha. cornu f.... m th.m. Hu .. l· o(um.ilfulfill.d.Hn.. EMII.ON).,6.6a. "
MUON?6 .'
D, ... aINc" SU,T.. 'NBD. AM.aon: Th.
O.ITS 0 ... 0; K, ND. S"SI~ THI G ..... T' Word of God pc~mu.~ '''''Tf c,uru.. ,n tht
The,. u norh,ng<rIlH.han.hi •• rha,.irher ofthewodd. H.nce. as God had
uchplanrhu,thc ••• ~i'lIin" ordained.allk'nd.oflivinJ;c ..atur •• wer.
• om. genera';y. powe,. And thi. ac~ounU '1 ukklypradllc.df.... m ,h.u ..h.lncornpli•
forth. up,.uion"of". own kind: For.he ancewithafi..dla .. theyall.ucceed.ach
Ihoo.o(.h.... d"norproduniy.ofln o.h •• from'g•• oag.according.olh.i r upcct
ollv....e.bu,fromth ....dcome.anoth.c and kind. The lion g.netate. a lion;.h. , iger. a
, •• ••• ds'p"ngplanu.clarcd rig .. ; th.o~,anol ; .h. Jwln .llwln;lndrht
'orh....d •• own.Thu.... h....:upu. ugl•. lneagl •• Wh",,·uonc •• nJOin.d
forrhby.heurthin,ufiratge nerallonh u becamtiflflaN",ahabi,<
bcenp .... rvedun<ilrh.p .... n.rime. rh... nhhal no. ccued ,ooff... hchomlg.
I ,n« .h. kind s p...i ...d ,",oug" con· ofitl •• rvicc. The o.iginal.peciu of living
.un, c.producuon.Hu... NI ..Oo; c«atu ••• i'''p.oouc.dfo,futu«I,.,bylUc,
S·:·' c<ui""gencrauonsofitlkond.HIU.MUO"
G ... n:Th.nltu",ofulldngobjeC'l.,lCr
,n mo.ion by onc commlnd, pules through
n .... 'ioow"holl.chang•. ion.nd H" •• ' DS A-"I T H I Wo ... Of H" .... N5,
dUt,uuion.preouvingth.lllcc...iono(rh. NOT OF GOD. A.. non: \Vh., pu... nd
k,nd. th,ough.eaemblanccuntilltruchu .. nllrnioh.dgene.a.iorufoUowwi'holl'in ••• ·
•h''''''Yend.ltbcg.uahor..,uth •• ucc.uor minglingon.afr.tanothct.lo .ha,athymal •
ofaho'lC.ahonofalion.ndanuglcofan lll.prnducuathymallus:alu.wolf.a.u.
cagl •. h continu • • topr.... v.eachofth. .• oo. pr... rv • •
Inimab by unint.rruprcd.uccu.sionl until un ..ain.di .. marriag.lHd... . Fi.h •• h....
•h. con.ummauon of rh. un'v ...... No fo •• ,kno ..'nothingofunionwlfha.lienlpc·
i.ngrhofllmccau.urh.,pccificcharacr•• II' ...., Th.y do nOt hav. unnatunl bct .... ,hal.
uClof.hcan,mab,ob.corrupredotex",,,, ••
bll •. uifes.ablilh.dju .. recend),.nl.ure •• v..
fr.,h. move. along ... "h "m•• HEL...... O~·
9·~· ..
.uchuac.d~$ign.dlrbc<>llghtabolltbctwcc~ wcleunfr<>mhim.hef.crn<>,onlytha'ou r
animaboftwodiffc<c~t.peci ...... for hum.n;rywiJlbe,henchangedim<>romc·
ins<ance.thcd<>nkcya~d rhc marc. <>"gain thingn<>ble.bllt.J&<>tha,whatwchav•
the femal.d<>nk'yandth.h<> .... b<>,b being ,h.... int<>cxpecti.nothingel.. th.nth.t
uampl .. ofllnnaturalllnion.C.rtainlytbeu which wu a. ,he beginning. ON THB SOU~
.rccas .. ;nwh;chn.tur•• uff... m<>rtintht "NDTH~RBSU"U<;T!Ol<. "
.<>th.i~div;duaI.Man ..<>cofhrb';d S o uu 0 0 NOT M t C.... TB. GRI!COIlY Of
b.rrennc.. i. re'p<>nsibJtforthi •. Hec<>n,id . Nvss.;.: Th<>.e who w<>uld contend that ,he
en a m<>ngrel animal m<>rc v.luable than <>nt .«>lllmigcatcointonaru.c.div.rg.ntftom
<>fagcnuine.pccie •. Y<>umixt<>gethocalitn each<>,,ome to<>bliter.tcaJlna -
.peci ... ndy<>umingl.divers....d •. HBxAE . ,uc.l distinction._to blend and c<>nfusc
MEROl< S.j·9·" .og.therineverrpo.. iblc rcspectth.rati<>nal.

S1IBD.P .. BF ' CU .. "R BSU .... H<; T'O l<.

.n. irrational,the.cnrien, and the inun.... :
if. that i•• all thcse arc t<>pus in,o each <>,her
AMSROSE,S •• d. ofonekindcann<>.be with no d;otinct natural <>rder sedllding
changtdin,oanoth .. kind<>fpla ntnocbring tbcmf.<>mmutualrransition.Tourth.,<>nc
focth pr<>ducedifftcing from iu own seed., so<>ul.<>n,cc<>lln,of . p.cti~llla,
that men should spring from l erpcnto and envir<>nmen,<>fbod)·.i,"<>nctim. antional
n •• h from teeth. How much more, indeed. is andin,dlecrual'<>lll •• ndthatth.niti scav.
i"obebelievedtha,whatcvcrhube.ns<>wn erncd along with the reptiles, or hcrd. with
ris ...gain in iu own narurcand th., cr<>psdo<>fburden.or.carniv<> .
not differ from their .. ed.thatsof"hings d<> r<>uS one.<>"wim, in th c d.ep; <>rev.n drop.
nOt.pringfr<>mbardnothardfrom.oft.nor downt<>anin •• n .... thing"' •• 'ostcikeou'
i'p<>i'<>nchangedi n,oblo<>d.bllttha.ncsbi. I'O<>U <>r become a c<>mpl""tTc•• p,<>ducing
ru.o .. d fcom hone from bone. blood bud. <>n branches. andf,<>m tho .. bud • •
from blood. th. hum<> .. <>fthe Ix>dy fr<>m fl<>wcr.<>r. th<>m. <>rafruitcdiblcorn<>x·
hllm<>rs.Ol<BfiLlBF'~· T"ERESURRBCTrol< i<>",-,ouythi,isn<>.hing shonofmaking
.11 ,hing'the ume and belieyingth., <>nc .;n·
glenuurcrun.througb.l1b .. ings:tbatth ..c
B<>,,>' I I<T1IC",'TT , I< THB RnU .. IlIlCT' Ol< i. a c<>nn.cri<>n b.twun them which blend.
L",,,G " Ul<B ,, II<TIG"JT ¥ '''''T ,,~ SBBD. andc<>nfu ... hopele·llthc marlub),
G RECORY OF Nus.;., Wc learn from Scriptur. whicb <>n.c<>llld bcdistinguished from
in.h ••"<>un,<>fth.firs,crcui<>nrharfi,,t an<>the •. 01< THE SOUL .. HD THE RUUUBC'
th. urth brought forth "the green herb" {as TJOI<. "
the narrativcuys). andrh.nfr<>mthis pl.n,
..ed ...·••<>mwhich . whtnit ......
• h.d<>n,h.~r<>llnd.,heumef<><m<>flhe<>rig_
;nal plant again.p<ang up. Tne.po.tle. it i"o
b.<>b.crv.d. < th., ,hi. v..-y ..",. "1'C41d66. ""'l'Nn, ,,, , ~;, "NPNFH"6;. "NPNF2
,hingbapp.n .in,he,"."r,"~'ionaJ.<>.Ands<> SM-l.
Pu .... o u Of THti BUUINC. AIJCU5TINB: pre.erv. rheir kind by giving binh.
God wan,.d rhe ble.. ing'o hav.the power of ON TH ! LITBllAlINTBRP~ITAT ' ON O~G"N~.
fecundi,y. which is r.v •• I.d in rh. Jucce .. ion 515'5.50."
ofoffJpring.Thus.thoughth.animal,wer. - - -- -----
made weak and mona!. th.r might by that



Z'A nd Go d said. "Ltr rb t tartb bring fortb lli~i ng crealuresj" according 10 rbtir kin d,
,alt!' and crttping thing' and br4IfI 0flbttarthauordinglO tbdrkind,. " A nd;rw4 'so
l' And God mad. th e b."m aflb•• artb according 10 their kind, and th. ",uI. "ccording 10
Ih t;r bnd" and t~uy.hing .bar crup' wpon .bt grownd M,ording to il l kind. And God ,aW
Iba l ir walgood.
·ux ."-l .... (IOoI)'L.U,.......,..

O ....... ,B"·:Th •• nimal.ofth ar. no! SOULS OF BUSTS Dto NOT EXtST BB.OR B
cr.lled by the earth bu,by God on ,h. earth CRHAT ION . BASIL THB GUAT: Th •• oul of
throughrh.divin.Word.God·scommandto bru,tbea"<"ft.rh.vingbecn
.h.unhremains.andthe ..rthcontinu •• •o hiddenin,hc .. rth.buti,waoc.llcdinto
brlngfonhanimals (BASll). The se ncral exi .. enccof,hctim<of,h.comm.nd
descriprioninGen •• i.l:24·Z;mightn':ferto HUAB"UO~·9 · ;.'
th . .. di$linctda .... of . ni.
malo: reptil ••• pr.darors and h.rd. (Au(;us· CRBATIID By GOD INT HEEAaTH. BAStLTHE
TtNB). EachJpecie. of.nimaJruemblesvari· GRur:FormerlyGodhadsaid:"Lc'th.
ou.human charac«ri"ic,(CYIIJlOFJ ERUU· ",.tersbringforthcrawling ..
lEM ). Theanimaliofrb...nh.ymbolize,h. have life: ' hue."Let ,hc.a rthbring forth liv·
,mpul •• , of rh. outer.• arthlr person (0.,· ing crea,ure.: 10 ,h. carth. thcn . poss....d of
GEN). Th • ..,ul.ofbeaoudidno,exi"b.fore life, And do ,hc mad.minded Manich •• an.
nution( BAStl).ThcglorrofGodi.revealcd hold.headnnug •.• in<.thc ,.assum. rha, tht
Inthcbeaut)·andwcalthofnc.tedbeing$ ea"hha••• ou!'No.whenhe .. id ."Le,it

1:24· 25 Crta .io" of Btu lS oflht E4rtb

bring fon h: it did not produce whu W>5 scrib.dbod i.. le. uJ conceive of him whois
.tored up in;,. but h. who gave ,he command infinite and imm.n.. and who surpasse. all
also butowed upon it th e power to bring unders.anding in the pl.nitude of hi. power.
for<h. Neither did the earth. when ir heard. FOf~v'n;fwe.reignorantofrhing'mad.,y~t
"Lui, •••: ' atleast.h .. whichingeneralcomesunderour
produceplanurh".i'h.dhidd.nini•.... On is .0 wonderful ,h., e~.n ,h,
thecontrar),.i.i.rhedivincWordthati•• h. mOJlaculCmindi.showntob••, a lo .. a.
origin ofrhing' madc."L.t.h. earth regard. ,h e I.... ofth. thing. in rhe world,
fo .. h"- mcaningnot let it put forth what it ei.hcrin.heabili.yto.xplainitworthilrorto
alread)·ha.butleti.acquircwh •• i.docsnot render due prai •• '0 ,h. Creotor. ro whom he
h.v •.• inc. God is e nduing it with.he powot allgl0'l·. hO,nor and power f"nver. HUAl'
of.c"veforce.H~XAa"uoN8.J .'

GOD'~ Co ...... "'" R. .. A'N' CONSTA"' TLY T HB WE .. LT H OV G(m's C "u:r,o><s. CH "" .

ACT ' \'I,.BAS'LTN~G.UT: " Lct.he.arth SOSTO.. : [, ",'asn't Jimplr for our u.. rh., h.
bring forth living cr.aru,", producedall.hc.ething.,
kind.: canl •• ndc ... ping.hing. and bc .... of benefitin.h... n.. tha.w.migh, ... the
,h••• rth ac<ording to their kinds: Consid" ovcrflowingabund.nceofhi,creuur...nd
rhe word of God moving through all creation. b."vcrwhelmcdat.h. C.ea,or·, powet,.nd
hningbcguna, •• activ.up.oth. be in a po.ition to know tha,all.hese.h ings
p ..sent and .fficaciou,u n.i l.he.nd.e"en.o "'ere produced by a ccrta,n wISdom a nd in·
.hecon.umma"onof.heworld,A. ab.ll. effable love ou,ofrcgard for the human being
wh.npush.dbr,omeonc . nd.henmeuing rh., "'U d • .,ined.o COme into being. HOMt
"·ith •• lope,isbornedownwardbyi .. own LI£SO~· GB"U'Si·I; .'
.ha~.ndtheindin •• ionofthcground.nd
douno.stophefor.",m.l.velsurf.ce T H" U CL .. SSBS Of AN ' .. .. LSI AUGUSTtN ~
rcceivesi".o.oo.henuureofui .. ing Wemigh.infcrtha.beca".e,h.wri'~t,ay.
object.. .. , in mo.ion bron. comm.nd. rhr •• um .. "auording . o ,h,i, kinds:our
p ..... throughcr ...ion . .t<entioni.c.Ucdtothre.da..... Fir.. qu.d
g.neruion and d."ru«ion,prUcrving.he rupeds and creeping thing. a<cording to their
.ucu.. ;onofthe.~ci .. throughre.em· kind •. and here I believc he has indicated
b!an<e. it reache, the ver)' end. Hax .. E· what ~uadru!",d. h. means. namdJ'. ,hose
"' ~ "O" 9.:.' rh •• helongto.hed... ofcreep,ng.hing"
such u lizards. amphibian • . and the like
Hy .. " OF PRA'SH FoaT HB S U UTY 0" C a ti· Thu •• in reputing.hc enum.ra.ion of ani·
AT tO".S""lTH. Gu.n:Lu u. glorify rhe mal$,rhe au.hor did not tep'" ,h. nam.~w4d
M."" Crafuman for all th., ha, been don.,happarentlrbccau.chcmcluded.hemin
wiselr and skillfullJ.. and from the bcautr of
'he l·iJible ,hmg. let uS form an ideaofh,m
,,'hoi. morcth.nbeautifuLAndfromth.
greun."of .huc!"'re<ptibl •• ndcircum·
Ih.l.rm·cr •• ping,hings:Wi lhlhi.invie ..·• (nrwh.naman.p.ndsanidlcyou,h,.hcnhc
h.didno,say .i mply ·crecpinglhing.· bu, i.inJtructcdhy.h.i.."tiona! (ul1 ur<: •.
ra,h .. ·alIcr<:.pinglhing.ofurth:·Ofcarth· chi.J • .Jby th. ncrc.J Scripture. which "'y'.
Ii ldd.dbcuuulhnea.e:040cr•• pingthings · Go.o rh. an, .O oJuggani. and con,idcring
'n,h ....."t •••• and·all·i.addd,oindud. h.rway •. cmula •• h.raodbccom .....;..,t.han
tho .. also.hatmov.onfou.&e<. lhed .... .h.:·Fo, wh.n you ob..,tv. hu " .... uri ns up
Ipedficallyintended"Dovebylhetcrm'i"4J. (oodfor hcr. el(ingood u:uon.imita •• h.r.
'''p<J.Ncn.lh.bcullar. anoth.rd"u .i ndi· Tr<: ... urc up for you".lfthc (r uII.ofgood
Cllcd al.o by the upr.uion·accordmgm works fo. thc.,orld.ocomc .CATICHIT,CA L
Ihcirkin.u:and.h.y .... all.ho•• animau. lICTU"U9.')' "
ududing rep,il. I •• ha,p,owlabou.wi,hfear.
IOm' mOut hl .. nd cl .. w•. Finall)·. ,h. herd. T n .. AN ..... USn.. o LIZ. H u .. u:
make lip ath,,·.J dUi d •• ignited by .he ph ..... 1... uLus. O" .. IN; In.h. p.c..,n, ,Ut. I
·according.orheirkin.u:ThCHhavcnolllch thinkth.impuI",.o(",i •.
ficrceandv;oIentway."' .... ildh<:u ... ofourcltnalandcanhl),<:indicl1.<l
although . omcmlyam",kw;ththc;,hornl. by .hi. which i,!lid:'Le< ,he e~r,h bring
ONTHBlITIIlAL1HTU.UTAT,OHO,G.H.· (onh thc Iivinll <rcU"r<:. acconiing 1o
5 15).". 1,. ' kind.four.(oo •• dcrcarur<: •. cr.. pingcrca.
ruru and bcllU on rhecanh a«ord'ngIO
T H.A ....... u R..... . L B D, ., ••• I<T thc;rkind: lnbr;cflh..."llndlCa.. <lno.hins
H u ...... C H.. ...cT.n. CT,!-' LO' Juuu· wing.<lin th ... thing, " tha.artllidabou,
u .. :Godoaid:·L.. •• hecarthbring(o.. hJiv. .h.fl•• h.bu,only· (our· cr .... ur ...
,ngnu.urua«o.d,nll,o.hci. kin.u: card. "ccpingcrca.urt. and bu."of.hcunh:
an.Jcrccpingth,ng.andbc ..... o(,h.urth Acco.dinll· .. ,ha..... bclur •• wh"hi."'i<lby
Iccordinll,othcirkin.u:Oifl'.r<:ntnuurc.of thcapo.dc.thl1·nogooddwcll,>nmyflc"'·"
animaJ •• prang(orthfromth.on•• artha,a andth",·lh.w;.domofth.flclhi. ho"il •• o
l inglecomm .. nd_,h.g.nd •• hecpand,hr God:"lholCareccruinl)',hing.,ha,.hc
c.. rnivorou. lion _ .nd,hevariou••• nd.nci •• urth . ,h..... our fl .. h.p'oduc ... HO .. ,L,U
ofi....ional aoimab.h .. , di.plar.oalogi...o O"GSN .... t.tI .'·
"ariO<l' human rnaractcrilt;
,ypifiuthccrafun... ofmcn.lhc.nakcth.
'ngho.... hewln.onyoungm.n.Th • ...,i.,h. '1tCVo·'10t6.""""W."FCtU91.n"Cf.Gool~
bUI!'an ••orou..,.h.indol.n,andoJuggi,h; ""'-7oIL"II-Io'1."FCno6O-tl.

1<Thcn God said, -Lcl WJ malt. man {in our imag •. aflCT owr lik<n."J;· and 1<llh.m
~avtdominion over I~C Jis~ oJ I~' Ha, ond ovcr t~. birds oJ tb. air. and ov .. tb . eauk and
ovtraUrbtcanb,andovcT.vtryu"pi"glbingrhalerupsupontb,cartb.""So God ert·
<lud man in his OWn ;mag" ;n the imagt oJ God bt (rcaud him; mal. and Jtmalt he crtaud

O""".V'Bw'Th ••• includedbothth.coeporealand.pjri,ual

v.rses of ,h. Old T... am.n, mo" corn· upec,ofma".M"st.h",f"undj,in
men,.d on by the The doe "in. of man·•• oul"r.piritu.l .. pect ( O~I(;H".JoHN
man',crea,ion in Ihe imag. of God i.lh. C"sSI"".AMBROsa).Acc"rdingc"Sahd"n.
fou nd.tionofpatri"ican,hropology.The thec"ncep' "f,h.;mage "fG"d in man had
men,ionofhi, lihn ... ,oGodpoin .. ,o,he ~.ped.ll)· an e,hicalc"nno,~,ion:man
d''''nyofhis lanceification and glorification. a,hiend a lihn eu.o God wh.n he w",
On,hatcommonbaoi'lhe d.velop renewed in rh< Chei.ti." faith. Apeeuliar
,h.,u, in '·ari"u, way •. Manr eomrn.n' on vi.w wao uprel •.ed b)· P",amiu. "f Li.b"".
God ·, addre .. lOhim.elfin,heplu rala. who.awth. actual human body .. a c"ncre..
r.ferrinj; fO the Trini,y (PRUD2"T 'U S).Mo", repr ••• n<.tion"flh.Trini,y ( POT..... 1US).h
of,h •• atl)· FOfh... ndl ... rGr •• kfa,he .. ref... ,ob",b "urrela,i"n.hip '0 G"d and
,ake the imag<accordins",wh'ch man i, ,,e. ourbeingplacedoverth<ceeaudoeder.!t
.. edto b.Chri" con$titu'e.ourropl .... l<and i.manif•• tin
"im'geoflheimag.-(CLE.. E"TOfAL2X .. ,,· "urp"..euionofdivin. rca."".in our free·
DR, ... M"RIUSV'CTORJ""S). d"m.immort.lil)·.virtu.andju.. iee(GIl2<l·
AmongtheGrtek.,hertisgenerallyadi. ORroFNvSSII.JOH"O.D""ASCUS,CHRVSOS·
tinetion drawn betw.enth. imag. and th. TO").
lihn..., man i. cre..ed according '0 ,h. Both man and woman are cr.. ,ed in rh.
,m.g•. and hi.destin)' in fre.dom i. '0 achi.v. image ofG"d. The divine image ,,,nseend.
Ijk.n ... ,oGod (ORJGB".D, .. OOCHUS ). ..~ual (G-..$(;o-..v o. NvsSll ). The
Augu .. in •• 'lu.dlh .. m.n·••" complementarityoff.mal.andmalei.repr.·
Ih image of God direcdy. Accordinglr he •• nlCdin '·ari"u."'ay",h.fem.le ......lteady
m.intain.d,n .. ,hehuman.oulisanimag.of in rhemale wh.n Adam "·•• crea",:I
,he t<iun< God and ,h...fore int<m.ically (EPHRU<): ,he mal. s),mbolizes ,he spiri, .
ltini,ari'n (FuLGB"TtUS ). whil.rh.fem.I'''p ...enu,h.souI.Sceip.
As '0 what con"i,ute' ,h. image of God rureoa)·, "mal.a ndfemal .hecreu.drh.m:
,n man,lr< mainuin<d,ha, ,hi. an,icipa"ngwha,,,,u.,,happ<nla"r,af'er

2i·inctea •• and multiply·a1lo .... ed pending creation is granted 10 great anhonor,
human beings to reprodua through the unio n h i,h um. nity. ,h. grea.e" and most marvel-
of mal . and female (O'UGBH ). ous of living bei ng•• and.hecr.ation mOst
Humandigni.y i. honored by the unique ....orth y ofhonorbtforeGod ....
triunecon.ulurion prior.o the creation of thi.d.liberation.collaboratio" and commun-
Adam. as revealed in Scripture (B"stt.. CHRY - ionno,bec. u.. Godn~cd.<.d"i<e_Godfor_
SOSTO.. ). ·The image of God· is . compreh.n· bidsaying.ucha .h ing!_but.othatthev.ry
.in phr... (Gu GORYQFNyss,,)_ lt is given; impa<. of the of our creatinn would
thelikene$$ i,tol>efreelychooen(B"s'L).The . howu.honor.SHIlMo"soNG."ESIS'.) .'
twofoldnatureofhumanityi ...eninth.
'.rm.i"'agr.ndlihw"' . • nd ..... and ...."'•• AaCB"'''' ''" OM lOW ... TOH," HHR.GRHG_
(G" !GORYo. Nnu ). Th. fall prec.d.d O..YOF NTSSA.: If.• herefore. SCTip,ur" ten. us
<ohabita';on(CH RnoSToM ). that man was mad, .•fter ~ver)' animate
'hing. the lawgiver i. doing nothing elsc ,nan
1:26. Ltt Us M"h M<ln d.d.ringtou. thedo«rineof ,h •• oul.con _
.idering that wh .. i'pcrf<:c, COmes laSt,
T HHTR' UNBCONSU LT.. Tl0 N OVE .. THE according,o . c~rainn<:cusu)· .. quencein
C RBaTIONo.HuMaN s.GRB"OIlYO' ,h. orderofthing •. ... Thu.w. may.uppo ••
Nnu: Thi •• am. langu.g. "'as not used for that nature m.k .. an asctnt'"i,we"by
(th •• renion ) of o.h .. things_ Th. command ... p. -lm..nth .... riou.prop.rti.. nflife-
,.,....impl. when light w.s ..e..ed: GGd .. id. from ,h. low...o the perfect form. ON THB
"let ,h ... b. Iigh,:Heaven ,,:as also mad. CRH ATtON OF M"N 8.7.'
wi,houtdelil>er..ion .... Th .... ,hough. w.r.
befor. (thr cre.,ion of ) human •. For human •• THI C ........ ,0 N OF HUMaNIT T. G'UGO RYOF
th ..e wudelil>era,ion. H. did not nr.uhe N¥SSA,Scrip,ureinforms u$ thatth.Deity
d id whencreatingother.hings.·Le,thereb. a procced.d by a.orl ofg.. du.tedand ordered
human : S" how worrh)' you are! Youtorigin • ad"an<e to ,he creation of man. Af,e, ,h. foun·
• reno,in . nimperativ •. lns ...d.Goddelib.r- da,ionsofth.universtwerelaid.a.thehistory
.ted.bou"h,best way '0 bring '0 lif. acr,- record$,mandidnotappearonth •• anh ..
ation worthy of honor. ON THEO R' Gt,; OF once, but th . crc.';on of the brut.. pr«eded
M",;. ' him. and th. plants prec.dcd.hem. Thereby
Scrip,uro .hows.h.t the vital force.blend.d
HUM aN D rGNITT H ON O... O ET THU wi,h.heworldofm""er.<cnrd ingtoagrada_
Dn rU .... TION. CH ..T50STO .. :Tob.gin.iti. .ion;firJlitinfuudi ...lfin.oinsen..,«na,ure;
worthwhile IQ a.k why God did no, 53)'. when and in conti nuation ofthi. adnnced in.o.h.
,h. hcaven ' crca"d.-Let uS mak. the .. nritn,world:.nd then uc.nd.d to intclligen,
heav.n, " bu,inst""d.·let ,he" be a heaven. and rationalbeing •..•. Th.creationofm.n i.
... Let ,h ... l>elight:and .i mil.rlrfo"uch rd.ted as comi ng las:,.s ofon<: who took up
oth",asp,,, of<tca,ion_- Let uS makr"sug_
g.... d.lib.ration.collabotation.ndconfer
intO hl/nHlf c~cry angle form o{lif'.. born mal ia. me ..und in nun . ....... on mi. ;l(coun, ,.said
of planu and tha. wh,cb 1.1 Hen 1ft b..... u.Hi. 10 h.avt bc.n cna",d·inth. imagc· ofGodand
nounoJlIncn,ondgn>W.hhcdtr;"elf'romY~. ·'llH.hroughh"undcr·
•• hle1ifc;foreYenin~cgetabluluchprocusc< ... ndingt.c... h.i.olftad.likcrhcdiYlneWord
.r•• obcHcn whcna!imcn, i. being drawn in or Rca... nfL"f",J•• ndlon.icmalfloziWJ.
byth.irro<>u .. ndgiyenoffinfrui.andl~Yu EXHO.T"T'O"ToTH~Gn ..'s,o"
H .. Hn,i.n.organi;anonhcdcriycl f'romth.
b.... fCcr~"on.61l,hi.fa(ultyofthough.and ... CCO .. D'NGT.. Ou.I .... GK.M .. ~'UIV,C ·
rcuoniloncommunieablc.andapccul ... rgihin TO .., .. US: MOI£ ..... y.wh .. , "'11 u,d by God:
ourn.. urc .... I ... notpouibl. for m .. rcason · ·Le, w mu£ m.on .oc~o<d,ng ID Our 'ma~ and
,ng faculty to.I'"m the lif.tof'he bodywl<h· lik.n£..:Goduy.,h... H£ .... y. ·l£.Il. m.k. ·
ou'u'."ngbr m<an. ofHn ...."oru•• ndlLnce ,oa co·opcr..o •. necusatil)· .oCh"".Andh •
•• nu,ion "aJ,eady found,"blill,ngln ,h. "y.·according.o,h.imag£: Thcr£fo.em.n
bru...rurion.ncc ... uil)·.uHwcr •• byr .... on ilno •• h,mageofGod.bll,hci,·aetordinglo
ofthilonecondi.i,m.ourJolllh .. wuchwi,h ,h. ,mage: Fo.J ••".alonc i.t hc ,m.g. of
.h. o,h.r thIng. whim arc knit up .... im i".nd God . bu.m .. n .. ·ac~ording.o'hc ,m.g.: 'h ..
•h ....... all ,h.,.., wi,h,nu. m •• i•. ,mag. of .be Image. Su, he uy> ·accordmg
w.calJ·p&Uioru.·Ot<TH.SoU L AHOTHE .0 ou.,m Thcrdoreborh FarhcrandSon
RUU .....CT'O".' 0:
arc onc ,m.g •. AG ..... ST .... 'U5 , .....

T H. F..THU. ... ND TIL l So .. C.UTI M...". DUiT ' NCT ' O"8I<Twu..-I .... GB .... oL,,,.·
P.UD ~ "T'"5: " u,.O. ,o .."lnrecording,hcfiu,c,.."on
Thein'piTtdhistorianmlkui,v.r)' of man. MOl e. b.forc all o,h ... .. y'. · ... nd
Th .... carrh·. dlwn.h.F.,h.rno,.lon. God laid. Le. u. mah man ,n OUr own ,mage
Nor wi.hou, Ch ..., hil n.,,·crullon and Iikcne.. :Thcn he add. .f<trward.,"And
form.d. God mad. man ; In .h. image of GO<! m.d. he
·Godf.. h, .... y•• ·.ndg.YC<O hIm ; m.k and female mad. he Ihem . • nd be
him bluacd ,h.m: No,,- ,h. fa" ,h ... he 1I,,:I·he
Th. face of God.: Who, bll' ,0 lay rh., he m.d.hlm.n.h.'m.g.ofGod.·.nd,,·....ilcn'
Wu nor alone •• h" God. .. ood by God'. abou •• h.likcn ... poin .. ",no,h,ng.I•• but
lid. ,hli. ,hat man rcc.iv.d ,h. honor of God 'I
Wh.n .h. Lord mad. m.n in Image of the imageinhilfi.. tcrca,ion . wher.a • •hcpcrfu
Lord!Pou.,..' ,IOn of God '. lik.n . .. ,,·.. rtierv.d fo.h"n a,
.he coni"mma,ion. Th. purpo.. of .h .. " 'U
.h ...... nlhould ... qu,rc"forh,mHJfby hi.
ownurnCl•• fforu to ,m"... God.Kllh.,
CH .. ' .TT H . I .... (lB.CU..... TOfALiU..-· whil. the poosibili,yofa".iningpcrfCCllon
o., .. :For·,h."n.~ofGod. -ll h"Word (.nd ,,·ugw.n.ohim,n.hebeg,nmn s rhr<>ugh.h .
,h. d,vm<\\/or<i.,h.ltghtwhoi. ,hc.,chctJl'C
ofligh,.i" gcnuin •• onofMind[,hcF01h.r]);
and.nim.g.of,h.Wo<di. rh., ..... man.that

honorofthe -,m.g.; ht,houldin th •• nd ;m.~ of God: It would cenli nly not be COf'
through Ih.accomplilhment of the •• worlu rcc,u,.ay·ou.:becau.u.hcnum!>cri'pl"",l.
obull1forhim.. lflh.~rf.ct - likcnc ..: 0" ifmanw... madcinlh.imai:.ofoncperoon,
FllSTP."<CIPlU).6.I.' whcm.rFather.SonorHoly Sptril. Bu,
I.UGfi F.llltr M. ICR ' VRO. D' .. OOCHU. OF conl.'1 ".ndyi''''.... id·ino'',im·s·
PHOT ICE: All m.n ar. made in Go,r. im.~; le"wcehoo.c 10 believe in m r ... god.s in m .
bu, , hi. lik.nCII il gronlcd only to Trinity•• inc.,htumtTrinity;,on.God .hc
thOl.who.h ..... ghg...,lov.h.v.brouglu hid, -And God mad. m.n in hi. 'ma~: as if
.h."ownfrudom ,n,o.ubjeCllon,oGod.Fof h.wcr.[ou)" ";nhi. [own,,;uM[ ,m.g':
only when wC dono,bclong '0 ou... lv •• do O"'TH ~T.'N'TY '~.6.6. "
"'. him who 'hrough love has ..c·
oneil. dlUtoh,mulf.Noonea<h ,c"". ,hu W HoSp ....... O.·Ou.·!FU~G.NTIU50.
"n]... h.~ .. "ad.. hi'lOulno'lobedi.· RV.,l: Th.nfon IctlU hold lha, ,h. Father
,ncl.dbyth.faJugli"crof .hulire.OI< and m.Son Ind Ihc Holy Sp"" arc by natun
Sp '.'TUUPE.,ICT10" ....' on.God;ntithc,i,d..,F"m.,.henncwh" "
thtSon.north.Sonlh.onewh"i. lhe
I"Ou. h'A GR.A uG U5T'Nfi: For why Ih. Fa,h.r. nor me HolrSpiri[lhe on. whoi. m.
-o"r:ifth.Son"lhe,m.o.~ofthcFathcr F.,he. 01" m. Son. For me ~Me • • ha. which
alont!But,,"onKcoun,ofth.i m~rf.ct lhcG ... kacaJllh'~M.",.ofmcFa,hnandth.
likcnc... as " .. hav,h., man il'pok.n Son andme H"JrSp;rit i. "n•. ;n which
ofu·'gc:and.o·our:[ha,man eucnc.m.Flth.rilnolonc,hingand,h.
mlgh' b. an image of ,h. Trini,y. Thi. image i. Son. ucond rhins .ndu.. Hol)"Spirit.<iU a
nOlcqu.alloth.T.. nll)·.... . h.SOni • •ou.. mi,dming. aJ,hnughinperoonmeFIu...,.
F"hcr.b,,"approach,ngil. asi ....;'l.,by.ccr· difl"trent andthcHol)·
uin lik.nCII;a. In d"ng' di.dnel th ... can be Spiri,i. difl"... nt.AUofmi.i.d.monlt ..,.d
c!ouncu. no,howcve rinmi.e..euifa.p'· (orulinthtltrong."(uhi,,na,the •• r)"
".1 dOICnu. hUI by ,mita,;on. ON THI T.",, · besinnins of m. Holy Scrip,ure.. wh.n God
'TT,.6.!:.- uy •. "Le[u.rnaIr..humanbc"'g"no"rimagc
.ndlihn",": \Vhcn . u,inSmeJlngullrn"m ·
AUGU5 T'NE, NOI.v.rythingtharamongcrca· bcr.h,,,y" -im.~: h.ohow. 'hallh . na<ur.
ru ... [oGodi. righdy i. on •• in who.. the human being wu g... b",only,hat,h.n .... hich m.d.,Bu,wh.nh· ... Y··"u .. inth.plu ..l. h.
God alon .. i. mo .. culted. Th.I 11 di..ctly ohow. ,ha, u.. ... ry ... me God In whole im.g.
d.. wn from him. ifho« ",..,n him ..M .nd il Ih. human beinS wo, made i. nOl on. in per ·
,h ••• i. n oinl.rpo ... dnanu e.ONT H5 T.,I<. IOn.Fo'ifin.hlL"ne~nc.. ofFaLher.Son
'TTU.,.S." and Holy On. pcr,,,n.-.o",>r

AUGUST"'!: For God •• ,d. ·Le, \11 mah man

'nou.' mag •• ndlihn . ..·:.lLltlelu... h,,"' . "OfpN4.'5CSM."FC4~
evcr.It i. said·And God mod. m.n in ,h.
imag~·wouldno,havebeen.pokenhut - inm)' thuiof.ohioncd ."fromthc . limeof th.
image : Nor would he ha~e said-le' U5 mah" cartb: U Bu,i,io our inner man. invisibl ••
bu'"lshallmake:lfinr'Calityin'hose'hru incorporeal.incorrup,;hleandirnmortal. tbat
po<son. mru,uh5tanceo w e rctohc u ndcr. is mad. "accordingto thc imagc of God : For it
"oodorhclic~cd,"toourimag<'-wouldno' ilin.uchqualiri .... 'h cs. thatth . image of
havcbecn n id;rathcr,"toourimages-;for Godil morcrorrutlyundustood.Butifany·
therccould not be onc imageofthrce unequal one l uppo,.s thatthi,manwho i,mad.
narur ... Butwhilc thc hum.nbeingi' l.idto " rding,o,h.imag •• ndlikcn ... ofGod "
be made according 10 the onc imagc of thc one iim.dcofflcoh.h .... illappcartorepreo.nt
God,.hedivinityofthcHolyTrinityinonc God him.clf .. mad. offl •• h and in human
u.ocncci.announocd.Thcnand l hordythcrc · form. It i, moll d.arly impiou. to think this
aftor. in of what he had abovc,"Let ab<>ut God. HOMt~tesON G~,.es,s ,."."
u. make human hcing. in Our image .nd likc·
nc,,:ScriptUrc thU"Oldofthcmakingofthc ht AGIIS P ''''T''ALLT I NTE''~''' T HD.JOHN
human beinghy .aying."And God crcatod CASSIAN: Placing him in ,he mid., of all ,h.
huma nkind in hio image: in the of God hro,hen,h. inquir<d .. '0 ho,," ,he Catholi .
hc" ....:dthem: ToPETIIRONTHBFA,THS, " church .. ,hroughou, rhe East in,ctpreted
wha, i.said in Genuk - Let uS m ake man
TH E I "" ' S I B~BFATHIIIITHIIOUGH T HEVI5. a«ordingtoourimag. andlikc nc ..: Th.nh c
IBLBWOIIU.)U"AIIUS: )nprcvioU$timu c~plaincdthatthcim;ogc.ndlik.n ... ofGod
man. i.i."ue.wu .... idtoh.vehecnm.d. wutr'Ca .. dhyaUth . hcad50f ,hechurrhc,
ocrording ro th. imagc of God. hut he wu not no! acco rding to ~h.)<>wl)· oound of,helc"e,
r<vcal.d a•• uch. Fur thc Word according 10 but;n a.p;rirual ,,·ar.and he proved ,hi' '''ith
who .. image man " .•• mad. "'.. l lill invisihle a long di.cour .. and many.xampl« from
Th.rdore also man euil)'lo", .h.liken.". Bu. Scrip.urc.ohowing,ha,no,hingof this.ort
when thc Word of God wa. mad. f1e.h. he cOn· could be th. asc wi,h that immeaourahl •• nd
firmedhothim.gcandlikcnc1-5.Foronth.on• incomprchcnoible .ndinvi.ihl.majesry _ th.,
handh . rrulY l howedthcimag.hy becoming it could hccircumicr ih.d in a humanform
wh.,hi. imag."·... Onth.othcthandh. andlik.neol,tharindeed a narur.,hatw ",
firmlyu,ahlishcdthelikencs.hythcco·a.ssimi. incoq><>rcal a nduncompo •• dand.impl.could
lation ofm.n loth. invi$ihlc Fathcr through bcapprchcndcdhythccycorsci%cdh)"hc
rhcvi.ihlc Word.AG..,,,n H i USllss.,6.:. " mind.CONF6U,. CalO.,,~·j-"

0 .. S~''''TUAd OR.G I": Wc do not under· SPATIA~ ANO VI 'UA~ MUAPHOBS PH'
" and . howevcr. thi o m.nindccdwhomScrip· CB,"lIo IH THII Pow ..; Of THB M,ND •
•urcsayo w.. madc · lCcording.o.heimagcof AMBROSE:Bu,letu , definemo .. arC llratcl r
God".ohc rorpotcal. Fur ,hc form of ,he ,he meaningof,h.p hr ... · to the imagc of
bod)'doc$ nOt contain ,he Imag.ofGod ,nor
is ,hc.orporeal said to h.-mad,·hu,
·for mcd,· .. i,.,.,ri"cn in ,he words ,h.. fol·
10.... For th , tnt <ay •. "And God formed man :

God."billrll.lhlllh.fluhi,mad. "corh. are.bletoenvi"g• • ndrcllc(1on.ll.hing'.
,mag.ofGod"llnchafcaoe... fh • ...,canh,n W. who ar. now in I..Jy hlv, in mind .. ha,
God. &i nc. fl ....... of urtM b God ... m";nth.Eu.o,;nlhe
rhari • •"Ia)·..... al::andlubj." W.n. Wc ..em.o dealing. with m.n
t"th.pu.i"nIIP.rh"pilh.hud may"ecm ro who dweU in p., .. ia,We.nvi.ion mo •• who
you r" ~ made in rh. like ne" of God ~cautc hav. the;rhom .. in Afric•• ifm.rc happo:n '0
".cand.aloft.orcheercl~ca ... cthey ~.cquain,"ncC$ofou .. ..-honlJo)'th.h(llpl·
ob ••! t11i,y of ,hll land. W•• «ompa .. y.he.epco ·
lh.qlleollonofh.,ght.u..... 'ocon,id.rollr. plton .hei,d'partllrc andd ..",nearloth.m
,clv.. to~uUJu.tbtcau •• _.owC<.J..d. in,h."voyag<'.br~d.W•• rcone"'ichth.m
ovcr ,h•••"M Ar • ...., nO. uhamd '0 be ,nrhe".bs.n••. Thol.whoarclCp.....dfl1
,hollghtofu lik.toGodm.. cly~,.u •• w. fromu.engag.u"ncon"crullon.W•• rollu
.rt tall.. rhan .. rp.n .. oroth .. ""pIng c... · Ih.d.ade.enlomllfual in.uchangeof
furcl o,e y enrhandccr•• hccporwolve.11n moughuandc ... b,aceth.muiftheywerc
Ih.t ••• po:cr. how much uJI .,il]liv,.. g.We .... nl°tomcpolnlo(conr...
... dClm.I,ln(ompali"" .....,thllsiS'ghtll " .. gonlhcscpeopl.,h.uug ••• ndCIIstom,
,mpo.unltou. ,no,dcrc".nablcullo OfOllrd.ilrlif•. ThIl . •h,c.,. madeIO
b.hold Ihe thIngs of the wo.ld.nd,o h.v. ,he imag. of God that i. pcrcCI".d not br th.
knowl.dgcoiwha.i.noltcpo".dby.n)'pcr. .h.mlnd.h
Ion but IS grupo:d by our tcnSC ofl1ght . H",,· lith.'powct,hllbchold.,h••lucnt.nd
I1gnificant, In f.ct,ii Ihi .p<t w•• ofl1ghli embr,ccl iniu.i"oncountrit. b.yo nd rh.
Bcc.u•• ofllw.m'ybc l aid,ohavcthelik.· horizon. I .. vilion cro.... bollnd .. ri ••• nd
n.uof God . ... hosce •• ll.oblC." ...ll ,.om· gucl Inrcntiy on what .. h,dd.n. In on.
prch.ndsouth,dd.n.mouo.... ndlCarch.1 . heutmOllboundlof,h ....orld.nd
,nlo.h.sccrcuofourh .. ".!Amlnot ill 'emOte lccrcl p!acc, are und.r i" ken. God
uhamcdtoad mi'lhat it i. not in mrpow •• ,o i.att.ined . • nd Ch,i"i"ppt<
... putlofmy bodyl\Vh .... infrontofm.I • d.Ken"nloh.ll .• ndalof<, ... i•
•• n_.butl.munal>lctouewh.llJbeh,nd ... uc:enfin'oh.. ven.H .... thcn .... ha'SC"p·
me. ! no v'ew of my ncck 0. ofth.back .lIrcuy.:Blllou,d,i"" ... hipi.inhea ven:h
ofmyh •• d,.ndlcannol ..emyloin •. lnlih no •• h.t • • which God il 'v",
manner .... h......ili.ou' •• n.. ofh.. 'ingif plucn. made to th. likenca of God! Listcn.o
_un .. o.c"hcr",.o,hca, ... har,.only' whll.h'.po.tleuy.infhllrcgard:"W•• U.
.ho"d".. nulw.yllf .... ll •• hould,n .. rv.n •• ,h..dorc. withflCe.un v cil.d, ..f1ccllngu,n
bo,h lighl and huringar. Impcdcd .Fu"h ... • mir''''lh. glo'r of God. arc bcing ... n ••<!i.larcfind.nd.nd",.dinl rorm.di .. tohi,.cryim'g.rromglory.o
...,""'·.p.... ... h......ll ... ild Inim.b ha" •• glor)·,ao through fh. Spiri.ofme Lord:"
.... ,d., .. ng ....d •••• hol ....;ft.. th.nm ... , Hu:" ..'noI<6.1· ... ·.s·,.
Thcfle.h.rhc.. forc .oannotb.madc,olhe
Image ofG"d. Thi . i. 1111., how.ver, of our
loub.wh,ch arefne 1o ,,·andu far.nd ""de
Inact.of .. notllon.ndofcounICLOII'"Ouls ,,::c..J.lL"FC.~~
H U,.. .... ,Tr R.CB IVn L , B ..... I To GOD IT T Ha H u .... " S OOf .. PHn ' C"L E.,TO .. . O.
8 . co .. " .G" L,V I NG S .. C; •••• CI.S .. HDQ ....: TH. T ... HITY.POT..... u$0.L.5 110"" , lno.c1e.
The.t ar •• h. v,,'u" .hat man "ct"iru by thattheuni.yiuel(of , ht,hrtefoldm.jury
conoicluinga nclcontroUingh i.own .enoeo. a nd imprin •• houldtncountcr ou.undcr·
H. ·take. off .ht old ma n. who w.a corrup.ecl ..ancling.,h.invi.ibl.maj ... yi •• df .... ulo:
In rbcconvolutions of hi I cno.:"""ancl wuro "le,u.mahm.ninourimagt.ndacc... ding
.h.newunc.whoi.r<n.wcclinknowing.bc .0 0 .. , likon ....:Look! He hu demo n.rra.. d
imagcofbi.CTC •• or:".nclh.\)(com ...... ..h ...... beli.v •. Godhucng ....cdh" imag•
... hole.ncffi,,·.lilr.cne...nclim.gcofhi.God. on ,h, foc,ofthe human and hu u. ld"ln 0...
Lik •• h.. mg ... crific •.• ui •• blc.ndpl ..... ,ng ... Image." The knowl.dgt of F.. h.r and Son Il
God,h •• mploy, hi.bod)"fo,h,,'."onoJu, cclupon.h.faceofman:.ncl,h,,,,,)"
vice. Hec .. n •• cn,e. ancl o.. meh"wp,c.cnu ... fUtll'Cl of h .. fa ... br munaof.he day b)·
Goclrhe .... w. ancl ,h toffelmg. ofaUh;lli mb • whi ch we arc formed .•• vul.d In th. numan
• nclofl"el"h.,.clificu.ui ••, n o.iginal m odclbow.heFa.her . ... c1.hcSon
.. fgr.c.,whichar •• h.ranonoJfruiuof.h. were , 'o that man could aclmir. God in man
hp. ofrh ........ hoconf.... hi. n.m. b)";oc",' LITTI II.ONTH~SUUT"NCI H6·64 ."
... ndy celebraung God in.hetr body.ncl50ul.
God.owh .. mrhey\)(longno ...· ,ncl.finni ... H U.... NIUNDUFuISH .. HDS ...'T.G.KG ·
obl."on •. Boo~ Of P n •• CT.o,: )" H ." ou O. N .. ZI4NZU S: ThIS w., .o .how ,ha. he
T .. " h . .. GMG,vn"T HBL, ""N .. ITo S m him.dfbu •• l... on"ahog",hc,ali.n, .. him
F"uu C HOUN . GIlRGORY 0' Nyss .. : "Let Fo.akin.oDc"yarc,bolenaturel whicha..
u' m.k. man in ou, imag •.• frc, ou. liktneu: m•• llc"ualanclonly.obecomprchtncl.c1b)"
We pouua .he On. by " .. mm; w••• '!u;..., mind;b .. ,allofwhich •• noecan.akecognl ·
,heorherbyf...,ewil!.ln.hefirltltrunureir .. n.rly ah.nto; •.• nclofrhcsc.h.
IIgovenu •• obebornin.heim.gcofGod;b)· fu .. he" .. mov.c1fromi' ....U.h....,wh,ch
f,.e ... m.h • ...,i.form.c1;nul.h.beiftgift.h. .."tnll.dy cle,,;.u •• o(50ulanclpowc.of
lik.n .... ofGod.... ·L<'u' m.k.m.nino .. '
Im.g.·:L<.himpo..... brc..., •• ionwh.t;l;n Mincl .• h.n.andstn .. _.bul dilllnguilhed
rheim.g.,burl.rhim.loobecom •• cco ,ding from .ach o.h.-h.c1 remained wi.h,n rh .. ,
,o.h.liken .... God hal gi ... n ,he pow.r fo. ownbound.. ieo andborcin.h.m •• lve • • h.
,hi •. lfbc had crca.. c1 you.l,o in ,h. liken .... magnificcnceof lh.Crcllor'\),'orcl .• ilcn.
whe •• would your p.i .. ilege bel \Vby havc you pr....... ndlhrillingh.ralcllof hllmlgh.y
beencrown.c1!Anclif.h.Creuorhaclgi vcn work. No.yc ...·.. rhe ... ny mlnghngofboth .
you wo .. ld.h. kingdom of nor any m i""u .. ofth",. oppome •• •ok.n. of
hu ... nh ....!Su, "i.proptr a g,clter w"c1om and gentro,,1)' in.h" c•• ·
dutoncpa •• IIgiv.ny<>u,whiltlh~orh~rhu .""'".!crc.htwnol.
be.nlcfllncompl...:.hili' lOlhaly<>u m igh,
comple.ti.youuelfandmigh.bewo.. h),of
.h. rew ••c1 ,,·hick C.. mU flom God. 0" THE
011.1(;'''0' M ....:."
richu of g<>OdllUJ mad~ kllowII. Now .he SII,aince Ih. 1;11 or individual ,oodgif,,;, .
Creator·Word. determining 10 uhibi' this longon •. i.ilou.ofth.qll... i"nloapp ..'
and lOproduc. allngle1i~ingbcingout of h.ndi,nllm.rically.Th.langll.lgcofScrip'
bo,h {.hein"i,ibleand ,he "iliblccr...,ion. I rur•• h ... r" .. up" ..... i,cont"dyb)'1
mun ) fashions man, and .alting a body from compreh.nll". ph.lU, in oaying Ihl. man w",
alrudy uittingm.. ,.t. and pllcingin i •• mod.-i n Ihc image of G<><I; ro,.his 11 ,he
br.ath u.k.n himulf {which the Word um... ,ooaylhlth.m.d.humannot" rc
kn .... 10 bc an ,ntelhg<:nt.oul and th. imlg. or aIJgood; fo.i{.hoDei,yi • •hc
God), as .. lO"ofucond ... oridg .... I.nhnl.· fuIJn."ofgood.lndthisi.hi•• mlg •. tb.n
n.... .. cedh,mon.h.... "h-a n... ,h.imag.find.i .. r..emblanct.o,h.lrch• •
.ngol .• mingl.dworJhipe,initi ...dfully info 'yp"inbcingfi1l~dwi.hlllgood.ONT H ~
.h.yilibl.e.u.. onbllfonlYP"nilllyin.olh. C.UTtOOl0' M .. t<.6.,O.1O
in •• llcc."al,k,ngo{ .lIonunhbu.lllb}cct.o
.ho King .. boy.:urthly and huycnly: •• mpo· O.F IN.TION O. TM' hU G,. G • • con OF
r.llndy<:,immon .. I:Yllibl•• ndy ••• n..ll.e · Nns..: Lc,w.dd,hlt [man',[cr<:l"on in,h.
'"II: halfwarbclwe.ngru.nul.ndlowli·" •• rn la lld.m"n·
nu.,;i n onc p•• lOn combining Jpirit and f1uh. ....... p..cilclJ·.h., h.h .. fr"m Ih.bcgin·
Spirttbcealllcoftheflyorbcllo.... donhim. "inga royal nao\lr •. FoIJ<>wiflg common lI. .g••
f1uhon ..uolln,o{.h.h.igh ••owh,doh.had pa;nt.n"rportnoitaofprinc..... w.U .... p·
bc.nnoi..,d;.h.on•• ha.he.",ghtcon.inll"o r..en,ing {.... ur ••. up ..... hcir.oyal
Iov•• nd glorify hi. bcnefac.t,hcrtha, digni'ybygltm.n .. ofpurpl •. lndbcfor.,h"
h.mighf.uff.r .. ndbyauff.ringb.pulin image On' is.CCII..omed,o ' 'y·,h. king:
rcm.mbr.. ncc, .. ndbccor..".difh.bcc1m. Thuoh"m.nnl'u' •. cr.....d,orul.,h.w",ld
p,olldinhllg.... n...; .. Ii..ingcr..'ur •. bec.u.uofhi•• o.«mblanccroth.uniycr..1
•rainedher<:.nd.h.nmov.d.locwh ...,.nd King.h.. bc.nmod.lil<.al,vingimaSClha. the my""y. mad. godly by i .. parrkipl1.. in.h.afChcrypebydigni'J·.ndby
inclination 10 God. S~cot<o OUT'ONON E..s· nlm •. H. i. no,do.h.dinpllrpl..... p.. t.nd
T.. 6-,.",.h.Kdono,"ignifyhi. digni.y
(.he Irch.'YP" himKlf d<>u nOt poue..
T HE h ..... >; o p GOD I ... CO"P"' " .N"V~ ,h.m ).But'npl.... ofpurpl •• h.i.d".h.d
PH.... n.GuGono.Nnu: Godc ... wi,hvir", •.• h.m" .. roj·
man for noo,h.r , ...on than th •• Godi. In ....dofa ... p.. r,h.i •• ndow.dwilh
good; Ind bc,ng'llcn. lnd hning,h i... hi. bl ..... dimmoruH.y.ln{ar"yaldil ·
rUlOn fo,en,c"ngupon the c... uon of 011. d.m.h.bcano.hccrownofjus"
natllr<:.h .... Ollldno, .. hibi •• h.po ..... of.hi. wlyml..... ry.hingabou.h,mmanif....
,oodn... in an ,mperf." r",m, gi ... ing 0,,, roraldigflit)·.b)' hi •• uc.liken.lI ,o.h.
na,u .. l om.on. "r,h. Ihingl a. hi l di'p" •• l b.,u'J·of.he ..che'ype.OOlTHt:CUATIOJ<
.ndgrudg,nglfalha,.in.n",h.r:but.h. 0' M.. " •."
p".f."ro..mofgoodn... " h ....obc . ..nby
' n~andfulll'"upplyinghim ..."hal1g00dgifu
1", .. "~"'''DLlltBN R SS.JOHNOf D .. MASCtlS wil1be,o",ard yourhu .b and,a nd h~willtUl.

Sine. ,his ;, ,0. God c.ut. d man ou, ofvi.i· you:" Thi. i. why man is Ihe image of God
bl •• nd inv;.ibl. natu,"" wi,h hi. OWn hand. H e has no cr.. rure over him. and therei.
3Ccording.o the imag. and liken.u, forming nobody over God;he rule. onevery,hing.<lyfromth.ea,th and.hrough hi. own Woman.on.heotherhand. i. rhegloryof
br.. thingupon it gi ving i.a ra.ional and in ..:l· man .becau.e,hei••"bje".om.n.SBRMONS
lectual .oul,which w. call ,h. divine image. O",GfiNEStS,."
Th •• which i. ·according to the image" i, man·
if.. t in the intellect and fr •• wil!.Tha. which 1:27 Mal. a~d Fc malt Crtaud in God',
i.·.aording.o the lik.n .... i. manif.>t in Im ag•
• uchlikeneuinvirtue:uispollible.OaTHo.
DOX h ITH ~.,~ ." Wo .... '" '''' Goo's I"'''''B.
BOTH )\.1..", .. ,.D
GaEGoayo.NysSA:L.. ".catefullyexamjn~
I", .. " m op CO ........ D. CH"YSOSTO"': Som. th ..eupre..ions.W•• halldi.cover,hio:
o.h.rS base them.elves on our arguments by what is in .h. image;. on. ,hing. wha, we .u
.1I.rting.h •• Go<I po..e .... an image in com· nOw in ourunhappin . .. i. another."God
monwi.hus.buttheydonotunde .. undcor· mad. man ; say. Scrip'ure. 'He mad. him;n
rectlywha.ha.beennid.Wedidno.speak the image of God: On. who i. mad. in ,he
about . nimag.ofbeingb".about.nimageof image of God has the taskofb.comingwhohe
command, U w. will uplain bdow. In facr. as is. Then Scripture,ak.. up.he account of err·
a proof that divinity Ilu nO Iluman form. li.· ationand .. ys."G odm.d.,hemmalrand
.. n.o l'aUl"1 words:'But fo' a man it i. nOt f.mal. :Everyon.ekno..... l.hlnk.thatthi •
rigllttohavehi.lleadcover.d, l incell.i,th. aspecti.exdudedfrom,hearch etype:ln
image.nd gloryofGo<I;"a<,heapo.. lesars.·,h .. ri.n.i·
glory of man .... Thi. i. why- he "Y'- "she Iher male no, fem.le '-" And ret Scrip.ure
mu" w", a veil on h•• head"" And in rru.h. affirm. Ihat man ha. been divided .exuall)·.
in this panag. Ile Ila..< called"imag." ,hi. Thus .hecreationofo urnaturemu .. in.ome
absenceofdifl"erence of form with regard '0 ""Y have beendoubl.: ,hat which renders us
God .• ndman is called imageofGodbecau$e lik.Godand,hatwhich .... blish .. ,h rd,vi·
God al.o po.....cs ,hi. figure: in.h.iropin · .ion ofth •• u ... And mdeed such an inter·
ion,lherefore, it.hould no • ..., uid tha, man pre,ationis. ugge"edby thevery orderofth.
only;' the image of God but ,h. wOman as accoun,.Scrip,ur'''y,in rh e firstpiace ,"God
well. For man and woman han;n COmmOn a man; in the image of God, h. mad.
• ingl.figure, charae,o:rand resemblance. Why him : Only after Iha, i.;: add. d , "He mad •
then i. man called imag. ofGod.,while.he them mal. and female; a di,·i.ion foreign to
wom.n i. noc: Becau$C Pa.,l does nOt mean ,h. divineattribu .... O"'T HB Cn ..TION o.
the appearing in the form but Ihe image M .. ",,6."
co ncerning the co mmand,which "''''given to
man , not "·oman. Man in fact i•• ubject '0 nO
creature. while woman i•• ubj.ct to man , "Fc)7,;t)4·)S··. -IC..<lh7. -ICor""'- "Gm)" .... ~PG
according '0 God', wordo:"Your movement S4,S89,"G.Il028-"NPt>lFlI_'·
EV~W.lS ,I< A D...... T TH~ Mo" 'NT D. H u Therefort.lhatthertmightb.nodoub.
C"UT ' D'" EPH ..... TH~ SY..' .. N: Th~n abourhi. bleu'ngtha,i.,ocome.,heru,
Mm", »id. "Male and f.mol. h. cru,~d say •• "Male ~ nd (~male h. mad • •h.m," For ill
Ih~m; '0 make known that EY~ wu aJ...,adr .hil mannerrnall.ueingtheconlequenccof
' Adom. in th. rib that was drown DU' ,ncr...ingand mu\tiplyingro be from th.
from him. AI'hough Ih. wu not in hi. mind fac, wa.joi nedrohim.could
I h.w.. inhi.bodJ'.and.h~w .. no.onlyin chuilha mortcerta inhopeinth.divi n.
h, ... in ... uJand'piri. blcuillg. For if,h.Scrip,ure hid sa,d.
wothh,m.fOTGododdedno.h,ng,o.ha,rib "Increuc.ndmuJ.ipl)'a"dfill.hcurthand
th .. ht,oo!<ou,u.'p •• heurunu .. ondth. ho •• dom'nionovcri, ," no,add,ng.h ...
adornment.lfutrythingthat,,·a •• ui.ablefor "Male and f. mI J~ h. m.d •• hem," doubtl ...
E••• who cam. to bt from the rib. ,,'al COm h.wouldhlvedi,btliued, . ...
ple.e in and from " "ghtiy..,id ing.Ho .. 'll uoNG.IIU'SI., • ."
.h•• "maJ. and f.maJe h. c..",od ,h.m: eo.. ·
"'NTAU D~' GaNIS ls" l ....... .. NDt''' ....... M .. LlI .. NDF~ .... LI.
Gal(;O" YOfNyss..:I ,h inkthllby,h •••
J) .. ODVCT,V.CoNcollo BBTw U NMA LE word'HolyScriprureconv~y. 'ou'a gr ...
AND F ..... u.. O .. '(; .N: Ou"nnu man con· andlofty doctf;ne. and.h.doctrtn. i• •h".
.II<1of.p"i, and.ouJ.Th •• p,," ......idtobt \VhilclWOnlluru-lh.d,.;n.,nd,ncorpo-
m.I<;,h.... ulc.nbtcall.df.mal •. lfth... reaJnlrure.~ndtheirra"onallifcofbrutc.­
h .... <onm,d a nd .gree m.n, bt,wun .h.m· a...epara..dfrom ... ho.h"' ..... tr<:m ••.
n l.... thej' in cru ••• nd m'ultiply b)' ,h. vcr)' human naturc i• •h. mean buwc<:n.h.m. For
. uo,damong.h.m.. lv...ndlh·rprodua in the compound natur<of man w. m.y
....... good,nchn."onlndundenlanding.'1T ... of.",hoflhenuurulhav•
uiefuJlhoughll.bywhichlheyfill,h.ur'lh m"n.inned-ofthe divine •• he .. toonal and
• nd h ••• domin,on over it. HO"'L"'Ol< in •• Uigentelem.nt,whichdoel no,admi"h •
GINn,Sl.tS·" di .. inctiono(mal • • ndf.mlle:of.h.irn,io.
ANT ,c ,p"T' N" HD .... '" R.P .. ODUCT ' Ol< ,n.o mal. and femal.-for each of.hue el ••
T ...ou""TN,UN,o",oFM .. u .. No .... 'nlylobtfollnd,n.lllhalpar·
Fa"A L~. Ok ' (;IN:[I .. em'lob.woTlh .. k". of humin lifc.Th .. rhe in..llectual
'nquiringin.hi·p .... seho,,·,.ceordi nglo .I. ment. nowevcr. . the othcr w.
,h. lelter. wh.n ,he woman wu no. ye. .. from on. ",hog,ve. in order an accoun, of
made •• h. Sc"p.ure.ayo."Male and fem ale Ihe making of mln; and wc learn al ... ,h .. hll
h. mad. ,hem," Perhap •• u I.h,nk." i. commun''Yondk,,,drodwim thc ".ationaJis
btcau •• of,h.ble.. ingwi'hwh,chh.bJ ....d for man a proviloon fot .. productlon .... H.
,h.muying."lncr.u. and multiply and All form.dfotourno,ur• •h""ontr;".nc"for
,he .. nh'"" A n.icipatingwho,,..a •• o b•.• h. incru •• wh ichbtfi.. . ho.<whoh,dfaJl.n
le'" say •• "M.I • • nd f. mal. h. mad •• h.m,"
., ncemd... dmancould no,o.h •• w".
,n"..... ndm u l"pll'uc.p:,.."h,h.f..... I•.

inu... n. impbntinginmankind,'nltwoflhe no"ubject to the need. of the body~ So a. the
angd'Cmaje,ty of naru.c . thal ammal and oU'H,.ndffOmtht~ginning'he prac'ic.of
I.radonal mod. oy which they now , ...,uN virginity wuinforcc.bu .... hen,hroughtheir
onc anolh ••. 0.. TH~ CRUTION Of MM" ,6.'-9; indilf",.nccd"obcdicncccamconthc Kcnc
11-4." and.hc wcrcopcncd.vorginity
.ooki uluvcfo. ,h ... u<>,hcy had
T,,. FA .... PUle.oBD COHA.'TAT 'ON. CHU. proved unworthy of.uch a degr.cofgood
10iTO .., Conoid.. when ,hil haPJH'ned. Aner thingl,andinluplacc,hcpran i«ofon,cr·
,he .. dl ... .. ,he irlo"of th.Jar· eourae,ooltoyc,fo,thcfuturc.Ho.. ,U I.50N
den.,hcn i,wu ,ha, ,h. p.u,iuofin'u· GINu,s,l.n."
(o"'lCh.d"o beglnning. rou oee.~fo .. ,
d,oobed,ence .hey followed a life like dll'of
.hcang.b. and.h ..e ,,·unomen,ionofi n'e,·
counc. Ho,,· co uld ,here oc when ,hcy w"'c



ll"nd God /tlcurd 11,.,,,. and God loid II' 11..,,,. "Sc / ruil/>l1 a"d m>lllip l" And flU Ihr rarth
andJ> wr il;andha"cdomi,,;on ovcr th rjiJ h o/lhr ..a and.wcrlh. /ti.d. o/thr" .. anJ
Q~r' r~.r, lIving Ihing ILal movu upon ILt .",,1.."

OVU.VIIIW: The ,n,reue of .he hum.n race original plan.eventh<>ugh.he fall in.crvcned
poftdproblcml fo. ,h eFatheu.Gc lleu lly The eXOent <>fhuman au,hori,y <>vcrthc anj ·
the), .ffi,medtha,thec<>mnu.ndto in"eau mab "·u a I;gn of God ·, love for humanlt)·
andmul"plrrdcrr~d.<>.hcp""odb.f<>reth. (CltIlY50Sro.. ). However. thll powe, "·u 101<
fall. when human rcprodu Cfion would ha ... an .. ,hc .;n(AuGusn ... ).
,akcnplu.bysomemeanoothertha n MaJe and femal. arc commanckd '0
th,<>ugbluualintcre<>u,n(AUGIISTII<E., M.u· ;ncrun and multiply OOHN OF O"' ...Uc:IIS) .
,,,,us THiCoNFESSOII.). for ,hcyscnenlly Therc"nodcprecia"ono{marr,aSCln,h.
maln.aincd,ha,AdamandEvcha.d~en patron, m.nprct.ation of Gcnw. 1:211 (Gall(;.
in.cndcdtoformav;rginalcouplc.Augu.. ine. o ay 0' NySu). Tw~ kind. of ;ncrcal. mu" be
howcvcr.camctothev,.,,·.ha,.uualdiffe,· dillinguil hed: ofbod)" and of.oul ( BASI~).
entlatlon and ,uual uni<>n wc .. plrt of God·, Since ou,humani'r panakuo(,he.nimal
GP.Hu,s ':J.I

natu r~ (G ...GO"V Of !'<YS54), W<t art (all~d '0 pcrmi"ed,ounde..,andit'pinruaJlyand.o

gain con,roI Oyer th~ irrational alpen. of OUf' bclicv(fhat;t ...",(hang~di n.o.uu .. lf(cun.
l~lv~1 (B"SIL).Alt hough oexual inl~r<:ouroe,hu.e
rollow~d the upub,on from paradi ... l uffi · unionofm alcandf.male. of.hefo rmcr,o
c'~n'gractwup.oviditdforhono",blenup,ia1 .111., oflh. Iattcr.oobcy, and.h.'" ,,·u.h •
.. nion,.h~gLoryofwhich ,. in ,he nUrfll.eof opiritualoff,pflngofin,clhgibleand,mmo.·
child ren (A"""ST,,,,.j. taljoy.filLing.hecanh, th., il. g;ving lif. '0
th.body andruJingn.Tha,il. manJOheld
Two K,,,,oi OF l "'c ..... ".G ... OOUOf !thcbod,].ubj«ltb",heupericn,edfrom
NUSA:Th.'" a.e r...., way. to·;ncr .....·' in it nO oppo.i uble .We.ho uld
rh. body and in the l oul . Th. 10111 inc.u... .....h •• i..... uthil way,.in.. . he y wcr.
byedllcation,prog",u,ng ,o"'ard completion; y
rh. bodl' ,ncr.asu (by gro"'ing) from .mall ro . inned . Fo. the children oflhioworldgcner·
large. H. ,old,thc •• fon, ,hc nnltl ••• an i. atc and a. e gen.ratcd,u.he l..ord UYI . when
malo ' 0 inc", .... by ,h.deye!opm.nt of,he he.howl lhuw.lho .. !drcJati~eJrdilr.glrd
body. Bu•• o 11. h..... id·lI\c"'a.. • in th. inn.r thilcarnalgcnerallonincompa"oonwnh.h.
pe'JOn along "'"yo ",hlCh Lcod.o",..d God. fururcliferhatilpromi •• d,o ...,Two
Thi,waowh atPau ldid,inhi lfl rc"hingou, Boo"J ONG."lIlsAC:;"'NsTTH~M"N '
,owardwha,layahcad.ndfo.gcmng .. hatli. ' CH ..... NS I., ~.JO.·
behind. ' Th'$ io godly ,n.. ~. 0 ... THE 0 ..,·
.. ,"'0' M..... ! W H n H • • C H .... T O" ...CO .... TUB Or", .
1. 01< BaTwuH M .. u .. N D F ..... u . M .. x,·
No O .... IC' .. VIO .. OF M ...... , .. o •. G ...,.O"y .. us THBCONPUSOa: l"d«dbcins inhimnJf
or Nnu:Le,noon •• h,nk.ha,wed.prcci· .heun,!un,onofall,!Chrilt] h... llan.d
at. an inlri,",ion. W •• r.w.n wirhou'{lu uaI
.." ·•••• ha ,,,i.nota.,,ang•• ,oGod·. bJ.... pe.f.c, humanbc,nS, huingf.orn .... onollt
'ng.... B..,our¥,... ofm.o" ... g....hio,that accoun, and in acCotd..a" cc wlthollt na,urc.
whilcrh.purounofhuvcnlyth,ng • • houldbe .v.rythinstha'w...... nd lack.ngnoth,n g.
a man ·ofi,.,co rc.y.'ifhecan ... t .hcadvan. ·.p.rtfrom lill :' andhav in~ no need Oflh.
tag.. of marriagc with oob.i.tyand modcra· naturalint...ou.lCofmarriag •• ln.hiowayh.
"on.h~nudno,d •• pioe'hi.wayof"",ins· ohowitd, l.hink,.hatrhe"w;llpcmapo
O"VI.,.'NITV8. ' anoth.. ",a)·.fo.el<nown.o God. for human
bcingl,oincrca..,if , ... human bcinS
"INC. IlAU .. NDMIILT I PL... R ...... TDTH . had kcp' th.commandmen, and not cu,him·
1'."' 00 6 ~FD ... S'I<.AIIGU$T'N""Onei. sclfdown,oananinuJ.u.tbrabusinshll
compl .. clyright'Oalkin wh",". n ocw~ own prope, powe". Th ... God. mad.· ... an hu
Ihould undernandth ... n,onofmaLc and dOlltaway wi,hlh.difi'e •• n.eandd,y,"ionof
f.m .J.bcforclin.aowellao.h.bL
oa.d·ln... ",. andmllluply,andg.neratcand
fill th. nrth: Should w. .. .. '1'IIiI.I<l).'GN(ls46-f7. 'NPNFlI,ISHI. 'FC",TI.1L
phyoicalmanncro.opiflluaUy,Fo• ...,arc 'Hoi> .. L).

naOJI'fc'nromalcandkmalc .... hichhum .. n ... howouldl>cl>orn would devtlop,(>theum.
n.OJrc'nno ..... yneedcdfor8cn~ .. tion.u .. a.. and ewenll1 ..11,·. w".n ,h. dctcrmlncd
oom~hold,andwithoulwhichit ... ouldper· numl>cr ...ouldMcompICle,ifaIlHwejll"and
hap. h .... Men pOSlil>1e. Boo~ o~ DI~.'CUl· ol>.di.n,liwU,thu.. wouldl>c.rran.(orm .. ·
TIU4'! ,ion.ThIl.wi.houtanrdu,hrheirnatllr.. l
I>odi •• wouldrcc.iv... n ...... •• he)'
AD ........ 0 EVil .. SIIJ: U.. l COU~LI B •• olIlI obcycdcnrycornmandofthe,plritthatrulcd
THIF.. LL.Au(lU ST, ...olfonelhouldllk ... hy th .. rn.Wi,hth ... pi.i."lone¥ivifying .... rn,
It WU nccu .....r th .. t .. helper l>c made for wi.hou ... nyhclpfromrorpor ... lnouruh ·
man •• h... nl .... cr.h.....elnlmoltprol>.l>I.i. mcnt,.hcywouldl>cc"n.dlp",ru .. lho,h ...
.h.tlt ..·.. for.hcpn><:rutionofchi!dr~n.ju .. Thu could hu.l>ccn if.h. ,,"nlgn.IIDn of
• , the ~.rth il" helpcrforth~ n~d," .he pro· God ·.comm.ndhadnotm.rit.d th'pun,,",
ducuon of .. plan. from the union of.he rwo, mcn,ofdu,h.O"THaL'TfiRA L IHTUPUTA
Thil purpo.e w15 d.dared in .h. original cr.· TIQNO.G1NU'S9+S·6.'
".,on of Ih. worldo"M .. le Ind fem .. l. he mad •
•hem. And God blas.d them .nd ..,id. T H. NUPT''' L BUU U"G RII .. "' ... " AFTU.
·Jncrcu... ndmul.iplyandfiU.hcc .... hand S IN A .... .. 1I.0.AuGusTl .. ~: F... l>c " ,hen
.ubdllelt:"Thi.realOnfor cnuionllnd from .... tol>cli~¥c.ha. thecouple.h •• wcr.
unIon ofm .. le and femalc .... wcll .... hi. t.1 ..... p]uNlnp .. r.d, .. wouldhuer,.lfincd
tng . ..·... no,al>tog .. ted .. ftcr th. "n.nd pun· throughthi.luSl .which,hlmcd,h.mln ,o
.. hm.ntofm .. n.lti. l>y .. irtu.ofrhi.l>leOling covering.ho.eorg.n.,th . ... ord. pronounccd
rh .. ,hc .. rrh is nowfill.d with humlnl>e;ng. l>y GocI in hi. l>1.uing:"lncrc .. " and mulripl l
..... olul>duci •. Althoughit ....... f... , ... Indfill,h curth :Fori. waoonl)'.ftcrman
upllllion of the m.. n and wom.n from par... .inncd.luthi. JuJlarole;i.wuaircrman
dl ......... thcyc..m •• og•• hcrin.ulI .. lintcr· linn.dlhathi.n .. rurall>cing. ......'nlngth.
rou" •• ndMgotchild.. n, .. ccordingto len.. oflh .. mcl>u.losing'h .. tdomln .. nc~lo
SC"ptur •. nncrthc!e ... ldonor ........... which.h·l>ody"·u.,,l>jcctlncvcrypart , fe!:
could h..... prohil>it.d them from h.onor.. l>Ic ..ndno.iccd ..... nl>huhcdll and conc ... l.d
nup" .. Junionand"thel>cdundcfil.d"' .v.nin thltlult .The nupti .. ll>lc •• int;.howeve.,
p.... di.c.God could h.v.granted them lhi. if whercb,· .hepait,join.dinmarriagt, w.rcto
thcyhadlivcdin.fai,hflllandjuumanncrin incrclle .. ndmultiplr .. ndfillth.... rth .
obcdicnlandholY,"T'V'cctohim .•o.h .. , rcm .. in.d m force ev.n ... he" .hc), SInned, ~'..
wlt"ou,,"etumultuOIlI.rdorofp.uion .. nd ir ..·... g'ycnl>cforc .... cy."'nec!., forlupur .
wllhou, .. nylal>o ... ndpainof c.. lldl>i ..h.of{. .. kci.d ... r.ha'thepn><:rc .... on
.prlng ...ouldl>cl>ornfromthcir.«d. ln'''i. of children "a p"rlOflh. glory o(marriage
cI.$C.thcpurpo.cwould noll>cloh.vcchil. Indno.ofth'pun"hmcntof"n.C'TYOP
dr.nlucucdingparcnuwhod,.. R.. lhcr GOD,..1I,'
tho" ,,·hoh.d t.cgo,tenchildren "'ould
rcmlin ln.heprimcoflife . ndwouldmlin.
u,nth.orphy&icaJur.ngthfromth.t •• eof
Ilfcthuh .. dl>c .. npl .. n.cdinparadl".Thol"
G .. " ....O DO.. , .. ,O .. OV •• TH' 8 .... TS th.S.hof.hc ....:·fkhold.h...markahk
W'T HIN. GUGOn OF Nnu: "You will .ul. ch.raCt.rof,!lmcan"ho.. word.,
ovu uvag. hus ..: How ,hough. you may ";nc..&KandmulliplyandfiUth...rth:any'
uk •• "IC"I h ... ea bu" ... i,h,n!AcruaIJy. on.could ... of . h. b,u .. t.e ... ,. and
Ih ..eau.myriad .• countlusnumbuof thc"p,ileoalik •. wh.reu·llaind""""ionand
beuts wilhinyou.You.houldno,, hn. con. rol " arc dir."ed.o . he man and
off.n •• inlh... wo.d •. Ragei,a.m.lJbeul. woma",S", ,h. Lord ·.lo.. ingkindn ....: .... "
y" ... h.n;'~rowil;nlh.hurli • • nydoll beforccrc.llng,h.m. h.makesth.mlha.. in
morc.n·ag.! I. nO'lhetrucherollllollJ like .hi. con.rol and bcs,ow. o" ,
f.c.h h ...... k.d in fron, of. be.... d.n! !s "Ha... con.rol".h•• cE,"ay •• "
nOI.hchypocri .. abcall! ... [Rul.j .h.n , ... ch.bird,ofhu... nandallth.....l•. th.
o~ •• 'h.bea"" whol...rth and all the repcil .. crcep,ng""
Ihoullhu , o,ha,you w •• ruluov .. ,heurth:DidyounO'ic~!h.d.fini'i ... ch .. ·
aIJ.hinll'. SOlh ..... m.on.whopro~idcslh. acterofthli.uthority!Didyounot'ceallct< •
pl)WOT 10 .ul'l)v•• alllivinll.h ing' prl)~id • • ...dlh inll·placedllnd<r.h.controlof.hi.
powcrfl)ru'tl).ul,I)~ .. ou.",,1 ..... 0"'TH. pank\llarbeing!Sol\OlOllger.ntcrtainc""ual
O"rG'"Of M ..... IO imp •• .,ion.of ,hi lrationalh.ingbulr.. her
r ..liuth.n.. n, of th ...... m and th. Lord '.
H u ...... ,TTP...T.. " .. o.A .. ..... LN..Tu ...;. mallnanimi'y .owardi'2Ildb(amu.d •• hil
GlIGoar or Nnu: A,bru.. lif. firs. lo~. beyond all .dhng. Ho .. ,uuo" G ... as,s
cn .. r.d,nlOlhcworldandman ...•ook '°.9.')
IOmcth,ngofthcirnuurc {lmcan.h.mod.of
g.n.rauon ).hcaccl)rd,nllly,ooka,.hc .. mc Hu ...... P o wn. OV B. T .. B 6 .un. AUGu. ,
lime a Ih..eof,heo,herau.ibu, •• contcm· T",.,A,<imcstheManich.. can. a.llOuk,"!n
pl...d,n,haln.ture. Fo.theliken ... ofman wha ....""didmanr.. cei ... powcro .. erth •
• 0 God Ii not found in angcr.nor i. pl ... u•• • !Uh of,h~ ..... nd ,h. bi.,u ofh....." and.1I
m.rkof.hc.upcriornaturc;c""·ard,,•• IIO. .h. cattl. and ",ild anim.lll For ........ ha<
.ndholdn•••• and.h.d •• ircofga'n •• nd,h. men ... killed by many wild an,mal.and.hat
d.. lihoflo... and.lI.h.lik •• aref.... mo ... d m.nyhird.h.rmu.,.,h.nw ...·an ••o ..oid'J<amp ... hichind" .... di.ini.y th.mor.ocaptu ...h.m . though .... ofr. n
Th.......ib", • •. th.n . huma .. n.'ur •• ook.o unno,.lnwhat.en,c.h .. ndidw...<c"',,,h . id.of,h.h.u .... ONT>•• po...erover.hucl"On,hllpoin.thcy,hould
C ....T'O .. OF M ..s,8"" ." fi ... be .old.hat\heym.k ... biGm,ttah
... hcn.hcyconlider man afrer li n, wh.n h.
AU T>.O.'TYO.... 6 . .. UI R........ CT.G oO'. hube .. ncondcmncd,,,,hemortalityoflhi.
LOVB FOll; HII ...... 'TY. C.. ",nOSTO .. , So. lifeandh .. lollthatperfect;onby whkhh.
.. f"r .... y'ng·mal.a ndf.mal.h.mad•• h.m· ,,·aomadc,n,h.imagcofth.GocI. 6u,.ven
...hougbtohc"o,,·a blc,"ngonncbof man·...a« .. ionin.ol •••• uch
,h.m.b.go~. on"Godbl .... d.h.m'"th.
word •. ·lncr.... andmulliplr·fillth.cartb
.nd~a,"domin,onov.r".andha ... con.rolof
pow~r tha< h rule. many animals. For rhough frui,ful and multipl y" does no, al together
h~ un b~ killed by man)' wild animals on ref~rtotbe mu ltiplyingby,hemarriagecon
accounr fragili.y of hi. bod)'. he can be nection, For God had power t o mul.iply.he
.am~d by non~, although h tarn", vuy man)' raceaJ.oindiffe .... ntwayo,ir.h~J' kept ,he
and nearly ail of .hem. Two BOOKSONGBN E' precep. unbrohn '0 the end. But God. who
slsAG"1NSTT H ~M"N l <; H"HAN Sj.18.19." Itnow.allthi ng,b~foretherhaveui"cnc •• .... knowledgethat.hey
b.CR ...n .. NPMu LT' 1'Cy, JO HNOFD.. · would fall intotran.grellion inlhefu.ur~and
.... scus:Af,.rth~tra n .g r ...ion, ... tOpre. be co ndemned.ode.. h. anticipated this and
"enj,beweartngoutandd.,truc.ionof.h. madc "mole and female: and bade ,hem "b~
nc.bydea.h ,marriag. "" u devi .ed.ha"h. frui.ful and mulfiplj"." 0..' TH! ORTHO<>OX
ncc of men maybe preseTVed.hcough ,he FAITH ......."
proc ru,jonofchildr~n.
But.hel'will perhap. aok, Wha. then is the
and multiply ", ln on.wer welh.U .ay that "Be



Z'A lld God ,aid, "Bt hold. I h~vt givtn YOIl tvcry pl~nt yidding .ud which i. "POll Ihc facT
of allth. e~Tfh, and r vrry Iru with jud in il< fT wil : yow sbaH hav. thtm for food. )<lAnd ID
rvrry "rast'oftbt tart~. and to cvuy "ird oft~c air, and to everyl~ing Iba! "e,ps OM th,
tarrh, eve rylhi ng thal ba. th. brrath oflif., I bavt givtM tvu),grc," planlfor food. " And it

Ovn.V1HW: Originally God permitteci ,h. use veg~ta.ion also srmboli~u human affcc,""",
of foods fTom vogeu.ion.fba,i •.• egeable. (ORlGll" ),
.nd the frui" of ,h•• r ... (ORlGE",N""ATfA"
GR1!GOR" OF NYSSA). Borh .n ... m.lo and 1,29·30 God Gi,'" PI"nu far Food
f.m.le,u.ed ,n" food for ,h. bodj' ,ha< fh.
other animal. u•• d and Tcceived fi" in~ . u... · T HB FfRST Foou \\'''5 FRO'"' VIlGBT"no".
nance from" (AIIGIIST'NB). Th. food fTom ORIG 1! '" The hi"or;cal meaning. a: least. of
thi'ICntcnccinruutuclurly thuoriginally IU'U. Narurt had nOI yel ben divided ;
Godpcrrn",.dth.uuaffoodafromvcgcu· uUylhing ..·a. cornpl~uly f, uh. Hun"..
...",.<ha,i •• y.gc<abl • • andth.fruinaf"cc •. did nOt caplUrt p.ey•• ince people did nOt yet
But the oppo"u"i,y afutingflc.h i'giv.n.a practlcethi •• Thebeu,.didno'ycttu.
men late. whcn. coy.nan, was mad. wilh•• inccthcywcrtno'm.a'u ....
No.oh afar ,he flood.' Ho .. ,Lt u 01< GENU ' S y...... So was thefi .. t erealion.and.o ,hi.
,.".' creu,o •• daftc,.hi.[ag' ].
Hurnan. wiU.ctu.n.othci.o<iginalcrc·
H ..... LlNG TO LoWLY SOli.• NoyAT, .... : uion . njectinghollihfJ··alif.cncurnbertd
Man·.fi ... foodwu.olclyfnlltandp'od .... withurt.the.laycryof,hcW(l.ld,od.iJj'
fram ...... Man·sguih.ub •• '1 u• nd yin .....· worri ... Onccth'yhavertno"ncedaU,hi.
d .. c.d.h..... ofb,cad.Th. po ...... ofhi. they w;Urc, ... ntath a, .. ,op"nlif.wh,ch ,.
body.ho .... fonhth.'u .. afh ..,a,hcpu.ion.of thcfluh .
AI long a. ma,,·. conoci.ncc did nOt r.p.oach which i. f••• dam. the do.en." '" God. a
him . innoc.nccraiocdhimup.owardth. partakc.afth.lif.afth.ang.I•. O"THIO..,
huv".,..a pl .. ek. h.. food from the [ftu. Onc. GIN O. M......•
"" had be." <amm'tt.d. i. bowed rna" down
10 th • • oil ofth •• arlh to g.t g•• i" . Still I.... sU,T."' '' '''CIP ... C1.UDI5 L U'T.AUQU i·
,heu•• ofmu. wasadd.d. ' JlwlIH FOODS n .. .,lmY"·
:.6.' ingth.",o •.u."MoJ.andf.makh.",u."d
th.m .... ying.·Jnet.u.and multipl)·and fill
To EVlu B ~"'T I Hum G'VI'" EVltr .hturth:·' inttrp.ct.hcmlJref."ing.ovlJ'
PUNT. GlIGOtY Of Nus .., W. 1\0" . ho ... · ibl •• ndbodily ....:. Thi.lldur. ,ny....· of
.vCf.many",ildbcaoudono.catfru,<.\Vh.t what follows:"And God ...,d. ·lkhold . 1 have
fr"i,doc • • hepan,h ••• a,!\l/ha.f... itmak •• giycnyo".vtryplan.yicldinglccdwhichi,
,h. lion! Bu, neverthdUI ,heo.e eru · .. ponth.fu.of.U,h.urth .• ndcvery ....
"".I ... hen • .,bm"""l ofnoturc. wlth ...din1t.f,uII:y""Jhallhavcth.mfat
atcf... II •. Andlikew',"whtn .h t [firs, ] m.n food.And.o ..... ybclJ.of.h. urth.and '0
ch angedhll waroflif.and~o;ded.h.l imi u .v.rybirdaf.heait,and.oey.rything.hat
•• , upon h,m •• h. Lord. af"tc. th. flood. kno ... · ""p.onth.carth.cvcrylhingd""w,h.
'nghuman. ,.,.....·ao..ful.allowed,h.m.o b.cathoflik I ha ... gi... n.vcry g.ctn plan •
.... all foods: · E.. cv.ry food .. if" wet •• di · fo. food:" No •• ,hat both mal. and f<:mal.
bl. plan..." Sin". (human. ] w.,.allow.d thi . uHd Ih. food fa. ,he body ~hlt <heothe. ani·
r,oncuSlon].th.oth.ranima!s [aIJol mallulCd.Th.y recci •• dfiu,ng .... tcnancc
rc, .. vtd ,he libcn T to u,. So the lioo ,s [now [ fromi •. Thio ..·uncccu"ryfa.,'mal
a m.,,·,.,.clt. body l.., i, . .. fi".r from h .. ng.r. B... i.......
received in a certain immon"l ... a,· an.d from
B.,tv .. h .. rc.w.n n'.. yet"i .dlng"bo~.
thecarrh.afindu'Tlanwh.n .hcan;mal!
''''gin".d:noth,ngcrca«dnarim·llincd 'O".Goot-.l.'FC7bM. 'O".Gcnt-J. "FC6;,1.1. 'I:'....
had yet d,ed In order '0 be food for ,h. ~ .. I. "J.'GHOS 'HO.II.'Goa I~.

the oflife. le., thcy dic of old agc. I would ne.cuitiu wer. taken Can of by the pro~r
ne.eT bdieve that. in aplac. of such gT<at funCliOM of the membcrs. witbout arousing
bappinus .• itber,hcnesbluu.dagainutbe lwt. AGA'NSTJuUAN 4.4.69.'
Spi.II or the.piri. against th. ne. b. and the ••
wa. noint<:rnolpuce.... W.condud •• • hcr.·
fo.e.that was no carnal concup;".ncc in
tba, place. Such wastt.emannccoflif.tbatall


J' And God .<lw t~t.ything th<l t h. h<ld m<ld., <lnd behold. it w<ls very good. And rhere W<lS
cvcning<lnd thercw<ls morning.<l s;xthd<lY.

OVIIII.vlI!w,lndividua!,bingscr<:a•• dbyGo.::! Goo SA'" T . . .T T .. ~ ENT'R~ CaBAT'O"

are good. but me entirc crca.inn is very good WA S GO OD. AUGUSTINE, Cu, ... inl), W<
(AUGUST'NB).Thcrcisas;miluitybetwe.ncre· .hould no, earcl ...lypassovcr.h. word.of
a •• dthing •• wbichwercc ..... cdgood.andm.i. Scrip'"'' ,ha' .. y.·A ndGod . ... ,,· th ... U the
Crcator (AuGUST'NI). Fromm.goodinnarurc .hing•• ha,h. had made wcr. vcry good." For
on.canapprchcndthc.uprcmeand.v.rb.sring wh~nd.alingwi ,h individual ,hing •. it onl)'
good (AMBRosn). As Go.::! mad. man in his .,ayo," Go.::!uwth.,itilgood: butin'p.ak.
imag.onth •• i.rmda)·.som.Sonam.inthc ingofall.hing •. it .... asno'. noughtooay
.ixth age ofth. human race to rc·formwin "good"wi,hout adding"very" .. ,,·cll. For if
.ceordanccwithth.imagcofGo.::! (AuGUSTINB). prud.ntob.~rv.n<on.idcr the singleworko
Th.·daYlofercation·o«fonbas.qu. ncc ofGod . •h~yfindtha, individu ... ll),
ofdivin. crca.ion (G .... GORYO.NAZU.NZU5} Own ••.• h.)' hav. p .. i•• worthy mu
that pl'OCccdcd from lower to highcrfotrn . of 'ur~S. numbe u and How much more
being (G HGOK>' O. N.,sA). The of" th.nwillthi.b. tru . ofallofthem.ogcthcr.
"da)··cannotbercduccd.o aninnantbut tha.i"of th.universe .h"tisfi lledwtthth...
impIJ •• a proccso (C Har505TQM ). individual thing. gathered in,o unit)'~ Fo,
.vcryb•• utytha.i . eomposcdofpartsi,
1:3 1 God Sn· E,·crythillg Th<lt H. H<ld muchmorcprai •• worthrinthewhol<fh anin
M<ldc a part. Two BOOKS 0" G."ESlS AG"'NST


TH.M .... ,CH ........ , •• '.p.' T H. S U:T H D .. T 0"1' H " ...... C .....TION "NU
TH . S ' ZT H AIl.oP TH. H UM.... RA c ••
5 ... IL... ,TT BITW .. H C .. IAT.. U TH'N"S AU"USTIN.. :Sac,~dSc.,ptul'<'cornmcndJlh~
.. NO C ...... TO... A"IlUIT .... : No on.doubu puf~ct;on of Ih~ number aix 10 u, up<:cl.1.Lly In
.h .. God himuLf i • •ho primal good. L nd~~d Ih;l, tha, God compl~l~d hi. woru on lix daYI,obclimil .. ,oGodin and mad~ man in th~ image of God on Ih.
many wly" Some. etea.ed in ..aocdanct lix.hda)'.Andth~SonofGodclmcin.h.
wi.h power and w;ldom. Ire . imill<'o God ,ixlh ageof.hc human raCc I ndwaamlde the
bcuu.ouncruledpowerlndwi.domarein Son of man. on order to rc-form u. in Ihc
him. Olher c.ea,ed ,hing. arc .imil .. '0 God imagcofGod.Thi,i.theagein ...
in 'hcllmple r.",h., the y arealive •• nd atpr<:lent.whe.hcr • •hou ... nd~arl.r<:
Godi.incomp... blyalive.ndthe.ourcoof alligncd.oeach.georwhe.hcrwclCltlo
LikO.hcrcrca,ed.h ,ng • • r••,mil.rtoGod uponmemorabLeandnotablop<rson,,,,,,
,nlhlt.heyh.vcbc,ng,fo.Godiltnenign· tu.""ng po,nll of lime. Thw , hefirl' a,. ..
,"$Ourc~ofbcing.Andcven foundfromAdamtoNo.ah .• h.occondfrom
tnoKtningalhal me.dy UJ,' and ye. do no. Ihll lime 10 Abraham. and &fu. Ihll ... from
It •• o.knOwlre,nhi.!ihnc.... nOICOm · Ab ..... m 10 Duid. from David '0 .h. ,arry·
plClelybul,n •• ltgh,degree,bccauuuen ,ng.w.y .o Ba.byLon. and from then.o Ihc
.ner,rcgood,nlh."ownord.r.whil.God birth of ,h. Virgin. These .hru aga added '0
i.incomparablygood,n,,,·artr.nlCending ,hOlCmak.fivc.Hcnccth.binhoflheLord
.ll other good. and from ,":,homev.rything inlugurlledth. ,i xthage,whichil no .. in
good p.ocudl,E,GHTY·THul QUfiST IONS p.og.UI up to th. hidden cnd oftimc. 0 ..
i1.·.' THIT.INITYI.I.,.'

T H' D,v'N~ Goon C .... lh Pu c..,v"o T H. D.. n Of C I . ATI O... GRIGORY Of N,,·
THIOUGH C.UT IO... A","ose: From Ihe z, .... zul:H.m.d •• fi .. lday,alecond.a
good.othlt,nherc,n,nen.turcofcrca.ion- 'h"d •• nd 10 fOrlh until the' .... n.h d'r
.hcyarc,ndocdyerygood. cvenasthoLo.d wtl1ch wu a 'UI from work. Accord,ng 10
...,d _onoc.nlppre hendthc.up.emeand .hclCdar·· ..·rythingcl'<'"cd ..·...ubdi·
evcrlu,ing good. The univeue. .. id~d.broughl'nloanord .. bf'nup .." iblo
,,,,,,"ngement and ,u bcauty-i. not a man llwl.So"."ion,,·unn, an in't.a ntan.ou, 1(1
movedbj·lhll tolovcni .Cre"or.ev.nifnei. br,heaU-po",.rfulWo.d;ro.l"mtoth,nko,
.lnwin abili.yl For ifw. love our parenu 101p<:ak",o.ccompli. hatalk. lf
becauletherhavep.oduc.dul.howmuch w... 1.".0 en'tr ,he world-and ,n.uch.
mo.oougntwc.o lovc.hcCreltorofourpar. war at.o honorGoxI '. h.ndi work with God'.
tnu and our own Cr • .,or! Therefore Ihe"hi.notmarvc!ousl!ti.lihoaring
power of GO<! "a et..tLng po"'tr. Even if God ,h •• 11. kinj: he prepa«d Ihe""l... and tnen,
IInot.ocn.htilJudg.dfromhll,", .and uki ng.wh.ncvcry.h,ngwuolrca.d)·p,e.
n....o.k,bc,uylh ..... .. n.ooma,h .... ho
G.... u'S>.:,·;

putd.ltdln,hcprocession.Ho,,1111S0O< ncuandgoodntuthathcnutcdtvcrything;
G... U ' 5 44.' Iccordinglyhccru.tdthing"nH'IUtnccand
p...,. idcd ulwith.clclfiru,ructionabou,,, ...
I .. A S , r<OU D,.,y. C H USOSTO": I mun. hi. •• cd,hing" hrough.h • • ongu<o(,ht bl....d
al!·powcrfuIhand andboundlcuwi.dom lu,hor.lo,ha,wcmigh,lurnabou.,hcm
w ..c nolu.lo .. cv~nlocrcutevcry,hingin prcdltly"ndn",fallin,o.hc.,ro,of.ho...
oncda)"·\VhYloOy ·oncd.o(!Evcninlbritf led br purd)' human tf:aloning. HO"'~lu 01<
momtnt. r.,i,wa, "",bcca"lcof". u,i1ity 'o G ..... 'S).!1.·
., nccbc lngltlf·.uffic,tnthcu ,nntcdof
no'h ,n g. h wa, nthcr nut of hi I lovlnglt.ind.


' Thlll the h."vtlll· "nd th e urth ", ••• finilh.d, alld r,,/I
the holt}' oftbtm. lAnd on th e
ltV, nlh' day Godfillilhtd hll work' ",hich h. had don., a"d h. rested On Ih.Jtv,"lh day
fro lll all hi! ",ork' whi ch h. had don t. ' So God bltjj.d Ih. ltv. nth .la] and h"lIowrd il.
b.UIIJtOIl it God r.lltdfrom allhil work whi ch h, haddon!incrtAlioll.

O .... ......w :Go(l".rcSfon.hclCv.nthd.oy ila God (E ......... ) In the Ipr;ng"m~ of «ea.ion

mttaphor.ha,dcpku (A.....olI).
rcltg ,vtn,op< .h ...unalworld
(EPHIlBM) and aUudc. to.h. rU' of .h c Son 2: 1-2 God ReJledo" th e S."tlll hV"J'
btforc hi. rcsurrcction . il abo lignificsth a,
.h.good worludont,n,hc prclcn,ag~."'h ich T H t M ...... , ..... Of GOD'S RalT. E PH ..... TH.
'I compn.~d of SIX period •. lead humanity.o 5 ... , .... , From wh ...oil did God rcItIFor.h.
... bba,h .• ha, lS.,0~.crn.l,cs. ( 6to l). Th. cr.. ,urc.,h .. clm.lO bcon.hcfi ... daycamc
u v(n.bda),il ... ncrifitdbrGod·,rclt. Th. ,obcbyimplk.uion,•• h.ligb •.
fa"Mul will bca.cycnm da,· wh~n .hcy.hall which cl me.hrougb hi. word.· rCII
bcfillcd "·,,hGod·. ble... ng (AuGuST''''. ), of.hcworJu,hllcamc.obcaftcrwardcamc
God rCI'.on th ••• ven.h da)"but hi'gov ••. tob •• hroughhi, word. \Vha •• oillS,h.r.for
nanc. con.inu •• (C HMnoSTo", ). Cru,urc.
<rcatedon.hli.,hda)"appur.obcoldbut _oc-.I"' . . . ....,..,.oI'"
--"' ...... ...,..
'Tl.nt,... _ • ..,..... ....
... youn(: .l1 nccthc),wcrconIYJultuea,edb)·
u.whcn we.peakon. word! So wh .. ,oil and bringing from nonbeing in'o b..ingon th.
could.h ... havcb..en for God.ospeak One .even,hda)·.,.inuyingtha,
word a day! Mo.!u,whodivid.d.h • •ubyhis "myfatheTisatworkupun.ilnowandlama.
word and his rod. did not.i ... joshua. son of work:' ruulshisuncouingcarefotus:h.
Nun. who restrained th. lumin.ries by hi. calb"work"themain,enanceofcrea«d
word. did not tire.Sowhat.oil could the .. thing•• be .. owal of perm an enc. on ,hem and
havehecn for God wh.n he created.hesea governance of them 'hTOUgh all time. If,hi.
.nd . h. luminariuby hi. word! I.,..•• not wasn·t.o.afut.lI. how wou ldne'Ything
becau •• he .. Sted On th.t day that God. who han sub. iSted,without the guiding hand
do • • not w...y. bl ....d.nd .. nctifi.d th ••• v· above di r • ."ing all vi.ible things and the
.nth da)" Nor wu it becau.e he wu to give it human .ac. as wdl~ HOM' Ll ES 0" G."u.s
10 that peopk, whodid no. und ... und th •• 10 .• S.'
Jinc. th.yw... frced from •• rv;tud • •
•h,ywere,ogive .... ,o thcir.crv.n...nd TH. Goo .. W o .. " . DO..,E ' ''' l l ~1 LB .. V To
maidJervan\&. H.gav. it to th.m .o th.t ,.v.n ET . .. ..,.OL R UT. BIOE' Under ,he law Ih.
if they h.d.o be pu, under rcquiremen,. they p.ople wereorder.d 10 work for si% d.y • • nd
would re".h was given to.h.m in ord.r to tot ..,ontheocven,h ... b...usc,h eLord
depictby. remporal rest , whichhegaveto a compl."d the CTeaUOn of th e "·oddin Jixd.y'
remporalpeopl •• th e mysteryofth.tru...n .ndd ..i...dfromhi . wotkon.h •• even,h. Mystic.llrspeaking. we arc coun •• I.d br.lI
.h....rn.lworld.Co .. ME~TARYONG.N.S'S ,hi•• h.,tho •• who in lif.devote th.mJel ...
',P· H· ' to good works for tbe Lord·•••k•• r. in th.
futurel.dbv . he Lordto .. bbath"ha,
GOD'~ RUT A"' D C '''U ST'S RUU"' ''' .CT ION. .. crnal"JI.Ho"'UESo"'T H EGosPBLS ~.17.'
LfiTTBROF BARNHAS'God.ay • •oth.j,wJ
"! will no,abid. your ne'"moons.nd your 2:3 Th. S.~r " t" D~y H~lIl) .... d
sabb.. h.:' You se.
wh.t he means: The
p,ubb.,h •• rc not.ccep •• blc.o me. but T HB S n.t N<l Tl .. . o.
C .. UT IO", A .... ROS~ which I have made, in which.;me when
alicr giving re" to all thi ngs. 1 will mak. th. th . month ,beg.n.fromwhich.imei,,.
b.ginningofth•• ighth, i•. th. begin· ,ingtha,.he world,ookits,i ... Thcnth ..e
ningofanoth.rworld. Th.rcforc.we al.occl - "'as ,h. mild rcmpera,urc of'pring, a .ea,on
.b.... withjo)'.h.eighthd.)· onwhich j .." . ,uitabl.for.lI.hings.Con,cqucnt!y
a!Joro ..,rcst.,,·a. .00 ha. the .. amp of. world coming to birth.
mad. manifest and ascended into hcav.n. .. Inotd.r.o.ho ..· .hat.hcrcotionofth.
L~TT."OF BARNABAS 1;.8: world took pla<c in.he.pring.Scrip.ur... y.
"Thi. month.hallb.toyouth.b·sinningo:
Go .. R UTS IIUT Ht. GO"B ", N,,"'':::E CON.
TINU.S. C HRYSOSTO .. , You .... in .. yingat
.hi, poin, ,ha, God rtoted from hi' works, 'FC91!J6. '1>1,l3. ''''Fl;~· . ~n~.l 7. 'FC7', Il9-tO:PG
Scripturc tcach .. u' ,ha. h.ceas.dcr.ating Sl,". 'HOG:'17'·";
... onth"lt i.foryouthcfintinthc ... onth.of tion thal could ncver be gained by duen;on.
.h~yt:a.," ullinglhefin.monthlhc&pring­ For ",heTCdid thedoing ...;tholll God end hll'
...... , I. wufimng.h •• me bcg,n n ,ngof . hr in the IIndoingofman th rough the anger of
yt:arbcthebcg'nningofgcnuarion.Hax .... God!Onl), ... hen .... a",remadch)"God and
MI.0 ..... 4.';.· pcrf<:credbragr.a .. rgraa ohallwe h avethe
e.un.1 "iIl ne... of that ,,,.. in whi,h we.hall
T H.F.. ' TH " ' LW ' LLlb .. SIVINTHD.. T. see ,h., h. i. God. CITY OFGOU n.)o."
AUGII.TINB, Hcav.n. IOO .... iIIbc.hc fulfill ·
... enlof.h.,ubba.h ... ,fo,e,oId,n.heco ... · ALLTH . F ,.aT C . ....TU.U W • • • BOT H
... and,·8e&. iUandsee.h., I a ... GocI:IO Thi •. l'O"HG .... OO LD.E .. HU .. TH.SU" ....: JUIl
,ndecd.",Hlbc.ha.u]um. ..... bb"lth.ha,hu as,he,.heyegcta' ion.,heammal •• •h~
noeven ,ng andlh ... h. Lord forelhadowed in bird.andevenbllmankindweTCold .•oalw
,h ••"oun,of hi . c,ea';on,·AndGocIre".d we,,, ,he ryollng.The y wtr<oldac(o rding to
onth •• eventh day from all hi. work ,ha,h. ,heappearanC"O( lheirii mb•• llothd, . uh_
had done. And , n,h da)' a nd I<.ncu, ye. ,hey ""re young becau" ofth.
... n<:tified,,:becaust i""hehad ,,,..edfrom hour and momen, of their crntion. Likcw;se ,
all h" ... ork ,h • • GocI " ....d and mad.: And ,hc moon ..... hoth old,"d young. It wai
we our"l"". ",ill be,·"ven,h d.y · ... hen_ young, for "".... bu' .... omen, Dld . bu, ,,'u
.hall be fiUed "" th h,. bl" ... ,ng and rcmad. br al ... oId ,foritwufullu;.uon ,hefif,een, h
hi .... n<tificuion.lnlheldllne ... ofthatr"" tb)·.CO....... T .. U ONGE .. U .. ' .• 4.1."
",.lhallsteth.. h.i • •h.God wholediv in i<)'
w.d • .,r.dfo,ourstlvuwhen we li"ened '0
,h•• ed uc"".,,,ord.,' You . hIUbeugocl.:"
and lof.ll a"'arfrom him .• he.rlle God who
wouldhav"g ,,Y, ni<),b,·p.",cipa.


' {Tbtlt IItt Ibt gt",,"r,onJ], of Ilu !..nt'" an d rbt uTrb ",brn rbc] IIIttt eruud.
JII rb. day rbar lb. Low Gad mad. lb . carl ~ IIlId I~t be a~cnJ,' Iw btn n ~ plam of lb.
{trld Wa l] rI;" tb. ea'l~ IIl1d n o bcrb of tb. fitld bad ]cr Ip rung up-for Ib t Lo." God bad
1101 t /lwSt.! ;rlO ra;" wpon lb . ta rlb , ILnd rbe rt Wa l 11 0 mall tDlill d" growlld ; tbwI' m; sl"
II'CIII wp from tbe tllrrh "lid waltltd rb. wbol . f"ct of Ihe gro wn d- 'Iho .. rh. Lo." Go.!
formed m.. n of aUir from Ib e gfl}llnd. <I"d brt<lrbed inro bis "o!frill' Ibe brc .. rb of life; .. "d
m.. nbu .. meativingbcing.

OV • • v,".... ,Mo ••• rtturn • •orcia<eho... cr.· 2,4-6 Tb t Gt ltNli""i 0flhrH.<lvtll,<llId

adon "'as fir't adorned {EpHlta .. j. The I~r E"rlb
vege'ation of the carth and 'he rain m.. y be
vitwtdas m.uphors of ,h. nunur. and TH mHm ..VIIN .. NOE .. "THIN CLU DU AL L
gro ... th ofth. hum .. n.oul in <h. field of C. m..TuII U. C H"YSOSTOM: I mean . when it
<hi . ... orld{AuGUSTlNII) . ... hil.<h •• pr;ngi.a uidhuvenandur,h.ilindud.d.very,hing
,y mbol ofttiunegr.. ce {MA'UUSV" ,.rolU - together in tho.e word •. both thing. on euth
NUS). and,hings,niuaccount
God form.d the body of Adam out of mud ofcru,edthing.itdoun·tmentionth"maU
(AUGuST'Nllj. Wh"nGodbru,h.din,ohi . on. by on. butg;v •• a . ummaryofrciated
no.tril., he united ,he so,,1 '0 th" body (Tn· item •• ndmake. no further atttmptto
TULuAN.AuGusT,NB.AMuosBj andpla<ed describcth.m to u, •• o '00 n uU.dth. whol •
• omt.hareofhi. own gr""" inman (B...slL). boo~ Ihe hoo~ about,h.origin,ofheav.nand
But th. natur' of God wa< nOt turntd into rh" earth. ev.n though ifconuin. man),o<he,
.oulofman (AUGUST'Nmj. Even no"', wh.n thing••• vidtntl)' luvi ngu.towor~<>u,from
God form. u. in rh. womb of ,he moth.r. he thercfer.ncetothe.etwothatlllvi.ibl.
al$o breathe. on u.ash.did in <hebcginning Ihing,areofnece ..itycontain.dinthi. hook .
(T.IlTUl.uANj.J"u'gav"uJa.econdbr.uh· bOlhtho.. inhelv.nandlho •• on.arth
ing.ndth.rebycruudantwhumani<)· HO .. 'LluoNGBNEslsn.4.'
Heav.nlnde.. thindudesallcrea,ure •• THB LORD M .. DB EVBU H B" •. CH"UOS-
bo,h'piri<ual and physkll (CHI<YS05YO.. j. TOM: Th. earlh in compliance with the Lord '.
Humanb.ingsw.",(orm.dofth.du.,ofth. wordlnddirectionproduc.dplan u and"·,,
earth by God', own "hand,:viewed.piri<u · stirr.dintopang.offe"iht}'w;thou,d'p"nd·
ally(TH~oDORu).lnhuman'reationtht.oul ingon the.un fo,;usisrlnce (ho,,' could it.
"mixed with the du.t of Ih ( GUGo.~ after all. the , un nOt yet being cru •• dn. nOr on
oFNAZ'ANZUS).Th •• ouli, ,,.at.d;lhen •• h the moiotu« from lhower •. nor on human
i.·fuhion.d: Th. greatn .... and ,h.lowlin." labor (humanh<lng •• afteralLnothavingbcen
ofhumanityis •• eninth.brea,hingofaliving br(lughtfor,h ).Ho,.,LluoNGINuISU,S. '
,oul into <hedu., (BASILj.which form. a liv ·
ing unitr (CN"YSOSTO" ). Humanity i. nor '0 RHSU" ' NG T H ~AccOUNTOPT H BC"iI '
b. reduced to Inimale~i$tence (S .... 'L). The ATION.EpH"U'THESY" ' ....":Und.uun.:..
r ..ional human soul mIke. use ofbodil)· o nur.,. <ha: ahhough the day. of creation
m.mbe .. (CHRYSOSTO .. j . The ooul did nOt
pr.·. xi.tbcfo«cr • .,ion {JOHNOFO........·
cus ).
.. ~re finw.~d and God had blulCd th~ ....!>bath For·field""ofr.nw.cdfigunm-cly inScror·<h .... nct;fi~d.and h~ had com· ru .. ron:p • ....,r!.d.... FuMcronn
pl.t~dh'Jaccoun,.M",ul(ilJr.,urn.drorcU adds· ...... uponth .....h;
Ihc"orrofth.bcginningof(ru.ion~ycn mcan, ·bcforerh• ..,ul.inned ." Foroncorh(
af,, of«ea,ionhadbc.nfini,h.d .oul ""...oil.dw,th carthlyd..iru. it "'uu if
"Th... ar •• h.g.n.rationlof.h.hcav.nland .h.... ulwuhornonrhe ... rth.ori ...... nce
.hcurlh:tha.i •. thisi, .hcaccoun,o(rh. derlyed (<om ,h. earth. Two Boou 01< GEI<I'
fuh,on'ngof hcavcnandurlhon 'hcdar s'5Aca'NsTTHIM""'C H U."S~.)."·:."·S··
,,·h.n rhc I..ord madc hcavcn and unh. for U
,..,,"noplan.of .hcficld,,·u,n.hcunhand AUCUST'''.' Now God aI ... make. ,he ¥.g«a·
noh.rbof.hcficldhady...prungup."E¥cnif "onof,h.field,bu.hyram,ngupon.h.
th ..c,h,ns,w... no,acoualiycrca •• don.hc ea"h, .ha, il.h.mak...oubhccom.grccn
r,n,day-forthc)·hadbun mad. on ,he rhird againbyh ..... ord.Bu,h......... ,h.m(rotr.
day- .. iII Mo.c, did nOlruhlrin,rod ucc.on rhccloud •. ,h •• i•. from,h ....,of .he
,hcfir.. da)·.,h.reporloftholCthing •• ha. pr<>phetl and oponl... Two Boou ON G~"'E'
.... r.crea •• donth.,h,rddar·ForMou.uid, IISAo .. ''''TTN. M.. N'CH ..... Sl· .. ·S·'
·Nopianrofthcficld"""yc, ,nthcca.,hand THI S •• "oc SU'.OLl ~U CH II. UT. MAII.'l·~
I..o.d God had no'ca .... d "'0 ra,n upon th. V":TOo.l"us,Chri" is ,ha. spr'ngo{,,·h,ch
c.. nh ,butam .., .... n,upf<om,hcurthand ,he prophct uy.:h irrisa, •• and ,,·, ,h.
~·'ru.drh.,.,J,oJ.flc.ofrh·sround.·8.aUl. M'hoic",rrh."Bu,Chrisrirris,,,,,rhrM'hoie
cv.. ythmgd"I ha.b.cnhornand ... illbchorn univerl •• ho,hY"ibl"nd tnYlsiblo:",nh ,h.
from Ih.carth will b. Ihrough ,heconjuncrion Iprin'oflif.he ...... rs,h •• ub".nc.oiev."..
of ....,.randur,h.Mo... und • .,,,,,k,olho," ,hinsrha'.¥Il".\'.'in.of.rash.1lI,f•. h."
thalnoplan,o, Ch".. : 'n... faraoh.,,· ...... h. "th.Hoh·
along .."h ,hc .. "".hccauJC ,h. ra,n had not Sp",,, .l\t-Oiatao h. is the pow.. of¥nah'r. '"
yet COme dow ... Bu. after m. grur mm <0. . "Fotheran.d God;bu. ,h. whol... oneGO<!
up f<omthcgrea,"by .. . nd,,·a, • ..,d,h.whol. AC .....STA .. , u" ,..... 7.'
fac.ofcarthandaftcrthcwncrsh ad bo.n
gathc r.d,ogethron,h.,hordda)·.,hcn lhc TH ~ F..c.o. Tt... E .. o.TlI Is .... ALLICOU

u .. hb<ough.forrhali.h.v.getallon.CoM' Of M ...... Aue;usT'NE,Thcg.nd. facc of,h.

"""T"lYO"G~NU .. :.l" 'l,', ' ,' .arth.,h .. i•. ,hed'B... lyof,h ..... h. may'"
correcdy "iewcd .. ,he mo.hcr oi,he Lord .
S~'.ITU"'~ Mu......'e; OF TH . V.O.T· ,h.Vir"nM.ry·. who ..·al .......edbyth.
.. NOT HI R .. , .... AuoCIT'N.'\\'hyafr.. mcn· HolrSp"u.whoislignificd,n,h.Gospclb •
IIon,ngheav.nand .."hdoc"h .. pu.agcadd rh. term ""'.... ' T ...o Boo"so" G"NESI'
·¥cgetatlonofth.ficldandfood " whil.rema.n. AC"''''JTTHiM"",cH .. a''Ns~ ''4. J1.·
,ng . n.n,abou,..,manyorh.. ,h,ns, ,hot "Tt
,nh.ayenand.arthorcy.n,h(.u.unl... "
...·.n.. • ... gct.llonofth.6cld·,obcund....ood
as an ,ny"ihl. CTt~ .. d rh,n, . uch ... ,h •
2: 7 God Forms Man fr om the Ground w;.h .helow~SI"""h,aligh'entombedin a
GOD FORM S M .... FRo M M il D. AUGlISTlNE: ... Hespoke,andtaking..,m.oflh.new1r
Fimofall .• hefact ma, God fonnedman from minledunhhisimmot<al hanoi<
the mud eanh usually rai. e•• qu ...ion im'ge in.owhichheimpa"edllOmcofhi$ own
about ,h • ."n ofmud it wu or th. kind of life.He.en,hi<'pi,i,.ab.amf.omth<'invi.i.
mat«i.a! the term m~d .ignifi..... Thou enemies ble divinilj"DOG ....TlC HVMNS7."
of the Old Book [the Manichaoaru J, looki ng ..t
.verylhingin.carnalmann.randlhe~for. H o ",' AOAM BECA ME A L' VING SOUL. CH . Y·
a.lway. bcinginerro.,bilinglyfindfaullwilh SOSTOM:itwaspl.uing,oGod'slo"eof
.hispoin.a. we!1,nameiy;lhaIGodformed humani<y 1o this ,hingcrcaICd ou, of
man from Ihe mud of the eanh. For they"r, eatth'parricipan,of.ner.,;onalna,utccof
"Why did God makt man from mud, Did h. the .oul..hroughwnich,nislivingcrca,uce
!ack .. bctterandh.avcnlrmatcrial fTom which wa. m.nifest a. and perf.ct. "And h.
h. could make man,lhat he fonned him fT.gil. bceathedinmhi. nMlfils.hebrca,hoflife:
and mOfla.l from thi.eanhly conuption,"To Ih., is. the inbrea.hingcommunic.ted to th .
bcgin with. they do no, undemand howmanr on.aeated our of.aTth the power of life. and
meanings etther.arth Or Wal<. has in the Scrip. ,hu.,h. notureofth.JOul ,,·a.formed.
lur.s,formudis.mixlU~ofcatlhandw ••er Therefore .dded-And man became.
Aloow...y,ha.thchumanbodybegan.o living.oul -, ,h., which ",ascre.,ed<>ut<>f
wastea",·arand.obc fn.gileand mortal after du ... having ,e<:eived ,hc ini>rc.alning, ,he
.in.Bntth< Maniche.n< abho. in <>u,bodyonly bru,h oflifc:,"bec" m. a living soul:Wha,
th. m<>"ali<y mat we merited as puni$hmm,. doe."a living .<>ul"me.n!i\n acr iv. soul.
Bu. even ifG<>d mad. man from the mud of Ihi. wh ich h•• th.membenof.h.bod)· as ,he
earth ... illwh.'isthe~lh.'isllrang.ordiffi· implem.n.lofi ...cti"i.i ••.• ubmi •• iv.toi..
cuh for God in ma.lcingthe human body such will. H OMILIES ON GENESIS I:.,S ."
,h., i,would no,be . ubject tocorroprion if. in
obcdienc. '0 God·.commandmen,. he had not O ... " ' ''O F T N mSOuL. T~RT ULL ' ..."Th<
willdto .in! For wt oay that mebeau<y of soul has iu oTigin in IhebTea lh <>fG<><I. nd
he.ven "'a. made from nothing or from fonn. did nOt Come from ma".r. We base .hat ......
lessma".r, because w. believe th .. IheMaker men' onlh.dear ...... ionofdivin.rcvel.
i.a.lmigh'}·, Why is i... rangelha,.h. a.lmighty .;on,whichdeclatccs ,h.,"Godb.uthcdth.
Maker could make the body from oom. Ion of,oth.fac<ofman.andman,thalbefo~ l in;taff1icted becam •• living.oul:OsTH.SOUtJ."."
man with no ,rouble or nedand wa ..edawa)"
from no corruption, Two BOOKS os GBNBS," GO D UN ITU THmHu .... " So on TO THII
AG .. tN $TT,uM"N,cN" BAN '~.7.8.· BODVlLvH . s B..... TH. AUGIISTL"II:Scrip·


GUGORY OF NAZ'ANZUS: Th~ soul i• •h~
b,.. [hofGod .•• u;' ... nc~ofhca".n mixed
tII",u.y.,·Andh.brcath.din.ohimth. TH. UNITY O . BOOT .. N O Som•• GUGOU
b... thorlif•• .. inglO .. l: o. N ..., ..: Oth~u,on the contrary. mark,ng
lfupto.h '"f"',n,.he•• waoonl),.h.bod)·.w • Iheorderoflhemakingofmanulta,.dby
• ho .. ld .. nd .... ~nd .hl. thclOul ..·u atth" MOIC •• uyth~lth'IO .. lillCcondtothebody

f"',n'Joined '0 the bod)"Pcrhlpl thclO ..1had ,norderoflime,linccGodfifSttookd....

be.n.lrudym.d.h.. tw .... illuifin.hc from the carlh and fonned man. and then ani ·
mo .. thofGod.d.. ,il.inhi.".. thlndw ... mated th.heingthllSformcd by h"brurh. B"
dom.Bu."didno,d.p."from.hc,,"if ,hi.argum.ntth'yprove,ha,th.f1nhi,
• "p.....d by pllcu. when i,wasbr... h.d more nohle , han ,h••oul. th .. which wupr •.
fo .. h.Fo.Godilnoteonuin.dbypllccbu, il vio ... l)' formed (moTC nohleJ than th.t wh kh
prennt eYerywh .... Two BOOKS 0 .. GB ... ' w...f,uw.rdinf.... din.o ...... No ••
5.sAoAINITTH.M .. NICN ..... NS1.5 .• 0." I • • w.,no .. tdo.::trin.tobegln by m.king up

mlnlih •• byfigur.and.ou."d,.,th.IOU!
Nnu •• O' TH. SOUL. A.. non: n,.,.~fon: .obcingfot,h.»keof .h ... forl .. rcly
th.lOullfnotblood.bcca ..... blood .. ofth. In .hl\ c~ ... th. intell.ctu.l n.tu", .... ould be
fklh; nor '. ,bc 10..1a hannony. bcca..... ha.· Iho ... n.obcl... prcclOlU.h.nth.d~r figu",.
monyof,hi ........ il alooofthcfll$h:""ith~r" S.., as man
thcI0Il1 .... b«auHblown bruthioonethinl; .ndbodr,we.""oluPf>OIe.h., the begIn .
and,h.IO .. llOmcthingelH.ThelOuli.nOlfi",. ... ncci.on •. common.obo.h
no ... ,h•• o.. l lCluoh'y.b .., thc soul lI""cu.lo,h.. h•• ho .. ld no, b. fo"nd '0 b.
f.".Adam·beclm.alivinglOuI:linccthclOul In..c. d.n'.ndpo ....ior'oh,m •• lf... ifth.
rul~'.ndgl,.e. lir.:.o,h.hod)·.whichi. w"ho .. t hodil)·.l.mcn, wc .. fi.1t In point of,im •• nd .. c.oRT H HSoul~.4 ." ,h.o.hcrw.r•• I.tct.ddi"on.Q"TN,C" ,
.. T' ONOF M .. ,,1&,'·l9.I.'·
FU' H F... H.O,..n,SoULC....·... n.GUG·
OaY o. Nus..: God made the inner person: GOO PU C.. AS HA•• OFH,.G .... c • •'"
h.mold.dth.ou .. r.·Moldin~·i. l .. iublefor TH.SOU L. B..StL THE G ....T: wAnd hc
cby.b ..,"mlkmg"tI [fitungJ for.n,m'g• . $o b.... h.d Into hi ...... tfil.:.h~t 11 to "'y. h.
on th. Onc b.nd. hc·molded·flcsb.bul on tb. plac«!'nm... ..,m•• ha.. ofhl ........ ngrac: • . m
OIher. he·mad.·th~.oul.O><TH BO"'G'><Of r<cognlzelikenell
MA,.. " thro .. ghlikcne ... Nev ... helc... bcmg ,n l .. cb
grelthonorbct:lu.. h.,,· .. c,urcd,n.hc
T HB G ....TNU. AN" LO"'LtNU' Of H" . imascoftheCrcator.h.i. honorcd.hovr.hc
MAN'TT. GUGOlty n. Nnu:-God ,ook of b ..... nl •• hov. ,h .... n •• bov. ,h. chol ro o(
•h.d .... o(,h ••• .,h.ndf.. hion.dman:ln .. a... For which of,hc h..... nly bodieo w..
.h .. wo.ldI h.,..dioc..... crcdthc.W<laffirma, lIid .ob •• n im.gc of ,he molt high God! "
lIon,""ligrea:. EX'O ' Tl c Ho"'1I.~ONTH8P~'H"' S I9·S ."
If vo .. conl l<icr n.tur~.lon •. h'l$nou\ln~.M, ..:if ......... ~ ..d.b.ho""'w"h
....h"hh.hal bc.ntrea...:?.rn."i• ..,,ng ''FC '''UM . ''FC M< B.''CNOS oO< ~C. n Nl''1 f ;
s",.:.O>< TlU O .'G.'" OF M",•. " ~' ''lII. "(;t Po IoSl ..... ',s. "R:4Ml4.! 1
H ow GOD C....T. D H U.... " I ' N .. D, ' ... · · S.fore I form.dyouinthewomb,l knew
I NT WUF.O.. AN..... l.5.G.'GDaYDF you'-" lfGod form . ... in m. womb. h••"",
Nn, .., Abo.e, the ,cxl l ayl Ihll Godcreucd;
hcr. i, .. y. how God crca,ed. Ifthevcrle had ~;:~~:;;o~~~dh;:~da~nd'~;e~~~~~~~~: him 1
.i mpl)"uidlh .. Godcrcaled,youcouldhav•
bcb.v.d tha,hecrca,.d (human"y ) " he did ~::;;·.~e O~~i~; ~~::o~~dw~;ah:~o~;own ~
ford•• bc"[$,for ,h .... ild animaL •. for ,he man . 0 .. T HE SoUL ~6.S"·
planflfOrtmgTUl.Thi.i.",h,·. •o.voidyour
plaClngh,m.nlhecl. .. of",lIdan,maLs. lhe H U....... TT R ... uo AG ... N T .. tOUGH H n
dIV,no word hu made known the p.rtlcular a ......T"' ..G.AuIOUST.NE:Aft uhi ' ,CIU'TCC·
artwh ochGodhll ul edforyou:'God tookof .ion . ... hen h~ fitll .ppcued.o hi, d"c'pl ...
th.dulI of Ihe caTlh.· 0" THIO"G'''OF h. la idlo.htm.· R.,."
M .. N.'" Abou, Ihll giving.lh.n. il ""15 . . id.·Th~
Spi';lhadno,y.. bc.ngi... nbccaulc.luul
T HI SOllL M.. " .. U'"OF Bo olL' M'M' hadnolynbeenglorified: 'Andheblnlhed
..... C N..UOSTO .. : Thus wh.n you hur ,h.. upon Ihe,r face:" Tho On. "'ho fir .. ga .. lif•
God·b.uthtd,n.o h•• fao:c the bruthofH£c.· '0 m.n by breath,ngand'llSCd h,m up from
.. nderAandthatjus, .. heOrnughtforthth< th.m,.candbrbru.h,ngg .... a loultoh ..
bodil... pow....... aLsoh ...·.. pLcamlh.. ,he membcorl i. ,he oamo Onc who brc.thed .. pon
bodyofm.n.crc.,.do.. lofdulI .• houLdha ••• .heitf.«th., ,h.ymight .... up ,ht
rallonalloulwhicncQuLd"'. k..... ofth. slim •• nd .. nounccfil .h)· work,;.T .... cTATu
bodilymembcr •. HO M'LllSoN G .... SlS 1).9." 0" T" .G05 PI L O'JO""J~.6. )."

T H.Nuu •• o.Goo W... NOTT" . ... o FOt .. . " o. D UST I t Go ",', O""N H .... o i.
' '''TO THI SOU L OF M.. N. AUGUST"'I' Wc THIOOO." O. Cn: When wc hcor MOlel'
ough,lound •••tand ,hi. p....g.... ,h., w. wliungodeK ribchowGod.ookd.UI from m.
dono"akc,h ....o.ds·h.bTu.h.d,n,oh,m unh """b hll hand. in order.o ",.k. man . w'
,heb.u,hoflif•.• ndm.nbcoc.m•• 1iving ''1· ,ound.I... ndwha, ... chl.nguag'''''gh,
ooul"'om .. nth'.part .... i,w.... of.h. mun.hmun • •his:th .. whol e ofGod u had .
nllurcofGod ,,·.. ,u l n.d,ntolhetoulof l pecial,nttrellinth."tat ionof thehuman
man .... Th. na,uI. of God i. no, mu,abl •• nllun . Thtgle.. prophe,proclaim.,hll ve<y
d""" no''corrup,.dbylhe .... n. Ih,nll,lI nc••• trylhinllcl •• ,n cfCat,onwlJ
ofvico •• nd."...... SC .. p,urcclcally .. y. made by .poken comman.d . Man. howev.I.
,h.. ,h.... ul w.. m.d.byth.<yGoc! ,,·.. Gocl"." hands: .•. J"s, like an
.nd.h., " i. .. no, . p... of God or
,h. nllurcofGod. Two Boo"" o,, GI ......
AG .. , .. STT HEM .. N. c ......... Ii:.I.!l.'" -(;NOS ... ·U. ·PGIl:!C7J:FC 10e In "FC", I(l6·. ' Jm-
tht·_«Goo!.·11Iood.Mrt .. bm<odoI'''''"i-- ;''port.tht
W" 'N GOD FoaM " Us , ~. T" . WO MI, HI
_E-.. ........ __·

a ....T" U ON U•. T."Tun' .. N: Thu. yo~ ocaoood.,.~.

rc.dlh, w01"dofGod.lpokcn,ojcTC",i.h,
c .... u.S;,...,
embrrollplonted in Ihc mOlhc"" womb and DAMASCUS' From me urth he formed hll
devdopl from rh. ma,.,ial which hu IU,· bodJ'sndbJ'hilowni"brea.hingglv<:h,ml
round.d it from th. beginning.... IlsoGod n.ionallndunderlunding loul.whichw.u,·
wI ....d,o'lko,hcmltuiaJfor,h.hum'" ill he divineimlge ..•. Th.bod)·and .h •• o..1
body from ,h. earth. Thul. d.y be •• me nuh w. r. formed ...h. lame rime-nor on •
• ndblood •• "d.kin .• ndn.rv .... nd ... inl. beforelndlheothcrafrerwlrd.utherav,"g"
.ndl ..." ... . nd,"'''· ofOrige" would ha"" it. 0" THI! ORTHooor
.nd.uppo.. ingbon.... nd10 on.Co"PI .. - FAITH ~.r •. "
o' U.. o.H.Rn 'CALMYTHS.-

T ... SOU L 010 NOT PI.-."tlT.JO"" OF



'A~d Ihr LOAD God pl~nrrd ag~rdtn' in Edrn. ! in Ibt tllll; ~nd Ihr.t ht p,,1 Ih. mlln whom
hr h<ldfo.mtd. ' Ana 0'" oflh. g'Dwnd Ihr LOM) GDd mllar 10 g rO M' tvrrJ tr .. th~1 i$ pi.<lJ-
dO( lighl a~d good for food. 11,. Irn oflif. ~"o in Ih . midll of Ih. gllrd.n, Ilnd Ih. Ir••
Ofllubo ll.lrdzr Of good Illldtvil.

O,·.unw,Edc .. i.lhcl ...dofp.r,d, •• •h., bcfin;ns ,0God {C .. "YSOSTo.. l .

God m.dc b.for. he form.d m.n (EPItUM .
AUC;USTI" ' )' h.llOprcfigllrcl .he church
(Cn......" ). Th ...... pl.nled ,n ,h. middle of
Ihegardcolymboli::c iifc,kno",lcdgclndw;'. ED." W ... CRUTIID 0" 1' HII T ",,,o 0 ..,..
dom (LIlTTI.. TO D.OGNBT\Js.Ju.o ... j . Christ E.H~'" TH' SYIIAI<: Ed.n ;llh.l.nd ofpa,·
fC.,orulIl,oJifethroughth ...uoflife .di .... nd God had.ltudyplon.edltDnth.
(GUOOIY 01' NAzI ..",zus). From I)au! we learn Ihir~ da,·. MO$<" up!.in • •h" br ")· I n~ . ·rn<

,ha:,hcl"cali"n"fpar.d"."no"ob... m- Lord c. u•• d CV<'r ,,<:e.'u, " plu.. n, ,,,,h·

p!illically,. u,<:d .•ine<itbcl""g. ,emy"ical ,ighta"dgoodforfood''''prou"orrhrro"..
und ...,.n';,ng (AMB"OU). Tha, God planrcd Ih ... rth : And.o Ih" ..· .ha, h. ....... lk,n~
• Fud.n ,n Ed.n m.. JfM und ....ood ,n I "" Y .boutpar.d,u.h •• ddcd..·And.n..... ofl i',
was in ,he mids,ofparad is•. and th ..... of paudi,<.en€lo ••• fru itfult ... swithiniu
th . knowledge ofgoO<! and evi!."COMM""'· waU s.Fromthe. e wh .. everdoesno,make
T" U!5!S : ·S·l.' good frui! i. cu,offandcaS! in'o the fire.
LlITTSU71. IO .'
THII N .........TIVIl Rlln .. s TO P.. RVIOllS
EVRNTSLR.TUNMRNT ION RD. Au"un'NE W HBTH. .. P...... D' n Is , ..... SPRC,.,C
In ,h.Scriptu ... . om.things a.. . e!at.d in T"" B,S"'CILoc..TJON.AMRIlOsE: l fpara.
• uch a w,),that they ... m robe following the di.e.lhen,i.of.uch . nature that Paul al",,< •
o.derofrime or occurring in chronological suc· il whil e aliv.
cenion.when acruaIlyrhenarrarive.wi,hou. and "ill "" u unabl.", remember wh.,herh.
menlioningil ... fersrop reviou. tha. oawi, in the body o,ou' of the body. and mo .. ·
hadb-eenl.flunmen,ion.d.Unle.. w.und ..• o~erh.ardwo.d.< lha,h<waJ,forbiddenro
.. and thi,di .. incrion.w •• hall fall ,nloerrol. .e"..l_if ,hisbe tru e, how will it b-e possible
For example. we find in Gene.i,,"And the Lord for u. 10 declare the po,i';onofpa •• diot which
God planred a paradiuofplea.u,e in th. easr; w.h.veno,b-eenable,o ,..and.evenif w.hld
and the .. h. pur rhe man whom he hadform.d. succ.ed.din , ecingit, w.woul dbefornidden
Andou. of .heground .he Lord God made to ' 0 ,harewi,h olhers! And again .• ince Paul
grow eve.y rree that is plea.. nt torhe . ight and . hrankfromenhinghimselfbrrea.onofth."Thi,lastmenrionedev.n, .ublimityof th e revelation, how much mo ..
would .um 10 h.v. ouurred .fter Goo had oughtwetosr.iveno,tob-e,on.nxiouJ:,odi,.
made man and placed him in paradioc . After do.e thlt which" odangerbyiu very rev·
both of thue fa€u hove been mentioned bridly el.tion!Th • • ubje"of p.... di.e.hould not,
{.hat ... thatGoopla nt.d.paradi, e.ndrhere therefore.b-e " ...ed lignti)·. P"UDt51 I.'
'pl"'ed man whom he had formed"). the narra·
rive rurn . b",k by m •• n. ofrec'pirul.tion and WH y CH .. JST' .... S P .. uFAC' .. GE .. n.
relate, whath.db-eenplan,.d anddu, "Goo a"s'"TH E G RuT:For.hi. reasonw.allloo~
brought forth 0'"oftht ground all manner of '0 th . eaS! in our pr. y.... but f.w kno.... ,h.,
trec, fair .ob.noldand pl.... n' ,o ..,of: ,h i.i.becau.ew.a ..... king,hra nci.n'
CHIlISTI .. N INST"UCTJON:.l6.S~.' fatherland. which God planted in Eden ,
,o",·ard.he eas;.ONTHE HOLV SP'RIT 27.66.'
GO"PL .. NTRD .. G .... ""N.C HkYSOSTOM
Andwhen . dearl)·b.loved.youh.atthat"Go<l 2,9 Th. Tnt of Lift And the Tr.. of ,,,.
planred a garden in Eden in rh e .as,; .. ke the Knowl.dg. of Good And Ev il
wo rdpl~Mr.J in a •• n.. appropriaretoGod-
namel)" ,hat he commanded rhis happen- TH IIC ~oSB"n . D. THB T .. II .. S''''''.JIIS
and abOUt thenex, phuse. beli,ve ,hat aga r. TH I C Lon RBLATIO" a.TW •• " L'Pfi .. "D
dencam<in,ob.ingin,h ' plauthatS"ip· KNOWLEDG •• ANONYMOUS: Indeed. the .. i• •
• ur< indica •• d. HOMIU U o~' GS" U IS 1,;., ,;. '

ED B" RRPR UB"T.T H.CHU.,<;It. Cyp ·

RI.. ,,: Tne cnu.€h . • "pr. uingtn e image of
d. •• pmun;ng;nthep.. ug.ofScripfurc th. t liketh.truthat ilplantednearrunn;ng
tdl.howGod inmcbf,g,nningplan ..d."cr w.t.r.· H.i •• inorh ....... rd&,li kc Chri ... ln.. ·
ofkno ... lcd.~.ndat ru oflifein 'h.mi.u,of much .. hc·n.i..dwup.ogethc.and ... tedw
paudi ••• toal!o,,·,harlif.ilanaincdthrough 'og<rhc,inh •• nn:'· YnuOtt.hen,ha.wr
knowl.dg •. ltwu bccau ,efhe fin'mendid. . h.U ... ign,os.. hcrw;,hChri •• inhuvrn . \"ou
nO' un thi. knowlrdgc ... lIh dun he.." ,ha! ... .on ,h., bKlIIK ,hia tr • • hI. bttn plan •• d
theyweu.1r1pp<dofitbrth.deccitof ,hr in ,h. sarden of Ed<n. we hanallbcenpl.n",,:I
Krp<nI .For,hc •• ,.nnolbf, lifewithouI , ..... i'h him. Ho .. " .. 'u I."
knowledge ... "hou'g. nu,n. life. $<I thr tWO C H. ..T R..To .... US To L' .""r TH I T ....
u.,.. ....... pJanl.dd<»etog<,h ••. LITT •• TO OP L, .... Guc;ou o.
N"<:'''''<:lIs: Ch.", "
D'<>G"IT\l5n.~: brough,up.o,h. "cc . ndnailed ,on-yttb),
. h.t.reoflif. h• •u .o,u ul. Ye • . hruv ••
THBT. no.L ,.BS,..• • OU :US W "OO .. ucna,h i.fcrllcificdw;thhim;hewrap• • 1I
"""C H"' I T.J.II0MB,Now ifwiodom " ,h. th.~lIibl.wOfJdlndarkneR.T"" OLOCIC"L
".., oflif.. Wiodom ;,nlf ""ieed i.Chrill.' ' '''' O .... T'O"S'~.)o .u
und. ...undno ..· ,h .. th.m.nwhoi.ble...d
.ndholri.compar.d to,h i. , .... - th., i•• h. i.
comp .... d 10 Wiodom. COnKquenu)".,..... Ott
.ootha,theJuJlrrun,th.,blNJ.dmanwho 'K.:lW". 'V......d"- .... ~oI .... _ _
huno,foUow.dth.roun .. Jof ,hc..;,k.d- ~..... ......w-.,.,I,J."Ep01>6. "FC0&7.UFCfI!
",ho h .. no,don. th'Ibu lha. don<thil - i.


lOA riwr flowed OWl of Ede,,' le waler Ib~ garder..' ""d d,err it divid ed And bnAmt fowr
rivers.' " Tht tlAmt ofthtfi,s,;s Pilhon; ' it il th t Oll t whi,hflOWJ arol<lId tht wholt lAnd of
H"vilah,' wbt rt ,here;1 gold; 'lll nd tht gold of thllt [alld 11 good; [bdelli"", an d onyx
1I0 Ilt }" art ,here. " Tbt nllme of tht s",ond rivtr is Giho!!;" 11 ;1 th t Ont whirh flow l
dro"r.d tht whole land of CUlh ." " And th e nAm t of rht third river il Tig,is. which flow s
(,"stof1H Allyri ... Andthtfowrrhrivrril ,heEl<pbults.
·U2r.- ·:.:a: .......
loiooooo>":..o: ... _
·......,_ux_':.n_·=_ -...u_ ... _..-_w:..r; ·Gooo~=

0 """'·,8"" W'ntn .h. "vcr of Ed.n flo .... oll, ar. dineren. ,n nuu« and .11 •• irom ,nt h"a<!
of Ih. guden.1t d,~id .. InlO fou, flV tn. "'I,,,h (E .... ant). Each ...... ,v"'I>OiLca l,,· «"relen ..

• vi m ..: ofCh"..i.n f.. i.h (A"'_il). Tht S.cau.tpl",dilti, .tton a grea,hcigh •.• he
.,vt.ofEdtnn"\igh.~idtn' ,.;veu.rc'.....,.nd,h.yg"

ocean rhat.ndrclc. [hc earlh ( JoH"o,DA' doW'nto,h.uaui f ,hrougha,,,n ... atcrduc, .
"AIlC".). h aboappcan,o~."ymholi < 'cp· .nd lo.hcypa .. . hrough,h.careh.h •• i.
, • •• n.a,ionofthcrclourccful,comMnin,lnd under.h •• cainto,"h,h.n
hft1l,wing<hu rch(Cr,......,,,.CH ..Y5OlI,.., .. ). Ipiuou.cachon. of ,h.m:.h.Oanubc.which
6 ut,h t rivtfl n"\u .. no'~.rtutdlOoJltgori· ,. ,hc P,. hon . in.hc,.,..." h"Gihon,n'f.( I
callyr h."h. yar.auum.droh ... nu actual ,otl,h: and th. Euphra,... nd.h eTigri . in th.
•• lIIcnc.(CHRrsosro.. ). noe.n , Co....... uuo"G ..... ' s a.6 .'

2: 10· 14 A R i~,~ Flow.dfro ... Ed,n Sy...OLlC/lohA .. ' .. COF TM tiFolI .. R.vti ....
A .. IRon, · Th.riy.,:we.r" .old: i... p'·
DUC .. ' ~TIO .. OF TH HR IV.. o. Eoil ... ra •• din,ofourbranch ..:Thcn.nteofon.i,
E' HluorH IISY. ,u,:MoltS turn.dtow rtt. Piohon, whieh .ne"d",allth," ...
abou,chc.,vutha,flowcdou,fromp.r.dllt ...hercth."ulold.And thcgoldo£lh .... nd "
and,h,.onc.ouuidcof i"dwidtdin,ofou r good: bdellium and onr~ .re ,here. Th. nlm ,
di .. inct.ou".' .... ying.·Attvorflow.doulof of.hc .. <ond riveri. Gihon.Thi. riy", "ne",
Ed.n'o 'n'.rp;lr.di ••.· H.r •• ooM""ucall. cl •• aU th. land of Ethiopia. The of.h.
,hcdolightful"ndofparad"" Ed.n. If ,h, th,rd.wcrioTignl. whoch nv •• fl_. b)' th.
nvorhadindeedwa .."td p...di ••. i,would AUy,,"n • . And,f.(fourthTive, i,.hc Euph ·
"0' h ••• divid.d in,o.h. fou', " •• r.o u"id. ..." •. There.r •. ,herefore. f"u, riy .... Pi.·
n.l would . ugg"" ,ha, " " .... p".h'p.du. ,0 h01'l-'" uned by ,he,wl but nam.d
conv.nuon,h ..,u .. "".d",o,,·.,cr;.,ncc.h. Gangcooyth.Grocko-flQWI,nm.d......on
' p",fual'T.uofpaTadi •• h.dnon".dof oflndta. Gihon .. ,heriv... Nil ..... hichfl ......
war"r.Bu, if..,m.on •• hould"'r th., b"cau •• a.ound ,htland of Egyp' o. E.hiopia. Th,"nd
,h·r"·c1pi.;,",ud "ndo..dby ,h. Tigri, and EuphealcoriyerJi,
and.p .. iruol w... r. ,h .... 1 wouldno'qu . .... l called M...... p"'.mi.a beeaUU'1 livu Oc ...... n
""...h".Th. four r,v .... ha,flow"d from .hcocrwonl'C1'$. Thi . nlm. """v.Y' iuloca·
,h .. ttlvcrwcrcnor.i mi lar,nlu<c,o .h c .iontv.n,of,,·dlllanlp"0pl.. . ••
hcad.pring.Forifth.w.,,,,,ofourland,,·art·· .xprc..... popularOcli.f.6u,howi. ,hefoun'
.llbc,ngpl. ..d undC<th... n•• nccoflcu .... call.d ,h. Wiodom ofGod!Tha, ,hi. i. a foun,
how much mo." d, ..inCl ohould .h" ...... of Ih.Go'p"I .. U.w .nm.wor,u·lf lny<>nc
,h. bl . .. ",a ... of ,hi..,. I", him . ome '0 m. and d .. nk."' Wiodom
'hl'landthath.d~"npla .. d undcr'h.curac i •• foun,.cco.ding ,o.h'proph.,,·Comc and
of, heJl1.ItOn"du. ,oAd.m·l rran'grcu ,on of u.m)'b'ltw,ncwhidtlhlYc
.ht comm.ndmen,! Th" four rw., ... . hen . a .. m'ngled for .......:' AI \Yiodom i •• h. MUntam
•h., • .,: ,h. P"hon. wh,ch ",hc Danu;,.,; .h. oflif•. ,t "aUo,hefounla,n of.piriruolgn a .
Gihor.. ..,hicn .. 'n."'il.:.nd,h.n,h.Tigri. hi, . I.o tn.founta,nof o,h. , .·;,ruc. lha:
and.h.Eupnr ...£.be.",e.nwh,chw.d",dl.
Ahhough,h.piacc.iromwh .ch .n..· /lo"'lrc
knowr..,h.lourcc o; ,n<lpnn, .. no:knowr.
guideu.""hecouneofe.. moJlife.Therefort, .hrough Lydi. and not merclraround one
,he.tream . horirriga"'paradi.eri.ufTomthe n.tion. for Wisdom. whicn i. all
.oul when well.illed. nO. the.oul tha, lies m.n.i.productin.ndustful.Hcncc.if.p...
uncultivated.Th. r.sulnfromitarefruir"cu sonwctc,olcovcparadis ••• hi. r ivcrofWi.·
of diverse vir.u ••. Ther. a•• fou r principal dom would be ,he firs. obj.ct he would meet
"e•• •ha.con<ti.ure.he ... ofWisdom Thu. he may no. become inert ,tndarid and hi .
Th • .., • .., the well·lmown four princip.l vir· return ,op.radi.e m.ybcf.eili t.ted. Many
tu ..'prudcnce.•emp ... nce.fortitudeandj u.· mcnreJOn,o,hi • • i~Cf.whichi.con.idercd,o
.ice. Th. wi.e m.n of,hi. world adopted have mac"clous bcautyand fecundity. Accord·
•hi. divi,ion from us and ,ran. fer..,d i,.o their ingl)·lti. rcgardcda< a figu •• ofWi.dom •
wri,ing<. Hence.Wi.dom ,lCua•• he ... urce whichconferom.nifoldfTu".In.h.comingo(
fromwhich.h .... fou.riv;rri... th. Lord ofulvation. It Aow •• o.he very end.
producing.t ..... m.that ••• compo..dofth ... of,he .. rtn.bceausebr Wi,domallh.v.bcen
r.deemed. ThU$ it i. w,""en:" Th .ir sound ha<
Pi.hon.thcr.fore.Jtand.rorprudcnce .. hin.oall.h..... h.ndthClrworw
H.ncei, rubies and unto the end of.h. wo.ld."
topa:Jton.s.W. oft.nrcf.r, Th •• ceondriv.ri.Gihon.brwhich. when
asgold •• ,th.Lord··y···pcak,ng,h .oughth. .herwerc.ojourningin Egyp'. " ... laid down
prophct:"lgave,o.hemgold.ndsilvcr." .h. l.wofth. Jsr.eli .... ha"her.hould
D.nieluy. of.hewi.c:"tfyousl"pamong,hc depa" from Egyp • .' and having girded
midltofth.lot •• you.h.llbcaoth. w ing.of loino,h.)·.hould •••• ignof."mpcr.R«p ...
th.dove cov.r.dwith silv.randth.hindcr .. kcof . fittingthatth. ch .... and
paru ofh.r back likc,ogold."' In thi. "'a)' on. ,h •• anctificd,ho"ldcel.",.te th , Paschof
who pu"hio.,u", ,n of ,h. Old and ,h. Lo.d. For rhat ....on •• h. ob •• rv.nce of
Ne .... Testam.n, can b)' r•• ou.edul inqui,) .h.l.wwa$fi."carrlCdou.bc.idetha.rivct.
a•• ain ,h. inmo" . ccrct.of,hcWi.domof • he nam.ofwhich signifieo an openingof.he
Goo. Herc .• hercforc.i. found purcgold. no, .arth . Ther.forc.ju.... an op.ning.b ... rb •
• h.m".lthati.mcltcd.whichbelong.tothi. th • •• "h.ndwh. .. ~.tdefilcm.n ...nd.cfusc
.arthandi•• ubj ... ,hcrcm·r brini:. inlikcm.nncrchutiq
we arc.old.,h",.i. found ,h. brillian. ruby tend • •o coniume.n.h. p.s"ono of ,h. body
stonc in which therccxisu.h. vltal.park of Approp"atel)·. then. ,h.ob",,·.ncc of rh.
ou,souh.H.... . oo.i.,h.rop.:"on. ,h.,br e"abll.hedl.,.,fimrookplacc . here.bcc.u..
,h. naturcof i"colorrcvcals.n eff."of grc.n · " .b.orbcd b)" ,h. law. And ' 0
n. .. . ndvi,.lit)·. Pl.n<. ,hat are .liv.giv. forth Gihon . which ... figurcofcnasti.)".i ... id.o
grcen oprouto.whil. tho ...hor arc dead arc .urroundthelandofEthiopi. inordtrto
••pl....nddr)".Th ... rthgro,,·.grc.nwheni ' ,,·.. haw.)' ourlowi )· bodit<andqucncb.h •
i,,"bloom.Thc.ecds.too .• p<ou.forth~.c<n fi.c. ofoucvi l, fl«h.Tn . mcanin~ofE.h,o?i.
.hoo.. ,nthci r p.nod, of grow,h.Tnc Tlv", m Latln,," ;'o,)"and,·il.: \\rn,,:i . more io,,·I)".
l'ishon u cigh.fullr g,,·cn firs: placc.Tn.
H.brcw.collj,Pheoj"Son .
"eh.nycofmoutn : bec. usc.,f,ow,cven
.. ha, is mOr<: 1iI•• E.hiopia. man ou.bodiu. concordof'allth.oth.rv,r.u••. H.ncei,i. not
blacken.d. 100. by cht darkn .... of ~ in! known {rttm the pl.ce. frttm which i. f1owl.
Tht third ,iyer i. th. uS',a. which f10wa th",il lolay.;,i.nOlknown;npan.j...,icc ..
by .htASlyrianl.nd.To.hil.iv••• h. nOldiv;.ible ;nlOp ..... hi •• uh ..., •• th.
d"uiv". b.ul was dragged as. prison.,. Thi' mOlh.. ofall~irtu.a. l nm ... follrr""'n ...
""",il thclwin.-s,ofoll , i""".TheAasy,ianJ .ymbolizcdthcrcfo.. th. rourprincipal "i.·
d..... Ubyi.,gua.d;ngiucourat-for,hilil tu .... P...... o' u J.,.·,8.·

ch.,ng of ill nam •. cho..... ho by

.h."formud.hold,nch«kch"guilcfulvicu R.... LR," ..... CHtt.Y50STo.. 'p.,rh.p •. ho ....
ofthcbody.nddi •• c•• •• ,ohigher ev .... ,ho.. peopl.wholik•• <>
thing.arcthougl"tohav.... m•• hin~Incom · oWn w;.aom cIo no,conccdeaga;n.har ,hen
mon with ,h .. fi"" •. For that »m ••• uon for· "v.... rcriv... orthu......... "'.lll'w.....
"tud •• man .... frOnl,ha, JOU'CCin p,r.di, •. bu.propound ,Om. nr;nt.rprcu,ionto
Fonirudc in t<. rapid COlI . . . toUCS lIide peopk ...dytol.ndth.mlh.,.ca ... l.e .....
.vuy.hinlllu ndlng.nitJp.,h.ndlike.hi. howcv... INgyou.not~convinccdbyth.m no,hindu.dbyanymu... ialobnad •. bur ble>ck Our ura ag.inlt them ; In ...
Th. fOIl •• h """, Euphra.... which place ollrcrcoi.nct;n»crcd Scriptllr•• nd"i«lIndityandabundanc.of h ..d ... hari •• oldusthe ••. H<>M'Lu$O~·
fr"i":ltp.uen".'ymbolofj .... i«.thtnou'· G.,..SlS,;.1",6!
,ohm.. n. of""'Y ... II!. No .imK produc..
more.buncUntNnd'tJth.n."uiryo'junice. T H. R,,,,,, OP EO. N b THE Ocu" T ' U T
which i,morcconc.,n.d ... i.h o.h... than with ENC I.CUS T H II E....TH. JO H>I o~ D"H .. s,
.... If. n.glecting iu own ad".nuSU and p",f.,. cus:Thenthc.. ilrhee>c •• ndt arenci.dClrh.
nng,h.commongood.Manyd.ri"cEuphrat •• . nti"'urdtlik.....rtofrivcr.ndtowhichi r
from ,h. G....,k.~ I.... '-rl>r.,~ •• d,.u ••h .. iI. ...m.,omedtatScrip.urcrc~rrcd ... hen"
from.·f.... ingofllladn...:bo:c.usc th. human ui-dthar·.ri ... rflowcdoutofpa ..d...:hh..
nc •• ejo, ....etpot.ble ..·.... and.llppli ••• h........ but
j".nc•• nd."ut<)·,Th."u ..."",as,owhy. bccauscthc ..·a'er"'
al.houghth.locanon,...,lfof'o,h«n"".. iI for a long Ome It ~'omCl bracki.h. Th •• lln
.. port .. d.w.n. ...... noducrip,ionofth.r.gioOi and ,h. ,,·at.tIpoull ar. con ..antly d..... ingup
.hrougnwh,chth...,,«Euphra ••• flo .... cal .. th.l ... d • ...., ... a.. r•• ndfromth .. ,hcdoll.u
io •• nan ...·".Tn...·." ... ofth .. riv.r.rccon · arc fo,med and ,h. ralO come •• ,h. w.ter b.. •
.id ...d,oh.v•• v;talqualirylh.. fo ... " comini:.wect by fil ..a<;"n. Thil ocean isdi.
grtt ... thand,ncreasc. 'Nhcr.forethcwIKm.n vided,n'ofourhca.ds.offournv.... Th.nam.
• ..... andth.ASlynan.c.ll.d o(th.6.., is PlJhon;,h,. •.
,hu rlvcr Awr.n [·;ncrcu ..·j ,ncontrad,.. inc . Th. name of the KCOnd IS G.hon; ,hu i•• h•
•""',o.h....... rofooh ..,rt".rs.T... opp<>£>· Nil •• wh,ch (omeo down frttm E.h'opia 10'0
I>on nu b'en well utlbl"".d ~.w ... n w",;om Egypt.Tncnamcoftitc.hirdtlT,gri•.• ndof'
.nd mal"c. {or"tude.M'n....,'oil.ty... mper .
• t>Ce. aMocn.'''"'u.j ... rlCC,onth.orn ..
hand'"titemosr,mpo"an:u,:rcprc'. nt$r'' ' 'FCf:!'2'».I)OJ.'l'GU:UO;FC1.,177.7l.
IlKfourth,EllphraIU,OkTHODOXF"'TH~.~. " ..ndingforthnotonlyv,.ibleu rumlbulal ...
'p,ri lual.trum.ari.ingu a foun,.in from
TK. Rn' •• OF ED." SYMaO~";"~LT P .... ,h"high,ablrland.Along.ide
p,oUaIl TH I!C HaI IT ,u,C Huac;u.Cyp· th ..chavcgrown, no, willowlwi,hou,f.ui,
~ IAN ' The ,hu r,h ~ndo'el f.ui,flll <ree. bu,abundan,rru. r.ach ing.ohu ycniu.lf,
... lIhin in ... an •. lt wat ... Ihe.. Ire.' with wi,hf,ui.cvor inICuonand.emliningltill
fou, rwe .. , that is. with Ihe fou. Go.pcll, incorrup •. lfl<lmron.i.intcnnlrho" lc,h"n
f,om which i, bes,ows Ihe g'Ke ofbap".m by cometolh,.fountlinlndcooldown.hi.
,h.u.lllu.ryandhcavenly,nundallOn.Canh. fevc ... h hut. It dupcl'parch, ng hut a""
who"no"n.ide,hechurchbcwal.redf,om I""dycoohallthing.thlt ..cvcryh.,,-no,
.h.folln •• 'n.oflhechurchlH...... ouldon. onl)'tholfht... Uyinflam.dby.h.... "·. h •• t
who ,s pcrver.. and condemn.db}' h,msclf butaIJ.OlhOI••,tonfi",br"n·.burn,ng
and ban"hed beyond Ihc fOlln, .. n.ofpara· Irrowl.ltdoCl.ob.cou.. "uk"". beg,n .
di .. p,ovidcahcal.hflllre.ollrceofwa .. r' ning from abovcandha.i ll'OUrc.f.omther~,
How could one whoh u dricd IIp.nd has and from Ih.", il .. fcd. Many arc th. "rclm$
fail.d .... th.h.drynu.of .... nal,h, .., o(thllfoun,.. n,."eamsthlllheParad...
...., ..... uPO" ano,h~.thc 1I11I"rydronluof ICnd.forlh:andlhcSonbccomultICUJlO·
pa.aducfLITTIUO}.,O." d,an, not heping".chann,l opcn w"ha m.. ·
lockb ..,b)'mak,ngourhea'"rfCCP"VC,
THIIC"OLlNG ST ... AMS 0' V...... D'U. HOM'~IISO"'JO"~' 46.4."
CHUSO$TOM: AW";n'pi,ing, in trulh,are the
my""'" o( ,he church. Awuom. tru,h i. '"
"ha"Afounlainsprangupoutofpa ..d,se,



Il Tht LoaD God look Iht ma"' ~"d pili bim ," Iht gardtn" · ID till " <lnd "'.tr I:.
'fA nd Ibt LOAD God comma"dt.llht m<ln ,' illyi "g, ' rOil m~y fttely talllf tutr] ,rlt of Ih.
gardln; " bill of rh. Irtt of rh. "'no ... l,dg. of gDO.l and t~il ]1111 dUll! "01 ta:, (IIr In lb • .Ill)

QYla" l Bw:To lilla"d kocr ,h , glrd.n mean, m,"" (C H~V50STOM) .Th. firn man " "$ eT<'
,obelocv. ,"Godandlokccrln. comma"';. a .. d pc.foc: In,! io·tnll rcaSon "'upjacc<i'n
Ed.n,ogua,di, (OR,GEN j. Heworkedand WH p~rf~«. h. bocamo impufocr in som. w'),

guordedthegard.nofEd.n.buth i,workwa. b"'\lStofh;srr.n'grusionandwa.inn..d

not toil.ome (AUGUSTINS). Tho work of the of one to perfect him from hi. imperfection
fi,,, ma" demons".... that there i.a natural AndrheSav io,was.~n' for.h~.e reason •.
b.nt fo, work in man (Sn. eoN THB NBW COMMU"TARYO"J"HN'J.~40-41"
Th.,... ofknowlodgeisa bound. ry toth o MAN's WOR>, IN EDEN WAS NOT TOll '
inner<egionofpaTOdis« EpHRBN).Theneeof SOME. AUGUSTH<f: Although man was pl.ced
the knowledgeofgoodand.vil gOt its namo in p.radi...o as.o work.ndguard il . that
bdore man brokt God', command m.n, by praioeworth)' work was not ,oil.ome. For the
touch1ng it (AUGUSTINBj . God', ••. which work in paradise i. quite diff'erent from the
"a,.. tha'manmustnot",ofth~'T<e . is. workontheunhro ... hichhewa.condemned
sign of his grace (ATH"""slus). The d<.,h .f..r,h •• in.Thoaddition".nd toguardit"
Impotod b)' God on ,ho.. whowiU "ansgr... i ndicatodthe .ortof wor~ it was. For in tb.
hi. decree i•• complet. du,h (AUGUST'NB). tranquih.yofththappy lir., ... h.rethe.. isno
Th. " .. brought moruliTJ' to mm. but in th. death. ,h. onlj' work is '0 guard wna'rou po •.
rormof.h<croSl ir will bring them intop... - ..... Two BOOK S ON GBNUIS AG"' NST THE
di sc ( CYRI ~OF J nUSAlEM). Th. "e. of know I· M ..... ICH .. E .. NS~.II·'S'
discornm.n,(jo"N".OA", A&CUsj. G .... 01JN.
T, LLl NG .. NO K n "'N G T .. .
[n paradi .. Adam lived in hi. body on SnvuuNoF C .. uL .. :Tillingth•••• th.
••"hbu,i" h .. spiriramon~theangels .ln th< commandmena of God and fide!·
Ed.n he could u, of every ".e free ly (JOH" ity totho5<comm. ndmen .. wa. the" Labor "of
OfO......SCUS ) but wi,hin ,h. God . .. . JuSlubeJieYinginChri .. i •• -worl::
(CHRYSOSTOM). n.o tro. of ,h. I:nowlodg. of ,0 .1.0 ...'u Ad.m'.fai,hfulkupingofGod',
good .nd ev ilpoinutoth •• w«tn,$.Oofdivine comm.n d. Jfh.,ouch.d,he "et, h. w<>uld
con.. mpl ..ion (Jo HNofO......scus).Th.I.... di •. butifh~didn<>t.h.wouldli ••. "Work"
"gi .. nas. ma.. rial for free witl toacr upon wa. kceping,h. spiritual word •..
(G ....GORY 0. N .. zI .."zus j in order toencOur · Tho tut uy. "wo.l:· and · protect it." From
.ge tbe u<rcis. of virtu. (CHRYSOSTO.. j. what, There were no thieve •. ,ravel..o or peo ·
plc with bad in.. n,ion,,'Pro«cr i,· from
2,15 n,. M~ .. Put in th. Gilrd,n 10 Till Jt whu , From him ..lf. Do nO, lo.~ i, b)' «an",he command.ln....d.h.wouldprt·
T H. F'RST Mu, PU.CBO IN E OBN a UCAun .. rverhecommandm.ntandin ,od<>ing
OF H, s P."'IICT ION. O "".:aN: How would pres.rvenim. elfinpa,adi ••. ONTHfCU'
Godh.Yepl.cedwh.t", •• altog~th .. imper. ATIONOFT HHWOUO S-s. '
fec,.nparadi .. " , workandguardi t fFo.b<
T HIS WOR>' OENONST"A.TU M .. N'. " ..T....
wbo " capabieof .. ndi n g -tn.tre.oflif."an~
.ve,.'n l" gtha ,Godpi.n,~d .nduu •• d to
spri n£ upaf.. rw.rd.wouldnot •• u onahl r h.
:aUedimp<r'«:.Pernaps, lher.. • Jthougnh <
THBOLOG,,,r<:]n the bcg;nn;ng man "'ascrt- WH ~" D IO THE TlllIlI Of THII KNOWL HOG H
a,.dw;thanlture;nc!ined<owotk.forin Of Gooo ANO Ev il. G ilT ITs N u u! AVGVS-
parad ise Adam was enjoined to till the TI" H:WithoutgO<>drca.onccrtainwritcn ..e dccplypunlcdwhcnthcy . .. k.odi.covet
naturalben,forwork.themovemen,.oward hQW the t ..e ofthc knowledge ofgO<>d and
,he good. Those who yidd thcm,dves '0 ev;lcouldhavchccn,Q,all.db.fore man
idleneua ndapathy.eventhough.heymaJ· b.ok.God ·.commandmcntby.ouching;,
be spiritual and holy.hutlrhmselv.. in.o and from expcrienccdi.ccrning the diff..enc"
unnaruralsubrction.opassions.D ,.- betwecn thc good that h e lost and the evil ,ha,
h e cQmmitted.NQw,lhi."ccwugiven.his
2, 16 -17 ltfAn Forbidd.n roE ..lof lht Tret Iheprohibi'ionandn<>'toucbit,taking carc
of Ih. Know!edgt of Good An d Evil 10 avoid suffcringthc con.eque"ce. of,ouch -
;ng;' aga,n" ,h e prohibit;on. Ir was no,
T HE T .. HE OF KNOWLe D GE A S OUN """'t becau.. thcysubsequentl),wenraga,n .. ,h e
M A ", ,,_E~ H RBMTHBSYR"," : co.nmandmen,anda.. th efru;"ha"bctru
In.hcvuy mids,hcpl.nted became the "ee of the knowledgeofg<><>d a nd
Ihe Tree of Knowledge. eviL Even if the), had remained obcdicn' and
cndQwing 11 with wonder. h.d,.ken nothing.gai n" ,hat command·
hedging i,in with dread ment.i,w<>uldbec<>rrcct!ycalledbrwh.,
oOlhati,mightstraighrw.yse.V<' w<>uldhappcn 1<> them th ..c ifthcr had taken
u. boundary to.he inner rtg,onof .h. fruit. ON T.U L'TU,A L I"T>lU,," UT"'~'
parad,.c_ oFGaNUIs&.I$.j)."
Two rhing. did Adorn hut
in.hatsingltdu..., T HE Two TIl>lIl •. SaV>lIl'"'' OF GAUL,<: Th.
tha •• hey.hould not ea'Qfi, TreeofLif" .. ood in the midd le of paradi ••
and.hat.bY l hrinkingfmmi" like ...ophJ'.ThtTrC<' ofKn<>wlcdgc.,ood a.
they shQuld perccive.h.. it wu no, lawful a con,ut. If you keep.hc commandmcn, of
IOpenetraICfurthtt.beyondth.t,,« thi,trcc.youwiJlrccc;vea ..
HYMNso"P"""",sa,.,.' this marvelous dlOught: Evttv rrccin parad,.e
,,'as in blo<>m.and fruit wa. 10 abundan<r
T .n V"LUE OF EVIlItY T llu.JOH" OF DA' .vcrywh .... O niyi n.hec. n.. rarctheduoof
MAScu s:ForGod"rl."Ofevery rreeofpara ,<>mpe",,<>n and .. ruggl., O~ THB CU4T'O"
d .. eYQu.hancu,"rncaning.lthink,bymeans OFTH~WORLD6.J.·
of all creatcd things you wili be drawn up.o
me .• heirCrea<o •. and fmm.hcm rcap.he Onc Goo's P IlOHIBI T]O"" S ,,,,, OF H ,. G ..... C E.
fru", which is mysdf. wh<> am .hclrue life. Let ATH"""S,,)s:K nowingon cc morcho"' ,he
.11 ,hings bt f,uitfuliif.t<>you,anci m.kep .,·
ownexistence.f<>r,nu' y<>u,hallb.,mmof · '51>=,,,,' 'H0f>91 'FC17.:!11,'AC\Io· " ,SS.S6,'P::
.. 1.0RT HoooxhITH~ ." .' >600&;
willofmlncouldlwly.oti.hulidc. inlll.ic· hehadullblilhedillpaculiu::·ln,he .... Y
'pacioIlGoducurcd.hc,racc,i<'1'lIlhemby' .halyolllh.llu.ofit.yolllhalldietht
commlndandbytheplaccwherchcplll.hem. deuh ." H; . Ihceal illcluded 110. ollly.hefirll
Forh.b.ough •• hcminlohi.own,udcnand partof.hefj",deuh •• hui •• •helolll'lde.
g.vcthemlllw.orha,.iflberkeplthegrace privatioll of God; no. only . he Iccond pari of
and rcm.incd good. lhey mighl "ill kccpthe thefjratdeath. thotil.thcbody·ldeprivation
life.npar.diuwi,holl.oorn)wo'p.ino,eare. of.helolll:llo,onlythewholcofthefjn.
"".,dcl having thc prom.lCofil\Corn.tpuon in dcuhill",hich,hclolIl.lcpauI.df,ombo.h
hu ... n. Bill if,hcytranlg,eucdand,",ncd God alldthe body. i.punUh.d;bu .... hllucr
back.nd""elm.e"i1. the r m,gh,kn ..... ,hat ofdcathllllp.olndindlld,ngtlta••I..o.
th.y .... crc'ncllrrlng,hllcorrllpllonindea.h IIl.clyfjll.l.nd.o.caHedluonddcuh . .. ln
.hatwUlhclf.byna.u.e.noLongertoilvein which.hclolIl.dcp.ivedofGodbllluniled
plf.diubu,ClJlou,,hatumcforth rothebod)·,llffcrl elCrnalp"n ilhmcnt.
,od,c.nd abicie in cicath and corrup.ion. 0" C.TYOFGooI1·t1·"
TH I I .. C .........T'O ... 1.•. '
TH. T".I .... THI Fo".. OF THI C .. OU
TH I Low G,V.", ToAo.... ,''' P....... o.u. 6"'''GI S.. LUT IO" TO H u ....... TT. C""' LO~
GUGO",Y OF N .. z ...",zus: [God gavc] I JUIIUU .. : Al,hougb ,0 I,"'U wd
1...• .. ,mar.".lfo.hl$fr.....ill .oac.on. "Fo,thedaryolI ... ofi •. youmulld,e:
nu. 10... WII a commandmen ....o whit .oday"rouh .vebcenfa;.hfuI.Todarwill
pl.onuhe m'ghl pl,,"k.o(.~d ... hich One h. b.ingyollul""ion.The tree brollghlrll,n'o
migh,nol,ollch.Thi,la.,er ... uthctfeeo( Adam; [of life I lhaHbringyo .. ,n.o
knowkdgc:no •. ho ..."v ••. ""call•• i, ...·uevil p.radlle. Fur nO. ,be le'p.nt: h. , hallno:
from the ""''''ntngwhenplan.ed.nor wu11 e",I YO" Ollt. for he hu f,Hen from huv~n.l
forb,dtlen""ClII",Godgrudgcdnloll,-I~t urno. to YOII.·Thi.d.aYYOu5halldep''':
nOllh •• nem'CJofGod ...·a~thcirlon"'Clin bUI"Th" day y..... hall "" with me.""C..n.
.haldlf.."onor,mltll•• h."' CHIT.CAlLICTII"U',·ll."
wouldhave""~ngood ifparlahnofal .he
proper "me. Th. Irf:~ ....... ac<ordin~ 10 my TH . T" . .Of "' .. owLa " Ga Rlln,IU "'T I
.heo'1·.con.~mpl .. i')n,whi<hilufeonl)'for T H . Pow." 0 . D , sc. " "' .. . ,,T.JoH I<o •
• ho$,eachedmllurityofhbil.o D.... AScus: The «cc or knowl~cise of good
elllcrupon.bll: ... hichi. notgoodfo"ho$C Induililth.po .....
who a.c $tiU IOmewh •• "mple andg,cedy.jllu ci,;onal "uion. Th .. i. 'he comple.e
u ne,th., "lOlid foodgood for.holC who arc of one'. Own natu..,. Of ,,,.If 'I mill '
".1 tender Ind hlV~ n~~d of milk. SICO .. O ifCJlllhcmagllin.:cllceofth.Crutor•• ntlni.
O'" 0 ... E"5TU 8.· good fo,them thlf aTe fuU·grown alld have

B"T......... " au ".G GO I'"P"O lt "ITIO'"

H u ...... ,Ty b Co .. " ',,,,,,, TO ~ CO... LITI
'NPNFH'I;."-'"NPNF21"~."I'CI"'.l15.l6", u .... ""
D ...TH.AIIGIIST.",[:GD<i,r.f.rrtngtothe _ " ........... ~"""UlJ,.1
fOtD,dci~nirll" ...i", .. t;'efjrllman ... hom "FCM;J4.2S
walk~d in the contemplation of God-for to the •• n .. , and to th.
them that hav.nof.arofchanging,becau,.in mind. For while in hi,bodj' he dweh in ,hi.
thccouneof.ime.heyhaveacquir.dacenain mo .. ucredandluperblybeaulifulpl.«.a.
habirof.uchconte mplorion.lti,notgood, we hove.elatcd.spiritually he resid.d in .
however,for.uch as arenill young and arc loftier.ndfar more beautiful place. n ..e ht
moreg.cedyin theitappetit ••. who,buau.c hod the indwelling God as a dwelling place
of,h.uncenaintyofth.irp.... veranc. inth. and wore him as a glo.ious g•• rnent, H. was
trut good and l><cau$O of their not YCt l><ing wrapped abo u. wi.h hi. g,aa. and like SOme
,olidlyenabli ,hd applicat ion.o.he One of th e ang<:1s he.ejoiced in the.njoymen.
only good. are naturally indined to be drawn of,ha,ontmo".we.. f.ui,whichis.h.con ·
.w.yanddi«racredhyth.i,..,licitudefor ternpla<ionofGod.andby.hi.h.wasnour
,he"ownbodiu.ORTHoooxF..'TH •. tt." i.hed.Now.hi.i,indeedwha,isfi.ti ngIJ
catl.d .he"•• oflif•. fo,th •• w".,ne"of
T MBTI""o.L, n .Jo""orD"",,,scus· divine contempl.tion communicate. a life
Some hav. imagined paradise.o have bcen uninterruptcdbyd ... htothcmthatpa.toke
m.te,ial.whileother,haveimaginedi"o Of ;t.O"TH~ORTHO I>O" F"IT" ~.". "
,hatjuSta.<m.nw.,cre...dbo,h •• nsi.ivc
.ndintell.ctual"odidthi'mo.. ucr~d



"Then th. LOIlD God said. "It IJ nOt good tha : th t man should bt alone; I",;li m4kl him
a he!pH fir for hi",: "So ow l of Ih. gro w" d th . LOIlD God fo rm ed tVI,y btut of Ih . fir1d
an d tvery bird of the air, and brought th rm to th. man" to st. whM h. would <41l th .... , a"d
whalt"er Ihe man" ,aUrd tvtry livi ng ,,,atll'e, tha t wc. its name. ~Th t m4n" gave nam"
to all utile, and 10 Ih e birds oflhe air, and to tVtTY beaJl ofth. field: bllt for th t mar. " Ihtrt
was lIotfounda htlptrfi:for him.

O VIIRVt"W, Man n..cied a nel!,~r Decau.. he &O$TO", ). God Dmugh: tne >nlmal . 10 Adorn
"ill had to bt .. ~.nera .. d In Ch,.;" (CH"'" b,' t" . minist ry of angel , (AlJ(:unl"Ej ;r.
ord.rtodemonltrat(th~ta(ompl ••• haT' notgood for.hem.n .obellon•. Hekn.,,·
mon y be.ween man and .h. anim.l. uill.d full w.ll what . blc" ing .h. gender of Ma."
befor.,he . ,n(EPH ..... ) and.ha'th.m~nw&l would be to him and.lso 10 th. ch ureh
l uperior.oth.m.ll ( .... llGu5TIN.). lnourag. , A" .. ,NST M....c 'o" , ... .'
.h.nla.oChri•• , lh.humbl.peopl. ~...,
l .. at.dbr"nim~lllik •• h.Il,,'man,nEd.n
( lsucofN""svsHj.
Inlhenamingof.nimal.,humani·ri,hon . .... n.... ·' H o .. . W.u P..... o . ... S.Vu.,.. " Of
or.d(CHIlYSOSTO .. )..... d.muhibi ... wi •• G ...... L .. : Whil e Adam had b.rn gi •• n .h.
10... for .h•• nim.l. (bHu,,). which .r. whol.,.arth ,he hadb •• .... dll.for
brough •• ohimby lh.Lord(CHIlTSOSTONj. hi. hom • . H. couldluvc .. ndgooulofp .....
H .." ,h.domln,on of •• uono ... rn .. h" di.., .. wuno •• habitabl'plac.for
m.'n •• 'n.d ( ...... BIlOS.j. hum.n. wyond iu bo,d.n-only for ••"..,
I"" In,m.b , four .footed .n,mali. wild mOn o
2: 18 Ml r l . NPf Gp~d Th ... the Man S"o ~ld ... ".nd , .. w!ingb ug •. Hi . ·b. .. mea·and
8 e Alonc" · palacc· wuloc.«dinparadi.. .
s.u"""of.hi •. GodbtolLgh , ,h.llVing
M .. ", NIIOBD .. Hu... 8 .,0 ... H u (:Tutu,uto .... d..n; .h·rh.dbe.nupltr...d
R.."."' ......TIO'" ' '''C H....T.CH ..noSTo .. ' f"rnmh,m . For.l.v • • do no,.I .... y...andin
..... th a. um. ' God .. id,·(..e,u.m .. kefor him . Ih.i. m....", pr •• cncc;.h.,. ... pru.n, onl)·
he1p.r:bu, in Ih • •• um u '. God uy. nO ouch wh.n n.ed.d. The living (f.ature! w ...
,h,n~. Willh.whoh nam.dlndimm.di..ely •• n'a"·.'·..... dam.
,h. Spm, need.ny o.h.r h.lp' Ho,,' much how....., .. main.din p...d, ... O!<THJCU·
nc.dof ..".unco,nlh.fu,ureh • • h.who ..T'Of< Of'THI WOIlU)6'1.'
IlIl.ou •• h.bod}, ofChrUl I ....,.h.,"m.h.
m.. d. man to ,h. ,m'ge of God. bu, now h. Ho,,' 0 . 0 GOD S ........ T H ~ .... NI .... LI TO
huuni •• dhim.oGodh,m •• lf....."ha•• im. .... D.... ~ .... UGU ST'''.: No ....... ohould no. n.. nd.d,h. m.n.orul".wu.h.fl , he. imagin. God bringing.h•• .... d.m in
. •. No,,· •• ~.iv.d("LrIl .., . I (fud.I)· m..cri.l w.}·. What I ,n
ltnr'nhe.~.n.No"· h.h •• g,v.nwth,p"TI ' ,h.p... ed,ngbookaboullh.twOfoldworking
d".,o ,,i,. No ...' h.h .. opcn.d ,h. g••• of diyi nePToo-id.ncc.houldbc.hel ph...
ofh..... n .OIU ..... ' Ih., urn. m.n wu formed W.muOlno,.uppo.. lha,thc lnom.b"",..
on ,h. "nh dar.bec.uu ,h . ..on h.d 10 be btolLghtlo .... d.m ..... h.nhun ..... nd fo ... I...
,0mplc«d.Nowhei , form.don,h.flrJld.y ... kth.moulandd,i ... ,hem,n,olh."n...
• ndfrom.h.beginninglnd,n,h.ligh •. ...hcn Ih.y.ngag. in the chase. Nor w.. th ...
Ho",u~,oNJoH"'. S .•.' I command lpok.nbra vo". from. doud in
wor.uthllr.,iona! cn,:a.ur<sonh ••.,ng
Wo ........ .. Run, ..". TuTulu ..... : jln good .
nU, God) pN>V,d.d .. loolh. lp m• .,fo, I.h.
man l th.t tnere might no.b•• ny,hinginhi l
10; tha: " .•• no' ilo"'!. Fo, God uid that ,ti,
........ ldundetsundanclob<:)'.Ik .... uandbirc!1 themio ableloc! ..,inguilhanc!knnwthcm
baveno••ueivec!.ucbp<lwe •. But.cco.ding by name. The on. ic!u is an no r onc In
tOlbei.· Ilrup.forman~uickly " nderltand . ,hlth .;.
nal fru choice of th<: will buta<:cofding to th. l>.ttuequipped,hancutle.Theo.h •• idcai.
plan by which God movu all <rutura u ,h. a difficuh one '0 grasp. namel)·.• h.. br
appropri.,e,im ... Ahhoughh.i.h;mtelf whichheunc!u.. and<,h",h~ .. "nno.lpart
unm ..... ed In .;me. ,he angd. who minifler 10 in him ,h ..... Iel 11 di .. in" f•.,m
,he ammal
blmunc!e..,andinbiI Wo.dwhal,hing.are parI . whI ch il rultd. Two BooII ' ON G~"l'
lobe done., appo;nled tim ••. And h.nte . SlsA"" ' ''STTHl M.. "'C ....... "' 5~ .".,(\. '
w;tho",.ny,emp<lralmo.ioninGod .• h•
• m"ved in lime 10 accompli.h hi. TH B H U... L. M ....; Is L , ••
A D .... I .. En.",.

will In .he <TeUura ,bat an lubju. lo,hem. Is....c O. N, ... VBH, Ht who .peau contemp'
0 .. THE LITU.Al h"TIIPUT..T'ON OF GIN.· tuously ago"UI .he humble man and does n,,:
wh" h .. opened hi,m"Ulh'g.inll Go-ci. And
A C., .. PUTI H A.... " .. Y B.TWU N M.. ~· ,bn .. gh,hehumbltmani.cnntemp,ibl.inhil
.... DTH IA .. " ... u.E.HU .. THBSUJ .... : eye •• hllhnnn.llu.eem.dbr · llcr.. "nn
M",cl laic!."God brougb, ,bem '" Adam: Th. humble m.n app .....,he•• aven"us beu...
Thll bap"",ned In o.d .. ,hI< God mlgb, make and ... hen,helfguetclt. up<lnh,m .• h .. .
known ,he wlwom of Acbm and .he ha.mon)· wildnU$ I1 .. mec!. Tbty come .. p In him ... '"
,hI! e~;oted betw •• n ,he animalo and Adam thtirM"IO,.wall·hei. h.. d.anduil • • nd
beforeh.'''''"g.elled,hec"mmandmen'. lick hi. hand. and f.c,. f". Ih.y I m.Ucom,ng
Th. anImal. c. me 10 Adam u '" ,lOVIng fmm hIm ,h ....m. letn' .h., uhaltd &om'h"ulfearlheypauedbcfor. Ad.mbefo.e . whenlh.y .... r.gath ·
himlnorderlyfuhl"n.bylunc!sandbyl~ · ered,osetherbef.,..him.ndhegave,h.m
. ,n. Thcy WCf. nCld••• af.aid nfhim no, w... n.mes in paradIse. Th ....... taken a..·.y f.nm
,h.yaf.aidof.acholher.A'p<:ciuofprec!o . w.b",Jesus h.. re new.d i,ancl g,ven il back
'''ry .",m.l, w"uld pUI by wi . h a Ipeciu nr .0u, .h.nullhh iscnmmg.Th ,.il ... hath ...
animo.lthll .. p,.y.dup"nfollnwingoafely IweClened.hefug.anc. "f.h.rac. ofmen.
flgh,behinc.CO ..... NT .. noNG ..... , $ Ascn ,c.u HO"'LIES 17.'
( "~O.T ...,c.o.N"" ' ''CT... A'''''''L'.
M .... II SU .... IO .. ToA .. y A .. ' ....... AUGUI· C .. usoSYo .. , Th"se nam ... ha. (Adam ]
TlNm, Gnd fiut Ihnwed man hn .... mu ch bCI ' impo$cdnn,hemr.m.inup,o.h'p,escn,
le. h. wu.han callI. and aU irrational ani· .ime. In ,hi . ... ay Gnd determined ,h., ... e
mab . Thil is .. gnin.d by .h. IIU.m.n' Ih .. mig], tr ...,nacnn... n'TCmind",nf ,he
al l Iheanimals "",rebrn.. gh"" h,"h . ..'.e.... wh,ch.hthumanb.,n,from.h.n ..i ·
mlllh,.cc,,·h.,newn .. ldcall tne ..... ndgw. .e,recclv.dfrom';'cLordof ,nan nm lgh ,
,h.m name • . Th" Ihn ..·• '"at man " be".:
.~ .. 'ppeci than ,h • • nlmalo in ,.;" ... " f •• ,·
.nn ... nee nnh· re .."n ,h .. judg • • concern; n ~
attribu,erupon,ibilityforittremovalloa .0 you.hepower oftKingable.o dilcern by
perlOn who by lin PUI an abrllp' end 10 hi' thc.pplic... ionofoobcrl<>gJC .Mlpeciao{
au,hority.Ho .. ,L' B50NGINu ' 5'.:10." cKhand.v.ryobj.ninord"rthuyollmaybo
indllced to form 1jlldgmen,onaU oflhem.
A .. , .... Li R ••• BIBNT H " .... NP.... ' ON •• God uJlcd them all ,oyour ...ention lO.ha.
A ....on: The tKuu of Ihe field and .he you might reahzcthat your mh.diS l upe.ior
birdJof,hea" ... hich...,RbroughtloAdom 10 all of them. P..... o'u '''S' ·S1.''
Ire ouri.ndonal lenses. bocallle bult la nd
animals r'preoen, ,he diverse pauions o{lhe
ev.O of the mOR.empe...e .... Godg.. n.ed


I' SD Ih~ LO~I> God cllumi ° dup 'leep" 10 fll!1 upon Ihe mlln ,! IIl1d whil. h, $Jepr rook on, I>f
hil rib, IIl1 d cloud "p it! pillet w;lh finh; " lInd rbe rib which tb. Low God hlld IlIken from
Ih. mlln · h. mll.:l. ' ;1110 11 wOmOn IInd bro"ghl hr' 11> 110. mllO . u Th.n Iht man ' 'lIid,
'Thjl lllllllli,hntof"'Jbl>lIcI
andfir,hof myjl.,h;
,h"hlll1b ~ cal1eJ Womall,1
b.ul/lt Ib~ "'Ill IlIlttll 0,,1 of Mall. ~
" Tb ..cfo•• 11 mlllllu~ rl hi, flllh" IIl1d hi' mGlhn and c1.lIve, 10 hil "'ift, an d Ih.l buom ~
on,jlt,h. " "nd Ih, mllnllndhi' '''if' w•• e bOlhnalted,lInd",,,. norll,hllmcd

Q v."v ,. w: 11 "out of. bare bone thu God of.hc fallen Eve', birth_giving (CHUSOSro.. ).
,n"and), crealCllhe full boaul)' of Wom1n The wOman w... mad~ in order 10 help man ,n
(EI'HIlDt.CNuSOSTWI ). AI Eve ...... born good worlu (AIIGUST,S.) bUI .boye all for Ihe
wllnou, a mOlher.1O ..·... Jesus born wllholl'. like of boating . hHdren (A.. ftIlOSE .... UGUS·
iath.r (Cu, c o. JE1I.USALE.. ). God willed Ina, TrNI). She "·.. Iuper;or 10 an)' an,mal In he,
Ih" ,wn. mal e and female. be es.abli.ned.. abH,,}" to help ( E,I<IlDt). wnen Ih e woman
one (AMnon ). Eye', creatIon ,,'U p.inl .... '0 wu cre.,ed from man ', rib. he prooabi}"
,h. unf.lien Ad.m. ln cantru, witn Ine p'''' dreamed of the rib Ih: ..... remove.! fmrr.
him (En<UM). Wh~n God p.oduc~d ~Cltasr,lheSCrip'" ...... Y'.h .. '
in .h~ fi ... man. h~ mad~ him for th~ ,h~ .... lborno .. ,·I'id •. lIEv.lh.n
fin. time (T...TULU.o><). The fin. man poo. bo.noulofman·•• idcwilhaul.moth •••• nd
n ... .. I><TOf il a child nOI 10 be!>orn wilhoul o fathcr. ofo
ALIIXA><DI,.o) .hroughwh ichhund ...,ood,,·, womb!Thi.dcbtofgratil .. de,,· .. dlle
what wu finally.o come (AUGUST'''.), 10 m.n womankind: for Eve ..•.. bega'·
The ,,,,a.ion of the woman from the man', I.n of Ad am and no' cancciv.d ofo mo.hct.
rib Ilgnifiu that 'he woman I1 one with the bllluitwc,..,broughtfanhofmonalone.
man. 11 Ch.", il one with the ch .. rch (AuGUI' C.oT.CH.T,CU LIiCT .... U 1•.•9. '
T,"I ).He.c.u.ion allO lymbohu lth.c. e·
anonaflh •• (]UONa.QuODVUlTOIU.j. A D ... Su • •. CH~YSOSTO'" "God cau.ed
The unlan of man and woman impl iu a .clll.n drow.,nUI.o (amo upon Adom; ,he teX, oar',
.alhei.a.igin(EP"R1!M).hallolymboliuo "andhe.lepl:l, ,,·.. n·toimpl,drawJl nu.,n .. t
.h.,pim.. aJmarriageafh uma nbeinglwith came ..
•h.,hllrch (AuGUST,,,m) and,hoi.lln,an w ieh wiscandlkillfulcrea,o-rofou, n .. ture,u •
Ch .... (AN.."'..). Ha"'...... th.y mill< be obo .."a •• moveaneofAdam·l ribJ,.lul.h.
Int •• p,...duaninvita.ion.ach.,tltyand up"".ncc callH Adorn .. fru,,·ud 10 be b.adl)'
celib.,)· {A.......oHAT).1ne ch .. "h ... h. di'poud.o ... ard do. cruture formed from h..
mat he. af ,h. n~ ... hUmanll),. u Eve ... u of rib and throullh m.mOl'}·ofthe pa.nbeara
.h. aid (QIIODVULTDIi ... ). Bcfa.., 11n man and grudg.oga,n., Ihi.being .. " . forma"on. God
wamanwe.cnak.d andn,,, "ham.d.becaulc induc<dinnimlhi.kindof.lccp.Godcau•• d
,he)' wc.e clathed with glo'r (Ep...... N). n.i. • drowlinell 10 come u!",nhim andbidh,mbe
.u .. ala.gan,cauldna,affend.becau.ether weigheddownulhoughbJ'lotneh.a"Y
wc,cno ••"rr.dbyconcllpiacen,du,,. .... igh,.Ho .. ,u uo,;Gn .. u's's.;.'
(AlIGuST' NI).Wca..,b"p"ud ,uked,nord.,
la •• m1nd ". of Our form •• n.k.dn.u in p..... F"o"" AO.oN·' R, •. 55""".0'; orG ..... L.o
d,n. wh.n wc wc.., naked and nOI uhamed Did Adam nal suffer pain! D.d h. no: up"'"
(CHlO'lOnDNj. .n.. ogonyfAlingl.hai ri 'pluck.dfrom,he
In ...... ion man and woman were nwd .. nd bod)' and wC fed pain. Enn ifone "dccplr
001 uhamed. They we,.., nOI weighed down br aol.. p, he wiJ].,...k. from thep.,n, He ••.
bodilrnccd.uth.ydcavedto...:hothe. haw.~ ••• manrhai .. arepl .. ckedou •. e":n a
(C....VSOSTON ).The relarion of man and woman dblarnau"and,heolccp.. do.. no,awoke!
'npa.aci,.. uanticipaultyoftn....urrcaion..: Goddidnol..,movothe.ihvlOlend)·.wh"h
the fa .. hNl (GIJlGOIO' Of Nns..j. Ai' doe fall would ..... kenAd.m. H.d,d no. ",.encb il
cameal,.nanon(DoIlOTliIiUlo,G.oU ). all'. In.. cad SC.ip...... d•• lflng.a , ......1.".
'1 .. ickne ... ofGod " tcchnique.up"h.took ~

O. J~"uJ AL.": Of wham In Ine 1H:~'nn'nj: "'as

Ev. be1o"en; Wnl< mo';•• , ca ncc,ved ne,. 'NP"-'J' :"40. 'PGS"'»'FC7~,'" 'I"G_I.c.
T H. S b Now BONBO. M, BONB. EPHlI .. .ionof th~hum .. nltockh .. elim,nued,h.
THBS'.. ' .. N:"Thil now"-l h... il.lheon. pouibil,ry <h .. , m.. ny dllJ"'ntn UN' " .hould
wha h... com. 10 me .. f,e. ,h~ an'maJ. _is na, .rioc.H.»id,-ul",mak.h,m .. h.lptr lik(
l uchuthcy;thcycamefromth.carth,but h,mn lf:W.unde .... nd,h.,' o me.n a
I h.i. "bon.of mybon.and Au hof myAuh: h.lp.. in.h.gen ...... ionof.heh uman f.m.
Adam ... idthi •• itherinapropheticway or,u ilY_1 really good h.clp.... 1f wc u.k •• h. word
nOledabow. ,according,oh ...isianln.l... p. JxJp ... 'n.good...,n..,.th.n.h·.co·
Andj u,,",on thi. daj" .. n .he .. nimllo optr.,ion ru.n,ou, '" be lomtth ing of m"Jo,
r.c.h,.d from Adam.htir nam ..... ccordinglo import in.h'p,ocell ofge nera,ion. juJlu ,h..
Ihcirk,nd ........ l.... th.bon ... m.. d .. 'n.o .. ca"h by recci",ng. (onfinlng and f.,.ICring lh.
wnm"n. he ulLd n", by h.. , proper name. .....dca"'.. 't.agro.·.ndprotiuufrullln
Ewc.butb)· lhcnam.of wom .. n .• h.n .. m. Ilm •. ln.h urupcCl, .h",do re, ... am.. n " ..
bcl onging.o .h. whol.kind.Co.... fiNT.... IES good he!peruen.ho" gh in. pO$;.ion oflt llcr
ONG ~ NfiS'S ~"l.~.· JI,engrh. W,find.nmpltl Of,h,s in our awn
.:tp<'''.n~e.W'''t howpcoplelnh'lhand
TH ~ Wo ....... b M .. N·' HUPfi ... AUGU i' ,mpon.n,officu often .. nlt".h. hdpofpeo.
TI .. B:Scr>p'ur..... y•• ha,.h ....aman"· ... pi, who arc bdow .h.m in r. n ~ and ,, 'eem.
m.d .... man·lhclptr .a d.. ,by.piri' ... al P...... OISlI 0.4 8 .'
'pro nl!, .ha.IO" h'goodworuofd,,"ln. A H . LPB .. po .. S .......,GC.. ,U' ... "'.
pr.i.."whil. he rule. and , he obey •. He 11 AUGu. TJN.:Now,uppo •• th. ",omanwu
ruled b,. wi.dom: sh ... b)' .h~ man. For Chri.. no,mad.farthcman'ob . hi ,h dpc,m
lI .h.. h..dof.he m.n, .. ndth.m .. n, • •ht btg.",ngchildr.n.tittnho.. wouldsnc be
hud " f th ....."m.. n. ' Two 8001<5 0'" Ihl. ,ohdph ,ml lt ..ouldh .. rdI)· bt.b,u...
G!J<ES,sAa,,'NSTT HBM"J< lcH .. aANs lhat , h, "'aul dbc m.. d. '0 ,iU ,h . .. " hw"h
him , for.h.r .. "'.. , no, yet u), !..oor r.'1ui r.d
'0 m .. ke h•• h.lp n.ccllarr. In Inr c. ... if
THB \1.'0 ....... b C ..... T.D PO .. 8 ..... , .. G .here_.t.ny ... ch n•• d.1 m.. l. he!ptr would
C H'LD ....... A ..... on: No, ",i,hou , "snifi. be be"... and th .... l.d b•• a,dof.h.
,"nc~. ''''', i• •h~ f.ct .ha, ",,,man " ·U m.. d.. comfo.tofano.her' pruenceifA ....
ootofth.rib"fAdam.Sh....aono.mad.of pe.hapl wcaryoflOli •.,d• . Hawmucnmort
.he nm. urth wi.h which h. wu formed, in agrecablyco .. ldrwomalef... nd.s. rarh.,.,nan,_migh,ruliu.ha, I m.nand awam.. n. enJo)'co mJ"'n,,,n.h,p
na,ur. ofbo.h man an d woman •• J and conve .... ';on in. lift , har.d .og~.h.r.
and.ha •• hue,,·.. onelo... «for,h'propaga· And if.he)" had '0 m.k .... n ..... in
tlonofth.hum .. nn<c.For,h ..,r.uon.nei· ,helt commonlif.. (ommand.ndth.
,h.. e"·... m.. nctn, ..d,og.. htrwi , h .. .. n, otb ••• oaber ino. d.,.omlke . urelh.,
nOr "'''r'' 'wo m.n and tWO wOmcn ,ru.ed a. oppo. inr will. woul<!no:d " rup:.n.pta:t' 0:'
,,,,beg,nn,nl!.bu, fi ... I man andlfter,hl.a
wom .. n.God wil1ed ".h .. , human na.ure b.
n,abl..hd .. on •. Thul fr"'" .h.. ~.ry ,nc.p. ~'H(!s' ',Got,u.. ~M,II I. ' F: 4lol:-

,hehouJehold"h.rew"uldhavebcenprop.r h.r '" Adam, wh" w.s b"th "ne .nd 'wo. H •
.. nk ,,,auuuthi••• inccone wo uldb.crutcd ",a, on" in ,h.. he ",a, Adam •• n d he "'•• ' wo
f!nt and ,h. othcr.ccond,and thi$ would be Mc.u.. h.h"dbunn ....d m.l •• nd
further rdnforad if ,he «cond were made f.m.le.'· CO ..M." . . .
Il. o~· GaNuls ~.,~. "
from ,he fint.aJ wa. ,h. ca.e with ,h.
w"m.n.Surelr noon.will.ayth.,God ,.... GO"PRonU CHSI ... THB F'Rn M .. NT H•
• bl •• o ,he.ib of,he man only 0 EC5T .. U o~ OR II ..M. TU TUlU .. ,,: W. h"ld
woman and no, al.oam.n ifhehad wi.hed to the."ul,,,b.p..enniallyactivebecau •• o(i,,
do so. C"nsequ.nrl)·. 1 do in wh .. con,inualmovement.whichi ••• ignb"th,,(
.enn th< woman wao made a•• helper for th. itodivinitya"di";mm",,alilj"So. then,
man ifno,fot ,he,akeofbcuing children wh.n .e$l cornu-re... ,h .. 'peci.] c"mfo«
O ... TMEL'TO .... "I ... TB"p"BT ... T'o~·opGs"E· oflx>di .. _,he.oul di.darn ••" idl.n .... h.,
SIS 9.S.~. · is alien ,,,i,,natur.and,d.prrvedof,h.fac·
ul'ieo of ,he b"d)·. makes u.e of iu own. Thi.
TH ~ A"".... L~ NOT ABU TO HELP MA" U pow.r w. call ...... y. Thi. occurs ""he" w.
THH WOM ...... EpHllllMTH~SYIl'A": l a••;v.d "f,h.... iv;')· "f,h...n •••
the p.radi ••• the wOman was verr diHgenr:.h. L.cking.en."rr inpu"he."ulref1ec..
,,·.. also a".nt;ve to Ih • • h•• p and attl., the condi,ion,,,kinroddirium." Thus,in,h.
h.,d,.nddrov.sth .. w.reinth.field •. Sh" b.ginning •• l .. p .... ...d.dbyec,,·'r· a•
would.l,ohdp,hem.n wi,h the buildings . w. rud:"God .. or an ec"",y upon Adarn ,
pens .• ndw;,h.nyo,htr,ask,h ...hewa, • nd h•• lep,:Sleepb.ough,res, '0 ,h.b"dr
"ap.hlc ofdoin£.Th•• nimal •. even ,hough bu,ecsr"yc.mooo" the."ul andprev." .. d
,h.)" wcr •• ub •• tl·ient. w• ..., nor abl. 10 h.lp it from resring .• nd from tha"ime.hi .
h,mwithth ••• thing •. For,hi .....onGod cornbin.,ionconsrifu... ,h.n.rurai.nd
m.d. for the man I helper who would b. ,On· ""tm.l form "r,h. d ..arn. 0" THE SOU"
amed for every.hing for which G"d hims.lf 45. 1.;. "
",,,uldb.conarned.She w,,uldind •• dhelp
h,m in man)" ,hings. COMMB"T ... IlY ON GBN.· TR I F'R n M A,,' P"snsnD THII POW U. OF
5'5'.".' P IlOPHHCT .. CUMB ... TOf ALIXA"OIlI ...
Am" ngrheH.bre,...rh.propheU'p"kebr
A ,,..M DRUM S" W HEN WOM ... N W ... S CR. ' ,h.p"w", ond in'piu,i"" "fGod. Ber",. Ih<
..THO .EpHIlEM THE Sn, ... ,,:Tha,m.n, law Iher. was Adom, wh" u.ed a power ,,(
• ,,·ake,.noinredwi,h'plendor.andwhodid p'''phecy"v.rlhewom."and"nrthen.m .
n"'yerkno", . l'.p.fellonlh ••••,hnak.d ins"f.nimab;N"ah,pr •• chingup<ntanc.:
and,l.p,.hi,likelj·,h.. Adam",,·inhi.
d ... mwh.t\\,•• don."'hima'ifh.w • ...,
."·.ke.Af,,,, Adam'. rib h.d been raken"u, ,n
tn e ,wlnkilOg": an eye,G"dd" ..dup,he
f,e.hrn" ' plac<rnrheblink",h
Th = hr~h"n<,,,ok,,nrh~f,,ll"pp.aranc<and
all tn ' ''e.utr ", . ",Om'n. God then brought
Ahrah.m,!sucandJacoboA'or'ngadurfon. Ilup;n&man.lba'hadnol. .. . purpo.. ,han •
• hadowingofa la'lc numb<: r of evenll future ,o.ymboliu prophuic.Il)· thrunion of
orimmincn •. ST.oM ..Ta ls I.IJS.J." Chrill.nd h ilchu r ch.Adlm·. Il •• p"''' ,
myotic.1 fDruhadowing ofChrin·. duth, and
AD..... UN O...T..... D); . .. H " Ec' T.. n wh.nhi. deadboclyhangingfromth.crou
W .. ...T \5 TO COM); . AUGU STIN E: H.nce we w.. p;ctc~dby th.lan't,it ..."'ffombi'"id.
'''jU5dfi.dinconcludin&.hat,hcultuyin 'hllthU.i" u.dfonbthl'blood.nd ......,
whICh Aclam wu caught up when God cas, Ihat. a. we kn""".ignifie. , by
him ;n,o a , l •• p ,,·.. giv.n 10 him 10 ,h., hi, which ,h. church i. buil,up.- Built" i. the
mindm,hll ..... mij!h'panicipa,.wi.hth. v...... word,h. SUlp'U .. uoe' ,n co nn.«ion
hOllofangcband ,.n •• .,n&.n,o.hc.anelua ry wi,hE •• :· H.buil"h •• ibin.o" .•
"fGod, u"d.n,.nd what ..... finallr 10 <Om'. So ,00 St. P. ul Ip •• k. of· bu ild inll up.h.
\.Vh.nh. .... olt.,h . ...·.. likcon.fin.dwith bodyofChri..:" ... hichl. h "church. Th ....
th.'pln,ofprDph.C)·.and ... inghl, wi~ fur. wOman i.u mu.h th"nutlon ofGod ..
brou&h,bcfDr.him.hc,mmedia·c!rope ncd man ... If .h.... o. mad. from .he mIn . •hi.
hi . mou.h.ndprocl .. im.d, y w.. to. howhuDn.n .... withhim:.ndif,h.
,ha'S,. Paul" 'caches:-Thi. no'"11 bon.of ...... m.d.inth ...... yah.wu.lhi.w...op...
mrbon... ndfl •• hofmrflClh;.h •• hallbc figure th.onen . .. ofChrilt and thr churCh.
call.dwoman.bccau.c.hch • • bccn •• k.nou, C'TYO.G ODU.'7."
of m.n. And for ,h.. reason I lOIn lhalllu«
h"f.. h.r.ndhumo,hc.and.halldcav •• o T .. I C .... no .. o. TH5 Wo .. .." S n' .OL'
hi . wif.;.nd ,h. y lhall be ,h. two in On. '''' .. TH.C .....T IONO. TH .C HU .. CH.J . ..
flesh:Th ••• were the word. of ,h. fint m.n o .. I :-God ,ooi:. rib from the side DfAclam
Iccord,ng.o.h •••.,imDnrofScrip,ure, bu,in iUld m.d. i. in,o I womiUl." Hen: SCTipturc
th.GDl pclou,Lo,ddeclar.d ,ha.God . pok. •• dif",~.'f (·huih-). Th.conccptofbuildi ng
th.m. For h. u.y,,- Havc you no. r.aci .hath. of agrea,
,,·ho m.d. th.m from the bcg,nnin&mId. houoc; _ qumdyAdam·l .ibf.. hlon.din."
th.m mal •• ndfcml l• • nd·For.h i. ru. a wom.n , ignifiu, hy apol tolicauthori,),,"
",n. mlnlhallluvc hi.f"h.r.ndmoth.. Chrilt :oru:lth. church, andthat is ... hySCrip·
.nd.h.nclu.'lohi. wi~, .ndlh.y.h:ollbc tur ...idhc fonncd (..dijit... u) a woman from
'wo in on. fluh··!'·From thi . ..... hould th. rib. W.h.v. hcardahou,th.firltAd.m,l.r
und.r... nd . • .... h.. bcuu •• of,h. uo com. no'" IDthe _ond Adam and ... now
u" .. y .ha,Ad.mhaci jlU,"mad· (...!!fi,·,·dfrom h...iae.
" · •• o .. Y'h ,, • •• prDph.,und.rdivin. Th •• id. Dfth. LordS,vloruh. hunllon th .
guid. ncc.ONT .. . LIT . .... L I"T .....T.. no N crouilpi.rccdwitbalancc. andfrom i• •hcrc
OFG,"ESI59·19·)6." cDm.. fortb blood and ...·.,••. w.... J.:l you
kno ... how the church " buil< up f,om ..... er
T u ! ' .... 0 .... '" b O"m W .TH T H E M .. " ... s
C H al5T 150... W'THT H I C H u a CH.

AUGUST.NE: Enn ,n the bcg,nnlOt:. wh.n '"Fe"" ,", "'a.r.po 1:)1.J~ ~M' I'"'. ~A~'
wDm anw .. m .d.from . ribin,h. 'id.Df.h~ 42:9$ "'C1¥",,: '"FC_..s. "o".BpI>I'I~.
andbloodIFir$(,throughthebapcilmofwa't., rohil wif•. and rhey wi!l be two in one,"
l;ru2r.forgi~cn;thcn,th.bloodofmarry" Thi$iowh"gener ..!h.human
crown"h •• difice, HOMILtHS 66." race. There is no orher war roview iu plain.
hi .. orical.ens •. Bu, mnre 10. ,hi. i. all proph.
TH! C HU .. CH AS MOTHU. OP THII NIIW e9', and th."po$lle remind. u. of ,hi. whcn
H U M"' N T Ty.QUOO~ULTOIIU5:Tht.poIIl. he sayo, - Fnr ,hi. reuon a man will leav" hi.
P.ul,."ificsch31 chi. passage hu bo,h a father and mo,herand he will dins '0 hi.
plain and an alJegorical meaning. Oiscuuing wife, and they will .... 'wo in one fle.h. Thi. is
i,inhi.I.... r,o,h.Eph.ian •. he ..,Hr., • grear my"er)'; I mean in and in th.
"Thi. i.agrea,mY"·fj··bu,I'peakconce rn . church."" Two BOOKS ON GENESIS A""'''ST
ing Chrisr and rh. church."" Thtgrea, my.· TH.M"N'CHAI"'''S~·'l·'9, ''
ICT)'is ,h31 Adam hop.s afrer receiving ,h.
p,omi ••. H •••• s,hac,h •• pou.. inwhomh. T,, " BoNIAN n F LU HO fT HII C HUI< CII.
bc1i.~td i. now united '0 him.« he AMBROSE: IfcheunionofAdamand Ev. i• •
Iymbolicall)" annou nc.. '0 u' ,h •• rhrough great my.tcrrin Christ and in the church. it i.
f.i,h ,h. church will .... ,h. mo,h.rofhum .. n· certain !n..! as Ev.w.. bon. of rh. bone. of
kind.lti.uidtn"ha'$inctE~ehadbeen hcrhusbandandfleshnfhi.fluh.we also ....
crea,.d from ,he $ide of the al"ping Adom. mcmb ... ofChri .. ·.bnd)·.bone.ofhisbon..
heh .. fo,.,een,ha,f,omrhe.ideofChr;st andfl".h of hi. fl .. b. LHTSRS ToLHMEh'
hongingonrhecross.hechurch,whichi<in 8S·'"
truth.he mothe, ofche whole n.w human·
kind, musr be creottd, lnfact.h.churchi l CL U V"" GToGb" .. " ,, CLUV ING TO THE
".he womar. wno i. guard.d fo. a ,imt, and W ORLn. A~H""HAT: From ,h. law w' hear';:
,im ••. andhalf.,im.,from.hefaCtofthe "Thereforeamanl.ave.hisfatnerandhi.
serpent."" Boo~ OF P"OM ISES AND PkRDIC' mo,hcrandclu"es,ohiswife.andrheywili
T'O,",SOF GOI) 1.3." becom. on. fluh:This i•• gre., .. nd.ublim.
prophecy.Whoactuallyle .. ~ .. ni.fa,h.rand
2 :24 Bu om;"gO" . F1 .. h moth .. when he !ak.... wife, Thi. is ,h.
m.oningoflhe words: man in hi. original COn
M....... " I) WOM.. " U"'Tti AGA ' ''. EPHREM d;'ion lovcdandworshipedGod,hisfathe,
THE STRIAN: Then Adorn said:L.. ,h. man and.h. Holr Spiri., hi. mo,her. H. did not,h.,.nddins,o ha~ean)'o'hrlov •. lnorder<o, .. ke."';f• .
hi , wife.orha"heymigh,bejoi11.dand,he man lcav.. his moth .... nd farher, ,no.e wnolt"."withou,divil;onas lmtntion.dabo~".Hi.mindi s !herebr
th.y w..e from rhe beginning. COMMti"TAU div.rted br,hi. world. Hi. soul and mind are
ONGBNESIS~, lJ.J, " dri~en aw .. y from God and drawn in,o this

U N,o"o~MAl<AND '"tOM "' h'S "M "OL':tn

CH.. ,s •• AuGuS"NE:Sc"p,ureuid,"Am .. n
willl",'ef.. ncrandmother'''ndhe,,'iUclin~
world that he ,doru ,nd 10~eJ"u a man Iov.. withwhichth.yw.recloth.d. l,wuwh.n
th.wif.ofhi.youth:" n.lovefOJrthi, wifc ,hi'glo, y walllrippcdf,om th.m.ft"lhey
i.difl'... n, from th. lov. for Ih.falh.r,nd h"dt.. rug .....dth.commandm.nlthatth·r
the mo,hcr. Sc:riptur•• dd.s. "Th.ywill w~ .... ham.dbce.u •• ,h.yw... nlkcd.

bc.omcon.nuh."lti",uoorn.rn.n CO .... I .. T ....YO .. G .... UtSl.14.~ •.,

makcon.nuhandl-OuJwithth.,.wif••• nd
th."m;ndand,hOJughn • ...,dr' THI I. S." II"' ~ O. GMU COII1" NOT
,heir f.. h.r and mOlh.r. l o tholC who ncy.r 0 . , .... 11. AUGUITlI'.:
{Man and woman}
,.kc.wifc.nd",)·,nglc .,....,.w.... ofcouru. of ch." n.k.dn ...... bu,
' p"" and m,ndw"h,h."fath.r.D ... o .. · they f<lc nll.ham •• beclulc no d• • " • .,ir..d
n ....T'o .. sII. ' o. ".'" ,heir or,.n. in
dccillon. Th. um. had no, Y'" com. wit.n ch •
A M..... S"All CLlI ...,·. TO H" W, ••. C.. u. •• bcHionofrh.fI"hwal, wi.nUl and
SO$To.. ,Wh.... ,.lIm •• didlh.lClhing. rcpro;ochtoth • ...,bcllionofman.g.,rulh..
(om. f,om for IIIm 10 ""cr' From wh., I-OU«. Makcr. C , TY o,Goo , •.".",nknowl.dg.offu,ur •• vcnn.nd
,h. f ... ,hat ,h. ru. ofhum.n b•.,ngo oho,,1d WH Y C".,STI..... , A., B .... T' ""," N ... ".".
g......· ,n,ol'·u'numbc,,\Vh.ncc•• ft.r.l1. C ...UOliTO .. : An...trlpping YOII of your
didh •• om. '0 know th., ,h..e wo"ldbc robe •• h.pric.,himIClflud.syoudowninto
,n," ... belw•• n man and woman, I . th.nowtng"·atcrl. Ru,,,,hynak.d'H.
,h.con. umm.,ionoflha"n,.rcouru ..m'nd. yo .. ofyourformcrnakcdn....... h.n
"".urr.daf,.rlhcf.lI:uplillthlflirnc,hcy YOllw... ,nparadi•• andyouw.rcno,
wtreltvinglik.angcl.o,npuad, .. and l-O w,,, .. h.m.d. For Holy Wm "Y'."Adam and Ev.
nOt b... nmg w"h dui ••• nO'Ulluhcd by ",.renakcd.ndwe.. no, .. hlmed:un,iI,h.y
olh.rp.nion •. no, . ubj ..,toth c n•• d.of look up ,heg.rm.nlof"n .• garmcn,huvy
nlfu ..;'ywc..., wi,h.b"ndantlh'm •. B... 'TIS", ... lll'STIUC-
incorrup,ibl. Ind immonal..nd on that Tlo ... II.18."
aecoun,.,.nyr ... lh.yhadnon.cdlowcar
do,hu. ... So from what l-O.trcc.lell m•• did N ... ..:." I UT NOT As ........ D. C .. "YS05TO.. :
,h ..eti,ing.comtfo,lltm,o .. " ..,Surelyi'" "Thcy w ... bolhnaked: ch ...x, uy •.
obv;, dilObedi."".hch.d a remember, "and wc.. nOt ....
ohu.'npropn.ticgrac•• nd .... w.vcryth,ng whil.,in.nd disob.di.n<e had no: yet <om.
,hrough Ih •• y•• of ,h. Spirtl. HO"'LJlS ON on,h ....n •• ,h.y",,,.c!.dtnthuglo'r f• om
G'''UISIS'''''' .bov.which< B",aft ..
• h.b,..k,ngofth.I ...·.th.n.n'...d,h .... n.
2:25 Both Won N~hd ~lI d W••• Nor bo,h . nam.anda,,·..en.u.of thdrnakcd-
A,b~"ItI:I n .... HO"'LII5 Or< G ....s ,s 1;., • •"

M ... ", ... ",,,\VO ..... NW ..,.CLOT II.,O"· ,Tt<

GLO'TR. . o.~S I .... E'' ' ' IMT .. tSy.r ...... : "PS I 1._::' MP:;;5I:I2I:R;:'oI.2C1H. "Fe
n.,.~ .. no: uh.m.d beeau •• of Ih. Fl",~'
",'06. ''Fe ,.,)1'9. ~ACW)!MC. ~ II.:!): FC lOJOl
RUII ••• CTIO,," RU Toa .. P....... Dl SR LosT. dioe.inpraycrandcon,empl • .,on,nlhem,dJt
GUCOU or Nu",: The <nuc""ct;on · ofhono •• n<lgl ....}'.hcalrhyin h i• • mouolU
,.,..u.nothlngclsclhanlherutoral;onofthe andnnnJM'cc.p,ion$.lndpe.fectil'lh,.
fallen tothd< ancIent na,e; fo< d,e grace W<: na'urc .. h ......,hclik.Muof
lookforLlaceru;n re,u rn,olhefintlik God did God make man. Iha,,.. immonal.
h<lnglnghack again 1o paradisc thole who having,hcpowec,oac.f""e1randado'l'Ic<l
we.eClltOU' from". If then thelifeofthooe ..,i,h III .h. virtue •. \\'hen hedltobeyed ,h~
.eJlo<e<li.doKlyrclate<l,othatof,heange1 •. commandand ',eofthe"tcthaIGodcom·
;. i.dear,h., the life befor. ,h. "an.g.... ion m.ndedhim no. '0 Cl. of. hc "' •• thrown ou'
wllakin<loflngclklif••• ndh.ncell.oour ofp ••• • .,atci n acco.dwlth
.uu.nto,helndcn.conditionoflifei. com · h ..<elo ...... contr.'yton •• ure •• p<ey
pared ,o,he.ngcL •• O"TH ~C"uT lo"or '0 Oln. lo.mhiuon. too love of the pleaau.",
M~"t1. ",olhcothe.p.... ion .. andh e
... u m ..,e.ed by ,hcm.nd became. 01 • ..., '0
R .......... Do.OTH • .,J OF G .. 2;".: In ,he thcm,h,oughhi . ... n'grusion.S.,o.rTu,u
f><,glnnlng • ..,henGod crc.uedman.heK,him INST.UCT IOHSI."
In J>4Iradlse (as the d,vine hol), Scnplureuyt)
.dorncd..,ith every VI.tuc and him.
commln<lno, '0 ca. oflhc .. tc in thc middlc
of plndltc. Ad.m was provide<l for in p.n.


' No", t~ . " 11101 more lub!l. Ih"n "I'll other ",ild ,nOlwr, ,hol Ih c Low God h"d
m"d r. Ht I"id ,~Ih. lIIoman. "Did God '''y. 'Yo u I),,,n 1'101 1"1 of ony ITU of Ih . g"rdr~·'"·
' And lb. wOm"~ I"id I~ Ibt .rTpt~l. ·W. moy tot of Iht frwil of Ih t 1rt< 1 of Ih. garat~ ;·
IbwI God I"id. " row Ihall ~Ol tal of Iht fruil of Iht Irt< which i, in Ih. mid" of Ih. ,,,rdcn:
~ Iilhrr Ih~1I yow louch il. I'll you dit.' "'Bwl Iht lup.nllaid 10 Ibt woman. "}'ou will Hot
di •. IFor God h01ll1 Ih", w"'nyow "" oJil yowr ,ycl ",ill bt oprntd. and yow ",i/l bt Iik ~
God.l:no,,'i~g f ood "nd "'i!." ' 50 IIIhtn Ih. lIIom"n IO W' Iba I Ib! Irc~ " '<11 good fo r Jooi on d
lbolll w"'" drllghllo Ih t tyel. IInd Ih"ll~t Irll 111111 10 b. d.lI1td 10 m"h Ont W"t Ih t
'ook of IIlfruII and Olt; and Ih . 0110 go~t lomt 10 htr hUlb"nd, "nd in "".
O"....."IB...' Thele'pen, ..... more dever Ihan lakenby"omef.,he .. ,oMlnul u'puionof
IhcOlhc,Malllb".wunOlrliHd,otheleve! hiIMadship(EPHUM).
ofhuman ... ttORality {E,HUIot). 8do...... r.U
,h. Hr!"'n. WIJ on in.ima.. ,erm, with man
(jO H.. OFO......S<;l,Js).Th.le'!"'n... ..d
WU winsome and abl. ,0 ,omm"nic". wi,h T... C...." .... US Of TRI Slll,. .. T W.u
.... dam and Eyc. and h.nce MUm •• ,001 of L ' .. 'T.D.E.H ..... THISY .. ' .. N:Alrhough
d.ception uHd by ,he d.vil (CH"Ysosro ...
EpHUI .. ). who ..... cnv 'oulof .... damandE".·1
Ipccial rol.'np.radil. ( .........ns.).8yq.... ·
:~::~~;':'a:~:~:~:S~~:::;. :~~ : : :
govcrncdby .... da"'. I.i.onotlru.thatbcca.....
"on,ng Ey. Ih. H'pcn, u.ceruin.d .... my.'
~e·v::'::.·,::'!:7:!;~~a~:~;I:.;:'~a:: ~:. l
...,. of.h. I .... {EPHllDt).Th. d.vil . pok.
fir •• '" t he wOman .part from the man . who
h.d rec.ived dir.ctly God .h. command
no, '0 Ut of .h. "CC (A... _ .). Th. le.pcn.
w" only mOre craftyrh.n the animau th..
.uh•• d.h ... Godh:odfo..,.... rn.d .... dam.nd had nom,nd. For tt 11 clca. tha, th ••erpcnt.
E"eabout u .nlooking l •• hetTccino.d .. which did no, hav. th. mind o(man. did nOI
,h ••• •• •• dby;uMau,y poll." ,h~ wi.dom of ",ankind..... dam ""'.
( EPHUM). The u,!",n, Iymboli%u piu... .., all og.utc.lhanth.urpcntby lhcw.ym
( ....... _ I). h.ll<>lignifiulh.d.vil (Aooul· w.. fo.m.d.byht.ooul.brhi.mind.byhi.
T''''). glorrandbrh Th... forci.i • .,viden.
Th. worw of th. Jc'pcn •. "You Ih.Jl M • • Ih., incunn ing.l.oAdam .... ,nfinit~ly
llodJ:dcmon."... th.'p"d ....,nnin~ gn... r,h.nth.krpcn'.CO ....... NT.... Ol<
of ( .... OOUIT'NX). H .. we.., h.rm.d G"'U152. IS·,· t
b)' ,h.itown d ..iT. {EpH.... j.Theyhld.l.
rudybcgun in a prclimina,y "'")' IOleek .. ,· WH1' THi S' .. PI NT WU.ToOL.O ..
i.foction,nlh.mulvc.wh.n,hcy_re O lelPTloN. SI"I"'''': o. G ..... L.. : Do no,
.. mpt.dbrth...Tpcn •. lnpuadi.... bclhon Ih,nkofth •• n.kcth...·lj· h.curr.ndy ...
bt:ganinth •• oulwithlh.breakingofth. Ilncc w. now run from him and aredi.g"'ICd
commandment. The whole p...on commi n .d bj·him.It ..·.. not'ni . "'ayin,hcb.ginning;
thc Jin (.... UGUST' ... j . .... dam and Ev. did no: ,hc.nak...·.. . fri.ndofhumanllr· ev• n •h•
prckr\'c,em!"'Tanc.b.. tvol .. nt.l.i1rl<cof,bc clonllof.e..... n... 'Wha:,lh.n, mad. h,m our
frull ( ........ on). Tht E.. charist i. tbt •• m.d,.! The d.tlarattonofGod:"'·ou are more
· s·in",h'po'Jon ,b.,.uin.dhum.nnl<urc cUTlcd ,b.n.1l ,he catd •• and mOre than cv •• j'
wh.n Ev •• nd .... d.m a.. of,hc fruit (G ..y wild an imal. I wiU plac. hOlli li tr be, you
OF Nyss .. ). S,nc~ Adam and Ey. f.lIthroullh .n.d Ih. wom.n:' Thil ho.,ihty ci..,roycd ,he
prod • • th ... po..... <), would bc requtrcd 10 fro.ndlhip.I'.j··frlCnwb'p,·b.. tl dono:
r.. u.n'oGodlhroughhumilitr {...... GlIsn .. a). mcan.n'n .. n." ... I •.,."onlb ,p." ..... ao
Mary •• p•••• n ....~condEv •• wh ofrn.
humonktnd from Ih~ .tn of ,he firs: EY~ (lu·
.... n 's). Th., En dioobevcd before Adam ..
in ... ad onewhi.hmindlc •• crcaturc,uc th.'1UUlion in hi. mind and spe.,d, wa.givon
capableof having.Thc.nakcu.edtol.. ve ro i"orSatan$OughtttomGod,hat'pe«hk
Ituman<intlteumcwaytltedogdisplac.. g;vcn to ,h •• erpent for •• horl tim e. C" .. ·
fri.nd.hi p- not with word but by body lan· ... HNT ... RYO"GHNES,S •. 16.,.'
guag•. Sinui.wuacrcaturewhoheldsuclt
grca,dos.nes • •ohumanit)".• ltcsnaktwasa
convenienl 1001 fot ,ht devil..
So the d evil Ipokt througlt ,he snakt in Th .... pent could nol
ord.. '0 deceive Adam. Plcuc hear me in lnvt .nrerporadi,e.
.nd do no,recdve my word. carel . .. l)". My for ncither a nimal
que.,ion is nO. cao)",o ,ake. Many ""nff," how
did,he.nakespuk,witltahuman', vo;ccnr ,,'a'permiued,o app.oach
w;tlt a , nake', hiss!"or"howdid Ev.under· th .o ut<rregionofparaoi,.,
"and him"Befor< the fall.Adam was filled and Adam had togoout
with wisdnm.di scetnm.nt andprophec)".. to m ... th.m;
Wlt.nth.devilno,ic.d,h •• nak.s intelli· 10 the '''penl cunningl)' l.arn ed,
genc •• ndAdam·s high opinion of it (Adam throughqu .oti oningEve, the snake vtry wi se), the devi! rh ocharaClerofpar.dise.
spoketh roughthe s nake .o that Adam would wh.,i,,,,aoandho,,,i,,,'as ord ...d.
Ihinkthatthe. nake , be;ngintclligent, ,.·u \Vh.n the accu"ed one loarned
abl. to imira..... nhumanspecch.O"TH. ho,," ,h. glorJ' of ,hat inner ubcrnacle
c ..... TtO" OF TH£WO .. Ll> 6.:.' a,if in aU nc,uary.
H owT HBSn."BNTW,.s ON I ... T' MATE and thal ,h. Tree of Knowl,"ge,
Tfi IlM swrT H M"'''.JOH ... OF O" ... "SCus clothodw ith .ninj unction,
Bcfo.. thefall,aillhingswe.. subject lothe •• rvcdutheveil
control of m.n. be<ous. God had m. de him for ,he san«u",)·.
ruler ovcr all the th ings On rh e.atth and in he ruliud rhat its fruit
rh. "'oter. And Ih. ' « " 'ason i",;m",. w u th.keyofj us,ice
lerm. with man. aunci",i ng with him mort th .. wouldopenthe cyc.of th ebold
th an all th e re" andconveuingagrctablywi.h andcaus.rhemgre .. remo"e. HVM ... SON
him. For Ihat rtO$On i' WaS ,h,ough.hi , rela. PA ..... O' SBJ.4·S·
<>on rhar ,he devil. who i. th •• ource of evil ,
made ,hat mO" evil. uggesrion '0 ou,first TO Loo", U""NT " B T" H~.

paren".O~TH"POX FAlTH •. 10.' EpHREMTH ESvo.,,, ... ,Th.,,,mprer ,h en

turntdi"mind,othecommandmon, of th e
Ho,,' THB Su,nNT C" ...... UN ' eATit> W'TH One wh o h.d .tt down ,he commandmen,
M"". EPHRBM TH~SUI ... ",A.forth•• er- Ada m a nd Eve we" comman".d no, onl,. ' 0
p.n' ·" peech, e;,h er Ad.m uno orst""d ,he
.erp.nt'. OWn mod. of co mmuniUlion, 0'
Sa .. nsp<>k.lh , ough;,.o,th""penlpo.ed

not cat ,h. " ••,but.h.y were not even ~umVtn' Adam by mcans of the "'oman. He
todr.wncartoit.Th.... p.n"h.nrcaliz.d did no, aCCO" ,hm.n who h.d in his prel'
,hat God had forewarned them about.v.n tnce received the he.venly command. He
looking at i,l ... thty •• nttappedby in .cco.. td her who h.d learnedofir from her
bcautr.Wi ,h ,hi. in mind.,he .. rpent en,iced husbandandwhoh.dnotreceivedfromGnd
Ev. to look upon it. C O .... ENT .. U ON GBNf.· thecomm.ndwhichwasrobeobs.rved.
SIS :.~O.,. ' Th$[atemen,du,God spoketoth.
woman. We know th., he spoke .0 Adam.
THE OBVIL'S ENV y.A .. BROSE: Th. cauoe of H.nce w. mult conclude ,hat the command
.nvy .... a•• h.h.ppin ••• ofm.nplacedinpu • . was communicat.d through Adom to the
d,.., baau •• ,ht d.vil could not brook the wom. n.hRADISHI:. "

favou ..ceiv.d by m.n. Hi •• nvy",.sa roused
because man, though fo.rned in sltm •. was T Hll SI RUNTSlGNlF. B5T HBOllVSl.. .(
cho.entob<:aninhabiuntofparadise.Th. AUGUSTINE: Th •• erpent signifies th. d.vil.

:~:d~::t:~r~~i:~ ~:,.::~l~~ ~i::i:::r:" ~••,'

d.vilb<:g.n to.dlec, ,hat m.n w.. an in ferior
creature ye, had hop<s of an et.rn.l life.
where.. h•.• creature of.uperior nature,h.d ... iserth.nollth.beall •. The •• rpentwas not i.
fall.n.ndh.d .... com.partoflhi. mundane uid '0 b. In p...dise. though Ihe'''p.n,w;u
existence. P.. un'n u.· amongth .....a.u ,h .. God m.d•. Fotp.ra·
dise.ignifi.. ,h. happr life. from which th •
TH.S .... PBNTu .. STO.~OLO.PLHASu .. lI. • """nlw•• obsent .•in«i, ,,· ••• Ire.dr,h.
AMBRou:Since.verycrearurei •• ubject,o dcviI.H~hadf.lIenftomhi . bea,itude

pu.ion. lu., stole into man·s.ff.crion with bec.u.~h.didnot"'l',n ,h. "It,h. And ....
th."e.lth of .... p.n'.Mo.....·•• qui .. right mustnotb.confusedas.ohowth • •upen,
inrepre.. nringpleasureinthlikene.. ofa could.peaktoth.woman, wh.n.h.wasi n
•• rpen<.Plca.urei.pron.oniuhellylik • • par.dis •• ndit,,· .. no •. Ti, ... rpententered
• erpenl.nolwolkingonf• .,orr.isedonl.g•. •hoparodi.. spiti.ualll'.ndnotbodil)·.a. th •
ltglide •• long .•· •• uggtsts:"rouwer.livingb),th.prin·
folded curv •• ofiu whol. bodJ". Earth i.... cipl ••,ng,h.rul .. who
food. a. il i. the ... pent"., for i, corn · domin .... th. •• piri,who i ... work 10
prehen.ion of h.avenlj· f<>Od. It feed. on those who reb.L olI Two 800"SON G."ESIS
'hmg.of.h~bodj'.andi'i .ch.n~edintom.n)" AG"'''STTH~M''NICH''.''NS:.14.10 .''
.ort.ofpl... u. ... ndb.nd"oa
twi .. ingwreath... lrhasv~nOrnlni"f.ngs,
.nd .... i'h,hu ••]u ..·
.mbowe!ed,th.glultond••" T HfiDllv ,L 'SSTRATBGy.CH ..Y50STO .. :Do
spendthrift i.undone. L~TT~UTOB'S H OPS you ••• ho"· the devil led her~.p"ve . hondi ·
T HEDBvtL Too"A"'·""'T"GEOFT HB 'K9,,11. ·K 4!oJlJ.ll'f;:;)l'1l1 -};."'FC '~3Jl, "EpO
WOM .. N. AM"ROse: [Th. Devil ] aimed '0 cit· ~; "FCs<,'W.
cappcdhcrrcuoningandcauudhc,cOICC T I NPT.D IT TH.,. 0", .. D . ..... EPKUJoI
hcr 'hollghu on goals beyond hcr realcapabi] · THI SU, .. N: The words of ,he ,.mpter would
,'iu,onordcrd",.•• hcmigh,bepllficd IlP n OlhaY<:.allud l hosctwo ,obcttmp,~d,o

...,mcmp' •• holdonm • lin i{ ,heirn.ricchadno.becn$Ohelpn.l .o

• d,·.n,agelll.udt·u<ordcd hcr.Ho."u l.S .h~ .. mp .. r.Ev.nif<h • •cmp."rhadno.
O~· GIN nls I6.1I ." come,lhe"eeiuelf,byiubcallty...ollldhavc
<.uocd.hem .grca, ,,ruggl.dll~ Io.h"itava .
Pa ID I I. TIUlh'UNN ' NG o~ Au 5,,,. "<£. Their avltk • •hen "':I.S .h. rU$on .h.,
AUGUST INm, Suri,i l molt rruIY l" id .. .heyiollowed .hecounfCl o f lh~ _e'pe nt.Th.
· Prid<"lhchegin nin gof all . in;" fo.i,waI .Vlri.~ofAdam.ndEyc ... a'far m(l. e lnju".
rhi" ,n,huovc "h,ew ,h.devil.f,omwhom oll"o ,hem.hanm.counuloflhe.e 'J'<'n •.
orOK,hcoT1glnof.inandwho.,h ,ough.ub· CO..... NT .. IYO"GH"BS'S~.'6. "
,c'Iucn,c n..,·.ovCrlurncdlhcmanwhowaf
".nd, ng In thc rlgh,coulncu from which he T H, R .. . ~~lo .. B....... I .... THIl SoU1.-
h.df.U.n.Forthc ... pcn', • ...,king. "·.Y 1o AUGuIT ,,,t: ln p • .,,d,oc,rebclltoncen.,n1r
.n.. ,.durlyoolIgh'lhcdoorofp.>dc,whcn beg.n u'IheOOlll.Thcrebcg. nlheproceuof
h., · Yolllh.1I be u go,b:Tha,;' glvlngcon,.n"ob..aking,he .omm.namcn,.
",hrn l. ",,,,.. n,"Prid.i.,h.bcginningof.n Thi, 11 why the "'1'"nl £lid. 'YOII .h.1I be ..
Iln;" .nd"Th.beglnningof ,h<p.ideofman god,:BII"h ...hol.m.n<ommiu<d,h<l1n.
,, '0 f.U .w.y from Gnd:" 0" N~TUU ~"D h ..... ,h.n.ha'th.f1.. hwum.d •• lOflll
GUI; •• g.Jj. " f1 uh,who.. faulu collldb. huLcdo nlrbyth.
O ne who<.mein,h"liken... of.i nfulfluh.
AL. UDySU~'''GSAT'5f''CTlo",,,SlLr. AG .. tNST J UUANS·. ·,,·m
AU"llIT INI, Th.concluo;onio ,h .. the devil
would nOt h.vebeglln by anop<=n andobviouo T . .......... c. NOTOU ...V.D I Y A o u ,
IIn to <cmpt man into dOIng oomc.hing.h •• ..NO Ev •• A.....o .. : I. " I.mpc .... c•• h.,
Gnd had forbIdden, had no. man alrcady <UII off d"".u. God commanded che "ra,
bcgun,o ..eku..ilfactioninhinuclfandcon. hllman. ,0,h •• a,d .·Wh",u,n
IC'Iuendr '0 ukc pLe,,"r. in ,h. words'you themiddl.of,hcgorden,yolllhallnCKclI ,
J.h.n be IS godt.:Thc promiu of mu. wo.d., ne"herlhallyo".o"chi. , lu' youd ..:And
ho",.vcr, would much mo .. tru1r to PUI htcauSClherdidno'prelCrv.lcmpcrance"hc
if,b), .. ncc,Ad.mandEv.hadkep,clo.e trao.g....o"'of,hi •• ign.lvtTtucw... mad.
,o.h. ul,ima,cl nd <TU. lourc. of their bcing uiln from paradi •• , wl,h no .ha .. ,n tmmo.·
and h.dno"bypT1d.,imagincd,h", th.y ,ali·r·Fo.lh.lawtuchn,cmp..ln Ctlnd
wcr<.h<moclvu ,h•• ourcc of their bc ing ... pourlicintolhchu.tlofIII.JAcoB .. "DTH l
Whocvc •• e.!u .ob<more.h.n h.i.becoonCl H .. ppy L1Fa~.8.1l
L.... \Vh.ncvc.h.a.pi ..,.obclClf·.uffici ng,
h ......... f,om Ih. O n. ",hoi,,,"1y.uffi,
Clcn,fo,h,m.C,TyoFGoDI •. tj. u
"1'Gn'I5:FC7~l .. "S.t1l"'S."Sor,o.lI "S.-10I1'
''l'C-.... "FC":)Il"'\' '"FC'.:I(IOI..-,:cJs..·
Til l SI"." DIJT.... <;T TH. H . ... T. 0''' 00' hu Men gi¥en "'. ma, i. '0 uy. a 'ur~ po.m by
<;lIuSOF PHOTIC.: E~.iJlhcfirJt.o.uchlU ..... ich _ may come'" God. For WC who 1>...
rh ••• igh •• lu ••• nd.heother..,n.,.. ... h.n fallen m<ough pridc could only rcturn ,0Goc!
u..dwi . holl'moder •• i.. n. di ....ctrhehcan Ih<ough humilit}'. Thu. wa." ..aid ' 0 ,he fi"l
f<om iu remembrance .. f God. So Ions U Ihe ,rcalllrcofollrrac.:"Tule.• ndyolI.ballo. u
did no. look ..,th longing on me forbidden God:A.I ..'Uuy,ng,ou,Savlorh.uh,rnwlf
trct.,h ...·.. ablc 10 kcep God ', command. conduccndcd '0 ucmplify In h .. 0>0'11 pcroon
mentcarefullr;nmind.She ..... "illco... rcd ,h •• humilit}' which IJ th. p.,h o¥crwhich ....
byrhewinglofdivinelov•• ndthul waligno· have 1o tnvel on our rc<urn '0 God. Fo,"he did
ran,ofh.< Own n.kcdne .... B",aneru.. had nOI Ihink it robbcry'obc e'lual 10 God but
looked.tthe,ree ... ithlong,ng.touch.d" emptied himKlf. ulc.tng .he form of a &Lt...,:"
w;.harden,d.llrc.ndlh.n .....dillfrult,ng' lII
wi.h in •• n.... nluali.)'.• h •• , on.. fel,dr.wn rhe beginning .... r. m.d. wu (rUled man.
10phy.".I,nlercour..,.and.bcingnlOktd •• h. O"F..ITII .... OTII.CIlIIID4.6."
gavew.y.op...'on.Allherdu ,rc ..... n...... o
enJor wh., wu immed, ... ly present 10 h.. S" .... u ' ..GA " .... '. H u o . ..... EpH ..... T...
tcn.., ••• nd.h,ough.heple ... n,appc.,anc. Sy., .. N:SII.han. " ,d,oea,bcfor.h.. hul'
ofthefrll".hein¥oI¥edA<iaminherfalJ.O" band,hlllhe m'gh.becom.h •• dnverll ..
SP ' .'T""LP".KCT'O"S6.'" hcad . lha,"hem'gh.becom•• h.on •• og,~.
command ... Ill., .. ne by whom Ihe ,,·u .o be
C ,H.., ST Is Tll fi RUtfiDY AG" ' '' ST TH I S ,,,. <ommanded and th ...he might be old.r in
GIlIIGOU Of Nus..: Thole who h.v, been d,v,n;ty tnan ,hat on. wno"" " Dlder rh.n Ill.
trIckedintotakingpo,lQnoff.. tiuharmful 'n hum .... t)·, Co....."on••r ON GM ...... '."g,n.rcmedr,morco¥er. :.10.).'"
ju.. lik,thepoil to.n,c •• ht l y".m .
10 thati .. rem.dialdftc.may.h ... bYlprud TH ~ S . N OF T .. . Ft kn W O....... AM.L."·
through.h .... hol.bod),.S'miladr·lI... ing .... T.".YT .. . O ... '>l wHc. orM ..
t ..,.d,h.po'$On,th •• il lh.frui:, .ha,dil· ..... "S: A. Eve .... I ..dueed by the word nfa
lo!vedoll rn.turc,w,w... n.ceuarilym nccd [fallen j ang.llofl.. frDmGDd,h.ving
of ... metning ..... uni ..... Sucll,II.d reben.dag.inlthii word .•oMarrby.hc
.... ntt.inlou',$O .h.,"m'ghlby "'CDun· wordofanangclrcuivtd.htgladtidingl thll
.e"c<ionundo.h.harm.hcbod)· hadalreadr .b. would bear God b,· ...... ying h .. woro.
Th •
• ncoun ....dffDm.hepoIJon.Andwh., .. former ... ao ..duud to d"ob.y God [and 10
.hiirem.d),INo. hingcll.thanlhebodYlh •• r.n ).bu., r .... a.per.uad.d,oobey
prove<!, ...lf1u!"'rioflodu.handbecamcrh. God. 10 that .h. V"sin Mary migh' become
lOu r,. of OUt life. ADDR.. t 0" R~lIG'ouS tht advoca.tof lh.¥irginEH.AI .hchuman
I"STallcT'DN l~.:O .... ..,...lIbJ."ed,od.... hthfOugh.n ••"nf

T .. ou W HD F.... ,- THROII"" PR.", W'Ll

AUGCSTl NE: Tnro,,~ !Ci",nl . !'Inern ofli~
a",rgin.",,,,Uitu.ndbr.,,,rgin •• ndthw AGA' NST H"..Es ' ISS"9. " "

~;a~;~~;;~;::;~:;:·!ta:o:~:~ci'elY ..-._=,:;:.~~------

3:7·8 THE FALL

' Tlot.. llor ryt! ofbolh "'trr opt .. td. and IIo'yltn.wlb"r dory wtrr n<llttd; and Iht, U"'td
figJt<l~tllogtlhtr and mad. Ih.m$tr~t. apro ....
' And' Ihty h~ard' Ih. Jownd" of riot Lou) God walking in 110. gardtn' in Ih. cool of Ih<
d",. ,,"d rh. man ' "lid hiJ wif. hid Ih,mu/"u from Iht p.n,""
of Ib, LOIlD God amo ..g lb.
Irtts oflhtgardtn. t
·LU_·UX,......·ur .....
O ...."'EW' The ,emp",;on mo .. ed from ,h. God.ndo .... dhi •• p .... ith
ey.' 10 ( CHU50ST<lM ). Th.lnl 10Ilndlo.h •• Adam.ndEv. mightb.prc ·
ofGod ...·h,chforbad.,h.u"n~oflh.frlli •. p.. td.omak"uppl,",h,m
,anno,bt"gard.d", ,he call.eof.h. faU (EPHu .. ). n..coolofdor (,hccvtn,ng) ,n
( CH"YSOSTt) .. ) . Ev.n ,hough God .... ...hi.hGoo . ccklou,Ad.m . ignifi ••• na"ht
th. 'nult. lot allowed Adam to be «mp •• d fin.manha.dalrcadyloSf,hcsun hgh,ofhi,
bccau •• man w<>uld no, hav.dcocr ... dgrca, ; ~"o" I),SoAdam and Eve hid
pralS. ifh ....u good for ,h •• ,mpl. r.uon .hcm..,lvtl ,nthtgard.n. l>ccauu,hcr had
,h",h" "'",ne",, tcmp •.,d.o bt wick.d" (Co\lInosroM,
Aftc.,h.lln,h"yc.ofun •• wcrc
<>pen.d.whU.,heeyuof,h.mind.,htollgh 3:7 Tbr Eytl "fBo l;, Wtrr Optnta
... h .. h Ad"m and E". had I>cheld God . .... rc
clol.d (Oll.'GIN). N"... ,h'yn... ,hed,ff•• · D ..'O • • D'"N caP .. ,o .. TOE .. TING. C Hn •
• nc.b ....... n,h.good,hcJ·hadloltlnd.he SOST<l .. ,I .... lSn·,,h.u,ingfrom ,h'''<f
."iI,n,owhlCh.h'y h.dfaUcn {Aooll$TlNI) . •hu 0ptn.d.h." cy." ,hc)' couJd "'•• vcn
And ,h.i•• olll I".. mU'trj' 0.... ,ht body""ng.ln" ..dth.unngf.omth .. ,rcc
(AuGusT,NI). F'gl .... um'j'.)'mi>oli:c .h t ,,·uth •• vmp'Qmof.h .. rd,..,b.dicnccan':
pl •• III.oofly, ng (Aooun'NI) . •h ... ndcnc)' ,r.. b.""lungm,n. command !!..... n br God
,,,,,,.,d li n {SloB) o•• nac,ofrc?<=n,an« andtb.QlIgh·"·"8"iI,.hc )·conscq"cn,h
(IUN,"illS). dlv ...lCdth.m..I.... nf .... ,lory.urrounci,n~
Ihe .... 'end.ringlhc.....,lves unworlhrof,u~h T . ...T .D~ AUGUST'N~: If . omeone uk ••
wond •• ful ....e.... H.nce SC'ip'u,.'.ltc,up u..,.fore. why God allowed m,n.obe
Ihepo;nliniUOlf,oma'1'waywi,h,h. ,empt.d when he f"reknew .hl' mln w"uld
wo.d •. "Th.y bolh 11•. Thei •• yet We'. yi.Ld.o.h., .... und,ht
"pcned.and,h.yrul;z.dth.ywe •• naltcd: d.p,h.ofd;vin.wi.dom.andlconf~lIlh.,

~:r~u;;~~d~e~:!:::~~:;.7.:e.:: ~L;:o j
f'''m above. and u.ey fd,u.e KnK "fthei.
ob.iownak.dneu.",hat,hroughrheoham. IhoK who are berterlnd holi.,.han I. not
,ha,·rm,ghtknowp"· becau.. of.hei.muiubut.implybyrhegrac.
coKly th.y had be." led ,,,,,,br ofGod.Bul,nsofaruGodg,veom•• heol>il·
b,eak.n, the Lo.d·.,,,mmand. HO."Lln.,N "J· .ound~UI.ndoranow. m •• o.pcak. !do
GINiJ,s,6.t4. '

T ... L ... w C"'NNOT BB CONI ........ ., T H ~

C ... un O. TH B F... LL. C H..ysono .. , I know
•ha ..... m•• ,thi.poin'migh'lCcuxth.l.w.
no"h,nklha, a manwouLddu.rvegrtat
p,"il eifhehldbeenabLe.oliv•• goGdliferor
,he 'impLe realon rha,nobody.emp •• d him to
L,~ •• badon • . Fo.byn.", .. h.wouLdh.veit
m h"powe, 1o ",m not lorieLd IOlh •
g'~randuse .. u..t.helaw .. ,h.c.u.eofthe
fall.W.ab ....· ::;~e:~:~~::: a~~Pg~:e~';::; :~:~u::~~:1>o j
m.n, .. plai"IYlrgueanddemonl"ate humbl .... Why. Ih.n. would God no, all_' 1
thaIGodgave,h.lawno,b.cauKh.ha,ed mantobe .. mpted.a.Iu.ougbh.rortknewh.
hum.n''Y0...·.. n..dlom.orkou.n .. urewi.h wouLdyi.Ld! For ,he mln wouLd do ,he decd
. hamebutbec,u •• h.Jovedu. .. "dcl,.dfot bj· h"ownfretwiIL.nd,hll. ,ncurguilt .• nd
u•. In o,de, Ihat you lurn that Ih. l.wwu h.wo"ldha ... toundcrgopun"hmen,.((o.d_
g,vc" ... m ... n.tohdp.h ..en,olh.wo •.uof ingtoGo,hJuoticelob-crescoredlonghl
1»,lh,He ga~ ,h. Law tn .... , luppon:' One o.d.,. Thw God would....m known hll will '"
whopunuesha ...dd"", no.glVeh.oIp.Again"c"onol.hcu,n .. ·You,wo.d,. , ,nag...",ome.Forwlldyhtuou ev.nbad
gu,d,ngmy ".pi.nd th. Jight for my pa,h. : ' will. of,ouL, wh.",herperv ..."J), abulC
Bu,,,n.whopunue. ha,,edd,,,, . notdi'pel th."na'u ...... hichi.good.ONTH . L1TU... L
,h.darkn." withhil lamp.nord"", h.p'o- INTup"IT... TloN o. GaNBS's Jt .... 6:
» Y'. ·Th. command of .h.ll .. i, .hellmp. AFT •• THKS . ", THI E'-RI .,~ SRN . . An
.h.hght • • •• h.r.p.(>a(handu..tul . .... OnNoD. 0.,,, ... ,
The eyu of o.n.. were
s...h. l.wi, no,onlj·.h.clp."o,onJy alamp .henopcn«i.wh,cbth·r haddontw.U.o
bu l al .... hgh,.ndlikTh.r.for •• h" •• <hing. ke.pohu, • •hl"h.ymigh,oo.bedi....c•• d
.rt no, fo, tho •• who pUfluehalred. nO, for andh,nd ...dfrom .... nS"'i.hlh •• v.. of,h •
•ho. ewh" ... illtobeloo:. bu,forlh,,.ewho m,nd . l:,,·ulhoi.eyc"ofth.m;ndwtuchin
hold ou,and lihup,hei,h.n d. Ho""Lt !S o~·
G I Nu ,s8 .'
'PGS),1)1,FC74ol1 ...... a.n .... U l<. OS. " ' - 6o:J. 'PG
_1' ·' .... H. '''CW ~ 1JC
cons~qu~nce of sin. as I imagine. were then f.cti.thatth.,oul.whichhadtakenperverst
do.~d.Toth .. ttim<th·rhad.njoy<dth< deligh,ini .. ownlihertranddisdainedtht
ddightofbtholdingGodandhi'paradis~. se,victofGod,waonnwdep rivedofiuorigi.
This ,wofold kind of yi.ion in us was familia, "alma$teryover,hebndr,B.c.u •• i,had
,0our Savio •• who said .· Forjudgment I have d~libera.elyd ..ert.dtheLordwhowa,ov..
come into.hi. wodd . that tho .. who . u not i"i,nolong.. b.nt,nitswillth.ser\,an,
might ... and that tho.e who.eemigh,bt bclo", it, unable cn hold the ncsh COm ·
made blind·' - mcaningb)' · ,he eyu that ••• plet.lyin.ubjec,inna.would.lway.have
no. " 'heeye. ofth~mind.whicha<t.nlight . bc.n'h.c •••• ifonlyth ••
cnedbyhisteaching;and·thcey.. th., ••• ; subjeCt to God. Frnm this mom~n' or. . th.n,
mcaninsth.eyesofoensc.whichhis wo,d, .h.n<$hb'gan,nlu"'g.inst,n.spitll. With
.. ndcrblind.AcA'NSTCELSU'7.J9.' ,hi.reb.llion w.arcborn.ju.... ,...arc
doom.dtodi.andbecau.~of, ..,s'nto
A''''M AN I> EV B SEB THE EV'"'PlTO W 'U Ctt bear. in nu. membetJ and vi,i., .. d na,ure .
Ttt BT H "vIIFALLIIN.A uGUST''''2:1twuno, eitherth.b.ttltwi,ho,defu,by.hen •• h
inordcrro • ..,ou,,,·a,d,hing• •ha,"" CITY OF GOD IJ.'J. "
w.<topen.d,·because,heycould ....uch
thinssal,ud)·.I,wasino,derth .. ,he y m,sh, SY","OLlS",OFTH. F".L.AVIlS .AUGUS
.c. th. difT."enc. between th e good they had TINE: Then.h.y uw that th.ywere n.ked br
lost and th e evil into which the)' had fallen. pe,vert.d eyes, original simplicitr•• ig-
Tha,i,whythe, ... iscalled,het ..eofthc nifiedbythe,erm".~,J" .... nowseem<dlobe
knnwl.dg. of good and eyiI.Th.)· had bcen .nmething '0 be ash.medof.And.o ,ha"h. r
(orbidden tnrouch it because if ,hey did i, mightnolongerbe . imple.,he)· m.d.aprons
would bring on the exp.rience of this di>linc· fnr th.msel ... from ,he leaves ofth. fig "ee.
tion.!t,akes ,hecxpcci.nceofthcpainsof •• if,ocove"hei'p,i"... par". that i•. ,o
,ickn ..s.oopenou,eyu,otheplcauntn .., covetthei,.implicity,ofwhichth.,cunninj;
ofh •• l'h.CITYo~Gol>'4·'7.",Thele.v•• of,h.fig"er
, ignifyacertainitching,if,hi.iscotrc<tl)·
T HE'I< SOUL LOSES h. MA'TU;Y O"HI< Ttt H uid in thec..e of incorporeal ,hing$,whi ch
8 00\'. AUGU'TINE; As soon a. .., pa" ,ht mind , uffe"in wnndrous ,,·ay. from ,ht
enU had disobeyed God ', commandm.n. desircandple ..•• uh,ho ••
,h ey wccci mm.di ..elrdep.iycdofdivm. wholove'ojok.a .. e·... l,y· m
grarcandwercasham.dnftheirnakednu •. •• pr«en •• pl'Y'apnmary
Thc)·covercd,h.moelv •• withfigl.aves. role, Two Sooo;. 01'< GENBS'S AGA'NST THE
whichp.,hap.wercth.fir.. ,hingno.icedb)· MANICHAEANS:,'S'~:;. ",Tht p.,ucovcr.drcmain.d
unchanged.x«p"ha'pu,·iou$lytherocc" T HH T BI'< DHPlCY TowAI<o 5,1'<. BEnt: S,n e<
",oncd no They fcl, for .he fi,,: time.,ofdi.robcdien «in
,noughthtpuni.hmen,weumcant,ofittht ·j ~ Oj,J9 . ·A''F406JI;-, ~C 'H90:_ "FCIHI6_ "l'C
crimtof,heltowndiso;'edlCnc.,oGn<! . Tn.

o"rfirllpar.n to.lham~dbygu.illforth. " p ..... ~nce! Can he for whom huv~n i, Ihrone
"anlgr."ion. mad. apronl for themulvc. and cUll.. . foolltool bc confi ned to Ihe gar_
from fig leaves. ,he fig "CC can fillinglydclig- den! What right-minded pc ..on (o"ld uy
nalc ,he tc"d.n<y Sin appcau thil;
wrongfully 10 bc fiUcd with .wec,nc" for th. So Whll 11 Ihc meaning oflhi. lIa,cmcn,.
h"man '''''c. Ho.llu u 01< THE G05PIU "They heard the SOLlnd of the Lord Goduhc
I."." ... ollcdin,h~g ..dcninthccv.n,ng!·Hc
wanted 10 providc Ihem wi,h ' Llch anupe'i_
T H" , CLOT HING.luN ...US: No","thcfc.. ence .. W<luld ind"cc in them aou<coflnguish.
of,hcLo.d i.thcbcg;nningofwildom:"Th. "'hichin fact hlppcncd,thcyhadloll,iking
undcn,anding of lTanlgfc.llon lead. ,opcn,' anupcflcnccthulhcytfl.d'0 h,d.from th.
l~nce.andGodu •• nd.oh .. kindnc .. ,otho.. pres.nce of God. HO."LlU oI<GDlU'S 'H'
"'ho .... pcnt.For {Adam ).how~dh, ••• p.n. 4."
<anccin making a girdl •• coveringhim.. lf
wi.h fig Jun>, when ,hefe wefe man y oth. GO D W .. LII S ' N T HE COOL Of TH_ DU.
1r"I.hatwouldh.y~ir"uf.dhi.bodr Jc .. , j • .,o..., We read in Gcnesi. ,h.. when Ad.m
He, ho"'ever, in awe of God. made a cloth,ng """ug'~lIcd.wh.nh~p.jdh .. d ,o.he ...·
,h"m... h.dhi.d ..obcdi.ncc.... Andh. pcn.rath.rlhantoGod,wh.nhch,dh,m..lf
would .. odo",h,ngfof' from.h.f..cofGod •• hen Godclme inlo ,he
ever. if God in hi. mcrty had nOtdOlhcd Ihcm gar<l.n and ....$ walking about in th. cool of
whh,,,niClof.kin inlludoffigle avc •. da)·.Nowli .. cntowhatthescriptur...y•.
AG"'NnHH.uIISJ.~J'S. " God oo"ght out Adam. not at midday b", in
.hecven;ng.Atbmhadalf..d r loll.h ••"n·
ligh,. for 1..11 high noon ..'" ov... Ho .. ,uu
TH'sOUNO0' Goo',FOOT,T"" E. H....
THEsn'''I<,hwllnotonlybythepatiencc T HE P ... NU .. ..... T O f OUT" M •• C l fULLT
hee~hibit.dthatGodwi.h.dtohc!pthcm; O.U"fiO. C HRVS05To.. ;sce,heLo.d·$lov.
hcallowilhcd,ob-cnefitth.mbrth•• oundof ingk;ndn.lI.ndlh•• urpa"ingdegr.eofhi.
h"fcc,.Godcndo_dhlllilen, long-."ff.rlflg.l mean.,ho"llhbc ,ng,napo.i.
w,.hloundooth'IAci.m.ndE~omigh.bc .;on '0 b-cgtudle."ch g,'" 11""0" ,h~ righl
p.. ~ .... d •• t.h.too"nd .•o m.kc,,,pp],ca,,on of..,pl)· and.arher.han.oconaign them at
b-cfo.. himwhom.d.lh.,OU"d.Co ..... N. on.~,oth.punLlhmenlh<hadd .... min,.din
T.. UON GBNUI S;.H.'," anficip.tionof,hei,t •• n$g,ul
patien...ndwithholdiaction.He ..lua
0011 Goo H .. vl FliT! CH.,nono .. ; What <]1l.lIion. rcccOvco a replr and q"eot,ons them
..... rOIl .. v;n~-Godlfroll.! Are _ alllgn· furthcr .. ;f",v;"ngth~m,ouclllCthem·
Ingfee'10hirn;Hav~_ noeul.edconcep .
lion of him' No. God doeln 't Itroll-p" ... h
,helho"g-h,. Ho"· •• enl .. h. " "HO(;I ,I7). '"Polt(klo. "LQAH:,Il$. "FC'I,Uj. "x;
everrwher. and fjlling.v.rrthins with hll I UJ!;FC?4.:::1J."FC ""1"-
UIYUIO Ihal h~ mighl I~iz. Ih~ oppo.. uni.y wilh .. Ii.... nd h. who.poem . Ii. 'puu from
,0duphyhll(ha.a"•• i."(lav.,n .... 'ard,a wh.:u i, hi, Own. Thi, i, why Ih.y ....... id 10
th •• ,nn~n,.Y.nd.,p".,h.,.fal].Ho .. ,Ll IS hide nca. 10 th. tr •• ,hat WU1n ,he middl. of
ONG.,USII".'J." pand,... lhati •.• n.... th.m..,lyc.whow•••
Jelln th~ middle .ank of thing. i>cnu,h God
Aa ........ ., By. H .. y" LIPT , H I LIGHT of a.,dabov.bodiu.H.ntcth.J'b.c.. m.hidd~n
T" .TIIUTt,.AUGUSTu<m:To,,·ard. v.nlng ,o,h.m•• lvulO.hatth.ymigh,be , roubl.d
Godwal"·alkingi .. pandi ••• thati •• h...... bythci.w •• ,ch.d . rro ....f,cr,h.yh.dl.ft
com ... g 10 judge th.m. H. wu ..iIl walki .. g 1n Ih.light o(trutht h "lh~yw. rc no"For lh.
p••• diui>cfo ••,i •• th. hum .. n.oult.nb •• p .....kerin.h."u,h.bul
p••..,nc.ofGodllill mov.damo .. gth.m. th.truthil lhe;mmutabl.Godabov.".
wh.nth~y ...,long.,"O<>d6.minh .. com· .... hocvC<lurn ••"·.. yf.omlh.. , .. ulh
m.. nd . Lt" filling that h.tOmUlow.rd ... d loward h'm.df• • ejoiclng no, In God wno
.v.n.n~that .. ,wh~nth •• un"'·ual .... ady""· .ulu .. nd.nhgh ..... himbu, ....,h.r' .. hi'own
"ngforlh.m.lh.. , ",wh... lh.interiorligh, .comlngl), mo¥cme .. u. bccomu d.. k by
ofth~ ,rulh WaI bel .. g I.. k ... from Ih.m. Th~r re ....... orlhe I;e. T .... o SoOIlSON G ... UIS
hurd hIJvOlc . .. nd hid from hi •• igh,,'Nho AG .. ,N ITTH.M ...lICH.. II ..... :.16.~4.·
abandon.dhim ...dil .. owbegIRmng,aloYc


' BI/r tlu L....DGod uned 10 rhe mlln,' IInd $lIid 10 him, ·Whtr~ IIr~ YOI/,"' '"And he III,d.•,
htllrd rht 10l/nd' ofrbtc illlbclllrdtn.' lInd /wlllllfTllid. """l/le J WOI ,,"ited: IInd I bId
myulf." " He ,"id. 'Who told yow thor you wen IIl1hd! HII~t YOI/ tllte~ ofrht Irtt' of which
I ,ommll~dedyou "or ro till," "The mlln ' 'Qid. "Tht WOmlln whom Ihowgllvelllo be wir h
mt. lhc gQve me fruir of rh e ITU. lI~d I IIl e." "Th e~ Ih e LOlD God laid 10 rh e WOmlln,
' Whal il tbil IhAI yow hllve dOlle!" Tht womll~ laid. "Tht serpenl begwiltd Mt. An d I Al e."

Qv ••", .... : God', word, ·\1,'h~r.... you!' h...... (AUGUST""')' The "UeJ"on ",elf "' ..
mun ,ha, ,her...... nowhere Ad .. m could be, • r~!,roof (A.....osl). I, "'H no, .. k.d as
onc. God ..... no< ,n him u. con.."".nc. of 'houSh God dId no, ;'no...' ,h. a ........ (CHIIY '
5Osrolllj. Theyalloemphui:crh c fooli,h. uked Ad.m, who wu be.ide h,m.df wilh
nes. of Adam and Eve'. rran'grellion
(&..< ..... ) b,,'a'u.cumetim.p..dicrrhc
. alvationofhumal'lkindiI'lChrin (Nov...
T' .... ). order '0 Kold A"am hy remindinghim.hat
Adam·. anlwcr to God ', q"uuon i •• .h••• ..... no"'h.rerha.hc ..... ldhc.
... retchederror. halloreveabth •• Adam on" God was nOt in him. C ,TY O. GOD I}" $.'
.hinkl th.,hiltranlgre ..,clyveni.l
(AUGUSTINIl).God"pallcn, Go,,', WO .. o5Co"D8M ... H uM ..... FooLISH '
whom hcglv" ,heoppoft"nity to reply. Bu, ... u. E PH UM THB SUI ..": 'Whe.. ar. YOIl.
Adam .. f" ••• •oconfe •• hi •• inandpIlI, . h. Adam!- Ar~ YDU rrapp<:d in Ih. ,mag'l\(d god .
blam.onEve (SYllliO"YH.NBwTHaoI.O· lihnt l$ rh."he .. rp<:ntfa1nly prom>led
G' .. N). Byuying.hat h•• •• of you! Or a,t you propared for rhe dearh rhat 1.
Ih. ",oman gl~.n to him by G<><l Adam tr,es ,h. Lo,d,d.crco:d fo'you, W""ld.h.. yo"
'0 a",ihll<C hll I;n n;ngto God (AlJGus, hid colU,dcr.dtht rrults! Suppo ••. Adam.
T'NHj. h.rl;nand
uy • •h.,.hc.crp<:n,hcglliledh., (S,.IIIiOf<
THE NIW THiOl.OO'''Nj. Th... nUlons and
rharinltudof ••• rp.n.whomightboth.
mOIt dup..:.biec ..... u'eofall , .
god hadcom. '0 you! Would you hav.
• ".mpua'.c1f·jIlSlificat'on.ho..· .nun·
willingn ....o •• p<:n. ( E.HRDt.DoIlOTH.ul
dup"td Ihe comman"ment of him ... ho g....
OFG .. ~ .. ). .ciofon .... hohadnorye,!
W""ldyou, ...d.vil,'Y
3:9 GodC,.lurorb.,\h" On. who formed you 010' of noth,ng! Would
youdupi ,e lh.Ontwhomadeyou •• ccond
T HEQUUT ' O... AMuon:\Vharlhendou godove,c.ealion! Would youdar. '0
h. mean by"Adam. where ar< rhoul- Doel h. con.idergood.h.vcryf.U.nonewhogav•
no, mun'in wha, citcuml<ancc'a,. YOII: not, you onl y a v.rbal p.omi •• of lome good! If
-in what pJacc!'I. i. ,h.r.forc no. I qllu"on .nothe, god w.n '0 com. ' 0 you in po ......
hut • •cp.oof.Fromwharcondillonofgood . Ihould you no,hue rcje«ed hi. advI<e! Ho ..'
n. .. ,hcatirud.andgracc,h.mcanltOuj', muchmort,heninlh.caJcofa$erp<:nt ... ho
ha v'yollfall.nin.othi. lta,.ofmiscrylYolI (lme.oyou wim nO pow••• wnh ""wondrous .... kcn.,.rnallif. , Yollhave.n,omhcd d•• d.bu'lVithonlrtheemprYlVO,d.h.,i,
you...lf ,n,h ....ay.ofllnanddca.h.P.. RA · Ipokc.oyOlllCOMMINUkYONG."U,S
0150'4 .70.: •.• 6.1" .'

Goo D ......TIA ...... '. SOUL. AUGUST'N I: GO O·5S ... " ,. Dou NOT I .. PL, \ .... o·
Inoofar ua r .... II,onof .n.f1uh.g.. n".h. ..... ..,,5.Nov..T' .. N:Th. fac, .h.. God
rebel],ou . ... ul promp'ed ou~pa<en" .0COVCt ' Clrchc.for [Adam J docono'proc •• dfrorr.
IhClt I'umc. th ey up.".nccdon. kind 0:
" ..,n _God ·' ''... r<ion of.n.soul. 1, ..'"
tn""e .. h.nat,n. ",,,ma.e"whenGod

~nr ignorance on rhe pan of God. bur i, m~ni· .ny,hing of hi. own. Two ROOKS ON GENUIS
ftns m.n'. hope of. futu« di.covu)' and ••1. ACA.'NST TNE MA.NICH"~A.NS ~ . ,6.~4 .'
,·.,ion in Ch,i". 0" TH~ T .. ''''TY I.n.'
WHY D,u Gou ASI<ICH"VSOSTOM: you •••• H u T .... NsG .. USl ON.AuGlJsTlNB:ln.ofar
.inc.h.",a.<no'un.:tw~..,ofth.rruthwh.nh. •• h.a.< yet had no .~pc';.nceofrhe divine
uk<:d th.m but rath<T knew. and kn.w v01'}' lever;tj-. Adam could b.dccei ved inbcli.ving
w.U.h. ,how. cotUid.'arion fo, rhe;rlimita· rhathi, rran·sre .. ionwa>mercl)·v.niaJ.And
ootUlOutod.m,m,..arehi.own lovingkind· rhercforc h. was ar lUll not dcc.;vcdin,hc
n.... andh.invi ... th.m.omak.admi .. ionof ", me "" 'y th., Ev.,,· ... H.,,·.. mcrcly mi.·
th.i. f.ul ... HOM,Llu 0" G~NUIS 17.'~' · rak.nconccrningth.judgm.nt rha' .... ould
follow hi. attempt ,o.xcu •• him",lf,The
3:10· 12 Ft .. ring .. nd Hidingjrom God woman you placed., my . idcgav. me f,ui,
from rh. trce. and la,e:To.ummari%.
THaATT BMP T .. TSnp·Jun' PIC.. TIO ". bri.fl)': rhough no, equally dc<civ.d by behev
Ep"UMTHlSn., .. ,,:ln...adofconfe ingrhe",rpen, .• h.y.qually , inncdandwer<
wha. he had don., which would have helped caugh.and.n.narcdby,h.dcviJ.CITVOF
h,m.h.rela,edwha.hadb<:endone,ohim. GOD'.,",'!
whichdidno,helphimat.1L ... Adam.gain
fa;lcd t<> confc .. hi. follr and blamed rh. T ... L4C"O~ R. PINT .. NCB.E .... RE .. T.. E
woman. CO""B"T"'~V ON GUN!SlS •.• ;.,.,' SVR'A.": !fAdam and Ev. had.ought '0
rcpc ....ftcrth.,· h.d ....d ,h. com·
GOD b NOT O F "N D ~" ...T H U" " N N .. KBo, m.ndment , even rhough thc)" would no, hav.
NBO$.A"cUST,N E: V,'h.nAdamh.ardGod'. regain.d.ha'wh;ch.h.yh.dpo ....."dbef"..
voice. he an,w.r.d that h. hid becau •• he wa, •he"tranogreuionof,hec"mmandm<nr .
naked. Hi, anlwer WH . w,<rehed <nO •. a. if 'hcj" would have cscap .. d from ,h. cu"e , ,ha,
• m.n nakcd, as Godh.d mad. him. could b. wcrc d"c re"d"n.h<"or,h1nduponthem
di'plcasing,ohim.l.i. ~ dj .. ingu,.hingmork CO"MENTA.~'O'" GSNESlS"'J.z '
of.rror that wh ••• ver.nyone find. pe..onally
di"pleuingheimagin,"i. A DA. .. H ID H, s DBCBPT IO N.SYMBOl< TH~
•• wclLWe.houldund..... ndin .loft)·,.n.. N~"· THBOlOG'4":Dorou ... ,de.rfricnd .
•hCWD,d. "f'h<Lo,d." \Vhotold you that you ho'"pa.icnt God i.f Forwhcn h.uid.
wcrcnak.d,unlc"baau,cy"unav""'.n "Ad orn. where arc you'" and when Adam did
f."m ,ha. tr.cabout which l."ldy"uthat ROI •• on«confu.hi •• inbutsaid."lhcard
from it alon. you.hould nor c,..;"Scforc hc your voicc. 0 Lord. and rulizcdtha, I am
wo& naked of an)' diuimulation and c1orh.d na~.d.ndhidm)".df: God"·asno,.ng.rcd .
wi.h.hedivin.light.Fromthi.lignth • nordid".imm.di .. cl y .urn,w.)·. Rath ... . h.
•u,n.da .... arand.u.n.dlOwardhim.clf. Tn"
i•• he,ngofhi.havingutcnfromth ••
trc•. He ... w his n.k.dneu,.nd it "·a. dil' ·FC67~ j. 'PGSJ" "" F(17~3, "FC~',"­
plcasing to him.clfbcc.uso h. dici no,h.v. 'FCIO'i-1'J."FC9U,.·!S

gav~ him .h.opponuni'yorl .eco ndrcpl y TO GO D. AucUST'N~: Th.n.11 il quite com.
and »id."Who.old you.ha. you are naked! mon in C&ael of •• he dOCl nOt acclilC him.
UlIlcnyoual,ofthc,r,cofwhichlcom. u lf ofh.ring (onunted to Ihe woman b...t
mlndedyaullo"oca,:Conlidcrhawpra- pU.hClthef.u!t off upon,h ...omon.Thus. u
fo und arc the word. of God'. wi sdam. H. if outaf .clevcrnClI .h' poo,fellowhadcon_
IIY'."Why do you lIy tha, you are lIaked bu. uived,hecunningly,rlcd,o ... ribu«hlllln·
hide YOUt lOll! Doyou ... Uy.hinkth.. IH. nin"oGodh,m..lf.Forhcdod notjUlluy.
only your body bu. do nO'''' yourh .....nd ",he woman gon.o me: but Iddedon."he
yo ur .haugh"r Sinc. Ad.m wu deceiv.d hc womln you glvc.o m.: Nothin, is .. char&<.
hopcdthatGodwouldnotknowhi ,.i ll.H~ tcrift'cof.i nn ... u.a .... n"a ... ribu,.'o
•• ,d.omcth,nglik. thll to h,mlclf,"lfl "y God enrythin, for which ,her areacCUl(d .
thltlamnakcd.God,nhi.,gnoranc.will Thll ari ..1 from Ihl' v. in of prid •. For m.n
1I)·.·\VhYlrcyou nakcdI'Thenlolullh l v, .inned in wi,h,n"o bc like God .• hat i., ."be
'0 deny and.a)·,' ldo nOt know:and .o1 f.e• from his dom,nion, u God il fre. from all
Ihall not bc caught by h,m and he will give dom,n,on,a,ncc he il ,he Lo.d ofalJ.Two
m.backlhegarm.n, ,ha, I had a, fir... If Boou 01< G."u" ACAI .. ST TOn
nO'.I. longuhcdocl no,ca" me OUI. h. MAN 'CH A..... ':.';. ~5. "
will nO, uil. m.~" While h. Wa> thillking
3: 13 God QII.Jl ioIU 11.. WG"'~II
th.Hthought •.•. God.unwiUing'omuh,·
ply hi. guil""YI."Ho"· did you ...liu ,h ..
E".·, EVU'O NI. EPH •• OI THBSn'AN:Sincc
you a .. nakcd~Unleuyo" ... ofth. tr •• of
Ad .mdidno,wilh,ocanfeuhilfollr· God
which I commanded younot,oeat: l. ilu
camedo ... nt0'luu,ionE ... lnduidtohc ••
though he .. ,d."Oo you rnllythink thll you
·Whui• •hi.,h .. )'Ouh .... donc~"EY.too.
can hide from m., 00 you ,magine Iha,1 do
,n" ..dofm.kinglupplicldonwi,hh .. ,elrs
no,kno,,· ,.,ha,you have don., Will you no,
Indbe..ingtherlul.her, clf lO ,h.,merc)·
u)·.'lha v .lln n.d tS'y.Oacound ..l. ' Yc • . it
might ,ake hold of both hc,"ndhcrhulband.
11 ' ru'. M ...e•• I tun.grcucd your
,e'ponded by uy,ng no,"Th.,upcnt cou"·
command . lhov.f.Ucnbyh ..cningto.h.
Hied or seduced me'but "Th, lupcnl
woman·,counJc1.I am grcatlyat fauhfo,
deceivedm •• ndI atc:
doi ng whIt Ih ... id Ind di.ob.ying your
When the 'wo of,h.m hadheen '1uc.<
wo,d. HIve me,,), on m.!'" But .. not
lIoncdandwenbo.hfourul,al>c ... antlng,n
remor .. o,uu.conui"on. God ... en.down,o
ofhllheanIlHkealln ••· oflton!Foth.dh.
the.erpcn,no"omoktin'lu''1'bu •• orendcr
.. ,d ,hi. h.migh.h.".... y.dinp ... d" •. By
puni.h men "Forwh... ,he.e;l opportun,,)'
.h "on.wotdhcmigh,hav"paccdhimlclf
ror rcpcn,. nc•. 11 would be righ. toin'lu"e .
du. whol e cyde of nib wllhaut number
bur .0 one who i. I .... ng~r torepcn,"n«,
tha:h.cndurcdbrhllcxpul .. onand,n
Jud,me ntufiltl ng.CO .... £NTA.YOl<Gfil<151S
Ipcndin g.oma n)·ccntu"co ,nhell.O'I·
~ .• 5'.~."
COll IlS flS·S·"
E... A... o R..", .. TO CO ... . . . H •• S, ,,. My did you go .... ntr.·-IIifu'lli nghim
Snllo" TH& NI ... THROW"' .... : Moo God oh .. p1r·o ... r··Forgiwm.!·Bu.,h.r ....... no
hldl.ftAd .." ,oE.... H ...... n ..d,o .ignofhumili' r-Ther,,,·unoch.ngeofheul
. howhor,hllshe,oowouldbtuIIOUI.if.he bUI ralh .. ,h. contra!"}'. H... pl ied:ne wife
w... unwilli ng'ore p.nt.Soh.... id.·\Vh.oti. thllyougav.m."- mlrkyou. nol · mr
.h",ha,youhav. don.!"lothar.h•• tluJI wilfe" - ·d.ceind me:" Th~ wife th ... }.~ gave
"ugh,belble,o"'r:lhav.ltnn.d." MydK me :aJif .ouy.· .hi.d.i'lSterJl'~placedonmr
d,dGodn ..d.olpeakth ......ord.,oh... head:50itiJ. my brethren. when.manh ...
unl.N ,nd..d'o.nabl. h.r ,o .... )·.· ln my foUr. nOI.he gull 1<>&CCuse himul{. he dou no.
OM ..... r.I..lowlr wre•ch.h.u.don. th, •• Kntpl~.o aCCuse God h'mKlf. Then God
.nd h."., d,oobeyed you. H."" m" cron me?" came 10 E~~ .. 10 h •. ·Whrdid you no,
Bu, .hed,d notur,h, •. MI.did.he .. y' ke.pth~commandlg.v.youl"uif5lring." lf
·Th ••• rpen' beguiled m.: How .en.deu? 50 you would onlr.a)·.·Forgi v. me:.o humble
youh ..clpokcn with.he lc rpen •. wholpe"lu rour50ulandbtforgiyen:"',.
Iglln1.yourM ..... r,Himyouhav.preferred word! No · forgiye m.: Sh~ onl)" In.w..ed.
.0 God who mad. you. You have valu.d hi. "The.erpen,dccciycdm.:·-Ilif,o",)·.if
Idv".morehighlr .. ndheldlt.obt.ruer.han .h....rpen' did wrong..wh .. , concern i•• h ...o
.he comnu ndmen. of your Mu ...! 50. when melW'h.., Ire yo .. doing. yo ....... «h ..! Knee l
Ev •• GQ'..a.un .. bl •• o ...,·.·lh......1Rn.d: ,n .. penllnct ... cknowkdg. your f•.,h. lake,outfromtheplauofenjoy· pity on yo .. r nakedne ... BUlnei.herlheon.
m.n, . Ther w... ban .. hed from p.rad ... and nor Ihe olher ••ooped '0 aelf·.ccu.. "on. no
from God. D'SCOltMSas s.6. " ofhumilily wu found in eilher of Ihem
And no'"look and conlider ho,,' Ih",,'"
T HB U"W ' LLI .. GNUI T O R .PI"T. Do.· onlr.n .nttcipa,ion ofourown ....e!S •• how
OTHlulOf GAz.o.:Aga,n.If•• tAd.omh .. d lndg.... "'....iLo i,h ... b,ough,on
don ........ ngGodgav.h,ml chlnco.o r.pen. u.-.h" ..lf.j .... ific... ion.lhi' hold,og f....o
and bt forg,v.n.1nd "",he kepI on bt,ng ..i!f· our o.. n wiU •• h .. <>buinaq-,n betngour own
n«ked Indunrepentan •. For God Um.10 guidt.Sp''''Tu''ll"STlWCTtO><'.''
h,m .. nd .... id.·... d.m.wh ...... you,· inl.ud
of uy,ng.·From whl'glory a•• yo" (ome ,0
.h,,1 Ar. you no. u h.medl Why did!


"Tb t L,,~God.ojdfDfb tJerp.nI,

·Btc~" •• YDU h~v. ~D" t Ihi.,
,w rJe~ art YDU abov. aH,~ult,
~" ~ abDvr ~I! ",H~ Dnima!s;
an~ ~wsr l YDU lball tal
all ,h. ~~}l of yaur lif.
"I ",ill pur . nm;,y b.,,,,••n you an~ tb . WDman,
andbttwun yowrlt.d andb.rlt.d;
h.' .hall &rw;I(' y"ur h.~d,
andyo" lb~!1 brwil.' h;, h.d,"

OVIlIt.VIB,,·:Godpuni.he.lhe •• rpenrwirh 3:14GoJ C"r. t.lh.Strptnr

ou,inquiringb.cau •• iti,aJlranger'o
r.p.nranc •. Godcu .... th •• erpentabov<all T HII SIIIlP''''T Is .. ST .... NG II .. TO REPBN '
bu.",JeccivcdAdam andEvc, T"NCII.EpHRIIM THE SVRUN; \Vh.n [Adam
whomled anb ..... (EPHRE .. ).h'puni.h· and Eve ] h ad bccn quurioncdand wc .. borh
mentup ...en.. rhcpuni . hmenrofrhedevil foundtobewa n,inginre moru o,tru<confTi.
(A MBII.osB,AuGUST'NI)."D u" you .han Ut" tion.God wcntdown to Ihe.crpcnt, no, to
mCan. that thc dcvil wiH look for and mak. inq ui ry bu,to rcnderpuni.hmen"For
de.,ro)' tho.e mcn who are ca<thly minded whercthcrei,oppofl uni'yforrcpen,ance, it
and PUt a ll thcirhopc in thc earth (C'6 ' wouldb.righttoinquire,bu,roonewhoi • •
$ .. IlIUS OF ARLIlS). God pu .. enmirr bctwccn . "angertottpcntance,j udgmenti.fitting.h
the ... pcntand rbewoman becau •• we can· i.iothat you mightknowth.ttheurpcn,i.
not be tcmpted by.he dtvilucept 'hrough notcap abl eof repcntance,that when God uid
that animala.p<" ,hat rcvcal. rh imag. or fO i,:Secau.eyou have donc th i., cur .. d a..

exemplificnion ofrhe wOman in th. one you.bove eve,)' b...t:the .c'pent did nOt
whole man (AUGUSTINII).Thcocrpcn,i,not •• ).,.J did not do;t:bccau.. it,,· •• • to
dc.,roycd b)' God in ordertowam men lie. no, did it.a)·.·J did it:bec.u.e it "·a, .
"pin" the (AMUIlOSB).God·, "rang...orcp.nrance.CoM"E~·T"RVo",
word •. "J will pu ,enm"yb",wccn you a nd G~"U IS ~.19.1.'
rnc woman. and bctween you,..ecda nd her
occd:c.nbe re.d ••• pufiguri n gof the VLC,
toryofChri .. over the devil (1Il£N"fius)
Goo Cu •• u IT ABo" . ALL B ....T •• PllN"""'.NTO f n ' ID.",L.AuoU ITII<I:
E.Hu"'THBST.u.N:·C"rud .....,yo" •• Th~ .. rpent i. no'no"''1uu"on.dhu,
.".rybnll,"b.C... " a. yo"dccc,v.drhouwho rccciv.dpunishm.n, firs,. benusc he unnOt
rul.o •• raUrh.bc: .... ".hllt.adofb.'ngmor. con{euhi•• in.On.......
d ov.rrhanall.he buJI,youwHlbe mor. has nogroun da,aUfote:r.culi ngh ,mlclf.
,urud tban all the b ....... and ' on your beUj' There 11 no men, ion now of .ha< co ndemn,.
,hall yougo:b.cluo<youbr<>ughr b,. th pang. ,ionof,hedevil.h .. i.,,,,erv.d for th . lut
uponlh.rac.ofwom.n.And·dultyouohall judgm.n'.of .... hich,h~lord'l'eaJu,wh.n h~
n'a!,ofyourlik·be ......uyou<kpriv.d aays."Ocpa" ,n.o th ••• crnal fin, which hao
Adam and Ev. from eaung of Ih. , ..e of Lik bc.npupa,edforth.d.vil ... ndhuang.t..:'
CO"""NT"B~ ON G~NU'S ;.;9.1.' Ra.h.. tfm.nllon. tha'punishmentofh ll
' gain" whICh w. mu .. bcon guard. Fnr h ..
T HM0 ... 0 . .o~ CO .. o ..... "TlON. A.. BBUSE pun,.hm.nt ",ha, h. h• • in h,s power rho••
Th.nrp.nti.a 'yp.oflh.plu.uruof,h. who dc.p' " the command of God. Th...ord.
bodj'. Th. woman Itand. forour •• n.e. and b),wh"h •• ntencci. pronounc"d aga,nothim
.h.manfo.ourm;nd•. PL.aourell,,,,h. mak~ ,hi. dear. Th. pun,.hm.nt ;a the
.. n•••• wh,ch ,n ,urn h••• Ih.".ffecl on th. bcuunh. '~JO"".ovCt.hlfunh"'pprpo""",
"u"d.PL.asure. ,h.refore.i.lh'pnm ... ..y wh.rcubcforeh,.fallh.".....ccw,omed.o
sour<.of. ,n. Fo"his reuon. do nOt wonder "JO,cc,nlhe.ubhmc .. u.h" nwhochh.d,d
11 thc faCl tha, by Go..r.judgm.nt Ih ••<:rpen. no...maln.H.ncc.".n,h.caltlc.r....
wao flrlt cond.mned. then Ih. woman .nd .h.... dofh,'npo ..c,buf ln
finally rh. man. The ord., of cond.mnu,on. ,·."on of th."n ..,u, •. Fo,ca" le did nn,lo...
,oo.corre'ponded to Ih ... t of th. C"m• • corn· hca.enly happ,n .... ,ha"h· t·nc"cr h ... db .. ,
m,,,.d . forpL.asureu.ualLycapt;'·a,u,h. hv •• hc"lif.,n,,.hey ..cClv.d .
• en ..a. andthe .. n.u c.p".a.e.h.m,nd.To HcnuGod'l,dfohlm.· You will c... p upon
convu" . you th.... ,h."rpen, "th. type of you,cb.... ndbcUy."\V.can ..eth .. 'n.h.
pluau.e • •akenot.ofh"condemnallon.·On .nak..... w.U • • ndth.e:r.p ..... 'nn' . ... n.·
your br ••".nd on yourb.Uy.haU you crawl: f....dfromlh.,'maJ.o,hll,nv.. ibJ~
w.rcad.Onlytho •• whohv.forlh.pLu."re. cnemyofou.r •. Fo.(h.(crm,I>tJlllgnifiu
o{,h<llomachcanb.uid.owalkon,h.i, ·p,id.·bccauu,he",ongd rivcaof,h.loul
bclliu: whofCgodi. th.irbdl), ruJe,hcre.Th. termi>dIYOLgnif,.."carnal
glory i. thelf.hamc:' who eat ofwhac " d ..... ·beclulCth"pa"ofthebod)'",ecog
urthy.nd ... ho. wcighed down "'"h food .... n,zedu.oflC,.S,nccbyth •• cmcan.h.
b.n, on. to ...... rd ... hat .. of ur.h. The .. r· nups upOntno .. whomh."... nutodece,v •.
pentlf ... Uc.Ucdth·'rmbo!ofplea.ure,n Ge>daa,d,'YouwiILcrccp upon your ch .. , and
thal. ,n.. nt on food,h ....m' 10 f..d on th. bell)': Two 800)[s 0 .. GaNu,s.I,,:aINST TH£
carth,'On you,bre .... , and on your bdiy shall M"N'CH"UH.~.17.~6.·
youcnwl.du".hallyou.a, .U,
yourlif.: I',,"""' UI 5.7l·74.'


T" . DIVIL DU T.on THon WHO A •• whol~ m.. n. Two Boou 0'" G8"'IS IS
E .... T"U· M,ND .... C .. I .....,US OF Aun: AG ... ,,,,sTT,,.M ... ,,,,cH ... uNs •. 18 .• a.'
God laid 10 th~ d.vil :·Olllt you Ih .. ll u,: b
i',h..... thth .. tw.'re .. dllnd.rf_tthatthc GOD Do .. NOT OUTaOY TM . S •••• "'T.
devil UII, bre,hren! No, It i, peopl~ who Ire A....on: Godjudgcd tha' n~ ..... '0 be held
u .. hlym.ndcd.lCnlll.!andproud .......,IOYc in (hnk for a tirn. rather than tobc
thcunh."dp!ac •• ll,h.irhopeoinit.Th.y de"roy.d,10 t .. a,h ..... y.,o.helCrpcnt,·J
l.bor.ntircly forcar".l Idv."..g.....,h., {or will pu, .nmi,y b..",un fOu and ,h ~ ",om.n,
Illch pl.uu r•• ,.nd think littl.or nothing of and b""'~en your I(~d and ,h ....d of ,h •
•" wom .. n.Sh •• haUwatehforrourhcadand
.h.", ,h. d.villCd.... H. "'cmllo do 10 junl)', you for hcrhccl.· remain .
{or,h.ywcr.usigncdtohim.,lh.bcglnn",g ,h..crema",ldn(ord.ndth.d..".,odo
of, ... .... u •• id.ohim,·Dw, harm.\\'h.reth.'.i..... d... ".,odoharm,
fOu .h.1I ut.·Therefore I., Onc I_I. 10 ,h........ i1I1C1tablilhed. Th.reforethe •• " d'JCordbcrwccnth.IC'pcn.andlh.woman.
gru,,hilbodylhan{o,hi•• Evil i. at,d: ,hu, evil hll nOt
h,m fur that h. will bnome the food ofthc bcen,ncda,,·ay.lnde.d.ilh .. b.:enrc..... cd
urpcnt. SU"OH5 116.' forth.ocrp4'nl , lh .. h.m'gh,watchfor,h ..
woman', h.eland ,h~ h.... l ofhet ICed, ... a. 10
): 1; E"",ifyBetw."" fht S.rp""tandtlJt doharm .. ndlnfulehi'poi.on. Thereforel.t
Woma" ul no, .... alkinearthlything.,.nd,h •• crp.n,
will not beabl. '0 harm u•. L., u'pu, on ,an
Sn..o Ll cM ...... , .. G o 'THIE"' .. ,TT. dal.ofth.golpcl,hat.hutou"helC'pcn,·,
AuQuST,N~:EnmiuCllreno.lCtbc.w •• nth. poi ... nandblun,,.. ,h.,,,,.m.ybcpro.
ICrp4'n,"ndtbcm.nbu,bcrwc.nthcICrpcnt ¥idcdwithcoveri ngonou,f.. etbJ'rhegOlpcl.
.. nd ,he WOman. Thi ... lurcll' nOt beuu.. h. FUGOlTHOlolTOlIWOJl.LD7.4 l."
f.ilo,od.c.iv ••, i.itIOn,h.
contra'r,iti.dea,lhalh.doc.dcceivcthcm. ENIoI,TYA PJI. . . ' GUIAT10NO.TMBV,C TO.T
O.i."bccau•• hcdidnoldeccivcAd .. mbut OFCM."TO"I.T Ol K O~V ' L.I.'NAHU5:
hi . womanIBu,il,h.urp4'n,thcnno,thc Ch';lIcompl...I)'renc",edall,hi"gl,both
enemy of ,h. mln 10 whom .hlt deception .. king up the battl.againlt our
came ,hrougb h"womln , eopcciaUy,in.e·l cnuhingh,m ...hoatthebcgonningh.dl.dw
",m pllcc.nmitybe,we.nyou.nd.he cap.iv. in Adam, trampling on hi. hud ...
... om.n·iln.t.dinlh.fu,u,.l lfth .....oni. you find in Gcnc.i. th .. God lIid '0 th ••• r·
thath.didnotth •• caftcrde.eiv.Adam,itil pcnl,· lwillpulenmi'ybctweonyouand,h.
al... trU.thlfh.didnotlh.relh.rdcc.i..., ... oman. andbc.w •• nyourIC.dand,h .. sud
E.n.Hcncc.",hydoc,Scrop.urcpu,i"hi. of the woman. H~ will be on the watch £0"
""rITo';'o,,· dca,h-,h., "'. can"", bc yo .. rh ..d.lndyou ..·illbeonth ......chro"
I.mpt.dbl, th.d.vil .. ccp"h.oughtha,ani·
mal part ...."ic" .. y.ab,"o,o . puk. ,h. imag.
0< uemp!ification of ,h. woman in ,he on.

hi. h~~l.· FT<>m thn"n it wa. that man fram the beginning •• etting himself up in
hewhowa>t"b~bornofavitgin.aft .. the app".ition to man. Bccau5eofthi"he Lard
likene ... ofAd.m. wouldbeon,hewa"hf"r alsadeclareshimoelflObe.heSonafMan, .a
.he.erpen... renewing in him.elf .ha. primal man from
.he,poSlle .. y. in.he lettu '0 the Galatian •. wham .he farmatian af man by wam an began,
·The law of wo,tu was established until the that aI ou' racewen,dnwn.ndeath by a man
.eed should come.o whom the prom i•• wu whn avercame. and asdea.h wOn rhc palm af
made.'" Heshow • •hi... illmo",clearl)'in vic.nryav.. usbyaman . • nwemightb)·.
.h ..... me.pi.d.wh.nh. sayo. ·Bu, when the man receive.he palm nfvictory over
fulln e... of'im< ,...,15 <om •• God sent hilSon AGA'NST Hnuns ~.~J.I."
made af a waman:" Th •• nem)' wauld nat
have been jUldy canquered unless it had been
a man mad. af Waman who conquered him.
Far i. ,n' b)' a wOman that he had power aver


"T~ t~ r w~",a~ b. ,aid.

0J will gr'~ tly multiply JOw, pai~ in ,hildb,ari~g;
in pain JOu s~al1 bringfortb ,bildr,n.
Jt!Jowrd.sirrsb~l1b'for yowrhsband.
~~d h~ 5b~!1 rwl, opu JOw.·
" And to Ad a", b'l4id.
·B,,~use JOu b~v, lilf~n~d to th. VO;ct of yowr wife.
~nd ~~v. t4 t'n oftbe trre
of whicb J 'omm~ndrd JOu.
,wr>cd is Ih, ground [brc ~Ulf of you];'
in toil JOU sh~1l ,al of il ~JJ tb~ days of Jour life;
"fbM"l and thilfl~l it shall bringfort~ I~ JOu;
dn': yow .h~ll e~! th . pl~ms of Ihr fiei':
" j~ rh. lw. ~t of Jour f~"
JO~ shall ,a: ~rr a d
fm_yOW ,etur" t~ Ih . gro un oi .
foroutof;tJou ... trtt~hn;
JOU ~r' dust. '
And todult' JovlbAllrtturn:

Ov..v,n,: The Inah il punilhed fin, in

ord<r.ogiv. EveandAdam .h~po ... ihil i.y.o
r~pcn! (£PH"'''), Th~ pain. impo.~d on Eve AFT • • T" ,S"PI"' T'& P u .. " .. "'u .. T.A o....
in bringing fo ..h child ... n.ymbolin.h. pain. .. .. oEv. Do NOT RBPB .. T. E.HB", T N I
that human heing •• ufftr in gwing I.... h 10 Sr••"N:Th'p"ni.hmenld.".td'glinlrlh.
temperance in their lOul (AUGUsn .... CHIIY· . erpent "'... Jwdy d....,.d. Whyllkuu •• if
sosro.. j. Marriag... duil<d in order that Ih. ,,·ufitt;nglhllp"niohm.n.rc,urn.o.h.
humantactmighlhtprue .... edhythe,.,nul ' placewh ... follj'Mgino. Th •• n.ire,u.on
.ionofchild ... n ( joHNopD"M"scul ).lfAdlm G<>d b'gln wi.h Ihil impiou5 CrUlure wao 1<1
andEv.hldno,"inn.d.lh.birlhingofchil · that,wh.nju.IIC.lppc ••• diuan,.,r<>n.hi.
d ... n .......ldluv.taken place in paradise ... i.h· crta."rc.AdamandE"•• houJdgro... afraid
oul'oon:!in.u.conC\ ( .... UGuST1N.j. and .. pcn..... ha' ,h... rn'ghlhe. pouibility
.... dam·.hud.hip ..· ... n fo·S .... ·oprele ..... th.mfrom.he cll.... of
bJ'Ev.·. ac,ion(C ...r$OSTOMj. Theironyo{ j".. icc,B".... h.n,h...,?<n.hadhe.ncursed
Adam'.cutJeiotlutllifeofcon•• .ndAdamlnd E".bad .. illm.d.nooupp),ca.
b.upromi..dund., ••• bollndariu,bu •• h. lion. God clm •• o .h.m w;.h puni.hmen •. H.
lif.h.chosc"putfrom.hosebo"ndal'elw... cam •• oE".fi .... bccl.... 'lw.... hro .. ghh..
thorns. thi.t1 •• Ind labor (C uJLopAI.UA"· .hll.h.linw... hand.donloAdlm.Co .. •
OIUA,C" ....SOSTOoll ). The whole cr ... llon IS M~"T.. U 0 .. G....IlS ~.Jo.,.'
dc .. in.d.oohl ... in.hccllrseofmlnlnd
... om.n (M.. c ..."'.T H.G ....T). T,, " WO...... ·5 Cu . n.C H.nono .. , S.~
Thclabo.. and ..."o... impoo.donAd.m .h.Lord·lgoodnc.o. howmllchmildn ... ho .h. .mploj'l do'pi"I"ch 1 •• rribJ. falL · ! will
F.,h ...... both spiri'\I.1 (AUGltSTts.) .nd g...dyaggr.,,"!C.h.p.inofyourlabor.· MJ· (CHI<YSOSTO>II ). Thcthomothatgrow intenlion hadbe.n. h.;1 n r ing. for you to
on earth.ymbohu.h•• inoofhumankind h,vcllif.f..,.ofll'<lllbJ • • nddi ........ , r;dof by Christ (TuruLu4",j. Death "'11 allp.inlndgri.f, fiJl.d ...;thcvcrypl.lll1re
not impo •• d by God on Adlmand Ev. bUI andwi.h nO'enIC of bodily nced l dupiteyollr
wu •• onnqu.n.. bodi]ycondi.ion, Bu,.inc'youmi. ul<d l llch
(A.....osl).·Youshallr.. urnrodw.·d .... ind"lgcncc,.nd.h.ab .. ndlouofgood,binjl'o
no,mean,h.uh"mannuhpcrioh.. com . led you inlOOllcft ing ...ituci •. accord,ngiy I
pl.,oJy bu,u, ff.nlformedinotd<r.o impoo.,h .. c.. monyou .opr.~.n:ro",fu-·
b.r.. ""....dbyllICru.o •. Chri" ....
look an urthlybody (O.IGEN ).
.herrunningrinl,a ndJsen.enceyou.opain _ in ten,ions ,owatd ,h. good d • .,d. In order
fullabor."Jwillgreatly oggravatethepainof tha. t his habit might be born. t herc w •••
your labor; in pain you will bcarchildren: painfulnrugglewithb.dh.bit.Scripturc
I will ensure. hei.uying.tha.thegen ..a· add • • f«rth.birth."You will rurn to youc
rionofchildren.arearonforgreat.ari.f.c· man . • ndhe willruleoveryou." ... Wh.t
tion.foryouwi ll beginwithpainwth •• each canthi. me.nuceptth.t when tha, parr o(
timewi.hou. fail you will perlon.lly have a the.o ul held by carnal joys has. in will ing to
rom tnder.through the di.tres. and the of conquerabadhabit .• uffereddifficult),.nd
e.chbirth.ofthemagnirudeofthi•• inofdi.· pain.ndinthi , w·rbroughtforth.good
ob.dience .... lntheb.ginninglcre ••• dyou habit. it now morccarefully.nd dilignd),
equal in esteem to your husbond. ond my ob.y.rcasonuits hu.b.nd'Andtaught b)'
in.. ntion ...·.. th.rineverythingyouwould itspaino,itturn.,o rea.on.ndwilling!r
shartwithhtma.anequal.andaslentru..ed obeys i .. command. leSf it again d.dinc to
cnntrolofevery,hingto your ".did some harmful habit. Two BOO KS o~· GBN •.
I to you, but ynuabu.ed your equalit)· of ...• S,S AOA1NST TH. MAN'C HA"AN. 1.t9.19.'
,us.Htncel.ubje« you '0 ynut
Ho.,'lIesoo<G&NES'SI7.)O·),.)6. ' M " RR t AO E DEV t " D ~O" T H B P". SB "VA·
TWN O~ HllMA " ' TY.JO"~· 0_ DAMASCU S
Sno... OLIC MlI .. NING o~ Y H ~ P "'N I S HM . ~·T ViTginit)·waspracticedinpar.di.e. !nd.ed.
I.,POSHD 0 " EVi>. AUGIJSTlNE: Ther. sacred Scripture ny' th.t",her ",erenaktd,
que ..ionaboutth.puni.hmentofth. <0 wit. Adom ond Ev., .nd were not ashamed,"

woman. For.h. cI.arly h •• her •• nd However.onceth·rh.dfall.n.the),kn.,,·

.igh,multipli.dinth.woeoofthi. lif. th .. they ...·eren.ked , .ndbeins,h.)·
Although htr bearing her chi ldren in pain i, sewed together.pton, focthcm.e!ve •.
fulfilled inthi. visibl. woman. Our consid.r· the fall. when Adam hcard"Du.s. ,hou . ... and
arion.houldnever,hel... b.... oll.d.o,h.t unrodustyou&hoU •• turn:.nddeo,hen .. rcd
more hidden WOman. For even in anima!. th . into ,h. world through tran,sre ..ion, th.n
femal •• bearoff.pringwithpoin •• ndthi.i . Adom knew hi. wife. who conceived .nd
in ,heir .... thc condition ofmortali,y broughtforth.And.o,o kt.prhcr.cefroR'.
r.therth.n.hepunishmcntof . in.Hcnce. it dwindling and being destroyed by dcath. m.r ·
i'pouibleth.tth"b•• h. condi,ionofmor· ..... ' d.v .. ed •• o that by the beJ;erringof
t.lbodi .. eveninthefem.lesofhum.n •. But children ,h. r.ce of men might bepre.ervtd
rhi.i.thegreatpuni.hment:theyh. O"THOOo~FA'YH4"4.·
(ormer immo"alitj"Still there i • • great P"o CRIl .. n ON WO IJ LOH AVETAE HNPLACIl
mysterr inthi •• entcncc,beuu •• therei,no t NPA"A O' S~.A"GuSTlNe:Why,therefore
rUtUln, ftom catnal desire. which does no, may w.nOl au um.,h.t ,h. fir.' couplebefor<
havepam ,n,hco.g,nnms·un,i lh.bithas ,her 'i nned could h."'gi'·.n. command ' 0
been bcn, ,o"'a rd improvement. When thi '
has come abou,. it is as rhough a child i.
born , .h., IS . ,h. ~ood hab!! dispo ... Our

thci.",niuJ organ, for ,he purpo.., ofproc.. • down. Ho>OlUU ON GINISI5 ".,1.'
ation U they did to the other m.mbeutha,
thc.ouli. accultom.dlomov.loperrorm 5"" UTu .. lAlnCT Of'K.PU N,I HMI NT
nrioUAu,luwi.hou,any.roubl.lndwithou. IMP ola o oH TH I M .. ".AuGUST ' ...: \V!,a,
any cnving for pl.uur.! For.h •• lmigh.y .hall ...... .. ,d.. judg rn.n.pronouacec!
Crutor,worthyofprai...... yond.llword •. again .. ,h. man! Are w.
pc rhap • •othink tha,
who i.great .... n in ,he l.uI of hi. worlu. hu u.erich,for ..« ..iticsoflifecom.
gi,..ntoth ....... th.po ... rof"'producing .uily.ndwhodonolLaboron,hc
,h.iryoungjuJtu.h.yproduc.wuand .",ap.d Ihi' pua i.hmen.! h ""y.:Th. carth
honey. Wh)·. ,h.n, .hould;' •• cm Myond M' .. ill bcc.. in all yourworlu.and
I,cf,h.,hcm.d.,h.bod, •• oflhcfiro,human YOUlhlllca,fromnino.adne.. andgroaniag
bc,ng.,n.ucha .... y,ha'.if,hcyhldno, all .h. day. of your life. h will brong forth
. inncd.ndh:u:lno,immcd,alCly,h ..cupon ,hor", and u.i.du for you. and you will ca,
con ..""..d. d,HUC that would brongdcath. .b.guin of your 6.ld. In ,hc.w... of your
,hey would move ,he m.m""ro by which off· brow you will ca.yourbrud un .il you return
Ipring ... g.ncr...d in th. lam ..... y ,hat on. .o . he earth from which you .... re
command.hi,f.., .. h.nh...alh.JO ,hat you Ire carth, andyou will r«urn'0 th,
conc.puonwouldukcplacc ... ilhoutdi,or· ..nh .- Itilcc""lnJydurtha,noone ..cap.'
d..cdpauionlandbi"hwi,hou'!Bu,al thilu nrcncc. For anyon. born in thtl lif. 1.1.
it ... hydtsobcy,ngGod·.commandlh.)· difficultyiadac"".ring.h.....,hbcc...... of
d• ..,,.,...d.o expertence,~ m.mM .., th.corruptibl.bodr.Foru Solornon say ••
wh.r. dc.,h no'"r.ign.d . ,h. mov.m.n, of . "Th.bodr·ha,i.<orrupt.d .. eigh,downth.
la... at war wi.h ,1..1.... of Ih. m,n4. Thi. 11 I Klul.andthecatthl)·habnation p...... down
m"nm.n, ,h., marelag. rcgulatu .nd <on,,· ,h. m'nd.h .. t,hink.manythough ..... Th • ..,
ncn nt,,,I. andcon .... inl .•oth.,wh.r. arc th. laboroand KlrrOWI ,h .. man 1.1. from ... corrcctoon th ...nh.Th.thom.lnd,hi..I..... th.
m.y follow punllhm.n,.' 0" THE L,n~.u prickIng. of,onu,0u<q .. u1ion. or.hougbu
INTE~P1t.BTATtONoFGIN IS 'S<}· conccrn.c!withp,ovidi ngfor.hi,life.Two
BOOKS 0 .. GII"UIS AG ... NST THI M.. ,,·
'CH .. I .. N$")O.)o.'

A"u,', RUPo"" .,U'T ~o~ E,," T HII PH n ' C"LAsPlCTOFTHIIPUN ' SH'
D I PAULTEO. CH1t.YSOSTOM: Af•• r Ill. MI N' OF M....... CH~TSO'TOM: 5"",< man had
h.adofyour ... if••• nd . h.h.. bc.ncr....d .h"wnsrca,dilobcdi. ncc.Godc.... h,mfonh
foryour .. k.:b",youh .... inv....dth. from hi. life in paradiu. God c.. rl>cd min'.
propcrorder:no,onlrhlvcyouf.ilcd,oltccp Ip"nformcfu.urc.lO.b"hemtgh:no,l.ap
h.ron,heltraigh,andnarro,,·bl>tY°l>navc far,h., 'wn. H. inm to . life 0:
b•• ndrlgg.ddownwithh.r,.ndwh ...... h •
... tofthcbodt'lbouldfollo.· th.hcad .•he
cOntrl'1,ha.,nfactocc .. rr.c!,!follow. 'ci.,.-...<*<I .. ""I;.J'J.·.. C.."" <WI1.a::.'FC
ingth.r."of.hebody.'I>rningthing • .,p,idc 7~,211. '1>1."15. 'FCM, '15
toilandbbor •• pcakinglohiminlOm •• uch thingi.impo..,donhiminanoppo"".wa)".o
fuhion at thil:Th~ ~ue and l ecudt)' Ihlt hi.formc.l;fcltyl.'M)'in.~ntion'nbringing
we .. youu in abundanco led you to mil grtl. youin,o.hc world. h. is aaying. wutha'r"u
di.oNdien,e. They mad. you fo.get my (om' ,houldliveyourlif.withou,!""inor.oil,diffi·
mandmenu. You hid nOlhing to do. ThaI I.d cultyorlw.... and.h .. yoll,hould""'na
you tOlhink Ihough u 100 blughty fo. your "ate ofenJ"ym.nt Ind p'OlPf'''ty.lnd nor""
o... nnllu ....... Th ••• ror •.
[(ond.mnyoulo , ubjcc. 10 Ihcnudsofmcbod,' bu, ""f.«
toilandbbor.lOlhal w hil'lillinglheearm. f.omal1.lIchlndh .... th.goodfortune,o
you may n.¥e,fo'gel yourdi,oNdi.nco Ind upc.ien ecc"mplete freedom. Since. howe¥er,
th.vil.n ... ofyournatu •• : S .. PTt S.... L l uchindulgcnc.wuofnobenefi lloyoc.
1.. sT .. uCTtON'·4·S," occord",glylcllrlelh.g.oundlothll"",m
no.infv.turc y,c1d,uh ..."estuNfo•• wilh -
ST ... O Ll S .. Of TM BTH O . ." . T ... TulU .. N: oU'lilhngandplO<lghing.ln,,,"dl,nvcstyou
Towha, kind ofl crown. I Ilk you. did .... ithgrcatlabo •.• oilanddifficul,y.andwi'h
Ch. iItJuus.ubmi,forlhelah·ationo(bo,h unrcmi"ingpainanddupai'.l ndl.m.n.ur ,
luu! H.",hoil,h.headof manand,h. ing,h.,e .. cry,hingyoudo iloc h,evcdonl)'b)"
gloty of woman Ind ,he hu.baodof,he Iwca, "o.hltund.rp ....,h.seyou
(, kind of crown! It wal mlde mo)"h>vcconunu.algui<lance",knp,ng.o
from thornl and thiltlu. They llood 11 a limiuand"(ogn,:,ngyou. own makcup. llhalthelOiloflheflub Ho .. ,uuON G.NU'S ' 7.40·41. "
,¥".tlnSo( P "~ P 0550' TH BC ~ UT" .... P$.U'>O·
du,h "need... hud o(,h. Lord bor. iu M.e .. u "" Adam was created pur. by God
pl'n.And"""ide,h~lymbol.w,"",., fo,hil..,.v"•. All,helec.utu'ClweregwOH
mind.d.lloofth.uornfv.l.bu ••. th.degra· to him 10 Ie.v. h'm. He wu dunned 10 "" Ih.
dat,onlnd th. "il.n.... of hi. C.llel ,orm.n · 10.dandkingofallerea,urc.,Su,whcn.he
'0'"O" THEC ..OWl< 14.]. " ev;l ... ordClme,ohimlndeon¥cr..,d ..·;th
him. h. firlt rec.iv.di"hrough Inuternal
Mu .. "." O . THB Cvaul. CH~rsOSTO": hu,ing.Thc n"p<nctrat.dinlon i,he"rtan':
Ikholdth.reminde .. ,ookchlrgeorh;.... hol."";n~. """en n.w..
willl>nng fofth. h''''Y'. lnd ,h;.des 10 I. '0 ,hu.cap.u,cd.crea.ion .... h,chm'n ......dand
Il'¥. nU 10 PUt llbo. and dil.comfo ... lnd [ ••""cdh,m . ..·ucapru..dwlfhh,m.F,FTT
,,·ill.nlun' you pUI ,h. "'hol.'im...."h plin Sp,a"uu HO .. ,L,BS II.S."
10 tha. ,hil <xp~.,~nco ma)" pro¥•• buk~ on
may inllead havo a Iho"gh,loyou, own
mlk.llpandn.vcrl~ .. n""u,o""d.ce,vedin"e".
"YOll are .., ea,oflhegrallofthe field. In
,h •• we., of you r b"""mal' you elt your · -"(;\\' 11_1. "K~S . UPG ll d"',K1. ,~
b.. Id.:Seeho"· ..... ry_ ,"" "PMfSH,!
ODORSTopCn: 6 •• ausc rhc devil w .. envi· cauleofd.ath,th.n we can be beld.oaccuse
ou •• ndthewom.nw.. gullible,hum.nkind
w•• imm.di."'lyca.. ou,ofp.r.disc.h .... u
made .o walk .he ve.y ear.h from which Adam
hadju .. been neated. inheriting.wea., toil
him of incon.iSlen')'. Wc SUrn'O ,le"". him
ofbcing 00 d"void ofbencficcncc as to be
unwil1ing to pardon when he had the power
to do 0<, or power!u. ifhe wu
.nd hardlabo •. Alongwi.h Adam,thc c.cth unabl. to forgi "e. Lc. us •••. th.rcfor •. how
. nd all living.hingsthat followed wer •• ub· thil ' ion can be rcsolved. Thc.olu.ion,
jc".dtoevil,beingr ••"ain.dlike .horsc unle .. lammistaken,liesinthefa"rhat
that i. bridl.d. Adam did not use $ .... asth.cau •• ofdcath.
goodjudgm.ntduring.he.g.ofparadi.e~ for.hat v.ry r.Uon no. God bu. man him·
an ag. whkh wa. fr.e from .orrow and .elfwu ,h.'gen' ofhi,own death. If,fo,
pain-hew •• join.d.oadvcrSi.)".Throughhis cxarnpl.,.physicianwero,op ••• cribe.o.
suff<ringhe migh •• hengetridofthedi.ease p.ticnt what h. thought Ihou ld b. avoided,
which had corn. upon him in th. midst ofpa. .ndifthepa.i.n.felt.ha.theuprohibitions
adis •. w",eunn<cu.a'j",th.phY lieian i. not
6 y puni.hing uS with duth,.he l.wgivcr .espon.ibl.for thcpati.nt'
cu'off.h.spr.~dofsin.Andy.tthroughth.t th.,c ••$
ver)" punishment h. abo d.mon .....ed hi. o .... ndea.h. He n.. God as. good phyoici.n
10v~fo,u$.Hebound.ina n dd ... h .ogether forbade Adam to ea. wh •• would beinjuriou$
when he gave the b,,', placing th •• inn.r und.r to him. P.. RAO . . . ?JS. "
puni.hmentofdeath.Andye.he ordcred
thing,in . uch a wa)" that the HUM .. N FUS H DOBS NOT P u"s " Co .. ·
mign.ini'f:0alof .. h· •• ion.For PLIIT~u.O.'(laN:OU.ncsh·
d •••".para.;onfrom.hislif. eredb)"th.uncducated.ndbyunbeli.v....o
.ndbringsevilwork<.oanend.ltS.t$u.f... p.ti.h .ocompl.telyaf•• rd ....,h, labor , sw ••• and pain. and cnd. the . uf- wha ••".rofiu .ub"anceis left. W.,how.v ...
fcringofthc bodr.Thu. the Judg. mix •• hi. who believe in its re.urr.ction. kno",that,hmcnt.ONTHBINC""· death onl)"Clu.... <hange in i. and that i..
NATtON OF THI loRD 6.,." oub .. an .. ccttainlyp."i.t>andi,reotored.o
life again at a d.finite tim e by th. w;ll ofits
Gon DO HS NOT l .. po SB O ...T H 0" An .... Crutor and on.. mor.undergoe. a ttan.for·
.. "n EVE. A .. uou: Still anothcr problem muion.\Vh .. ",asa.firstflesh, · f,omth •
ari .... ·From wh ••• ourctdiddca,h tOm. TO earth,.m.nofdust;'· and",a.thendissol".d
Adam! Was it from ,h e nature ofa trec of tnroughdea.handagainm.dedu... nd
thi •• o" ora"ually f,om God,' Ifwc aacribc .. he.-for"dustyou.r.;i.i . written,".nd
thi . tothcnatureofth e tr .. ,th.nthefrui.of un.odu".hallyoureturn"_i,rai ••
thi . " .....rn, to b•• uperio·.o.h. "h'if)"lng from .h. utth. Afterward., as the merit> of
pow",ofth:bre.. hofGod."n:ci .. f,ui. .i>, th.perlOn
would iJave drown in.o cicath·. ,oil. him on
whom the d,vine breath had b."owed lif•. l f
wem.inuinth.:Gocii , the re.ponsibl,
.dv.ncurotbcgloryof.api.iru.lbody." Ot< goncin,or".carth.took.nearthlrbodl',... t
F,UTP"'t<CIPLIIJ.6.S· U he might carryi,r.i •• d upfrom .... h 10
h.aven.Andlhc u ....ioninlhel .... th •• th c
CH.... T R UU ..... CT' TH ..T W HI CH H .. " higbpr;elli .cl"th.d"", ntntunir·,,,n·
GON. INTODu' T.O"GIH:Scriprunl.YO.,.mr ..ery.Bu •• h .. i,.ddcd"co .....
·Aconlec.u.dlincn.llnic w il!bepu,on:" crarcd·mu.. no,bch ...duIUpc.f1uolU.For
Think of flax tbrCold , ..., comu from ,"e .h,".unic·,h.. wu ,he f1uh or Ch.ill "·u
....... lm.gin.' ..." ... nu ... rcadbc.::omel. ·con•• cr...d:ror; ...... ..
u nc,ifiedlin.n'un ic'h .. C .. risr ....... .h.sccdormanbu.begc"tenorrh.H"ly
highpri .... pu.. on w.. enh...k.. llp.h. Sp;ri .. HO"'LIBSO" Lmv1T,,;u59.~.)."
n•• llr. o€.n .. rt"ly body. Remember.""""
... Ki.boul.h.bocIy.hal"",...rth.nd" ... m
go In'o.he .... h:Thcre€o... myLo.d.nd
S.v;ot.wanring.or.'urrc.::"h ..... hi ' .. had



»rh. m~n ull.J !,i. ",if" be.'· bUA .. « .b.

"'~$ rb. morhrr of IIlIli~i"g. l' And
rh. Loan God mild. for Ad"m And for hi. "'if, gArmenfl of ,kin,. ond clolhed rh.",.

OV'. V"W: Th.nh.o ,h. knowledg. ",i. h inn""cncc.nd,mmon~hlJ·· anddu e'othc ..

whIch Ad.m "·U .ndow.d by GocI. h. wlI pridelhe y .~cel~edgumen"o("""' ( AuGu5'
.bl"ogi~.n.mtlfirltto.Urhean'm.ll.nd T.... ). The.. gum en.. of ok,n an a .ymbol of
,hen.o Ev. (E..u.....). Ev . . ..·ho ,nlu.tcd .hemorlahlytha'Ad.m"cClv~dbccau •• of
tr.n.grcu ion .... ucaJl.d·Lifc·bcca" ••• h. hi •• kinandofh"f•• illJ··whichcamcfrom •• ?On.ibiliryforthe.uccu.iono€ .heeorrupt ionof,hefl •• h(O .. Hll".GIUGO"Y I
,ho •• ",,h (CU5HIi ..,o,ALU· OF NuSA) .
...,.".... ). Th. ~armen .. of .kin "'~n prob.bI~
"u.~d by Go<!. and no anImal ...·u killed 11:
.h. p...encc of Adam and E~e;n ord~r'o pro·
vid.,hemwi.hclo.h .. (EpHRIi .. )': A D AM F."TOPU"~UBKNO"'·UDGL.
E".wu.... ipp~dor.heirfirIl8·rmcn:o( EPH ..... TIUS" .. ,A":
Wilhlhalmanifulknowledg. "'.deathof"'eirownbo<iiu.Co......'TAn
which God gave ro Adam. O"GIMII ' S •. )}.,. '
whcreby he gave nam...o Eve
.nd,olh.,,, imol., G ......,. T.O.S''' .. " s " PU,.,. " ... MT Of
Goddid ,,0,
reveal ,h.di"'ovcriu P .. IDI. AUGI,JST'''~: [Adam and Eve) .... ho
of'hing"ha,wercconccaled: w....[oflnno·
bu"n,hec... e ccncc ).a...ryedbyth.irmoruh'Yll·rmcnu
of,ha,hidd.nknowledv- ofo.kin. For.h...ue hooor of ",on 1• • obc:,Ik
from,hc •• oudownw ••d, imag. and ,h. lil..:nu. of God "'af If p""
Adomw•• oblc.op ..n ... ICrv.donly'" <el • .,on <oh,mbywhomni,
.nquiry,n.oali imp.u..d. H.ncc. h. cb ng•• o Goa to m.. ch
Ihll ll w"h,n.hi.univ..... ,hemorc.",.lcn h.lovelwh., lfhllown .
HYMI<SO" P" ..... ols',.. ' 6.' BUllhroughlhcaelircofproy,nghil own
pow... mln by hi. own will fall, down ,nlO
EVI b C"LLIO 1,. ' 0$. CL''''I<T OF ALU •.,;. himaelfa.i ntoo.ortof [lubsmu« ) eenl ...
0 .. ''': Th. woman who ;n;!lII.d lran.gru.ion Sinc.h •• lh..eforc...ilh ....obclikcGod.
w... call.d·Ufe:bccalU•• he ...... ""pon.ibl. hence und.r noon ••• hc" asa punuhrncn, h.
fO.lh ionof ,h~ .... l>ocam •• obirrh ilalaodtlve"frg"''''ecentcr.whichh.h,m·
and "nn.d. Sh. Ih ... became mOlhcroflh. ..If;l.down;ntolh.depth •. •h..... ln'o
righ ..o.... ndunrightco .... lik •. Elchon.of tbo ••• hing, wh ••• in.hcb.., .. d.hght. Thu, •
.... how. h,m.clf.obej ... torwillf.. ll)'r.n. ,inc., h.lik.n ... ,oGodi, hi,honor.lh.
d. uhi m. elfdi.obedi.n<.ST.".. n.,sJ.6s.,' likcne ... ,o,he b.u"i,hi.di'gracc.O"THt
3,21 God C'or'm Ad~ ... . ".1 E~.
Til l G......,.U OF 5" ..... S ....OLOF
TH s G ...... "Ti"FSI< ,NC ....T.o . TG" o. MO ..TA. Ll TT. 0 ..", ... : I. iI ,ha, God
E~H .... TH~ ST.' ..", W... th.H glrmen .. mad •• hol< m;.. rabl. gannenlJ ... "h wh,.h
from.h •• k,n, ofanimait!Orw.", ,be}' c",' ",.fi",rnan",.. doth.danerh.haalln"ea.
0,.<1 lik. ,h •• hi.d •• and.ho.n • •hat w.", cr.· '1'<>. Goa made .kin tun; .. an d clothed Ad,m
lI.d.fle<lhcoth.r workiof,r."ionhod an<lh; l w;f.:Th ..efore.• holCwcrc.unicoof
buncompl<led'BecauHIt,,·....idlhat,he oki n ukcnfromlnirnal,.Fo.w"hlucnll
-Lord made .•. and do,h.d "'.m:" Heml "'.... i.w.."'ryfo •• h••'nn •• •oM
mOl.I;kel),lhatwhen.hcirhandlwcrcplaced drUlOld.l, "'y".'wi'" .bn tun~.: .... h"h ar. a
over ,he"lcave. ,hcy found Ih.mKlv.. ' ,vcd
do,h.d In g"rmen .. of olun. 'Nhy would becauHofh.. a.lunlndofimfrailly.ha, •• m.
be ..... hlvobccnkmed,n.h."pruencc!Pc,· from.hecorrup"nnnflh.fleoh.Bul;fyou
hap.,h,.happt:n.<I",.h.,br,helnimlr. hn. be.n.I ...dy ,,·... hed from Ih.le.nd
f1un Adorn ond Ev. migh, no"".h .h." o,,·~ p.. rifi.<!.hrouI"M Ih. la,,· of God. th en Mo ...
boa,ulna.hatwi.n.h •• kin • •h.l'migh:
co".r .h."nlkcdn .... b ....lso.h .. by.h.
dUlh of ,h. animoh Adarn and Eve m'gh: H.
... iUdrc •• youwichagarmcncofincorrupcibil- ug!i neunf wh., ,,... diJcardcd . Likcwi. c•
,rylo.ha,·your.hamemlync~Ctapp"' ''lnd whcnwc hlvcpu,nff.h ., dud and ugly gat·
·,hal wh., i. motul may be owaUow.d up by mentma,wl.nud.forul frorn;rratoonal
lif..... Ho .. 'lI uo .. 1..VITICIls6.:.'.' JkilU (when I hu, ·, k;n.·!;nIC'prct;,ulhc
formofm .....tionaln.tur.,hatw.hav.pll'
0"01011 .. NO 0 1 011. G".GORY of onfromour:utociationwi,hdi.orderedpu·
Nnu: In me .. me .... y, when OUr n.ture . ion. j, w.,hrowoff • ...,ryplno{our'rnno·
bccomulubject,o,h.di•• quilibrium.nd n"lokinllongwimthc .. mo,·alo{the«dp ... ion.,itcneoun · garm.n,.Th .....c,h.disrupdonlofhar·
..",ho.. condi.ion • •h.'ncc.... rilyfollow monythll wc hav. '«civ.d from ",h. " ·
• hclifcofthep:utiOIU.Butwhcn;.rc.u,n. ""1.kin": ,,.ull intu<ou"., conccptoon .
• glln.omebl<»cdncu oflnotdcrcdcmotivc childbca .. ng. dltt , lacution, nou",hmcn •.
lifc, .... iIl nolongcrcncou nterm econ.., · .vlc,,"IOon. gra<iualgrowch,o mllur,,)·• •he
'1u.ncc. ofcYil.Sinc.wh •• ... . dd.dlo primcoflife. ,h.O~·
hum.n naturc from Ihcirr•• ional life wao no, TH BSOUL .. NIlT H . REsu .... cr 'o1"<.·
;nul bcforchumanilyfcUin.opau;on.wc
.haJl also lcavcbch",d all chc condi,;ono that
Ippc.talong w;,hp.u,on.lflm.nwcaring'
rlggtd runIc should bc denuded nfhilg.r-
mcnc, he would nn Inngtc' ... on h,m.clflhc
,& -.'1c..Io4. 'FcUI20.'PG_'-6J;:NPNF:



llTbtn Ibt Loan God illid. "Btbold , Ibt mlln' bQ J buomt liltt Ont of ul, .... <n~goo~'
"nd t~ il; and " 0.... ltJ l lot PUI fo rlb btJ Io"nd "nd faKt IIh o of 110. Irer of lif•. an d ea:. II ni
Iwr f or HtT ' - l.I lbtr.fOrt Ib e LoaD God le"1 him forl lo from IIoe garden of Edr n.' 10 lilI (in
gTo,,"d from ... "ic~ he Wlli /"Ktn. lO[ H. drove 0111 lb. m"n , IInd al Ib e U II ~f lb. gartier. 0,'
Eden h. placed )' lIoe cbtrllbim, IIn d "jlilming J ... ord .... ~iclo /lIr n. a every"''']. foguilr d I b:
...ilY IO rlo c/reroflift.
·LD .......!..XX ........... ·ux ... _ _ ...... _ _ Iooo_ ................ _ .. .....,

o ,·.. V' ."~ God l~mpoon. Ad~m wh~n h. conc'l\"u kno"i.dg<ofe ~j' riu,h. djd no,
u ,·I. ·H.i..... bccom. lik.on. ofu •. know'ng nave. but nc doc. no:lolC Ine kno"'led1f 0'-
goodand~v;I· ( EpHl\fi .. ).Af..r .n".inAdam goodthl: he Ilrcldr had (JOH Nc..U ' .. N,.
Ewen .hough .he .ree of which and Eve in.wity.hcy wouLd tas,e only uil.
u.l<calLed-,he"ecof.heknowkdg.ofgood Forrheglorywi.hwhich.heyhadbcen
Ind.vil: " gIVCI . hcmno knowLedg.(c...y. clo,hed pauitd Iway from them , .... hiLe plin
,;osro.. ). God prevent. Adam from ..... yfrom
again of,h. tr •• of life, in order.ha,h. mly them nOw Clme.o hold ' way Over Ihem.
nol l1Ve fo.cvor (EPHU" ), Adam il no. Co ..., II><nu 0>< G.><1I5.S ~.J4.1·~"
uc!udedlga;nl1hil willbu,dl<mi..edacco.d·
Ing ro hI< wUJ (bH....). d ... wn down by ,h. A" .... Do.. NOT Lo •• H .. KN<:>WUO". OF
.....,".cd GOOO.JOH .. C.OSsl ....:Andh<:>w .... i1I.h.a,
hIm {Al>Gu"., ... j . The cherubim. whom God £...,.m.n,of,hcl<>rd .... nd •• fr ...h.alnof
placulnp"rad,uulheSU"rdof.hctruof .h. fir" mln:"B.h<:>ld. i£ become lik.
life"cprcunuthc-fullncu ofknowl.dgc: One ofu •. knowlngg<><><l Ind evil!-For he
whilcthcturnlng. wo.d.ignillel .hc".emporal '0
must no"O be tltough. nave been.uch
puni,hm.n," (AUGuST, ... j. Th. chcrubim befo.c.h. ain.h ., he was wh<:>lLr'gnorant of
bclongto.hchighcl1hiul.chicalo.dc. good. O.herwin." mtU."oc .dmiucd .h.. h.
(PsI UDO·O'ONVS,ul). Chru,remov.:d.h. ,,"Ucrcatedlikcani.rationalandnnnleu
.wordfrom Ih.en.ryrop.radtH (EPH ..... ). anim..J:andlhl''''1uite ai>£urdlndf",clgn,a
The flame by which the ch.rub.m bloc:kcd the .hc Carh<:>llC f.i.h. No .... hcr... ccordlng.a th.
cnlrym,op •• ld' •• ,luttngul<hedbyCh,il1 pronouncemen.of.hemo.twIKSoLomon,
through the wa,e.of.hcha,h of .ebtrth -God made m.n righ,:' . ha, 1£. ' 0 cnJoyc<:>n.
(Bllo.j.Ma"yrdomi.l way!opu"hro ugh ,inually,heknowlcdg.ofgood alon •. Bu•• he),
.hcchuubim and ,hcflaming.word.hat .ough.m.ny,haugh".$orh.,. m.d •.••
guard.h.accc.. ,o . hc .... oflif. (O.",)II .. j . i,,,·uuid,"kn<:>"·,he
fall,rhercfo •• ,Adam conceived a knowl.dgc of , wh,ch hedld no. have. But h. did no. 10lC
Go" L.... ,.oo ... A" ..... E~H .... THI Sy.· Co........ eE).lu·~.·
I.... : God lald,-Ikhold. Ad.m hu become
lihoncoful.knowinggnodlndcvil."Ev.n TH .. DBV1LLI>l51 .. P.<:>.. " . .... TH ..TT H ~
.h<:>ughbyuying."H.hube,omelikeoM<:>f T ..... K"<:>WL. DCB. C HkTSOSTO .. : It
u, : h"ymboli"Ur·evcal •• heTrin;ty,.he i. now necClury'o uy wh,.. even though man
po,n, 11 .a.her ,hat God WIJ moc:king Adorn didno,.cce ••,herrc •. "
,n tha, Adam had p.cvlously bc.n ,old:rou ilc.Ucd-.herre •• h"giv.. ,h.knowlcdZ·of
willb<comelik.God,knowtnggoodande y'l." goodandc.. i!r fo.i.i, no:atr;n.tolcarn
Nowc .. en.houghafrcrthey .... hcf,uII wh), .. ,,
Ad.m .nd Ey. came ,a ;"'a..· .h.... tWO uid."On.h.d.)"whenrou .... of,he fru"af
'hln~ •. b.for. th.)" ... the frui' ,he)" hid per. .h.. " •• . v<:>u,eyc, will be opcncQ Ind you will
",vcd ,n.ClIIt)' on1r g<><>d .• nd '''er nUr, bclikegod • . knawinggood.ndevil."' H",,·
abau,evilonlrbrnearu,..Af... ,h·r"'
wouIOonl)· h.u.b<:>utgoodbr r.Clu.. r

can you mainuin , you uk me, that it did not belowrhefoo<hill.ofpat.dise;
provide him with the knowledge of good and bu,whenm.nkindeventhereconrinued
evillWho.aid ,in fact ,thOl irprovidedhim
withthi.knowledgeiThedevH,youwill they w..e bloned OUt .
• n,wer.Sodoyoupu,for,,·.rd.he .u.imony andbecau "" th ey were unwo"hj
of the ene my.nd the con'pirarot' The d.vil to bt neighbors of par ad i••.
.. id,"You wi!1begod.:Did.hcyrully God commanded the ark
bccomegodsiTherefore.since . heydidn<>< '0 CUt them ou, o~ Moun. Q.rdu
bccome gods. they did no. tocoivethe knowl. HVM ..S ON P ...... O'SE ,.'0.'
edge ofgood.nd ev il.i.htr. For.hc devil isa
harandneverspuk • •hetru.h.lnf'CI.he A D.... bD Is .. ' .. 5BDFRO .. PARAD'U.
GOlpcl say •. "He never "'y' in.h ...u.h:' AUGUST'''t,"Andlhen.le"Adamstrctch
HO"'L'ESON GENESIS 7.' forth his h.nd fO ,he trct oflife.nd live for-
ever. God dismined him from paud;se: It is
GO D P IlIIVIIN T S Ao .... P IlO .. E"T ' '''''OF wellpu,."h~di.mi .. ed:andno t"heex_
THE TIlIIII OF L' PE.EpHU" TH BSYIl''''<' If cluded:so tha,h. migh • • eem.o be drawn down by the ",eight ofhi. OWn 5in. to a place
knowledge he w.s commanded nor.out.ho,,· th., ,ui .. him. A bad man generallr uptri_
much f.oter would he ha .. en to thettee oflif. enc.. ,hi. wh en he begins fO livc among good
.bou, which h. had not becnso command.dl men.ifh.isunwilling.ochange for theb., -
Bu,i,wunowdecreed.hatthey . houldliv. !Cr.Heisdrive~ftomth.<ompanyofgood
;n toil. in sweat. in pains and in pangs. Therc - men by th. weight of hi' bad h.b,: .• nd ,he y
fore. le.. Adam and Evc .•fterhavingutcn of do no, exclude him .. hi. will but di.-
thi, .. ct. live forever and remain;n eternal mits him in accord.n« with his wilL Two
liv", of suffering, God forbade rhem.o eat. B OO KS ON G tH tS'S AGAINST T H E M .. N
aftcrthe),wercclothedwirha,urse. th.,
...forethej·in,urred , ....ndwh.n.he)' 3:24 Tb. Cb. ru bim .. "d" Fla",;,,: Sword
we .... illclothdwi.hglorr·Co .. MEt<T .. Il,
Ot<GB ... U,S:·J5.'" T H E C H ~ R1J"" .. NI> THE S WORD . AUGUS_
T, .. e: "Godpl.cedcnerubimand.flaming
3:23 God S.~d. Ad"", ,,~d Evefrom tb. Iword that mov .. "-thi. could b •• aid inthe
G"rden oneword",,,,,.bl.-",oguatdtncwarto.h.
, ... of lif.: Thol. who tr.n.latc ,h. Heb ..",
GOD B..... ,S .. IIDA D.... "IlOMT HBG " 'DIt<_ word. in Scr;p,ur<uy tha, "cherubim" m•• n.
EPHREMTHESVRlAt<: in Lar;n ",he full nu. ofknowl.dg.: Th. f).m-
When Adam ,'nned,· temporalpunisb_
God CUt him forth from paradise. men...<smoveinth." : on,,nua.
but in hi. graoo he gramed him
,he Iow ground beyond i:
.<tthnghiminthe ... lle r 'JnbM. 'PG;.oO;'O. 'K91:1!:. 'HOPI)

uri.r)·.lriscall.dflamingb.caus•• ve·r l •ib . ou"ha. throlIgh ,hc ",atcr of ,he b",h of
ulationbUTnssome howorolh.r.Buriti , on e rebirth, ,h~ fliduing flam r -by which .h.
thing to be bu,ned un,il cherubim gua rd ian blochd the enlrr intopa,'
b. bu,ned until purifi.d. Two SOOKS ON Idi.c wh.n ,h. firs, Adam wa •• xpeUed-
GBNUtsAG .. tNSTTfuMuIIC H.. It .. NS wOlIldb.cer'i ngui.h.d.\Vheretheon~"'cn'
~.~J.J5. " outwi.hhi.wif•. havingbc.nconqlIeredby
hi • • n.m)·.• h.rc rh.o rhet might rcturn with
TH" POS ITION O~ THE CHIIIlU"'M IN TH" hi • • polIJ«I1amcly• •h.chur<hof,h ts ),
CIIUSTl " ~ H I . R" RC H ~. PuuOO·DtONY· uaconqlIeroroverhi • • n. mr·Ho""U ISON
S'U" The name ,b<T~b,,,, mean. "fullnc .. of THIlGosPlul.r~. "
kn"wlcdg." or' "utpouring of wisdom: Thi'
fint of the hi .rarchi•• (ind udingu,aphim MAaTTIlDoMA5A WuTHJl OV<)KT HI
and chcrubim} is hiera"hically ",dered by C KBa".'M AND TH IISWOllO. O R'<)EN
'ruly supcrio,bcings. for this hicra"hypo,' ThroughOlIt martyrdomJuu s is wi.h rou 10
...... lh. hi",d.r.sGod·.imm.d;a .. .howyouth. ","y.othcpa,adi •• ofGodand
ncighbor.b. inggro und.ddir.,tly around how you may p... throughth . cherubim and
God and rccciving Ih. primal Ih.ophani.sand th. flaming.word.ha, tu,ns.vcr)· w.y and
p"rfeCtions.Henc< th edurriptioni.·carri.r guard,th. war 10 th. tree of life. For both .
Ofwarmlh" for,h .se<aphim.and.h•• it!ei. evenif ,hcrguard th .warl opaulhrough",
·ou,polIringof"'isdom" .he. ,eeoflif• . gua.ditJO,ha,nooneunwo.·
Th... n. m .. indic.... hd,.similarity.o what 'h r mar lurn ,hat way I" pas. th.olIgh toth.
Godi • .... Th. n.m.,hr,.,.&,"'.ignifi ... h. ,rc."flife. Th. flaming sw"rd will h"ld fasl
powe<lo kno ...·a nd,o ... God .•orcc.iv.'h. Iho •• ,.,h"haveb uilllIponthefoundotion"fhi.lighl. ,ocont< mplatc.hc rha,i. laid.Je.u.Ch rin . withwood.haror
divin.,pl. ndori npr imor<i ialpow.r,.ob.c . tta .... '· andrh~woodofdcnial.ifl mar call;,
fillcdwith,hcgif"lha.b,ingwi.d"mand.o th •• , which cI"hufirc very euilr and burn,
.h.rc.hcscg.nCTouslywi,h.ubordin ... ,ua all .he more . BUllh.chcr ubimwillrcceive
part of'hc b.n<ficcn,outpolIring"fwisdom. Iho.e whobr naturc u nno,b.hcldbr ,h.
C "~UT'ALH''''A ''C H'BS7. 10SB·20SC.'' fl.ming.word.becalIle ther hlv.bui!t with
no.hinglhat cancarchfir• . Th.ywiUescot!
C HR.ST HA S R" MOVBD TH" F~"M IN <) ,hcm.o.hetrecof lift.: and.o all.hetre • • God
SWO RD . EPHRB'" TH~STIl'A": Bl.... di.h. plan,.d in ,h. us. a"d made.ogro,,· ou, of
who "'as pie".d and so rcm"v.d ,he sword .h.ground.ExHoo.TATtO,,"TOM ... Tyo.OOM
fromrh.enrrr,oparadis •. Hn''' so ~·P...... · )6. "
OIS~ 2.,."
C " "'ST H.<$ ErT',,"<)V 'S HIID lTSFL .... ~. "FCS.,llI "PSV'6' -61' . uHOPU. ·'HQGh"6.1 1
BaD E: Tn~ .",,,,d A<i.rn ..l~.u. Chri ... poin" ~lc..:Ul·l"- "OOW6;"'-

' Now Ad"m knew Eve his wife, and ,he (o nrtived and bor< C"i". '''yi''g.·' h"ve gOlw,!
~ ma" with Ih . help of the Lon>.· 'A" d "g"i". ,h. Itore his brorher Ab.1. NOli' Altt! was"
h epe. of ,hup. "nd Cain " tiller of Ihe gro un d. " n Ih e (o urse of rim. Cain brought 10 Ih .
LORD a" offering of the fruit of the groun d, · .,nd Abd bro~ght of rh. jirsrli"gs of his flock

""d of their fa, portions. A"d the LORD h"d regard for Abd "lid his offering, 'but for C"i"
""d his offering h. h"d no regard. So Cai" was very ""gry, ""d his COIlIlItIl"n" fdL ' Th e
Lo~o said ID Cai". 'My are yOIl a"gry. a"d why ha s yowr counun"na fall e,,! ' If JOII do
wdl, wil! JOII liar b. ""'pud! And if JOII do 1101 do wrll. ,in is couching at tb. door; ifS
d.,jrrisfaryall. b~lyou mll,rmaSferir. "

O"~."' BW' Whil ~ Chrysoslom argu~s Iha< broth er Abel. Ca in T~fuscs God ', . ugg~S!ion
Ih.r.wuno<alkinScrip,ureofcoim.unfil ,odobetterwilhanewoffering (CHIU''-OS'
af'er ,h. bani.hmen, from p..adi ••. Augu.· TOM. EPH""M ).
,in. argu •• in principlr for sufficicn, g,acr for
honorable nuptial union c".n in pa",dise ( •.,. 4,1 · 2 Tbt Birth. ofC"in "nd A& d
G.n 1:28). Th. bil'th of Cam is . consequ.nce
ofAdam',fall, which I.d him 1o la•• his spiri· AOAM K .. ~ ..· E .. ~. CHUSOSTO"': After hIS
tual wisdom and ' 0 .c~ ui r. a worldl)' knowl· di. obediencr. af'er Ih~ir loss of Ihe garden .
edge (SVMBO>< THE NEW THEOLO<aA,.j. The ,h.n i,waslna'th.practiceof in,~rcou ..e
name Cain muns·ow n.rship." Abd. the sec· hadiub'ginning.You .e•. bdor.,heird ...
ond chi ld .sened as ,he fi", sy mbol of,h obedience ,he)' followed 0 life likr ,h.t of
C;,),ofGodofthos.deSfined IOsuff.rcru~l angel •. and th«. "'•• "0' m~ntionof inte ,
penec urio" s onurrh (AIJGIJST'NEj. coUrs •. HOMIL1I!SONGENU'S .8.• : :
SaCTificeis anancien,cu",om,ha,dates
from 'he agr cfAda m.but God does no, n •• d CA'N \V.... CoNC."·." BIJC .. us lI AOA'"
.. crific.. (AuGIJST IN Bj. Abel ..·.. disc.rning T"""'BD H IS Lov. '1"0 V[SI.I. . O .' BC"'~'
in hi. choic< ofofforing •. wher.u Cain SYMEOO< T H ~ NI'" T HloWC1AN: Since Ado",
showed no such dilcern men t ( EPHUMj. God had been blind.d in rh . efes ofh" ,oul and
doesno,con. iderCain·. offeTing.l>ecauseh. had fallen fTom thr lif. imperi.habk he b.gar.
kno"'s ilia: ni , heu:" wick.d (OR I (:~" ,. ,0ioo~wi,hi". phy",<al .y ••. H':u,n .<!, h.
Cain '. COUnl.nanCe r.l1 when hi. offering " ...
r.j ••,.d.nd hi s broth.r'. ,.. •• (CH R"
SOSToM j. The first sin of i• • nvy fo, nlJ;

yi,;onofbi ,cye. on .. isibloobj.c.. with.ffcc. of.h~fruiuofthcClr.handAbcJof.h~fi,Jt.
'IOn.,cdeain.nd"knewE... hi. wifc. and.h. ling.ofhilfloclu. Weans....,rthu,hecon."Suehknowlcdri, cI.";on'obcduwnfromi'i',h.....crifini,
in ruli.yignor.n<eofallgoodn.... for had h. a .. eryancientcunom,bceaulCourtrucand
nOt fit$' fallen from th. knowlcdg.and con· ne ,.dBook, wa,nu" h .. iti'RO ...,bc
,.mpla,ion of God h. would no,h .... bc.n offered ncept,olheonctrueGod.Bul God
brought down.o.hi.knowlcdgc. 0'5 ' doel Ro,needncrificu.ui. mOltdearly
(OUUU ' S.': npr~".d in .h. ume ... cr.d BookA,"[ u id
M ....."NG O.TH~ N ..... C.. , "'. AUGUfn ... : non •• dofmygood.:' becauu,naccep"ng
No.ctha"hcn.m.c..inmuRI"own... hip: or rdluingo.rcc.iy,ng.hcm ho .. lool.. ng
wh,chnpl.u'lwh""·asnid.,,he,im.of only to man'. good. God dou no. ci<t,vc.ny
h"btrlh brhi , f.. h.rormo,hcr:1 ha ... come bencfi. from our worohip. but wc do. lIT '
,n.oposs.slionofamanth.oug:hGod:C'TY TlU'02.,.'
O.GOD'p;. '
AnL Sn• • ouzu Tlt E CITY OF GOD. C ..... E.H ..MTH .SYI.. AN'Abtl,,· •• ver)·
AUG UST'NE' Cai n was followcd br Abel. who di"crninginhi, choic.ofoff."nll,·wherca,
"·U kill.d by hi,b ro,h ••• nd Hr .. cd as th.,ho...dnoluchdi ..c.nmcn •. Abcl
r.m proph...c Iymbol of the C"yofGod.H. 1.ICCl~d and off.nd .h. cho,,,,, .. ofbisnn.·

wulik ••,4·..incdto,uffc. bo,n.ndofhi , f.,on ••.,h. ,

cr,,~1 p~ .. ccudon' at ,hch.nd.ofth.wickcd off.,'nfrui .. ,ha' ...
",cnwhocanp.ope.lybccaUednattv•• of founda,th.","ngll··,nl.

urth bccau ,~ ,h.y lo~. ,h LS world u th ... E.. cnifhLSoffc.ingh.dbten.mallerlhan.hat
ho",~andfind .b~i.happ,ne u ,n .h,wo.ldly ofhtsbro,her.i,wo.,ldhavcbccn • • acccpt ·
f.hci:y<>fthe .. rthly'ity.C'TYQ~GOO abl....heofferingofhi.bro,he •. h.dh.not
b.o .. gh'i'wi.h,uchcar.I ... n.... Tb.)·mad •
•hcir offering, ahernatclr' on. offered a l.",b
ofhi,fl",k,.h.o.hcr,hcfrutt,of .h.carth.

GOD 01,111 NOT NUl> S.. u .•• ,,;u. AUGU~' fo.,,off."•• cd.God
TIS": [The p.gan< la)', "Th.Ch""ian,]cen·
,.,re theccre",on'~.of,.criflcc • •h ....ttml.
.d"... dtoaccepltt,nordc •• OIUchC.>nho.'
hc ..·.. tom.k •• noff.ring. CO .... I"'T.. lYO~·
,nccnseand the r..,.wh,ch ... u,.d in tcm · GaNlSlS ~.~., .'
pl.worship,r.tth...... e .. nmonicsof,ac·
.ificc werco"ll,natcdby.h.mHj"", GOD KHows TH .. T C... N', H ....T is
'''cgodri,.)'"",roh,p.,np"mLttvc"m ... W.c;".o. O"'GI",:ln.he,a.. ofCarnh"
wnen·8od,,·a,a .. umcd.c necdthciroR'..·
,ng' of first fr u, .. :Thi'<jU"l,ion i,e vidcnrlr
d.C1".<!,ha'p.... ~r'no".xripl.,.'"
Ina, ,dl, of Ca,n ma",n~.n offe"n~ 10 God
'st."TD"}' 'fC,.,.U.
lU,. .... 'F(:'l:l14·
"FC,_-•. "',U'FC 1
w;ckcdnu,didnotb,ginwbcn"ckillcdhi, no.hingf.omth.""'pcr'.ncc,S ...h ...... ,h.
brothcr.ForcycnbcforethatGod,whoknow, dcg ... ofdiffc,c"uin.h",arritud•• and.h.
thc"un,hadno rcgard for Cain and hi.uc- ucu. of cvil ,nlcn •. HOM'L1U 0" G ... u,s
.ifkc. Bu,hi.bucnu. was made cvidcn, ,8.1 • . "
C .. I .. Ru u.u TO M .. " ... BIITTU, 0 •••• -
,·& COU'!1· ... A ..CI FaLL.C.....nO$To.. ,
C .... ,"G. EPH"." T.... SV .. l....'Godnid.oCain .
n ••• Wc" ,wo •• uon. for hi•• nnoyance: ·Whyu.yo... ngry.andwh), rfa«
nO'J\lJ •• hat".,alonehadbccn,.j.c •• dbu, gloomy!"ln~,.adofbc;ngr.Uedw,"h.nge,.
al"".ha,h"b.-o,hu·'gifthadbccnacc'p,cd. youought.obcfiUedwithdmrc ... ln .. udo{
HO."UuoNGH .... ".a.lI.' yo .. rfoceb.inllgloomy, •• lrl ough,.ob.
no,""ngfromyoureyc •. ·lfyoudowcll.I ...;U
C ... .. ·.ANGBI..E.H ..... T ... SV .. ' .....:Ca'n acccp.".·No.lCc.hcntha''' ....... no,bc .......
,,·uang'rbcca\lJc,h.offumgofhi,bro.hc, ofthc.mallllz.ofCain·loff.. ingth •• " .....
had bun accep .. d. Ca,n becamc.ngry on TCj....d.ltwaono,a«eptedbccauseofh"
accoun,of,he r.rc ,ha, had com. down and .p".r.. lnc...ndh"lackoflloodwilJ.·lfyou
dildnzu"hcdbcrwccn rheoffe.ingl.H" fau dowcll,I .... iIlacc.p.i':.vcn,houghld,dno:
bccamcgloomybccauKlhcrcwul.ughlcrin ""CP' "bcfo,< •• ndi.wil1b<ac,"
.hceyc,of hupa.. n .. and hill, .. crswh.n hi. with the cho •• " off.,;ngofyo", b.oth.r.ven ...... '.j.ct.d.n.y had oc.n that .ho.. ghi'wuno.a«cp,cdbcfo... ·Butifyou·.offcnnghadb-«ttplaccd ,n.hcmido.or dono,dowcll .•in'"o","inga.,hcr. ..,
th.r.rc,ndy.tth.r. .. d idnot.ouch".COM' doo.:Abel will I ..,en '0 yo ... hrough hi,ob.
.. iNT ....TONG ... UIS).}.) ... dicn ... foth .... iIlgowi.hyou.o,h.plaln."
Th... you will bc rulcd ""c' by "n •• hllis.
you .h.llbccomplet.lrfi tl.dwilhu . But
in .. udofdo,ngwellloth ••• hcoffcringtha.
if You Do W ILL, W ,u You NOT BI h.dbcenre,c"cdmigh,bccr.dircd.oCainu
Acc • .,TaolCHUSOSTO":God "".hel10 acc.p..ble,h •• h.nmadclnoffenngofmu •. .... ildfr.n%yandrcmov.thc.ngcr derlo.h.tOn<lo ... homhc h.dalrcldr m• de
brmun.ofhi.word •. Yo ......... ob... v.d •. Co ..... Et<T .. noN·• •hinkingand,co.lludth. GI!.NUIS; .•. ,.).'
a•• hil urly .. ag •• olcdatchi • •hinkingand
br;ngrepo.c,oh"mJRdbypl.cmg hi.
bro.h.,.ubJeClloh,mandno... nd.. m,n,ng
h" ...,ho",)·.Bu,.v.nd.'p"•• uchg,ca,con·
ccrnand ... chpo,cn.rcm.di ••. Caingaincd

'Cain said 10 Abd "is hOI".T, "L.I us go OUI 10 I"C field .... And whcn Ihcy wtn in rh.
fidd. Cain 'e>S< up ag4illll his b,Olhtr Abe!. 411.1 killed him. ' Then Iht LORD said 10 Cain,
"Mrrt i, Abtfyou. b,olbt.?" H. 14id,"1 do nOI kne>w: am I my b,orbt, 's kupt.?" '~Alld
tbt LORD IlIid, "M41 hA~t you don.? Tht ~oirt elf you. b.Ofh.r's blood il cTying 10 mt
from Iht g.ownd. "Alld nOli' you aTt cu.sedfrom Iht g.o und, which has opentd ilS moulh to
,tcri"tyoll.b,orb.r', bloodf'e>m yu.h4nd. Il Menyollli/llht.tTOWlld, illhaU nolollgt.
yiddloyo u ilJslTtnglh:yow l"e>Ubt IIfugitiv. and 11 w4ndtrt. On l"tta,lh.""C4in laid 10
Ih. LORD, "My puni,hmtn, is gfta, •• than 1 (an btaf. "Btbold. thou hllll dri"tn mt Ihil
day away from th. g,ound: and f Tom ,hy fact I shall be hiddtn: and I Ib,,1I b. "fwg;ri~t and
4 wllnd"., 011 I"t .1I.,h, II nd W"Ot"., finds mt wiU sl4y mt." UThtn ,,,. LORD s"id fO b'm,
"Nor so!' If ""J Ollt IIAJS C"in, ~tngtallct ,",,11 ht ,,,Iltll 011 h,m 1t~.lIfold.· And Ih. LoRD
pUla mQf~OIl C4in .lt$! Ilny wh o CUlt upon "im Iho uld kill him.

OV ....VIBW I C"n buorn., ., rnurd~r~. by hi., like Ih~ "'open •. i. curJ~d from .h~
o.... n.vil wil! (Sn •• o .. 'H. NEW TH.OLOO,.... ). ~'ound(CHlI.TsoSTO .. ).
Th. mludo"" of Abtl un bt undo,.. ood as a
prmgu.ingof.h.pau,on orJu", (s....). 4:8C.iIlKiluAbtl
Af,~. th~ murd~r God '1ue"")II, wilh
.olici,ude rolha, h~migi" rcp-ent,buICain C.""·iEvl~ WlLL.ST .. EO .. THRN ....·THIO·
.how. no rcp-en,anu (EPHIlDI ). H~ Imaginu ~OG,AN,\VhrdidCainbtcom.aframcidel
,ha, ht mal· hid~ h .. Cf1m~ f.... m God Wu" no. by hlleyil willl H. prrre"ed h,m ·
( S"~V"'N 'H~ PUSBTTU.). Th~ inn""en, .elf 10 hi. Cru.o. and fonow~d afr .. nil
blood'pill.d by Cain CTle'Ou' nO' br word. .hough"and ,obocam,.b.ndone<l,o env)'
bu,bri .. v~'rcxi.,~nce ( M.u:,,,usOf'Tu-.JN) . ondcommit.edmurd... DlscOUIS£S4.'. '
Th ll inn""~nl blood.!.o 'ymboli1u the
blood of .he manr" (O-.JGIl>I). The puni.h· Ho ..· 'HO K,LLING O~ A .. ~ P.. u IGu.n
men. impaled on Cain rc.ull God ·, THI PUSlON 0' CHIU ST. BIOI: Som~
fo,buun« (CHII.TSOSTO") and m~rcy fOl the "nd~"land Ihe murd~rer Cain u th~Jcwl·lack
mll.d.... (CY-.J~OF JUUfA.LDI). Coin recelVu offai.h .... ekilhngofAbtluthcpauloOnofthe
a mar!.: .o .hot no on. mlgh. kill h,m. Thllll Lo,d and $.av,o,.and"'. ur.h Iha, "P"ned " •
•0 Indica, e.ho,.,·,delt,oye<l f,om In. mou.h and ,e cei~ed Aber. blood from C,in·,
urth. L i~ r Cain. who ,.«,~.". mar~ .nd ..
Jna"e..dbrfur. "'c " nne.i.aslav~ loru,.
'Od.. ",:, lo~,,;],and .0.nre' (A ....ou).
hand u .h e ch urch (which receiv.d. in ,ht ;twouldb-c . ufficientifh. ..
mystery of ill renewal, ,h. blood ofCh.u, human wilnouto. ln f... God was .h. pit .
poure<!,be.lc_). Undoub,.d1y,hox mary wi.n"".o hIS f.... ri(ide. Be(au.. of Th ...
whohavtthllundtn.andinsfi ndwne.rurned l.hink h eThenlha.ed.beop,nionhcldby
in . owint,fo"h'yhav.a mo .. uc ..dundcr· m.ny.od.)·: .h.,God p.y' no .... nllon.o
.. andingof.h ..... yingof,heucr.d Law. H o .. · canh ly .ffair., nei,h«do<:, h. &c •• ho.~ don~
TLlUO" T HIGOS~IU,.14.' by wicked men. Th... is no doubt ,hat CaIn •
..,h.nsllmmoncdhyth.wo.dofGodaf,.,h ..
4:9- 10 AIo.I ', BI""d Criosfro," rh Gro .. "d mi . d"d,.nsweTed.ha.h.k n,,,·nothingo(
hi.b,otheT·.murdcr. Hebel ,u.dGod wu.o
GOoG,vIIC .. , .. THI Pon ' I TLlT T TO ,gnoran.ofwha.hadbcendone.h•• bo:
RIPB .. T. E,.HI.I .. TH,Sy ......,Godappea ..d .hough•• hlt mOI.dudly(nme (ollldbccoy'
.0 Cain wi,h kindn .... 00 ,ha,ifh. r.p.n .. d. ... dbya lt c.8u,,,.urn.dou.othorwi.. lhan
•h •• in o{mu.d" Ih., hi . I'l ng... had commi,· h •• hough,. WhM God cond.m n.d him , h •
,.dmigh,bedTa«dby,hecompunctionon u:al,ud.ha, God .... hom h•• hough,had no,
hll Lip •. lfhcdid not •• pcn',h ....... vct•• h • .., lun hi. 'rome of mllTder. had ... n h.m . Go",
wouLdbcd"..,.donh,mabi"trpuni.hmtn, ... N""'CI Of GOII ,.6. '
In proponionmhi.eviL foUr,CO",,,,, .. TAU
ONGINU,,}.6.,.' I", .. OC . .. T BLOOD C., u OUT .T IT, V.u
E...TRNC •• M .. x , .. us Of T"R'N: Th~ d,vIn.
C .. , NR •• ".II TO R . .... Y.E.HI.I .. YH. Scrip.u",alway.critJou.and'pc.ko;h.n«
SU.'41'"Bu.C.inwuI'lU.dwi,hwra,h Godalso.ay •• o· ."Th.voic.ofytlu.
instead of compuncllon. To him who know. bro.hcr. blood (tie. 011' 10 m •. " Blood. ,obc
all.whoukcdhimai>ou,hi.b.othct , no.d., 'IITC.hasnovo.. e,hu',nnoc.n,blood.ha,hu
. owlnh,mhack.ulntuo.. cdangrilrand bc.n.pill.d ..... id,o cl"}·ou'no,brwo.d.bu:
uid."l do nOl know. am I myb.oth .... by;tlVCfr·X;."ncc,lhmah.jd.mand, of
kc.pc.!· ... VJhu.h.n would you"y. Cain' (h. Lord no, w;,hcloquen,dil-Cou ... bu, wi.h
ShouldJumcetak. v.ngun« fo. ,h. bLood angerowcr.h.cTlmecomml","!,ddayoo a",u .. . h. "'rongdoc,w"h word .... m"ch a.
tha'youmigh.rcpcn.!DidJlIl.iccnotd,,· bind him by Ih •• ccusat ion o(h,.own con·
,an ccillelffromiuownknowl.dg•• nduk Ki.ncc. Th. evil deed ma y ,eem .0 b. nOll,ed
yo" ... ifitdidno.kno.·.Joth"youmlgh,'lSnplainedu,·ar wl,hwords.8111 ' :
confoul\Vha ....... id 10 you did no. plca.. canno,bcncul.dif""madep",..
YOu"oyoll came", Ih •• 'in 10 which it had conKi.nce.Forln.ilenccandw Lthou. con ..a.
wamed yOIl bcfo.,hand nOt tocome.Co .. - di ... rongdocr,conJ(ienc •• h.-.y'
"BNT.. uON GINlSIS).6,':).7.1.' convict. and Judge. him . SIl"'-ONS U .• •'

C .. , .. T HI .. '" H. M ..T CO"... H .. C ..... , .

SAL"'''''' YH I P RunflR: Cain wu al oner""·lCkcdandfoolllhof m.nlnb.liev. 'HOC,:,)o.oc. 'FC',: , Zt. 'Fe,),)::- 'FeU'! ....0\
Inj:(ha:fo.commi",nj;,hcg.u.eJ.of, rome.
T HE B LO O D O~ A.IlL Sn'"OU:I; Il D T U II G O D ', S IlN TlNCIlIs L, G HT.Cnr.'LOfJU.IJS·
BLOOD Of TUBMA IlTU;S . O M.Cil<:We.l.o ALE .. : Do you. who hav. but La,
know .hat wha, 10.'" said of Abe!. when he wao th.,u. chui •• wish ,o •• e ,he loving kindne ..
.L.inbyth.widt.dmu,d.... (ain. i•• ui .. bL. ofGodl WouLd you "'· ant tob.:hold ,he Loving
for.nwhoo<:bLoodh .. b•• n.hcdwkkedL)·. kindn ... ofGodaodtheuten.ofhi. forbe ...
Let Il, . uppos • •ha. t h. ver.. "Thevoia of .oc.1 Li ... n to rh. "oryofICaioJ .... Cain.
yourbrothe"i bLo<> , nt the fi rJloorn man. becam•• frllricide. from
ground " i, .. idaswcllforuchofthema .. yrS. whose wicked d•• igoing. fi,", mll,·
,h. voice ofwno .. bLood cri •• ",God from deca ndenvy.Y.,canlidcrni ••• n,,
,h. g.ound. EXHORTATtON ToMART ..... DO .. slaying hi. b,o. h.r."Groaning and trembling
so.' .halL you be upon .he.a"h:· Though the , in
was g.Ut .• he senrence was ligh'. CATIlCHU·

GOp·SSO Ll CITU DB f O.. C.... "'.CHRYSOS· T" B MA ..... OP c.... "'.

A",uos~: Indeed. i,
TO",: The punishm.nt "r wh ich G"d .pokt w.. notwi,houtre..on.hat.h.markw....,
.e.m. '0 be ex« .. iveLy harsh.bll,rightl) upon no on e might kill him. Thll. it
und .."""di'gin. u• • gLimpseofhi.grcat wa. indicat.d ,hat evil i. no. d....oyedot
solici.ud •. God wanted m.nof Later ,im .. '0 removed from the e.r,h. C. in ,,·.s . fnid rh ..
..,erd••• eLf·con<roL. The r.fore,h. de,igned ne migh,be kiU.d. becau •• he did no, know
.h. kind ofpuni.nment th •• was capable of how to flee. Fo,evil i"ugmen,ed.nd
• ettingCainf•• ef.omhi • • in.lfGodh.d .m ....d by the practic. of ,,,il,and i,ui ...
immediateL), d.stroyed him. Catn would h.v. wi.houtmod ... ,iono,limlt.fighu,hrough
diuppea«d,hi •• in ...·"uldhav....y.dcon · guile.nd dec.i, and i. reve.led by its deed.s
c•• l.d.and he would «m.ined unknown .ndby,hebloodo(th.olain. evena. Cainabo
to men .. , But a. it i.,God le, him w.. re.,...I.d..FLtGHT."O"TH~WORLD
liv. along.imtwi,hth.,bodilytremorofhi,. 7·J9· "
Th'.igh,ofCain'. p.Jsiedlimb. ,,· ••• I...on
for all he met. It.erved '0 ,uch all m.n and Ev .... S ," ..... 1s L' IU CA I N. A .. uou:
exhott th.m never to do wh .. hthad Like • • la .. e.,.c<:iv.d. mark,"dhe
done .•o ,h...hey might not ouffer theum. couldno, •• captd..,h.Thu.i.,h•• inn".
puni,hmen" And Cain himselfbeume a bet· .Iav.. ,or..t, •• lav.,od.. i... . . l•••• ogr..d, Hi,,,embling. hi. f.. ,. the • sl ... e", lust . • • '0 'in . • sl .... '0 anger.
menul,o,men,.h., never left him,hi' phy, i. Though.uch.m .. napp .... tohim.eJ((r ...
c.. lpa,aly.i . k.p'him, were • • h.ckled. mo.. . ."nd..
They kep,himf.oml •• pingagain,o.n)·"'UTS S "' . "
o.he c lih deed of bold f"II)'. They con".ndr
remind.d hIm of hi . former Ctlme. Through
them he ach"v.dg,eat.t ..:lf·con,rol in hi .
50Ul. ACA''' $T jVD.'':I;,NG C H"'ST'A"S 'OS ll' n ·19, 'FC M .21l ·n, 'G.aHl I.XX. "FC6U OO
S .~., c .· "FC~B l (1.lL . "FC26..'97

C .. , ... L"'IT ,, ~SII PB" T. CI<RySOSTO"': You C" 'N Co ...... u Too LATa. C HU50STOM
.ee.• ince CaIn pcrpc<ra,ed praclicaUy me SomlOOncm.y ... )"."fkholdhehucon fuacd,
umenilu,he'""'1"'n,.whichlLlr.canllU'ru. .ndconfcucdwlIhgrca'p.«uion"_butaU
men',""n'cd,hrduil".purpo.u.andu,he ,0!ybclov.d:,h. confeuion
'''pcn,inlfoducrdmo"ali.)"b)"mean lof (o mu ,on I"". You ne. hc. ho"ldha .. e done
dccci •. in lilr.e manner Cain deccived h .. ,hi••, m.righ" ime when hewu in a po.i·
brorncr.ledhimo",in,oopcocoLln'ry.r>,.ed ,;on to find mc,'1' from ,heJ"dge.Ho.uulS
hi. hand,narmed .......",n"himand ONGINU ' S'9·j·"
,,,m mined murd ... Hence, •• God . aid 1<> the
Je rpent . ·C".,ed a~ you Myond.1I the wild
anImal. of the .anh:,., to Cain tOO whcn h.
cnmmltted the u.rn. evil u the "'1"'nl. H o .. ·
IUUO ... G.NUIS'9 · 1I· "


IOTbrn C'Un ... r n' " ....., fro m Ihr prucncr of Ih. LORD. "nd dwd, in Ih. ialld of Nod, "
"Cain "nr.. ' hil ....ifr. "nd lbt CGntti~td "nd 1>0ft Eno,h; .IId br b.. illl ClIJ' "nd {IIUtd
Ihf ndm f IIf Ih, {il] IIfln lb. nlm f of hi' Ion. Eno{h. "To EnOlh ...."1 b~rll /r.O::' ;' and I.. d'
wal Ihr fMhr. of Mr.huj".d.' "nd Mr .h ..j •. d' Ih. fdlbtr of Mr·lbulb,,·eI,' "nd
Mt·lh.Ilha·e/' Ih, flllhrr of Lamuh. " Alld Lamuh loolt 1 .... 0 wwtJ ; Ih, nllm, of 11" ant Wil l
Adllh. "lid Ibt ""mt of Ih, Olhtr Zillah. " :IllAaah 1>0 .. }abll!;" h, ..... , Ibt fllher of 11,0"
who dwrU III trnll ,,"d b"~r ("llir. ll Hil brolher ', "amr WIl }.. bl/; ht WI I Ihr farbtr of Ill!
IbOl( .... b~ pllly Ib~ IJ" and pip" " JJZi!I"h" boTt TubAI'{";n; H ht wa s Iht fo,g .. of .11
,nHrUm,nll ofl>rlllu.nd iron. Tbt lilt" <>fTwblll,clli"u 111111 NIIAmAh.~

OV...VI.W' Ca in lU"~1 .he presence of Gni ....Ile<! Nod. ",hlCh mun.·..·and."n f

bccaLl" ofh .. "·1Ck.dn~1I (Ant ....."" ... ,). He E".,.
(E .... IlEJOoI ) Ot'Q,u"rhancc' (c..... 0 ' Au~·
.cpau,~.h,m.elff.omhi . k,n.hccaulehr A... OIl'A).
ICCO that ,he)" woula no, ,n,erma.,y ... IIh ;um l: i. no, pouible.o uc.roarn .n .. C.".
(E...... uo ). Tnepla<••• h.g.,.•• naaweli; .f.. ,mo\<,nf,oimnc.., aw.lI ,nfp!a<e.,tn.·

ot.. Enochu hi.fimlon(AucU!TIN I) Nu.. NO D. CLI.UNT O. AUI4I<DIU .. ; Th.
buildsadry.bu.Abclb"illnon~ .• inn.hc ScriplU '" make. good ",nu:· kft God'l
rr" c dry ofth...inu; if ,n huvcn (A\>Gus, p....Dccand Went 'oliv. in th.l.nd of Nod.
T'NI ).C.inourvivel through.eveng.n.ra· oppo,ite Eden: Nod munA"dilfurbancc :
tion.ofducondants(E,ou\a .. ). Th·y ··prc· Ed~n.·thegood l ik-Th'l!oodlif.from
Kn.thecarlhlyc;rych.litp,oplgu.d which .hctnn'gr • ....,rwlSupcll.dcon"n.d
through phyoic.l binh. {Aucusm<l). After in faith. knowl.dg~. pc:ac~. Tho •• wi.. 11\
C.jnth.flmilybec.m~divid.d(EPH "''' ). th.irown.ya ...... h.ppr'o ".n.fer lo.h.
di .. .,rb.n€< of a.ou;ng •• a.Th.ydrop from
Ih.knowlcdgcof.h.On. who kn"",. no
b,nh.o ,he .~alm ofbinh ud dum. The"
C... I<L ..v .. S.c.. u .. o" H ,sC., .. . . op,nion,ar.con".nd),£hanglng.STao·
ATH.. NASlUs;Br mu n,of righ,cou, n. .. w. ....TH .. ~.S"4 ·S.'
come;nloGod·.pr .... ncc.u Mo •• ld,dwh.n
h. ~n.~r~d Ih •• hick doud wh.,o God Wal. ' A,.,... c...' ... TH.F.... lLy SI(;.uo ~ D,v , O.D.
On.h.othc.hlnd.hYlhcptlCliccofcvila E.HUMTH"Sn.......;
pe .. onluy., .. nc.of theLo.d.Fo. Thue the fami[,~ •
...mpl •• Clin . wh.n hekiU.d hi . broth ••• left Oflh.lwobroth... h.d"patl«d:
.h.Lord·'pr...nccufarl.hiJ",illwucon· Cain WCDt off by hi""elf
ccrncd.FISTAlLETTIUI.' and Jived ,n the l.nd of Nod.
C A'''' ALlO L. .. vu H ' ~ K" •. EPH UM T H ~ ,hanthltofSelh andEnoAh ;
SUI .. I<:Afl.rC.,nrccciv.dthepuni,hmen, but ,ho.~ who hyedon hIgher groun.d.
Indthellgnh.dbc.nldd.d.oi•.. . M..... .,howcrecalled·c..'nwcn' ·lh.childr~nof God:
of ,he Lord I nddwdt in.h.landofNod.cut ltftl heirow nregion .ndcamedown
ofEden:Clln.thc ..foro."'par ...dhim",lf ,0 \.h",ive.
fromhupa .. nu;.n.dh"k,nbcuu.uh" ......· from,h.daugh .... ofC.ondownbclo ....
,hat ,h"yWDuld no,int.rmarry with h,m Hr .. "so><P....... D'Sfi'.Il.·
T n" N..... Noo MLo.N . -"'''''';O U. ' NG.-
E.H.U' THK Sy., ..." Th~ land of Nod i. so h ENOC;N C."N·, F'.IT SON! AUGUST'N!;
c.lI~d because i, ....... Iheland in which Cain ConJ idcr nO'" the 'ut,A nd C.i n kn~ ... hil
w.nd'f~d .....". in fur and .. embling. But ,h. ",;f~, and the conceived •• nd brought forth
land also "'C~IVed. second 01'0' when God Enoch; and he built. d.y and call.d .h. name
uid."Wh.n rou till the earth It Ih.lI nO .h~..,ofbr the name ofh" ,on Enoch: It do..
10ngerr,eld {oyocn.orre nj!tr.:CoMMI><·
TA.~O><G~"'u ' sJ.".'.·

'b'9-.JII. '''R.LL)4 'H:"<I)(l.'FCtl:U(l. 'I'C


nI" a. all follow &om Iheu worw Ihat wc genera,i(>n • •h.. ofLamcch.and",uguhcred
mUJ{·. fi,,,.on wuEnocn ... from lh. worldin.h.fifty·.ix. h ycaror
,hough·Cainkn.... hi. wi{e· mu"...,fu.o il nogre.,mingma,Coin.ho.. Jd
•ncirflro.inltrc(>uuc.l'(>uha"".hcoamc ...,main .. nril.he ...""n.h g.nera';on. Co .. .{.hcfir"fa,ncr.Adam.bu, M.N T... UON G.NIS IS).Il.,. ,'''
no. only in r.r••enct.(>.h. concep.;on of
Ca'n, ... ho .... m• •oh.vebc:.nh .. fi,,,born. CA,l<·. D ..c ... DA Nn R . . .......TT ...
,ince a li .,crScr' p,ur ••• cord •. "Ad.m EA..THLyC ,TT.AUGU5TIN ., Th.,.,.,r .. n.
Ir:new hi. wift. and.h. conc.,,,.d and btough, "Me.hll.haclbcgo,L.mech. who.ooktwO
f(>r.h"",,"ndcalledh .. nam.Suh:' C,TY ",;ve" the name of ,h. one wu Ad ••• nd.he
oFG(>D'S.S.' nameoflh.o.hcrScIl •. AndAdabrough.
f(>rthJobcl;who,,·uthcfa.hcrof ... ch ..
C ... , .. BlII ~ DS A C ,n·. W H' U AUL BUILT dwell in tcn .... ndofhcrd.m.n. H .. bro,h....
NO .. B.AUGU5T' .. E:No,,·.tti.r.cord.d(>f n .m~ wu Jllbal. H. was .he r.ther (>r all.h,,"
C .. n.h., h.b .. ih. d.)'. whi)e Abc:l, ... though who pby ,he puhel)' and cltura. Sell. bore
h.w."'m.rell'" pilg"mon .... h.buihnon. Tobcl:h.,,·...h.rorgeror.lli ns'rum.n .. (>f
F(>t.h •• ru.d'l' 0f.h ••• intsi. inhuven. bron%.andiron.n.lilt(f(>fTobcl ..·..
.hough he", onnt\h "produ,c. cuiuIU In N""ma." Thi.,.a.fa':lI,hthn"ofdcoct n,
whom ",,·ande.. ason. pilgrim.gc.h!'Ough fromCain lsc'rricd.Thcr•• , •• igh'genetl ·
ttm.look.insfor lhclr:ingd(>m(>f ... rnity. too ... ,n .11 , incl .. d,ng Adam. Th e .. ven.h ..
\Vhcnma,dal'comcs." ... illguhcr,ogt.hcr Ih.. (>fLamcch . ... howaI.he h,,"lNtnd of twO
all,houwho.m'ng'n.heirbod ..... haUh. v• w;ve. ;.he.ighthl • •hatofhi lchildrcn .
Ih.,I"n~domglVen'o.hem'nwhlCh •• long am(>ns whom tI.he woman who il mentioned
wuh.hc"PTlnre.thcK,nsofE.. mi,),.• hc), V.'h.,IIh ... del!utcl)',n"matcd"
sh.llrClgnfottv... ndc,,<r.C,TYOFGoo .h."o.hcvcrycndofi.. .,.i.tcnc,,-,hc ..rth1r
,p.' cil)·willbc:p,opagatcdbl'phyucalblfm. pro.
,cedIng from .ht uni(>n of the .e~U. Thi. i.
4:18·22 r h. n....."d""u o/e" ;,, whyw•• regiven.h.propcrn.m .. ofth.
w;vu (>f Ihet ..., man m.nlloned ... bc:ge"'n~
T H.S.'· ... G .... aAT 'O.. SOpC ... ,J<. childrcn_apr:ac,ice un hurdorbcro .. . h.
E~HU" THI SnlM;: Tha. Ca In remained flood . in ,h...... (>fE" •. C ,TY (>. G(>I>
ahv• .,n,;].he .. venlhgencr;,,"(>n .. dear. '$.,;."
Fi .. ' ... . tth.db •• n.o".crcedc(>nccrn' ns
him.S.cond .lhelengthof.h.liv•• of.h(>...
fiutg.n.r."o ....loo,u,ificoloit.n.rifhi.

1JLamt,b said I~ bis Wi~tl:

'AdabandZiUab ,'btar my~''''tl
y~v ... lVtS of Lamtd" b.ark.n 10 ... Ioal I say'
I ba~r
Jlain a man for wounding mc ,
ayovng manforllrik;ng me.
IOIfea;" uatltngedJttlufold,
Inly Lamulo · ... anandayou ng Ihe lineofrhcirgen ..... on would bccut off.

man in ordur(>propagalO furrh •• rh. g.n .... · Th'l'",e.cgiving bir<h nOI.(> mal., bUI 10
ti(>n.(>fC.>n.Acc(>rdingro. diff• ...,n' in"rpr.· f. m.l.sonl,.. forMo ••••• id rhlfi ' ..·... ·wh.n
unon. Lam.<h doa n(>, kill fW(> unknown ... enm .. lupllCdonth... r<handd.o.ughtcn
1"" __ bur Cam him..,lf (EPtlu,.. ). Th. mu.· "'••• born '0 th, ...: ' Wh.n Ih... wiv.......
d.r(>fC.'nbylh.hlndof.L.mcch,".I'g.nd ,hcplighlof th.irgcn •••"on. rh .y
.... i•• mu.d ••• rwho furf.. landkn."• •hatrh'Judgm.n,!kcrccd
doa nOI <OIII,d.. rh •• nmpl. of .... pun"h· .glln.. Ca'n.ndh" .. v.ngcncrllion.had
m.n, of Cain .nd i, pUnl.h.d mo..., co .... upon rh''' .."on. Lamo:ch . •hen.on
.cvtroll' ( 8~5'~)' Chrylom,m (>ppo"" Sui!". h"d.v•• n .... romfo".dthem.uying,·r
poinrofvi.",· hav.killcd.manf(>rwoundingm.anda
... rh. u.mplcof Cain and Ihrough " .. yo .. ,hf(>,str;k"'gm •. j"", .. Godc."..d
brough"o.opontan.owconr.....iOllm..' Cam ,o r~mal n ... ';'a,.ev.ngencra"on.
.nabl.. himrolimi,h"punishmcn,(CH"vlOS' would p.",h wuh him .... God will ca".. nit
TO" ). Theodor." how ... er, , tU paralleli,m ro remain.bO:Clu"1 hav. killed.wo. 00 Ihar
h......d.rg .. C$ th •• L.m«hiocontUoi ..glo .. ven,y· • .,vcn Jcncra,ionl,hould die ",uh
Ir.ilhng"""ro .. ngman ( T,,~oooRBT). m• • 8cf(> .... h....... cnty· oenn re n ... .,onl
<om •. h(>,.,.,ver. Wt will d, •. , " d through rh.
cupofdeath.h .. w. ,.$I. ...c w ill ..c. pcfrom
.h.. p.. .... ofm . . ....m
THBP"."'n ... "YOFL.....c n'. M" .. o .... u<endtooev.n'y·...enJ.ncr.<io" • ."Co .. •
E"na .... Yn .Sn.,....:50m •. bccI"."h,l' "'1"T.. ~,.O"G ! "asJ5 ... :.1·l·
,h,n~,h.,C.'n ....u .... ngedfo"I' ....
lion •••• l'rha' Lamed.. ...... uil. bcc.u •• God
h.d .. ,d."AlIfleshhu<orr.. p ..diuf>",h:'
.ndal... bcc....."h.,,·, vuofL.m.d, .. "',...•
l."M BC HM, C; HT B BT >l B MU II; D U. I II;Of menl$. if truly God'. judgmcot agalnU Cain i.
C .. , N.E .. HU .. THSSY''' .. N:S'ilIo,h ..... y jUSl,tha,he.houldundergo •• vcnpuni.h ·
tha, . who was cunning and erany. ment1.1n faet ... he did not I• .,nromu,der
.. w 'he plight of hi. gencca,ion: tha, ,he from ano(h ....o h. did no,sc< ,h. murd.Tet
S<thi'u' rtfu •• d '0 intcrmingl. wi,h,hem undergoing,hep.nal()·. Bu,l.havingbf,for.
heeaustof,h. repToachof,h.itfa,horCain. m)' eyc. ,h. man groaning and ,remblingand
who was IIilI ali .... and ,ha, ,h. land. would al.o (h. greatne •• of (he anger of God. "·as
bf,come uneul<iva<td from ,h. laek ofplow. no,brough, '0 my.en... by.he example.
men and ,h." g' nua,ion would ,hu. 'Ome '0 Thercforeld.... v.(oparfourhund ..dand
an end. Lamech.thtrero,"edby:tcal. ninety p.nah i... LBTTB .. ' 160."
killed Ca,n ,oguh" wnh hi. On< ' On whom
h. had b'go".n and who .... mbl.d him , 1.., THROUG H CON FItSS ION L..... . C H L,M,TS
through ,h" onc.on who «o<mbl.d h,m the H,s PUN1SHMBNT. CHRY SOSTO .. : "Lamech
memory ofhi$,ham.con,inucth,ough,heir, hc,utinfac'goc.on.",ohi.w;v<s
gcnc<a,ion •. When he killed Cain. who had Ada and Sclla.' Li"en to my voic., w;v<> of
b.enlikea",anb<tweenthetwotr; Lamech.hcark.n.o mr wo,ds: l killedaman
hep them from tyrann i:ing each o,her. for wounding me.and. youn g man for.rrik.
bmechnid,ohi,wiv.. uifin •• ere,:A ingme. On Cain fell s.vcnfold veng •• nce, bu,
man and ayou(hhav.beon killed.bu"ak. on Lamcch l c .. nfytim •••• ven fold:App1r
andadocoyourdaugh,cnfor,h.,on.ofSeth. your ",.. n,ion '0 ,h. Ulmo.u. I b ...cch you.
a.uu.eof ,hcmurd..s that I have commi".d pu, a.idc all worldly ,houghtsa nd let u. stud)
and becaust of ,he ado,nmen' and buu'l'of ,h,,, word. wi,h ,p.cci.ionso,ha,no,h,ng
your daught.,.. ,ho.e who rcfu ..d tobf, mac· mayucap"us,bu,ratherwe.houldp,oc.e d,h'pu,.ixgeneraIlOn . migh, tothei,deepe$tmea ningandb,,"ble roJ igh'
now eon•• nt '0 marry wilh u. in our g.nera· uponthe treasureconceaJedinthe.ebri.r
,ion:CoMM.NTARYONGENES1S4.}.I·,.' phra .... ·L.mcch •• idtohi .. w'vc .Ada.nd
Sella:,h.,u,say•. · Li..en<Dmyvoice , wives
T H E H YPOT H ESt S T H ..T L ... MICH MUR· ofLamech. hea,hn (0 m)' wOTd.:Con.ideT a,
DSRllOCA'NMUSTBI R IjBCTBO.aASt LT H E once. ! ukyou.from ,h.out5<t how much
GRE ..T: Som. ,hink ,ha, Cain wu d.stroyed b.ncfi,thi. man g.inedfromlh epunishm.n,
bj'La mechon,hrgrounds , h",heliveduntiI inflicred on Cain. Not "n ij' dou h. nO' a\\'alt
ch a' tlm. ,opa)',helongcrpcnalt,·.But ,h.i.i. accusationfromsomeon.tI.. ,o,nceffecr
no,true.FotLa mecl,.eem.,oha•• pcrp. ,hat h. ha. bf,en1"il'j'of,hi.,
,ratcd,womutd... f,om wha, h. ,,:11. u•. "l wo ..con •. bu,wi,hou,anyon e's accu.inghim
have killed a man and a you,h"- ,hc man for Or cen.uringhim h. confe.... hi. own guil,.
woundins and ,he rou,h fo, brui$ing. No,,·. a .dmi"h15cflmesandouti in.. ,oh .. \\'ives ,h.
wound 15 on. 'h,ng and a brui .. another:.nd magnitude of his l in.utofulfill,he proverh
• mar, i. on e th'n~ ane a ~·outh anothe~.· Fo,.
:.,n . nall h< av.ny~d .ev~nfold. bu,
•• \'O ntJ· "m .... v.nfol .!: I' .. ri~htfo,me to
uncier~o fou, hundred and "'netreha"i •• ·
o{theinlpi,..,d .. ri,.r," He who a(cuael him · '0 the (ri mu comm;tt.d by Ca ll', m... d
Kl{lIth.beginningof,helpcechilinch. the p"nilhm.n, coming.o him . H uu ON
.igh•." YouK •. con{ulioni.o{,heg'u,." G gNISISIO.6·7.'
denialofguil.aftHthecommittingof,in L .... . c;H K.LUD OM. YO UT H. T HBoooUT
prove, "0." .hln ,h. " n, .h.m•• l"u. 11<i, OF Cn.: Somc ,n,ccp.e.e"" ,,dcr.u.n d ,hi.
wu ,h e.ondi,ion o{,hu man who kmed hi. no,o{,wome n or.aao,h ... fanlui z•• o{
bro,h •• and who .. h.n '1"." ion.d by ,h. I.... ·,o{on.and,h.... m.Y""nl!mln:·.
IngGod did no,m •• cly d.dine.oconr... hi. mln I hav. killed for wounding me and.
cTlmebu'.'.ndared '010. , youngmanfo,b,ullingm.:na,i•. lyou"g
cau •• d hi. lif. to be leng,h.ned. Acco,dingly manapp,o.. hingmlluri, )·. H .eJ.Clpe ••• n.
Lamcch.when he reil In,othtUm.liru. g<ancethrDuj!hcDnf...ionof., ... anclp.o .
arriv.d ...htcondul;on . h.. d( n ... l would nounClngjudgm.n,onhlm'l/clf.hcpr~.n"
onlrl •• d,oh", ... iving a •• v.,crpuni.h · divm.jlldgmenl.QUISTlONSON G INBS1S
m.nt. and 10 h•• ummon.d hi. WIVU. wi.hout 44 . -
Inyonc'.a<cu.ingotcha'gl ngh ,m.lndmadt.
penonalco"" ofh ...ins ,hem In hi.
own wo,dl . By comp • • ing wh. ,h. had don.


" And Adllm I." ..., hil wift again, ud .bt ~nT' a 10" a"d ,.U.d bi. lIam t Srrh.fnr ,b.
laid, "God hal appo;""d for mt a"otb .. ,bild inl.ead of [Abd, for Cain , ltM' him ].'· " T..
SdI. GIn" .0" wa , &or n. a"d IIf ,,,Iled hi. ""me Eno.h. At Iha, lim. {me" &'g""'o caUl'
MpOn Ihe ""meoflh. LORD.

O ....... , ....:Th.ton..pllonofS.,ltby ... dlm Spi,;, comClupon Eno.hand.ndow.him

and Ev •• ignifi., ,h. harmonJ' of"'pon.ibl. wi,h.t..gifo ofp,oph.CJ· (C.... LO.JUU U·
marria ge (CL. M ~ 0' ALlXANO .... ). Th. u .. }.
g~ner .. ionl orij!inaflnj; from 5.';, '~p.<sen'
,h. hu.en1r d,y of God (AUGUIT1N.). S,nct
S .. h •• para, • • him .dffrom.n~hou .eof
Clin.hi.flmily iscaUed·,heJullpeopl to( T H. COMC; •• T . O N O F SITK. CLB" ~NT O f
d,e Lord' (EtoHIlDO ). Aht. nil "lfth ,he Ho],' ALgX .. NOIU.: We ""U ,,,a: ", nu. of .... il:
.ndJexualimmoral'ty.Rp.auionsin'p".<1 TH.S.TH'T ISAIITHBJU.TP.OPLB OF
by,h.dcviI.Ru" h charmonyof'Clpon.ibl( GOO. EPHU .. THB Sn., .... , Afur S(th bcg'"
mlTnageoccupiClami<ldJep<l.i,ion.Whcn En".h.M,,"(lwro,e"at,hatll m chcbcganto
!h.,.., ....Jf.control.;,lu<l • •opr.ycr;wh.n eaU on ,h. nam. oflhe Lord."' BUauuSclh
,her... r.v ••• .• ochil<lb..ring. had.cparalcdh'mlclffrom,hchous<ofCain.
A•• nyra,c . •h.rellaprope: •• im.forth. ,heSclhiluw.rccall.dbrth.nameof,hc
bued,, Lord.lha, .... h.ju .. peopleof.he Lord.
knowl.dg•. in the wordl "Adom kne ..• hi. wife CO ..... "T...T O"G B"ES" $.,.1. '
Ev•. and.he concoivcd and bo.ea."n. and
caUcdhimbYlhenam.ofS.. h.·fo.Godhu TN ' HO~T SP I.IT E" .. owl E",o ~ .. W, "r H
r"Jedupfo.m •• nolh •• childmAbcl", TH~ G,'T 0' P .O P H~C"'. CYO, , ~ OF J~.lISA '
ploc.:·ST.o .... T.I$ ) .•, •• ·s.' u ..,TheHolySpori,cam"uponaUlh."gh.
'cou. m.n and proph ...... uch 11 EnOlh.
iT h NOT CB .T.. , ,, T HAT S BTH \VA' 60." Enoch.Noah and H> On. 10 Abrah.m. loa..
NIXTAfTHaCA'N.AuGu5TIN.,hi' qu;'c .ndJacob.C"Tlc"0T Ic"L LlcTuus,6.~7.·
po..ible,hatwh.nAd.m ..·.. divinely
In' p".d 10 la)'. aft.r Se,h"'uborn,'God hu M''''''"I;; O. THI N "" u AI,.. ... 51TH ""0
g,vcn •.,.d.forAbcl whom CaIn E,.OS H.A"I;;UITt"'., Se,h m.. n.·re.llrrec·
1l...·: th.rei. no'mpltea"onh ••".h.tSelh .ion:and,htnamcofhilH>•
..•...h.n.x,,im.but "m.n'-Th. nlme Adam 11.0 rnun, ·man: hut
onl)·,ha,hcwudu.incd ,ob<: afi.hcirintht in Hebre ..·i.can b<:u.c<lfor I n )" human p."
orderofholin .... C'TYo.GoD'$.rs·' ,on. e;lhrm.l. o,fcmal .. ,uon< <an lee
rhe !u!,"H. them male and f.m.I.,
4:26 Stlllile, C .. U " PO" God andbl ....d.h.m.ndc.U.d,h.irnam.
Adam:' Th," .u,leavc. nodoub,lhatEvc
TNt SITN' TU Rap •• uNT THBC ,T. OF wu g,v.n he. )'1"01"'< nam •. wh.r....1.. com·
GO D. A"eUS"N.: \Vc have IWO linu of I UC' monnoun"adam:or"humanbelng:.pplied
ce.. ,on. onc de.ccnding from C.inand the '0 both Adam and Eve.' It was difi"enn. wi,h
o.he. from th o Ion who wu born 10 Adam In Ihe name Enosh. Thi. mean. · m an: H.b.e ..·
order!ob.!he hetr ofAbc! who wu killed .cholar, •• llU'. lnthe .enseofam.n .. di"in ·
.nd,owhomAdamsa".,h.n.mcofSe,h. gu"hed from a ..oman_ Thw EnOlh w:u a
H ... r.fc '0 ,n Ihc wo.d.·God huglvcn ·.on·or· ruur •• ctton:C'TY OF GOD LS.11.·
me ano.her •• ed. for Ab.1 whom Cam .1"..·.-
Thu."i"hllthe,wo •• riuofgener ..;on.
Ihll arek.p, . odi .. inc •.• heon~from Scth
and.hco,herfrorn Cain.lymboli:e,he twO
c"' .....·"hwh" •• ltngir:ln ....·ork •
•n ehcav<"nlr,ltr ,nuil.onU,.lnand,he 'FCII,KI6..'FCL_ 'FC'4>04(.'C.m_lX)..~
",I)l.'FC....:.'G<o~I -;O''Sou ....' .... ,........_
ca .. h l),ci .}". wholConl r·u rchandsalllflc,
.w.... .. ~ ... .,bod."""- ... e......... top..~
,'Or: arc for and in tncjoy, of ear,h.CITY O~
GOI"i·1i.' ..
===::...~!" ~"'~i:.:~n.-l

'Tb'l ;1 tbe 10001: I>f tbr genrrariolll of Adom. " Wbe~ God truwl man , be made bim ill
rbe likeneJl of God. 'Malt ud fem~lt he created them, and he &Ieued rbem alld named
tbem Man! ",hrn rbe] ",rre cruud. JWhrn Adam bad li~rd ~ bwndred' and rblrty ]earl, be
bteame tb e fMber I>f a lOll in hi' own lihnell, aflfr b'l image, and 1I0med him Srth. 'The 1-
dOYl I>f Adam after be becom, the fathrr of Seth ",ue eight bwndrea' ]Url: and h, baa ,
otber lI>nl and dugbtrrl. ITb'/J olllb, dOll thll! Adam Ii~.d IVfrr nill' h~lIdrt<l and Ibirl]
' When Seth hod lived a hu~dred' ana five ]earl, he bteame Ihe father of Enolh. ' Sttb
Ilvrd IIftrr rhe birtb of EnOI" right bwndre.!* and u~rn ]rars, alld had alhrr ll>nl IInd da~gh .
urs. ' TbuIIIUtb.daYJafStth",.rell'nrbundrrd"ndllllrlve]rIlTJ;lIndbe d,ed.

O ...,.." .... 'Th.beginnlllgaf ... orldch.ono!· ,,·u, l,ahi,.rhllrh ... ri,er.u thaughb,d .
oSJ·uno,rcckon.dfrom.h ... rthlycIIY· den by Gad ..... al Un .... illing.o ha". th.beg,n·
nOI from Ih . gcncr.. ion of Cai". Th~ huv . "inga(warld<OllodfTOm ,h.
cnlyci'j· ill ymbo1ind in ,he on. "man" ..rthlydt)· (.h a, i" fromlhe,.nera<ionof
(Ena.h ) ba.nof.h."rClurreclion"(S.. h) of Ca,n ).alld..,h.deliberaldyw.n,bacl<lI>
,h. man who WII olain (Abel), lymboli:'ng Adam fa, a nc'" beg,nnlng. l f .... ul< whJ
,h. un"yaf,hc whol.hcav.nlycil)·.Thil 11 ,hi l rcrurn,oreclp"ulue,,·umadcimmcd i.
,heprapu "'IY.o p'Clen, Ih. nl"a,;ve of aIClyaf.ermen,ioningSerh·, .an. ' .htman
worl.:! h.'110rl· 11 Iymb-oli:ed byth.,wacII· .... hohapedtocallupon.h.nam. af.h.Lard
,Cl (A""USTINI). Th.liltc"ul berw •• " God., ..... e,mu .. be,har.h i.wlI.h.
Adlma ndh ,,"onSerhi,areflec,iono(.h. p,opu "'al' 10 p, ••• n,.he t."o cniu. Th. aM
unilrbetween ,h c Fa,hcrand,hc San (0 ..,· bcg"'l andcndlwilhamu.dercr, for La-
I;DI). I,i. likdy,hatS.rh·, delccndann mcch , 100. U hc Idm",.d.o hll tWO .;VCl.
buihc;I1ulnd,nhab;udlhcm,e v."rbough WU I murdu ••. ' Th. a.h,r c"y be,," 1 w"h
.h.r.i.namentlonaf,hue ... cn .. ,nrbc ,hc man wha hop.d '0 caU upon rh. nlmtaf
Scrip, urel( AuI;USTlNB). IhcLard Gad. for rh. invon. ian afGod 11
rhcwhalc and ,he high • ., p,.occupationaf
5:1-2 The G.llwlI iOIlJ of AJ"", .he city of God dUring '1$ pilg"mag~ 'n .hi,
world. I: " Iv mboh=.o 'nTne One "man"
W Olf 0011 T,n N ........ Tt\·lI ap GBNU' 5 (Enalh.) born af ,hc·r.,urrc ~ "or. ·( S.lh ) of
Go lI .. c" TO A Il" " ~ AUGU'TIN~: Th.rulon
fo,. ,hi. btuk ,,,.h.,,,,,,,,,,. !i".h,
~ucn!'''onof.htg.ncaJog,u.o·;'·f100d 1
,h~ man who wu ,I"in (Abd). Th ... ont m.. n Fuh .. i.ui'w..... n .. cl0f hi .wilJp.0.
inf"crua'ymbolof.htun"yof.h.wholt cccdi"gfrom.he mind. O"f 'IlSTP,,' .. e',
huv.n ly "t}'. wh,ch U nOr y.t in rh. fulln." PLlSI.l.6. '
'ha'i,i.d.nin.dlo ..... h .. ndwhi.hi •
.. dumb,at.din,hi'p,ophClicfigu ••. CITf
OF GOD IJ.:'. '
D'oTH B O ..eBlw ..... TlO.SBTH Bu.~o
5:3·5 AJ~m·. San S~tb ill Hi. Li/m•• u CIT'''! AOGUSTI ...: Now notic •• ha. wh.n
TH.U" ' T"O'T H MF"TH ~."" " T H ESO .. b hvuof.h.m." .... "v.
1' • • flO'..'."' .. A 'u....... "S.T .... O~'(iI .. ah.... y•• "d. wi'h,h.formul. ·a" dh.b·Sot
Ch.",i • •h.inv,.,bl.,mag."f,h. ,nv llibl. .on'."dda ughr.r .... ndallrh.tJm.d...,."
God.Julla, a((o.d ,n gl<>rh.Scrop'urcnar· .nd"'llnd wu."' ..... nrrcar' • • ndb.di.d:
...'v. we la)' rha •• h. ,mag. of Ad.m ·...u h .. •• ewn.anddaugh ........
.onSClh.hi,w r;Ue"thu,,"AndAd.. m nOlnam.dandrem.mb.,inghowlongpcople
bego,Sethaf,.rh,.ownimag... ndaf, •• h" li ... d,nrha,firllperiodofourh",
ownk,nd:Thi.,mag'pr ••• rv.I,h.unurof anyon.,.fu ••• obehewetha.wgrca,.mul,,·
na,u.eand.ub" .. "c.common,o .. r.,h .. .udcofmenwubornurohlvcbeenabl•. in
a"d ...on. Fo,"whueve•• h. Fa,hc.dou. group •.• o build I great number ofd.i ••!
rhcSondoulikew, .. :' jn rhlfnryfacr- C ' TY OF GOD IS.'"
rha'lh.Sondo .... llrh,ng.Jullurhc
Farhc,dou-th.F... h .... 'm .. g.i ' .. pro·
duc.d ""h. Son. who,. b,nh from.b.


' "'btll EII~.b h~d li~to:· yt~r. , h~ btum~ fht fQlhfT IIf Ktll~lI .' t"Ellolb lived
~fttr fht ,",rtb of Ktll~II ' tlthf b.. "drtJ· Q"d fifteu ytf1.rl , allJ had ofhrr lOllS and dawg;' .
UTI. " T;' ... all tbt Jays of Ellosb wtTt "ill t b""arrd a"d fiVt ytars; and Itt ditd.
" Wbrll K~"ar. · had lived UV~ "I.r' YUTI. h~ ;,uam~ tb~ fafht< of Ma.h~I<ll t l. · " K~"ar.
j"' to: Afl rt fb.junh af Ma·ha l~l.r "lbt ",,"a .. d' a"d faTlY Y'~rs, ud h~d OIh.r 10." .. ".:
aa"ghl :rs. " Th" j alld.. daYl llf K.llan · ..,.rtnintb"na,tJa"azrnytamaIfJ"tJita.
O V•• V' RW ' Th. name EnO£h mean." ma n" in pl.uu, .hi'J<)ulandd""''',,·ay
",.languag.ofd,eChaldun... _U .. ,n from ,he bod}" Thil i"oirnow oRClclf.
Hebn,., {A"'II05I).' man-"",,, in Lad n bUI E~OI" ,n ,hel .. ngut~
of,hcCh .. ldc:ln'.!s.....C.o" T" .SO\lC,.,. '
519· 11 Enod, all d Hi. D •• unJa nl.

M.....' ..CO. TH. N.u .. EHO. H.Aoo.II05.,For

.... i•• man.hould ... move h,mulffromfluh)' 'CI._,,"Goo~ 'Fe"",


" Wlo e" M~·b~I,lltl " b~J lived ml.ty.J;~r' Yfa ••. b. b.,,,m. ,b. fllrlm of J~r.d.
'·M~·"~lal.l " lived ~fu, ' ''' bi• •" ofJ~rfd fig'" "~ n drtd' and ,bi.IY ytan. and had orht.
,0'" and dugb'.Tl. " Thw. all,,,.
d"y' of Ma·halaltl" ",efr tigh' hWlldf.d and ni"Clylive
" Wlor" Ja ftd had livrd a Lwndwl and .ilr'y'I"''' h. bUllmt I". J:uh •• "f En"'I..
"JIITtd !i,·.d il/ur lb. birlh of Ell"," rigb, bWll dwlytllr •. and bad olher IOn. and .laugh·
,t ... .. Tbw .III1,"td"yJofJllrtdlUtrt n;n."wnd•• dllnd.ixly., ...oJ. IITJ;"ndh.dit':.

O vl.v,.,,·,Enoch .... hoi •• h••• v.n.hinth. mortaln ..ur.bu ,h), lh.powe.of,hcHoh·

hne of ducenl from Adam. prdigu« • •he u"· Sp'm . Heptefigu,edlha,{heful!graccoflh~
enfold giflf of .h. Spin< ,ha. would com •• o HolrSp,,,,.wh,ch .. d... ri~dbr'h.prophe,
, ..,inCi","{BI OR). ' wo .. ldcom •• or."uponC..... '
;na.!"'cial " ·'J· wh.r.hcw.. . boullob.botn.
And h. wouLdbap,in ,n.h. Holy Spiri,and
g,,·•• h.gifuof.n.Spiri •• o ,ho •• whobdi ....
T H I eo .. C.PT ' O,.. OF E,.. OC H PIl I~' GU . 1i ,r. nim . How'lf .. Oh' TH~ GOSPU5 ;.,~. '
T H"T oFC Haon. B201:Enoch,ln,nath •
..·u .ng.nd.... duv.n,h,n,,. " ,
ftom ... dam . pr.figured InU ,h. Lord """.. Id
~roncc'"nlh . ..... al ..·a)'o:

"Whe~ E ~a(h had lived six ty-five" years. h~ be!a"'e Ih~ father of M ~lhu5 e1ah_ l llEno(h
walked wilb ' God afler Ib c birth oJ Melbustlah l tb,et hund ,ed' yea,s. and blld oIb .. sons
and daughl!rs. 11Th"s all thr days of Enorh were th,ee hund,td and sixly-five ycars.
"Eno!h walked wilh God; and he was no! .for God look hi",:
tS WhenMelhustlah f hadlivtaahund,tdanaeighIJ-stve~-'yrars . he brcam e fh'falhe r
of La ",e,h. t6Me!h"ulah ' livta aflH Ih r birth of Lamuh ,tven h"nd,.d and e'gh!y-!w,,"
_wars. ana haa othu SO n5 ana daughun. "Th"s all th, days of Metbu5dah' ..... crl nin ~ hl/n·
·!..U. _ ... ....,. ... ·{.U"'""-'""'·!..U w.. " ' -.. · LlClt _ _ ·r.u_ w.. " ' -.. God. ....... _ ....... "" """
..--.-1 _. ··LlClt .-.......... _ "Ln .... _ .... _

OV,,",vra,,·: Enoch i,snatched up 10 heaven in th.figur.. mention.d.boveare di,cUS$cd

on Ihe wing' of fire of th e HolrSpir;, b)· J.rome. who ",Ive. ,ne appHent a nomalr
(AMSMOSI).,h ow;;se;s ofMer hu .. l.h·, dyingaf,e,thefloodbr
th e meeting place of the faith ful (EPHUM). recoutse,oth.H.hrew(JERoME).Thedi._
God"ke,Enoch.ndbring.himtop...dise crepanciu bet,.,een ,ne Hebrew a nd the Ser -
beC3us.h.i'p l.ui ngin,h •• igh,ofGoJ tuagi ntareal$odi$Cu$$cdbrAugu.tine
(Cyp,,' .... j. lti. uncuumwheth ... hi'i$.
co n$e'luena''' . preconditionofEnoch·. 5:21-24Ellocb ... itbGod
comp.. hen.ionofGod ·1i n.ture (GM'GOII.YOf
NAz,ANzus).Enoch·. lif.d.mons<,a<<:Ifhat E",oc .. 1s T""IIJ< T O Huvu, BY T II ~ Ho~Y
human fle.h doe. no, n' numa nsfTom S PIRIT. AMaROsr: The Holr Spirit aloo "m.
becomm g.aint«C....SOSTOM} .ndtn.tone down ".nd filled the whol. nou ••. wher. ".r)'
whohopn in God do •• not dwell on eaTth but l itting •• ndthereappuredpartcd
i. ,ransported and d •• ve. to God (AMUOSE). tongues a.offire:' Good are ,he..,ing.of
Enochdo<snotexpcricnadca.h but " ... n •. lov •• tne true wing. that flew.hout ,hrougb
ported 10 immorulitr b)" God (AUCUSTlNI). themouth.of th • • polflu.andth.,.,ingsof
Enochi.ootendowed ,.,ith ... rnallife.bu, fir. ,ha'"pok. ,h. pure wotd.On ,h ue ",-inr s
hi,deatni.onlrpOstpon.d (TERTULU ...") Enoch fle"· when he wu snatched up '0
Enoch "·.,nolong.,.found.mid,n~'·anitrof hu"er.. ls"Ac. oR"'''ESou~E.'7. '
th. world (JO.. ",CASSIAN).
Methu .. lah. th •• on of Enoch .di., in ,h.
r.a, ,,·h.n ,n< flood h'g,n •. Th. disct'pancie,
A'>AatW.TNU'U THI EuNT.EpHUatTHI yourCrc.,or.Fo.,f.hcfluh mok.""mpo"i.
SY"'~N: Some Ill' that whil. Adam ...'a,look· ble.o PO'"" vi ...... <, ,hefaull 11 no. oun.
'ng la, Enoch J God ,ranlport~d hIm to pan· How.y.., ,h. company of Ih. la",. . has lhown
d". I.., Adam ,hink .ha, Enoch wu killed:as tha, in reahty i,doc. no,mak • •hi. impo"ibl.
was Abel and 10 be: gri.ved, Thil wu 10 Ihat Th. narurcof.h./l •• h did no. peevcnt Paul,
Adam mlgh. allO be: comfoned by Ihil jUII for ,nsu.nce. frombc:<:omingsuchau,n,uhe
lonofhila nd.h .. hemigh,kno", .ha,forall b,,",h.keYlof
",ho ...e,"likethiIOn~,wh •• h<Tbcfoudu.h hcaven. Furthe •• E1IOCh , .hollgh po_dof
or afur.he ruurrcct;on,puadlle would be .he fluh, ...u taken by God and ... n no moee.
.heir mculng place. CO .... ~NT.. ~f ON G6NI' HO."'.J uo",)oHN,!.'
SUS, •• I}
T HonWHo H op. , ... GO D D o NOT D"'~LL
ENOC .. Puu u GOD. C H .. UN: W. abo o~· E ....TH.A ...... o$E : Enoch call.d upon
nnd.ha.Enoch , whopleu.dGod ... u.ra .... Godinhopt.ndlO,sthough,tohuet...n
poned , u d,vln. SCTlprurcteuifiu 'n" tranlpo.tod.Andooonlrthu man whoputJ
and" YI,"A ndEnochpleuedGodandwaI his hopc in God ••• ms.obc·man:' Morc·
no ...cnla.erbecau.. God,ookh,m:Th," ""cr, th.dur and tru,hful ",n .. of,h. p...
wu plUl,ng in the "ght of God_.ha, Enoch IIgc i. tha, ono wh o put, hi. hope m God
mer;,edbc,ngtranlportedf,omthccon.agion dOClnotdwcllonu.thbu, '" tran.pon.d.1O
o{,h" world. Su,th. HoIl'$pin. ",achu.11O .olpcak.ln.dcleav.l .oGod. ls ..... c.O. THH
.h,oughSolomon' ,ha"hollwhoplu.eGod SOUL'.', "
... f,,,,,.lc., whilc.hcl' au tarr'T,n, '00 long ENOC H T ....... C .... OID T H ~ V ..... , Ty O f TR"
,nu, ISworldthcyb.,o.rup,edbl'familiaru y WO .. LD. JON'" CUS'A"': The mind il j.O
with che ",o,ld. ON MO"T"~JTY ~}.' caugnt up in ,h'" WI)' ,hat che'ngno
HOPI "'c TO lNvOJ< ti TH I LORD. Guco "v O. of ,h. pa.... br no long.. come '0 light and
NAZ'''Nzus:Enoch"hopcdto1n yol<.thc .h•• yenolongcr".llhemoundJconfron.i ng
lord."Hjlaccomplilhmen,conl,".~dnotln 11 Or th.g,~anticobJ .. tlriling up again .. i,.
hop ,ngfor knowlcdgc. mark you. but rather ,n No onc will po..." .h ...u.h Ind th.
hop,ngfor,nyoca"onof.hcLon:l..Enochw.. power of III ,hil unl ...... hu d ...c, uptr,.
-,ranlfc.,cd"-yu, but U ,,<!u"eundca, .nc• •o.u,hh,m. Th. Lord will have ,urned
whcther,hil wu I 'onlequcnc. Or' prccond,. ,hc eyCl ofh" hu".wlY frtlm nery'hing of
lion ofhilcomp,chcndon,God'ln•• u••. .h.h..c.ndn ....·.• ndh .... lIl,h,nkof,
THIOLOG 'CAL ORATIONS ~S.'S.' nO'trlnlllo<ylomuchu.lrcadygone,l moke
Ic • •t . . .d,ntonoth,ng.He"... llu",ithGod .
Hu .... ~· FLUH Do" NOT P.UINT ENa Ct!
. .. 0 .. S .CO .. ' NC A SA , ... T. C H..nOSTOM

W.ll •• b.".do not 11)'. "1 arn ,mpcd.dbr'''' 'FC9I:UJ..M "\\.'• .,); 'FC1o6<l11.,&.-r-o.l6lXX.
fiesh .1O 1 unno: w'no,U or take On 'fCFr.!}<.'fC.',)])... ' ..... _IhIIIIor ..... ..-.Ir
cffor.. t~ ac,!u,rcvirtu • ."Do no tthul accu.. ........ .:-;,,,................: "FC6!,,.
Iik.Enoch.Hcilgoncfromahumanwayof an.r ... r, n tbcnumbcn.
lifc.fromhumanconccrna. H. ,a nolonllcrro Amonirh.H.bre... . nd.h.booklof.h.
bcfoundamid .h.,·.ni'l'of.hllp.cun. Sa", •• iunl.[havefound ,hc ru, ... ri".n
world. Th. ' u ' o[GenU ,s ,c la.u .ha. thi, thu l: ·M.,h\la~lah liv~d a hundred and~igh,y·

ac.u.!lyhappcncd ,oEnochin .h.body: •• v.n yca .. and bccame ,h e fathu of Lamech ,

"Enoch walked wi.h God .nd wu no. '0 M M.. huICI.h Iov.d.ftcr ,h. b,,,h of Lamech
foundMcauo.Godh.d.akcnh,m.w. )·"" lu .. n hund,cd.nd.illhty·,woy.... andbad
Th •• pold.... ys.·B. cau.cofh ,. r... h. Enoch o,her,on.anddaughttn. Thuaall . btday.of
wu •• kcnup.o,ha.h.d,dno.han.o Mc.b ... elahw.rcninehundredandll • .,..nine
.ncoun ... d ... h .. " eo........c.j..,." yca .. :a nd bed ,ed.And t..:uncch hved on.
hund •• dandc'gh'r,woycarsandMso,
E .. OCHOouNoT EI ....... c. I'.BIBNT N".h '- "'ccord,ngl,..,hcrc ar.
369 y.... f.nm
OUT ... AUGU5T'NE: Then ,hc Scrop,u,. ,hcda,.ofM. ,hu •• lah '.birth.o.hcd.yo(
....., ,h ...r,.r ,Om,"m' h.d.l.p •• d , ,h.... No.h'.bor,h: ,,,,h... . ddNo ah·ali. h.. nd •• d
wu a m.n nam.d Enoch . who ... jUlliu mU· y..tI.I,ncothc noodoccurrlOd in ,h. liS hun·
Itcdal1 ngul•• p.ivil.gc:.ha,hc.houldno, d ..dthyu,ofb"lif•.• ndln"wo.luo ... th.,
cXp""cnuprc«ntd..,hhut.houldM<raru· Me,",th .."drcd.""y.
pon.d 10 ,mmonab.,. from .h. m,<U. of mo.· nlOtb~ •• of h l£1if.:.'n .bcum.~ ..... b.n
,al •. Thll ,"c,d.n. shOWl lha.on.
JUI, m.n .. Ih. flood bcg.n. Hu ....' Qu.n,o... so ..
du ••• ,oGod,hanm.nyllnn .... CH'... · GlI"'.S'S"l",~."
TI~" L"B 7."
A~ OLOGl " .. o .. · D'S C .. BP ..... C ' 1i BGT" II~'
ENOC H'. DB~T H Is ONLT POnI'ON BP. TH' Hu .....· ..... o SlP"'U"GI"TVIU ' O " ~.
TULLI"N: Enoch.nd Ehj.h w... ".nlp""ed AUGUIT' ....: Mo .. ovuthedifT... nc.'nnum·"hout , uff."ngdu,h, ... h,ch ..·., M ... h., .... findbc,w•• n the .... tcx.
only po"'poncd.Th. day ",; wh.n ,h.y .nd 0 .. , " ... ,, "COOltJ ...,U no diug .... mcn'
wiIJac.uallyd,.,h.,.hcymarullngullh .bo.. tth"longu''Yor.hcanc'c"". lfanvd"
An uchr"' ..."h.hc .. blood. Th .......... I.g· crcpancy 11 luch ,hat ,h. two v''',On. cannO'
.ndtha'S.. John . h.E,·.ng.h ....·u ,ol;v.' ili bo.hbctr.... .... muJt.c.l.:.h.auth.noic
,he ucond coming. but hedi.d.ON THfi a"oun,o(cv.n ui n,h.lang .. agcf.omwhlCr
SOUL ,0.,." "urtut"·u tranll ...d.Tho"gh,"",,pp"""
nllyllun'v ..... Ur".ho,c ... how ....
,o .. kc':,re<· £I,nific. n, lvtno ..,h. no"n.iI • •
v.n'ur .. d ,,,co,,..... h.Scp ...· ll'n:v...lOn
M .T H u n U HD,u, ... TH . Yu. Of THE from ,h. Hebr .... 'Ut in .h. Hry manr place.
FLOO'" JUOOOE: i•• f.mou. '!uu"on ... h.r. "".m' to ofi...... m.. h,ng difi... n:
th.thubcenairedb)·d"c\lU,on,n.1l Th • •c..on ... h.ttho.. ...... no ·
chur<hu: 'ha,b)'1 carcfui.cckon,ng" can be
Ihown, ha,M.,hu.d.hh">
• flC,thcnood.h.pp.ara.ha:in ,hi.c..... '''-S,loO''HoIol1:·'")CCIC ''FC'f';C.
,nmanvo.h .... inth.S.p'u."n:tr.nllauon ~HQC""J06. ~l.X)"
con,idored fabificationl,nor do I think ,ha, no,up."of ,h c..,rvicelh." heydidu
,hey IhouLd b<: 10 reprded;n any war. Rathtr, ... nlluo., h.. , ,h.f•••dom,h ..
where no error by the copyill iluccnained Ihcycnjoycd upropheu.C' Tl Of Go I)
andwherclhc,enuwouLdb<:humonioul '5, '4."
wc , houJd b<:licvtth., they wtrc moved by


).I WIJt~ Lamerb had lived /I hu nd.ed /lnd eighly,lwo' Jelln, he hUll me !befll!her of a lOll,
n " nd ,,,Ued bil llllm. NOllb,' 1",Ying, "O UI Of!bt ground ... hifb!br LOUlbIU curud !bil 0,,"
110/111 bring uS .tlief from our work And from !be loil of 0". b/lndl." "'Lam"b livrd IIf!er !be
blftb of Nollb' fr"t bundrtli IInd nintIJ-frve' Juri, IInd blld otbrT 1011 1 alld daugbtrn. " Thus
AI! ,h. dllJl of Lam~,b ....rr Itv.n bundred and I~Ven!J 'leven Jun;' IInd be ditd.
l1After NOllh ' Will frV; hundrtd Jra" old, NOllh' be,amt !ht fll!her of ShUI:, Ha"' , "
udJaphe! l: .
•l,D' _ _ _ . . . . . . . . 'UJr"" ·UJr . . _ . . -.., . _ _ _ _ _ _ . . """ .. _ ....... _ _ . . pooooI ...
. . t-I ... ...... 'l..U"' _ _ ~ .l.U_ ............. ~ -ux O'-

Ov..." .. w, LamKh prophu ••• ,hat NGah . proph •• iedabou<h" oonand ",d."Th"on.
wholtnam.mun. ·.cli. r: ...,o IhallbnngUluh.ffromourwo.karulfrom
humankmd (E""RlM ).L.mech·. p.ophcC)· ,nc <oilofourhandl lndfrom,hc ..rtnwhkh
pr.figure. Chm. (O ,UGIiIl ). No.ah wu Con· tncLordc " ..ed: Hiloffering.... ... illbt
.id.,.d.nuampl.of ~i"u.b<:cau •• hcpre · plcuingfo God ... ho. b<:cau.c of th ••.n of,hc
..,"'.dhllv,'l'n'.,.fo. fiv.hllndrcdy .... u ..h·.'nh:abi.anf5 . ... iIld .... or 'nth~'nl .."
(&HaRM). of ..... <hfh.huildlng. thatw. hn. mad • • nd
,hcplan"ovcrwhich 0'"hand.h .". 10il.d.
COM lu"'T .. ar 0>< GU<U1 S S.~. ~. '

No"" WI LL SR' .. " RaLla. TO HU ...... ,T~. T" " P"O~K .C' Is MO"BA~~"o~""T .
E ~"u'" TH a S n,,,"': Enoch beg": Me,h"'e· ~o"C""'iT. O", ... ",: S), •• ccnd ingthrough
lah . an.! Mc,hu. clahb<:go: Llmcch .• n<!
La mcd,b<:go: I'Ooah l who.. n1mcmulU
· rchef" ,nH.orc"·an<!SvTlac). Lamecn
th. indiyiduall.v.bofth.dw.nings [inth •• rk 5:32 Noa!. ,b. Fatb •• of Sb.m, Ham fInd
builrbyN .... hduring,h.l100d.j.on.arriv•• a. J.. pbdb
N<>ab hi m.dr. whose name mu ns reSl Or righ •.
• 0Lls.who isJ"u.ChriSl.For wha. Lamech his NO .. HI G.... E" .."' .. uo.V, .. TUB.EpHR..,
fuhetsays is no,appropria,.,o th" ancien, TH.SYR, .... :Aher recoun. ingth"eng.nera·
Noah.Fo,·,hi.on.;h'''Y' ."<hallgiyeu.reSl .io". from Adam .o Noah. Mose. said. "Noah
from ,h. l.borS."d ,he.orrow,ofourha" ds w• • fi v. hu"dred yur.oldandb.go.Sh.m
and from th ... rth th .. ,he Lord God cur..d." and H . m. ndJapheth," During thi. enti..
For h",,·,hall i,b. tru. tha. ,h••"ci. n' No.h tim.Noah w.. an.xample tohisoon.byhis
g.v....t '0 ,h., l,a or '0 ,h., p.opl. wn" ,·!ttu•. for h. had preserv.d virginit)· for fivr
w... ,h.ncon'.in"din,"d.!H"...·i•• h... ngthos.ofwhomi,,,·a.
.c.... ti"""."d . "rr<>w,in Ih.·AlIfI .. h<o"up'.di"~th ") Co""B'"
time. ofNoah:Juus onIJ' has giv.n .. $t to T"RYONGBNlSIS6.' .I,·
humanity.ndh .. frcedth ••• rthfromth .
cur.. with which th. Lord God cUrSed it.
HO .. 'I. I ESONGENtiS.S •. ;.'



' Whe" men" 10 mulliply or. Ih! f"er of Ibe gro und, ,,"d daLlgble.1 wne born 10
th.m. ' 11. , lonl of God la ... tbal the dawgbltrl of m' n w'" jair; and Ib.y look /0 wife lu(h
of Ibm: al Ib.y (bplr. 'Th.n 11., LORlllaid, OM), > ,hall 11 01 "bid. ill mall fo. ev.r. for
b. is fl ..b, bUI bil dayss ha!1 b. a hundr.a' ""a' rwt"ly ytars: 'Tb. N.pbili m · ...... ~II rb e
ta.rb ;11 11."" dap . alld al,~ at".wa.a', whtll Ih. lOll l of God ,ame ir. 10 Ih. cia~gbltrs of
lII e", and rb.y bort cbildrtll ro rb ..". Tb.H w'rr. rh . migh ry m'n ' Ihal wcrr of old. Ib~ mtr.


OYB'IYJ R" "The spn. ofGod.r.a"gel,,.,ho Otne" argu . th.1 ,he Jons of God au rh . the b •• utr of God fo," p.",habi. sons pfSerh , wno "'''''r thedauj!nten of
b •• ut)' and unite thems.lve5 wi.h women Cam (E p><RI!>I:.
(CLfi.. E"TOfAlE ...... NO~lA ). Thei, desires were Tnowo,d," m,·sp;r>lshaUno,.bici. in
sO! on rhinj!s of •• rth (N e"Es,,,sOFEMES"~, man ' oemon"ratethat tn. ,,'hol. "'an h.d
btenchange<lin,o&Omethingworseaf.<r,he EPHUM THIS, .., .. N: [MOIu) caU.d ,he IoOIU
ran of Aciam (AOOtlSTINI). bu, Go<I n""u,h,, · ofSe,h"..,nsofGo<I;.houwho.lilt.,he..,n,
1".. g... n, •• orhi.gcn.nnonofmcn120~a ... nf Se.h. had bt.n called"thc"'gh,co"'p"0ple
for "'p"n,anc" (EPHIlIiM ). According.o Au· ofGo<I:Th.bu",if"ldaugh •• rlofm.n
gu .. inc.whofollow •• heargumentofEph •• m. whom they "'''' ",•• t.h. d,ugh,e rfofCain
,h"giantJw"r"gcn.n."dbyrh• ..,nlofSe.h whoado ....<I.h.mnlv.. an<lbecam.a.n....

wh •• u.
and .he daugh,,,nofCain (AUGIISTlNI).
Amb.o.". who "'"Imcs ,he vi ...· •• dbyCl.m.n,.mainuin. ,·
,0.y•• ofth • ..,n.ofSe.h.n.nMo....... id
",h. y .ook.owir•• uchof.hcmu,heycho •• ;
beca"nwh"n",heytook".hem .• heyacted
w.r. born fromangcll uni .. ng .o mortal veryhaugh.ilyo".r .hos.whom.h.ych ..... A
wom.n (AM'lIOn). Both .h... wti .... agree pooronc wouldual.hll.uel fo~ •• h .... if.of artch man. and an old man wOllld , IR wtth
.redevotcdonlJ'.oearthlydctir••. Srr.ngth on . ... ho "·"'yo"ng.Th. ofall would
t.nds,o ..... d ..,oganc.(lh.s'L).Th.i'dm.".iful.eo .. ·
for np"ntancc was lomit.d (JUOMI ). ...NT.. nON GaN"'s 6.}.I. '

6, }·2 Tb. Sonl ofG~d, th. Daugb t. ' I o

f 6:3 Hwm."u· Lifu,.~n Limit.d
AD .... ·S S'o; H .... C H.. NGSO HU.... N'Tf
BIAU TT. CUMBNT Of ALU .. NOR' .. ' Th. thJul1ic.ofGod.h.wholc human rac ......
mindislcda.. ,aJ'byple&lurc.and.hcvirgin d.h ....d in.o.h. pow.r of. h.devil .•
cen,erof .hcmind. ifno,d'lC.plin.dbyth. of.her.rf.manp... ,oSOt'il,n.lly,ntoall
\\'o.d.<legcnc,.... in.olicen,iousn... and p" wh"wtreborn
rupsdilln.egrationu .. .....dfori •• ,hro"ghconjug.lllnion .• h.d.b.ofourfirl,
gr ... ion •. Anu .mpJeof.hi. fnryoui • •h. par.n" binding all their po •• er'tJ·.Thi.
angel.whnforfookthebtau'yofGo<Ifo. dcliv."ng ..·.. r.rl1'ndicaICd,nG.n • • i • •
p""'habl.btau'yandf.Ua.f..... h....... JS whu ..... ....... id.o.h •• erp"nt.
from ,h. earth. CHK 'ST THI EDUC"TO~ "Earth.hall you ca.;' i. "'... lIid.o ,he man.
),:,'4. ' "Earth you arc. and into u"h Ih.1l you
.. 'urn."· Th.dead,of,h.body ..... for ..old
TH It~ 0 .. , .... SaT 00; THINGS o. E....TH. b,·",n,ocatth.hallyou .et"r n:bccau •• he
N~Mu,tl s o.EME5 ..:0fd.e'nco.poreal would no. haveupe"encod "ifh.had
bcing •. only.ngd. feU ..... J·. and not all of .. "prigh, .. he h.d been c...... d.ij,,:
.hem.b"•• nmeonl)·. •ha.indined.o.hing. wh.,h ...y.,n,heli"ing",an:carthyo"
btlo,,·and ..,<luir.onthing.ofeanh. ,re:.ho"",,hat.h.whol.mlnhasOc.n
w'thdrawing.hem •• l".. from.h.".e!a"nn., n.olom ..h,ngwo ..... fo, · .. rthvou
,,·lfh.hing. abo.· • .• venfrnmGod.O~· TH.
N ..TUUOp/l.ho;iS '
"':ll.l,o.l l 'LCC~" 1CI. 'F:,,,..... H. 'Ga. k •• 'Ga.
THISO,., or Gon Au Till SONI OF 51TH.
ar~"i , jU$t th~ $am~ a$ uying"My 'pi,i, .hall 6:4 The M~" of R~"o ... "
nor remain intho •• m~n.b~cau.e rh.y are
flesh: Hence rh.fh. had then THE G' ''N T8 o~ OLD . EP HllEM TH~ SHlAN' fh. devil. fO whom he had Th.hou.eofCain. b.cau ••• heearthhad
said."Earth.hallyoueu."ONTH~TRI NITY be.n cuned.o as not ,ogi"e ,hem i..
IJ.n.f6.' .. rength.produc.d.mallharv ..... d.pri".dof
i".trengrh.ju.... it i. ,odar,h.,.om....d•.
T,.u, G .. ANT BD TO TH IO GBNH .... TION ~O" frui ...ndgr ..... gi".....
R BP BNTANCII_EpHRBMTHBSY R'AN:Thi, nOf.Bec.u."a" h.f,im.,hc)' wer.curt.d
generuionwill no, live nine hundred yca .. .nd.on.ofthe.u ..edand .... tredwtllingin
likerhepreviou.g.neration •• foriri.fle.h th.!andofcu ..... ,hc)·wouldp,her and .. ,
anditsday.a..,filledwi,hrhede.d,offl •• h produce that I.d:.d nu ..ifion .• nd ,ho.. who
Therefore. d.y. will be On' hundred.nd atcfhe .. ,.,..e .... i,nout .... ng.hju<tliketh.
fWenf)' If they repenf during,hi"ime. food thaf ,he)" ate.A,for ,h. S.,hi.... on th .
,h.ywillbeuvedfromrhewruhrha,i. o,hcth.nd.bu.u •• ,h~rw"rth.desc"n _
.bou, ",.omeupon them. But if they do no, d.n .. of the bl ....d [] and w.redw.lling
repen,.by d..d,fhey will call down in ,h. l.nd a!ong.h. Mundary of the fence of
wfa,h upon ,hem.elv... Gf.cegran'ed one pand" •• th~i.p."du .. wa. abund.ntandfull
hundr.dand'w.n'yyeaC$forr~p.nun(.to a ofstr.ngrh.Soroower.,hebodiesof,ho>c
generation that, according rojuSlice. wu no, who.tethuproduce .. rong.ndpowerful
worthy of •. CO .... fiNTUlY ON GBN- CO"' .. UNTAllYONGIINE",s6 .S.t .'


T HB T, .. B FOR R BI' BNTA NcB.JuoME: Fur- AUGun.NE:All,h.,wt,ndubi,.blrlmo,,'.
.h .. more.le., [God[ may •• emtobecruel in from th. au,hen,ic Scripture in tn . Heb..,,·
th., h.hadno'gi"en.o .i nncc"plac. for andChri .. iantradi,ions.i,thefactth .. ,nrh.
rep.nt.n(~. he add.d. "But ,h~ir day' will b~ period before th. f100<! there w"e
120 y....:,h.ti •• th.ywil!h.v.120ycarsto gian ... all of whom b.long.d '0 fhe e.rrhl)"
dor'penunce.,fher.fotcth., human cit)"inhum.n.ocier)·.and,h.,th.rewer•
lifrwucon,r.c<ed,o 120 year •. as many • 0MofGO<ldU(end.dfromSeth,,·noaban-
w.onglyauert.buttha, llOrearowereg;".n don.dth.irholin.... nd .. nkdo ... nintoth ..
rothat generation forrepentance .• ince ci'yofm.n.Ther.i.norhing.urpri,ingln,he
ind.~d w. find that .ft~r the floo-d Al!raham facr d,., gi.ntocould be born from men like
I;,·.d 17; yean andotherl more th.n 200 and that.lnanycas •• th~ywer. nofallgi.n" .• v.n
300y..... Sinc.inde.d,h.yde.pi..dfOdo though ther. more gi.n .. before ,h.
repenunce. God wa. unwilling for hi . decr., flood than in all.ub.equ.nt.g.s.Th.,· • .,v.d
fOOl,·.i,ifS,im •. bu,.uffingo(f,h"pa.. of • divine purpo" in ,hat therre vu l In anvon~
f ..... nfrr .. rsnebrougnfOnthefioodinfhe whou ....;.e ,h.: m ... boclilrrr. aSnlfUci •• nc
on. hundredth yeu rhaf had been d ...ined
fo,doingrepenf.nce. QUEST'ONON GBNES'S
migh,hav. no moTOuluc thanhodilybcau. y. bo.liue ,hat th'r will conquer.hc huven with
C ITY O fGo n IS·~}·" .hci.bolddutrulnd.hctrtlrthlracti"m ...
On the contrary, by choo.tng a lowcr w.y of
Fllo.. F .. LL ... ANG.U UN I T I NG TO MO"TAL lif•• nd the highcr lifc. the)' arc con.
WO ..... . A ....O SE: "Thc tianu ( Ncphilim ) dcmnedwithS·ca,.... vcri'j' ''n«dtcr"rc
w.TOon.he urth in.hooe day"." gui!t y o(volun,ary ,in •. ON NOAN a.I."
of.h.d,vln c Suipturcdou nolmun.hat
tholcg.anttmustbcconlid..ed , l ccord,ng'o STIl.NCT H E u C I TIA .... oo .... Cl.B .. SILTH l
,hc rrad"iono("""u,lIlOnlof ,he " GlluT:S.rcngthof .rm,.",innclSoffoo. lnd
but .. ,h.t ,ho.c whom hc dcflnCl with comcli nu.ofbody-thc,poil,of.ickn . ..
l uch.n.mebccauuof thccnraordinary .i ze and the plundcrof.ime-al l<) awakcn prid.
ofthc .. body .ngcl• • nd in m.n, una ...... u hc to .h.. "A II ncsh " gtUO
... omcn.Andl«ul.c.wh.. huby anychancc .nd.Uthcgloryof man u rh .no",."of.h(
the mcn who only tah carc of their body and fldd . Th( gt",, ;1 withered and the nOWet i.
no,ofthctr l oul ITc.i milar '0 ,he Ncphilim fallcn :" Suchwuth(arrogancc ofdtc,ian ..
and at tl>e ... me tlme .O.hOK g,an .. who wc .. bcc.ulcof.hclf .. rcngth ."Suchalso ...... . h"
born from theurth according to thc.alu of God ·d( fyi ng ptid e ofdt.... itl(" Golt .. ,h."
thcpoc tl .nd dClplled th e authority of the HOM1 LY'O,OfHu MILITl"."
god. by confiding in.hc huscnc .. of ,hci r
hod)·.Mult w. rcallyconl ldcr udifietcn.

-----.,.......... . -...--
from ,hou mcn who.. cycn though they
arc of body and loul,dclpiu the ""FC1 ...7'i."Ariowo ................. _ ..., -
mo»'p ..doul good of the lOul,that i., th.
""""yo(.hc mind .a ndshow,hemlclvCl ,o -...p........-.: ..... ~
~....,.- .. _o.,..
b.,m ltalor, of ,hi, flClh. a. ifconfirmingtha, ""' .. ..-dot .. e..t.-z.... .... - . ..... .-.,.d.,. ..........
daboIu ......... ,... . ..w .......... '7tw.r...Iu'-'<.
,h·r wcnh .... of ,hettownm oth.r"l fool" h. Eo.. ''PlloUlS,CSE!.J2..4IL '10-. "G.. ...:w..
nc ... " They only I<rugglc in ~.'n ... h.nth.y , .. '"1_1''''1(1. ~fC"'1+-"



' Tb~ LO&l> "'" I;'~ I lb. ""rllt4i"~JJ of III ~n ...", ,r."t
In lb • • " nb . ~"d Ib"l .v~r;r IIII"g;'
n~"an ~f In. Ih"~gb fj "fb" b,,,rt wu o" I~' .vil '",,' inwa/ /J' ·Ana
Ih, Lo .." "'". 'a,,] Ih,,:
", had m"d. man on Ih, t, ~nd it gri. vt d bim ID hi l h."r:.· 'S" Ib ~ Lo.n .aid. "/ "'ill
bl"r " .. : mu ",;,on I h "v ~ c,.IIled f rom ''' ~ jQc, of lb. gr" ~" ,", "'" ... nd it.",; Qn d Hrt!,i"E
OVuv II "" Aner the union of the Ion. of wouldno,deai"from.hitwickcd,hough"
Scth with the daugh.enofCain, the wicked· CO .... . "'TAU ON GBNOS' S 6.6.1. '
neuofhumanlcind incrcase. {EpH ..... }. ln hi.
condcmnauon of hutnMlity God lhow. bo.h
sohc "ude and .. verity {S.uvl""THll'auav·
T..). God·langer.CJ<p .c.... dby.heword.·h~ G OD '.C ..... SO • • O..· .. ND Sllv•• 'TT
was "'''y .hat he had mad~ man : 'mplies no TOW .. . DH u .... NS ' N.SALV' .. NT" .P.BUV.
incon"ancyorpenurbuionin.hedivine Tu,ulu.con.idcrhowbo,b,h.Jol'Cl'ud.
mind . God doe. no. Ttpen. as humin beingl and le"e ri'yof ,htLoTdar< .how".qulllyin
rcpcllt.God.nnouncc • •heduthof.h.ani all thut word l. F'r$t, he oaid,'And God •• ,,·
mal •. wh,char. ,!hcr,n th .. , tht "e" of man ,,'U grut .· Sec-
o rd .r ' od.d.rt .... m.:rgn" .. deof.hecoming ond,hc ...d,·H ....a • • ouchedin"-ardlj'w;th
d'lUter (AUGUST"'.) or beu... e .hou who ... rro ..·ofbun."Thi rd.·J will de...o), m.n
h.d been udru.vdy.rca.ed for th .... kc of whom I h.""crulCd.·Jn ,h. fir.,.ut<mtn"
m.nh.d toper i.h with him {A....osl}. wh.r.'n" ..... id(h.,God .. uoll,h,"g •. h ••
provid.n".JClTti•• hown.ln,h c.ta n,
6,5 The WiCkedn w of HMlllanif)' Was ,h.,h.h,"lorro... i•• hownh, .oo1rdt .. d.
GrUf .mid.he drcld of hi. wrath. Th •• tatem.n:
IDout h .. pun'"hm.n'.hm.,.hilnv.rttj· ...
CONUQUINC;U OF THB UN ION BBT"'. '" j ..dgc.HolrScriptun ... y•. ·Godrepenred
THISONiO,S.T H .. NOT HI D .. UGHTI I S .hat he had m.d. m.n on urth:Th" dM.
O.C.. ,N.E.H .... THISYIO.'AN 'Af.erMoscs no,meanlh.,Godi.aIT....dbj' fmo.ionOr i.
lpoke aDou, the millh.y men ' ",ho_rebotn l ubJCC'!.o ln Yf>l..ion.R.,hcr• • h.D,Y,II.
ill.o .he tribe oreain. whon women .• v.n Word.,o,mp"nmortfullj',ou"'ru.under·
though beautiful, ..... r. nev."hele,,"mall .. .u nding of ,hc Scriptu ..., lpeak.·u if ' in
,llIn.he lo n.of Selh.hethen l lid.· neLord te rm.o(,ionl. l)y ,u,ns,ir.,e,m
....' .h...he wicked ne " of man wu grul in ·'<p.n,an, God." ".howl ,h. fOTr. of God ',
.hcu"hand.ha•• vetyind,nationof ehe r• ./,,,,,on.God·.angcr i• ., mp1r ,b.pun,.h.
.hough" of hIS hun was .I>.... yl .vil: (or in men. of ,he .. nncr. Go ... ~ ....... c~ OF GOD '.7:
.h·Y.... g'ven.oth.mfo... pen'.nc. ' .h.y
h:odincr....d, •. ·Th.w;ckcdneuof GOD', ANGU.I .. . LIU ND P . ... T..,lI; ... TlD~·
mank,ndwugrc ..,inth...rth ,·,b., •• , cvil O f n i B Dr .. , .. ~ M ' ND. AUGUSTI".: Gad ·.
utend.d.nd.pread throughout Doth rho•• · '''g. ' ,mpl ••• nop<'"utb .. ,ono(th.<i'l',n:
.rib••. · Theindm.tionofth.though .. of m'n d ,h' I.'mplrth.d,v,ne./ udgm en'pa..,n~
thcirhurllw ....I..·.y. cvi1."for,h.".ino
wercno,comm,tt.donlyoccalionally, but
.h.""n. ... n,,N,Sh •• ndd.vtner
.en.cncc on IIn.And ... hcn GodF,hlnlu and ,;onal.nimal. u ohough oh.,. wuc guil,y of
.hcnha...condthoughu:.hi.rnutlrrnun • lin.C'TTo.GoD'S·lS"
• h•• ch.ngcabl. rcali,i •• comeintonlatlon
with hi. imrnuuble reason. Fo. God cl nno' A " ' M~ LI O UTIOT' D Bac ...... T HIT H "D
-ropen.:alh .. rnanbcing ... pent,ofwh • • he B.. " C . ' ~T' O 'O' THBS"I<BO , H u M" ".
has done. lincc ,n rog •• d '0 everything hi . . TJ.AM,"oSl: FI",illblotoutmanandb... u<nowlcdvi. .ndcrcepingthing••
dcu . 6u.i.i.onlyby.hcUlcof.uchhurn.n 'Wh.r,ranlgrcuioncouldoh.irnuonalcrco·
""pnu,onl .hll Scnp.ure can m.h III man)· tu.u h.~. n ... (ommirud~ Bu • .,nCe they had
lundlof ruden",hom i, ,,,.n,".ohclp,of«1. bc<:n .......dfor.hcuktofman .•fte •• hatfot
aI"wert,a,home.Only.hulcanSe,'p.u re whom.heyh.dbecncr",redwuwipedou •• n
f.ightcn.hcp .oud.ndarou...he.lolhful, ...... logicllthlf.hcy ...ercd.... oytdroo ,
provoke in'l .. iric • • nd provide food for the bcclultthc.cwunoone whocouldp.ofi.
convlnced.·wh. nScril'. from them. Tbi. i. aUo clear in I dcepu
ru.egell.ighldowntothelcvtlof.htlowlt. Itn.e.Mln i•• rnindcndowcdwith'CllOn.
eJt.uden. C'TToFGoDIS.1S.' Man ildefined u., mo,ul and rauonal
bcing.'When he, who is the elernen ••
WH YDo .. GOD A .... ou .. c;. T .. , O,..TH OF di"'pp"'"n.ueryupeClofltn.iblclift:aUo
THIA" 'M AL.IAuGusTI .. r:'WhenGod dt"pp"'"n.O .. NOAH 4.,0.'
announce •• hedu.hofallanimal. onth •
... "h.nd,n,h •• ir.lhcinren"oni •• od.clarc
n0'l .... .,onhercof puni.h,ngwi.hd... hi ... · 'FCL4>l76-77.'FC !o"'77. 'Pll'~CSEJ..U>4!'.



' B.II NOllh' fOllndf"~or in tht tJt' oftht LOIlD.

t Tbeu IIrt rht g,nmlliO"1 of NOli},.' NOli}, ' IVIII G .it bttOIlI man, bla ... dW -.n billt"-
m.llo,, · Koa'" IVGlired will,' God. IOlL nd NOG'" bGd Ihfte 10"1, Sbell:, HGm,' lIndJaphetb.

O"n.,· , ...·, No.h ·"·trtu•• h,n .. Ih.ough Ih. TO .. }. Nolh"·.1 pc.fe« u fie .. ''''!cn' of
",,,iup.cad ' 0"'''1',"0", of nil urn.,. (CH~"t50S. Ih. CIty of God can be. pcrft:ct due,ng ,n." pi! .
grimage in this prcs.n, .. "hly lif. {A IJGus, thatimmortallif.inwhichrhcywillbeup.t
TINB). He was pi"u. by his own choiu al" f." u .h. ang.b of God. C'T\' OF GOt> 'S.~6.'
rim. when the obstad •• 10 virtu. were many
(CNIOYSO!lTOM ). No .. " P ,OUS "yH,. C " o,c~.C"lt.Ysos·
TOM: Do you sec how th. Lordcrea«dou.
6,g ·9NoAhFOMndF<lvoTwirh rh. Lord n",urc loenjo)'frccwiU'lmean, howdidil
h.ppcn.tcllme.• harwnil.thol.peoplc
NO .. H'. V, lt.TOB IN H IS COlt.B OPT!!!) T ... u . .howeden'hu.iasmfor .. ·
CH lt.YSOSTOM:Th.Scriptu ... hav •• hownus d ..ed,hclJ\Jol" •• li.bletopuni. hm.n,.thi.
th.gravi,yofhumanwick.dne.. and th. m.noprcdforv",uc .• hunnedas.ocia,ion
."veri,y of ,h. that had to b. wi,h,n.mand,hu.fel,no.ff.«ofpuni.h ·
inl1i",.d on i,. They th.n po,nt out to n.<.h. men,! 10 " nOl e'y". l d ••• ,hal each p...on
onewhoamid.uch.multitudehadbeenablc cho.. wickedne.. or virtue of his own volo ·
to k""p".ince .. yir",e.Virtue in facri.admi. 'ion:\"ou .... if.ha'w..cnol 'h. n••• nd
rabl ..... nfori ..e!f.lf . om.on. culti,·u.. vi.· fre.domdidnotnav.; .. roo .. ;~ournarure .
tu. among ,ho •• who.du •• it. h. mak.. it ,nooc pcople would not n puni.hcd.
much mO •• worthy of admi,ation. Th.refore norwouldo,hc...ueivc ..,..ardfor,·
,heScriprures.uthoughinadmira,ionofthi, me. Sincc, how."cr,every,nmg
JUII man. poinl Out ,hccont.ur: . hOl only on. allow.d '0 remam with our choice owing 'o
man who,,·.. !ivingamongtho.cwnoso-on gracc from on high,puni'hmcnt duly "",.ito
would nperi.nce the wrath "fGod"his tne .inn .... andreward.ndrecompen •• tho ••
N""h.-foundfavo,.,n the.y •• of,h. Lord who prae,icc"iffue-. HOM'"'esO'"GE"!SI S
God.- H."foundfavo,:bu,·""hceyesof ll·S· '
God·;nol.imply" hefoundfavor·buI"inth.
cy<sofrne LordGod:Thi. i,nid in order '0 I" NO .. H· S OAU iT WAS EXTIlBMBL\' D,PF, ·
sho'"u. that be had a.ingle purpo ••. ,hat i•. "tiLT TO lh Ih ..... uSS.CHIl .. OSTOM
,oMprailedbyth"eyc.hatncvcrsl•• p.ot Tnercfo.e.inprai.eofNoah.S<oriplurcno,
r<:s .., Hc had nOcarc for human glory or me .. ly .. n.dhim-bl.mel ... ·butadd.d
scorno,irr.".rence.HoM,", uoNGi>lU'S '''mong ,ne men of his day'fo make it clear
tha, n. "'u.o al ,h., ,ime when ,heob".d..
,0vinueweremanj".Buidc$,0,hcrmcn",e ..
1>< WHAT S~", u PU.UCT~ AUGUSTINE Hluotrious af«r h,n'., yet he will h ••• nOI...
SpcakingofNo.h.our unerring Scrip,ur • • •• than they. For h. was blamc1... ,n hi.
reil us that nc", "nd perfecr m.~ in own ,im •. HO""llU O"JOH" 71.'
hi. genera<ion: meanins ,hat h. wu pcrfect
fc"during,n.pilgrim.geofthi,p .... n,life.
no' . of ~ou ..c...<, .. tn.), are to h. If.

UNolI' 'ht tar,h was <OHlIpl ill God'ssigh'. and 'ht ear,h was fined wilh vio/tna. llA nd
God sail' 'ht tarth. and bthold. i, was corrupl; for all fltSh had corrllpud 'htir waJ UpOIl
'h, utlh. IJ Alld Cod said 10 Nooh.· "/ hnt .:IlItrmillt.:l.o mAftr An en.:l of All fltSh;' for Ibt
tor,h isfillt.:l ",i,b VIO/tllct 'brougb ,hem; htbold. I will .:Itl"O] ,hem w;,b 'h' 'Arlb.
" MakeJourltljan ark ofgopb" wood;' mAk"ooms ill ,btArk. on.:lcovtT 11 insid, andOMI
wi,b pi"b. u This is bow JOI/ art '0 make il; tb, leng,b of ,b, ark ,h,et bundrrd c"hlll. ;11
brradlh fiJ'J c"bill, and ill "tigh, ,hiTIJ ubill. '"Make a roof' fOT Ih, ",1::. and finilb ill~
a <"bi,abov,; and It! 'ht door oftht ark ;" i'llide: make it wilh lower, second. alldthird

Ov ••v, .... , Th~ W'~CI

of the 00111 of Soth. prae,.,,~d
for ,h~ir husband.s·$ak(. lr ,$
after bc:ing abandoned b)' , hUlband$. who bc:c.unof,h,$ wantonnco.thal .... an~dboth
marricdthdaugh .... ofCain.lo.e thdt ,h.m~nandthcW<>m.ntha'Scrip'urcuyl.
modnt y. 10 that".1I f1uh coirup.ed in path" "Allfl .. hcorrup,~d i.. pa,h:Co..... NT...1"
( EPHRUt ) .S'C,ul"of.h,.wick.d n~". nd O",G'NIS, s6.).).'
corruption GD<I dec;d.d tOcaun a f100<! and
dc"rorallmcnucep,fo,No.handhllfam- GOD CoNOI .. N, HU .... NITY .0.. V.'t eE'D-
il)' {A OOUS1"'Nlj. Th. dimcn,ion. III ,h. Hus.AUGUST' WE:Som.bocIr may oay'o
Icng.h.bread,h and h.igh, of .h•• r!r..wh,ch m •. "W.. Ad .m, cr....d by God as ,h. fin.
GD<lordcnNoah.obuild.h." •• myltical ",.nin th.original 1<. . . of.h .... o.ld. con·
mun,ng 0 ••""')' n. arl.:. in iu differ.n' dcmn.dfo,l.ckoff.i,horfor,in! " I,
UpCctl.aymboli%<IJUUiChrillandhll ,,·uno.increduli,)· bu,disobcdicnc e ,ha,
church (AUOU5TINI). ..... ,h. eau.. .l1on and tn •
• ~ ..onwhy.lIh;.po.. eritrarepun;ahd. ,GQw'Icondemn.d.not for lock of
r.i,h hut Mcau.. he l.:iIl.d hi. broth...
ALLFuIHCO .... U.T. D.E.H ..... TN . Sy.. · Vlhyncedln.kfurtherproofwh.nlrcad
1"":lkcauu'h'Kln.ofs..'hw~ .. goingin'o .ha' ,,·ud.... oy~dno,fo,
th.Qaughl.uofCam • •h~y."rn.da"·arfrom incredu];tybu,forwick.dn.u.CHu'T' .. "
thd,foral wiv., whom'''e,. had provioualr LIFEt).'
uk.n.T".n.h"'.wl V • • • • oo.d"daln.dth.i.
u. ndJ.qu,dtlrbcgan ro.banQon thc" mod·
c,,,·. ,,·;"Ucn up until th.: time th'r h.d
6:14IIIJtrllcr;o"JforMakj"gt/,tA rk menuofl.ngth.heightandbreadthof,heack
ar< mean'fopoint to the reali.y of the human
MYSY'CAL MBAN'NG OF YKB D,M BN8 ,ON S bod),intowhithhec.meaait..-uforClold
O~ YK II AR" . JUO .. B: W. read in Gene.i. that he would come. \t will be recalled th., th.
• har.neark.hatNoanb uihwaothre.hun· length of. nocmalbO<!yfcomh •• d to foot i•
d .. d cubi .. long. fift)' cubits wide and IhiTfj',othe
cubiu hign. Notice,nemy.. ical.ignificanc. oth.rand",n time. th. thitkne.. from back to
, of.h.numbe ... · lnthenumberfifrj".pen. fron,.M.a.ur.amanwhoi.l)'ingonth.
anai •• ymboliudbec.u.etnefi ftieln g".ound •• ilh.rproneor.upin •. H ei •• ix
pulm of King D.vid rofni. tim •• as long from head '0 foot.s hei . wide
cepentancc. ' Three nundred fromlefl,o righ,orrigh,toleft,andh.i.",n
.ymbolofcrucifi xion.TneletterTi.,he tim •• as longas hei.high from ,he ground up
"gn foe tnree hundred. wnence Ezd,ielsay •. Tha, i, why the .rk was mad . hundred
' Mad, THAV on .n. fo •• hud of ,ho •• who cuhiuinl.ngth.fiftj"inbr.adthand,hirtj' ,n
mOan: and do not kill any marked with heillh,.Asforth.doorinth •• id •. ,h ...uTcl)·.
THAV: No on. marked wi,h ,h •• ign of the .ymbolize. ,he open ,,",ound made by ,h. lance
crosoonhisfoTCh.adcanh'''rud,hy,h. in,h •• id.of,h.Crucifi.d-,h.dooebj·
d.vil:h .i$ not.hletoeffae.,hi •• ign.onlr ,,",hi~h .hos. who ~Om' to him enter m. in .he
.in can.Weh.v•• poken of rh. ark. of the ,"n.efhatb.hevec•• ntecthe~hurchb)'mun .
number fiftj·. ofth. numb.rlhre. hundred. ofth. <acram.m. that i.. uedfrom that
LCf uscommc", on,hc number thirtj" wound. It,.·.. order.d th .. the ar k I>e mad.
buau •• ,h.ark ...... thirtj·cubitohigh.nd ou,of'quared,i'ymbol of the four·
fini.hed.bove in one cubi"Firot,w, repen, .quar.... hiliryof.holylif•• which.lik ••
i",henumbeefif'l·:,h.n.,hroughp.nance. cuM .• und.firmhoweve,i, .. ,u.ned.Soi,i,
w. arnve ,It the, of.h cross: we "",,,h.v.ryo,herdetailof,h.a,k·.consnuc.
reach the my.t.c), of th. cro •• through th. tion .'O Theraceall . ymbolsof.omcthmgin
!,.rfcct Word tha, i.Chri".A •• m.tterof theth nreh.CtTYOFGoPJ$.!(i. "
fac,. when Je .u. ,,'u b.ptized. according to
Luk•. ·h.w.. ,hirtrr·· .. of .g.: Th ...
um.thic'l·cubiuw.rcfi nl $h.doffon.
cubit.bov •. Fiflj·.andlhreehundred •• nd 'v......u,-alJbi>ioal ........... hadm)'"'l<'l.,.,~"'p
d,irtr ..... r. fini.h.d.bov. in on. cubit. ' ,hat .,...ondi<ot.-, .. th<F........ "Th<""'r-li...,pW"' ......
__ ~u.._pNlm"' .... u:x.
i • . inon . · f.ithofGod. ' HOMll.IuS4. ' ~........"u.......t. "Tnww. 'n.wJn-omt'-"P"V"""'"
m''''' ..
..... 1'<f'<I''''''' ... r.. ... ''',J..'_ '''th< ...
-..."""""'~ v"'~.n~.,u.. ........·
CHURC H. AuGIIST'NE;Undoub,.dlj'the.rk
........ theatl<,Al........
£..i.e,_ ... ,~ """"'rtI<UI""" ....
_omonuI.,th<..,.....w~ ........w...,""" ........
is a s),mbol of the <i.)" of GO<! on i,. pii~rim.~e """' ... """......"""'llthe...;,.ChnIfwl ...n'.... wiIo!OOl:,.
in ni'tor)'. It IS. ii~urc o~th, chucc~ ,no: " .•, .. . f'<""IM""'....,._ ond.....- "''''.ucr«i<Lrt ~
saved by ,h~ ,,",oodon which th.T< hung ,h. ...........,oho, ......."""I...-...-n.." .... F""F"rir ...
""'...... aIi<py,;,." .. ~~,,'FC~H9O-\I'
·M.dia,o, betwe.n G"" and m.n. him.df
:~F~";'~::;,..:-- bo&r ofG.n. ~ d.w p«ft~ '" the ....
mar..jnu, Cn~,.,-" Ev.n ,h. vu)' m'''uT<

" Fa.lrtl,old.J",illlorillg"flol>dof"''' ltfl wpalllbtr .. rlh,lodwr''1''Ufl' ,b,n",/,irbllfbt

Io"",h of lift fro,., .mdt. I,e"ven; tVU,I";ng 11,.. 1;, 0" lI,t r""b 11,,,// di~. " Bw. J ",illtll""_
li,I, my cotle""nl ",ill, YO II; .. nd YOIIIl, ,,11 Comt i"l o lI,t "Tk.JOII .,OIl. lon~, ,011' wifc. ""d
'OIlT ~on~' ",iVtl ",,11, JO ... " And of Cvt"living fb"fg of flub , ' Jail 11,,,11 brin: I11'o I>f
tvtrJIOTl "nolbt .. rl::.loltttP l bt m"lw(",ill,JolI: Ibc,lb"Ub.m"lt"ndftm .. !r. IGOflbt
birdl .. "".dinglolbrirltind! ... ndoflbt .. nim .. l!""ord;nglotb.i .J.indl.ofrtl"JfTttping
tbing of'br , ... wnd ""o.din: 10 it! J.ind, IWl> "fHer] lOTI lb,,1I Comt III 10 JOw. 10 kCCp
Ihcm "I,tlc: II AIJO I"kc ""Ib '0" cve.] 11>.1 of food 11,"1 i! uun. and no •• it wp; "nd It sb"l1
unt A!foodfo. JOu ""dfo. Ibtm:Z1No.. b' did Ibis; br did ,,11 Ib"l God co",,,,,,nd• .! him .
·ur_oI ..... ___ ... _ ... -'oI .... _-'oI.... ·LU_..-'_ ·ur,.
O"...",.w, God .nnounc., that h. will wuh .,•• rlh. wa ....:' and., ..u.nd.gamSCt>p_
."-." wllh,,·u.rlh.,,n • .,fth.w.,rld {)oHt< .1I ..·a'•• "pll.ify_
Of O ... M ... SCUS). The word. - I ....m•• ublllh ",). ing.hwu ... ilhwat.r'hatGO<I ..-aoh.d ......"
co".nan, withyou - ..c.ddru.ed ,,,all ,ho •• th. "n ofth.wo.ldinlhedm • .,fN.,.h.
who ... flgh,cO"I(AM.ROSI}_ GO<Iin.trllctJ OIlTHOI)OX F""TH 4.9 '
N""h,ob .. ngin.o,h •• rkhi.f.... iI,·.N""h
h.p. h, l.on ••• p.ral.dfromth.i.w, ....... 6: 18 Th. CO~cl", ,,r w"h No" b
d.I",. {JON" Of O.......scus). Noah aliO T HU" WoaDI ADoauno TO TJt B R ' CH-
•• c.i .... ,h.ord..."bring''''oof ....,.,· '''nof TIOU I.A"uOII:Evcry .. n:h~· ,h,ngd,..
anim.I. ,n,o,hearklnd,o ..o.efoodfo.,h. w'lh,h.dcl"gc andonlr,h.r'gh, ...
petlodof,h.dd"se {Au<:u5T, ... }.nd,okup for.ver. Thw ,he word, - I will •• ublilh"'r
,hemaJive ( EPHUM}. c"".nln,,,,"h y",,-are addrcucd ' 0 ,h. "gh-
,ro",.H.;llhehclrofd,v'neEnc•. ,her.c,p-
6:17-E,'.ryll/i"g Th .. 1 Is 0" tl/rE4rtb '.ntof lheh ..... nl yi nhcritana.a.ha.erof
5h4I1D;." 'hc .. errhol"~Ii.O"'No"'NIO. H.·

Goo \\ U NU AW,\T TH. PO~LUT'O~' o.

S' ...... ,T HW.T .... JOH"o .D~"' .. 5CUIi:
F.omti"Mg' nnin~- lh •• p'."ofGod ... o.. ed

No..,' K .... H a So .. , SIIPA'LlT IID FIlO.. hand,if ,h ...c.edmy ... ryth.,
T H.,. W ' VIl.JO H.. O.O ......scul:\\!hefl be,ngen.cttddemandeddowntothelu:
N<»lt ... uorden:dtoen'orth~.rklnd ..·ai numbe.of no nmarinelnimal" "
~n,<u.ted wilh Ihel&f~guard>ngoftheoeedof accordofaymbolicfigu ... ndhlltoricalfact ,
,he eanh. he w... giyen th .. eommand, which thenGodtookc.reof,hll,nhi.ownwa,.and
r .. ds:·Com~in toth.ark,you,you •• on., didnotl..yelt,oNt»'.ClTYO~
your wife afld your lon" ",wu," H. "'I'",...d GOD,S,';,·
ofch""'y,h.ym,zhte",apeth.oc.. fI·, K... T ..... A u ..... E' ...... T .. BSYIl' .... :
del',hlafld,h .. worldwided •• uuctiofl
0IlTHODoxF..,TH4·'S" ea.. , ap... nd pea(ockoapproac:hed from th.
louth,oth.ran;m alsgl1h.,. dfromlh. w ell .
6:19·21 Two DfE~erJ L;~ ;"g Tbi" g .nd still olh~n hall.ned 10 com. from th~
north. Lion. came rhcjungl .. ,.nd wild
G OD 0. 0 •• , No.. .. TO BIl ING COU PUI O~ bc.... arrived from the" I., ...
Oe.r.nd wild
A ..... .. u INTO TOI l Au:.AUGUST'NE: A HO • • c.m. the" l."d.,.nd .he moun •• ;n
furthe''1u.ltlon uk.d by th. curioul con· beaJtsga.hered from thc"moun .. in •.
ce.n.thOulln)·cr...... ' •••• maU.'ev.n,han \Vhcn.ho •• ofthl,g.n... "ongath.rcd
miceandh:..d•.• uchulocu.n.beed ••. n .. , [.o ,ce] .hi. novel "gh,." wll no •• " r~pen'
and.y.nn ..... W.n:the..,nOtmonofth.oe but rather 10 .mu.l" ,h""""lvu. Th~n ,n rh."
,n ,he ark thin th. "umbe. pr.scrib.d by very p •• •• nc. the lions began '0 cn,crth ••• k,
God! Thos.,.,ho r.... th .. difficulty mu .. ."d Ih. bulls, with nofea"hu •• i.d ,n "ghf on
fi ..t be rem>nded ,hat ,he word.",hlt creep the" h.el. 10;th the lton •. Thc
on ,h. earth "i mplr th.t there ..·as no need to _l~s.ndth.l.mb'.n'.n:dtog.'h.r,and
preury.ifl ,h•• rk Inimall that liY•• ith.rin"owl log.thcrw;ththe
th. ",·a, •• lik. fi.h •• oron ,h. "'· .. er .... ceruin doves and the eagl ... Co ...,~m...,. Of< GE"'.·
b....h do. S"cond. th.,.,ord.$·mal. and femlle' ",,6.g... '
'mply'harth .....·unon •• d,,h.
arkJuchan,mal.u • ..,nOlborn,nrheno.mal
"··rbU1popuJatefroml'""ido.inan;ma.. - - . .. _
· F(;J7cBO-9S _
.•....,... - . ...... _ _ '-"'-7
..... _

malte,. I O,ifrh.y ...... ,ntheark, rheycould _ .n...tb.aoJ'.to<t-:.-,. oItiooo! .. -...- ___

h.,·.beenthe.. u,h·r · .. 'nou,hou.... and
no[,nanrddin".numbet.Onth.orh .. ~~=-~,~~~''''''-

' Tb~n Iht LOIUI soid 10 NOllb,· "Go inlo Ibt ork. JOu lI"d 0/1 Jour bONltbold. for I bll~t
Ittn rb4! JOu 4rt rigblto .. , Ittfort m. ,11 Ibil gUI,rlllion, l Tokt will. JOu I.V,,, p4i.s' of 1111
dun onimllll, Ibt mill. IInd bil mlllt;' lI"d a p"ir of lb. ""imols 11.41 tr. ,,01 d.o~. lb.
mo lt .. "d I." "'''I';' ' u d Jtv.n pairs' of tbt blTd, of Ibt oir IIlso. mill. lI"d f.molc! 10 krrp
Ibm k,nd alivr upon lb. faer of all Ibe .ar/b. 'For in ,.~.n daJ' I will "".1 roin upon lb •
•orlb forrJ dtJs and forlJ "'ghl l; ""d rvt'J I,v'''g Ibillg' Ibllr I bo~t mod r I will biOI 0111
f rom lb. faIT of lb. grollnd." ' And No"b" did ,,11 Ibal lb. LOIW 1.".1 ,ommandrd him.

"=- "=.- "=-~- =.~.~ .-------~-"=---- .- 1

O ...... 'HW' "'hen God command. No;oh 10 i. in Ihe bod,·.1f Ih. mInd .. <"'1311' • •h. j
·1o,n,0 .hca,k:bt ly mboh,.U rcommandl houleLlufc;thelou1i llafeiflh.loulil
th.rlgh'eoul to • •• kth<"uth.wh,ch .• mid un;njurcd: Ihc n..hal", ,. un;njured. A ,cm·
,bt dcJugt of pau lono. wi1l dlrc n him to u1· pc.ue mInd ' U I.a,nl <Y..y pauion. (ontrob
vallon.Th. numb. " leven and ,woof the
m.oth. ark lrmbo[,~• • h.ptlnCLplCJofpcr·
f,(1I0n and Impuf.."on (A .. 8IlQU). The ark
r.uiying clean and undean animab prdig.
Ih •• en.el ,rultllh.wordl.Thcrefor.God
juulrnyl tothcrighlCouI, "Goinlo:lhalil.
go.n.oyour.elr.ln,oyourm;nd.,n Ihe rill·

~:~:;;',:~::r~: ::~!;:<a:::'~c~~;:~:;:·.:hC
urel lhechurch , whoc h allo",.lhou whoarc ouu,dethu<udangu.lnlru.hi f youhn<
un c1ean '0 dweU u tare o "'ith th. clean onc. bnninlid •• ynuar<",f.out , id.too,bccauu
brrcasonof .oleranc.andnolbccaunofa whcnth.m",d,. th."r.'ghtforwardg"i"e
,0,alfa'lurcofdlsciphn e(AUGusTI... ). God of the nlf. the Ihoughn arc righunu •• the
dca,I)'lhowl ,h<pcoplcofNoah·" tnera. action o arerigh,eou •. l f noviccoblCure. lhe
tion Ihu Ih.," ".bo ul tn (O m•. but mind. th e ,bollghu u ...lllrwonh ,·. 0 ...
they do no: rcpcn' (E......>;.. ). NOAH.L.)! .'

7:1 ·3 God Tt/[,No,bfoGo,lIfolbtArk S ..... O LlS .. OF TH ~ P.. , .., OF Cu ... ", ..... 0
U .. C L ...... AN ...... U. A ....ou, U, U. I U

Dn~M" MU"'NG OF THi \Vo .. ","Go no,,· why ;1 "'''" n,duedtha. , ••• n male. and
''''TO T H ~ A .. ,,; A....ost: B.. , a d.ep.r .e.en femalu of dun anImal . andt ... o mal ••
m .. n.n~ iud. u. 10 b.lIevc ,ha, Ih •• ".nglh and two fe mal.. of undean ono , we .. rtcelved
of ,hc m,ndi n,hc.o ul andthc.oul,nthe
nou ••. \Vh. , Ine mInd 11 In th •• •• oul

intothuk.sothatthe..,eda!lov~,the .. rth t ioni,i.prophuied that in the church ther.
might be nourished. And. ao I bclieve. it i. w illb~lheimpurebyrea.onoftol erance.nor
said that. dean week begins. since pure and becau.e ofcoTTup . ionofdoctri neordissolu·
hol)'i . numb~r.even.!nfac'i'isun"ed,ono tion ofdiociplin •. Furthermore. 'he undun
numb~, and genera,ed by no number. There- .." imal,d id nOt hrcak their ",ay in.o ,he ark
fore i, is uid '0 be virgin. because i'g.nerate. thro ugh a nypartof,hest,ucture. hu,hecaus.
nothing from iuelf. and we ma)' add tha, thi. thea,kwa~an integral ",hol •. ,hey.n,credh),
i,uid with goodreaJon.Jincei,i. lacking a nd theone .. ndo"l)'.n tr.n",h",he."hi .."
immune (corn maternal childbirth and (corn hadrnade.F..tTHAN"WO"KS~7."g.·
in«<cou ... with femal •. Th. number tWO. on
the other hand. i. no, fullbecau.e iti. 7 :4-5 NOllh Did AI th e Lo rd Co"''''"nd . d
d;vided,andwha,, full void in
iu.lf. Bu,.h. number s.v.n i. full. becau •• Go" S HOWS THATTHBD nuGB Is CO",' NIi .
the week is like ,h. decade a nd i. similar to EPHU", TH~ Snu.N: God granted one hun·
that principal numher. becau.e the alpha i. d..dy...",a$b.ingm.d.,o
similar to th.t O n. who alway. exi.... Fcom th.tgencution •• ndllm,h.ydidno,repent
him ,he virtu •• tha, are inever)·.pecie. tak. God,u mmonedbusts,ha,theyhadnever
their origin. andh)' him they aTt moved. ON • .. n and uill th.j' , howed norcrnOrS<, H.
NOAH t~.J9 ' c... hli.hed ... ateofp.",. berw.enthep«d·
a,oryanimalo and ,ho.e who a« pr.yed upon ,
T H B A " " AS T H ~ C HIllST . A'" CMU"C H. .. nd Ilill ,hey had no ...... God dclar.d Y"
AUGlIST'NE: Le,u. recognize that th •• ,kp"'· $even more day. for ,hem .• ven .f.. r No.h
figur.d the church. Let u. be the be.St. and eoery creature had entercd.h. ark, leav-
in it. Yet 1« u.not refu.e to allow the unclean ing ,he g... of.h. ark open to ,hcrn.This i••
oneo fO be carried in it wi. h ,,. the end of wondrou.thi ng that nO lion remcmbtrcdits
,he deluge. Th.y w.r. together in the ark. bu. jungl. and no of he a., or bird vi~i .. d
thel' were not'<Juallr pleasi ng to the Lordas. ill cu.. omarj'haunt~ Although ,ho.eof .ha,
UvOt ofucrific• • for afte, . he del uge. Noah generationsa,,·.lIthatw.ntonoutJid.and,h. in$ ........ iIlnotp... uad.dw
unclean. But th •• rk "'u no, on.ha, aCC<lun. renounce .hclT ~vild .. d •. Co"'MBNTARyON
.ha ndoned b.fore.he time b)· an)' of th. d .. n GBN~SIS 6.,0.~ .'
bec,uoeof,h e unc!ean.L'TTuS ,08. '

T HES .N""" Is RBCIIVBD liT RIIASO'" OF 'PL1.,197,CSELIZ.<lJ7,'FCI&lJ4.J7."FCZ13Q-31

TO LB "A",c,.AUGlISTtNE:B)"hisprd'gu ra· 'FC 9U.o(J

' NOQ~" III~I ,ix ~wndred yurl ord III~'" ,he }lood of 1II~lCr, '"'''' W pOIl th. unh. ' And
No"h· "nd hil IOnl "lid hi, lIIif' "lid ~il lonl' ",i~CJ lIIil~ him lIIenl in,o 110, arlr.. 10 u'''P'
,he "'''ttTS of Ihe }lood. ' Of dUll ui",,,IJ , "nd of "n;",,,1I 110", "re nol dun . "nd of hird,.
"ndof'Utr]lb'"glbQ' "rep' Oil Ib,trownd. ' ''ltO ""d,,,,,,. "''''' "ndf,m"le. "'enl inlO,b.
"rk 111;,10 NOQb.· '" God had <ommuded NOQb. ·

O ......... ,.w,Noahp,.figu,.. Chri...ndth. holr man. who alone in ,he whole hum.~ ract
wood afth. ark the ""'" wh,m carri.. '" '" ,og.. herwilhhilwhol.hou"d."ry.dloh<
d.h""r.ancc.Thef..milrofNo..hintheark .... , dd,y...dfromlh.flood'Andilnollh.
pr.figur.auon of&:hc ChnJllan church (Aucus· churchpr.r.g"redbrNoah.ndhiolonl~n..,.
TlN.j. I,,& p.....,.d. Clcape ,he flood. wJ[;' wood {wh ,ch.ymbol·
and dUhmc rul ... ob......d in ,h. church in i~CI the crou l carry,ng Ih.m. TUCTATU 01<

7,7·9 No ..b, Hi, F" mily "nd 'h. Alli mols M .. I< A.. DWa .. . " Mun Bs KIIP T SIIPA.
EnltrthtArk .... T. ' " C" UIICH.CYI.'lOFJ • • USA~''':
Du.;n"he.«u.luo~i.m ... hil.wa'''ngfa •
NOAHANOTHIA."'ASS"UOUO. •h. a,h.rI . lel men be with men Ind women
C ... UTA .. OTHINAT ' O.... AuCIIST' .. B wllh wom.n. For now I n.ed Noah', ark ,h., I
Chd.. wual"'''prescn..d,nN""h.andth. marhly.Naahandhil ... no,og .. h." .. p"
warld.,n that ..k. Fo,why ..... all IIYlIIg ruefrombilwife.ndhi,.onl·w,vu.Fot
c,.. ,u,.. lhu, upinth.,.rkexcep, .al ignify .llhough the .. kw",o n.lnd.bedoo, "'1.
all the nuianl! Far God did nOt lICk Ih. cap •. cl"ICd.y.. deco,umwuob,.,v.d .So no ..·
bililj'ofcrullng.n.,,·.v.ry lpee;ei of living .hough Ih. ch urch doo ..... barred and yo~
Ih,,nui.I · are.Uinlid •• I.tdlltinct;anlb.kcpt: m.n
.nc•• didhenol",)·."Letth... rthbring with m.n, wom.n with women. Le! not the
forlh"'andlh.eanhbroughlforlh!Sofrom prin('"lya"onh<mode.prel<~lfo,
th .... m...."rccuh.m.d.,h.mlh.n. h. 'pi.ilUallicenlC. KcepingclolC'''I•• hcrlll
could remlke ,h.m. God mode ,hem by a good rule . proy;ded . hlt palllOIl "kep'."
word .... God could remake .hem by. wa,d. di .. ance. C nlcHn,cuLBcTua u,. ·
T .... CTATU O"T". GO.PBLO.JO""9.H.: :


H' j Fu.,u.A uG USTINE: \Vu na, Na.h.


'OAnd af,n uv.n daY' Ib r walrr, oftbeflDod ,,, me upon tb e uT,h.

"In Ibes,xbw,,,ircdlbytarojNo,,b's' life. in ,heJCtond beltvenuenlb' d"y
of lb. monlh. on ,ho( day all Ibe foun,a;'" of I~ e grra' dtcp fo.lh, and Iht windowI' of
,lot b."vcrlJ ...ert optn.a. J1 And ,ain ftllllpon Ibt .a,lh jorry a"y, ""a forry nigb'l. liOn
Ih t vcrys"mr day Nooh· ""a his 10"1. Shtm a"d Hom ' ""aJophtlh. ana NoahJ· "'ift and
IhtlhrttWlUtl0fbulons",irb,h.mtnltrtalht",k, ",btJa"dtvcryhtolt ""otaing lom
earlh.",ordingloiu.l:ina. tvtry bird o"oraing 1o ill.l:ind.cvr,y&"aofevtrJso'l. UThry
"'.", in/o Ihe "rk ",ilb No"h.· IW" "nd 'wo of all fltlh in whi ch therr "'''' ,b. hrto,h of lif.
" Ana Ihry 110,,1 enur.d, m" ie .. nd f ...."ie of ,,11 fit,h, w'e" , ,n "I God haa com m .. "a.d him;
and ,b,Lo_oshlll ~;III in .'

OV . .... ' RW: The deluge c. u,~d b)' God demo .Imighf)· pow~. (jO S1"lN M.UTH).
'matra,., how h. may ac,,,,ely 'n ....... n. In
earlhly dfa,u ( Sa~y .... TH, Pau.rru.). God i:10·12 Th t Flood Co... " upa n ,b_ Earlb
bTlng' un Ih.dtlugc ru. forry d.y, 10 th. ,
oom.m.nandwom.nmigh,"illr.pcn,and T HII DRLUG. Paovu T H.TGO D I"T. '"
.omehow e".p' the .uin (CHIlYSOITOM ). Th. VH"U ' NEA"TH LY AF."'''5.S''LV''''''TH~
mo,,,h, and yeatS lI ,h. <ime of ,h.
d.luge P"SUT~": And I"C" what~"AIl Ih. foun ·
h.v.thc ... medu,orion"ou,mon.h.a .. d lainsof th.g rca,d •• pw... brokcnup.• nd
rears (AUCUST'N'). .hcfloodg.. uofh •• v.nw ... opencd.And
Anu ..... rybodyh ...n •• ...k.God ,h .... nftllupon.h..... hfo.lj"d·YI.nd
shuu ,hedoo. from m. ouuid. 1>«• ...., h. dou rortynighu:And.l"tI.later:Andallfl"h
not wan, Noah .0M dJ ....-.:I by me sigh. of 'n.d ....oy.d.h .. 'mo ... duponl ......,h: L
.he d,"as,er (CH1t.Y&OSTOMj. Thon who have And again. "And NOIh onl)' ,emained a!i n
rno«n.obeouuid.rhedooranm ... p ... Ind.hcrthltwe.. ",,,hh,m,n,hc.rk."' Her.
v.nt~d /Tom,ng Lt down (EPHU" ), Sin€< and nO'" J wil h.o alk th.m who call G od
th. iamill' ofNoan ma, .nteU the ark cOllSllU ,ndiffucn, 10 hum. n Iff.... ",hc,h.r th.)·
of .. gn'ooull . ..,m.p...lml ..... nml.d·forth. behcv.,ha: ",h"nm.h•• "hcrc...d fo,
ocu ••·u . .. f.... n«.o m.u •• d (j UO.. I ).
God doKd the an:·from ""thou," not hy
Quc.nd,n~physic.llrhut ... witn ... toh;.
canhlyaff"l'ro or in •• rv.n.d in Ih.m , Govu- wouldmeanlhatly,..rhadonlylh,rry-li~

"'ANcaPFGoP '.1.' d.y •. Forlolhon~year(ifi'wu.c.ualJy

callcdayu,in.ndcn...... gt} either h.d no
W",y 0015 GOD B. , ,,, .. 0 ... THI DILUGI mon.h. 11 all,or if 11 h.d twcl"c monlh.,.hcn
• 0. FOITT D... ,,! CHU.O,TO.. , Tbe fac., uchmon.hco"lclhuch1dbullhrccdays .
,oo,lhl,hcbrough.onthedclugcforfony Ho .... then , [an .. eJ uplain the wo...u of.he
daYI .ncl n'ghu 11. furlher wonderful lign of leXl,·inlheli~hundrcdmy.u."inlh._.

h.. l"",ngkinclnu •. Hilpurpo •• inhil grca. ondmonlh"nlh.,,,,enry-Ieven.hd.yof.h.

goodnn........ . ha.lfl, mon.h." unlUI ,he mon.h. men ",Ut ,h.
com •• o .hctrscn ..... nd.lC.pc .ha"mcr lime .. mey ... now! Tbe.. " no om.. "'ay
rUln,hav,ngbeforc.hc"·YCl.h.lnnihil.,,on ofupl~inlnghow.h.f100dcouldbc""cI.o
of,h."pcc ...ndth.d • .,ructlonabou••o hlvehad.abcg,nn,ngonth.<wen'y' •• ~nth
o".rwh.lm.h.m.l m<an, lhtlihlihood 11 day of.he.econdmonth. ClTY Of GoP 'S,I • .'
rh •• on Ih. fir ... d.y IOm. propo..;on .....
drown.d,.n.dcli.ionalnum .... ron.h •• ccond 7, 13- 16 Tb, L~rd Sbut Noa b;" Ib, Ark
d'y,.ndlik .... i.con,hc.hirdd'j·andlOon.
H •• rcllOn for n •• ndlns It for forty days ...u Goo E""ulI;lS NOA H', W.LL-BII ..... C HU .
rh •• hcmigh.remo".from,hcmanygrounda S05TO.. , The .n'locs on, ·Th" Lord God
for UC\I$t. You su, had. "bun hil ""Ih .nd .hu•• b •• •.·Nouetin,hi.
comm.nd,hccouldh.v•• ubmcrg.d.".ry· place loo Ih. eonlid.r •• en... in,h •• xp ... ·
.h,nsinoncdownpour.Jnll •• d,ou.officlclity lion·God lh utlh • .,kfrom,h.outlid.;,o
.0 h.. cnarac.. r;lf;c lov. h..... ng.d for ....)' tcach ullh.lh. h.d.n.urcd ,h. good man'.
of", .m.nyd.y •• HO .. 'LlIIO.. GINU'S (ompl .....f.. y,Th.....onforadd,ng·from
ch.ou."d.·.o·h•• bu'wUlha,.h.good
m.nm'gh'no.Mlnth.pol,,,onof .... ing
DU.A1'IO" Of 1''''1'010"'1'''5 A",n 1''''11;5 AT .h.d'lutcroc(urandluff"."ng."cngrcuer
THIT, ... OFTHIDILU01l.AuGU5n .... ,1t1l di .. r.... ! mean,ifh.b...,.,d.d over Ihlt tcr·
nn ... !lm.ln.uminclh ••,h"prO"CI ribl.f100dand 'Cli ndcliblyinhll m;ndlh .
con,,;ncingly Iha, ,he bibl,eal y.... , 10 f.. clCI.. uclionofch.humanracc,.h.complc..
from hc ,ng onJI' one· •• nlh u lons .. oun, .nnihil..iono(allb,u.. bca.uand,h.di.... p·
wercprccu.<':Iy .. long ...h. prcs.en, pcaranc.,II"",cr<,ofpcopl.,animal.. a,,"
y..n.l1", ,,tt,,.of,h"yunu.,,dinglYlng .h.urrh ,.ulf. ht would h'''CMCnd, • .
Ihou urr.mcll' long lir•• pan •. It i....,d,fot , .. "h.d.Ho"'LlIs o"GIN. '
... mpl., flood occur..d in .h.,,~ s.. ~S .• ~.·
hundr.d.hy.arofNoah'.. lif•.,h.
full ,u,,·Tb. ",.1 ... of ,h. flood overflow.d Goo S Hun TH. 00011; To P"'''''''T T..ou
,hecarrh,n,h.llzhundrcdlhy.uoflh.lif. OtlTlIDI'lI;o .. B.. u"",,.,,I,,,.E'HU .. THl
of No.ah , on ,h. Iccond monln, in Ih. ' ..... n'y· S~"'A" ,· Th .:'or" ohu: .n.doo,befor.
.e,·.n,hd·rofth.monlh:No", .no", worcll
'OO~ ,en of Ihem to mIke One of ou ... Tbll
Nnah."len tho.e left behind h<: •• eutdy.eeingandhuring.notwi.he~.
ofthefloods.ndbreakdown.hegateoftbe oreaubu.wi,h.powerbeyonddescription."Godblouedoul.1I DI"LOGUIlWITHTRYPHOI~7. "
withbimin,he.rk." The . pring,oftheaby.. WHY CeIlT .. , ,, P~"L " ~ Allti T 'TLeD" FoR
.nd ,he floodgate. ofhuven wue "pen forty T,U OC TAV,,: Juo.u: [We..,e ,ha, ) eerUm
day•• ndf""y nlghu •• ndrh. "o.kwas.flool p•• lm •• retided"fortheocuve: Thisi.rh.
f"."ne bund.ed fiftyd.y.:' CO.""E"TA~Y day"n which m.. '0 an end
o"Ge,us.s6.II.l ,· .ndlhechurchisbo,n."Thi'i.,hedayin,he
number of which eight.oul. we.. pre.c.ved
H ow TH. All>: WU CLOS.D "1l0M \V. T" · inthe.rkofNo.h,.nd"itscounterpart",,<
OUT.JU5T, ,,M""TTI,"G,,ddosed.h...k,,f church:.ay. Peter. "no,,'uve. you,"" Ho.,,·
Noah from without:' You should no. im.gine LIU93· "
th .. theunb.gouenG"dhim.dfde..ended
or uce nded from any pl.ce. Fo,.heineff.ble
F•• her .ndL"rdofaHnei,·
place,n"r ",.lks,nor $leep., n",.ri.e., bUI 'G-7.;<. 'FC91,HI. 'G.<.H6. "FC6.J.OS. ''Th<<!oy<<
.lw.ysrema in .inhi'pl.ce,whereve,i,ma) _"n-«< • .,..",d.j, ~ I ",, ),21. ''FCS7cWl.


" Tbejlood co n.inu edf(>Try day!' upon rh! .anb.and rbe warer>incr!aud. and borr up
rb! arl:. and ir roH high above rb! Nrtb. " Tb! waur! prevailtd ana incre"ud guady "p"n
tbr earrh; and !br ",k jloaud on th facc of tbe wafeT!. " And Ihe waleT! prevailed!o migb r.
i1Yllpon theeartblbatallrbcbighmollntain! undertb! wholtbeaven Wtrl (ov/TelI,'Oth e
water! prevailea aoov! th, mountain! . covtring tblmfiftIC" c"bif! acep. " And alijl"h
dild tbal moved upon tbl .arlb, bird!. "'Ilk beam. all swarming "ralu rc' Ihat .warm
upon tb! earlb, and every man; ::evtrytbing on tbe dr)' land in wbolt nOllril. wa! Ih,
brlatb of lift aird. ll HI blotua our rvery living rbing : that wM upon the fa" of tb , ground .
man and animal> and creeping tbings and bird, of tb e air; they were bloma oll r from tb ~
cart;'. Only Noah ' wa,leJ:, and tbell tbal WIre witb him in rbe ar~. 2'A nd Ih , wal l" pr.
vailrdupon IheraT!h" hundrtdandJiffyday>
·!.UMIo ............. '=.........,... _ .,(_ ) ·LUNo<
O ....V' ."" Th. del"g<' <o".n.he . n",. urth u. by .h~ ,uum. of ""nu .nd ,he. .igh,~oU$_
.nd d~lIroys <Y~rycreature (CN~'SOSTOM). n ..... of Our .. inu .... pre..,rv~d. For ,h, ~~.,.
Only .h~ summit of p.radi.. is nOI rached: nm~ Ihing i. at i .. u. wilh '~g.,d 10 N .... h
• h< flood "OP'"irs foo.hill. (EPH....}. Th • and inou,owndar:bap,i.mi • • nood. o th •
•• n,.nco"Eve.yrh ingon.hedry Ilnd in who •• • inncr Ind I consecration ro [hefai'hful: by
nos.. il. wuth.bT<athof l if.di.d ·,,~f....o .h,Lord·, wuhing • • ight<ousn ... isp •• ·
<Y~'" hying erca",'" {AUGUST""'} , Th. deluge .~rvedlndun'igh,.0\Un." i 5 du"oyed.
.ymboliuo Ih. of God IhatlhoK S ...MON S JO.:.'
who rep"n. wiU esa.p" (jusn ... MAlTn.).
Th.fony d.y.prefigu.u.h •• ub ..qu.n. T HI D uuo.CO .....s T H a EllnH. CH.Y '
"'. ofbap".m during<'lIml• •h. SOSTO.,: I, i. no, ... i,hou'purpo'" ,ha,
fo"y dal"ofl.<: nr (M""'''US OfTu,,, ... ). ThIl Scrip.ure d~fCribc. all ,h i,.o u•. In" ..d •
•h. Lord lovu,igh«ou,n." and hll .. iniq iupurpo,. i,foru • •o I,arn ,na' no. only
ulfy " .hrough,h.d.l ug' pcoplc.cattl •• fou,·foo •• dbeulland"p,iJ"
(lh"I). ",."d.own.d bu,alt.o ,h. bird. of h.... en
1: 11-20110. Flood COJlli,uw!or FOri] nlmely• • n'm.l • • ndo,h....ild cr""'u" ••
Do,.,u, .. y•• ·Tbefloodro.. fif... n
cub". l bo.... h.molln' .. n': fo. you '0
T HI Fo.,l' D.. u P .. IFlGU"'" L.... ' .... " 1...n,ha',h.exccu<ionof,h.Lord·• •• n·
R A~'n ... MIIK1"'USOf T.U ., ... :Rutl.tu• ••• rcnc.h.db •• n.ff" ..d. H ...i(l •• cm.m·
... .. . IC..dnumb.. offonyd.y. ..... ·Af", .... " mo.. day.l ... iII bri"~ 1
hdll. b'ginning.W.r..dfiTlfin.h.Old delug.upon.h •• anhan(ll ... iII""pcoff
Tes"m.n, ,h .. In ,h•• im. of NOlh . wh.n ,h. faccof,h ..."h.U,h. li f.I .
cTlm ,noj",,,kcdn . .. h.d .. ,=.d.h.whol. from h.. m'nb",ng.,otattl •• and from rep'
hum.nrau " orr~nuof"'"' .. pou.. dfonh ril.".o b",u of h.....,,:' So Scriplu"nar·
f.omlh.op<n~dfloodg.tuof hcay.nfo.ju •• ... u,hll no,.impl,· '0 'Clch u• • h.flood
umlny d.l"" In I kind ofmy'I<Tlou, imlg. Icycl" bu.lh"w.may beabl.,ound.. · •• lhi.inunduionof.h. ... ndalo ngwi.n ,h i.thll .h ...... ulb.o.
c. "h r.f... no,.o much ' 0 a flood I . ' 0 bap lu .. lJ' no.hln~l .. f, "anding_ no ... ild
" "m.' Thi . wu dea,I)'. b'p,i.m In whi ch .h. b.uu. nO .nlmah. no talll.-.uh ... co.ry-
w,ckedn . .. of I mn.U wO! ,emo"cd 11.,(1 .hing",u lnnihila.. d.lon~"' ·
No.h·l tlgh,wusn." p...",ycd. I'o"h, s ,,,- m.nrlu . S1n cc ....·.. fo.,h ..,sakc lhOl111
.on. lh~n . ,h. Lord hu gi~.n ul forty .b rs .h ... c......... hadbc.ncrca..d. withlh.
no ... U w.U in imi'a"onof,h.. "me. 10 ,ha, Imm'n.n.d.... uC(ionof .he.hum&n ... 'nj!.
fo. lhi.numbe,ofd ay•• whil.,heh.. ycn. il ..·ufilting.ha: ,h... cru.ur.. . ""tho.. ld
areo?"n.d . accl.s<i.lra,no: m"cr m'llh:
pouruponu •• n(l,,,·i.nrh,flood .• h,,,·a •• ,
or .h.... inll"· ....Il ngmigh,.nlighlCn u.' in 'Cf,c...1,1.:II.1.'ef.' I'o< ,,zc,Z:_ 'The ""' ........ bop<_
.. ..........-._ • ...,-_._.. <low .......... ....
bapllAm .nd-u ,,'U the cu•• h~n-,h. ..IdIo of. . _ _ _y · ~· S(l," ' 'G.1 ... ·''''''
... ,ck.dn~uof our .. nAm'gh: "''1u.nch.din - '-

14 '
mnl Iheir end. Then. ann luching 1,1.$ . h. [he flOO<l..ThI,l.$ w. find that Holy Sc:.ipt\lrci..s
g.eathe,ghl .nchedbylhef100d ... uerJ a"Ullom .. d.o ..... bo.h phr-ue.- "Ii. in£
andthefactlhutheyrouafunhe.fineen Jou[".nd"lhebrulhoflifc"-inregardcvcn
",bi" above .he mounuin pub. it funhe. '0 Oeall ••• ndin ,hcv.... e·A!lIhin gl .... hercin
add. ou. of fidelity '0 i"charlclerinic therei . thebrea . hoflifc",heG<ecktutdou
p.eci.;on ."Thereperi.hedall f1nhthal not ul. Ihe word pn~w"'" bUI pM~ . C ITY o.
moved on ,he unh-birdl. In;m.b. every GOD I).> ... "
rep.ilethu moved on ,he ear<h . every hum.n
being_every.h,ng.hl.hadbr... hoflife.
e.... y,hingondryland:.llper"hed: ' ThI.
wI, no.lnidlereference;n,hcword,"e .. ery· TH . D nuG.S r ... o Ll ZB5TH.)UDC ... Nr
.h,ngondryllnd":inllcld.;"purpo"ewu OFGoO .)UIT.",M.uru:\Vhenthe.acred
lotu,hu"ha.whilto.he.. pcri.hcd.thc ,u' llate " hat,he.n[itecanhw.. ,nun .
jUllmanw;.hutryoncin.hearkalonewaJ dated ... ,he ...... , r... ch.d. h.,ghlof
.. v.d.Ho"'~'UO",G.Nms"lJ. lO.' twenly·th<u feet abov. thehighut mOun ·
tainl . it I.uiden•• h.t God ...... nol . pe.king
o .. u Till S" ..... T OF P...... "'.II NOT [lh.ti, . ln..,l j ,nparlO(u]ubu'
RUC H. " . ' TH S Ftoo".E 'N .... THI to all IhoK who.rc failhful [0 h,m . for whom
S,.,.... , h.h.. a ... ngcdarestfutha .. en,n)cru..lem .
Wilh th •• yeofmy mind AUth",'gnl,ha,accomplnl.d.heIlOO<l.
Ign.duponpar.di.e. p<ovemy ..... ttion.f<o.b)·,h .. up ... n 'on · by
The , umm;, of cvef)· mountain water l nd faith.nd .wood" " " i. ind"at cd
"lowerlhan"• •ummi. that thou whop •• p....hemsel .... . nd
IhecrefloftheflOO<l. rcpcn loflhe"fln •• h.Uucapcthefulur.
reachcdOllly,ufoothill •. judgment of God. Du,LOG'" WITH TU'No
.hel." k,uedwi.hrevetencc '11 ."
befOrfct\l ••un£
.o,,.••hovelnd.ubdue.hep"ak TH ~ Lo .. ., l.o .. u R"::HT.OU ....'u. H ..TU
ofcve'l· hill.nd mountain. INIQ U.Ty.BI02:W•• eadinthcnoryofholr
Th . foo,hilllofpa Noahhowhcminculouslyucapcdthcflood
whilecv •• y,u mmititbuffen. whichdutmy.dlhci mpiou. b)·be in£pr ...
HY .. N50Nl>......."'u'....' . .rvedwHh hi, hou ... hold in ,hc a. ).;." From
thi'H 11 evid.n, to.v.ryone that the Lord
7:21·22 All F1t1b Ditd who lovu "gh,.ou.nuo Ind hit.. ,n,'1u"y"
know.ho,,· .oddwuth'p'"·
T HB BB ..TH o. L,n.Auc uITI NI: Th.n.a ,iOllandto punllhth.;mp,oUJ wothlhrpun ·
l"tl.fu.. hcron,nthe .. mebook {Genc ... j.· dc •• rv •. .. . Through.ptrltual
one couldJu.... e.sil)· h.... noltccdthcv...e
"Everythingonthedryl.nd.nwho•• noltril.
",·... hcb ... ,hoflif.died:Thil mUnJ thlf 'c;.., ''"l·l:. 'FC12,,)J-oo."HOP7f.19. "f'C1"~1·
.... ry·dung.h.,IJV.don.h . .. rthpcr"h.din "w.. ,Oo< "'MO~D.~ "C.-60'H9 .. "'.s,, (.....
und~"Iand;ng .hillame rnr U Ihown ro bt ... hidl ..... I moorh ~nd co~m with pneh."
fu.JJofmo..., ••crcdmy... riu .... henrhe ..kil rhereaeh~ .. whouc"al"·.~r ... , .. ultof
di"e.ned u, lignify .heu.hol,cchllr<h:" rh. their failh . ONTHB TUU.NACU '.7.69. "
"'a'crof, h.noa-d. bap,i l m:,hc dunlnd animal,.'· ,hol' in ,h. church bo,h
'pir;11I11 Ind (lrnal: ,h.,.,ood of ,he ark

--------------- "



' BII! G,d reme", Noab' Gnd GIl tb. b.~m and all tb. ,atrl.' tb~1 w.f • ... itb bim in

tb. ~rk. And God ",~dt ~ ... ind blo ll' ov., rb ••"'Ib, ""d tb. wale'llllblidcd; ' tb.follnl"i"l
of tb. dup alld lb. "';lIdD"'" of tb . "UV'II I wcr. cloud. lb. ,a;n from tb. "''''
,wr~illtd, ' ,,"d Ib t "', r.ctd.dfrom lhe ."rtb contill .. ally_At lb • • lId of a bWlldru! "nd
fiflydGY I lb...."Irrl b"d Gbaltd: ' IInd In lb. 5t~t nlb monll" on tb. irvtntttntb t dllY oftb.
monlb. Ibt "rk ,a",.
10 rtll "pon rb. mOUIIIII;n l of Ar","!. 'Alld Ibt" (onunw.d 10
IIb"ltwllrillbtl.lltb molltb; ,n Ib.ltnlb mOlllb. or. tbtfiWd"yoflbtltlonlb. lbtlop' of
.brmounlll;nl .... r.lttn .
•uu;r<o. .I.U ... ... ..... _ ... .... _ . . . · 1 . U _ (..... _ l ur _ _

0" ••,,' . ..., The love of God accompanIes C HU.OSTO" : Sce how God did evcryrhins
No.h and.1I ,h. o<cupanu of rhe Irk Out of 1., I ",.um for .he human bting. Al ln
.hroughou,.he deluge (CH~'~). Tnt ,heClu of ,he dc",·ucrionofhumlnbt,ng.,n
wind ICIII by God II .he Holr Spi". the flood ht du.royed 0.1&0 .. Long wlfh Ihem ]
(A....on). Th. ark rcmainl ano ... for l SO th~whol ~ rang<'ofbrure be..." .", In .hll c", ~

::';o:~~:rhl:~";=1;::~:~' ~;~~;:;;:~~r~:~
day •. "" I ,," occupanrocouLdnOILu y tll
btfor.36S dIY·(EpH ....... ). 1
him.h . uttndl h"g""dne5l Io ,h • • nim.l
8:1 ·3 God R.m. mo.r.d Nub ,.d.
kIngdom U ..... L1. Ih~ wild bea." . Ihe .. i
and Ihe rep,ilu. "God .... as mindful of No.h ;
th.,u' ''''Y'."andof .U th. wild btas... aLL ,h. 1
canJ.anda!lth.c~ptil.sthatw..."w;th him 8:3-5 Tht W<llersAb<lltd
inth.nk.God •• ntawinduponth... rth .
and th ....·... r.ubsid.d .. mindful of D UllAT 'ONoFTH KD n uGB. EpHUMTHE
Noah. th. tex. uy •. and ofthos. with him in Sn "AN: The.pring.ofth•• bys< and th.
th.atk.h.dir.credth.f1oodofw ......ohah f1oodgate.ofhcav.n ",.,.npcn fony day. and
.otha.litd. bylittl.h.might l ho ...· fortynight • • nd "th •• rkwuaf1oatfnc on e
acr.ri .. klov ••<!man. hundred fiftydayo." Bu,after nnc hundred
breath offresh.i •. free him from the turmoil fifty day. th. began tosub,ide and the
of hi. ,houghuand cts'Oce him to I>!at< of .rk cam. '" rest on M,. Qacdu. ' In.h .tenth
tranquili.ybygranringhim,h •• njoym.ntof monththe.op.ofth~moun.ainsw.r .... n
d.ylight.ndabrearhoffruhair."God •• nr a In Ih •• i~ hundred and fin, in the firs.
wind upon the.arth.and ,h .......... month ,lhefi .. tdayof,hcmon,h"h.wat...
Th.lOrr.nlSof,h.d.p,h.and,h •• lui"galC$ w... dri.dfromoff,he .. r<h.In the •• cond
of h.aven were .hu. off.. HOMIUU ON G""l' month,.hat i•. lyor.·on ,h. twen ty .•• v.n.h
SIS ~6.10 .' d.yofthemonlh.,h ....c.hwl$dr)·: Th....
fo .. Noahandtho.~"'i.hhimhadb .. ninth.
T HE W , ND StiNT BY GOD is n u Hou arkth ...
SPIRI T.AMBROSE: "And,heL<>rdKntabreach •• v.n ... n,hof,h •••,ondmonth,th.. i•. lyor.
ovec ,h. eanh and ,he wa ... I do nOf un.ilthe'w.nty-.eventhofthesam~month • • be.nsaidbecauseund.. th. fnllowing year, according to the lunar
th.nam.ofbr.athw.m·r·hinkof,h . ...·i nd. reckoning, w... thr.. hundred.;~.y.
In fact th. wind had no po"'cr '0 dry ,he del· fiv. daY"No';c. thcn tha,c".n the genera ·
ug •. Oth.rwi •• th . .... wh ichi. mov.d .... eCJ tionofthehous.ofNoah.mploy.dthisreck .
da)' by the wind •. would become .mpty. How oningofthreehundr.d'ixty.fivcd.oysin a
wnuld,h •••• becom.emptrbecauscofth • y.... \Vhy.h.n.houldyounyth.tit\\·uth.
• ".ng,h of ,h. winds alon.1 Isn't ittru. thal ChaJdun.andEgyptian, ,.,hoinv.ntcd.nd
,h"'ceng,h ,hat nvcrCame th e deluge d.vclopedit~CoM"INTARYON GIN HSIS
all owr the unh ,n th • ..,-called ColumM of 6." .• ·6.,::.,.'
Hercul.,'andth. ,·ast.eaboilingov.tth.tnps
,hcrcfort"ha"har ddug. wu Jub.idcd br.h. 'R;c. ISI. 'Now .... _of~."'. _ _ "n'
i,,,,isibl. power of the Spirit. not thrnugh.h. ~ ........ Omrtoflh<,'Pl.14'00II:csa
)lo411,·Gm7<24. ~Ih<PWo'''''Efoi> .. mlo<..a""
wind .... uchbut,'.rvention
....""of .... a<k .... "" ... ' .... ..,'''''M'.Qo.du. .. ...m....
ON NOAH ,6.S8. ' 1,"'1' "FC9"'f'''"-

OAr rhe uld ~ff~TI] do]. Noob' opened Ibe lIIi"dolll of Ibe art ... birh he bad IIIodr. ' and
unl f~ r rb a TO~CII; ' a"d ir wenl ID a"d fro' IInlif rhe walers were dried up from rb. ta rrb,
'Then be unlforrh a do~e from him.' I~ Jee if Ihe walefJ bad lllb.idrd fr~1I! Ihe face of IIw
groM"d; ' bMr Ihe dovc f~lInd 1I~ plaer ID HI hu fOOl. a"d sbe Tcl ll rlled ID bill! 10 rh. ort.for
tht wOltfS wtrt ' l iII On lb. fACt of lb. whol. urth. So h. pilI fOTlh hi. blllld and lOOt bu
and &rollghl h.. inlO lb. II rt will, bill!. ' OHt wailed IInolb.r ,e~.n do], . alld again bt ""l
foTlb Ibcdovt 0111 oflbe art; " a nd rhe dove CAll!. bAct 10 bill! In Ibt tvrning, Gnd 1•• inb.,
m~lIlh A fft.hly plllettd oli~t Irof; ,. NOG!.' kn ... , Ihal lb. wOlen had , .. &.id.d frOlll lb.
urth. u Tb.n h. wailed ollolh., Itvell do] •• and .. Ill f~rlh Iht do~t; alld .he did nOI mllTn
lohilllally more.

o ...... "' ...·'Theraven ....hich,, lenrfo.rhby ofrheearthwhenrheillulldniOllh.dco.... ro

No.h.i. h id cap.iv. by glu .tony and don nOI an end. and he lenrfor<ha r.ven.whkh
retunl ,o.h •• rk (PauDI..-rIIlS, CH.YSOSTO.. ). Komedroretum.o rhe.rk.' lIgnif'y"",.ho..
Th • .oven ' Tmbol,zu rhos. Chd'"an. who who .•lrhoughrhe)· havrb.<rndun. cdbrrhe
havingbeenbapr;udhav.goneutral' ,,·..... ofbap.i.m,ne".coh.les.sneglecrpul.
(AUGlln' .... Bloa). Th. d""r . ... h,ch No.h ungofl'.he""rrbl",kdrcH oftherrold..,I,.,
.end. aftrt.h... ven.bring • • n ol,V. brand, brln·ingmorefauldeulr:andlr",her
back,o,hear~.Thi. b,.nchno'Dnly .. vul. duervetob.rellcwedby,he.noindngof,hr
,h .. ,h.delugch...b••• dbutalJo ....ymbol HolrSp'rit. rheJ· •• onccf.n ....a), fromthr
ofth.p.Dm ... d.v.rlall;ng~ace ( AUGul· '" mo"uni .yof<uholic~ac.andreltbyfol ·
TI1"I}. The dov. i,a.ymbolofthe Hol),Splm lowingu.etior Ihing •• rhat i •• the of
(A .. llOOn.B.o l). oftheal>Din"ngbyoil,n ,h • ..-orl<i. Ho .. lll' l.".'
chtllm •• ion (SI"') and of Ch, ill (MAX1"IIS
"F TURIN). The end deluge can be com· TH II R" u ... DOli NOT R ITU .... TO T H E
p...dwithrhrrndof,hrpc,,,,,cullon. th.r
.ho..... holiv.;'.. rin.h. A ••• ignth" Ih. flood had abaltd
wD.ld ( AuGUSTlNI). th. dovr u no'"bringing
Rack.o,he ark,nh"b.. k

D ' D Noy R .Tu . .... B. OE: Noah

T ... RAVE ...
",anltd '0 knou' ho'"tinng. 11""'; on th. f.a
,hcbuddinggrccn branch of an olivc. i.forcvcrin lcaf.C ... ,ST'A" I .. , TIlUCTrON
Forthc tavcn.hdd captive hy glullony. ~.16 .1 • .'
d ungtofo"lbo<!i u.
Whilclhedovebrough,b.. ck T .. s 0 0"1 AS A S .... aoL OP TNI HO LT
.hegl.. d.iding.of p... e<: .ha' ..·.. s'vcn. Sp,arT. A .. non, Th.oil i. no, for ,h"yn2·
Scv<u no .. SACUO HI$TO .." ).' gogue •• inc~ it don not pouu •• h. oli ..... nd
did no, und ... und ,h. dove tha, brougb'
WH ' THB RA".N D ID NOT CO" . BAc". Nclt.htoL ,ft bran.haher.h.nood. Fortha.
CHRUOSTO .. , Butfor th.prcnntw. needto dove de K.nd.d .f...wards.' wh.n C h.i.. wu ... hr thcbird (thera ... n] bcingb .. p.i,..d .. nddw.ltwithh,m.,.. .... hn
dldnotcom.b .. clr..~n"'.J» .... ithth."·""1"$ brough.w,.nc",n,heGoopeluy,ng, -I . . ..,'''g • •hcb"d.b<c,ngunck ..".happ<'ncd .h. Sprr1td..ccnd, .. duv•.
upon corpse. of m.n and b. ...".nd . find ,n g andit r.main.dupon him:' LITT.a s 40." . N
nouri . hment,oit . liking"" •
..... uldh.v. b<c.n.omethingthatprov.d .ob<c T .. . OU .. I B...... c ... S. oE:Ah.r(.herav.n ]
nolrnle.ignofhope .. nd.ncoungc m.nt for h••• n' .. doy .... nducam.,oh,m'n,h.
,hejult m.n (if.h ....enh.dre.urned]. ng, c.. rrying in UI mouth an oIiv.branch
Ho .. rLr",oNGBNB"S ~6 ....• with gre.nleavc •. "
\"OUI.. payinga"~n'ion.l b.:liev •. and
T... T,.ISOM. SOUNO OF TH IIC . O...·. ..ith your'nt.Uec.)'O".no"p ... rn .... 1
AUOlIsnN" Yo"oonutk"owwh.n .ha.l.ut Ipulr..The oli ... branchwi.hg... nluyc...
hou.i.goingtocome a"dy., youuy.· la m .h.g•• ce uf.heHolrSp;m • • ich,nth . .... o.d.
..forming: \\'hen .... yoDgo'ng uflife . th.fullneuofwhichrulluponChri" •
\Vh.n are you go,ng toch .. ngcl - Tumurrow; (... ] thep ... lm ... ys,·God·rourGod.hao
you sa)·. Ekhold. h..... onen you uy:Tomor- .norn,ed you wuh the oil ofgLadn ••• above
ro .... 'omo'ro ....... Youhav ..... llyb.:comc .. your f.lIow,:" Co nce.ning ,h"gif. g,vcn '0
cro,,·.Bchold.I"'y.oyouth ... ,,·h.nyoum..1« C h., ...l fdlo ......... hn .p"'ru'· \"ou h .. ye.h.
th. nor.., ur .. cro ..·• ruin il .h rut." ing you. For "noln"ng from.h. holy on •• and you kno ..· all
th .. 'crow wh .... u ..·.ngyou 'mit......... n.funh thing.:" And br a moot beautiful conJuncuon
from ,h. "rL: .. nd d,d no, r.turn. S . .... ONS ON ,h cfigure i. inagre.m.n, wi,h.h. fulfill
THiLI TURGICUS ....ON.U ....• m.n, _acorporul doyeil roughtthcoLiv.
branchtoth<arltwh,chwu",... hedt.,·tb<
"·""r.of ,h.f100d;d"' Hol)"Sprr't';'OK.nd.~
in ,,orpo.... ldo .. cupon.h.Lo ,~
T .. ~ CL ..•• B"ANCH SY>.IIouo:: n E.-Ma. .... h. n h. wuhap'ilCdin.hew •• u.of .h.J .. r·
LAliT ING P.ACIl.AuGU'TI"l, lt io not diffi · dan. Not onl)"tht human b.:lngs bu t a1soth.
, ult .o ••• wh yu. rlaltingp... ' .....gnifi.d
brough,back tothark. For we kno"· that th e
'FCS!rI"-IIJ. ·FC ~I!).'",,_ ...... 'l'C)loIIl"FC
.moo,hl urfaccofuili. not .... dilrhind ...d 201'· •........ ........,. .... In.·. ,.,I<l:."FC
by .. diff.r.n'li'lu"!.And,h.o!r ...... r..elf JrIi:Jf' . "G.o.1>J.l\ ..",.,,~. ~I""~
l,ving ching. which che ark contained. and dove,hl,oncc hutencd to No.h·. ark m ,he
allothe vtry wood from which cht ark Wal flood now cOmu.o Ch rilt"ochurch in b.ap.
made. prtfigu,., III membtn orChri.. and of tilm.S .... oNS 64.~ ...
thechllrch .fterOllr reccp.ionofthcwuhing
of ,he wl ,tr.of regcntration.ThrOllgh . hc 8, 11 · 12 Tb, Dour Don NOI RtfllrII
anoinung of Ihe ,""cred m ri.m ma,. wc bt
.. gntdwithlhcgraceoftheHol)·Spi ri,.and TH S ENO O F TH B DBLOG Il Co ..... "." WITH
mayhcdcign.oktcpi'inviola.c'nll.... ho TlltiE .. oo, P ...1l 5 CUT,o"a.AoGUST,W.t:
h,m ... lfgavci.[.ow].je.... Chnacoll.Lord The.ecularpow... of.en and for a long umc
whowirh.hc almigh'j'Flrhtt,nrhcllni, y o{ .pa rc the wicked from corporal puni.hmenl
rht umc HoI)'Spiri. hvulnd,cIgrufo,alJ .nd ,.,Jiue ... m. of them from Ihelf ha ..,,,.
Ige •. Amen. HO .. ,LY I.,~." menu. b,.. the helnl ofholr mtn nu .. hu.
In)" "p"e un.iI.h ce ndof lh c world from Ih e
T H ti Dovl ..s .. S .... . O LO' CH .. lIT. MAlI, ' .infulconduClofmen. ililthw .... h.v.<he
" "'O~T" "' N:Ch "" ""do",,btuu.c ht fulfilImtn, of whl •• he.po .. lellid.ulcitcd
commlnd..<hi. holy onu,o bt:udovuwhcn i •. tha,"all whowilll;v~godJri n Ch.i,," uff"••
h."y,."Scllmplcudovu"Sutthep.ophc • p".occuuon .... Thelf l uff"crlngllmorcbiner
• peak.of .... hIl Chri.I Chcdovcll whtn. inhi. in proportion to ,nIn"·.rdn. ... Thi . 1100
perJon.htdc.crib.:shil re.urn.ohcavenaf,cr "nlil. man " pusel over .h~ delug~ wh",. Ih.
his .uff"tringo"wno ",ill gIn mc wings like. arlr..hche.. <herav~nand Ihcdove.LIT"~U
dovc.andiohaUfly"wlr"ndbtl,rut!" H8."
WhtnCh.i .. thcLo.d.thc.cfo ••. initiatcd
Ihc SaCflmenU of the church a dovccamc
down from hu ... n.1 unde ..,andthtmy .. ",y •
• nd l,.,cogn ..... thtuc •• m.n •. Fo,.hevc,y



Il l" Ihe six blmdred ,md frrst y'lJr. i" Ih' first monl h. Ih 'frrll .llly of lhe monlh. 11.,
"'!J urJ ",ne .lr ..dfr"m offlbe ellrlb; Qnd NOlJh' removed Ih, touering oftb. arl:, a"d
10011..':. 0'" bt nold . Ib t f!Jer of Ib ~ gro wn d wu dry. " In Ih, ,tro"d mO"lh. on Ihe
1I''''" v.nlb d"J of 11.. mO"lb. Ih. UTlh "'''' dTY. " Tb," God' , ,,id to No"h,' .. "Go
jonh from dJ/ark. Y"" !Jlld JOII' "'ift. IJ nd YOII' JM' "nd your Ion, ' wiun will. YOll . " Brillg
forlh wilh Jo" tvr ' yliv'"l"l hing lhlJt i, wilhJo", ojallfi"h-bird'lJ" dlJni ma l,andtvrry
Httpi""bi"!'ba,crup,o"'bcuT'b-,bA,,bcJmAJ bTud 4b .. "d4n"J 0" ,bt CG .,b, and'
bc f, .. ilf.. , 4"d mu',ip'J "pon ,b, urlb.· "So NOG~', fo .,b. a"d hi• ..,,,, a"d hi, ... ift
and bi. Jon,' ... iVCJ ... i,b bim. "And tvery bCall, tvery crttping Ib;"g, Gnd tvery bi.d,
,v.rylb;"glb", mOVtJ "pon ,bttarlb ,'for,b "yf"",i/it. oll'of,bt "rk.'

...........- ..... .... .
.1.0 .... 'Ul . . L.ooO GoiI ' U l _ 'Ul _ .... _~ ..... ~-r ....... _ _ ....... _ ...... _ _ _

Ov .......... '\VhenN""hd."''''bar\t' .llcr,h" .mbarlr.ftonl,h• .,kalong"'i.hhll ...."'.hi.

ddugc. Godencollr<>.guh,m.n c"uy.h,ng wif., h, . .......• w;vu and all ,h. wild an,mal •.
(CH ..f50STO ... ). Chas"'y ... uob." ....edln .h~ , ,d .. co .... gem.n,.ho .. ldg.adu .
a.k,blltafter.h.ddllgcm.rri'g'''p''.mi".d allyovcruk.h,mby.hufur<herdevclopmcnt
ag.'n ( Jo ..... ofD........ scus). Thi.i."'.d.cJu r",.h.,hough"hllh.
e ... nin theord.rofb"arding.ndl.uing.h. ", •
• rk (A.... lIOu). ln".d ••• ha •• hcy might ... ul· vu.upan •• or ..... h .... i'hnnon...l •• u l.. .
,iply,N".hbr;ngoou,<w<>byrwo,ho",whom ;ng, God 6n' , ..,d.·Di•• mbark fto .... he.,k .
heh.dbrough'inon.byon. (ErH .... ). The anduk.offevcry,hingwithy<> ..: .nd.hen
arkp •• figu.e.dehyennce,hrough,he add.d,"lncr..",.ndm.. l,ipl)·, .ndglln
€hurck', b'p,;.m in prep.,.,;on for thedi"ine domin;ono~.rlh ... rth."Sceh ..... once.g"'n
judg... cn. (M"", .. us Of TU.'N). No.k pto . .hi.<:cc, .... ,ha,form .. blelling a neW birth to .h~ world (CU.... HT Of .hIlAdamkadr<:cc;".dbefor<:.hef.ll.Th.
ROMti). ume ... ord .... cr.11 m.n h.ard when h. wu
CTu.ed,Godbl ••",d,h.min.h.word.
8:1S· 19 Evc rJ'";''' WCII' O il ' 0f'''c Ark "in".ueandmul,iplJ·.andgaindomln;on
o~.r rh. unh'" So tOO do,. man nO ... hu ..
No... " Rac. , v .. T H . BL." 'HGOf MULT" Iheword. ",ncr<:I••• ndm .. lt>plyonthe
.uc ...T.o .. T H.TA" ..... H.oR.c., ,,.,,. •• r<h .. lnolhcrwords.j ...... rh.formerm.n
CHU$OSTO.. ' nen.1I eru,ion "·u durucd,h.Mginn;n~and.oo'ofallcr<:., .. r..
as if of .om. blemish, remo ying.1I d.fiI.ment<c '''cd.lug ••• o.oo.hi'Jult man
cau",din;, by hum.n witkodnell. IlIcou n,. · becom... lr.indoflca ... n,bcg;nnlngand.GO' wu .... d••;God.h.nfln.llr ofe"ery,hingai,erth.dcluge.F.omrhi'po,nl
command.d ,h. J UIt man 10 d".mbark from on .... k.I,.comprilcdinthemake·upof
rh •• rk. frc. mghimftom.h., .... fulpfllOn h .. m.nbcing" .kCl'lIbcJ!inning,andthe
..,,,h,hcU' ... o.d•• ·Thcn.h.L... dGod ... ,d.o w;'oleofcr<:.<lonrccoyeniuptoperord.r,
N""h,·D,,,,mb.rk, you and yo .......n'.y<>." bo,h.helOilr....·.kenins·oproduc<l,,"r U
...;feandyo.. rlonl· ... i.... "·,,hyo... uweU • • .... ll ••• v"'y.h,n'.l"'.ha. had be.n cr .....:!
.Un"h.itomb"d.,ocarde; u1reof!'w'lhyou ,o,.h . ...... i(. ofhum.nbcing• . HQ .. ,u15ol<
.v.ry repdle,hal crawh upon ,h. ur,h. and G~"u. s .6.'6 .'
God'. goodnelS.ho"·;n ev.ryrh,"ur·
as" • •he jloodm.n.Afrerord."nsh,m,od".
G...,..,. 1:1)"9

TH.A •• P. ..,O" ... DIlLl VIl .... NC. ingtheSCnpturc .... n...ocmph..i:teth.ab..i.
T H.ouO H TH . C HU. CH.Mn ... Of u. n.n«from,hcfaculryofgoncr"'ona"h.
TU., .. : Fo< .... Noab', ark pr~,uv~d .Hn mom~n.ofth.boardingon'heltkandlh'lIK
~v~ryonc whom" bad taken in ",b~n Ih( of thu flC\&ltr al th~ moment of diocmborking.
worldwugo;ngunder.' ,o.l.op."t<·, cbu<cb ,o.,thebcginningof.h.dtluge,hefa,hcr
.mhracco wII.n ,h. world goes up in fbmu.'
Noab'. ark wh~n Ihe flood w •• OV.,. ' IO abo
h;1 IOnl, There;1 no mixing oflheoeno" th. I

Chn"willbnnglhejoyofpeIC.,Op.,.. r'1 ~~;a~:, ~~~~;~I~.a~:,d~;,,:~;:~.ln I f

ch .. rchwhen.h.)udgment .. ov.,... nc~h. 't>oard,ng, iI il bci ng mad. c1car '0 ,h. "gn,.

him.t1f i. dov.lndpuc .... h.promi ..d .0Ilslba"h.,im.wncndr"hloomcdov<r
whenh.l.aid ."llhall""r<'u.glinandyour .vo:rybody .. uno ....i ...hl •• oconcub,
hea .. will r.joic . ... SII...ON S .9.).' .roricpl... u..... ... Wilhgooc! .. uon,Ia'et,

M.... , .... sb P.... 'rr.oA ..... N.JO .. HOF

D"" Wh.n Noab ,,'&1 10 en.. r
.ft<t ,n<d.IIlV'.nd<d,marriagt w.. again in
w.~, ,ow","' r.. oh. "."..;0. of o,h"
m.n.O .. No .... ~',?6. ·
,h...klnd ....... ntru
;ngof.h."'.dof.b.earlh.h••,..... g'v.n,hi. No .. H B .. ' NGJFo ..THTHIA .. ' .... u 11<
command , whICh read., "Go (o .. h from Ih. F.... ,Ll u . E.H .... TH~ S,RI .... : ThOK
ark.youlndyourwif•.• ndyour.on • • nd wnomh.hadbrollgh,in"on.hronr"onordcr
your ,on.· wivu w"h rou," Hc had •• pa ....d lomainraincb"tily onrn.ark, hrno,,'
.ncmf.omtb.,<w,vu.",ithth.h.lp bro .. gh. 011' "tWO by rwo"1O rh .. th<y rn 'gh,
ofch"u'J'.ncym 'gn,uclpe.n.dcepand "bc fru,tful and multipl)' in crc"ion ." Evrn
,nl! worldwide dU'mCtiOll. How~vcr . • f .., w;.hr .. pec"o.h.lnimal. ,ha,h.dp,.... rvN
Ih.cUIIUOno( ,h.flood , lhccommand ..·u ,heir,h"";ryin.h(ukGod u .d,"Bringff)rth
"Gofo .. hfromthc .. k, youandyollrw;r•. w;,h yOIl.nryhving.hlRg.ha' ....."h you of
andyourlon •• ndyouf l onl·wivClwi.hy"u." .Ufl.. h-birdlandanimal l andev.ry .... p·
He ... &c.
n01ll' mlrr'.ge ...... again perm;tted inglhinglha'c"'.p"Gnlh.carth-,ha,th<y
for ,he ultc of ,nc.. u • . OnHoDOx F"'TH m.ybrc.dabllndlntlJ'OII.h.... rrh." CO"'·
4'~4.· .. HNT....'O .. G ... UI$6.,~.: ."

THIIO." •• o.Bo... o"........ "L.....,' ..... N ...• B'''TH TO THR \\'O .. LD, Cu .. . .. , Of
,o."'8Mon: No .. ')" u' cumine why. "' .h. Ro ... : Let uS fil ollrgau on rho •• who h.vr
mom.n,of.nlu;nglh •• rk, lhcorderof.n,'1· !'<',fudy •• rv.dhil magnifi, .n'glorr· Lc,lU
...... tha, Noab fin, wi,h h"IO'u. then ...k.EnO(h.who ..... foundr;gl"eoul lR~·
nlSwif•• nd,n ...·'v •• ofnlllono.' bu, when
,h.y @o,oll' . th. ordcrofu" ..·.. cnang.<!.ln
fact" 11 wrm.n: Go foren &om tiI. ark. ro~
Indyolr w;f•. andYO"'lOnlandyo"rlOn$'
'Cl""''' ' ')'!1. 'CllI'otJ,JO.:1'a.""'",o.n.,.
'6-,l:. 'I\C\\' S(l:11t.'FCIH9" 9S. -c.. ",U.. "PL
w,v .. witn you,""'ccorciin~loen.ii .. ralm •• n· L4,o ]),CS£LJ2>46., "FCtblU

dienee and wu taken up w,dm,lt thtu being a mOIlYLlIIO the ark." Till LITTII TO Till
tT:Oceofhi.duth. "Noabwufoundfaimfu! CO",,'TIIIAI<S9.1·4,"
by reuon ofh,""e ..... ice;heproclaimeda new
birrhtoth • ..,orld.and,h,ough him ,h. Lord "GenU",HoI>II,S.''G.m6ol,1,I,HoI>IL'',ll'o<::s.~
laved,h. livingcru,u,u wh oen,.r.di nh ar·


HThrn No~h' buill an ~llar I~ lb. LOIP. and look of c~e.y d,"n "lIi".,,1 4Ina of t v••y
dun bira. "naofjrTCdbur nloifcringl On Ib r ahar, l' A nd IIIbr .. IhcLWtDI". rUrarbtplraj'
1.,,,.1.. /
ing odo •. Ibe Loao , .. id i" bit will nrVr. "gain Clmr riot ground buauu of "''''',for
rb. ;"'''gln''I;OIl Itf ",.. n', burr Il rvilfrom bil Jowrb; ntirhr. wil11 t~tr again drmo] tvcr]
Itvillg crtar".t Itl I blTv< ,jOllr. u \VLilt rbr t~rrb Trmai" I, ,«dri mr and h<>r~t'l . cold and
bral.lummtrandwinltr. .lay "nJ lIigbl, ,haIIIlOlct"H. ·

O"IUUW: Noah off. ... ucrif'icu 10 God of No .... 0 ....., S"C" ' ~ ' CU OF T II . CL"'N.
the dun animall. nOt of ,he " .. dun {AII';;us, AUCIIsnN" [The clean and me undean ) wcre
nN.}. ·The Lord .melled the pleulng odor· "'gethe.>n ,he ari<, but mcy wcre no<cquall)'
meanl thalhel<ceptedtheoffcringo {CHIT ' plullng,ome l..ord as a ........ ofucrifKc. for
505TO.. j. The Lord dou no, Imell thelm.Uof aher me deluge Noah offe,d ucr-ifKc 10 God
Ihcflelhofan,mabor,h,"moiteoiwood.b.. t,ofm.:unckan.Llnl-.s ,ol.'
he 1001.1 OUt and I....'ro{hun
w;thwhiehNoahofferothe ,acrific.
(E.H ....).
Th.wo.d.·!wil!never'g.,ncu... ,hc Goo ACC"'T5 NO"H '~ S ..cau ' CI. CH_Y '
groundbecau.. ofman· m.anth •• God.afrct sOsTO .. : y• . ·AndtheLo,d
.....alnlllghum.n ilnful narure through ,h. ImeU.d •• wcelodor: ma .... he.ccep ..dth.
futofh .. punlohmen •• no..· .... nu'!e offcnn8~ 8"tdono.'maglll.tna.Godhas
"rh rough hll forg'~ene... (A....os.j. Ah~t I\OJtril, .•,nco,GodLlinvllibl' "!'Lnf. Yetwha.
No.h·, uc"flee God rUtO,,, 1<1 The earth tn. ,,',",ed "P from tn. altar 10 the odo •• nd
fCuonalcyd .. th""adhcMd'l!"rb.ddur · $mok.fromb",nlllgbod,e....." d notlllngll
illS ,he dd"I!' {EPHRE.. j.

mo .. m.lodOfo ... ,han.uch, uwi,mo,.,"iuhl • •oni,.karand,o .. ad!

yo"maylu.nthatGod.tI.ndJIOtbein'en . ,h.doc'rlnt.hantochange.h.nulI,•• hat
• ionoftbconeoff.ringth.u<:rific•• ndth.n c.nbccorr.«.dinoomep.opl.hll,no,
auepu or r.j.en I,. Scrip.ure nib .h. odo."d in "vuyhodt·. Thu.f<lre God pun·
and . moh a I wee, " VOt. AG.'''''T Juo",z, i.h.d.o,h.,w.migh,fu.'andforg.... 'oth.t
, ... G C H'U 'T ' .... S 1.7.1.' wemigh,bcp ••
o,d.,.o gi... an .nmpk thal would h....
S ...... GTH.S .....1,.ICITfo'No.. H·s H ..... T, , ..... dfur,blllh. fo 'l.... fo ..... fu.llu,oo
GooP.ul .... u.R ........... T. E' H.... THi .h., th.blf •• rnUl would b.... no, pr.·
Su, .... :·Th.Lord.m.lI.d·notth•• m.llof ...,.n.uponpun.. h,ng .iru
•h.nuhorth •• mokeofwood.bu.ntherh. .ooof•• nilconlid.ud.obtmo,eobmn" •
lookedou,.nd •• ,."h•• implielfyofhea.. ,han l"ict.Th.,efore God"YI :1 will ne ....
with which N""h off..ed ,h e ucrifice ftom all again cIlrle ,hcg.oundhecau•• ofman;lh ••
and On behalfof.U. And hil Lo,d'poke to i•• h.puni.h ••• f.,,·.fo'gi .. a m.nj'.bccau,e
him .•• h.d •• i •• d.hatNoahheat.·Becaul.of he ,n •• hi.m.rcy for ,he whol.
yourtlgl...ouln....... mn.nt w.. p....,rv.d of manlund wi.hout ,he nec.uity ofpt'O<l uc·
.nddidnotperi.hinthatnoodthat.ook ing,nhumanhearn.f.lnltcuritj' m, •• d
plac: • • And hec.u.. ofyourucrific. that w.. wllh .ltind of negl.ct. 0 .. No .. " H.lo.'
from.lln ... h.ndonhehalfof.lln.lh.lwill
n.ver.gain bring a nood upon the ..rth:' 8:22 "Su<l t;m ta n J H a .~.IISbaI1Nal
Godthll.bollndhimlelf~foreh.ndbrthi. Cu,,"
promi ••• o th.t ... en ifmanltind were con·
... ntlrtcfollowth •• villhough,ofth.irindi. GOD R"TO.U THE SU.SON . ro TH.
nallon. hewouldnev.taga,nbfLngaflood E ••rH. EPH .... rH. Sr •• "'<:Andhe......
upon.h.m.Co ...."''T.... ro ... G .... utS th... "·... n."h.rpluotingnor h.r ..."duronS
6.t).;.' thatyear.ndthe..,uon.lcrd ... hadbc.ndli·
'u,bcd ,God ....o..d.oth .....h th., whic:h
Pu .... u< ••",r ..... D1'0.<:,"."'.15 Co •• u· h.db..n .. ken ...·.j· inh i•• ng.r.God,h.n
•• ",r... y. A.noSE: Le, UI .umine with nid."AII,hedar·of,h... "h.plan.ingand
sr.... ' ."cn'ion,h~m ..ningof th.wotd. harvnt .•old and h .. t •• umm... nd winter
",he Lord •• id in hi. hnrt. (wil!n.v< ""rand night I haU no,eeaKfrom th...rth:
cllru lh~groundbe'.u.eofm.n.forthe rorthrollghoutth •• n,ireyear.un.ilth...rlh
,mas,nauonofman·. heart"uUfl"Omh" d,i.dup . ... 'n'..,withnolllmm<r.h.dbc.n
you,h:H~wLIJ not.ddth~th.,ntendJto upon Ih.m. CO•• IO<T...T 0 .. GI ..... 'S 6.• ).).'
d..t.or .g~,n.lUhe h.d .Ireadrdone •• v.t)·
h.. ingcrcatureforth•• nllredurlt;onofearth
E... nthoughh.hadpllnllh.dth.... hol.of 'l'C6I.1I. r.o.,."'H!. "R:91,H:!.'PLI",":CSEL
manktnd. he kn.,,·.h a:.h . pun"hm.n, of ,h. ~,.ro. '!=C t hlO

' And God bJelSed No~h' ~nd his .on., and ~~id ID Ihem, "Bc fruitful ~nd mllhiply, ~nd
fill 110. e~rth. ' IThe fe~r of you and the dre~d of yOIl ~h~1I be IIpon every be~.t of the eMth,
~nd upon twry bird of the oir, upon everything Ih~t creep. on the ground ~ n d all the fi.h of
th e Ha; inlO y"ur hand Ihey ~re delivered, ' Every moving thing Ib~t live. sholl be food for
you: and a.l gove YOII the green plan/!, , give you eve rytbing. 'Only you .h~11 nol e~lj!e5b
wilh iu life. Ihal i,. its blood. ' ' For you. lifeblood J will ~"rely require a recko ning; of every
bea,t I wi!! "iuire il ~nd of m~n; of every man 's brother I will require tb. /jfef of man
'Whoever shed, th. blood of man, by mAn shall his blood bt .hed; for God m~d e mAn in his
own image. ' Alld ,YOU, b. fruitful and multiply, bring forth abundantly on tbt earlh and
muhiply i" il. "

O VII'.... 'IIW' God giv •• human •• very that Noahwa5order.d,om.k. adi .. inc,ion
h. rbfor.ustenall« {JusT,t<MARTn ).H. berw.entheh<rb.,b.c.u,~",.d.ono'n"w
orders'ha'peopledrain'hehloodofth. ut everrkind of herb. Such a condusioni.
bea.ts,halrhe)·will ..r(EpHIlEhI)becau •• rh. inadmissihle. I could eu ily prove. hut w< will
bloodi, rh" b.... ·"oulandmu.rb••• ra.ide not 'pend rh. ,;me now in doing . o, rh.,
for him (C HRYSOSTOhI). Th. murd.r of human .ver)" vege.. blei san hcrb and mayhe eate n
b.ingsiscondemn.dhJ'God {CHRYSOSTOM Now, if w< make. distinction bel"'e.n ,hem
EPH IlIIM). When God proclaims ,ha, he will and r.fu.<,ou •• om<ofrh.m. wedo 00 not
require rh. blood of human, at ,h< hand of bec.use,herar.common.ndunc1eaobUl
<ver)" b..., and pcrson. h< mea", ,ha' hecom· bec.u.. ,heJ'uebittet.otpoi.onousor
pares human wickedness in rhe .ctofmurdet ,hor ny. D'ALo<.n'! WITH TRYPHO .0.'
,0,h.wildne"ofb.." s{ AMuosE ). Br
requiring ,he blood ofpeuons a, ,h< hand of 9: 4 N OI E~ ting tbe B lood of A ni",a ll
every beast. God m .. nd. to sor rhar h< will
r.'urrec, ,he bodie. of those who di" {JOHt< TH ~ SLOOO o~ At< 'M AU M UST B.
bles •• dNo.handhi,wnsthat.he),migh,h<
9:3 God Gi"'I Noa;, Pla nts "IIIi A ll i",,,/, fruitfulandmuhiply .nd,natfur<lfthem
for Food ,houldfallup<lnaJlfle,hhothin,h<s<aand

T H£lIB I s r-.>o Ut<CLII"~' H~IlB Of!. PLANT.

J"ST't< MARTYR: You ITrJ'pho, a JewJ objec,
on dry Iand ."Only you lhall nO. ntfl •• h with in th~m with that .emark. He ilhying eV~n if
i "lir• ."Thatm •• nsyou l h.llntnofl •• hthat you are not rel trained from murd.roul hand.
ha. nor bun.llugh, ...d.nd who •• blood . by kiruhipor b)' I &C nleoffellow. hil' of
... h,ch i. u,lif•• hunotbund..intd.Co ... naturc.and ennifyou .hrus, uide.Ubro. h·
" ,,,T.. uo .. G ... u,s6.' ... t.' .,If fcelingand become <ompL ••• lycomm,tted
'0 I bLoody,nk rwic ...
A"' ..... L·. BLOOI> h iT. SOla.. C.. usos· Conlider rh. fact that th.person h•• becn
To .. ,Fromthi . th .... ingof m•• , .. kc. its crea..d in God'. imag•. Mark the degr •• of
b.ginn ing. no,fo"h.purpo&Cofl',omprin g honor accorded him by Go-d! Think on th.
,hemtoglutton)·. Bu,.incclom.ofth.pcopl. f. cttha, h.hurcceived aurhorory""."Uc ...
"lftn.bou,.oofieruc.ificc• • nd mw ."on. Th.n you wiLl gIVe up your mu.duolU
.hanlug,o>ng.othtLo.d.h.gnn ... htm in.. n•. So wh .. ~, h. mun~ If tOm",ne hu
Iutho,ur oOe, food and oboiu.... nr an>".f)· <omminedcountl . .. murd.nlnd.hedl ..
• bou,food. lur ,h.y . .. m'ob • • b.... ining much bLood. how can ht gi"•• d'qu,uJa,i.·
from food,b." ..... ,h. y wu. notl"opcrlr facrion.impLy by th •• heddingofhi. Own
conleCTlt.d."lhav.g;".nyou th.mlll;h. blood~Donot hive th ... ,houghu. human
... y,.·uldidlh.g'.. ns ....:Th.n ... inlh. beingth .. you .... ln ..... dyoudo .... II.ocon·
c.... of Ad. m when h~ in",uCl~d him.o l ider in Idvancc.ha,f<'u ",m'."n
.h.. lln f. om the On. t.(C whilt enjoying th. ,mmortalbody.hatwillh,,,.,h,cl pactty.o
o,h.".JOinthi.c .... ,oo.Aft .. pc'mitting und'rgocon,.ndu.,lastingpuni.h .
,h. contumpr;on of ,ll food. without h"ita· m.nt . HO"" ClIl 0" G B"'.SIS l7. I S.'
,ion. h.sar, : ·xoep' you"ou,fl.lh
w"h,, " lifebJoodin i,:Sowha,docs . hi, GO ORMq" •• US .. T.SF .. CT ' O".E.".' .. T .. &
ltatem.nt mun ~ It m• ..,.·.... ngkd: fo, an Sy ....,.:God " q u" ... thebloo.ln_and,n
an,m.r.hLoodJ$ 'UlouI.So.,ncrther w", th.futu .... H.nqu'... 't now m th. ca.. ofa
lbou,toofferlac.ifiu.,nth.formofan,. duththath.du rcedforamurd... r.andllso
mall, h."tcachi ngth.minth... wo.d.rhat ..,oningwithwhich.goringbull".obt
.. long u lheblood hu h.. n •• , lIide for me. lton.d .'A,th•• nd .•,th.,imeof,h.r.,uT'"er.h." rccrion.Godwillrequi .. th...nim.l... ",rn
in.. n.uponrclllting,nadunc•• nr impU!H .1lth.)· ... from.h.n ... hofm.n.GO<Isa,d •
•o .....d homici.dc . HO .. 'L' U ON G~"U'5 "f. om.heh.ndofaman l ndofhi.brothcrl
'1." .' ...m..qui •• th.lifeof. mln:Jus,uu,,,fac-
tionfor th.hloodofAbcl ,,·urcqu ... dfrom thati •• "who.ver . h.dJth.bloodo(
man.brm.n.hallhi.•• hed:Co .. ·
T" . Mu. o.. o~ Hu ...... BIt .. G' Is eo .. · ... "T.. UO"GINU's6.1S.1· •.•
o ... Gol>. C .. USOSTO .. ,·\Vhocy.,
1> . .... .

In.d. ", blood. h" own will be Ih.d M" .. o ... I. ..... ACTO. i,. .. " .....' .. NO
inpaym.nt for th., pcnon·. blood.becaule !
h.v. ml de the human p...on in God ', imag. ;!ask you.ho ..· muchfcarhellruck 'FC":IOJ. 'FCn,'7z- 'FC1,1,17J·. '&21.1 'I'C",14J
B"UTLT Cltll UT ~, AMUOSE: "For your lift, un ited b)"he nme kin.hip, 0", NOAH z6.94 .'
bloodandyourwul.) wiU""'1uirea...,d;.on.
ing of evory b..Of and of,he hand ofm.n: Hc T H " R UlI RR" CT ' O'" O F TH B BOOT I . T U T' ·

comparedhumaniniquir)' '0 bealtly wicked - . , " o" TT H ~ WORD' O. THHLoRD. J OH"OF

nU. and con.idered it robe CVCn morc'ulpa. DAMASclIs:, """ed Scriprure, '00.
bit ,han , he wildnu, of,he b... u. For he tutifies '0 ,he fact tha, therc will bca re. ur-
added:ofe.ery man'. brother I will re'lui..., rcctionofthebody.lndc.d,Go<lalrc.dyhad
,ht 1ife of man : Acruall y b..". have nothing uidtoNoahafrcrth.flood,"E.enuthe
in common wi,h U&,are nor unitcd to u, by greenherb,nave I deli.ered them all to you
an)' fraternal bond. lftheyh arm a man,thc y ng,harfl..hwi ,hbloodofi,s life you.hall
harmsomebody",hoi.stranger,dono"ran•. nOt ur. And I will requirc your blood "fyour
gr..sthe righfS of nuure, do not oblitorate live s, at ,he hand of ••",)' b.a .. ) will . equire
.htaffe"ion ofbrotherhood. Thcrer"reone it. And ar ,h. nand "f ev",y man I will require
who ."emp' on hi. brothcr'. lif. thelif.ofhi, bro,h.r.',haU.h.d
commi ... more.eriou •• in.Forthi ,...,aoon man·. blood,for,ha,bloodhi.bloodwillb.
the Lord tnrca,ened. mor... verepuni.b · .hcd: for I mad. man to,htim'geofGod:
ment bl'uYing"of thc nand of hi . brother) How ,an he rcquirc,he blood of men at the
wiHrcquirt a reckoningof ,hebloodofm.n: hand of e.ery be •• t, unlen he cai,.. th< bod
hnotperhap.abro.hcr.omeoneofararional i.. ofthosc who die: For bcasu will not die in
na,ure come forth from a ,crtain womb,.o the place ofhuman bcing •. ORTHO"GX FA1TI<
,har we ..e united by agc neration from tht 4.Z7.'
samt mother! One . ingle nature i. of
all hum.nity.Thercfore we aTe all broth ...
gencuredbyone.ndtheumemothera nd


' Tht" GoJ s"iJ 10 No"h" "n': IP hil lolll with him , " B~h IJ,l m"blilh my coven""t
with yo~ ,,"J ]on J~lanJ""1l "fur you , '0,,".: u·jrh every !;v;nJ; "taru .. th"t ;, w;rh you,
rh e birJ!, rhr ,afllt , ,,"d .vn~' D~"l' of the earth wirh you, M m,,"] "l ,,,m~ our of rh< "rk. 1
" / el rab lilh m] <ovtnan l with you, th"rlltvtr"gain lhall "llj1t1h b< <ur pffb)' Ih <waltrl of
a jlooJ, ""J n tv~r ag,,;n lhal/ thtr~ b~ a jlood 10 Jmro)' rhe earth. " "A nd God' l"id, "Th;,
;l fh~ sign of rh~ ,o,'e""n: ".h; ,b 1 ma~, b<lwun m ~ and yow "".; t"uy living uearu .. rhat
il with yo~. for 011 futu.t l'ntT~tiolll' III let my OOW ill fhe cloud. ~lId it 10,,11 &t <I sigil of
Iht u"en~1I1 &./1.... " m.
""d the earlb. "Wh... I &,i"g doud. O"tT fb. ,a,lo aRd fbr ~ow i.
IU" i .. lb. cloudl, ISl will rtmember my COV'''''''f which is b.fwun mt ""d YOII "nd tv.ry
/iving crr"' ~ r. of a/l jI •• b, a"d Ibt W<lf.r• •hall "tv.r agai" Duom. 0 jlood to dmroy a/1
jI •• b, " Wh ... lb. bow i. i .. tb. cloud., I Will/DOlt "po" i. and remtmber Ih • • " ..III"illg (OV,
."",,. betw.en God ""d H ••] li";"g ,rUIU,. of 1111 Jlub tblll i. upOn fb. urlb ." " God Joid
10 No"b,' 'Thi' i• •b. sig" of lhe ("vuan. wbi(h I h"v. tll"bliJh.d btIW"" "lid ,,11m.
jltlhlhali,up""lh.urfb. ·
. .... .... """" .... _ _ .. _ " IJCI ,"," 'LU . . WooiGool

O""." '."·lGodmakuhi,c.. venant .. i,h ag ••• m.n,andgi"... firm g.. aran'e ..... '00
N<nhou,oflov • • ndin o.dcr .... limin ••••1I th.goodLord,"id .·Seh.. ld . lmakemyc .." • • f... m his mInd (CHU5OSTOMj, nln':Goddidn ...... y' ....'lhi s m.auiYCd,P$.
Godpr .. miKlth"'h .... illn.~.rlglinbrong. ,er migh' corn. aglln ,... h.. n wh .. o;n. Ruh ••
flood upon carth.e".n ifpcopl. b.c .. m. COn · he,"id.·Beh .. ld. I rn.kt my,,,"e,,an, wi.h
• lIndyhabhua,.d,ofall .. winSlh •• vil y..... "dJQKTolf'prj"l ·ft~JoK: S. •• h.l.ord ·•
though ... of the .. ,ndin'flon (EPHaJUoIj. n .. l""'ngltindneu, "", .. niy ... "h yOll.g<:n... .
cov.""n •. whICh God make. will. No,.), Ind .ion.h.....y.,do1 form my ag ••• m.I\"bu,
wichall,h,,".cr ••• ur •• cha,~om.oucoflh. 11.0 in •• g..d.o III.ho •• , .. minglf•• r you 1;,h (EPHIlDI ) gi~,'hi I 6rmguarln.e •. Ho"'L,no"G.NI·
(GUOOBYOPNAZI ...... ""'.j. 5,5.1.4.'

9:8·11 EJ fabli.hi nga CO~.II<ln. GOD W , LL N ....., B., NG" Nil'" DBU'GR
", PO",E".T H. EpHU/ltTHISYJ.I"""
GO D Mu, .. H ,. Cov...a .. T WIT" No" .. Lordlpok., .. [No.ohj. uh.d .....d,ha'
OUT O~ Lo .... CHRYSOSTO.., God', pu'pooc, No.hhe..,·SccauJeofyourngh,coulneu ••
.hu.f.....,. ..astodiminlt •• llappr.h.enl;on •• mn.n,wll p ....."cdandd,dn..,perishin NOlh '. thinking and for him to b. qui •• ,hllflood,hat.ookpllct.Andbcuu•• of
IIlu...,dch.cth;l w ouldnothappen ' g. in.H. your'lcrifictth""·I. fromallfl .. hlndon
...,d, .. m.mbcr.·Jw,ulb .... uSh,onlh.d.l· bchalfofalln.. h. l w iUne"crag" n b.ingl
ug~ou: oflov ..... as.o pu, . I<0P'o their flood upon ,h. . bound him ·
wick.dn.uandpr.v.n,.h'''going, .. furth .. , el fbefor.handbyth '" p ... mi •• lOth.,.v.nif
u"~m ...... In ch.i, cue 'oo it i, ou, .. f my m.nkindw.r.con".ndrl .. f..llo.. th~,Yi!
l..... . ha,lp . .. m'nnn ..... doi.again . .., ,hough .. ofch." n.h ...ouldncv.r
tha: YO" ml)' I,v. fr~~ofaJI drud and in .hi, aga>n bring a flood upon ,h .. m. eo ....
E ... T".'

"·' y..,e your pru .. nt life to iu d ... ~: Hen.. Oh· G ' '''BS1S6.1 ) .~.'
huid.·Beh .. ld,imakcm),,"vcnlr>,:,ha, ...
1 fo.mIn l,r«men'.Ju"'"in humin Iffll ..
... hen..",..on e mlkeo.prom,.. h~fo.m l ln
9:12·15 Thr Rllill&""'<I Sigil ofth. GOD W,LL NE""', fO.DIT H Is CoveNANT.
Co~r llllllt GIlIIGOIIY OF NAZIAN:Z;US: Who"bindl "P ,he
warCT in the dou<u"~ The mirad. of i,-th.,
GOD EST.U U IIUS H' $ COVIIN .. NT WIT H h. ut.< I<>m.ming who«: ""'uft is '" flow. On
HU .... N1TY .. No EYIIU L,V ' NGC II .ATUII B. dou<U.lha,he6xe.i"h... byhiswo<drY..,he
EPHRII)o!THE$Y RlAN:Anecth" •• ,hing.God pourSou. some ofi,on the face of,he whole
made a covenant wi,h Noahand wi,h all,ho.e earth . • p<inldingi"oallalikeindu< ••:uon.H.
who came ou, of ,h e uk wi.h him. "ying. "All d ..... no.unk... b ,h••':$ _ ,h.
fl .. h.hallneveragainperi$hinthewa.ersofa Noah·•• u"'''enDugh,and God
flood. ! wilI."tmrbm,·in,h.dou<U,andi, mO$l true dou no,rn'8",hi,own COvenant.
.halll>ea.ignof,he.,erna!covenantbetween TH.OLOGlCALORAT'ONS~8.~8. '
God a"d all fl •• h ,h., '$on.h<ucth:Co.. ·
.. ENTAIIYoNGaNu,s6.1S·j· '


"Tb, !O nJ ofNollh' ... bo ... tlltforthfrom tb r ark wur Sbrm. Ham,' allaJaphtth. Ham '
Wa J tb efMhcr ofC<llIaall. "Tbeu thTU .... u lb. JailS of No <lb' , allafTom tbtu tb , ...bolt
,artb wlI sp"opl,a
IONo nb' wIIS tb'/irst tillu oftbt soil. H 'l'III IIUa 11 villtyllra; "alia ht arank of rb. "'illt.
II nd be,am. drunk. IIl1d Ill)' uncovtr,d in biJ Itnt. llA na Hllm,' thtflltha of CIIIIII<ln, S<l1I'
tbe naktdlltH of bis f<lrber. <lna tola hi, two outsiae. 21Tbtn Sbtm and Japbtth
took a g<lTmenl. laia it UpOIl both their shoulders. <lnd w<llked ba,kw<lra and covtrta tb t
naktdneH of Ib tir falber; Ibei. f<l'<' "'eT( lu.n ed a ...,,)'. <llId th.] did no l Jr. tb .iT fillb .. 'J
"<I.lteaneJJ. l 'Wb,n Noab' <I ... okrfr0mbil ... in.<lndkn.",wbillbiJyoulIgtJl Jon b<lddoll e
tobim, ll brs<lid,
·C"rsea bt C<l~a<l";
a jl<lV~ of slavtJ shilll ht bt to his brotherJ."
"'Ht al,o saii.
"altHed by lb . Lou, my God b. Sb.",; ~'

and It I C<ln<l<l" bthil ,<<IV,.

J'Goa tnla'f.Jap~efb.
and It I him dwtU in ,h. rcnU ojShtm;
and I" Canaall b. hil slav•. "
llAjur ,h. flood Noah" lived ,bTU hundred and fifty yeau. l'AII ,ht dll]! of Noah" "'cu

OVIIRVIIIW, Noah'. dTUnhnne .. wu due '0 NOA H·s DRU NII:IINNUshDUB TOIGNO.
I". Ignorance (TH ~ODORIIT).Hcgo,drunk RANCS. THaOI)O~ n of CU: \Vhy was Noah
becausehe'pen,along,im<wi,hou,drinking no,blamed forfaHinginlodrunkcnnc .. ' Hi ,
an rwine (EpH...... ).Winei.not.vilini".lf faUingwa. not ducto inlcmpcunce but inex·
but uthcr in i«abu$C (CHRYSOSTOM ). Noah'. pcricnce. For he "'•• th e fir" man ' '0 pTC"
yulnerabilitysymbolizesthep ••• ionofChrist Ihe fruit oflhe vine and wu ignoran' not
1 (~YPR'AN.JBROMa.AUGUST'NEj. Win.made only of ,he powcr of the drink but al.o of the
Noah vulnerable (L.ANon OF SBVllU). The kind of change it had undergone. Sccau•• it
LordbluscdthOfCwhocov..edhi,.hame ought to bc mixcd fi ..1 bcfort bcingdTUnk.
(ClE MINTOfAlIXA NOR'A), he.uffcreddrow.ineu ,Thrcwa& nothing
Af.. rHam .... No.ahinhi'drunkcnne .. new about the f.ct rhat he was naked. For
andnakednc$$,hiIIOnUnaani,(ur.ed. even no"·.ome pcople sleep naked. <lcep hav.
becau.. Ham.whohadbecnbl....dbyNo.ah ing ,ahn awar ,heir con,ciou,nen. The
,,·henenteringthcark.couldn·o ,becuned drunkennc ... addcd,
no,,·( EpHIlEMj. C.n •• ni,curscdbyNoah dcf.n .. ofhi.nahd ne ... QI!IISnONso~·
bccausc the.on. are bound by . h•• in. nf.heir G.N.SISS6.'
paten.. (AUGUST'NE.JUSTIN MA~Tn). Not
onl),i.Canaanlubjcctcdtopuni.hmentbut NOAH 'S D IlUN'UINNBU h MAGNtFtllD Br
.110 hi.fath .., and it i,likcly lhat C.naan LONe; AIIST'NBNC •. EpNas .. TH~SYRIA"
him,c! f,o mmi"ed , in (CH RYSOSTOM , Noah·,drunkcnne .. wa' hOtfrom.nucc ..
EPHR2 .. j. Noahi.naked.bu,hei,no, of ",inc bu, hcc.u.. it had been a long time
.. h.medhcc.uschei,fi U.dwi.h'piri.ual lincc hc had drunk.n)" wine. In the ark he
gl.dness.while.heoncwhomocklhim had drunk no wine. Although an flr.hw ..
remain. to rcproach. Canaan'. pun · goingloperilh.No.h"·a'notpcrmi[[<dt~
i,hmcntdcmon"rateltOulabove.nebe bring.ny win. on.o ,he ark. During ,h e year
whatgrca ,re Y<rcnai. duetoourparenu aftcr.hc flood Noahdid not drink anr ,,·;nc.
(A"'B_~) . The word dllv, i, fiut u.. d by In that fir .. ycar aftcr hr left ,h e ark. hc did
Noah in cnnneetion with the cuneon not plan' a vin.yard. for he ,amc Out of the
Ca nnn', wrongdoing (AuGVSTINII).Aftcr ark on ,hc twenty ..."enth oflyor. ,he time
cursingC. .... Sh.mand when , he fruit.hould be.urting to m.'ure
J.phcth(EPHllfiM ).

and nO'lh" Umc for planling I ~incrard. d .. nkll ..... nulherri.. 'n.h~morn;ng •• nd
Th ...forc,.cc'nglha,,, wuin,hc,hird hng.. in'othen;gh, ... hil ....'nelnflame.
y<'a.,hl,h'plan," .dfromth. Ih.m~·' No;oh d .. nk win. and f.1I ,n.O a
gra~ .. on • • • hlfh.b.ough'withh'm d,lInk.nnvporandbccam.nlk.d ,n ,he
on.h.I,klnd,h.. "wlI,h",' moulham.fv.lp;o,"ofhiJb<>dj·'lodtatyOOl
y.,.nb.for •• hey wOllld hav. bccom. a mlykno,",lh.tthcm1ndofm .. nuj.Ocon .
p.od"c"v.v'n.yard.,hu.w.u.h.narl.... fOllnd.dbywin •• ndth,,,"sonof,hehum .. n
. ilyu.. d""ngwhich.hejlls.on.hadno, m;ndil m.. d•• odllllth .. i,d,,·unothavecon ·
.u•• da n)·win •. CO.... BNT .. R.Y ONG BNU 's Ccrn ••• n for i .. clf. m" ch 1... fo. God ....
7.'.'.' Wh"n Lo, wu . oll •• d w;.h win., he (ommU'
,cd ,nc..t w;th h"daugh .... and did no!
W , .. E I ~NoTEv 'L ' .. IT•• Lf.CHR.YS05· kno ... h"milllk.;fromthatpa.. iona,.un,on
TO .. : P.rh'p •• on rh. o,ber h.nd .... m.onc came ,h. MOlbll ••• nd the Ammonites. TilE
m,gh.u)·.·\Vh)'wl sv 'n.drcssing....".ctnf TRAIN'NG Of NUNS '9.9:
."ch •• "iblcwlCkedn... , ln"oduc.d,n.o
life!· Do no. Idly bl" .. 0'" whit comeS ,n.n TH. LOI D I:I ~"UD T Hon " ·.. oCo..... o
yourhud,Omln,.,ncd.eSSlng,.nn.w,chd H ' 5 S H U'~. CUIoU"T Of AUX"'''D'' ' '':
nor llw ,n •• vil-ruhu"".".e",fthemtn Tha, .. wh )' .hcdrunk.nn.u ofNo.h 1110 ha.
• lC.SS. YolI .U.d.cadful lin • .,i•• no,from bc.nd..cribcd.· ... tha' .... maygll..d .. g.. 'n..
win. U IlIch b", from in'.m~ra,e .,.i,"d• • drllnk.nn ..... much .. po..iblc .... i'h ,h.
ofhllmlnd.pnvlt)·thltllnde,min •• hebcn. · piclllrcoflllchafaUclca.l),de",rib.dbefDre
fi.,hlt.hollld n.. "nlly c",m. from it.Th. ou. er" in Scripture.Tha'lS ... h)·.'OD .• h.
rea.on,ha.nowaf... ,h.dclll,ehcshowsyou Lordbl ....d.ho.cwhocov ..cdrh •• hlm.o(
.h.. ".eof tha,y<>uma)·Jea.n,h .. h, .drunk.nn. ".
bcfo.e""ngw,ne,h. human rlcehld . ncom. SCrtptul"<',lummmg •• eryth,ngup,non •
•0g".ffromu.Bcfo.e ..,nehldeven IU(Clnct v."., · " " n. I1 luffiCl.n. for
'ppuud,humln hut0'l' gav •• videncc of the Im.n .... UuIIght.lnduponh llbcd, h. lhaJl
u".m"rofl;nfuln.u.ndllnbridl.dhccn· ru,."'C>tIUSTTHBE.ouc...TOR.1..1..j4. "
.;"u.n.u.Th",,·u,ntcnd.d '0 ,cach you ,h ..
wh.nyouluthcwl)· wme,.u •• d.yo"wm C ..... TITT eo,·••• " W HAT O I "NK.,NN ...
no, .."ihut"u.lltow,nculuchbutto HAD Ex~on o.C.1M ..nof ALUA"o", .. :
d.pnv.dhumln,ntcntionbcnton.viI.Con· Th. chutc.on could no,.ndu,. Jookingupon
lidu ts~tll\\)" wnut Wmt hu prond usd"v.l, the immock5' nlkcdnu. of I tood man; ,hu·
• nd ... mbl •. Omln. Fo. WtnC is used in good tityco .... whatdrun k..n n ..l hadu •
things brwhkhou,uh·..ioni. mld •• c.1. pOlcdinltr.nlgrcSlioncommittcdil\ igno .
Tho ..... hohlv.lnin.igh,in.o.piri.ullr.II;· ,lnccb".mlnif,,,,cIIl.CH.,sTTHIEuuc .. ·
" •• und ..... nd .h"u,.,n~.Ho .. ,LI!'.So~· To .. :.6·5'·"
G., .. u,sI9.'O.'

M .. o~ No .... VU~N" RA .LE. LUNDHa

\ \I' NE '!=C'ht ... 'KlUOSO. 'lol<ll. 'Q".Gcn9<JO.M. 'Fe
Of S.VtLL~' • Woe .0 vou tna' ci~mand .. ronj; .wl). 'G. • .lI US-1U9 "FCn,u •. ~FC:"t.
No ..... ·, OaUW"II<r<.U PIIFIGUIU TMI
PAU ' O" of CH. " T. CVU 'A'" \VhcnChrill
uy • . 'l.m thclrucvinc; " th. blood of W HT C .. " .... ... Wu CUUIO. EpHa .... TH I
Chrin i. UUITedl)' nOt Water but winc. W. SnIAW: No,"" curacd C.Rlan.laying, 'CurHd
ar ••• d•• mcdandmadc.linbyhilblood. be Can.ul\. A don of .laY" ....nh. be ' 0 hi.
Sutmth."'pi''w'n•••• uch.h,u broth eu."lIu .... h.t.incould CaRla nhavo
.cdccm, but hi. blood. Thi. i.dcdarcdbj· commimd.v.n ifhchadbe.n right behind
.hcucram.nt.ndtc.. imonyof.UthcScrip· hi. fllher when Hlmob.., ... cd ,h. nalr.cdn . ..
1\1rc<.Fotwcfind,hllcv.n,nGcn..ilaUo. of Noah! Som. say .ha, bo:uu.J.e H.m hd
,nrupcc,of,,prefigu.edin be.nbl.SJ.dalongwi.htho..... ho<:ntcr.dlh.
No.h. Tha, h. drank wine ""U '0 ,hem a pt<. ark and c.mcou' of it. Noah did no. cu,ac
c"nor.ndfigu .. of,hcLord·l pu.lLon.Noah Ham hi"""lf. ev.n .hough h ...on. w .. o .....
... umadcdrunkbr·hi.w,n •• "·aJm.d. "'.... d.g ... vedh,m'".dy.Oth .... hoW<:v.r.
n.k.din hll houschold , ..·" ly ing down with oayfromthcf.c.,hatScriptur...y.,'Noah
h u ,h'gh. n.k.dlndupo.ed .• nd.hc kn .....v.'Y.hingthlthi·TOun'.Jt.on .. a.d
n.kcdn.uof ,h.fllh ....... obu ....dbr h .. don. to hIm; 11 11 cl... th .. " .... no,H.m
Hcondlonand ... u,old abroad but "·.. cO¥· who ob.CTved h •• nlkcdncl$.for HIm wl.I.hc
c•• d b)' 'wo. ,h. cid... and tn. young.". and middl, "on .ndno,.h.youngtlt,Forrhilrc.,
othcr m.IIU. which iti. nOt nc<uury to fo[ · 'on Ih'y"r1ha, Can.un .• h. younge., • •old
10... ou,. h lI.nough fo. UI limply '0 of th. nu.dn ... of ,h. old mIn. Then Ham ,hcundcrsllnding .t h., Noahsc< .... n'ou'.ndjokinglytoldh"broth .... Fo,
forrh"rp. of,hc fu.ur. "u,h. NOlh did no, ,hi ••caoon .h.n. l>'cn ,hough it might be
drml:wucrbu, ... 'n •• nd,husup .....din thought.hatCanunw"cllracdunJ""dr,n
ad\'lnc< rh . figurc of th . p.... ,onof,he u.athcdid ... h"hcdidinhisyou,h.lli1lh.
Lord. LITT . .' 6J.~·J .11 wllcun.djuldyforh.wuno,cursedin.h.,h ••. Noah kn.,,· ,h., Canaan
NO .. H·SO "Ho"oaP ••• I<W ••S TKI would d• .., .... ,h. clI l'$C;n hil oJd.gc, or ......
Caoss.J l lo... :Aftt •• h.dclugeNoahd.ank h....ouldno,hlvcbe.ncu...dinhlJyout .....
.ndb.c.m.dmnkinhi. ownhou ••.• ndhi. CO ....... NTAlYOWG.NESIS 7.).1·~,"
,h'gh,w<:.cuncov.r.d and he ,,·.. cxpo •• d in
hllnakcdnus. Th.dd.rb ....,hucam.along
and laughed: ,h'rounger. ho ...ncr.covctcd
him up. All ,hil in tyrc ofth. S.vio •. .,.1"'."w:w_
_____ "' _ . ....._
f<>r on ,h. croSl h. h.d drunk of the pau;on:
'Fa,h ... if ,,'
........ ..,......a,.-...~
"'rNoolt"" ~ _ _......
.... olHo.rw_oIC--· _WMaI _
frommc.""H.dra nk .nd ... uin.bria ..d.lnd oI<o.... 0II _ _ _ (ci. fIc..oh.<bRoliN)7." ~ n..

hlSthighlw.rcl.idba ..-thcduhonorofth.
cfOSJ.Th.old•• bro,h.... thcjc ....... m.
""' __ .. .........,.oI.'*- (cl. G.o: 7~' -<.
. _ ·. "'-''''''''_ _ ......
... &a.or _7",
(d: .... _LO·. hw._
_r... _
alon~.ndl.ugh.d;th.youn~,.lh.Gcntil • ••
covcr.d up hi. ignominj"HO ... ,LllSowG.r<.· ~':..'7..~=::=:~..':::"..:::.::
.",;." ....... c.-"K. UfS.
TH~S ' ''IOFTH .P'' • • ''Ti F.. LLO",TH I faoh.r,h.""beggcdto ...durcpun"
C .. ' LO.I ... Allcun,,<., \Vhy did Ham lin placc .. rchcirchildrcn.Sccing.hcirchildr.n
andyc,¥cngcanccwatdcdandagains,hil bcaflngpunilhm.n'prov••• morcg .. evoUl
... n Can .... n! \Vhy was the Ion of Solomon form of chaa.i.em.nt form. f•• hu • • han· be:'nglubj.ct.oi,th.m.. I~ ... Ac<ord,ngll·'
doml"\Vhy ... uchclinofAhab.kingor .hi. incid.n,occurrcd",.h" Ham.hould
bncl. viliccduponh ilpo"erit yl" Ho ... do .ndungrca•• rangui.h OnaCCOU n' ofhi'nuu·
werudin,hc ..crcdbooks:R«urning.h. Tll.«.nion .... Ih •• God'. bl ••• ing Ihould
iniqui,yof ,her.,heTlin.o . hebolomof,hcir con,i nu. wi.hou.implirmcn'and ... ,h •• hil
childrcn.r,crthom"lnd"Viliting.h.i niqui.y .on in b.i ng.h. obj." of ,h. "' ....hould
of,ho r•• hc .. upon ,he child,en un,o ,he third Itonc for hilown .ins. You I~c .• "en if,n ,h.
and fou .. h gcno"'ionl"- The number heu I"ru.n, in".nc. h.buu,,
can be: uhn fM III.h. ducondanO$. Ar. mu- ofh"fach.r'llIn.nevcrlhclu.ilwuiikclr
11... men .. fdul Who would "'y mi. bu, the .hllhew... atoningforhi.ownf.ihngo.. ln
mOI'''I'''n.n.",yof.h.d,..;n • ....,rd,1Th.n olh.rwordl, i,"'un ..... nirforh .. r.,hcr'l lIn
carn.lscn••a"o".""nof.h.pcopl.ofGodo( Ihalhcborcthccurscbu.pcmap'allof",.hc
th.OldTc"amen,bi".uchildrcn(orthe .. nl purpo.... rhi.,u« on
ofthlTp.unll.Ac .. 'NSTJULI .. N6.lS.h." hllownlccount.A;,.,.U.fotproof,ha,p" •
• n"""no.puni, hedfor.h.irchildrcn . nor
W H'r TH BCU BU 8 ." .... W'TH T H ~ So..·s ch ildr.n for.h.irpar.n ....ach habl. for
SON.)UST '''' M ....TU.: In th. bl...inglwilh ,h.linlh.hucommi".d.youcanfindf•• ·
which Noah blutel hi.lwo Ion •• h••100 qucnlll... m.nllamonglhcinsp".d
curluh il.on·,.o".For .h.proph.IKSpiri, aU.hOfl-U.forin ... ncc.wh.n.he),laJ" .... h •• ,onhim ..lf•• incch.had · Thc'''lhorlnconc.a"ng.our~''I''.l lh.ll
alr •• drbe:cnbI .... dby God.'og«h., ... i,h be: IC' on.dg..." "Th".oul.ha, Ihall d,c 11
.hco.h...onlo(Nolh. But .•i"" ••h. punisl!. lh.... ul!h .. lin ..." andagain."P.rcnulhall
m.n,of.h •• ,n ......obetranlmin.dd....".o no,di.for,h."childrcn.n ... childr.nfo,
all Ih. po"."ry of.hc Ion who !aughcd IIhil ,heir paren..: » HOI•• uu 0" G."u. s
fa.hcr'1 "udll)', hc mao!c ch. curscbc:gi"wi,h '"lI."
.h'''''''I ... n.D'.~ocul'''ITHTu.HO'J9· ''
T H! G .....TBlT R.'· .. II .... cllli Du .. TO Ou.
BOT H C ............. NDH .... A.IISU.J.CTBD r ....... T•. AMIAO.E: v.'bcn wc rcad ,hat hc
TOGOO·'Pu .. " ....... T.CHUSOSTOM :To ,,· •• blcllcdwho,,·ublc...dbrh .. r.. h ••• nd
b.'Ur•• IOmewi!loar·lhillhoWl lh ...· Ih •• h...·.. cu... dwho,,·.. cu ..cdhJ'hi.
.onhcdidnot cu ... Ham wu,ha,hch.d fach ••. wclcarnabovcall claewhllgrcatrc,·,
cnjoycd bl from God. Ncvc"htle..,wh)· c.cncc.olho,,·ourp.rcn ... AndGodg ... c
"",ha;,houghH ..n ..·."h.,inn••• C.n.. n
had ' 0 par ,h. pcnlltr !ThLl dou no,happcn
,d1r ."ncr. H.m d,d no, en<iur. le.. puni.h.
m.n, ,roan n .. lon. He ,"" r.1t 10$ .ffuu. You
kno"· _U . o( <<>u.... ho,,·mmanrcuc'
this ptivilcgr to parenn .oas to arou8c cuned through hi s onc .on. Noah blused
re. pect in ,he ch ildren . The formuion oflhc Shem .. ndJ ..phe<h and n id. "May God
child ren is •• hen ,.he pre«>gaoive of dl. par· incruse Japheth ... nd m.y hedwcll in the tent
en... Thercforehonoryourfa,hertha.he ofShem ... ndletCanunbcthcir . lavc."
m.yblc .. you.Pn"lARCHSI.I." J.. phcth increaocdandbecamcpowcrfulin hi.
inheritancc in the north and in th e w.ot. And
THBWORDSuvtUUDJ'ORT HBF' RST Goddwe!tinthc,entofAbrah .. m.the de"cn
T'MB,A uGUSTINE:\.Vh cnsubject;on ca mc , it dan,ofShcm ... ndCanunbec.. m.dleir , lave
,,·u mcrel yacondi.ionde.ervcdlyimpo ..don whcninth. d.. ys ofJoshua.<OnofNun, th •
• inful man.So, inScr;p,ure,therci. nom.n · liraditndutroycd.hedw.Uingplaccs of
nonof.hc wordJlaor un,il holy Noah u..d it Canaa n .. ndpr....dth.i r lud ... intobond·
,nconnec"onw;,h,hecurs.onhi•• on'• ag .... COMMSNT.. RYON G~NUI$ '.4.1. "
.... rongdoing." CITY OF GOD 1\l. IS."

9:26-29 Noah" Two SO",

NO .. HBLIIUUSHU..... oJ .. PHnH.
~FC6H<). ~olHtrr._ . . . . . ",. . . . . . .-·
EPH"" .. T H ~SY1t.l .. " :z.4,ZU·. ";looI>17'U. "FC91:lo06.



J Th.s~ art the gt nm'tions of thr so ns of Noah. ' Shem, Ham . and; sO n, WeTe
born 10 th~m afl ~r th~Jlood.
lTh. sons of Jap herh : Gom ~T, Magog, Madai . Javon, ' Tuba l. Mes huh, and Tiras. lTh~
son. of Gomer: Ashke"az, Ripharh. and TogaTmah. "The sons of Jailor.: Elishah , Tarsh ish.
Kitrim, ar.a Dodonim. ' From th elt rh. ar. d pcoplessprtad. Tbe .. aTl the sOns ofJoph.
r rh' in Ih~irlands . • och "'ith hi" own langu age . by th eir f amili es, in Ih eir narion s.'
'Th. ~onl of Ham: Cush. Egypt,! PilI. and Canaa". 'Th. sons ofClIsh: 5. ha , Havilah,
Sabtah. Roamah , and Sabr<co. Th. sons of Roama h: She ha an a D.dar.. ICIISh became rhe
fa lh er of Nimrod; b. was rhe fi rsr on rarlb ro b. a migh ly' mar. . ' H. was 0 mighr)" hunr er
brfore" Ih. Lo.oo; rhereforc ir i. said, "Like Ni mrod a mighly' iH,"Ur before" Ihr Lou.."
JOTh~ beginning of /:Ii, kingdom was Babd, Er~ch. a"d Accaa, a/l of Ihem" in th . la nd of
Shinar. "From Ibar la nd h. 11'."1 inlO Allyria," and buil r Nir. <v~h, Rehobolh-Ir, ~ Calah
"nd "RUt" &CII"CC" Ninc"cb ,,"d C"I"h; rhar is rht trur 'ir]. UEgyprJ bwmH rh. jarbtr
"r Lwdim, A,,"mim, Leb"bim, N"ph-rwbim, "P"rbrw!im, C",lwbim ( wbtnu '''mt Ibr
" C""""" br'''m. lb. j" lber "j Sidoll biJ frrH-b".II , ,,"d Helb, '6""d tbt jcbwJiln. lb.
Amor;,rJ, tbt GirtaJbirrJ, " tbe Hi,,;reJ, tb e ArkiltJ, Ibt Si"IIU, " rbr Ar"adirts, rbe Zema.-
irt!. a"d tbe H"marbiItJ. Ajrr.ward rbe jam;liel "j rbt Ca"aA"iln Iprrad "broad. "A"d rh.
ler.ilory aj rhe CAIIAAlliw e:l<ltndrd from Sida", ill I". di"clio" oj Gera., al fa. aJ Gaza,
a"d i" Ihr dirre'ian ojSodom, Gomo,.a", Adm,,". a"d Zeboiim, a, f"r al La,ha. '"Tbtst art
rh.,oll loj Ham. by lhcirf"milie',I"eirla"g"agrs., bti,'a"dl,,,"dlhri,"alio,u
" To Shrm aho. 11,. falbe, of ,,11 tb r ,bild.ell Dj Eb.r, Ih. rIde, brOlhrr of japhrrh : ··
,hi/d,ell "'et( borll. "The 10'" of Shem: EI"II!. Allh .. r. A'pa,hlhaa. L"a, a"a Aram.'''
UThe I""' of A,am: U:, H .. t Grlhtr. ""d MaJh . " Arp."hsb"a buamr Ih. fall." "f
Shtl"h.·" ""dShrl"b'" "r,am.thrfalhtrofflrtr. tJTo Ebrr ",.rrbo... IWOJO"" Ihell"m.
oflbrollr w"I pt/rt:forin bisdaJJ IbttarlhwaJdi"idtd,,, .. dbi, brGlher",",,m r ",al jolt·
ra". "joltla .. buamr thr falher of Almoaaa. Sbdepb . H":z:,,,m""tl". jerab. l' Hado,am,
U:z: .. !. Dilt/.. h. " 01.,,/,Ht Abima·rl. Sbeb". "'0f'hi,. Ha"i/"b , alld Job"". ,,1/ Ihtl. wrr. 11..
ID", o!Joltla" . HTh. Irrrilory in ",hi,h Ihy lived exlt .. ded fro m Mesh" in Iht Ij,rtcuon of
Seph"',~ Iht hi!! co wntr] of th, ,all. " Thtlt art 11,. uns of Shtm. by Ihti, f"mili.I. the,r
'''ng"agrs, Ihr irla"dl. a"dthrirna,ionl.
n Thtlt art rht f"mili., of 11,. ID"S of Noah. "uordi"g '0 , ge .. ,alpgi.I. In their
.. alio"l. a"df,om Ihue I"e .. aliolll Iprraa "broad 0" Ihttarlhaflerlhrflood .
• ....... _ ·ux __ .,....,_ ... ...... (uv ..'-(l.XX
,-,_.' ~ "'W.n..._"'_J"","",


..... _ _ w.. _ _ _ _ _ -.-.--.

....-, ............ _
_.a.-~~._l "IWooI._._Topnooio.~_._DooI.. . _~
_PoooIoo. _ ~_ ..,..._ _ _ _ _ _ ~ _ _ .O"__._~ ~

__ .... ____

-.. . . . ... . ..
c-~ """'"'_'~. ~_.b--.

...-. _ _ _ • _ _ •...- z-w-s-_ _ _ _ _ ~ _ _ -.-. "-""

.... ~-.-
~1,IooI ~.1>oOIo;_~ ,ux ..... _ ·ux ______ .........
-JoO-.--.--~"S"O'-o.-...-~"' I _ .. _ _ _
_ -*"' ......... .. ___ .. _ _ ·UX (.,..s_ 'ux_ ..:...0: _ _ _ .... . ' - >'1. ..... ,.!.xx
::....~...::.~ux-.-_-ux ... ...,..-- ·LU .... .. .-UX __ --t.ltX .... ... "- - !.XI

O"U."'II"" Th. narn.;". of Genu;. men· aownin\"otioUI '.gion.tha,theLordh.. d

,ion l o.. ly thou ducendanu of Japhe.h. Ham anigned to ,hem ( fpM~.>e). Nimrod ,,'u ,h.
and Sh.m who,,· . .... \>l. ,,, fo.m ,h.i.o,,·n fint '0 iCI:. dcopotic rul. over ,he peopl.
famibeland.olp.ud.ndiff.r.nt ••• u ofth. ( JillO>el j .nd,,·.... olav.of.mbidon:h.
M,ddJ.E ...: (Auou'n .... j.Qn.ofth.ducen. ,,·.. ntedtol>e<ome a n,tl.,andaktng (CHIlI··
danllofHam"·"IN ,mroc!. ",nocnaledou: 5OSTO.W ). N, mrod."U nota I,,,·.nt of God
,h.diff... ntnauonl .... th.u,h.y utd.d but a tyrallt who,n5t h"

hroth ... { PIIUDO<TIUS). whichi,,diblc.Scripturc lpcwof
The p.. ugco in G.ncoi. 10:20. 10:31 and him l cp ••• tcl yon accounlofh ilcmincnc •• fo.
IO:32 (Kc alsolO,Sj. in .. hichthcdiffercnt men.ion;1 also m.adc of hi, lungdom. whicl!, .hcduc.nciannofJapheth. began with th.t mag nificcnt d ry Babylon. and
H.m.ndSh.m .... d • ..,. ibcd... fcrIO.hc th.o.h •• hcth., citiu ordiltricu.
pc.iodfollow,ngth.fallofth.towcr. whcn mcntioncd a1ong","h it. Dill wh.rilfUo •.ud
th ... nation l alrcad),.poketh ... ownlan· of the l.nd of Shin ... whoch bclongcd.o Nim .
gu.gcl (AOOuST.",.). Onc ofth.d •• ccndantl ro,l". kingdom-that AlIu ..... n. fonb from il
ofSh.m ..... Ebcr.from ..homthcHcb ..... .ndbuihNincveh.nd,hco,he,c"'c' mcn.
oflg, j . .ion.dwi.hit-h'ppc ncd long.ftc •. Bu.h.
10: I Tbt Gumllio,u of Nul" SUI of,h'g.andcurof.h.Auy"anlr.ingdom.
which wu wonde.full y u.cndcd by Ninus
Duc:." D..... T'WHoFo . ... DF.."uu,ulc 1IY
... "nN..T' ONI.Au<.HlST'NE,WcmtU.rn..e. N.n ... ch. which wu nam.d .ftc. h.m. N,n'
forcmtroduccinu.tni .... o.k.ncxplanallon uch. f.omNinll •. ButAu llr.fathcrofth.
ofthcgcne .. "on.oflh.lhrcclOR,ofNoah. Auyrian •• wu no. onc of.he 1 0no of Ham.
'nlOf.... rha.m·rillw ..... th.prog .... 'n Noah·l lon.bu."follndlmongtit • • onlof
timcofth.twOClliu.Scripturcr..,tm.ntionl Shcm. h"cldeot.on.Whcnte "'pp"'.",h.t
.h. young ... IOn. who IlClllcdJ.>phcth. who .mongShcm·l off.pnngrbucaro ... m.n who
h.d.'gh'lOnl, .ndby.wo"f.h .. elonl,.~en . f•• rward..ook po..... ion of~h .. tgi.n",
gr.ndchildr.n .• hrccbyon •• on.fourb)· .h. kingdom. and ad" lnclng from i •. fOllndcd
o.htr;,n all. fiflCcn d...cndan ••. Ham. oth.r <iriu. the fiu. of .. h,ch w U call..,1 N,n'
N""h·. middJe Ion, had four .oni.and by on" .... h.from Ninu •. From him Scriptur.
ofth.mfi... grandlonl •• ndbyoncofthc.. .crurnl to Ham', olh.. Ion. Mi: ... m, HII
.wog.... ·g.. ndlOnl;tn.U. dcv.n .Aft •• cno· aon. ar.cnllm .......cnlRdi .. idu ..b
m.r."ng .h ••• ,Scrip.u ..... urnl .o .h.r.... bllt ••• c... nnation •. Andfrom.he,iarh.uif
of,h •• on •• nd"YI ."Cu,hbcg.. Nimrocl;h • f,omth ••"rthaon. Phil".
... th:H.,,·... .... lp'ung •• oth.t,h..c ...
gi.nt huntc •• g.. inll.he Lo,dGod,hen,c,hey in.ll.ight.Then;t.cturn• • g.into Ca naan.
1.I)·."N,mroclam,ghtyhuntcr bcforcthc ,nwho"'pc.oonH.mwucuflcd. andhll
Lo.d .. Andth.bcginn.ngof h.l k,ngdom ...•.. d .... nlOn • • rcn. mcd.Th.n.h •• er ... ori ..
fubylon.Ercch.Accadanduln.h. inth.l.nd thcyoccupicd,{ • •• arc
of Sh.nar. Out of that land w.n. forth Auur. n.m.d.AndthUl,i{_coun.lon•• ndgn.nd ·
.ndbuihN.n.v.h.R.hoboth-I •• ndulah • Ion,. Ihcrc.rctbiny·on.o{H.m·. d.... n·
• ndR ... nb ....... nNin.v.h.nd C.lah,thi. d.n .. ..Si... r.d .
..... grc.. cnr'" No ...' rh .. CtUh.f.. h.rof.h. hrcml1n •• om.nl1onthc.., n,ofSh em.
gi.ntN,mrod. ... ,h.fir... nam.d.mons·hc No.h·."n.h"genul<>g,cal
IOn' of H.m .• o whom fi~. IOn. and ''''0 narra.iwci",ciu.llr aoc.nd.from.h.young·
gr.ndoon . ....... ibcd . Burh•• nh.rbcg.t Ut. Du,.n Ih. comm.flCem.n: of ,he .. co.d of

rh" glan:.f.. , h" 1ranci.on. wc rcborn or Shcm·•• on • • it.r. "ano;'tcuntytitatcalbfor

upbnation •• in,~;' i$ do.~lf conn~".d w;,h .pp.",.Eb" .othcr ",ngavcbirchtotw.lvc
,heobjee,ofourinv.n;guion.Forwerud. .ons;con,cqu.ntl)·.JJ Shem', drsccnd.nrsat<
"Un,oShemalso.thcfachcrofallthechildrcn twenty-feven. Th~ 'o,al number of ,h. pro~ .
ofEb.:,.th~b,o,h.tofJ.phc,htheddcr.wcr. • nyofthcth,~e.o",ofNo.hi •• evcnry .• hrc.,
childrcnborn."Thisisthcorde,of,he .. o,cU: fift•• nbyJ.phcrh,thirty.on.b)"H.m.
And '0 Shem was born Eb.r.cventohim.clf. twenry .• evcnbrShcm.ThcnScrip.urcadd,
tha'i'.f<)Shcmhiml~lf ...... bornEb.r• • nd ·Th •• c.rcthc.o",ofSh.m.after,hci,fami .
Shcmi.,hefathcrofallhi.ehildrcn.Wc ..c li •••• ft .. th.i,.ongu ••• inth.i, ,
intcndcd.ounder... nd.ha,Shcm il.h. , nation • ." And ",ofthc whol. numbcr
pa.,ia,ch of all his po.. cri.y who w.r. ,obe · Th ...... th.f.m,li.. ofth •• on.ofNo.h
mM.ioned.whcrh.r . on •. grands"n •• grur· .f... th.i'gencration •• in th.i,n" .. onl: and
g,a ndson. ord..c.ndan.. at any di. unce. For bythes.w..cth.i,l•• ofthenation,di,.
Shcmdid no. begctEber.who was ind •• din pe..cdthroughth...rth.ftcrth e flood :
thcfifthg.ncra.ionftomhim.FotSh.m F,om which wcgathcrtha,th ...v.nry-t h...
bcgat, among o.h ...on •• Arpachshad; Atp · {o'ra.h..... I.h.nprc •• ntl)·.ho,,·... v.nry ·
ach.hadbcgatCainan.Cainanbeg.,Salah. ,woj w.rcnorindividu.l.bu,nar;on • . Forina
Salah b.gat Ebc'. And i. wU wi.h good tU- formcrpassage.when.heson.ofJ.phethwcr.
",n,h.thcwasn.mcdfirst.mongShcm·sof!"· 'numrra.. d.i,i... idinco ndu, ion."By ,h...
spring . ..",n • • wercth. idc. of.h. nation, divid.d in thci,
.houghonlj·.grandchildofthcfifthgcnc.. - lands"v.'Y0n.afterhi. l.ngu'g • • ,n.h. i,
tion.Fo,f,omhim .•s <r.dition l 'y". ,hc rrib... nd in th.irnation.:
Hcbrcw.d.. iv.d,h~irnamc.though,h. Bur nalion .... . xp .. ssly mcntion.d
o.hcrctymologj· ,h.,dcrivcs,hcn.mcftom amongthc.on.ofHam.a.lsho,...d.hovc
Abraham (•• if Abrahcwsj may p""iblr be "/I.1;%raimbcga,rho.. ,.,ilO.rce.ncdL udim
,orrcct.Butth• • ceanb.littl.doub' tha•• hc and.o.l.oof<l,. o,h<:,,~ven na,;on.: And
rnrmc,i •• hcrightctymologj·.ndth.tthcj' .fte,cnumeratingallof,h.mltcondud...
wcr.called.f..,hcn ·Th ....rcth •• on. ofH.m,in rhclrfami
dropping. I...... H.brcw" and so w.. li ... . l.ngu.g.... ntheir
l.nguagcc.llcdHcbrcw.whichw... pok.nbr .. "i.o.i .... ndinth.irn..ion. :Th.....on,
none bur th. pcopl. whom ,hen. whr,n. childrcnofsc"cr.lof.hem ...
,.,as,h. cirrof God my"criou.lrprcfigurcdin notmcntioned, . thatthc)"belon~cdbrbirth
al1th.p"0pl •• ndrrul)·prc •• n'inrh ... '0 oth.r nation. and did not thcm.elve.
Si%ofShcm·slons.hen.rcfir"· ·\.Vhrelsc i,i,d,..tnough
fourg,ancUons born ,,,on.ofth.u.on.; thcn eight.on. arcrcckoned.oJaphc.h . thc.o",
it mcntion •• no.h .. ,onofSh.m.whobcg.t. ofonlytwoofthu .... m.n .. on.d;.nd
g<and.on;andhi • •on,again.orShcm·l grca,· I"ough four arc rcckon.d '0'th ...
gr.nd",n . ,.·.. Eb ... AndEbcrbeg.ttwo.on. .rc .poken of as h"'in~ l onl: and {flOugh,,~
andcallcd thc on. Pcleg. which mun$·divid· a .. rcekoncd ' 0 Shcm. th. dcsccnd.n" of
,ng:Scrip.urc.ubjoin.thcrc.. onofthi s onl)',woof,h.........ccd'Did.h e rcst
nam c. saying.· fo. in hi. days w."he .."h rcmainehildlcss,Wccanno,.up?osc ,o; hu,
di",dcd:\\'hatthi,mca n, ",m aft",,·a,d. ,n. ), did no, produce n.,ion . so ~r.. ' • • «

,,·arun •• hci.beingmenlionedbut w... thetow.r.wh.nrhilpunishmtnrfor.he ..
ablnrbed,nlhenation • •o",hu:hrhcy prid.wa.infl iclcdupon.hem by.hediv,n.
belonged by birth. C'TY OF GOD ,6. ).' judgm.nt. After . hil even' they w••• •u.·
teredove rth.ea rthacco,ding.o .hc irlan,
T ... P.UU .. .. IN GIINU1& R..... TO y" . gulges.C .. _.ST, ..., I N5T .. UCTJON).)6. 5),'
P ... ,OOA . T. .. T.. . F.. LLOfTII .TOW.II;.
AUGU$TINI: In th. nme book [of Genuu] .
wh,(nth.generalion.orthelOn.ofN .... ha...,
recaUed 10 ou, minds. wc tud.·n ... a..., .h. N .....ou C ....... aVY T... N .. TION5
,hildr.nofHam>nthc'r",bc.KCOtd,ng lo AccoaO'NG TO Go u·. W ,Ll.• E ........ TII.
tho"rongueI.inth.irl ond.andn."on.:' Sy .., .. N: Concern,ng Nimrod. Mo ••• uid,
AI.D. inenum.ta"ng .h. lOn.ofSh.m, .. 1J · Ht,,· .. am,ghtyhun .., ,h~Lord :
. aid .· n •• c ..c rh. child,cn of She m in the;, bc,"un,according . o .h~willo r, h tLord.,:
rribes ."ord,ngroth.;rtDngucs.inth.i, wo. hewhofoughlwi:h","ofthc.. na,ion .
land.lndnadon.:' And,hi.i.add.d,nr.r.r. . ndch .... dlhemou' from ,h.r•.• o.hlt Ihcy
.ncc ,0.11 Df ,h.m:·n..... Irt the tribes of would go ou, and l."leinlht rtg ion.tha,
th. IOn.ofNolh."£co,di ng.n.hc,, Icnorl' hid bo.n ... 1 ap ... for th~m by God. ·Th ....
tlon.on.daccord,ng.olh.;,narion •. From forti, ,"uid.liktN,mrodamigh,yh unlc r
,ho....... ,h.illand.of,hen ..ion ••uucr.d bcfo.. ,heLord:O n.u... d ,obltls.£h ,.ror
o".r ,hc .... arul.rbysay,ng.·M' yyo .. b.likcNlmrod ••
e'l'Ih ..'asontto nguo,andthc.o wason. migh, yhu who ..... ",cl<>riD... inth.b".
'pecchfo,IJI." And.o,t>ecau•• thi.nn.. nc. cl .. Dr ,h. Lord: CO" M . ~· T~RY 0 .. GBNU'S
wasldd.d:·Andth •• a"h,,'uon<longu.and 8.,.2.'
th .....·uonclpccchfo, all· {.h.. i•. ont l.n·
guagc for thcm IlIj. " could bo" a, N .... OD , . TH. F , UT TO RU LE o v." TH ~
.ha, "m• • when humIn boings hId boen IQ •. P IO.U. )1100...: 'And Chus [Cush ] bog.:
•• , .. dKCo,ding .o . ho island.of.henation. N'mrod. nil man bogln.o bo pG"",rful In
o".r,h..... h.• hc ....·..· tb~ .. " ..:And . ft.'al"d ...... hilt. illayli,
mon.o.llof.hcm.Without.doubt.lh i,con· ·A nd theboginni ngofh 'li kingdomwuB.abol
".di". thc ... D' abo" •. ·.ccord ins'o IndArachIn<lAch.d.ndChalan rh. land of Senur [Sh>n arJ:N imrod. IOn of
"ibo rh .. had formed ind,v idu.l nl"onl Chus...·u ,he Ar .. ,o •• i%Cd.'poric rul. 0"",
wouldnotbo ... id,oh."ch.d".own .ong .. e .h.p"0plc....t"chmcnwc .. noly.. accus·
whcn .hcr. was I common onc for all. So" .. ,omcd'o:lndhere'gn.dinB.abyloft,wh,ch
by wayofr.cap"ularion.h...h ••• ,•• dd.d: ..'U clllcdBabol,boCl..... ,htllngulr sof
·And,h ..... hwuon •• ong .. c.• ndlh.r. w.. th DIO build,ng ,h~ .ower w.... thrown inlo
one'p"cchfor.JI:ncna"a"vc,wuho.. r confu.. onthcrc.Fo.Bao..l$lgnif,c lconful1on.
mtn"on,ngil.g"".ba,k rotdl how,:clme
abou"h .. ,heon.!a nguag~common.o.1l
mtn,,·ubrokcn"p ,n,om'n)",ongu.,.And '~·PNFll>111.':' 'G.,Ool(l. '(;..,'0:'1
,mmtd ... tl,. .. ~arctDldabo":lhebui1d,ngDr 11". 'fC:''''''''. 'fC'J..I*,,-
Th.n he abo reigned in Arach, .hal la, In gaUingob"acJ.,ocondi,ionloffr ..dom .
Edlloa:andinAchad,whichilno... caUed ... •• pow.ri ••,...dHdov • • f....
Nllibit;andinChalanne.whichwll la •• r l"'0pl • . S..wha,ambi"onilguil.yor.
ca1l.dSeleuciaaf.orkingStlellcu . ... h.niu Oblcrv.bodily.ucng.hnork"pins·oi ..
nOm. had b •• n cha ng.d and which I. no'" in limi .. burco n.. antly lu .. ing.flCrmo .e.nd
.c.... ••• iphon.H ..... wQ".. · cJurching (0. glorr. You I . . . ,he ordc .. [Nim·
TIO",.ONG.",U,S,o.S·.o.' rod)sa~.w.'.no,,. R •• hc •• .oru],ngon•
N , ...OD O U ' .BDTO".A K, ,,,c;. •h•• n.rny. Ho .. ,uuo"'G ....SlJlg.• g.'
CHBUOfTO": Th.n sacrcd ScrlP'U'" ~ou on
from th,. po,n, '0 ,cll o(,hcchild.en born.o N . .. . ODI ' .. TT .... "'T W HOF . GHTI
Ih. ,on. in thclc wo.ds:Now. H am b<camc AG A' Hn H ., S .oT H• • ,.P.U DBNT'Uf:
,h. r.,h •• ofCII.h·; and fllrth.r.·Now.Cu$h A Nimrod. who Soc • •ound . h....orld. mad .
became ,he fathor of Ncbrod (Nimrod ), who rough
bcgancob<agi.n,onunh.H.,,·u.gian. W"hdccp .. vinu.ndwood~n ( "gl.and
hun'.r b<forc the Lord: While fOm. I"'0pl.
oay ,h. phrau·b<furc Ih. Lord' m.... nl b<Ing To"'*rl*)',om~bJ·fraud.ndleCrfclwil ...
inoppo"ilion ,o God.lon Ih. con"a'1' do no, Tovanquuhoth.nbrhi,s,anta,ml
.h".k»c•• dScrip.u ... illmplyins,hil. And.prcad hi. d.adJy "iurnph,f...nd wide
R.lh.r." ,mpli••• ha, [Ni mrod ) "·.... rong O • •G.NO.SUII •• ·.S!
and brav •. But the phrasc · bcfo...hc Lord-
mUn, created b)· hi m. rc"eiving him
God', bl ... ing. 0. i. mar mun .h .. God ... a.
on.hepo>nco( ..o>uingoll.wondcrlhrough T H. H ......., O UCIH D •• OM E •••.
him bycrcatingluch .... c... atu ... JaaoMa: £b(r. from ... hom .h. Hebr.w,
anddllplayiDghlmb<fur.wonlh.urth. d.H.nd.d.b<ca"",of'p.ophcc)·gavchIlJOn
N.m, •. inhi •• urnin ,mi ••• ;on .hen.rnePtles, ... h,chmcan,·drvu,on:on
of h., forcb<.rdid no,.ak.d u•• dvanugc or .ccoun.or,h.f.... h.. inb .. d.y.,h.l.n·
h"nlluralpr«min.nccbu,hiluponano,h. gu.gClwufd.vid.dupinB.bylon.H ........
form o(oervirud. in.nd.avoring co bccom • QUISTlo~soNGI~BSrslo.l.'2S. "
• 1I1 .. andking.You .... ,h.rc ... ouldnol. vcr
b<.kingllnlc.. ,hctcw••cp<oplcbc ,ng
ruLcd.Su,in.h., domi.",cnfot
whal .. teall), I•. whetus IJav.'1' il ,h. mo ..



' Now Iht wholt t"rlh h"d O"t 1""g""gt "".I ftw wo rJ~.· ',4. "J "I mt" mig ..utd from Ibe
t4lf. Ihryfo""J .. ploi" i" Iht lo"d ofShi"o,! "nd ultltd Ihlrt. JA"d Ihe)' laid.o ont
uo.htr.' ·Com •• Irl NI maltr briclts. ""d b".n Ih.m Ihoro"ghl)".of And .ht)" had ".icltfor
liOn •. olld bi.umr" for mO,la,. 'Th." Ih ry laid. "Com •• I'I"~ b"ild o",srlvrl a cilY. ""d a
lown w;.h ill 101';11 Ih. ht,,~t"l. o"d I•• "I m"lt. a nOm . for o"'lrl~CI. 1'1' w. ". JCo.urrd
.. broad "POll .hrf.. " oflbr wbol.urlb." ' A"d th. Loar>'"mt dow" 10 ,rr .1,.d f)"and .ltr
lown. wb"h Ih. lOnl ofm," h .. d &"ill. fA lid 11" LoUts,,;d. "B,hold. Ibt)" a.. 0'" propk
a"d.btyltovta!Jolltl""gw"gr;a"d.hil ilolll,lh'&'gi""i"gof whollhrywmdo;ud
1I0thillg .1,,,1 Ibt)" p,opOSt 10 Jo wi!1 "Ow b, i"'poUiDlt fo. th,m. ICo mt. ltt "I go .low". o"d
.hrr, ,0llfWlt tlttir I""t"alr. that Ih.)" m"y IIOt ""drrJIand 0". ""ot"rTI Ipr.,"." 'So tht
Loar> IUIIr ..d Ibt'" obroadfrom tbtrt ovr. Ih f",t of an tb. t"rth. ""d Ih', Itft.offbllil.:!.
j"t th. cily: ' Th.rrforr;1I "am, W"I uU,d B.. &d," b"",,1t thrr. th. Lo.D lo nfll,td' lb.
Ja"l"ag'" of oJJ th. t"r th ; all.:! fro", thtT. Ih. Loo.» Ic"ttH.d Ih.m abroad ov .. Ih. fa .. of
a!Jlh ••ortb.
_ -I.U...._
_ ~ I.U'-
.. ·ux_·I.U ...... _ .... . ......... 'ux_""·I-U ..........

oV'.'· ' Bw,ThtSep,u 'gin,rrnderoSabclu I'geofh.yingas;ngle!angu'g.forcyilp"r.


Sabylon ' andinthis pau.o.gttransl..."si,u pooc.GodconfuJ •• rheir'pc«h",fhu.hey

·confuJlon:Th. men who mlgu,. from ,h. '" nOI able to " o' n"'nr -
ca.. ,n order to found Sabylon.rc led by mO.. (CH~rsosTO" )' God ..... hu they ...
amb;,ion and pride (CHOXSOSTOMj. Sohylonis abl ••obuildth.tow.rbcc..... lhey.pukfh.
fO\lndcdby Nimrod,.schecap".lofhi.lung· "me l.ngllage. Therefo.. he confwo,.. rho ..
dom.Tntmh.biun .. ofSabyloncon.. ruCf lInguag.ino,der,op.. ven,.hcmfromfini.h.
Ih.towcrbeca"stln.hcuptid• •htywan.,o in~<heirb"ilding(Co""oD"N ).
defy.ho power of God (AUGunt".). Tbe \Vh.n.hcinhabi[lnuofBabylonlo •••
inhabotanll of Babylon ace g,.nu who build ...... rbr..luo" •• mongth.m.Nlm·
the.ow.cforth ... ownsaJ,· •• ion ( Ps~uoo. rod i"he one who winl rhi,,,·.. a ndhocom ••
D'O""YSlU'j. ,httul.rofS.bylon.fttcheh .. ".neud,ho
\\lhen God "p,·Come.let u.'" dowII .nd J'OP"lationofth.citythroughoutth.carth
,h ... canf".tlhei,langu·s·:hei, addrcui ng (EPHRII .. ). Th. inhabitanu of Sabylon arr
,heo,her pcnofU of ,h. Trinltr (AOGUntN.j. K.n • ...,d for the .. welf... 01110.. 11). The
The Son 11 the 0"" who IS 'enl.O ,h< urlh In
ord.t foconf" .. the lanj!"".ge (Nov.o.n ... ,. ).
S".arh, ",h.hi,anuofBabrlon ",. ch. p"vi-
doom of,h. ,0"'., ofB.bylon i,.con... n, wu non. othn than Babylon. to ... hou mar .
w.. nin,fo •• ho .. .. howan'.o.,hi • • • f.m. velou •• on. " .. c,ionl'"ganhi.toryb"ng. t ...
by b"ild,ng Ipl.ndid ho ..... (CHIlTSOSTO .. j. timon, u.ForB.bylonmun. "confu,inn." h
would . eem,hat,h,foundcrof ,hc cltr "·u
11,1·4 Tb. T" wrr of Babe' ,h. giant Nimrod ......·os nodu d .bo.e.' In
mcn,ioniogh,m . 'he Sc rip.uro tdls u. ,h.,
T HonWHoFoul< oJl DB AJln.o ... L 5,,5T B.bylon wu,heh.adofhi, k,ngdom.mun .
A .. . 'TI O.... CH ..TSOJTO.. , ..Wh.n.h.y ..."'v. ing., ,he hud of all th.o,hu c,,"u.thc'"r'
• l.df,om , h...... th. y foundopcncoun'ryin i,al wh. r. , •• nm.n, of ,h. kingdom
,h. l.ndofSenn., (Shi nar).nd.."d.dth ...: hadiu . u"How.vcr.,hc d'y n•••:rru.h. d
Notic. ho ...· ,h.h"m.n ••••• 'n....d of m.n.,· ,h.k,ndof .ompl • .,nn.h .. ,hcpridcof
ins '0 k«p '0 ". own boundari • • , alway. impious m.n had dream.d . Th. act .. al pl.n
long.fotmorcandrcachuou,forg..a«r caU.d fo, an imm.n •• h.'gh.-It ...u mUn,
,hings.Thi.iswh ...h.h .. m.nracchulol<in .o.uch ,h •• kJ·. Thupcrhap. ref... 'OOnC of
r""icu1a •. no. beingpr."...d ,orccogni~ • i ...ow .... which WaJ '0 b. highcr ,han.ll
•'tnion.ofi.. o ... ncond"ionbu,.I .... y. ,h.o, ,h • ..""d .......'rn.,.
lu"ing"f... mo ••.• n .....;ning.mbi,ion. mun.U,he 'ow... m".ha.· ho ... • ..n
b.J"'ndl ...ap&(,~·.ln,hi . ..g".d.,oo .... h.n mun ,ho"unds of ho ... m.n . C'T' 0 ' GoP
p.opl.whochos."ftu.h.,hing.of,h.wo.ld .6.•. •
acqui.. fo,.h.m..,l •• ' muchw •• ),h.nd ... · ••• igh,of,hci.o",nn.... rc,ui. T NI BUI L"I'" o~ T N I To ....., Dan G OII.
w.rc .• ndupirc,o.uchh.igh., .h•• th.y'op· AUGU I TlN I:Af•••• h.• flO<>d.asif ...,.,ngto
pl.,n,o.h' •• ryd.p.h,.Youcould .... hi , fOrlifyti>.m..,lv"'gainsrGO<l •.,if.h.n
h"pp<n,ng~v .. y d.y ... ithou, o,h~ .. being.ny couldbe.nyth,ngh,ghforGodo,any.h,ng
,h.wi ••• from,h •• igh,ofi •. ln".ad.,hc)· ..c.... forprid •. c ..... in"'oudm.nbuih.
pa .... fo •• "'hil.h,,'imm.diu.lyloH.UrcC. to ...... o""fl$,hl),IO.h.. ,h.)· m',h ,no.bc
oll .."onofotandtakt,h.",m •• o.dao.h. du ,roy.dbya flO<>dif on.c"mcl"ttr.For
o,h .... ndfalloY.r.h."'m.p.ccipicc.Thi.i' th·rhadh ....d.nd ... . ll.d.h.,.I1'n'qu'q·
• ucd)·whllyouc.n..,.happcning.othu. hadbe.nd •• lroycdby.h.noocl.Th.y"''' •
pcopl. in.h'l'rc,.n'inltanc~:·Wh"n,h.), unwilling '0 .b.uin from ,n'qulty, Th~r
" " h.J·foundopcn(oun· IOIIghtth.h.igh'of • •o.... rag. m lt"flO<>d;
"y in.h.landofS.nnar [Shinar) .nd •• ttlcd th. y buih alofty .owcr.Godsawthmproci ••
,h ...: S..ho... ing ..d"al ..agui ...... h .. u' andh...u•• d.h,.di,orcicr,obc •• ntll!">"
,h. ,n ••• bihtyofth." ",,,tud•. Wh.n ,h.r ,h.m• •h ...b.ymigh' .pc.kbu'no.unci~I'
•• w,h.op<n ,o un,rr( ·h.,u,aay.}. ,h·r,h ... "nd,ongunbccam.diff... up and I.ft.hcirpnviou.d.... lhng.nd .n',hrough"r;d• . T ....CT.. T ISO~· TH a Gos·
.. "l"dciown ,h"rc. HOM'L' IS 0 ... GKN II 'S PlL orJoHl< 6"0.:. 1

N, .. ao" Is TOll FouNo. a 0 ' B.. lno".

AUGUSTINE: Thu city n.. m.d "Confu"on"
TH E Tow .., Is BUILT BY THB G . .. NTi ,0 ,h. tower in.hi. p then oought to
PSBu " o·D'ONYS'US: \Vha, abou, ,he w.rof vi.i, thue men! Was he God .h. Fuher! In
.he gian ... described in Genelill !t is said, that c... , God il enc1o.ed in a place. If .o,
God wu.fraid of.ho.e powerful men.nd how.hendoe.h.embrac•• llthing.IO,i.i,
r,icked,hem,.ven.hough.heywe r.buildi ng po..ibleth.. he.p •• uofanangdd •• cending tower nO. to hann anyon. bu,fortheir wi.ho.h ...nge!sand say ing,"c.,me, l•• lUg<>
own pre •• ,,·a,ion. L6TTBU 9.11°5".' downquickly,.ndthe,econfw.theirlan .
gu.g."1 On the contu C)·, we no.e in o.:ut.r·
11:4-8 God Con/II'.' Lllngllllg. onom)"lh.titwuGodwhorecou nl<dth...
.hing•• ndGodwho'poke,wh..ei.iswri.·
GOD RH FaaS TO TMB T .. n'ITT WM'" HB ten,"\Vh.nh •• catt.udabr.",drhe.on.of
S... YS " Ln U~ Go DOWN.· AUGUSTINE: It i. Adam.h •••• uptheboundari.. ofth.peopl.•• ha. he .. ,h ..e m.)" h,v.Men an .ccordingto ,he num r..r of,'ls of
• 1lu,ion,0IhcTrinity.ifwe.uppose.hat.h. God."'Thereforethe Father did no,de"e nd .
Fatheruidto.h.Son.ndth.HolrSpi,it, nOr did an angel command th ... ,h ings, •• ,he
"Com • • letu.duc.ndandconfoundtheir narra.ive dearly indicat... Accordingly,.he
tongu • ."Th.s uppo.i,ioni,.ound.Su, ifso . onlyremainingcondu.ioni •• ha,h.
wemu«,ulcoutthepos,ibilitrthatangel< de".nd.dof w homth.apo"lePauluyo,"H.
"'"c meant. And surel)" it i. more proper for whodescended,hei,iswhoucend.daJoo
.he ang.l •• o come to God unbidd.n. mo"cd abov • • llhe.v.n"th.,he migh' fill all
bj·gracc .• ha, i•. bj· the thoughts that make .hing.:' that is, th. Son of God,the Word of
them d."ourlj·submi .. ivc tounch.nging God . ON TH.T,,'NITY '7.7. " '0 , h..."n.l la,,· th .. rul .. ,heir
heavenl)",theirow n \IlHY Do .. GOD CONFU ~II THE LANGUAC; ~

cri .."onoftruth,bu,.dependingoncre•• ;v. ofTHBC'T'ZIINSOFB .. BYLON! CK ..nos·

tru,h .• heymo".unbidd.ntowardi,as TOM: Thi. in fact i. the '.... rth. Lord is a«u.
towa,d a founta;n oflife from which ,he)" ,0m.d.oMh.v •. Thi,i,,,,hat he didin,he
must ;mbiM wh .t th.)· do no' have of ,h.m· Mginninginth.c.. eofthe{first J womanas
.el"n.And theirmOl ion is ",ithoul change,,confer •• don
since rhey hep coming. never rod'part.CtTY her.andfor.hatreuonh •• ubjecrcdher.c
OFGOD,6.6.' her,r"",in ,h. <asr ofAd.m.
l incehed..,,·ncad, grtat
T HB SON Is "l" H ~ ONB W HO DB5C5N"~ TO .... h•• njoy.dandfromlif<inth.gard.n
E..... TH ... ND Co o/ PUS .. THB L ... NGV ... GH . bu,ra.herrenderedhimselfliabl•• opuni.h·
NOV...T1A,;:Mo'''''pre.. n"Godasdesceod· m.n, through the fall,God drove him ou' of
ing,o th ctowerthatth •• onsofme"",e .. .hc garden.nd inflicted on him.verlasting
building . ... k,ng.oin.peClit.nd •• l"ng, punishm.n,in,hcword. "thorn. andthistlel
" godo,,·nquickl)"..ndtherecon •
fuS<'.'"",I.nguag •.• o that they may nO'
under"andon •• nother"" p.ech: ,>,<bodo
theb.r .. ics.hin~"·asti,.Godtnatde.cended

G"'U'SU" lI

l~rdlcUrthyidd: " Sowhen.hcp"oplein account o(thc d,'O';alOno that th~ languag..

th. p..,.. nt cue, who had beend'lniA.d wirh broulht .mong them. Thus war broke 011•
• imi!amyofl .nguag.,UlCd .h.prrwilegegiv.n amongtho.e",hohadbccnbuild,ngthalfor·
.hemfor .vilpurpo •• s.h.pu....op.o.h. .ifi. d c" rou,offur of o,h . ... Andalltholt
impuloc of wickedn ... through crea. ing ",hohadb•• nk.cpi ng.h.mlcl."",,·ar from
diff.rcncc.inl.ngu.g •• - Lctulconfu •• • hcir rh . ciry ",.rc ... "cf.d ,hroughou, ,n•• n""
.pcech:h ••• y.: ... . hlfthcy ... iIJbe •• o .... h.Ir"'.. N,mrodwhoocan ...d ,h.m. h
und ..... H lSpur· ......lsoh.who .... ~dBabclandbccam.'1S
po..... u .h ... Ju.....imil.r" r. ..,.1l1... If Nimrod had no,oca. tcrcd,Mm
:.chi.v.d.h.irhving 'ogc.hcr.• odiA'e.encr,n <uh '0 h" own plac •. h. ,._ld not have been
Iangu.g. m"ln c.u.. d"p"tI.l.mongth.m . • 1,1.10 tak. tharplac''''h""tb'r all hadhved
H O.. ' L"SOt<G.,.U15Jo.lj," bcfor •. Co..... "T.. u ot<G."'Sl sa.).~·
Go o P .~V"'TO T M B .. ~. o .. F"''' H' '''''
T HBI. T ow • • . CO.... OD' .... : Th.y foolilhly T K' B,,,u>•• , A•• D. 5. "";'UII} po. T Hi n
beg.n,obuilda.owcr.ha"ouchcd.henan 0 ...... Wu.... '.JUO.. E: JuS! u when holr
.ndthoulhr thc" migh. be able tochmbth. men ltv •• ogcthcr. 11 11 a gr"'grac. and ble.. ·
ok,eowllhll.B".God, .ee;ngth •• th."work "'g; .... lik ....".,• • hlfcongr.g.'ion ll .h.
proc..dedbec.uscth.y.pok.rh..... m.l.n· wotl.k.ndwh.n"nn".. dwoJl'ogc,h'r.Th.
gU'gc., n.c... cnedandcaw.d,h.m.o'puk mO' c,'nnttl th ... arc a' onc urn., th. wor..
diff... ntl.ngu.gos.Th.nhc,co"ercd,hem .her ar •. Lnd •• d,wh. n th e.ower,,·ub.. nl;
byiJOluing.hcmin,h.i,land, of.heu"h. buil r upagllnltG od, tho," whn wcrcbuild,ng
loth., na"on, , 'ongu •• If w.r. d,.blnd.d for th.i.ow" ",.lfarc.Th.

aron.So ..... oFT",oP.OPLIS,6s·69." con'piracr ,,·...viLTh.dispc.. ion ,,· • • of

trll.ben.f" ••• nro,ho ..... howcr.d,,·
1 1,9GodSco ll crs r".P,,,pl.n,,,I':""" ' pc ... d.Ho" , ~,ull."
TH , 000 .. Of THI Towu Mu n 6 ,
Af T• • GOD CO,.u/US THI L.... o" ....... .. R .G ... ol " u" \\.'.. .. " I NG. CHlI.nOlTo .. :
\V... lh .... " S O UT. EpHU .. TH.SYII,' .... : lt The.e ... manrp·opl •• ven,od ay,.,ho ,n ,m i.
i.1ihly .hll .hr .ation of th.m want 10 b... mernbcred for
,,·hen they Tecc,v.d.h... ne", langu.g ••. For . u.h a.hitvem.nlS,brb u;ldin, lpi.ndid
iflhci.oTlg,nallangu1Ichad not perioh.d hom.., bath., porch ••• nd ••. I mcan, if
.h."fint .1 •• .1 w<>uld no. have cOm. to noth· you .......oukuchofth.mlVh)·th.ytoil
'ng.h ..·.. wh.n.h·rlotlth.i.o,;lin.ll.n· .nd labor and l.y outluchgrcat npen •• lo no
gu. g•. whtch ..... lotlby .Uth.n.tion•• wilh gooc! purpo •• , you would h... noth"'E bu:
on. cxccp<ion. thlt.h." firs. build,ng ca m. th ... vcrr ... ord •. Th.y would be ICek,ng'o
fonough,.ln.ddi.ion.b.c.u•• ofthei.n.,..
I.ngu.g... ,.,nkh m.d.,hcmfor.;gn ......
eacho,h. r.nd und.utandin g ''GtoJ,11. WFCll,l29. ''CCLIZ5:79. "Fe"',.-""" ""e
on. ano,h.r ...·.. b.okcou, among m.m on "",XI.

.n.u•• ,h •• • hc;rm"mory.u...,i¥urnp"rpcll'· IIlu;an.] will oh ..... y.... me w~y la , .. «ud 11\

uy ...d,oh .... "uid.h., · thi. i.,hchou.. being rememb..."d for every uhiu"menl and
belo .. gi ..g.olO-.nd-IO .... hi.i.,h. pr0p",ty .1.o• • longwitha"u,"Uc .. t".me. topro~'de
or ...·.nd-IO:Th... onthccanl,."ry.;.worthy youndf ..ithg...,a,confid"nce;nth"agcto
not of comm~moro,ion but of cond.m ... ';on came. How rh~n will you manag" both 10 be
Forhu duponlholewordlcamcathc. ...,mcmb~...,d dar aft", dar an d all<> buo"",
'cm.rlu.quwa!cnl.oco .. nd" .. uc ..... ' ion.- thcruipicnlof,ribu,c.ucnaftup .... 'n'
· belong'ng"•• o·.nd _lo,h.g .... pingmi.... f,' lfyoug1Vc."'. y
d.. poile.ofwidow • • ndorphan.: So . uch .. to.h.h . .. d.oflh,
beh...,o.,. ,alcula.cdno•• o urnrcmcm . poot. I. ",nggoofpnc'Oll1 •• nnu. magnifi.
bu n,ehu,cn cncounccrunrcm,c"ng.ccwa. con, hom u.p""p" ..ic. a.. dbarh •. H oM' L'U
tlon . . .. , hi cv. nocoriCly.frcrduchand,n' ''c O .. G~N Uts)O . '."
,"",onguuofon]ooh•• ,oulumny.ndcon·
dcmn."anof,h.p" .... nwhoacquind.h ....
gOO<U. Bu,ifrou.r • • nxio tUforu ndyi ng .cp·



'"Tb,Jr 'He rb, d,su nd~n fj of Sbcm. Wb,n Sbrm 10101 ~ bundrrd ]"HI aid. br bream.
lb. falb •• of Arp~dlJb"d IWo ]."r! after lb. flood; " ""d Sb,m liv.d afur lb. birlb of A.·
pa,blb .. dfiwb l,"d rcd].orl . .. ndb" do lbcrso nla nddaugbltrl:
" Whn Arp",blbad' bad lived Ibirly-fiv,' ]."rs. b. b.u ... r lb. f alb er ofSbd"b :' " "nd
ArpMhlbad Iivrd afu • •10, b<rrh of Sbd"b f foUT hu"drtd "nd Ihru JC"'S. ud b"d other
$0111 an a doug~un.' ·
" \Vb.n Sbcl~b b"d livcd Ibirly" Y''''I. b. b"~mc Ib'f~lbt. of Eh.; u""d Sh.l"b lived
"fter Ibc birth of Ebrr four bNndrrr an d 11,.« Jun. " li d h"d 0110.. Jonl ""d d"NghuTl. '
'. \Vb." Eb.r h"d liv.d IhirrJ-fo ur" J."r$. b. b"alll t Ib t f" lb .. of Ptl'g: " and Ebrr
Irvtd "flt r Ih birl h of Ptlttfo", bu"drcd'- " li d Ihi.rJ '."'1.
"lid had orher $ollS "na dugb.
" WI"n Pdrg had livcd tbirty J,,,r$. · · br b..alll r rb. fa th" of R. u; """d Prlrf live.:
"fUr lb. birth of Rc" IWo bndrrd ud ".n. ].ars, "n d bad olber $Onl all d dughl"l.'
lII Whrn RCIl bad lil'ca thirl]_IWOH ]."rl. hr b.."mr rb. f..rhcr of Serug; :'~ n d Rr .. livcd
aftrr lb. birlh of Stng I... ~ b,, " drur' " li d itve"yta.l, alld h"d olh •• 10111 "nd dOligbr .... 1
"When Serug ~ad lived t~jrry" ~t bua",. the fath.r of Nahor; "a~d Serug (ived
afur the birth ..fN .. hor t", .. hundredye .. ", andh .. d other ,On, "nd d.. wghter,. '
"When Nahor had Jiv.d twe~ty_nin.··· y.ars, h. buamt th e father of Terah; " and
N .. hor liv.d after t~. birth of Ter.. h a hundred .. nd ni~tru~ m yean . .. ~d had other 'o~,
.. nddaughten.'
l~ Whn Ttrah had lived uv,nfy years. he bu .. ",. the father of Abr.. ",. Na~or ... ~d
H"Tan .
l'No", theu are the descudants of Terah. Trrah w .. s t~ e father of Abr .. ",. Nahor, and
Hara~; and Hara" was Ihe f .. thcr of Lot, "Haran di.d before his father Terah In th. land
afhis birth, in Ur"' ofth. Ch"ldeans.

~::;:~~~""'",,~.=-~=~~I::~:;;';~~ ~.-.:.~r::~
... .....,."""'..,j..,.. S'O' I·_~ ,.,... It....~
............. oooI....,. ,.... ........ _olSol.oooI _ _ .......... oooI
"'"'. - I..U . _ . . , j - , . UI..U '"'- _ " LU • ...."..,j ~-LU ............ "''''T''- ' ur_
...." "'I..U _ _ - LU .......... oooI.......,._ -1..U .... 1oooI

OVBI',VIBW' Af«, ducribingrhe earthlyeiry patroarchsh ..nand.ocapitulateth e genera-

ofBabel.Scripfure,evert'forhepiou.patri- fion, from him '0 Abraham, l pecifying fh ,
••ch Shem. who.elineofdescendanu leads '0 year in which each fafherllavebit.h ro ,he.on
Abr.h.m. The ~earo ftom ,h. flood to Abr •. .hatbelonged,o.hi.lin.andhowlongh.
h.m ... bo.n;nth.l.nd lived.Andunque..,ionably i,i.thi. thatful
of .h. Ch.ldea".. who Wete d.eply imme