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The Heartbeat of High Power

Radiation Patterns

Vertical Radiation Pattern

Folded Dipole Shortwave Antenna

Low Power Shortwave Antenna ASW

Horizontal Radiation Pattern

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Ampegon | Folded Dipole Shortwave Antenna Folded Dipole Shortwave Antenna | Ampegon
Folded Dipole Shortwave Antenna
Low Power Shortwave Antenna ASW

Shortwave (SW) Broadcast Antennas Port Moresby (TR11LC 6 MH) 50KW 290deg 12ut 6.000 MHz SEP 60ssn
Shortwave broadcasting is a highly cost-effective way system is the key component in this optimization areadata
of providing large area domestic service with transmitting process. The customer can choose from a wide 130E 140E 150E 160E

powers from 1.5 kW to 500 kW. The broadcast footprint variety of the Ampegon antenna system designs to
reaches out several hundred kilometres from the perfectly match their requirements.
transmitter, and is intended for widespread use.
Unlike satellite broadcasting, mobile reception is New Design for Single Band Folded Dipole 10 – 50 kW
easily achieved. Receivers are widely available all over Antenna System
the world and are commonly used by a large number A new antenna design concept and an optimized 0 0

Field Strength
of listeners who are unable to receive information via antenna structure is used for the introduction of this Median
satellite or internet. Ampegon offers a full range of antenna type. The folded dipole antenna is available
shortwave equipment up to 500 kW, including: in the RF power range up to 50 kW and developed 60
for economic and efficient domestic shortwave 50
• Directional and omni-directional antenna systems transmission. The antenna system is designed 10 10
• Supporting masts and towers with proven and reliable Ampegon components 30
• RF-feed-lines and optimized to low power specifications, which 20
• Accessories such as RF switches, high results in significant simplification without any loss
Min = 37.20
performance insulators, control systems, of performance. The robust antenna design enables Max = 64.00
air obstruction lights, safety devices etc. prompt installation and simple maintenance.
20 20

Ideally, the entire shortwave transmission system The antenna system has outstanding key performance
is precisely optimized to the broadcaster’s needs. indicators.
Our engineers consider all factors which affect the
performance of the system; its interaction with other • VSWR ≤ 1.5 in the operational frequency band
(Z0 = 300 Ω)
130E 140E 150E 160E
nearby systems, with the environment and, lastly 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000
but significantly, the economic impact. The antenna • Gain 8 dBi

Structure Tubular galvanized steel pylon
Guy ropes Glass fibre reinforced rod
Dipole Copper Strand
Insulators Low loss ceramic insulators

Hot dip galvanised steel

Anchor material Note: The interconnection between galvanised steel and copper
Folded Dipole is made of thimbles of stainless steel, to prevent electrolytic corrosion.

Principal Characteristics
300 Ω RF Feed Line
• Tubular structures for suspension of the dipole Key Features
• No on-site welding necessary
• Low resistance interconnections between • Highly cost efficient design
members, bracings, gussets etc. • Optimized performance in specified
• Designed for a wind speed of 160 km/h frequency band
(survival) according to American Standard • All WARC frequency bands available
EIA-222-F • Rugged design
• Glass fibre reinforced guy ropes for minimal • Omni-directional radiation pattern
interference with antenna radiation • Full DRM compatibility
• Folded dipole antenna layout • 300 Ω balanced antenna input
• Low maintenance
• High efficiency
Values are subject to final design

Ampegon | Folded Dipole Shortwave Antenna Folded Dipole Shortwave Antenna | Ampegon