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English Test
I –This
is the Bennet family. Tom Bennet is twelve years
old and his sister Erika is eleven. They are students at Cardiff
II – Reading
High School. They are from Cardiff, the capital of Wales.
Erika is always happy. She wants to be a singer. Her favourite
singer is Demi Lovato. She’s in the basketball team at school.
Kelly and Paul are their parents and Grace is their
Grace is fifty-five years old and she is a teacher.
Paul is tall and he has got big blue eyes. He is an
Kelly is short and slim. She’s a photographer and today,
she has got a famous singer in her photo studio: Alicia Keys.
Alicia has got long brown hair and brown eyes. She is
High school – Escola Secundária
Always – sempre slim and medium height. She is wearing white jeans, a yellow
Team – equipa top and pink shoes: She is really beautiful and a very nice
Photp studio – estúdio de fotografia person too!

Answer according to the text.

A. True (T) or false (F).
1. Tom is English. _______________________________________
2. Erika is the daughter. ___________________________________
3. Kelly is a singer. ______________________________________
4. Tom’s mother is short and slim. ___________________________
5. Alicia Keys is ugly. _____________________________________

B. Answer the questions.

1. Where are Tom and Erika from? _____________________________
2. What’s Paul like? _________________________________________
3. Has Tom got a sister? _____________________________________
4. Is Erika happy? __________________________________________
5. How old is Tom Bennet? ___________________________________
6. Is Kelly an architect? ______________________________________
C. Ask the questions for the following answers.
1. __________________________? Yes, she is (eleven years old).
2. _________________________________? No, he hasn’t (got small
blue eyes)
3. ______________________________________? Alicia Keys is slim
and medium height.
4. ____________________________________? Yes, she has (got long
brown hair)

IV – Grammar
A. Fill in the blanks with: this, that, these or
1. ___________________ is a chicken.
2. _____________________ are horses.
3. ______________________ are pigeons.
4. ____________________ is a cow.

B. Complete the plural of the following nouns


Father ________________________________
Friend ________________________________
Table ________________________________
Toy ________________________________
Week ________________________________
Bench ________________________________
Box ________________________________
Bus ________________________________
Dish ________________________________
Glass ________________________________
Potato ________________________________
Country ________________________________
Family ________________________________
Party ________________________________
Policeman ________________________________
Woman ________________________________
Toy ________________________________
Child ________________________________

V – Writing
A. Describe your best friend.


tall, Short, Shape: Young…

short…. long… round/ oval

WEIGHT Straight, Colour:

wavy, blue, green
fat, thin… curly…

My best friend is __________________________years
brown… old.
His/ Her name ___________________________________________________.
His/ Her ________________________________________________________.