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Lesson 1.

5 Wiki: Blending My Coursebook

Language Interaction
Learning Outcomes Conversation EdTech
Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
• Say hello and good-bye • The verb be • Expressions to • Letters and • Ask How about
• Introduce yourself with I, you, and say hello and numbers you? tch?v=mHuoOXiHvM4
• Ask for, give, and spell we in good-bye • Email • Use everyday Students watch a video in

names statements, • Numbers 0–10 addresses expressions like Youtube and identify some
• Use the verb be with I, we, yes-no • Personal Sounds right Yeah and greetings, phrases to
Unit 1: and you questions, and information • Sounds like hi Thanks introduce themselves when
All about • Exchange email addresses, short answers • Everyday they meet someone the first
you phone numbers, etc. • Questions with expressions time.
• Complete an application What’s...? and
form answers with • Students participate, work in
• Ask How about you? It’s... pairs, in groups and do some
• Use expressions like Thanks activities with timer tool using
or Thank you class dojo.
• Ask and say where people • The verb be • Personal items Speaking • Ask for help in
are with he, she, • Classroom naturally class games/
• Use be with he, she, and and they in objects • Noun plural • Respond to Students work in groups and

they statements, • Prepositions and endings Thank you and enter Kahoot application
• Talk about things you take to yes-no expressions of Sounds right I’m sorry using their cellphone. They
Unit 2: class using a / an questions, and location • Sounds like e in play a game about Classroom
In class • Ask about things using this short answers she or a in late Objects.
and these • Articles a, an, https://www.cambridgelms.o
• Ask where things are in a and the rg/main/p/splash
classroom • This and these • Students write a description
• Say who owns things using • Noun plurals of their classroom using the
possessive ’s and s’ Blog in Cambridge Platform.

Teacher: Pamela Rodriguez Rios

Lesson 1.5 Wiki: Blending My Coursebook

• Ask for help in class • Questions with

• Respond to I’m sorry and Where...? • Students participate, work in
Thanks • Possessives ’s pairs, in groups and do some
and s’ activities with timer tool using
class dojo.
• Possessive • Types of Speaking • Show interest by
• Talk about celebrities using adjectives celebrities naturally repeating /family-diagram/
my, your, his, her, our, and • The verb be in • Basic adjectives • Is he...? or Is information and • Students look at some
their statements, • Adjectives to she...? asking questions flashcards about Family in
• Describe people’s yes-no describe Sounds right • Use Really? to Quizlet, repeat the
personalities questions, and personality • Sounds like s in show interest or pronunciation of the words
• Ask and answer yes-no short answers • Family members see or z in zero surprise and play a memory game.
Unit 3: questions • Information • Numbers 10– https://filmora.wondershare.
Favorite • Say the ages of your family questions with 101 com/
people members be • Students make a video about
• Ask information questions their family using Filmora
about family members App.
• Show interest in a
conversation • Students participate, work in
• Say Really? to show interest pairs, in groups and do some
or surprise activities with timer tool using
class dojo.

Source: Touchstone 1 Teacher’s book – Second Edition.

Teacher: Pamela Rodriguez Rios