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(Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized)

Honors the Newest Women of Empowerment Members

Manhasset, NY, February 21, 2019 --( P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of
Excellence Recognized) is proud to recognize their newest Women of Empowerment members who have
been honored for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About The New Women of Empowerment Members

P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is pleased to introduce the
newest Women of Empowerment members who are now recognized members of P.O.W.E.R.:

Casey Qualls--Accounting
Sil Sanchez--Advertising/Marketing
Danielle Nicholas--Advertising/Marketing
Heather M. Chinich--Advertising/Marketing
Natalie Parsons--Advertising/Marketing
Norah Lossada--Advertising/Marketing
Sabrina Lee Frye--Advertising/Marketing
Shana L. Anderson-Nute--Advertising/Marketing
Antonia E. Scandalito--Advertising/Marketing
Debbie Rider--Agriculture
Cheryl W. McGregor--Agriculture
Yahavah Mathison--Alternative Medicine
Sharina Pegram--Apparel/Fashion
Gamze Moustafa--Apparel/Fashion
Lisa J. Van Sant--Automotive
Perrion D. Roberts--Automotive
Brittney Sargent--Banking/Mortgage
BoniRay Chaney--Beauty/Cosmetics
Trish McEvoy--Beauty/Cosmetics
Jaxi Rodriguez--Beauty/Cosmetics
Ilona Moldavon--Beauty/Cosmetics
Gift Z. Aaron--Beauty/Cosmetics
Juliet Johanson--Beauty/Cosmetics
Viviana A. Escobar-Burg--Beauty/Cosmetics
Deidra R. Ritchhart--Beauty/Cosmetics
Ana M. Diaz--Catering
Belinda Perry--Cleaning Service
Sylvia Chingaya--Cleaning Service
Hasna Mudassar--Cleaning Service
Bonnie J. Snyder--Coaching
Ervena Washington--Coaching
Janie C. Murray--Coaching

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Audrea D. Jenkins--Coaching
Daisy Mae Neely Cotton--Construction/Building
Lisa Napolitano--Construction/Building
Nicole A. Leo--Construction/Building
Lacey Powers--Construction/Building
Susan Weglein--Construction/Building
Linda Fostek--Consulting
Ruth M. Helbig--Consulting
Sharon A. Jones-Hannah--Consulting
Jeri Lindsey--E-Commerce
Janice R. Barrow--Education
Barbara Betts--Education
Peggy LaFuente--Education
Julia Bergeron--Education
Francesca Nobili--Entertainment
Angela R. Foxworth--Entertainment
Sheila Danzell--Environmental Services
Jane Onyekwere--Event Services
Veronica W. Harmon--Event Services
Dorrett M. Boothe--Financial Services
Cindy Fields--Financial Services
Debra S. Burch--Financial Services
Ju Juan Holman--Financial Services
Michele M. Briscoe--Financial Services
Monique A. Broussard--Financial Services
Christina W. Fortin--Financial Services
Celia A. Miller--Food/Beverages
Tara Carrasco--Food/Beverages
Lorna V. Jones--Government
Cristina Johnson--Health Services
Lisa C. St. George--Health Services
Elizabeth A. Whitmer--Health Services
Ayanna E. Falls--Health Services
Jennifer Lindenberg--Health Services
Tajuana R. Barnett--Health Services
Adeline Riley--Health/Fitness
Kari R. Wilson--Healthcare
Olatanwa Adewale--Healthcare
Ronda Johnson--Healthcare
Alaa Mustafa--Healthcare
Nancy L. Ford Baker--Healthcare
Jessica Bartella--Healthcare
Kelly J. Clark--Healthcare

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Sandy Wagner--Healthcare
Adina L. Jones--Healthcare
Debbi L. Kilmer, MSN, MA,RN--Healthcare
Deborah A. O'Brien--Healthcare
Erie Benson--Healthcare
Etta C. Aslam--Healthcare
Jessica S. Fowler--Healthcare
Ottilia Sibanda--Healthcare
Pamela Hokamp--Healthcare
Consuelo Jackson--Healthcare
Jacqueline Wormuth--Healthcare
Crystal K. Bagwell--Hospitality
Wanda Graves--Hospitality
Elle Hunter--Human Resources/HR
Sherryl Gordon Hall--Human Resources/HR
Jacinda L. Hampton--Human Resources/HR
Teresa M. Cooper--Human Resources/HR
Brian Whitney--Information Technology/IT
Rachel L. Jackson--Information Technology/IT
Costa Brown--Insurance
Ava R. Cooper--Insurance
Mackenzie Lee Browning--Insurance
Marcia M.D. Cassab--Insurance
Melissa S. Yee--Insurance
Theresa Ferguson--Insurance
Magda Fagundds Wachtler--Interior Design
Veronica G. Link--Interior Design
Diane Komenko--Jewelry
Pamela McCoy--Jewelry
Demi Licona--Law/Legal Services
Pamela A. Kimball--Law/Legal Services
Denise A. Gentile--Manufacturing
Debra L. Mize--Mental Health Care
Saleha K. Baig--Mental Health Care
Alice Hunter--Mental Health Care
Tonya Simeon--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Brenda McClintock--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Barbara J. Mosley--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Elizabeth D. Washington--Nutrition/Wellness
Sara Morell--Oil/Gas/Energy/Solar
Michelle Aguirre--Administrator
Susan Marco--Advanced Clinical Hypnotist, Spiritual Coach
Patty Rayman--Animal Communicator

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Melinda M. Moore-Johnson--Author/Administrative Assistant
Ethel Clark-Griffin--Community Services
Victoria A. Fedor--Dental Hygienist
Amee L. Ollivares--Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Kathy Grindrod--Fiber Artist
Heather I. Potter--Handyman
Lynn Merves--Hypnosis
Mary Rodgers--Reflexologist
Kathee A. Wilson--Welding
Rebecca St. James--Personal Services
Leslie J. Weatherill--Publishing
Mary Lee Roberts--Publishing
Monica Owens--Publishing
Victoria Jones--Real Estate
Dona M. Augsburger--Real Estate
Jacqueline Cruce--Real Estate
Liz Rothermich--Real Estate
Rossana Soto-King--Real Estate
Sara Swanson--Real Estate
Nicole Biblis Faeth--Real Estate Agency
Jennifer Goldstein--Real Estate Agency
Donna Andes--Religion
Joyce Ingram-Chandler--Religion
Geraldine Romero--Retail Industry
Carolyn A. Phillips--Retail Industry
Cheryl Jones--Retail Industry
Karen Sayles--Retail Industry
Rosalyn L. Wade--Retail Industry
MaryAnn Andrews--Retail Industry
Elisabeth Peeples--Retail Industry
Frances MacDonald Wonnacott--Speech/Occupational Therapy
Karen K. Fisk--Transportation
Donna Z. Allemand--Transportation
Daniela Zamfir--Transportation
Cheryl Jacobs--Travel
Linda Gaddy--Travel
Lisa M. Bertuccio--Travel

About P.O.W.E.R. Magazine (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) and
P.O.W.E.R is a website as well as a digital and print magazine featuring professional and famous women.
Our mission is to provide a powerful network of empowering women who will mentor and inspire each
other to be the best they can be. Through our valuable services, our members can network, collaborate

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with like-minded professionals, gain recognition and obtain knowledge from those who have already
achieved success.

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