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The study is limited to the patient admitted in a hospital who is suffering from portal hypertension. The
researchers were able to assess the client on her fourth day of admission, the researchers conducted a
physical assessment and Comprehensive Gordon's 11 functuonal health pattern. The researchers were
able to note several findings,which were utilized when we were able to prepare the Nursing Care Plan
for the patient, the patient also conducted the study of the patient's medications and apply further
knowledge of the Anatomy and physiology, Pathophysiology, Clinical Manifestation, Diagnostics Exams
and Intervetions to be able to give proper care for the patient, Finally as nursing student the information
presented will enable them to assess and evaluate their own selves and to act accordingly on the
different nursing subject, because as early as now through this research study, they will able to see the
effects, benefits, advantages of being on active ,diligent and resourceful in every academic endeavor to
improve and enhance our performance as a nursing student , the study covers the health teachings given
by the reseasrchers to tge patient to be able to prevent the cause of the condition.