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Symptoms of Condition Sickle Cell Anemia Treatments Available

● Anemia ● Medications
● Episodes of pain Prognosis ● Vaccinations
Today, life expectancy for these ● Blood transfusions
● Painful swelling of hands and feet
people can reach 50 years and ● Bone marrow transplant
● Frequent infections beyond. Women with sickle cell ● In the Past main treatment
● Delayed growth usually live longer than their male was just avoiding crisis/
● Vision problems counterparts. Sickle cell anemia can diseases.
make life more difficult, particularly
for a child, who will need to deal
with delayed sexual maturity and
stunted growth. These children also
have a significantly impaired HRQL
but this usually doesn't drastically
affect the family's life or other
family members,

How Condition is Inherited Current Research and Statistics

Sickle Cell Anaemia is a recessive condition. Foundations -SCD affects approximately 100,000
Sickle haemoglobin is often shortened to S or --Foundation For Sickle Cell Americans.
HbS. If you have only one copy of the sickle -SCD occurs among about 1 out of every
Disease Research is the nation’s 365 Black or African-American births.
haemoglobin along with one copy of the more
first standalone outpatient -SCD occurs among about 1 out of every
usual haemoglobin you are said to have Sickle
center solely dedicated to sickle 16,300 Hispanic-American births.
Cell Trait. This means you carry the gene and
can pass it on. It is also an autosomal trait so cell disease care and services. -About 1 in 13 Black babies are born with
--Researching to understand Sickle Cell Trait.
both males and females have the same chance
possible health implications of -African Americans are more affected
of getting it.
by the genetic disorder.
sickle cell trait.
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