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Corrosion Protection Coating

for Safety Valves

• Corrosion protection according to ISO12944 C5M and NORSOK M-501
• Coating with standardized system, tests and approvals
with short delivery times

Maritime environments with humid and salty air as According to a Frosio-certified process up to five lay-
well as frequent seawater contact pose special chal- ers are applied to the safety valve. Non-destructive and
lenges for equipment on board of ships and platforms. destructive tests prove the protection from corrosion.
LESER offers a standardized corrosion protection coating Additionally, an inspection according to Frosio is avail-
according to ISO 12944’s highest level C5M. able.

Protection of the safety valve against external corrosion This new standardized coating protection system will be
ensures reliable function and low life-cycle costs. LESER available adding an additional two weeks to the delivery.
offers corrosion protection for different application re- LESER has invested in technical equipment and instal-
quirements – from standard painting and coating systems lation for a separate grit blasting chamber and a coat-
for costal and industrial environment up to top-grade cor- ing chamber with an integrated pre-drying area to offer
rosion protection according to ISO 12944 C5M for mari- Frosio-certified top-grade corrosion protection.
time environments described in this leaflet.

Details about the corrosion protection systems according to ISO 12944

Coating systems Tests Inspections

The corrosion protection system is selected to Non-destructive tests are performed on the coated Inspections according to Frosio can be performed
comply with safety valve material and temperature safety valve. Destructive tests are performed on by LESER’s own Frosio-certified inspectors or by
of medium. a test panel. All test results are documented in a third party. The Frosio inspections include the
reports. applicable tests for the coating systems.
Temperature –196 to –50°C,
Material stainless steel Dry film thickness (non-destructive) by LESER-internal Frosio-Inspector (Level II)
Temperature –50 to +120°C,
Porosity: holiday test (non-destructive) by third-party Frosio-Inspector (Level III)
Material carbon steel
Temperature –50 to +120°C, Adhesion test: pull-off test or cross-cut test
Material stainless steel
Temperature +120 to +540°C,
Material carbon steel
Temperature +120 to +540°C,
Material stainless steel
Technical specifications
The certified corrosion protection system includes cleaning, surface preparation, coating, drying and inspection.

Cleaning and surface preparation Tests, inspection and documentation

All parts are cleaned with a solvent wash and treated with a Adhesion: pull-off test (for total layer thickness > 250 µm)
phosphate conversion coating to provide sufficient corrosion or cross cut test (for total layer thickness of < 250 µm)
protection for storage and processing within the factory envi- Dry film thickness: test of dry film thickness
ronment. Directly prior to applying the customer-ordered corro- Porosity: holiday test
sion protection, the surface of the safety valve is grit-blasted to
remove this coating and optimize adhesion of the final coating A Frosio inspection includes testing of adhesion, dry film thick-
system on the safety valve. The surface must reach a defined ness and porosity as well as a protocol of environmental condi-
level of cleanliness and roughness. tions (temperature, humidity, dew point) and a visual inspection.

Application of coating system and drying Tests and inspections are optional. A report documenting the
results of tests and inspections performed is generated and
Up to five layers of coating with respective drying periods of the made available to the customer.
required length and temperatures are applied.

Cleaning and surface preparation Application of coating system and drying Holiday test

Example coating layers for safety valves made of carbon steel, temperature -50 to +120 °C

Layer Coating name Binding agent Color Layer thickness in µm (min/max)

Primer Interzinc 52 2k-EP-Zn (zinc rich epoxy) Gray 60 – 150

Intermediate Intergard 475 HS 2k-EP-EG (micaceous iron epoxy) Light gray 80 – 250

Intermediate Intergard 475 HS 2k-EP-EG (micaceous iron epoxy) Light gray 80 – 250

Intermediate Intergard 475 HS 2k-EP-EG (micaceous iron epoxy) Light gray 80 – 250

FINAL Interthane 990 2k-PU-AY (polyurethane) RAL 5005 60 – 150

Complete overview Advantages Industries

of LESER’s coating portfolio
• Frosio-certified process • Oil and gas industry
• Standard painting (one layer, LESER • Fulfillment of leading international • Offshore
blue RAL 5005) standard ISO 12944 and Norsok M-501 • FPSO
• Coating systems for costal and • In-house manufacturing ensures short • Maritime
indus­trial environment and reliable delivery times and ongoing
• Corrosion protection according to testing during the coating procedures Approvals
ISO 12944 and Norsok with Frosio- • Highest protection level C5M en­sures
certified production process reliable usability of LESER safety • Frosio: certified process
• Customer-specific coating systems valves also under the harshest offshore • Norsok: certified painting system
conditions for temperatures -50 to +120 °C
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