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Chapter III


This chapter discusses the methods that have been used in

the collection and analysis of data to answer the primary and

secondary research questions of the study. It explains the

research design, sampling techniques and data collection methods


Research Design

In this process, the researchers used case study as their

research design. Case study is applicable for this study because

this only strategies that encounters real life scenarios and

Scientific method.

Research Locale

This study will be conducted at Saint Paul University of

Philippines, located at Mabini Street Tuguegarao City.

Participants of the study

The respondents that will be picked are students of Grade

11 Set-B students of Saint Paul University of Philippines from

sections HUMMS San Lorenzo Ruiz and STEM Galatians. There are a

total of 96 students combined from the sections.

Research Instruments

The instruments used in this study were the checklists

questionnaire or survey

Data Collection Procedure

In collecting the data, the researches asked the teachers

of the classes that was involved in this study if they could

conduct an interview and give the questionnaires that is to be

given. After that, they immediately collect those data that will

be needed to find out the answer to this problem.

Data Analysis Procedure

The obtained data by the researchers was interpreted using

the following tools:

1. Computation of the frequency and percentage of it:

This was used to determine the distribution of profile variables

in percentage to know how satisfied the students are.

2. Focus Group Discussion

This used by the members of this project to determine how the

results of this study was find out. Researchers were held on a

small discussion to analyze the data gathered.



This chapter will tackle about the results that have been

gathered and explain the following data.

Table 1: Customize or personalized shoes results.

Yes No
36 61
This table shows whether the respondents have experienced
customizing or personalizing their own shoes. 61 people or
62.87% of the respondents have said that they don’t have
experienced customizing their own shoes while 36 people or
37.13% responded that they have done or experienced doing it.

Table 2: Most preferred brand of shoes

Nike 40
Vans 17
Adidas 16
World Balance 6
Puma 6
Fila 5
Reebok 3
Converse 4
Others 0
Total: 97
This table shows the most preferred shoes by the respondents
that we have. Majority of the respondents have picked the Nike
brand as their most preferred brand followed by Vans. This just
showed what most of our respondents preferred.

Table 3: Frequency of the data and arrangement from least to

Nike 41.24%
Vans 17.53%
Adidas 16.49%
World Balance 6.19%
Puma 6.19%
Fila 5.15
Converse 4.12%
Reebok 3.09%
Others 0
Total: 100%

This table just showed the overall preference of the respondents

of this study in highest to lowest style. In this result, Nike
brand soar on top as they gathered 41.24% of the whole
respondents while the brand Reebok gathered the most preference
as they only have 3.09% of the respondents.

Table 4. Factors that involve the buying behavior of the


Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly

Agree Disagree
I like to 30 37 28 2
buy costly
I prefer to 28 46 21 2
buy shoes
which are
I like to 47 31 19 0
buy shoes
which are
stylish or
in latest
I prefer 37 38 15 7
which is
used by
family or
The table shown above shows 4 factors that could affect the
customers buying behavior in shoes. In the first question, it
shows that 37 out of the 97 respondent have said that they agree
on the first statement while for the second statement, it also
indicated that most respondents agree. For the third phrase, it
is also shown that most customers strongly agree that styles and
latest design affects their buying decision and lastly, the
third statement shown that most agree that they use brands which
is common to their family and friends.

Table 5. Percentage of factors that involves buying behavior.

Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly

Agree Disagree
I like to 30.91% 38.14% 28.87% 2.08%
buy costly
I prefer to 28.81% 47.42% 21.65% 2.06%
buy shoes
which are
I like to 48.45% 31.96% 19.59% 0
buy shoes
which are
stylish or
in latest
I prefer 38.14% 39.18% 15.46% 7.22%
which is
used by
family of

In the first row, 38.14% of the respondents says they agree that
they like buying costly shoes. In the second row, 47.42% have
stated that they agree on buying shoes which is popular. In the
3rd row, 48.45% of the respondents said they strong agree on
buying latest and stylish design and in the last row, 39.18%
said they agree on buying brands which used by their family and


This chapter contains the summary of findings conclusion

and recommendation of the study. The findings are summarized

based on the results of the questionnaire and the investigation

that was conducted. Conclusions of this study are based form the

results of data gathered. Recommendations are offered to the

different business personnel to improve the different marketing

strategies of their shoes business and help them to increase

their sales.


Based on the result of data gathered, the following findings

were derived:

1. Many people have not yet experienced customizing or designing

their own shoes.

Customizing and designing shoes is not that applicable to

many people because it is expensive enough for majority of the

population to wear those kinds of shoes.

2. Most preferred brand of shoes

There were factors shown that indicates what affects the

choice of a customer to buy their shoes. Based on the data

gathered, it was founded out that Nike, Vans and Adidas are the

most preferred shoe brands

3. Factors that affect the buying behavior in terms of shoes

Most preferred brands is always been backed up by factors

that affects the behavior of this study. Based on the data

gathered, that family and friends gravely influences the buying

behavior of the participants in which 38.14% of the participants

“agree”. On the other hand, 47.42% of the populations “agree” on

buying shoes which are popular and 48.45% of the population

“strongly agree” on buying stylish or in latest design. Lastly,

39.18% of the participants “agree” on buying brands which is

used by the family or friends.


The following conclusions are drawn based on the findings of the


 The researchers concluded that only few people have

experienced personalizing their

 The researchers concluded that Family and friends affects

the buying behaviour

 The researchers concluded that Design and popularity plays

a factor

 The researchers concluded that Nike is the most preferred

choice brand of shoes


 The researchers recommend that Other brand of shoes find

ways to establish a better design of shoes.

 The researchers recommend that find a way to cope up with

the trends because popularity affects the customer.

preference on buying a shoe brand.

 The researchers recommend that Find out other factors that

indicates the buying behaviour.

 The researchers recommend that A wider scope for a more

reliable study.

 The research needs further be studied, revised and


Wearing a shoes is important in our daily lives as it serves

protection to our against materials that could harm us and gives
us a comfort way to travel without any problems. Shoes are
really needed especially that it supports the posture of our
whole body. While barefoot walking can help to a point, our
bodies rarely have naturally proper posture, and so walking
without support can cause issues to develop. Because of this, it
is important to wear supportive shoes or use orthotic inserts to
improve your posture ( J.Gunningham 2017 ). It is a basic need
that everyone should have however, many companies and brands use
this as an advantage for them which they innovate those types of
shoes for them to have a higher sales comparing to others. They
put designs which have a potential to be better against the
other brands and increase their popularity to build a name for
their selves. It has been a problem in the whole society if
which brand could suit the best for them. Shoes were built for
our comfort ability but as years go by, shoes were evolving
because of the designs implemented ( Dawkins 2016 ).

With those kinds of statements, this study seeks to find out

what is the most preferred brand of shoes using the respondents
coming from the students of sections Grade 11 San Lorenzo Ruiz
and Galatians of Saint Paul University Philippines that is
located in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. This study used a Case
Study as a research design due to that it is applicable in
scientific and real life scenarios. This also uses a survey
questionnaire to gather results and it will use a focus group
discussion and calculated mean and percentage to interpret the
data that was gathered.

Results of this study as it follows: Most of the respondents

agreed on buying popular and stylish design of shoes; Agreed on
buying costly sneakers; preferring shoes that is used by family
and friends. This was gathered as most respondents agreed on
these following statements as the factors that affects their
buying behavior. Furthermore, results of this study also shown
that Nike brand comes out as the most proffered brand garnering
an average that is more than 40% of the respondents of this


Appendix A
Appendix B


Personal background

Name: Mar Angelo U. Labog

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Date of Birth: September 4, 2001

Civil status: Single

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Address: Ugac Sur Tuguegarao City

Parent’s Name

Father: Randy Labog

Mother: Karen Labog

Motto: “Don’t give up. The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead”

Educational Background:

Secondary: Cagayan National High school

Elementary: Tuguegarao West Central Elementary School

Personal background

Name: Bastian Kyle L. Zara

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Date of Birth: January 30, 2001

Civil status: Single

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Address: #76 Caritan Highway Tuguegarao city

Parent’s Name

Father: Oliver s. Zara

Mother: Xerex L. Zara

Motto: “I will win. Not immediately but definitely”

Educational Background:

Secondary: Saint Paul University Philippines

Elementary: Sacred Heart College

Personal background

Name: Jiovan D. Corpuz

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Date of Birth: September 22, 2000

Civil status: Single

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Address: Libertad, Cagayan

Parent’s Name

Father: Aquilino A. Corpuz Jr.

Mother: Rosemarie D. Corpuz

Motto: Go and pursue your dream.

Educational Background:

Secondary: Libertad National High School

Elementary: Libertad Elementary School

Most Preferred Brand and Quality of Shoes of

Grade 11 Set-B Students of

Saint Paul University of Philippines from Sections

HUMMS San Lorenzo Ruiz and STEM Galatians


In Partial Fulfilment

Of the Requirements for Research Project



Mar Angelo Labog

Kyle Zara
Jiovan Corpuz

S.Y. 2018-2019