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Women Safety device (IOT Based)

Rhythm Kr Das
Student of Computer Application

 Doorbell. When the button is pushed,
Women safety device is hold in a key-chain and it receive a notification on your phone.
work on internet (Wi-Fi or mobile hotspots). This  The Doctor is ready. Or anyone else
who needs to inform someone when
device has a unique feature that user can post is
they are ready.
current emotion, feeling, location on social media,  Call to action: press -> notify your pc
mail (e.g. “I am in trouble or anything, the user wants  Connect to Twitter, Instagram,
to share”) push a button on this device. Therefore, we Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other
want to talk about one simple kind of safety device social medium with an API.
that we build, because this kind of device give us  Toggle a light on and off, anywhere in
more help in daily life. the world.
 Turn on any internet controlled device,
This paper talk about new method to make IOT based wherever it is.
safety device for women safety in conversational  Open door
way. After hard work conclude in this paper the  Call a cab
procedure to make IOT based safety device using Wi-
Fi module (ESP8266 -12F or any ESP8266),3.7-volt
power supply and supplementary elements. This 2. Methodology
project Depends on IOT IFTTT maker.
This device improves your safety when your
1. Introduction: contacts are in a position to act. The disguise
aims to delay the discovery of the application
I decided to start my functional project, useful
IOT device, a smart button. The goal was to for as long as possible while it sends location
create a wireless button that can trigger a updates to your chosen contacts. However,
programmed action. this does not prevent a competent attacker
from accessing the content or recipient of your
messages, including your location.
This project can be used for:

 Panic Button! Send instant notifications,

SMS messages, emails to friends and
2.1 Processing system 2.1 Data Fetching
The chosen Wi-Fi module is “ESP_8266_12F” that This has implemented MQTT client that
very useful specification such as small device and sends its state to a base station (access
has all kind of input that aid us in this project. point running Linux and MQTT) when it
detects a button press and periodically
We can use another Wi-Fi module but in all kind of
(every hour) to make sure everything is in
engineering project we must care about cost and
working order.
 In short steps:
Let’s talk about specification of Wi-Fi module [ref]:  1. Connect to Wi-Fi base station
 2. Ping base station over MQTT
 802.11n/g/n Wireless LAN.
 3. Check panic pin input
 2.4 Ghz.
 4. Set 1 to OUTPUT && LOW to discharge
 4M bytes SPI Flash for programming. button circuit and set panic Pin to LOW
 12 GPIO  5. Set panic Pin back to INPUT
 6. Go to deep sleep for an hour
 7. On panic button press (interrupt deep
 -Put logic level HIGH on panic Button gpio
via hardware
 -Ground the reset pin and trigger step 1
 When active ESP will consume around 80
mA, and in deep sleep around 80uA.
 Parts needed:
 2x 1n4007 Diodes
 1x 35V 330uF Capacitor, can try different
 1x 68kOhm resistor for panic Pin
Figure 1: ESP_8266 12F PULLDOWN, can try different values
 1x DPDT DIP 2 pole pushbutton
2.2 Powering system: momentary, I hacked together mine for the
In this project used 3.7-volt battery pack to power first version
up this device.  1x ESP8266
 1x 3.3V power source
 4x 10k resistors (not indicated in the
scheme) are also needed for stable work of
bare minimum ESP setup: 3 for pull up on
CH_PD, RESET and GPIO0 and one
pulldown on gpio15
2.3 System Software and firmware 5. Conclusion
In this prototype we use IFTT, MQTT, In this paper we talk about women safety
ESP_8266 firmware, Arduino code. device, how the developer can make it very
simple way.
This paper focused on how we can use Wi-Fi
2.4 Circuit Diagram module (ESP 8266 12F) and GPS device to
develop Women device.

[1]. Fong, T., Nourbakhsh, I., & Dautenhahn,
K. (2003). A survey of socially interactive
robots. Robotics and autonomous systems,
42(3), 143166.
[2]. Shubham Oulkar Ram Baman Sagar
Gulave and Pravin Kothawale. IFTT, MQTT
ESP8266.International Journal of Recent
Figure 2: circuit diagram safety device Innovation in Engineering and Research.
3. Objective [3]. https://www.nodemcu. org/

A wireless button that can trigger a programmed

action over internet, using cheap ESP8266.
ESP8266 based panic button pendant that triggers
sending of notifications (e-mail, SMS) over a base
station device.

4. Future work:
We hope to add some feature on this project like;
synchronize webcam captured images and videos
upload to this device.