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what happens when you call MB01 inS4hana

2. mandatory to create a plant

3. what does material type controls in material management

4. special material type attributes

5. characteristics of supplier evaluation in S4hana

6. use of product type in S4hana

7. what does system uses to determine source of supply

8. PO document types properties

9. what does custom code check tool do in S4hana

10. what indicator can you set in source list in S4hana

11. SERV material characters in S4hana

12. which storage types does S4hana supports

13. purchaser do in “manage purchase requisition” SAP FIORI APP

14. where do posting to automatic determination occur in SAP MM

15. E2E solution in Streamlined procurement to Pay in S4hana

16. where do we maintain purchase conditions in SAP MM

17. Operational Contract capabilities in S4hana

18. highest priority master data in source determination

19. MRP Areas are created for?

20. fiori apps use for Self service requisitioning

21. objects cannot be created by MRP Live

22. Account assignment category assigned to ?

23. Objects in simplification list

24. new Sourcing capabilities of RFQs

25. which release strategy controls changing of quantity in PR

26. Analytical Fiori apps for contracts

27. mandatory configuration for material types

28. characteristics of procurement analytics

29. Layers in best practise of SAP S4hana

30. how can you prevent goods movement to be posted to reservation item

31. relation between service master and service specification

32. Plant is assigned to which org element?

33. parameters in message determination in Condition records

34. Mandatory to purchase a item with vendor consignment

35. what can you assign a PR to be used as source of supply

36. soft facts of supplier evaluation in S4hana

37. which is mandatory element from material master to procure a service

38. how often does S4hana creates a save point

39. which application data sends forecast data to a4hana

40. which object replaces goods receipt in external services procurement

41. benefits of self service requisition

42. what does S4hana uses to classify usefulness of data

43. simplification list of items in Sourcing and procurement

44. SAP Fiori user types

45. Account assignment category is assigned directly to?

46. Attributes of account assignment category

47. functions of manage purchase requisition fiori app

48. which information is obtained from Analytics of Contracts

49 At which level moving average price is set

50. attributes of Purchase organizations

51. Fiori apps used for basic purchasing process

52. which documents are created in valuated goods receipt

53. what kind of data is purchase info record

54. when a material is transferred from one Plant to another, what is impact in FI