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Mr. Agus Imam Pamuji

PT. Premier Oil Indonesia

Good morning, Mr. Agus, best wishes to Sir Agus and PT. Premier Oil Indonesia

Let me introduce you, we are the commitee of AIEG 2019, Universitas Indonesia.

AIEG (Advancing Indonesia’s Energy with Geophysics) is a yearly national-scale

geosciences event & competition arranged by the students of Department of Geophysics,
Faculty of Math and Sciences, University of Indonesia. AIEG collaborate with
government, professional, academics, and common society to optimizing and actualizing
human resources that aim to sharpen the bright minds of Indonesia on energy exploration
problem and needs.

This year marked AIEG’s 8th year and takes on the theme “Advanced Exploration To
Enhance Indonesia's Energy 2025.” Indonesia has a big potential of energy resources
and by 2025, Indonesia projected that the role of the New Energy and Renewable Energy
at least 23% (National Energy Policy). Through AIEG 2019, we hope to support
Indonesia’s Energy Policy by optimizing potential of students involved as the future of
Indonesia. We also believe by collaborate together, could make a big impact on the
development of energy industry.

We from the AIEG 2019’s Committe intend to submit a collaboration with PT. Premier
Oil Indonesia as a sponsor for our event. Because we believe PT. Premier Oil Indonesia
is an agency that cares about the role of the New Energy and Renewable Energy in

Next, we enclose the following cooperation proposal with a letter of introduction to the
official collaboration of the AIEG 2019, Universitas Indonesia
If Sir Agus and PT. Premier Oil Indonesia are interested, we will send our proposal
directly to PT. Premier Oil Indonesia 's head office.

This is our request. We sincerely hope that PT. Premier Oil Indonesia can cooperate with
the AIEG 2019. Thank you and best wishes.