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Drawing Nature Capture the beauty of the outdoors using pencils and other drawing materials Stanley Maltzman ART INSTRUCTION Drawing Nature hat better inspiration—and what better studio—than the incredible outdoors? This book will show you how to capture in sketches and drawings the many faces and moods of nature—cloud shadows playing on majestic mountains...the constantly changing lights of the Cumulus skies...clegant birches, tranquil ponds, a sparkling blanket of snow. Grab your _ Clouds sketchpad and enjoy the open-air art of nature drawing! | v ee STEP 1: Maltzman lays down the initial STEP 2: Working lightly so he can make ‘STEP 3: Once the shapes are pretty well tone of the sky with a 4B graphite pencil, changes, Maltaman gives the cloud mass worked out, it’s time to give them more then adds a second layer with a B pencil some dimension. He puts the darkest darks definition by adding a little more tone. The The difference in value—plus the smaller, _in the main cloud shapes, which guide him _tree shapes are balanced by the small cloud distant clouds—give the picture perspective. _as to how dark the receding clouds and shape on the right. ‘mountain should be. Winter Leaves ae 424-99 Wolff's pencil on ISBN 0-89134-579-5 Interesting textures on rocks are created by brushing water over Whatman paper. 90000 charcoal—but don’t overwork and destroy this happy accident. Collection of ‘When drawing water, keep it simple to avoid a labored look. Teens Shears 545794 30656 M780891 About the Author Stanley Maltzman is a naturalist artist years of living in the Hudson Maltzman’s drawings have been widely exhibited in museums and galleries around ntry, including the America jemy of Arts and Letters, the Natic ny of Design, the Capricor id the Carnegie Museum of g belief that good painting 1s from the ability to draw well leads workshops for high school and adult students. Maltzman t the Hudson River Workshops in Greenville, New York. F in American Artist and is listed in Wh Art. He is a member of Pastel Society of America and the Hudson Valley Art Association.