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DeltaV v11.3 Release–Delivers!


faster installation and more

reliable operation.

Wireless I/O Card

The DeltaV system’s new Wireless
I/O Card provides a fully redundant
solution for wireless networks. The
Wireless I/O Card seamlessly
integrates with the DeltaV system
and the AMS Suite: Intelligent Device
Manager. WirelessHART devices have
the same PlantWeb ™ alerts as their
wired counterparts, providing a
consistent user experience.

Ethernet Interface
The DeltaV system integrates
MYNAH Technologies’ Virtual I/O
Module (VIM) with DeltaV S-series
hardware. It provides an interface to
I/O on Demand S-series controller, permitting late
plant Ethernet networks and devices
S-series Next Generation Hardware binding of I/O to controllers without
additional wiring. that use Ethernet/IP or Modbus
The DeltaV ™ system’s new S-series TCP/IP protocols, such as PLCs, motor
hardware design delivers installation control centers and weigh scales.
and robustness enhancements while H1 Card with Integrated Power
Eliminate the need for third party
still using the system’s proven Ultimate Scalability
technologies. “Easy-on-hard-off” power and diagnostics for Zones Enhancement
technology means there are no FOUNDATION fieldbus segments with Now up to 15 zones can be
screws used for installation, allowing the S-series H1 card. Fewer integrated, and can share
components to snap together, and a components means smaller footprint, information across DeltaV systems.
simple manual push-button action on Zones provide the flexibility to
top of the cards to remove them. expand and upgrade each zone
independently, while still effectively
New heat dissipating technology
operating and managing large
channels heat through protected
vents that prevent particles from
entering the cards. Embedded Intelligent
Electronic Marshalling Improved PID Performance for
Electronic Marshalling provides a Wireless / Sampled Inputs
new level of system flexibility while The DeltaV PID function block has a
eliminating work, design and new user configuration option called
engineering previously needed for PIDPlus. This option provides
cross-marshalling wires to install field improved performance in
devices. Each I/O channel signal type applications using WirelessHART or
sampled inputs in control where the
is designated by a characterization
measurement is infrequently
module (CHARM) ), eliminating
complex I/O calculations. Each
channel can be assigned to any

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Expanded HART Support Contextual Alarm Knowledge access to actionable information
HART implementation in the DeltaV Relevant alarm knowledge from directly in the DeltaV system. The
system has been enhanced to help expert operators can be easily simple three-step integration
users realize the value of the new embedded into the alarm help process eliminates hundreds of
functionalities included with HART function in the operator interface. man-hours and delivers accurate,
revision 7, including improved All operators can view alarm actionable data to operators.
diagnostics and device write rationalization such as time to
protection. respond, consequence of inaction Batch Redundancy
and functional classification. Six new The batch redundancy option
Inherently Integrated alarm sounds have been added and provides both the DeltaV Batch
Human Centered Design Operator can simultaneously differentiate Executive and the DeltaV Campaign
Experience between console locations, as well Manager with higher plant
Operator navigation has been as alarm priority. The result: quicker, availability for batch operations.
improved, with a focus on the more effective operator response Batch redundancy enables online
operators’ experience. Parameters to alarms. upgrades, making it easier to keep
can be quickly added to a trend by the DeltaV system current.
simply right clicking on a tag. Also, Enhanced Startup and
there is an embedded Google-like Commissioning Built for Purpose
search for fast access to tags. The DeltaV system comes PlantWeb Smart Switches
Searches will look at tag area, name ready through tighter integration Network switches are now available
and description so minimal with AMS Device Manager. Users can as DeltaV devices–with fully
information will still provide results. now commission and configure integrated setup, security and
devices “out-of-the-box” from diagnostics to reduce overall system
DeltaV Explorer. The complete complexity. No IT personnel help is
functionality of AMS Device needed; process control engineers
Manager can easily be deployed via and technicians can easily install the
license code to provide predictive plug-and-play switches.
maintenance and field device health
diagnostic capabilities–enabling DeltaV OPC Express Interface (Xi)
better plant performance. Server
The DeltaV OPC Xi Server provides a
Human Centered Design for robust and secure communication
Color Theme Graphics and Pattern Maintenance Users interface for both real-time and
Recognition New Device Dashboards have been historical data. OPC Xi Client
A combination of the right display designed so that every device has a applications can reside anywhere —
colors and pattern recognition has similar look that is simple, easy to from the plant floor to the
been added to the DeltaV interface understand, and easy to take action enterprise.
to reduce operator errors. For easy on. This means that FOUNDATION
implementation, the DeltaV system fieldbus device dashboards look Windows 7 / Windows Server
has four “out-of-the-box” color consistent with HART device 2008 / SQL Server 2008
“themes” for operator displays. dashboards, wireless device DeltaV v11.3 runs in either Windows
Shape or pattern graphic elements dashboards, etc… 7 Professional or Windows Server
enable operators to easily scan 2008 Standard Edition
process values without having to Integrated Machinery Health environments. The Microsoft SQL
read and analyze every value–which By integrating critical machinery Server-based applications have been
is especially important for abnormal protection and prediction upgraded to SQL Server 2008 in
situation management. information from the CSI 6500 DeltaV v11.3.
Machinery Health Monitor with the
DeltaV system, operators have

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