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PL300 FI Protection and Control

High voltage circuit breaker

INGEPACTM PL300FI is a suitable solution for backup protection of single-pole and three-pole high
voltage breakers, guaranteeing the clearance of faults when main protection trip does not succeed.
Its main unit is a breaker failure detector that performs trip on CB’s alternative trip circuits or on CBs
upstream of the fault, thus isolating the faulted area from receiving any energy.

Additionally, this equipment provides a continuous real time CB monitoring and ancillary protection
and supervision features such as logic signals generation, events recording and different
communication options regarding physical means and protocols, which are usually not performed
by the main unit.

Current functions Event, fault and oscillographic

50BF Trip and open failure, recorder
BUSBAR single-pole and three-pole Current measurement
operation (fundamental and sequences),
50BF Open failure with low load voltage (fundamental and
or neutral current (two-pole/three- sequences), power (active,
74TC pole trip) reactive and apparent), power
50BF Close failure factor, frequency, demand
End fault protection maximeter, harmonics distortion
Flashover detection, by current Incoming active energy counter,
level or by voltage level outgoing active energy, incoming
51 51N 50BF fault
50/51, 50/51N Instantaneous reactive energy and outgoing
and timed phases and neutral reactive energy
overcurrent Digital inputs and outputs
2x50 2x50N 46 46BC
46 Current unbalance Communications
46BC Broken conductor detection DB9 RS232 PROCOME protocol
2nd harmonic overcurrent front port
restraint Up to 2 rear ports: RS232,
Voltage functions RS485, Glass Fibre Optic, Plastic
Fibre Optic, Ethernet RJ45 or
27 Undervoltage on both sides of
Fibre Optic
the breaker
Software 87N Low impedance restricted
DNP 3.0, IEC60870-5-101,
∙∙ All of the equipment in the INGEPACTM 3
earth protection
IEC60870-5-103 protocols
family can be accessed using powerful 6 setting groups
1 Ports, protocols, digital inputs
software tools developed by Ingeteam and Other functions and outputs and logic capacity
which run on Windows®. Pole discrepancy increased on TCP embedded
∙∙ Application software specifically designed 51 46 51N 2x50N 50BF 25 Synchrocheck versions
for simple and user-friendly access to the 3 Breaker closure under coupling Synchronisation
87N 25 27

equipment. conditions Via communications protocol or

2x50 46BF Flash-
6 setting groups via demodulated IRIG-B input.
Breaker monitoring Local interface
1 74TC/CC trip and close circuit Keypad (16 keys + 4 operating
supervision buttons) + local display (2 rows x
1 Openings, closures, kI2 counter 16 characters)
Excessive number of trips alarm SIPCON software running on
Command failure Windows for PC, front or rear port
Pulse opening/closure command access.
or change of status detection
Data Acquisition Functions
Measurements historical report
General Description
Main Features
Electromagnetic and
Insulation ∙∙ Different hardware configuration options allowing to choose the most suitable one for each
∙∙ Measurement of conducted
radioelectric emissions in DC IEC60255-25/ ∙∙ Restricted zone earth faults protection for GIS modular installations (model C)

The technical data in this catalogue is subject to change without prior notice. FY20IPTT01_A/112014
power port EN55022
∙∙ Grids coupling and monitoring (breaker closure) under synchronisation conditions, in order to
∙∙ Measurement of radiated IEC60255-25/
radioelectric emissions EN55022
provide a stable connection of generators or separated grids (model C)
∙∙ Insulation resistance test IEC60255-5
∙∙ Intuitive configuration and monitoring software supplied with the equipment. It does not require a
previous configuration to communicate with the device.
∙∙ Dielectric test IEC60255-5
∙∙ Different standard communication protocols for electric substations selectable via setting
∙∙ Impulse voltage test IEC60255-5
∙∙ Wide dynamic range allowing connection to 5A or 1A secondary of CT
∙∙ Electrostatic discharges
immunity test IEC61000-4-2 ∙∙ User-defined logic signals
∙∙ Radiated radiofrequency fields ENV 50204/IEC ∙∙ Digital inputs and outputs and programmable LED indicators
immunity test 61000-4-3 ∙∙ Real time monitoring and recording of the parameters of the breaker
∙∙ Electrical fast transients
immunity test IEC61000-4-4
∙∙ Events and faults recording
∙∙ Surge immunity test IEC61000-4-5
∙∙ 6 setting groups for the automatic adaptation of the relay’s programming to the grid conditions.
∙∙ Synchronisation via demodulated IRIG-B or through communication protocols
∙∙ Conducted disturbances
induced by radio-frequency
fields immunity test IEC61000-4-6
∙∙ 50 Hz magnetic fields
immunity test IEC61000-4-8 Options
∙∙ Pulse magnetic fields
immunity test IEC61000-4-9
∙∙ Damped oscillatory magnetic ∙∙ Available formats Vertical 266x132.5x259 mm; Horizontal 132.5x266x259 mm; Embedded into TCP:
fields immunity test IEC61000-4-10 177x480x256 mm (19” rack)
∙∙ 50 Hz magnetic fields
immunity test IEC61000-4-17
∙∙ Connections for pin or ring type terminals
∙∙ Damped oscillatory waves IIEC61000-4-18/
∙∙ Field interfaces
immunity test IEC60255-22-1
Configuration Digital inputs Digital outputs
∙∙ DC supply voltage polarity 8 7
inversion, variations, dips and IEC61000-4-29/ 0
interruptions immunity test IEC60255-11
1 17 14
∙∙ Power frequency immunity test IEC60255-22-7

∙∙ Power supply: 24/48 Vcc; 125/220 Vcc

∙∙ Power supply voltage measurement
∙∙ Saline-oiled fog test UNE112-017-92
∙∙ Communications ports All of the devices have a front RS232 port for local access and additionally: 1
∙∙ Cold test IEC 60068-2-2 serial; 2 serials; 1 serial + 1 Ethernet (other variants in TCP embedded models)
∙∙ Dry heat test IEC 60068-2-1 ∙∙ Communication ports connection types:
∙∙ Damp heat test, steady state IEC 60068-2-78 Serial: RS232, RS485, Glass Fibre Optic, Plastic Fibre Optic
∙∙ Change of temperature
(thermal shock) IEC 60068-2-14
Ethernet: RJ45, Fibre Optic
∙∙ IP54 front lid
Mechanical ∙∙ Models by protection functions:
∙∙ Vibration test IEC60255-21-1 PL300FI-A: 50BF, 50, 51, 50N, 51N, 46, 46BC, Flashover (with busbar voltages), End fault detection,
∙∙ Shock and bump test IEC 60255-21-2
Pole discrepancy, 2nd harmonic restraint, 74TC/CC
∙∙ Seismic IEC 60255-21-3
PL300FI-B: 50BF, 50, 51, 50N, 51N, 46, 46BC, Flashover (with busbar voltages), End fault detection,
Pole discrepancy, 2nd harmonic restraint, 74TC/CC
PL300FI-C: 50BF, 50, 51, 50N, 51N, 46, 46BC, Flashover (with busbar voltages), End fault detection,
Pole discrepancy, 27, 87N, 25, Grids coupling, 2nd harmonic restraint, 74TC/CC


∙∙ High Voltage breaker backup protection unit for conventional or compact substations (GIS).