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Guidelines for Report writing

1. The maximum length of the typed report should be equivalent to 75 A4 paper sized
Times New Roman 12 font pages with 1.5 line spacing & Justified alignment
2. The report should necessarily include the following chapterization:
a. Title Page
b. Acknowledgement
c. Abstract/ executive Summary - ( A two page summary of the objectives of the
research; the methodology used and the main findings of the work)
d. Content List- (lists the chapter and section headings with their corresponding page
e. List of Tables, Figures & Illustrations
f. Introduction – 5 pages
 Include the rationale for the work that is being reported, define the
problem that the dissertation is trying to address or solve
 state the aims and objectives of the work
g. Review of Literature- 6 pages
 Collate the relevant research work (published in journals, magazines,
newspapers of repute & their e-versions).Based on the extant survey the
student should prepare a conceptual framework & a workable model for
their research.
 Justify the use of specific solution techniques or problem solving
procedures in your work

h. Methodology- 2 pages
 Include study/research design, problem definition, objectives of study,
hypotheses, Sampling Plan, description of tests used, measuring
instrument (questionnaire design), validity & reliability of instrument and
limitations of study
i. Data Interpretation & Analysis - 15-20 pages
j. Findings & Conclusion- 3-4 pages
k. Future Research Directions/limitations 2 pages
l. References
List the references that have been cited in the dissertation.
The format to present articles from technical journals:
Author(s), (year). Article title, Name of journal, Volume Number, Issue Number,
page range.


Author(s), (year). Title of book in italics. Edition number, Name of publisher,

place of publication.

Dissertations; Theses and Research Reports

Author(s), (year). Title in italics. Type of publication, Research Group, Name of
institution, Country.

Conference Proceedings

Author(s), (year). Article title, Name of conference, Location of conference, page


Information from the WWW

Name of Author(s) or company or organisation, (year), Title of article, URL, date


m. Appendices