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Jenelle Catherina Magbutay

909 Corsica Lane

Las Vegas, NV 89144


Social Media Manager at Voccalis International (Las Vegas, Nevada): May 2018 to

I manage Facebook and Instagram accounts for Voccalis International. I set up and
promote events, make graphic headers and oversee cross-platform promoting.

Singing Gondolier at the Venetian (Las Vegas, Nevada): April 2017 to Present

I row the gondolas, greet and entertain the guests by interacting with them them and
singing to them. I hold ropes for my fellow gondoliers as they enter and leave the dock,
and I help tarp and put away boats at the end of night shifts.

Bookseller at Barnes & Noble (Summerlin, Nevada): October 2016 to Present

I operated the cashwrap to sell books to customers during the 2016 holiday season.

Freelance YouTuber at JenCatTV (Las Vegas, Nevada) February 2014 - Present

I gained experience in filming, editing, networking, and promoting all of my freelance

work on social media.

Volunteer at CSN Horn Theatre Shop (North Las Vegas, Nevada): September 2015 to
May 2016

My Theatre Technology class at CSN Cheyenne Campus required me to volunteer at

least thirty hours in their theater’s shop. There I learned how to use hand tools, table
saws, construct flats, props, and most importantly work and cooperate with other people
to get the project done.

Volunteer Actor, Hotel Fear and Asylum (Las Vegas, Nevada): October 2014, October

I was an actor at Hotel Fear, where I recited/improvised lines and operated different
rooms by pushing buttons in order for different situations to happen; ex: pushing an air
cannon to startle customers. I switched between many rooms during my time working
here, improving my quick learning skills and improvisation.

Volunteer, Rescue Mission Homeless Shelter: (Las Vegas, Nevada): January 2012
I served the homeless by cleaning their dining area, washing the equipment used to serve


Through my high school’s choral program, I have also:

Sang in many retirement homes during the holidays
Participated in volunteer work at the local elementary school JT McWilliams Participated
in many ranked/graded festivals
Auditioned for CCSD Honor Choir and All State was accepted all three times


Palo Verde High School; Las Vegas, Nevada — 2010-2014

College of Southern Nevada; Las Vegas, Nevada — Associate of Arts Degree in Theatre
and Music


• Historian of Palo Verde Choral Program (2011-2012)

• Alto Section Leader of Palo Verde Choral Program (2012-2013)

• Superior Ratings at Regional Solo and Ensemble (2012-2014)

• Vice President of Palo Verde Choral Program (2013-2014)

• Alto Section Leader of CCSD Honor Choir and All State (2013-2014)

• Graduated with Honors (2014)


• Certified in Microsoft Office proficiency by IC3 Testing

• Fast and diligent worker

• “Out of the Box thinker” - Ann Marie Pereth (My former theatre instructor)

• Intermediate piano player

• Sight singing/knowledge of music theory

• Acting experience

• Team player

• Knowledge of video production and editing using Final Cut Pro X