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`Assignment 2: Understand the Rural Consumers (Subsistence marketplace), in terms of what

do they buy?, How do they buy?, When do they buy?, Why do they buy?, When do they buy?.
We also need to under the Rural consumers from the perspective of health services.
We need to have stories of rural consumers behind this pivotal idea.

In this context append your questions to be asked to rural consumers pertaining to the above-
laid dimensions, so that we can evolve a questionnaire for this assignment.


Q1)Does packaging aesthetics affect your buying decision?

Q2)Do you buy more in case of cash or quantity discounts?
Q3)Do you consider warranty or after sales services before buying any product?
Q4)From where do you buy in case of medical emergency? Do you find any price differentiation

at a different time of the day? - Samaksh Commented [1]: , Q1 -

Q4 - is yours
_Assigned to Samaksh Baj_
Q5) To what degree the color of packaging affects the buying pattern/behaviour of rural
consumers? (Cues)
Q6) Do the rural consumers prefer buying the groceries from the fixed store/shopkeeper? if yes
then why they do so?
(realtionship with retailr, explore in details)
Q9) How are u influenced by the advertisements? Do u buy a product based on

advertisements? - Rahul Commented [2]:

_Assigned to Rahul_

Q11) Does word of mouth affect your decision-making process?

(Influence of others/advice)
Q12) If a particular brand is not available with the retailer, do you buy the alternate brand or not
buy at all?
Q13) Does nationalism play a role in buying products from a particular brand?
(Brand Appeal)
Q14) Does innovative packaging influence your decision buying that product?
Commented [3]: , Q 11 -
(Consumer mah have their heauristic to identify brands based on some cues) - ASif Q14
_Assigned to Asif Hussain_
Q16) Do you buy small packets of FMCG products in comparison to bigger packets?
Q17) How much distance you travel to buy the goods?
0 to 3 kms • 4 to 7 kms • 8 to 10 kms • 11 and above
(Distance- product type relationship)
Q18) Does the image of the product affect your buying decision?
Q20)How much do you spend on buying daily needs products? Do you face problems in
affording it?
Discuss the income (Spending on food and non - food items) ( How it is supplemented by

government scheme,If any) - Rishav Commented [4]: , Q16 -

Q 20 - Yours
Q21) Does good terms and understanding with seller influence you in choosing the grocery
Q22) Do you buy items on credit? How often? Does the seller agree to it?
Q23) If a seller tries to motivate you to purchase a new product suppose a soap do you get Commented [5]: , Try to
develop or evolve seller - buyer relationship
influenced or buy the same regular product (soap)? _Assigned to Pritish Baruah_
Q24) Are you using digital medium (paytm/tez) to make payment? Does the shop have the
Commented [6]: , Q21 -
facility of online transaction? - Pritish Q25- provide the write up of the possible or expected
answers from the rural consumers
_Assigned to Pritish Baruah_