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Unit No. Workshop Start Time End Time Status Order
Group No.

DZ3031 Workshop Melawan 08/12/2018 04:30 AM 16/12/2018 02:25 AM Closed

DZ3031 Field Other 18/12/2018 01:10 PM 19/12/2018 08:40 AM Closed

Reported Fault/Job Description

Water coolant temperature too high

Water coolant leaks

Description of Repair Tradesman Activity Reason

12/12/18 DS : Completed hydraulic pilot lines, Remove engine Raditya, Sulaiman, 09 011
enclosure,13/12/18 NS : ROOT CAUSE : Materials flaw. Installed fan
clutch and related parts,14/12/18 DS : Remove bolt drain plug for
coolant and engin oil, Washing radiator core, Flushing bottom
tank,14/12/18 NS : Assembly core radiator, fill coolant and presurized
cooling system ,15/12/18 NS : Test hydraulic presure fan clutch, test
performance fan clutch, completed floor cabin, replace filter return

18/12/18 NS : Clean up bottom tank, install core radiator no 1 and 2, Athenk, Jaya 09 011
completed cover and bracket radiator core (delay service truck for fill
up coolant due to akses after rain),19/12/18 DS : Top up water coolant