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Validation Test Plan

This Validation Test Plan is to be used to create a series of test cases that can be performed in order to demonstrate the
Partner’s integration with an Oracle Application in a particular Focus Area.

The following sections will be filled out by the Partner before the Validation Testing:

Test Case: The Partner will uniquely label each separate test that will be performed.

Action: What specific steps must be taken to successfully execute the test case? This includes the exact navigation that is required to reproduce the test case. In addition, the
Partner must list specific data values, where applicable, that will be entered or selected during the execution of the Test Case.

PLEASE NOTE… The partner is responsible for any data that is required to successfully complete a test case.

Expected Result: The Partner must detail the expected result of each specific test case.

The following sections will be filled out during the Validation Testing:
Actual Result: This is the actual result of the test case. During the validation testing, the action steps will be followed exactly. The Actual Result must match the Expected
Result in order to successfully complete the test case.

Status: This will be a value of either Pass or Fail. All test cases must be passed in order for the integration to be validated.

Archive Module : Payables and Purchasing(APPO)

Test Case Action Expected Result Actual Result Status
APPO-001 - Logon to the server as user applmgr Row count script runs
Obtain pre-archive row - Cd $OBTPA_TOP/la/utils successfully. File
counts for transaction - Logon to sqlplus as user apps obtpa_count_AE12O_timesta
tables - Start obtpa_tbl_counts.sql mp.lst
- Enter purgename= APXPGDEL generated in current

APPO-002 Logon to Oracle Applications User logs on successfully

Access standard - Open a browser window
transaction form before - Navigate to the Login URL
archiving logon_AE12O.html

- Password=SYSADMIN
- Responsibility =Payables,Vision Operations(USA)

Navigate to Invoices Enquiry Form

- Navigate to
Invoices->Inquiry->Invoice Overview
Find Invoices window

Oracle Proprietary & Confidential Page 1

Perform Query
- Under the Invoice Region
Enter Number= IP0987656
Invoice overview is displayed
- Click on Find
Invoice details are
- At the Invoice Overview Screen Click on
Invoice Workbench
APPO-003 Navigate to APPO Purge Initiation Screen
Archive Selection - Switch responsibility to Payables Purge
Execution - Navigate to
Submit Purge window opens
Submit APPO Purge Initiation
- Name=Test_APPO
- Category = Invoices and Pos
- Last Activity Date = 31-dec-2001
- Click on Initiate
APPO purge is submitted

Monitor progress of the request

- Requery the purge information
- Monitor field Status Status shows Printed

APPO-004 Continued from APPO-003

Archive Execution
APPO Purge confirmation
Submit APPO Purge Confirm submitted
- Click Confirm

Monitor progress of the request

- Requery the purge information Status shows
- Monitor field status Completed-Purged
APPO-005 - Repeat steps for APPO-001 Row count script runs
Obtain Post-Archive successfully. File
row counts for obtpa_count_AE12O_timesta
transaction tables mp.lst
generated in current
APPO-006 Reconsile the row counts of transaction tables OLTP before archive
Reconsile Pre and Post - Compare files generated by APPO-001 and APPO-005. rowcount =
Archive row counts for OLTP after archive row count
transaction tables + interface after archive

APPO-007 - Repeat steps for APPO-002 No transactions are visible

Access standard
transaction form after
APPO-008 Logon to the Archive Access Responsibility Login Successful
Access Archived
- switch Responsibility to
Arch-Payables, Vision Operations(USA)
Oracle Proprietary & Confidential Page 2
Navigate to Invoices Inquiry Form/Perform
Query Find Invoices window
- Navigate to
Invoices->Inquiry->Invoice Overview
- Under the Invoice Region
Enter Number= IP0987656
Invoicel overview is
- Click on Find

Invoice details are displayed

- At the Invoices Screen Click on Invoice Workbench

Oracle Proprietary & Confidential Page 3