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Factors Affecting the Utilization of Visual Instructional Materials in Misrak and Selam TVET Colleges of Addis Ababa


Dawit Temamo

of Visual Instructional Materials in Misrak and Selam TVET Colleges of Addis Ababa By Dawit Temamo

July 2007

Addis Ababa


My first Acknowledgement must go to the almighty God that helped me in all my ways and in all the process of my activities.

My deepest and hem"! felt gratitude goes to my advisor, Dr. Dessu Wirtu for his insightful comments, patience and constant follow up of the progress of the study. Without his


thi s thesis would not have been

accomplished successfully.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my family, parent s, all my friend s and the prayer groups for their encouragement and unreserved support.

Thank you, all!!!



This study attempted to find out th e current trends in the utilization of visual instructional materials in government and private TVET colleges in Addis Ababa city administration. The research method employed was descriptive survey under which quantitative and some qualitative approaches were used to collect data. The main method of data collection tools was two sets of questionnaires one for instructors and the other for

trainees. In addition

checklist were used to support data obtained through the questionnaires. Using simple random sampling technique. th e two colleges were selected out offive go vernment and


this interview and focus group discussion and observation using a

"six private" colleges that have

incorporated several fields related to the study. A

total of

287 respondents. out of which 48 instructors and 239 trainees were used as a sample

populatioll out of 92 instructors and 902 trainees. In addition to this J3 interview and focus group discussion respondents were also included in the study as a source of data.


library and the department shops. support and motivation provided by the deans to their respective instructors and train ees. lack of willingness of some instructors to participate in creating visual illstru ctianal materials. inadequate training programs employed. budget constraints and support of community outside the colleges. In addition to the above. the utilization of visual instructional materials is affected by many problems to carry out the TVET programs efficiently. Thus different measures should be taken to overcome the problems related to utilization of visual instructional materials.

problems related to the study are: absence of pedagogical ce nt er. poor facilities of