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2st Semester, AY 2018-2019

Course Information Faculty Information

Course Code: Arch Struct 2 Name: Arnold Benedict Y. Sab-a
Course Title: Structural Design of Reinforced Concrete
Office: Department of Civil Engineering
Credit Units: 3 Units Email:
Pre-requisites: Arch Struct 1 Phone:
Schedule: 12:00 NN – 1:30 PM Consultation
TTH 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Course Description
The course deals with the entire field of the customary reinforced concrete design with the exception of some highly
specialized and unusual structures (such as the shell concrete). Complete designs of a few common structures are
discussed to furnish a vehicle for bringing together all the fundamental theories involved. Emphasis is given to a
thorough discussion of basic structural performance, fundamental mechanics, and physical explanation.


By the end of the semester, students should be able to: Targeted Program Outcomes (PO)
Introductory (I), Enabling (E), Demonstrative (D) Planning, practical knowledge in building technology and utilities and skills in visual and

Develop effective presentation and technical working drawings using the latest graphics
Perform roles as a member or leader of diverse teams, cultures and in multi-disciplinary

Asses and evaluate projects based on conformity to current building regulations, cost
Develop Architectural Designs applying concepts in Architectural Theory, Design and

Understand the value of preserving Filipino cultural and historical heritage in view of
Understand ethical responsibilities consistent with the Architects Code of Ethics.

Develop Architectural solution using practical knowledge techniques and utilities

Communicate Architectural Solutions demonstrating mastery of oral, written and

Design built environments that consider ecological balance and sustainability.

Develop relevant design solutions by incorporating pertinent research data.

software as a comprehensive communication tool.

consistent with the current trends and practices.

work settings consistent with global standards.

considerations and user satisfaction.

design with respect to local context.
graphical presentation skills

graphical presentation.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
CO1: Familiarize students with the fundamentals of
reinforced concrete design in a manner as to stimulate I I I
interest in the structural aspect of a design program;
CO2: Apply sufficient knowledge in the principle
involved in the design of reinforced concrete structures
thorough a discussion of the components of a reinforced I I
concrete structures and their actions under different
modes of loading.

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As evidence of having achieved the outcomes, students must produce quality outputs and/or carry out tasks
Formative Summative (Rubric-Based)
For CO1: Homeworks, Quizzes For CO1: Exam
For CO2: Homeworks, Quizzes For CO2: Exam

Grading System
The student’s grade for the course is computed based on both formative and summative assessment data. The
computation is detailed below.
Grade Component Weight Computation
Homeworks, Quiz (HQ) (10%) HPA Grade x 0.10
Pre-Midterm Exam (PMEx) (22.5%) PMEx Grade x 0.225
Midterm Exam (MEx) (22.5%) MEx Grade x 0.225
Pre-Final Exam (PFEx) (22.5%) PFEx Grade x 0.225
Final Exam (FEx) (22.5%) FEx Grade x 0.225
Total 1.0
Passing Grade: 3.0
Condition for Passing: Specific conditions regarding
grades in summative assessment tasks

Topics Week Learning Activities
Course Orientation 1 Open Forum
 Review of
Quiz on shear and moment,
 Shear forces and bending moment
CO1 2
 Centroids and moments of inertia Lecture on history of reinforced concrete
 Introduction of RC and basic concepts of WSD
CO1,  Investigation of Rectangular Beams Section Lecture
CO2  Investigation of T-Beam Section Quiz and homework
CO1,  Investigation of Double Reinforced Beam Lecture
CO2 Section Quiz and homework
CO2  PRE-MIDTERM EXAM 5 February 14, 2019
 Review of pre-midterm exam results
 Design of Rectangular Beams (single 6 Consultation
CO1, Lecture
 Design of T - Beams 7
CO2 Quiz and homework
CO1,  Design of Rectangular Beams (double Lecture
CO2 reinforced) Quiz and homework
CO1, Lecture
 Shear and Web Reinforcement in Beams 9
CO2 Quiz and homework
CO2  MIDTERM EXAM 10 March 19 or 21, 2019 TBA
 Review of Midterm exam results 11 Consultation
CO1, Lecture
 Design of One-way Floor Slabs 12
CO2 Quiz and homework
CO1, Lecture
 Design of Two-way Floor Slabs 13
CO2 Quiz and homework
CO2  PRE-FINAL EXAM 14 April 16, 2019

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CO1,  Review of pre-final exam
15 Consultation
CO2  Design of Column subject to axial loading
CO1,  Design of Column subject to axial loading Lecture
CO2 plus bending in one direction Quiz and homework
CO1, Lecture
 Design of Footing subject to axial loading 17
CO2 Quiz and homework
May 7 or 9, 2019 TBA (graduating)
May 21 or 23, 2019 TBA
Learning Resources
Class code: nt3qxt
National Structural Code of the Philippines 2001, 2010, 2015

Course Policies
1. Attendance and Tardiness
A student who incurs unexcused absences of more than 20% of the prescribed number of class hours or laboratory periods
during the term should be given NC or 5.0. (USC Student Manual Section 5.1, page 19)
2. Class Sessions
The use of cellular phones, iPods or other similar electronic/communication gadgets inside the classroom while classes,
examination or other academic activities are going on will be subject to: 1st offense – warning/reprimand, 2nd offense –
suspension/probation for Discipline and 3rd offense – temporary exclusion. (USC Student Manual, page 56).
3. Consultation
Please refer to schedule of consultation period above.
4. Communication
Communications may be course through the provided email address or website
5. During Examinations
Cheating during any examinations, quiz or long test (including take home examination or written reports required for
submission) or any other academic requirements will be subject to: 1st offense - permanent exclusion.
Copying from or allowing another to copy from one’s examination papers, assigned reports, reaction papers and other similar
materials will be subject to: 1st offense – temporary exclusion and 2nd offense – permanent exclusion. (USC Student Manual,
page 58)
Students who missed an exam should present excuse letter together with appropriate certifications: due to sickness – medical
certificate and doctors prescription, due to event or activity – certificate of attendance/ participation, due to thesis –
excuse letter sign by adviser and dean, and due to university activity – VPAA approved letter of absence

Prepared by Approved by
Arnold Benedict Y. Sab-a Aure Flo Oraya
Faculty Department Chair
Date Submitted Date Approved
for Approval

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