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The landmark in 1.5T imaging.
The landmark
in 1.5T imaging.
MAGNETOM® Avanto. It’s the landmark in 1.5T
imaging, with more than 3,000 installations
worldwide. With advanced Tim® (Total imaging
matrix) technology, it enables ultra-fast image
acquisition. This, in turn, results in productivity that
simply leaps ahead. Accompanied by a dramatic
reduction in acoustic noise, without compromising
gradient performance. And now, these factors are
extended with Dot® (Day optimizing throughput).
The next movement in MRI. MAGNETOM Avanto with
Dot is helping more customers transform the way
they work with MRI. By moving 1.5T imaging to the
next level. For fast return-on-investment. And truly
seamless workflow automation.

From a clinical, patient, and business perspective,

Siemens helps improve patient care. By delivering
trendsetting technologies like MAGNETOM Avanto.

It’s the landmark in 1.5T imaging.

Tim+Dot integrated
Tim+Dot are the direct response to today’s demanding
world of healthcare economics. Tim is Siemens’ ultimate
innovation technology that unlocks imaging power like
never before. Dot helps take the complexity out of MRI.
And at the same time it enables up to 50%2 higher

Together, they redefine productivity.

Tim – sets the standard in MRI Dot – the next movement in MRI

Tim advances MR imaging. With flexibility, accuracy, Dot offers patient personalization, user guidance,
and speed. It seamlessly integrates a maximum number and exam automation. It helps take away the
of 76 channels* and provides up to 32 independent RF complexity of MRI scanning. By enabling greater
channels that can be used simultaneously in one single image consistency, reproducibility, and diagnostic
scan and in one FOV, each generating an independent confidence. It offers greater ease-of-use. And a day
partial image. It escalates image quality and acquisition that’s more productive than ever before.
speed to a whole new level. With Tim’s whole-body
coverage, repositioning patients for multiple exams
is no longer necessary. Think more exams per day.
Every day.

Flexibility Personalized
Select exams, not coils. Tim is adaptable, versatile, and Dot allows for uniquely tailored, optimized scans
easy. For faster exams and greater diagnostic confidence. adaptable to the patient or clinical question, and
Improving workflow and increasing productivity. according to the standards of care.

Accuracy Guided
Local and total. With extreme, pinpointed precision, Dot provides step-by-step user guidance for greater
Tim delivers excellent image quality – from small lesions efficiency, excellent image quality, and consistency.
to the whole body.

Speed Automated
Time is precious. Tim speed means faster and With intelligent workflows customized to the standards,
simpler exam set-up, and a dramatically shorter Dot delivers a degree of automation that takes efficiency
acquisition time. Now patient volume – and daily to a whole new level.
productivity – can really soar.

*Channels (coil elements) that can be connected simultaneously.

Dot engines
Dot is the next movement in MRI. And Dot engines are
the driving force within this movement. With specialized
Dot engines for many MRI exams, Dot helps to take
the complexity out of MRI scanning. For seamless
workflow automation. Resulting in greater efficiency,
reproducibility, and consistency. With MAGNETOM
Avanto, the following Dot engines are available:
Brain, Knee, Abdomen, Cardiac, Angio, TimCT Angio,
and TimCT Onco.

Experience Dot yourself:

Brain Dot Engine

Personalized exam strategies help to adapt the examination to patient condition

or clinical questions. Also when conditions change during the examination.

Knee Dot Engine Abdomen Dot Engine

MPR alignment guidance helps to increase Automated Bolus Detection helps to increase
consistency. timing accuracy by up to 28%2.

Cardiac Dot Engine Angio Dot Engine

AutoAlign Heart makes cardiac exams easier Step-by-step user guidance through
than ever. the Test Bolus data acquisition.

TimCT Angio Dot Engine TimCT Onco Dot Engine

Two Siemens-unique technologies TimCT (Continuous Fast and seamless scanning with excellent
Table movement) and Dot enable large Field-of-View image quality.
applications with smooth workflow.

The landmark
in technology.
MAGNETOM Avanto provides excellent image quality.
In addition to short scan times and ease-of-use. The
scanner offers leading magnet and gradient technology.
And these are combined with revolutionary image
acquisition techniques. The outcomes are outstanding
clinical benefits:

• High diagnostic confidence due to AudioComfort

exceptional magnet homogeneity MAGNETOM Avanto’s AudioComfort
for excellent fat saturation lowers sound-related irritation for the
patient. Special casting for gradient coils.
• Large 50 cm Field-of-View
Effective magnet suspension. Unique MR
• Strong gradients for high resolution sequence design. All these factors are
and short scan times combined to reduce sound pressure by
up to 97%2.
• Siemens-unique TimCT technology
with Continuous Table movement for More Accessibility
CT-like scanning MAGNETOM Avanto has an appealing
design. It has a low-to-the-floor table
position of just 47 cm (18 inches).
Making it accessible for a wide range of
patients. For claustrophobic patients,
MAGNETOM Avanto enables feet-first
exams. For nearly all MRI procedures. For
obese patients, it supports up to 250 kg
(550 lbs). Without any table movement

Whole-body Angio
With the flexibility of Tim+Dot,
a Field-of-View up to 205 cm
can be addressed. Accurate to
see tiny vessels. Fast with Parallel
Imaging from head to toe: Total TA
1:20 min, 512 matrix, GRAPPA 2.
And efficient to perform with Dot’s
step-by-step user guidance.

High Gradient Power

MAGNETOM Avanto excels
in cardiac MRI. With strong
gradients, superb Parallel
Imaging with syngo GRAPPA,
and high magnet homogeneity.
And the Cardiac Dot Engine helps
to make cardiac imaging part
of clinical routine. Everything
desired for cardiac MRI.

Large Field-of-View
Up to 50 cm Field-of-View
provides an excellent view
of pathologies.

Functional MRI
With strong gradients,
MAGNETOM Avanto is equipped
for advanced applications.

The landmark
in applications.
MAGNETOM Avanto helps to diagnose extremely
challenging diseases. With a high level of confidence.
It facilitates the evaluation of complex pathologies.
And difficult patients are simply easier to handle.

In each clinical field, Siemens syngo®

MR applications, powered by Tim+Dot,
are helping to create the future of MRI.
Head, cardiac, knee, abdomen ...
MAGNETOM Avanto offers a high level
of flexibility. With innovative applications
for each part of the body. And Tim
seamlessly scans up to 205 cm without
patient or coil repositioning. For true
whole-body functionality.

Tim Application Suite
MAGNETOM Avanto is fully equipped with a broad range
of dedicated applications. The Tim Application Suite will
help address clinical needs. Without any additional costs.
In every clinical field.

Neuro Ortho
Evaluation of pathology from disc Examination of ligament tears
herniation to acute stroke. With high- to cartilage degeneration.
quality morphological and functional With high-resolution imaging.

Body Angio
Free-breathing high-resolution MRCP Depiction of vessel diseases with a
to pancreatic and pelvic studies. wide range of contrast and non-contrast
enhanced techniques.

Cardiac Breast
Clinical questions can easily be answered. Streamlined workflow in clinical cases.
From cardiomyopathies to ischemic heart Including lobular cancer, breast implant
disease. And from valvular to congenital assessment, and therapy monitoring.
heart diseases.

Onco Pediatric1
State-of-the-art oncology services for Excellent contrast and resolution with
tumor detection. And staging of prostate, multiple protocols. Using ultrafast and
liver cancers, and more. motion correction techniques.

Advanced Applications
Cutting-edge MRI with high-end applications
in all clinical fields.

Advanced neuro Enhanced pathology Advanced non-invasive

imaging visualization assessment
syngo DTI Tractography syngo MapIt MR Elastography
Advanced neuro imaging Allows the early detection of osteo- New MRI-based biomarker for
visualizes white matter fiber arthritic pathology based on the T1, characterizing tissue non-invasively.
tracts. T2, and T2* properties of the cartilage. Especially in the field of liver
Assessment of T1, T2, and T2* fibrosis.
properties of tissues in other body
regions is possible as well.

with syngo BLADE1 without syngo BLADE1

motion correction
syngo BLADE
Motion-insensitive Turbo Spin Echo
sequence for any organ (head, joint,
spine, abdomen). For any contrast
(T1, T2, Dark Fluid). And for any
orientation. Compatible with parallel
acquisition technique.

MR Angiography
syngo TWIST
4D MRA in all body parts with low
contrast dose.

Non-contrast enhanced
syngo ASL
High spatial resolution perfusion
imaging for evaluation of stroke,
tumors, degenerative diseases,

metastasis screening
syngo REVEAL
Body diffusion imaging to distinguish
malignant from benign lesions.

High resolution
diffusion-weighted imaging
For visualizing the diffusion properties of
fine anatomical structures. Insensitive to
susceptibility effects. Enables more accurate
lesion evaluation.

The landmark in 1.5T:
Always secure, always ahead.
MAGNETOM Avanto with Tim+Dot helps leading
healthcare institutions develop new approaches
to clinical care. Tim is proven by more than 6,000
installations worldwide. With Tim, MRI moved to
the next level. And now, Dot is available as the next
movement in MRI. Consequently MAGNETOM Avanto
helps give customers security. The security of knowing
that they can move a step forward. Today, and for
years to come.

A clinical perspective.
Continuously evaluating and well MAGNETOM Avanto, now with Dot.
addressing customers’ clinical needs. Significant workflow innovations help
This is what puts Siemens at the forefront make every exam easier. With fast and
of innovation in the field of MRI. And it consistent adaptation to both patient
is the only way to help customers stay condition and the clinical question. Even
secure and ahead with their investment. when conditions change.
And to make sure patients benefit most
syngo Inline Technology allows
in the end. MAGNETOM Avanto has
certain processing steps during image
both the power of Tim+Dot and the
reconstruction. They are immediately
simplicity of syngo. This streamlines MRI
displayed after completion. The result:
examinations. From ordering through
Processing instead of postprocessing.
planning, performing exams, processing,
reporting, and distribution. AutoAlign facilitates reproducible
slice positioning, e.g. in head or knee.
MAGNETOM Avanto offers exceptional
No manual adjustments needed.
magnet homogeneity for excellent fat
This maximizes standardization and
saturation. Just what is needed to excel,
comparability in follow-up examinations.
for example, in cardiac MRI. Its up to
50 cm Field-of-View offers a superior With the seamless integration to
view of pathologies. With high gradient syngo.via not only the workflow right
power, MAGNETOM Avanto delivers at the scanner will be further improved.
high resolution. And, at the same time, But also the workflows beyond.
short scan times. Tim’s broad range of
These harmonized imaging assets allow
dedicated applications means increased
reproducible follow-up examinations.
consistency. For faster and more reliable
And they provide broadness in
options and depth in possibilities.
To well address the clinical perspective.
In short: A Siemens solution.

A patient perspective.
The patient is the center of attention. Patient comfort is enhanced with short
Always has been, always will be. scan times. Ultra-lightweight Tim coils
MAGNETOM Avanto with Tim+Dot help patients to relax. AudioComfort
changes the entire patient experience. results in up to 97%2 reduced sound
Each exam can be tailored to individual pressure. AutoVoice Commands
patient conditions. With just a click of integrated into Dot support multiple
the mouse. According to different patient languages for a truly personalized exam.
conditions. Patients can be offered feet-first exams
for nearly all MRI procedures. This,
in turn, helps to reduce possible
claustrophobia. No repositioning of
the patient is needed. Even for large
Field-of-View exams. This means, studies
go faster and feel easier – for everyone.

A business perspective.
The economics are strong behind Tim+Dot also enable faster training
MAGNETOM Avanto with Tim+Dot. and increased staff versatility. Especially
To start, it grants access to the latest when it comes to job rotation between
technology. Access to smart future- modalities or scanner operation during
proof performance. Access to a compact night shifts.
design allowing low-cost installation with
With Zero Helium boil-off and low power
minimal space requirements. Easy siting
and cooling requirements, MAGNETOM
with a small footprint.
Avanto significantly reduces costs. From
With Tim+Dot customers can achieve the first day of operation.
higher patient throughput with
With MAGNETOM Avanto, Siemens meets
shortened examination times. Tim
imaging needs. From every perspective.
dramatically improves workflow by
It offers a unique combination of
expediting exams and increasing
outstanding 1.5T and minimized lifecycle
throughput. Patient set-up is faster.
costs. Siemens is continually providing
Scan times are reduced. Dot optimizes
trendsetting technologies. They support
the workload through personalized,
the business of customers and help
guided, and automated exams. That
improve patient care.
makes examinations more consistent,
faster, and with less chance of errors.

Customer care and services
Dedicated to helping you get the most out of
your investment throughout the product lifecycle
and beyond.

MAGNETOM World Customer Services

Relevant for the clinical routine: our We offer you a wide range of proactive
international user community with the services – thus enabling increased system
latest clinical information, publications, availability, optimized performance, and
talks, application tips, videos, education workflow efficiency.
and training programs, and more.
We focus on real-time remote monitoring and preventive maintenance of medical
hardware and software. That’s how we
solve problems before they occur, thus
Financial Solutions enabling increased system availability,
optimized performance, and workflow
Siemens Financial Services creates value
efficiency. To keep you on track to
with best-in-class financing solutions.
success – now and in the future.

Options and Upgrades

syngo Evolve MR
Get the most out of your Siemens system
Up-to-date, powerful hardware and
during the whole product lifecycle.
software are key factors for enhancing
Discover new possibilities with our
the performance and diagnostic quality
applications, coils, and syngo.via.
of your systems. syngo Evolve helps you to keep pace with rapidly developing
technological advances.

where MRI meets
clinical expertise.

MR scanning has not been established as safe for imaging fetuses and infants under two years of age.
The responsible physician has to decide about the benefit of the MRI examination in comparison
to other imaging procedures.
Data on file; results may vary.

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